New Classes on Outschool 2020-11-08

There are 334 new classes on Outschool the week of November 8, 2020 to November 14, 2020.

Playful Piano Journey for Ages 5-9, Primer 2

Fun With Hamsters! Drawing & Learning Animal Art Class

High School Research II: Perfecting Skills

Beyond Sound It Out: Advanced Phonics for Early Reading (Dyslexia-Friendly)

Flex Course: Mastering Anime Characters for Beginners

Valentine's Day Treats For Your Dog (FLEX)

Let's Spoil Our Dogs!

No-Bake Yogurt Dog Treats

Table Manners Matter

Baking with Books: Cranberry Thanksgiving (With Gluten-Free Option)

Perimeter and Area Around You, Including Circles

Cello Studio

Pre Algebra 7th Grade - Part 3

4 Day Art Sampler - An Exploration of Drawing, Patterning & Art Journaling Ages 8-12

Animal Art Exploration - Learn to Draw and About Animals - Ages 8-12

Art and Craft Club: Winter Wonderland ( 8 Weeks / Once a Week / Homeschool )

4 Day Art Sampler - An Exploration of Drawing, Patterning & Art Journaling Ages 6-9

Monster Mandarin - My Favorite Things (Ages 8-12)

How to Draw: A Sloth Hanging from a Tree!

How to Draw: Adorable Hedgehog with a Dandelion | Art Class

Preschool And Kindergarten Cut To Learn Crafting Class: Let's Learn How To Use S

Individual Ongoing English Tutoring

Algebra 1 Skills-Distributing, Solving Equations, Proportions & Percent

How to Catch a Monster- Story & Drawing

In the Kitchen With Kaitlyn - Bake It or Fake It! (Inspired by Nailed It)

Web Design for Kids: HTML & CSS & WordPress

Junior Marine Scientists Club

Learning Mandarin Chinese for Beginners Private Class 1:1 Ongoing (Afternoon)

Private Japanese Lessons 1-On-1

"Tick Tock Tick Tock: How to Tell Time Using an Analog Clock"

Earth Science Club 2

Anger Management-Understand Anger & Express Feelings Constructively Flex Class

Geology Explorers Club

Pokemon Vs Star Wars Battles: Let's Debate!

Kindergarten Art, Ongoing

Animals! Story & Craft Time With Ms. Lorinda & Jax (5-Week Class)

Cookie Run Social Club

Gingerbread Flavored Dog Treats in a Jar

All About Guinea Pigs. Cool Facts & How To Care For Your Furry Friend

Space Explorers: Let's Expand Our Space Knowledge!

Animal Art Exploration - Learn to Draw and About Animals - Ages 6-10

Animal Art Exploration - Learn to Draw and About Animals - Ongoing Ages 6-10

Beginning Creative Writing: Writer's Workshop

A Crafty Christmas: Come Get Crafty With Me

Advanced Middle/High School Biology: The Immune System

Irish Dance With Teddy or Dolly Ages 3-6

Escape Room: Pirate's Puzzle

All About Megalodons. Extinct, but Alive in Our Hearts. Amazing Facts

College Level Computer Science With Java (Unit 4)

Mimic the Masters - An Ongoing Exploration of Artists & Their Methods Ages 6-10

Personalized 1-On-1 Math Tutoring Prek - 7th (Private Ongoing).

Piano Lessons With Ms. Bri - Ongoing (Age 6-10)

Holiday Painting Adventure! Santa and His Reindeer Moonlight Painting!

Famous Citizens of U.S. History Club!

Holiday Snowman Acrylic Painting Paint a Long Ages 8 - 13

FROZEN Themed Ukulele Class- Experienced Beginner/Intermediate Level (Ages 9-13)

Private Small Group Latin Lessons (45 Minutes)

Preschool Play: Pretend Picnic / Teddy Bear / Stuffy / Color and Story Time

Video Game Social Club! - (ONGOING)

Weekly ACT Prep

Christmas Countdown: Baking and Cooking Holiday Treats FLEX

Creative Writing Tutoring: Poems, Short Stories, Novels, and More!

Cheesy Dog Treats Gift in a Jar

Talk, Sing, and Dance Like a Disney Star

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Shapes - Square

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Shapes - Circle

Little Dreamers Character Art: Pokemon Series - Turtwig

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing With Shapes - Triangle

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Numbers - 13

Do Try This at Home! STEM Investigations (Flex Class)

Among Us: Weekly Social Gaming Club

Among Us: Weekly Teen Social Gaming Club

Irish Dance: Reels, Jumps & Jigs Ages 4-6

Taking Notes Like a Pro: For High School Students

Irish Dance for Ages 6-11

Irish Dance for Ages 8-13

Economics: Needs/Wants, Goods/Services, Producers/Consumers, US coins

Summer Camp: Fun Scratch Coding Projects for Kids (Level 2)

A Very, Merry Tudor Holiday

Support Group for Children With Tourette's Syndrome Ages 8-11

Pre-Algebra: Fraction Odd and Ends Review Part 2

Fashion Design Team Challenge: Fashion Sketch Club

Hidden History: The Origins of Words & Phrases

Arts and Crafts Club- An Ongoing Class for Creating Art and Having Fun.

Space Science 3: Life, the Universe, and Everything

Winter and Holiday Multiplication Fact Games

Russian Language Club for Intermediate Level Students

Let's Play a Snowball Multiplication Fact Game!

Phonics: Long Vowels, Word Families, Blends, and Digraphs

Per Aspera Ad Astra: One-On-One Latin Tutoring for All Levels

Procreate Digital Art Club Learn to Draw on the Ipad

Thanksgiving Turkey Watercolor Painting

3rd Grade 1:1 Comprehensive Mid Year Math Skills Assessment

Doodle Drawing: Autumn Trees

Ethnic Dance - Listen to a Beautiful Fable, Music, and Learn Uzbek Dance - "Peacock" Style

Art Camp | How to Draw Basics: Figure Drawing

Animals! Story & Craft Time With Ms. Lorinda & Jax: One Week Camp

How to Draw Basics: Figure Drawing

Winter Arctic Fox Draw and Paint Acrylic Art Class

Sewing Novice: 18 Inch Doll Clothes - Circle Skirt

Countdown to the Holidays Cookies Baking Class! (FLEX)

Math is Fun: Meet and Greet

Manual DSLR Photography 202 (Ages 9-12)

Pack Your Bags: We're Going to Korea!

Art and the Solar System

Full Spanish Curriculum for INTERMEDIATE Learners (1 x a week)

A Taste of Christmas: Classic Holiday Baking Flavors

A Taste of Christmas for Teens: Classic Holiday Baking Flavors

Kids Who Love Nature: Talk, Draw & Write

On-Going Private Math Tutoring (Through Algebra II)

Simple French Christmas Song With Actions.

Zombies 1,2 &3 Combo Dance Party

Private Math Tutor

Junior Bodybuilders- Full Body Workout for Active Fun and Fitness

A Fairy That Spreads Kindness! Reading and Science Fun With Teacher Dianne

Vocalize! Ongoing Singing Lessons for Advanced Singers

Winter Swing Art: Painting and Socialization

Learn Drums - 1:1 Ongoing Lessons

Drum Lessons - Ongoing 1:1 Lessons

Theatre Beginning Acting: 3X55Min.

Reading With Phonics: Phase 5 & 6.

Let's Explore Pony Breeds!

Let's Learn About Rare Horse Breeds

Manual DSLR Photography 301 for Teens: The Art of Photography

(Flex) Full Curriculum: 5th Grade Writing Journal With A Certified Teacher (PDF)

Fun Piano /Electric Keyboard One -on -One Lessons

Russian for Beginners Second Step Ages 6 To 8

Japanese Circle Time for Preschool Age 3-6 Yrs (Immersion Class)

Frozen Olaf Acrylic Painting

Sign Language Story Time: Learn Basic Sign Language

Snow What Christmas Fun: Let's Sing, Read, Write & Color

Under the Sea Ariel Ballet Dance Party

Beginner Watercolor Animals (Flex Class) Part 4: By the Painting Panda

Exploring the Human Body: How Many Times a Minute Does My Heart Beat?(5-8)

Christmas: How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Story, Game and Slime Time

In the Kitchen With Kaitlyn - Let's Bake a Dessert!

Cactus of the Week! Art With a Science Notebook (Wolf Circus Art Studio) Ongoing

Among Us - Who Do You Think Is Sus? (Ongoing Gaming Club and Social Class)

Discover the World of Dance, Online Dance / Ballet Elements Class

ASL Preview

Patient Math Tutor Available for Grades 3-8 - 1 session

Let’s Meet Some Dinosaurs With Cavecat Pete! Story Time With Teacher Dianne

Winter Wonderland: Let's Sing, Read, Write & Color

First Class Tailor-Made English Tuition: Private 1:1 Class - Reading / Writing

Stuffies Teach Social-Emotional Skills! Lesson 3 (Ages 4-8)

Private English Tutoring for Middle Schoolers

Talk With Your Hands: Intermediate ASL 2

Figure Drawing and Fantasy Character Design: Dragons, Knights, Elves and More!

American Sign Language Introduction Course! 4 Week FLEX Course

Realistic Portrait Drawing Class - Weekly Drawing Club

Discovering Antarctica with Ms. B

Story Telling with Harold and His Purple Crayon: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Ongoing Speech and Debate Club - Advanced

Stuffies, Fun and Games! 4-8

Elf on Shelf & Winter Paintings: Fine Art With Craft for Holidays (Pre-K-2Nd Gr)

Street Style Fashion Drawing Club: Drawing People With Clothing

Early Childhood Musical Adventures With Bluey and Friends

Run a Fast Food Restaurant: A Place Value Math Class With Ms. B

Individual Voice Lessons for Beginners

Writing the 5 Paragraph Essay (Take 2): A Collaborative Approach to Learning

Improvisation: Acting for Tweens and Teens! On-Going Class

[Flex Class] Me Gusta...: Likes and Dislikes in Spanish for Beginners

Preschool Piano Experience (Ages 4, 5 & 6)

Yoga for Tweens

Yoga and Fitness for Beginners: Animal Exploration

Splendiferous Spelling, Reading, Writing Tutoring (Private-Ongoing) (1 X Week)

Individual Piano Lessons for Beginners

No More Interrupting

Adventures in Creative Writing

Love to Dance - Learn Italian Dance "Tarantella" - Bootcamp of the Dance World

Christmas Trivia Kahoot! Game: Fun Interactive Class

Improv 101 Meet Up

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Summer Book Club (Book 1)

Traditional Native American Harvest Festivals

Introduction to the Geography of Ancient Greece

What's for Dinner? #5 (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

*Crochet Project Based Learning- Earwarmer - A Beginner Level 1 Flex Class

Chess for Intermediate Players - Level 2 (Once a Week, 10 Weeks)

Let's Make a Movie! Storyboard, Script, Rehearse and Perform a Zoom Production

Scene Study and Performance - How to Really Be a Believable Actor

Wildlife Science: African Giraffes

Creative Writing for 1st & 2nd Grade: Describing and Writing About Animals

Among Us: Let’s Play

B-R-R-R-R! AH-CHOO! Sneezy the Snowman Is Cold! Story Time With Teacher Dianne

Elite/Beginner Basketball Skills Camp (on-Going 2 Times per Week)

Sight Word Practice: Trace, Write, Build, Find, Use

Russian for Beginners Second Step 9-12

Swahili for Beginner 107 of 108

Beginner World Geography ABC's of Geography FLEX : Travel & Tour the World One Letter at a Time (letters A-F)

Preschool Music - Movin and Groovin - Let's Sing and Have a Party for Santa's Reindeer

Paint With Colors Painting Adventure! Celestial Sky and Northern Lights Painting

(Flex) Full Curriculum: 3rd Grade Writing Journal With A Certified Teacher (PDF Format)

Let's Create a Colorful Fish Aquarium!

Dystopian Literature: Animal Farm

Let’s Make Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bombs Ages 9-14

Let’s Make Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bombs Ages 5-8

Make Comics W/ Professional Printing! Publish & Distribute Worldwide! Ages 12-18

Maker Space STEAM! Stem Engineer, Artist and Inventor Using Recycled Materials

Brain Games: An Enrichment Camp for Curious Learners

Reporting 101 - Fulfill Your Dream of Being a Reporter

Stand-Up Comedy Club: Writing and Performing Workshop

(Flex) Full Curriculum: 2nd Grade Writing Journal With A Certified Teacher (PDF Format)

Crochet Winter Stitches With Miss Angie (Flex Class)

Crochet Winter Stitches With Miss Angie (Flex Class)

(Flex) Full Curriculum: 2nd Grade Grammar Journal With A Certified Teacher (PDF Format)

ISEE Test Prep

Cooking and Baking for Teens: Holiday Cookies

Writing Camp: Types of Paragraphs

Writing Camp: Types of Paragraphs

Scratch Jr. Semester 1 of Coding for Kindergarten Through 3rd Grade

Horseback Riding Tips and Tricks: Grooming: Benefits and Tools for Success

Elementary ELA Common Core Reading & Writing Skills for Grades 3 & 4

American Girl Doll STEAM Christmas Social: Friends, Crafts, Music, Bingo & More!

The Wonder of the Sky

Mock Trial Club

Geography Club: Travel and Learn About the World You Live In!

Love to Dance - Learn Russian Dance "Khorovod"

Mock Trial

Trumpet Club

Saltwater Studies: An Integrated Marine Science Review

Pets of the Presidents

Winter American Sign Language Christmas Camp - ASL Christmas Signs

Piano Camp for Tiny Learners 1 ( Summer )

Chess for Advance Players - Level 2 (Once a Week, 10 Weeks)

Wizards and Witches Weekly Social Group Featuring Fantasy Crafts

Book Club- Rules, Heartwarming Powerful Novel by Cynthia Lord

Environmental Book Club for Passionate Teens

Street Smart Psychology: Mindsets, Mantras & Character Strengths

Yoga Deep Guided Relaxation With Affirmation - Long Version One-on-One

FLEX COURSE: Atom Secrets & the Periodic Table of Elements Course (Level 1)

Make Comics W/ Professional Printing! Publish & Distribute Worldwide! Ages 6-12

The Wild Horses of Sable Island

Santa’s List Is In Trouble! A Spreadsheet Challenge

Brain Warriors: Science for a Brainy Day!

One-Time Voice Lessons for the Young Singer

Private One on One Health/Fitness Training (Ages 7-17)

Hidden History: Ridin' Shotgun!

Deck the Halls: A Christmas Digital Breakout Room

Among Us: An Ongoing Gamer Group

How to Stop a Bully Without Lifting a Finger!

Teens Who Influenced the World (Weekly, Ages 13-18)

Understanding Structure: Spaceframes

Creative Writing Intro to Narrative, Descriptive, Expository and Persuasive Writ

There Was a Cold Lady Who Eats Snow! Reading and Craft With Teacher Dianne

Frosty Fun: Winter Art Camp!

Ways for Teens to Earn Money / Increase Income 💵

Clay Sculpting for Beginners: Christmas Ornaments FLEX Class

Let's Draw - Directed Drawing - Ocean Animals - Art and Science (Ongoing)

Note Taking 101 for High School Students

Note Taking 101 for Middle School Students

Guided Reading Group with Miss Heidi

Shaping up With 2D Shapes - (Flex Class)

ASL Rainbow: Sign The Colors With Teacher Brooke

Preschool Full Curriculum Circle Time: Math, Letters, Calendar (Small Group, 2x)

Spar Lit Sr.: Understanding Great Essays Through Speech and Debate Techniques

Fairytales & Stories in Italian: Red Riding Hood & Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Fairytales & Stories in Italian: Cinderella/ Cenerentola & Castles

Minecraft (Java Edition): Teamwork and Survival Club

High School Visual Art - Ceramics, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Perspective Drawing

Let's Speak French! French Beginner Classes (12 -17 Years Old) - Level 1

Fashion Design and Drawing-- Create Your Signature Style

Ongoing: Crochet Club

Chording Fast Track-Holiday Favorites

Party Lego® Brick Building Style! (Birthday, Escape Room, Building Adventure...)

La A de Avión, la P de Pizza + More Fun Themes: Spanish Bilingual Circle Time

Camp - Scratch 3.0 Projects - Fun Coding for Beginners (2 Weeks Camp) Level 1

Lesson 15 - Scratch Coding Arcade Series-Make a Video Game-Asteroids

A Hannukah Golem Folk Tale (Plus... What is a Golem?)

Dear Santa: Let's Write a Christmas Letter! (6-10)

Giving Thanks: Let's Write a Thank-You Note! (6-10)

Mental Math - Powerful Tricks and Shortcuts for Quick Calculations (3 Times a Week, 2 Weeks)

Golly! I Did It! I Mastered Pre-Algebra & Had Fun Practicing With Friends! (Ongoing)

The Eighth Wonder of the World

History and Journalism: The Story of the Modern Middle East

A Study of the Presidents of the United States of America - FLEX - Semester Long

Private Once-a-Week Tutor 1:1 | Algebra 1 / Geometry / Algebra 2 / Pre-Calculus

Private Tutor 1:1 Weekend/After-Hours 25-Min Algebra/Geometry/PreCalc/Test Prep

Night Witches and Other Women in War

Chess Club! (Intermediate Level)

Chess Club! (Advanced)

Oil or Acrylic Painting for Beginners Art Class

Intro to Public Speaking Ages (8-13) Live

Eye Spy My ABC's (LEVEL 1)

"G" Is For Garbage Trucks: Show and Tell, Garbage Facts, and Counting Class

Let's Talk: Turkeys!

Anatomy Sketching: Draw Realistic Human Bodies and Explore Different Themes

Myths and Legends From Around the World - Weekly (7-11)

Tutoring in English, Writing, Reading, English as a Foreign Language (30 Min)

Dungeon Master Discussion Group: Dungeons & Dragons DM Tutoring & Chat

Private ESL Class- Fun, Engaging and Interactive Lessons! Experienced Teacher

Good Manners Dog Training

The Littlest Snowplow! Story Time Reading and Art With Teacher Dianne

Superhero Fitness Advanced

Circle Time with Play-Doh: Learning the Basics Is as Easy as ABC, 123!

Confident Communication: Public Speaking and Debating for Beginners Level 2

ABC Fun - Small Group (1x a Week): Show & Tell, Read, Sing, Write, Color, Draw

What is Your Favorite Video Game?: Essay Writing Made Easy (Flex Class)

Weekly Drama Club for Theatrical Preteens: Acting, Improv and Characters!

Private Christmas Party!

Little Blue Truck's Christmas! Storytime and Craft With Teacher Dianne

Roblox Royale High & Adopt Me Social Club

Enola Holmes Mysteries Book Club

Comic Book Writing: Write & Develop Your Own Comic Book or Manga - FLEX Version

Book Club: Flora & Ulysses by Kate Dicamillo

Book Club: Flora & Ulysses by Kate Dicamillo

FLEX Class: The Write Club, Session 1

Who Was She? Mystery Mummy Girl Discovered in Ancient Egypt 𓅓𓅲𓅓𓇌𓎼𓇋𓂋𓃭

Let's Read Book Club for Reading Comprehension & Fluency Practice 4th 5th 6th

Discover Chess: Intro to Pieces / Beginner

Discovery Chess: Private Coaching

Book Club: Let's Talk Books! (Middle School)

Spanish with Profe Natalia Garzon/ Aprende Español con Profe Natalia!

Multi-Sensory Reading, Spelling & Writing Help (Twice a Week Dyslexia or Dysgraphia Support)

The History of Puerto Rico

Hello Spanish: Let's Have Fun Learning Vocabulary en Español! Beginners

Build Your Math Muscles: Mastering Fractions and Decimals

Unicorns and Rainbows Preschool Circle Time: Stories, Art, and Learning Fun!

Flex Course: Let's Draw Face Portraits

Total Value of Money (USD): Coins and Bills

Division With Decimals

Christmas: Magic Kingdom: Cookie Decorating & Mickey & Minnie's Christmas Party

Addition and Subtraction Kinder and 1st Grade Basic Math Skills

Indigenous Studies: The Metis of Canada

Eight Weeks, Eight Books - A Historical Fiction Book Club for Gifted Students!

ABC Fun (2x a Week): Show & Tell, Story, Sing, Write, Color, & Draw

Let’s Make Thanksgiving Dessert Treats Ages 4-7

Chemistry for Middle School - Exploring Density

Improvisation: Comedy Performance Theatre Camp (Improv - Theater - Acting)

Pre-Algebra: Changing Decimals to Fractions Review

Christmas Movie Club: Grinch, Elf, Santa Claus, A Christmas Story, Polar Express

Christmas: Storytime, Cookie Decorating and Craft Time

Pre-Algebra: Factors and Multiples Review

¡Leemos Juntos! Beginning 2x/Week Reading and Writing Spanish Class

Young Writer's Workshop: Weekly Writing Composition for New or Beginning Writers

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