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New Classes on Outschool 2022-03-20

There are 312 new classes on Outschool the week of March 20, 2022 to March 26, 2022.

1-1 Math Tutoring & Homework Help: High School Algebra 1&2 (30min Sessions)

Weekly Music Class- Extended Time

Private One on One 8 Week Math Tutoring

Fractions Are a Piece of Cake

Everything Decimals: Round, Sort, Operations & Word Problems | Self-Paced

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You!

Book Club: Level 4 Reading Club A1

Waldorf Science Butterfly Research and Report

Art Party! ~ {Games, Cosplay & Fun }

Book Club: Level 3 Reading Club A1

1 Day - Draw Realistic Animals: Bunny sketching | Beginners Art class

Easy Animation for Beginners Using Keynote on the iPad (Part 3) - Superheroes!

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You! (Doubling)

Book Talk: Ramona and Her Father

Fallon's Fun Class!

Super Science Stem Fall Camp! (Ages 4-9)

Mandarin Chinese With Games and Music Level 2C

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You (Ck/Ke)

Intermediate Acting Techniques: Exploring Identity in Acting, Drama, & Improv (Ages 12-16)

How Bones Work (Future Doctors Course)

Learn to Type in Keyboarding Typing Boot Camp

Counting Review up to 20 - Let's Count Cute Animals

Fascinating Facts About Rabbits Science & Art (Ages 8-12)

Fascinating Facts About Rabbits Science & Art (Ages 5-7)

Encanto Magic: Dance Camp (Ages 5-9)

101 Private Customized Piano Lessons: Learn to Play Favorite Songs - 30 Minutes Weekly

Javascript Coding for Beginners Level 1 -Project Based Learning

Intermediate Realistic Portrait | Learn Art Techniques for Sketching People

Shaking, Staring and Twitching: Learning About Seizures and Epilepsy

Summer Reading Practice-Book Club: Stormbreaker (Alex Rider Series #1)

(FLEX) Comprehensive Introductory Equine Vet Science Course for Teens (Ages 13+)

(FLEX) Comprehensive Introductory Equine Vet Science Course (Ages: 9-12)

Multiplication Tricks for the Beginner -With Fun Games! (Ongoing)

Short Story Analysis: "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson

Rainbow/ Weather Science Lab

Paper Airplane STEM Lab

Teen Anxiety in the Brain and Tips to Deal With It (Ages 12-16)

Mindfulness Calm Down Tools for Sadness, Anger, Anxiety, and Other Emotions

2 Day Communication Life Skills Class: How to Communicate Effectively + Professionally

Primus Science: Earth Science Meteorology & Weather + Labs - Secondary Grades

SELF-PACED ART COURSE: Draw Five Beautiful Birds

ART CAMP: Shading With Colored Pencils

Spring Time Signs! Seasonal American Sign Language Class

Meet and Greet, Assessment, and Conference

Weekly Disney Freeze Dance Party Ages 7-12

Real Animals HERE: Spanish, Animals, and Fun. Bilingual Live Zoo & Aquarium Tour

ART CAMP: Shape Streams: Beautiful Drawings Using the Elements and Principles

Private 1:1 Kindergarten Readiness: Getting Ready for Kindergarten (Private Trial Class)!

"The Westing Game" Book Club

Let's Read About Animals (Level 1/2 JKL) Small Group Reading Class

Multi-Sensory Spelling Club (Orton Gillingham) (Level 3) (Dyslexia Friendly)

Introduction to Adding and Subtracting Fractions With Like Denominators

LIVE Online Art Class: Shape Streams Using Elements of Art

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw Five Beautiful Birds

Waldorf Library Animal Research and Report

ASL - American Sign Language 5 (Ages 13-18)

ART CAMP: Draw Five Beautiful Birds

Adorable Kangaroo & Joey Drawing & Watercolor Painting

ASL Intermediate Summer Camp - American Sign Language (Ages 12-17)

More Training to Be a Super Sleuth: Solving Harder a Mystery

Clean Your Room With a Buddy

Raising Rising Readers -Wondrous Women in History - Part 4

Beginner Acting (Ages 9-12): Drama Class for Theater and TV/Film Acting

Dragons & Mythical Creatures Clay Sculpting Club: Easter Spring Dragons

Reading and Spelling Support (Orton Gillingham) (Level 2) (Dyslexia Friendly)

Discover Ancient Rome - Homeschool History and Art Unit Study

Discover Ancient Egypt - Homeschool History and Art Unit Study

Pre-Algebra | Flexible Class (Self-Paced)

Baby Animal Names: Learn, Play, and Draw

Amazing Animals: Toxic Birds

Broadway Musical Theatre: Encanto Camp!

1:1 Math Tutoring for Fractions: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Simplest Form

Weekly Story Writing Class: Become a Confident Writer

Book Club: The Sisters Grimm - Book 4 - Once Upon a Crime

Drawing the Face & Figure: Portrait Practice (SUMMER CAMP)

4th Grade Ongoing Math Spiral Review

Basic Geometry | Flexible (Self-Paced)

Animal Drawing Class: Ages 12-17

Ornithology: The Biology of Birds for Highschool - Ongoing

200 Minutes of Reading Fun (French or English)

1:1 English Language Arts Tutoring: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Vocab 2x/Wk

More Let's Learn French!

FLEX Life Skills for Young Adults Developing Confidence Leadership 8W1

FLEX Money Life Skills How Money Works Financial Credit Cards Save Banks 4W1

FLEX Money Life Skills How Money Works Financial Credit Cards Save Banks 4W2

Exploring Acting: Theater & Drama Class for Beginner Actors (Ages 7-10)

Beginning French I: Full-Year Level I French Class

Escape Room Club:Minecraft, Zombies, Descendants, Titanic, Murder Mystery & More

5th Quarter Spectacular Science: An in Depth Study of Hurricane Formation

French 2 Class

Intermediate French I: Full-Year French 2 Course

5th Quarter Spectacular Science: An in Depth Study of the Lunar Cycle

Little Adventurers Travel the World (1 Week Summer Camp)!

Reading Camp: Consonant Diagraphs!

Multiplication Word Problems!

Cast a Light on Research: Research Writing Camp

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 2 Pt 1 (Age 8-12)

Theater Club: Improv Acting Games and Skits (Ages 9-11 Ongoing) Back to School

Investing: The Basics for 11-13-Year-Olds

Photo Stories: Dorothea Lange's Photography in the Great Depression (Kids)

Fantastic Phonics: Multi-Day Phonics Fun!

Private Tutoring for One Hour

Kid Paleontologists: Dinosaur Challenge and Chat (Weekly Game + Social Club)

Encanto Dance Class - 4 weeks

Modern Calligraphy + Drawing Class: Bloom Where You Are Planted Wall Art Class

Learning to Read CVC Words - Mastering Short Vowel Words

Splash Into Second Grade! First Grade Review, Second Grade Prep for Summer

(FLEX Part 2) Advanced Equine Anatomy: Coloring Science & Physiology [13+ Yo]

(FLEX Part 2) Advanced Equine Anatomy: Coloring Science & Physiology [9-12 Yo]

Third Grade Reading Group

6th Grade Math Unit 5 (Coordinate Plane and Geometry)

Tutoring: One on One Assistance

Girls Yoga Club! Stretch, Strength, Flexibility and Fun!

One-on-One Singing Lessons for Teens

How to Draw: Pokémon Trainer Art Club | Pokemon Trivia and Drawing

First Grade Reading and Spelling

Minecraft & Science International Space Station

Art Camp: Draw and Paint Dogs From Famous Artworks

Learn to Play the Violin!

How to Catch the Easter Bunny - Story Time, Activity, and BINGO!

Draw Me a Story: Story Writing for Preschool

20 Questions: Pokemon Edition! Play, Discuss and Share!

Explicit Phonics Instruction

Tide Pools: Explore the Habitat

Argumentative Essay Writing Class- Self Paced

Private, 4-Week ELA Tutoring: Reading Comprehension & Critical Thinking; 1:1

How Bacteria Work (Future Doctors Class)

1:1 Science Tutoring - Ongoing

Multiplication Math Fact Review - Game Based - Surprise Facts

National Poetry Month: Celebrate, Collaborate & Comprehend: Kid-Friendly Poems

1 Day Essential Computer Maintenance Skills to Keep a Computer Happy and Healthy

Ancient Greek Mythology and Archaeology: The Trojan War & the Trojan Epic Cycle

(Summer Camp) Ancient Egyptian Creation-Of-The-World Stories

Marker Magic: Fancy Coloring and Fun Marker Tricks

Learn How To Tell Time With Clocks and Money Sense Including How Much Change!

Primus Science: Life Science Microbiology & Cells + Labs - Grades 7 & 8

Middle School Social Studies: Writing to Prove Your Point (CER)

Escape the Unusual Dinosaur Museum

Fifth & Sixth Grade Grammar - Comprehensive Grammar Full Curriculum - 5th & 6th

Digital Dabble: Procreate Animation Club | Animate With Procreate | Beginner Art

Hands-On 1st Grade Math | Addition, Subtraction, Counting, Time | Multi-Sensory

Outdoor Photography Social Group

Very Beginner Piano

The Human Body: Let's Explore the Immune System!

Let’s Doodle! Learn to Draw Kirby

4 Week Disney Princess Storytime Activities, Videos, and Fun Scavenger Hunt

Primus Science: Life Science - Human Biology Semester Class- Grades 8-10

Engaging Public Speaking & Debate Club - Level 1,2,3 - 40 Minutes Weekly

French Immersion Camp - Intermediate I and II (9-12)

1st Grade Curriculum: Language Arts, Phonics & Math for K & 1st Grades (3X/Week)

Multi-Sensory Spelling Club (Orton Gillingham) (Level 2) (Dyslexia Friendly)

Reading and Spelling Support (Orton Gillingham) (Level 3) (Dyslexia Friendly)

1:1 Math Tutoring Multi Day

Easter Story Time - A Charlie Brown Easter!

Grammar Tales: Home Run Verbs! A Lesson on Verb Tenses

Sustainability: What Can I Do? Personal + Social Responsibility / Environmental

Algebra 1 or Integrated 1 Test Prep (Class 1)

Little Adventurers Travel the World Together! (Ages 7-9)

Roblox UNO!

Private Guitar Lessons - Beginner and Up

Spiderman Trivia With Kahoot

Let's Debate! Debate Club and Class

Level 5 Violin Group Class

Le Français for Beginners (French for beginners): The Basics

Dinosaur Hunt Around the World!

Little Adventurers Travel the World Together! (Ages 5-7)

Phonics Fun - Reading and Spelling

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You! (C and K Words)

Train Your Cat to Walk on a Leash! Learn Tips on How to Bring Your Cat Outside

Terrific Terrifying Tigers Science & Art ( Ages 5-7)

Art You Can Eat! Learn How to Make Zoo Animals With Foods You Love

Creative Story Writing Club - Fun Group Storytelling Games & Activities!

“All That Jazz” Summer Jazz Dance Camp - Ages 7-10yrs old

Little Adventurers Travel to the 7 Continents!

Gabby's Dollhouse Fan Club! Arts & Crafts, Cooking, Dancing & Games!

Diseases of the Victorian Era and Dickensian Literature

Story Time Ukulele- For Young Learners

Hangout at the Homeschool Homeroom (Ages 13-18)

Write On!: A Middle School Writing Boot Camp

Wings of Fire Book Club: Discussion Class

Astronomy: Beginning Night Sky--Level 1

Phonics and Fluency for Tweens

The Biology of Parasites and the Diseases They Cause! (Ages 10-13)

Amazing Arthropods! (Ages 13-16)

1:1 Ongoing Sight Words/Reading/Reading Comprehension/Letter Recognition & More

Stitch & Chat Club: Sewing, Quilting, Embroidery, Beadwork, and More! (Ongoing)

Sustainability: Personal + Community Responsibility, Climate Change, Environment

Essential Student Skills Camp: Creating an Efficient and Customized Work System

Singapore Dimensions Math 8A (Weeks 9-16)

Summer 5 Day Art Camp Adventure 1:1-Aquatic Animal Friends-New Each Day

Let's Play Core Keeper! a Video Gaming Social Club (8-13, Ongoing)

Drawing Class - Easter Unicorn!

Hippity Hoppity Easter Preschool Party

Python Programming and Computer Coding Beginner Hangout and Code 13-18

Consumer Math Level 1, Counting Money

Fun With Cantonese! Conversational 2 (Beginner's Course) FLEX Class

ELA Reading & Writing With Funny Words: Part 3 Non-Fiction Sub-Genres

Escape the Titanic!

Late Beginning Piano - 1:1 Instruction - Level J

Italian Intermediates: Past Verb Tenses of Passato Prossimo and L'imperfetto

Beginning Violin Summer Camp

3, 2, 1, GO! Mario Kart 8 Weekly Let's Play Club

6th Grade Math Review for Animal Lovers - (2 Times/Wk) with a Certified Teacher

One Time Introductory Private Lesson

Architecture Career Discovery: Advanced Architecture Course

Dance Camp: Wild About Winter Break Jr.

Introduction to English Grammar

One Time - Athletic Conditioning: Become a Powerhouse in Your Sport (Ages 9-13)

One Time - Athletic Conditioning: Become a Powerhouse in Your Sport (Ages 5-8)

Math Escpe Room: End of the Rainbow!

Math Escape Room: March of the Leprechauns

Math Escape Room: Catch That Leprechaun!

Foundations of Calculus AB - Summer Edition (6 Weeks)

Expand Your Imagination: Fantasy Character Creation for Creative Writing!

Spring Into Poetry Writing Club!

Learn to Write Using the Benjamin Franklin Method

Pre-K & KG Level 1 Spanish~a Club for the Little Ones~Theme Based Lessons

Mother's Day Dance With Pop-Up Class!

Essential Student Skills Camp: Creating an Efficient and Customized Work System

Let's Learn Spanish (Español) with a Native Speaker 1:1 Private Tutor Ongoing

Cell Division: Mitosis Vs. Meiosis

Drawing Pokemon: Torchic

Drawing Pokemon: Treeko

Drawing Pokemon: Totodile

Mobilize to Socialize Social Club: Laughter All Around!

How Science Imitates Nature - Let's Learn From Insects

Spanish for Kiddos: 2:1 Clases Semiprivadas (Semi-Private Classes: 3-7yrs old)

Spanish for Kiddos: 2:1 Clases Semiprivadas (Semi-Private Classes: 8-12yrs old)

Famous Women Authors: Voices of Women From History Through Books

It's Alive: A Camp for Young Scientists

Beginner Spanish for Young Learners: Part 2 (Immersion)

Beginner Spanish for Young Learners: Part 1 (Immersion)

We Just Want to Have Fun: Chatting About Fashion Famous

The Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novel Book and Social Club With Guided Relaxation

Social Skills for Kids (2x/wk) - Making Friends, Communication, Listening

I Survived Graphic Novel Book Club: Making History Fun Through a Weekly Reading Group

A Big Macaron Cake Class for Learners 8-10 Years Old

Investigating Geometry Part 4 (Of 5)

Drawing & Modern Calligraphy Art Class - Thanks a Bunch! Make a Thank You Card

One-On-One Still Life Drawing

All About Meerkats

All About Koalas

All About Giant Pandas

All About Elephants

Architecture Career Discovery: Sketch & Draw Architecture or Anything!

Geometry - High School 9th / 10th Grade Ongoing Math Class

Private Public Speaking/Confidence Building Tutoring 1-On-1

1:1 Tutoring for UK Primary English Curriculum - Ages 8-11

Music Theory for All Levels: Private Tutoring 1:1 (30 Minutes)

Introduction to Spanish - Ongoing (Ages 5-8)

Custom Nail Art Party

Music Singing and Songwriting Club! (Ongoing)

Beginning Summer Piano Camp Week 3!

Draw Kawaii Cats With Me!

Full Year French Class - Level 1: Semester 2 (Middle School)

Pods: Roblox Gaming and ScratchJr Coding (5-8) Fall

Reader’s Theater + Improv Acting + Voice Acting! (ESL Friendly)

Summer Camp: Learn Spanish With Songs, Stories & Reading - Read 5 Books a Week!

Let's Learn About Matthew Henson: African American Explorer

Marine Biology – Mysterious and Extinct Sharks & Beasts Weekly Camp (8-Weeks)

30 Minutes Ballet Class - Non Stop - Work-Work-Work - Intermediate Level

Staying Safe: Strangers & Tricky People and Body Autonomy (Multi-Day/Camp Style)

Recorder 101 Summer Camp for Ages 7-11

45 Minute Semester Violin Lessons

Reading Tutoring for Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension

1:1 Tutoring for English or History

News Analysis: Critical Analysis of the Most Important News of the Day

Young Writers Find Stories in Their Every Day Lives

Chemistry in Minecraft Level 2: Create a Science Lab & More Chemical Reactions!

3 Day KIRA American Girl Baking Camp

World History: The Fundamentals of the Modern World, Part 2

Cactus of the Week Volume 3 Art With a Science Notebook - Wolf Circus Art Studio

German 2 for High Schoolers (Part 1 of 4) - full year core academic curriculum

Anime Eye Art~ Learn to Illustrate Big Epic Eyes!

Beginning Ballet One 13-18 years old

Crafting Clarity: How to Write an Informational Essay

Studio Ghibli Series: Let's Draw Totoro's Cat Bus!

Solving Simple Algebraic Equations With Virtual Games | Pre-Algebra

Amazing Artists Paint the Unexpected - Da Vinci, Picasso, Kahlo & More!

Private Drum and Percussion Lessons - 30 Minute Lessons

The Biology of Parasites and the Diseases They Cause!

College-Bound Reader: Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

Greek Mythology: Gods, Heroes, Monsters & Myths of Ancient Greece

Let’s Learn How to Read - Level 2 (ESL Friendly) (CEFR: Pre A1 A1 A2)

Turning Red Party! (Story, Song, Activity and More!)

Teacher Paro's Verbose Vocabulary Workshop

Confidence Camp: Positive Self Talk, Assertiveness, Growth Mindset, & Courage

Private Spanish Lessons

Spelling Bees, Grade 2 - With Miss Tiffany

ESL 101: English for Beginners

Learn to Type in Four Days- Keyboarding for Beginners - Camp - Spring Break

Sketching Spring - Step by Step Drawing Class

Private Math Tutor Grades 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Pre-Algebra & Algebra

Engineering in Minecraft: Build Electrical Inventions Using Redstone!

Book Discussion: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Boundaries and Assertiveness: Building a Foundation for Healthy Friendships

How to Write Like the Literary Masters We Admire so Much

Druidawn®: Timeline (Special Topic)

2 Day 1-2-1 How to Become a Youtube Influencer - Creating a Youtube Channel

Love to Dance - Learn Polka Dance

Pajama Time Show and Tell

Counting Fun With Teacher Jodi (1-10) Preschool and ESL Learners

Let's Speak French! Level 4 - (12-17 Years Old)

Mrs. B's Reader's Theater Book Club: "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen

Creative Commercial Photography for Teens with Erika Hatfield

Creative Commercial Photography for Ages 10-13 with Erika Hatfield

Stem Challenge: Can You Fit Through A Hole In An Index Card?

Geometry: 2D and 3D Shapes | Vocabulary, Properties & Symmetry of 2D Shapes

Private Math Tutoring - Twice a Week, 25 Minutes

Chefs in Training: Food + Art : Make Healthy Snacks With a Registered Dietitian

Graphing Data | 10 Types: Bar, Line, Pie, Histogram, Stem-Leaf, Box | Ongoing

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