New Classes on Outschool 2020-12-13

There are 299 new classes on Outschool the week of December 13, 2020 to December 19, 2020.

Can Cats and Kittens Be Trained or Is Animal Training Just for Dogs?

Nature Explorers Journal

Who's in "The Mitten?": PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Slingin' Ink - Digital Art in Procreate [Ages 10 - 14]

Where Do Frogs Come From? #Academic

Intermediate Pencil Drawing - In Depth Graphite Drawing Class

Slingin' Ink - Digital Art in Procreate [Ages 15 - 18]

The Dark History of Valentine's Day

Pre-Cal: Just Algebra + Trigonometry(Part 1)

Setting Goals 101

Marine / Ocean Animals Ongoing Club

All About Parrots. This Talking Bird Says "Come Join Our Class Today"

Fashion Drawing: Design a Fantasy Princess Costume

Murder Mystery Squad: Murder at Grimm Manor!

World History: The Korean War and Vietnam War

Pet Show and Tell

Sizzling Sentence Openers - Writing and Grammar Class

Art History - Fascinating 20th C. Latin American Master Artists - One on One

African American History: The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement - Ella Baker

Political Expression in Music Through the Decades FLEX

Private French Tutoring With a Native French Speaker

Advanced Scratch Club - Learn and Share

US Constitution: Building a Government Part 2

Design a Zoo

How to Win Friends and Influence People - Key Ideas From the Book

Life in the British Colonies in America, United States History, Era 2 (1585-1763

Talk and Tinker: TinkerCAD Social Building Time (ages 8-12)

Fancy Dance & Book: Princess Hypalotta Hippo

Private Ballet Lessons!

Beginning Phonics: Letter Recognition and Letter Sounds

Math Bingo: Place Value Numbers To 120

Teen Yoga Workout

Christmas Song Kahoot!

"How NOT to be Racist"- An Ongoing Conversation 12-14 yr olds

Roblox With Friends - Roblox Adopt Me Weekly Club

Public Speaking Mastery Camp: Unlock Your Voice and Shine With Three Speeches!

Montessori Math Private Tutoring 180-1

'Home Alone' Themed Escape Room

Acting Lessons

One-On-One Private Tutoring

French for Young Learners | Elementary School Level FSL | Ages 8-14

French Art and Crafts: Learn French Colors, Numbers, and Shapes!

Semester Guitar: Let's Continue to Play Guitar #2 (6-9)

Multicultural Reading and Writing for the College-Bound Student

Master Portrait Drawing Secrets- Learn to Shade Like a Pro!

Master the Art of Anime- Learn to Draw Like a Pro!

Bite-Size Bugs: You Eat What? Show and Social

Discovering Dinosaurs- All About the Triceratops!

CCVC, Come and Blend With Me! ("R" Blends)

Kwanzaa Celebration and Drum Circle

Be a Mathematician: 2nd Grade Full Math Curriculum

Poetry Analysis : "The Crocodile" by Lewis Carroll

SFX: Special Effects Makeup - Advanced (Course: 5 Classes Over 5 Weeks)

How Did That (Grand) Canyon Get There? **FLEX Class**

Mixed Review for Middle School Math Skills

Strength in Flexibility: Gymnastics, Acro, Cheer, and Aerial

New Year's Sing-A-Long and Musical Instrument Museum with Miss Dayle!

Beginners Photography ~ Get Creative in Manual Mode!

Capitalization, Punctuation, Grammar- Editing and Revising # 2

History Camp : Virtual Archeological Trip to Greece

Star Wars: The Movies

ESL Conversation Club - Gain Confidence Through Practice (Ages 8-11)

English as a Second Language | FLEX

Sound It Out! Learn to Read With Word Families, Sight Words, Phonics, and Games-3X Week

Découvrir le Français Chaque Semaine: French for Beginners

World War II History: B-17 Flying Fortress – Its Design and Place in WWII

Puppy Paw Dog Spring Training Camp (Ages 11 To 16)

Human Geography Crash Course and Group Study Session

Prehistoric Animal Adventure: Five Incredible Ice-Age Creatures

5 Week Nutrition for Sport and Athletic Performance for Preteens

Christmas in Mouseland: Angelina Ballerina Storytime & Coloring (Ages 4-8)

(4 Lesson Flex Class) Christmas Traditions for British Wizards

Philosophy for Teens (2): Thinking About Ethics

Let's Play Grammar Bingo

Wild Animal Adventure: Eight of the Most Dangerous Animals on Earth

Mastering Middle School Life Science: Hands-On Activities/Labs/Games! (Q2/Flex)

Mastering Middle School Earth Science: Hands-On Activities/Labs/Games! (Q4/Flex)

Accounting Made Simple: Understanding Financial Statements and Ratios (Flex)

Beginner Hip Hop Dance Class

Fan Art Friday: Digital Drawing

Scratch Club for Advanced Beginners - Learn and Share

Mastering Middle School Life Science: Hands-On Activities/Labs/Games! (Q1/Flex)

Managing Our Emotions & Social Expressions. Tips & Techniques.

First Grade- Writing Workshop- With Ms. Kristy

Plié At the Ballet! Prince & Princess Dance: Intermediate Level 2 (25 Minutes)

Join "The Traveling Teach" in the US on Virtual Field Trips (Ages 8-10 Ongoing)

Private 1:1 Tutoring: Reading, Language, Sound/Auditory Skills Practice (40 min)

1:1 TRIAL Tutoring in Reading and/or Auditory Skills, Brain Fitness and More

Animal Adventure Club: Travel to Faraway Lands & Transform Into Animals!

Drama Club for Girls: Theater and Performance (Ages 12-16)

Art Lovers: Drawing, Learn to Draw and Have Fun ( 9-14Yr Olds)

Wonderful Words

Thursdays With the Gods—Greek Mythology Club

Birdie : Paint - A - Long With Ms. Muse (Muse Art Studio)

Trumpet Lessons

Famous Homes 1: Biltmore Historic Estate

Ham Radio 101 - The Why & How to Getting Started with Amateur Radio! 10-14yo

STEM MBTL1 Robotics Level 1 - Learn Coding With Mbot & Scratch (Ages 8-12)

Ham Radio 101 - The Why & How to Getting Started with Amateur Radio! 14-18yo

Disney Time-Travel for Little Learners: History, Geography, Culture (Ages 4-6)

LET’S Learn Spanish, Spanish Beginners Series Part - #3

Circle Time Fun for 4’s and 5’s~2X/WK~Kindergarten Readiness for Preschool

The Arctic Circle: What Animals Can Survive in This Frozen Wilderness?

One-To-One Tutoring: Writing Help

Young Beginner Piano Class

Arabic Conversation Club for Teens - Beginner to Intermediate Level

History & Science of High-Altitude Nuclear Bomb Testing

Big Mouth Art - Paper Folding and Folding Suprise Art Segment 2

Number of the Week Camp: Learn Numbers 1-30 (Flex Class)

Private Piano Lessons

Advanced Public Speaking for Ages 10-14

Intro to Procreate 4: Outlines and Painting ,Ages 10-14

Writing Tutor: Ten-Session Bundle

Sight Words to Sentences - For Beginning Readers (Taught by a Licensed Teacher)

Discoveries in Writing IEW Semester 1

Let's Sing & Learn About Shabbat!

5th Grade Math Full Year Curriculum!

Travelling Tales: Japan! Folktales, Fish and Folding Paper (Origami)

Learn to Love Literature Part 1 - 5th-8th Grade (English, Literature)

Social Skills & Conversational Circle Time: Story, Show and Share & Drawing for Kindergarten

STEM CRL1 - Coding & Robotics Level 1 Using Scratch & Codey Rocky (Ages 6-9)

The Wonders of Watercolor

Algebra 1 Full Curriculum

Reading Prep: Phonics Practice With Special Sounds

From Imagination to Entrepreneurship: Bringing My Business Idea to Life (Flex)

Christmas Craft: Let's Make a Christmas Wreath

American Girl Doll Valentine's Day Party!

Private Tutoring - Writing Skills and Grammar

Cracking the STEM Thinking Design Process for Young and Future Engineers

Christmas Count: Early Math Skills

Individual Japanese Tutoring for All Ages!

Beginner Piano Class

Introduction to Troglobites

Private One-On-One Study Skills Tutoring (Twice a Week)

Roblox Royale High Princess Society Social Role Play Gaming Club

Private Class

Preschool Valentine Party

Moving and Grooving! - Fitness/Dance/Yoga

Among Us Club - For Younger Players (NEW MAP!)

Art History - Eight Thousand Years of Precious Dogs - One on One

Algebra Students: Let's Learn How to Subtract Polynomials

Algebra Students: Let's Learn How to Add Polynomials

Algebra Students: Let's Learn How to Find the GCF (for Numbers)

Science With Miss Robyn: Chemistry Basics for Beginners

All About the Beluga Whale. Fun Facts of This Winter White Whale

Level 3 Reading, Reading, Reading: Phonics, Fluency and Fun!

Learning ASL: Intermediate Part 2 Ages 9 To 12

Learning ASL: Intermediate Part 2 Ages 5 To 8

Learning ASL: Intermediate Part 2 Ages 13 To 18

Learning ASL: Colors and Numbers

Christmas- Cookies For Santa

Sculpt It: Gnomes

3-2-1 Boom! How Combustion Works!

Superhero Workout Club- Spiderman, Batman, Black Panther, Avengers, Hulk & More

Draw It: Cozy Bear

Science: AP Biology Exam Review

Voices From the Past - Reading/Writing via Primary Sources From the Holocaust

British Royals: Queen Elizabeth II's Mother, Children, Grandchildren, and More

Bookflix Book Club: The Hobbit

Charlotte's Web - Reading: A Novel Study in Literature

African American History || The Red Summer Of 1919 || Black History

Disney Time-Travelers: The History and Anthropology Behind the Movies (Ongoing)

Spring Break Acting Camp-The Wizard of Oz!

Stupendous Story Elements

A Very Dungeons and Dragons Spring Holiday 5E Adventure

Animal Crossing Weekly Fashion Show

Private English Writing Tutor // Creative // College Essay //

Christmas Science Experiment- Dissolving Candy Canes

Poultry Club

The Animals' Santa a Story for Christmastime: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Conversational Spanish With Senora Becky!

Summer Movies: A Classic Movies-From-Books Club

Study Skills: Learn How to Study and Memorize Without Cramming

Who's got the Meat? Aesop Storytime with Aunt Sam

Reading Tutoring 1:1 - Comprehension

Drawing Challenge Club

Escape a Murder Mystery - A Train Headed for Disaster

1:1 Individual Tutoring-English Language Arts for 3rd - 8th Grade

How to Draw Mashup Cartoons. Better character designs through hilarious mash-ups

Beginner Guitar Lessons (for Teens)

Wildlife Biology & Zoology Files: Holiday Edition! Is It a Reindeer or Caribou?

Learning to Love Shakespeare: Midsummer Night's Dream

1-1 Reading (Elementary)

(Flex) Plotting Mystery Pictures Like a Mathematician!

1-1 Tutoring Writing (Elementary)

How to Train Your Dragon Painting - Toothless Meets Stitch!

Let's Start Speaking Italian: Passato Prossimo & Telling Time

Let's Start Speaking Italian: Direct-Object Pronouns, Ecco, & Passato Prossimo

1:1 Tutoring With Teacher Janie (Ongoing)

FLEX Video Game Addiction Understanding Preventing Strategies by Programmer 8W2

Chronicles of Narnia Book Study: "Prince Caspian" by CS Lewis

Citizen Science Society

Python Coding Private Classes 1:1 Class (12 Sessions)

Fourth (4th) Grade Science - Ongoing

Exploring Big Emotions (for Little Learners)

Block Build Club Weekly Lego Challenge

Biology High School, Ongoing

Book Study & Build FLEX: Magic Tree House & Minecraft Mash-up Dinosaurs Before Dark

Paint a Winter Snowman Scene!

Doll Fashion Show Sr - Create It and Inspire!

Prime Factorization

Exponents: Powers of Powers and Powers of Quotients

Weekly Geometry Study Hall

5 Cunning Cats

Weekly Private 1-on-1 Math Tutoring

Crises 100 Years Apart -- Comparing the Challenges of 1930s and 2020s

Story Time Reading and Adventures!

Le Club Français Avec Kim. French Club With Kim. Fun Activities For 12-16s .

Private 1:1 Singing/Voice Lessons (Any Level; Ongoing)

An Introduction to Comparative Zoology

Write an Illustrated Story. Improve English Writing - Ongoing

Evaluating Exponents

Speak Russian With Ms.Irina ! - Private Class

Handwriting With Thumbprint Art Series (Spider)

Geography Trivia Game - An Eight-Week Series

Personalized One-On-One Tutoring

Let's Learn the Alphabet: Show It, Say It, Write It, Draw It!

Let's Draw A Dinosaurs - Drawing/sketching Club

African American Poetry - Paul Laurence Dunbar

If I Had a Pet Unicorn...Creative Writing Journal

Spar Lit Jr 2: Understanding Literature Through Debate--A Long Way From Chicago

Keeper of the Lost Cities Monthly Meetup and Discussion

Stretching and Flexibility

Pokemon Physics: Gravity and Falling Objects

Beginner French Class: Winter Fun!

Classical Opera - An Introduction for High Achievers

Individual Tutoring

3-D Christmas Tree Art Project

Youtube Winter CAMP | 4 Sessions to Get You Ready for Your Own Channel!

Extreme Weather: Let's Learn About Natural Disasters

Individual Tutoring

Olympic & Greek Gods Mythology Club

Art Class to Improve English Conversation. Beginner to Intermediate - Ongoing

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Beginners Level Latin & Intro to Ancient Rome (Part Two)

Reading the Classics - A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens Read Aloud Class

Reading the Classics - Little Women by Louisa May Alcott Read Aloud Class

Beginner Level Japanese Conversation Club

Inviting Journal Writing 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade: Adding Details and Writing Narrative Mini Stories

Fun Skills, Super Mario Crazy for Arrays Multiplication With Blooket!

Hitting the Highlights: 6th Grade Math FLEX Style!

FNAF Fan Club (Five Nights at Freddy's)

Parts of Speech Grammar Refresh: Back to School Edition

Long Division: Dangerous Monkeys Swing Backwards: Beginner to Advanced

High School Research - Developing Skills (Flex Class)

French 101: Beginner French: Lesson 8- My Family

FLEX: Fraydo the Dragon Club: Pen Pal Workshop With Animated Characters

The Science of Human Body Systems (HBS)

Let’s Learn Nihongo! Japanese for Beginners

Prewriting and Fine Motor Social Circle Time

Use Inference Skills to Solve a Crime and Historical Mysteries!

The Chemistry of Rocks, Minerals, Gemstones, and Crystals (Flex)

Easy as Pie! a *FLEX* Class for Teens!

Easy as Pie! *FLEX*

Let’s Learn Japanese! Japanese for Beginners 2

Roblox Math Camp

Fashion Design: Holiday Illustration

Let’s Make Guinea Pig Toys!

Food Science: Eat Like an Astronaut

Sing With Me! A Singing Club

Mastering Middle School Science With Hands-On Activities, Labs, & Games! (Sem.2)

Have Fun Writing a Fabulous Fable - Creative Writing Class

Stretch and Flexibility Class for Gymnasts and Cheerleaders (Ages 5-10)

Origami Gift Box and Bow

Ms. Colleen's Guided Reading Grade 3 Level - With A License Teacher

Hitting the Highlights: 8th Grade Math FLEX Style!

Hitting the Highlights: 7th Grade Math FLEX Style!

Weekly Writing Practice - Become a Master of Paragraph Writing

Game On! Video Gaming and Chat Social Club (10-14)

Note Taking 101: The Basics You May Have Missed

Ms. Colleen's Guided Reading and Guided Writing Grade 2 - Small Class Size

Between US: Social-Emotional Activities

Biology High School - Semester Long

Let's Go on an Adventure!

"Tutus and Jazz Shoes" Combination Ballet and Jazz Dance Class! Ages 5-6 yrs

Sky's The Limit Challenge:What Can You Create?An Ongoing Club[Minecraft Bedrock]

Interviewing for Newbies

Let's Play Scattergories Junior!

Individual Tutoring: Social Studies

Pet/Mount Adventure (Intelligence)(an Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure)

Patisserie- Fancy French Desserts Part Deux

Let's Talk About Animals! ESL for Beginners - Gain Confidence Through Speaking

Coffee Filter Crafts

Dragon Masters Reading Book Club!

Let's Talk About Transportation! ESL for Beginners - Confidence Through Speaking

Mindfulness & Harmony Storytime - Listen & Wonder by the Giving Tree -One on One

Many Communities, One United States; Civics for Grades 3-5 FLEX

Presidents' Day - Celebrating the US Presidents and Their Birthdays

Cartooning With Sand Art & Crafts! (Ages 5-11)

Child Psychology of Development - Infancy to Adolescence

Math Homework Help and Tutoring (1:1 Time with a Certified Teacher)

Music for Little Mozarts Private Piano Lessons

English Lit: College Prep Must-Read Novel-Hemingway’s "Old Man and the Sea," SAVE $10!

All About Subtraction Practice Camp

All About Addition Practice Math Camp (Multi-Day Camp)

All About Multiplication Fact Practice Camp

All About Division Fact Practice Camp

Quirky Characters! Create, Write, Recite!

Exploring the Anatomy of the Human Eye: How Does Sight Work?

The Land of Stories Ongoing Book Club!

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