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New Classes on Outschool 2020-11-15

There are 296 new classes on Outschool the week of November 15, 2020 to November 21, 2020.

Mighty Mathematicians: 5th Grade Math Review & Practice

Tutoring : Chess or Subject by Request (Ages 6-10)

Kindergarten Complete Curriculum Second Semester Class-Part Two

Create a Christmas-Inspired Fashion Collection

Unicorn Math: Adding and Subtracting 1-10

Amazing Planets Art Project and Guessing Game!

The Science Fan Social Club - Nature, Dinosaurs & Space - Let’s Learn & Discuss

Puppet Story Club!

Creative Paragraph Writing with Impressive Vocabulary

Let's Learn Japanese 1.1: Hiragana

Twisted Figures: Explore the Geometry of Snowflakes

Spanish for Kiddos - Learn mis Animales (Beginner Edition)

Private Conversation Class for English Language Learners! (Weekly)

Video Editing: A Guide for Beginners

Spanish Immersion for Intermediate Learners (Meets Twice a Week)

Percy Jackson Book Club- The Battle of the Labyrinth

Percy Jackson Book Club- The Last Olympian

Percy Jackson Book Club- The Titan's Curse

Percy Jackson Book Club- The Sea of Monsters

Mandarin Chinese- Fastest Way to Learn 1 on 1

Star Wars Club: The Beginning of Star Wars and the Star Wars Eras

Critical Analysis: The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe (ages 11-13)

Critical Analysis: The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe (ages 14-18)

French 101: Beginner French: Lesson 5 - The Weather

STEM Building Bricks Design Club- (Ages 5-8) Ongoing Class

Spanish Tutoring Level 1,2, And 3

What Is Engineering? An Introduction for Kids

What is Engineering? An Introduction for Teens

Ballet Kids: "Let It Go" Frozen Dance Class

Winter Holiday Dance Kids: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Ballet Time! Dance With Style, Grace, and Poise Have Fun With Pop-Up Class! 1x

Artist Sketch Club

The Jovian Planets

Terrestrial Planets

Intro to Physics: Grades 5-7

Dance: 30 Minute Private Lesson

Astronomy Exploration: Our Solar System

Toys and Treats for a Happy Flock

Learn to Dance - Lesson in Russian

Beatles and Monkees Album Listening Party

Ballet for Kids Who Never Danced Before - But Want to_Ballet Is Great Workout.

Art: Elementary Art Explorers Session 3

Social Studies Investigations (Ages 10-14)

Phonics Fun With Asian Animals

Fluttering Through the Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Character Creation Series: Camp Half-Blood Demigods

Reduce Bedtime Anxiety and Sleep Better

History in Pictures: The Greensboro Four Launch the Sit-In Movement

Roblox Club: Let's Keep on Playing Murder Mystery 2! (Golden Key/Weapons or Pets Awarded to 1 learner each week)

Learning to Read by Blending CVC and CVCe words (Beginner Reading Skills)

Middle School Drawing Club: Ongoing Weekly Social Group

Parts of Rudolph: Montessori Science

Public Speaking With Alexander Hamilton

Let’s Make a Song! - Private Songwriting Session

Private Math Tutoring With Ms. Jocelyn

Not Your Grandma's Grammar - 6th - 8th Grade - Part 1 (English, Grammar)

The Polar Express: PJS, the Virtual Story, & Hot Chocolate!

Not Your Grandma's Grammar - 4th - 6th Grade - Part 1 (English, Grammar)

Not Your Grandma's Grammar - 3rd-5th Grade - Part 1 (English, Grammar)

It’s a Snow Day! Let’s Have Fun! Story Time Reading and Art With Teacher Dianne

Recycle Bots!

Guthriegabs About the American Colonies: 13 British Colonies in North America

Christmas Scratch Jr. - Create Your Own Christmas Games (Once a Week, 5 Weeks)

Jeopardy! Weekly Kindergarten Edition (Ages 5-6)

2nd Grade Math (weeks 17-24)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Winter Christmas Party

Shake Shimmy and Move: Summer Mini Camp Preschool Dance Class

Let's Go Back to Salem: An Overview of the Salem Witch Trials

Greek Myths: The Odyssey

Miss Ally’s Art Class: Sketch and Paint a Holiday Christmas Deer

Wildlife Science: Snow Leopards

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde: A Critical Analysis and Essay

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde: A Critical Analysis and Essay

Private 1:1 Reading Phonics Comprehension Fluency or Beginning & Advanced ESL

Merry Fishmas- A Christmas Celebration at the Aquarium! (Marine Biology)

Boomer's Maker Monday Club

Confident Communicating: Weekly Speaking Practice and Social Skills

Elementary Science: Human Body Skeletal System..How Many Bones Do I Have? (5-8)

4th Grade Math Full Year Curriculum!

Winter Workout- Full Body Workout for Active Fun, Fitness, and Exercise

Santa Visits From the North Pole 1-1!

Nature's Wonders: Habitats of the World

One-On-One Class: Playful Paths to Literacy

Jeopardy! Weekly First Grade Edition (Ages 6-7)

Christmas Fun: Watch Frosty and Decorate Easy Snowman Cookies

Drawing using the five elements of shape: Toucans!

Sing Along With Santa

Jeopardy! Weekly Preschool Edition (Ages 4-5)

How to Draw Basics: Still Life Drawing

Intro to Piano

Piano Lessons: One-On-One or Small Group Private Lessons

Minecraft Battle Against Time- Design/Social Club

Star Wars Film Studies

TinkerCAD -Electric Circuit Make Your Own Gadgets Level 2(Once a Week, 6 Weeks)

Can War Be Waged Legally: You Decide! Ukraine and Gaza Understood

Super Pete Is Ready To Help His Town! Story Time With Teacher Dianne

Talking About Turkeys! Feathers, Snoods and Wattles: PreK Learning with Ms. Liz

If Christmas Commercials Could Talk: Learn About Persuasion and Messaging

Private 1:1 Math Skills Tutoring for Kindergarten Readiness & Beyond

Cursive Handwriting: Ages 11-15

Rising Star Acting 6-Week Course-Level 1

Junior Innovators: STEM Day Camp - Let's Have Fun Together Engineering & Coding Contraptions!

Saxon Math Geometry Semester 2 Self-Paced

Rising Star Acting Six-Week Course-Level 2

All About Chickens! (Upper Elementary/Middle School)

An Acting Class- How to Perform Mime

High School Physics Made Simple – the Atom

High School Physics Made Simple – Electricity and Magnetism Part 2 Of 2

Playhouse Studio Recitals!

High School Physics Made Simple – Electricity and Magnetism Part 1 Of 2

Cake Mix Magic: Mind-Blowing Cupcakes for Teens

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods Camp

Private Tutoring (Spelling, Reading, Writing, Math, Orton-Gillingham, ESL)

Ongoing 60 Minute Piano Lessons for Intermediate Level Classical Music

Origami Club; Weekly Discovery of the Art of Paper Folding

Easy Essay Writing

Foundational Reading

Cursive Writing: Sign Your Name With Style!

Support Group for Children With Tourette's Syndrome Ages 14-17

Algebra Mistakes To Avoid

Summer Camp-Yummy Edible Science-Part 1-Rock Cycle, Soil Layers, Moon Phases

1st Grade Math

Private Tutoring: Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade

Nature's Wonders: The Coniferous Forest in Winter

English Writing Tutoring for Teens: Two Sessions per Week (45 Minutes)

Lesson 14 - Scratch Coding Arcade Series-Make a Video Game-Breakout

Lesson 13 - Scratch Coding Arcade Series-Make a Video Game-Space Invaders

Mirror-Image Prints and Painting

Vivacious Vocabulary: SAT Prep

UK English Curriculum Year 3-6: Private 1:1 Class

Kawaii Draw-So-Cute Christmas Camp Flex Class

Beginner Hip Hop and Jazz Dance Class Ages 5-7

Invent a Board Game: Playful Paths to Literacy

Introduction to Mycology

Neutron Stars

Second and Third Grade: Everything Grammar! (Ongoing Class)

Winter Painting Adventure! Snowy Winter Cabin Painting!

Waddle We Know About Penguins!

Operation Castle Bravo the Largest U.S. Nuclear Explosion

Astronomy: Key to the Universe (Live)

Show and Tell Virtual Play Date (One-Time Class)

Use Your Voice: Creating New Characters Through Voice Acting

Mandarin Chinese With Games and Music Level 1C

Let's Play Roblox Together: Ongoing Roblox Social Gaming Club (Ages 7-12)

Ninja Art Club

How to Build a Sand Castle: How To Writing

Kickin' It! | Rapid Practice Drill | Math SAT | Build Speed & Confidence

Chess for Advance Players - Level 1 (Once a Week, 10 Weeks)

GCSE Maths Revision (Grade 4-6)/High School Maths

Jingle Bells- Ukulele Edition Level 1

Early Arabic Reading

Grateful & Thankful: Journaling & Poetry Fun!

High School Physics Made Simple – Wave & Light Part 1 Of 2

Health Nuts Wellness Club

High School Physics Made Simple – Wave & Light Part 2 Of 2

Mrs. B's Semester Book Club: Let’s Read Anne of the Island!

High School Physics Made Simple – Kinetic Theory and Thermal Physics

Middle (Junior High) School Math Made Simple – Trigonometry

NFL History Trivia

Become a Master of Drawing Sketching for Young Artists 8-12, Ongoing Art Class

Middle (Junior High) School Math Made Simple – Vectors

Mikey's World of Dog Party Multiplication Time Tables (Ongoing Twice a Week)

Middle (Junior High) School Math Made Simple – Simultaneous Equations

Hanging Out and Making Friends -Social Club for Older Teens

Complete Pre-K and Kindergarten Curriculum Fun With Daily Circle Time & Show and Tell

Pokemon Chemistry: States of Matter, Exploring Solids, Liquids and Gases

Coding & Gaming Club: Unlocking the Secrets of Game Design for Young Innovators

Draw It: Reindeer

Beginner Japanese Language and Culture 04 (Twice/Wk)

Study Hall for Virtual and Homeschool Learners, and Homework Help

Realistic Drawing: Glowing Holiday Lights

Adopt Me : Come Play Roblox and Hatch an Egg With Miss Katie!

Adopt Me : Miss Katie’s Roblox Social Club - Come and Hatch an Egg With Me!

Hindi (Ongoing) वार्तालाप Vartalaap Class (Private Group)

Learning ASL: Intermediate Part 1 Ages 13 To 18

Learning ASL: Intermediate Part 1 Ages 9 To 12

STEAM Club: A Weekly STEM + Art Class

Learning ASL: Intermediate Part 1 Ages 5 To 8

Discovering Dinosaurs Today: Bones, Fossils, and More

English Curriculum: Private 1:1 Class

Mindful Music: Weekly Listen and Draw Brain Break

Procreate for Beginners

Writing Skills: Perfecting the Paragraph

Writing Skills: Perfecting the Paragraph

Inventing Detective Stories: Edgar Allan Poe's The Murders in the Rue Morgue

Inventing Detective Stories: Edgar Allan Poe's The Murders in the Rue Morgue

Hip Hop Dance Choreography (Level 1)

Lesson 7 Scratch Coding for Beginners-Make a Video Game-Ghost Hunter

Saxon Math Geometry First Half

Geology: Make an Edible Rock Cycle

Advanced German, Part 2

Making Games and Animations Using Python Code- Levels 3 and 4

Learn to Play Piano for Beginners, Piano Adventures Level 2B

Hip Hop Choreography Junior (8 weeks)

Seasons of Joy Scandinavian Story Circle: Tomten, Nisse, and Gnomes

The Town That Chocolate Made: The Life and Legacy of Milton Hershey

Pre-Dance Tap Ballet and Jazz Beginners Dance With Pop-Up Class! 1x(3-7)

1:1 7th Grade Math Homework Help

Roblox Game Design With Lua (Level 2)

About Face: Facial Features Drawing Class

Unlocking Creativity: Let's Create Your Anime Self Portrait!

Deductive Reasoning. Why It Matters. Seeing the Full Picture in Life.

The Nature and the Art Painting on Rocks

Junior Scientist Conducting Fun Experiments

My Needs, Wants, and Priorities

My Hero Academia Social Club (Ages 12-14)

Draw With Miss Margie!- Ongoing Weekly Art Class

Future Innovators: STEM Day Camp - Let's Engineer, Code Contraptions and Have Fun Together!

Coding: Will, Your Young Learner, Be an Enthusiast? This Class Will Help Decide!

Coding: Will, Your Learner, Be a Coding Enthusiast? This Class Will Help Them Decide!

Disney Love & Friendship Stories (1x a Week): Story Time, Sing, Write & Color

Among Us - Happy "Crew" Year

Salem Witch Trials 360° Escape Room

Fractions - Addition & Subtraction

Let's Learn About Space With Games, Crafts, and Experiments, Oh My!

Winter Party! (Ages 7-11)

Being a Good Friend- The Power of Confident Communication and Getting Along! (Social Emotional Learning- Ages 8-12)

Winter Party! (Ages 3-7)

Math Private Tutoring -Ongoing- (45-Minute Sessions)

My First Book Club: For Level One Readers! Reading With Teacher Dianne

Fractions - Multiplication and Division

Digital Drawing : Creating Characters in Photoshop

First Lady’s Inaugural Dress (USA): Fashion & Drawing Camp (Women's History)

1 Christmas on the Piano for Older Students (Level 1)

Summer Reading Challenge: "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" CS Lewis

ASL - American Sign Language 1 (Ages 7-12)

Private Math Tutoring and Homework Help (Grades Pre-K Through 8)

ASL - American Sign Language 2 (Ages 7-12)

House Plant Basics (Ages 11-14)

Introduction to Writing a Minecraft Paragraph With Ms. B

High School Chemistry Full Curriculum - Segment 3 Of 3

High School Chemistry Full Curriculum - Segment 2 Of 3

Upper Elementary Christmas Party

Lower Elementary Christmas Party

Preschool Christmas Party

High School Chemistry Full Curriculum - Segment 1 Of 3

ASL - American Sign Language 2 (Ages 13-18)

Arabic Calendar and Circle Time (K-2) (Academic Year) (Level 1)

Carrot Pupcakes

Dungeons and Dragons for Teens: Curse of Strahd (Ages 14-17)

The Amazing Animal Kingdom! Explore Zoology & Wildlife Biology - Middle School

Eyewitness to History: The Wright Brothers' First Flight

High 5 the AP Human Geography Exam: Intensive Exam Prep Group Review

Poetry Is Fun? Classic and Contemporary Poetry With a Modern Perspective

Introduction to Acting Camp!

Cat and Kitten Care

Second and Third Grade Reading: Everything Phonics! (Ongoing Class)

Read Like a Ninja Obstacle Course: Kick, Run & Jump While You Learn Sight Words

Student Teaching Private Link for the Weekly Art Journal Class

Oh, Christmas Tree!~Reading Comprehension and Creating a Delicious Holiday Treat to Eat!

The Water Cycle & Rainforest Exploration. Cool Facts About How H2O Is Recycled!

Everything Super Mario Brothers: Gameplay, Lore, and Trivia Discussion Group

Winter STEM Science

French 101: Beginner French: Lesson 4- The Months and Seasons

Here's Hiragana! Part 1 (a Japanese Alphabet) (Age 8-12)

One on One Kindergarten Math Skills Assessment Private Session

One on One K-6 Math Skills Assessment and EOG Prep Private Tutor Session

Figurative Language #1 Quiz Show - Strengthen Writing W/Added Voice & Imagery

ART CAMP: Oil Pastels 101, Drawing With Wonderful, Messy, Blendy Oil Pastels!

Painting Animals Is Exciting

2nd Grade 1:1 Comprehensive Mid Year Math Skills Assessment

Beginning Conducting

F 22 Raptor the Premier Fifth Generation U.S. Fighter

Escape Room: Santa’s Workshop Escape Room (4-6 yrs)

Learning to Read - Phonics, Reading & Writing for Preschool & Kindergarten CVC

4X1Week 2nd Grade English, Reading, Comprehension, and Vocabulary ESL/Homeschool

Show and Tell Pet Club - Building Communication Skills

Marine Biology : All About Turtles

Travel the USA - Pennsylvania Facts and Trivia

Introduction to the Government of Ancient Greece

Intermediate Karate for Kids: Yellow Belt Level Two

Adventures in Creative Writing L3: From Fantasy Picture to Descriptive Story

Write It Right ~ (Tutoring 1:1)

Adventures in Creative Writing L3: From Adventure Picture to Descriptive Story

One on One: Phonics, Reading and Writing Tutoring With Mrs. Rose (M.S.Ed) 2 Days per week

ESL Topics of Interest: English Conversations for ESL / EFL - (2-3 learners)

Marine Biology – Exploring Aquatic and Semi-Aquatic Animals

Let's Speak French! Conversational French Beginner With a Native French Speaker (10 -15 Years Old)

Sewing Beginner: 18 Inch Doll Clothes - 1940s Kimono Robe

Bake the British Isles - Traditional Christmas Pudding

Malayalam Conversation Class: Let's Speak in Malayalam!

Mindful Music: Listen and Draw Brain Break (Ages 6-10)

Mini Med School: Examine a Different "-ology" Every Week!

At Risk for Dyslexia? 1-1 Screening to Be Informed

Agriculture Self-Paced

Phonics Fun With Arctic Animals

Coding in Java | Level-1 | Project-Based Flex Class for Absolute Beginners!

Building Good Character & Successful Habits. Be Your Personal Best.

Monster Mandarin - My Favorite Things (Ages 4-7)

Storytime With Monster Mandarin (Ages 3-12)

Christmas Tree Cones -Decorate Christmas Desserts & Listen to a Holiday Story

Girl Talk: Our Favorite Books! (Weekly Book Club)

Kindergarten Math Games

Algebra 2 for Mathematicians: Functional Algebra 2 Math Course (2 Semesters)

Spanish Lessons for Kids - Private

Storytelling, Drama Games and Improv: When Something Pretend Becomes Real

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