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New Classes on Outschool 2024-03-24

There are 369 new classes on Outschool the week of March 24, 2024 to March 30, 2024.

Singapore Math Adventures for Second Graders

1-on-1 Tutoring Music and Interdisciplinary Subjects

1 on 1 Math Tutoring for Grades 1- 6

Watercolor painting for beginners (Art Class For 10-14 Year Olds)

Singapore Math Adventures for First Graders

One Weird Writing: Short Stories of the Weirdest Combos Ever (5 Learners Max)

Write Now, Right Now | 7 Minute Grammar Challenges

Math Marvels! 6th Grade Summer Math Camp Game-Based Learning

Spring Math Multiplication Practices

Grammar Camp: Master Grammar and Punctuation Rules to Write Correct Sentences

P 38 Lightning the Under-Rated WWII Aircraft

Middle Grade Romance Book Club

Math Camp-Under the Sea! Addition and Subtraction Fact Families up To 10

African Folktales & Myths Story Time: Why Does the Hippopotamus Live in Water?

Viva Kids: Vibrant Mexican American Studies

Thrivezone: Cultivating Growth Minds in Summer Camp

Classical Music and Art - Part 2

Coding for Engineering Students: Mastering Python with 2 Projects!

Middle School English Language Arts(ELA) Novel Study & Writing"Dear Mr. Henshaw"

1 ON 1 Tutor, Tesol, TOFL, Writing Tutor English Language Arts Middle School

Primus Summer Camp: Crime Scene Detective & Forensics With Projects

Intro to Pre Algebra (Topics to Master to Have a Fun Pre Algebra Course)

Private Tutoring for Standardized Test Essays and Timed Writing

Private Acrylics Follow Up

Private Acrylics Class

Pre-Algebra Math Summer Camp Review Game-Based Learning

Get Ready For Kindergarten

Descriptive Writing: Showing Instead of Telling

Strong and Healthy Minds- Building Social and Emotional Skills

New York City Walking Tour!

I Am Ready for Kindergarten: FUN & ESL & Homeschool Friendly!

First Buzz: Trial Trumpet Lesson for Beginning Students!

Roblox Gamer Club

Individual Art Tutoring for Foundational Drawing Skills

Fun Spanish Learning for Children (Ages 8-13).Beginners to Advanced

1:1 Summer Phonics or Reading Comprehension Tutoring

Keyboard / Piano Lessons - Private 1 On 1

Write Now, Right Now | 7 Minute Journal Writing Prompts

Private ESL Curriculum for Academic & Conversational Mastery (CEFR a2-C2 Levels)

Minecraft Fractions - Small Group Fraction Lessons With A Minecraft Theme

1st Grade Summer Camp

Canva and Entrepreneurship - Graphic Design for Small Businesses (12-16 Yrs Old)

My First Introduction to Spanish: Spanish for Young Learners

Let's Read Bob Books for Beginner Readers- 1:1 Private Course (ESL Friendly)

Fun Science - Chemistry, Physics, Biology - Middle School - Light

6th Grade Math Review

Focus Boost: Harnessing the Power of ADHD Body Doubling

Montessori Homeschoolers 4th Grade! Full Curriculum-Math, STEM, ELA(5x/Week)

Advance Placement Psychology (AP Psych) Tutoring and AP Exam Help:

IEW High School Course Year 2 – 2 Semesters, Essay, Writing, Homeschool Friendly

Middle School English Language Art (ELA): Summer Reading Novel Study, the Giver

Juneteenth: History Behind the Holiday

Cinco De Mayo: History Behind the Holiday

Middle School Language Arts: Summer Camp Reading Practice | Live

1:1 Music Production Lessons in Fl Studio

Public Speaking Mastery

Intensive Summer Study - Advance Topics of High School Chemistry

Spanish 3 Semester 3- Grammar/ Conversation (Middle/High School)

Advanced Minecraft Dungeon Escape Room Adventure (Java Edition)

Spanish Immersion Camp: Daily Trivia, Games, and Fun!

Careers in Sound Engineering

Technical Writing Middle School Course, ELA English Language Arts, Tesol

Get Your Minecraft Build Copied to Another World! (Bedrock Edition)

Beginning Arabic - 5 (Trimester Course)

High School and Western Civilization II With CLEP Exam Prep

Colorful Creations: Storytime + Crafts

Ongoing Middle School Math Private 1:1 Tutoring (2 x 45 Minutes)

Sanrio Kawaii Club - Colored Pencil Sketching & Drawing: Cinnamoroll, Melody

Book Club: The School for Good and Evil (Book 1)

Book Club: The Fellowship of the Ring

Ms. Norma's Book Nook: Mercy Watson to the Rescue | Month Long Book Club

6th Grade Smarter Balanced Test Prep

1-on-1 Tutoring Reading, Math, Spelling, Grammar, or Phonics

Adventures of Anima - A Dungeons and Dragons Campaign

Phonics FUN for Early Readers

Learn How to Draw Animals - Line Drawing Cats and Dogs

Write Like Taylor

Writing the Supplemental Admissions Essays That Can Make or Break an Application

Solar Eclipse 2024! Pictures, Observations and Thoughts After the Eclipse

Art Class & Camp #3 Minimal Supplies! Different Art Activity Daily! Draw, Paint!

My Side of the Mountain: (One Time) Discussion Book Club and Literature Study

Historical Fiction Book Club Camp: Refugee by Alan Gratz

Advanced Roblox Studio - 8 Week Course

Beginning Spanish - Level 3 -2x/week- Conversational Skills, Reading & Writing

Spring Bunnies Rip and Paste Tissue Paper Art Project

Building Better Writers Junior, Part 4 (Weeks 13-16)

Little Learners Intro to Hindi-Part 3!

1:1 Writing and Reading Tutor- Experienced Teacher-Message to Book

Biology 1:1 Tutoring - 60+ Min Sessions on Request

How To Master Skip Counting!

Biology 1:1 Tutoring and Beyond - All Levels, Even AP Bio! (30 min sessions)

1:1 SEL Class: Zones of Regulation- What Zone Are You In?

Who Was? Who Is? Book Club

Intro to Soft Shoe Tap Dance!

Anybody Can Tap℠ Soft Shoe! Ages 13-17

Anybody Can Tap℠ Soft Shoe! 7-10 years old

Intro to Soft Shoe Tap Dance!

Curiosity Chronicles - Early Modern History 2, Part 2

Understanding Elections and Civic Participation | 9 - 12 Grade

The Sultana: The Worst Maritime Accident in Us History

Earth & Environmental Science Full Year Curriculum High School Course With Labs

Process Painting 101 (Why is the process so important anyway?)

Epic Domain: The A, B, C's of Anger - Anger, Behavior and Coping

Cool, Calm, and Confident! Learn How to Manage Your Anxious Feelings

Godzilla X Kong Kaijus

Drawing 2 | Intermediate Traditional Art Techniques!

Absolute Beginner Guitar Series for Teens 01: Guitar Tuning Workshop

Drawing 101: A Weekly Dragon Drawing Club for Beginners

Waldorf Inspired Preschool Circle Time and Activity With Full Curriculum Offered

1 Month Prep for AP Physics C Mechanics

1 Month Prep for AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism

Rockin’ Rhythms: Guitar Pop Fun - Advanced Beginners Guitar

Soar with Spanish - Beginner 3

Terrifying Tales: The Legend of the Tailypo

Digital Drawing 1 | Introduction to Creating Art on Procreate!

3rd Grade and 4th Grade Math Small Group Class (Weekly Re-Enrollment)

Language Leaders, Pathway to Proficiency Ielts C1

Future Fluent, Cambridge Quest for Teens, FCE/ First for Schools B2

Making Your First Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Character.

Mastering Math: Virtual Game Room (Addition Facts | Math Games)

Mastering Math: Virtual Game Room (Calculating Time +/- | Math Games)

Mastering Math: Virtual Game Room (Multi-Digit Add & Subtract | Math Games)

Mastering Math: Virtual Game Room (Percentages | Math Games)

Mastering Math: Virtual Game Room (Order of Operations | Math Games)

Mastering Math: Virtual Game Room (Place Value | Math Games)

Mastering Math: Virtual Game Room (Counting Backwards | Math Games)

Mastering Math: Virtual Game Room (Rounding | Math Games)

Mastering Math: Virtual Game Room (Skip Counting | Math Games)

Private Math Tutor (30)

Private Math Tutor (60 Minutes)

Ace the Math Section: ACT and SAT Math Prep Course

Phonics Fun: Mastering Short Vowel Sounds! with Ms. Norma

Future Fluent, Cambridge Quest for Teens, PET Preliminary for Schools B1

Future Fluent, Cambridge Quest for Teens, KEY/KET A2

Mastering Math: Virtual Game Room (Subtraction Facts | Math Games)

Mastering Math: Virtual Game Room (Division Facts | Math Games)

Mastering Math: Virtual Game Room (Integer Arithmetic | Math Games)

English Adventures, Navigating the Cambridge Steps, Flyers A2

Farm Animal Escape Room: 7-10 Year-Olds

English Adventures, Navigating the Cambridge Steps, Movers A1

English Adventures, Navigating the Cambridge Steps, Starters Pre A1

Cover Letters and Resumes: A Guide for Teens Entering the Workforce & College

History of Famous Scientists Club

Long Division In-Depth

Let's Prepare: 1:1 Hippo Olympiad

Voice lessons!

Bead Buddies: Jewelry Making Club

STEM: Create Your Own Eclipse T-Shirt

3D Pop Cupcake Art Project Inspired by Wayne Thiebaud

Mastering Verbs Camp: A Comprehensive Guide for Teens

Vocabulary and Creative Writing Middle School Students; ESL Welcome

Maths Grade 4 Full Curriculum

Math Help Elementary to Middle School

Opinion Writing: Learn How to Write an Essay!

Super Spellers: Unlocking the Power of Words

Mastering Long Division

ACT English Excellence Camp: Grammar, Punctuation, and Sentence Structure

Private Tutoring - Personalized Learning with Game-Based Lessons

Introduction to Making a Sound on the Flute!

Competitive Speech and Debate Group Practice and Tutoring

Level 2 - Beginner Violin Group Class - Next Steps for Young Learners!

High School French Easter Party (Any Level)

Become a Annotation Pro

Early Learning Tutoring With Ms. Jessica

Daily Positive Affirmations | A Boost of Happiness & Confidence with Friends

Private Spanish One-On-One Tutoring With Native Speaker! (50 Min) Young Learner

Third Grade Summer Review: Montessori Full Curriculum | ELA, Math, Science

Key Focus: How to Play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the Piano

Prek-To-Kindergarten Homeschool Help: Shapes, Spelling, Writing, Colors(4x/Week)

Visual Perceptual and Visual-Motor Fun!

Geometry - Full Course

Meet and Greet for Private Neurodiversity Affirming Piano Lessons

1-1 Tutoring in Reading, Writing or Spelling

Beginning Steps to Piano - Group Piano for Ages 8 - 11

Socio-Emotional | Embracing Authenticity - A Journey to Self-Discovery

Revise the Edexcel Igcse Biology Syllabus 2024

A Mental Health Art Class - Tiny Tots Edition!

A Mentally Healthy Art Class - Teen Edition!

Earth Science for Middle School: Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography & Astronomy

Private Vocal Lessons: Learn to Sing Your Favorite Song!

Private Singing and Guitar Lessons: Learn to Sing and Play Your Favorite Songs!

Private Guitar Lessons: Learn How to Play Your Favorite Songs!

Learn to play Pathfinder (Trouble under Otari)

Intro to Soft Shoe Tap Dance!

Digital Forensics 101 - Computer Science - Part 1

Learn to Draw Flower Bouquets With Ink Pens

Introduction to Procreate: Digital Art Basics for Beginners

Abomination Vaults: A Pathfinder 2e Adventure (Beginner's Welcome!)

Waterdeep Dragon Heist: A Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Campaign (9-12)

Forensic Science: Audio, Video, and Digital Evidence

Exploring the Parts of Speech: Grammar Review for Teens

Amigurumi Club - Crocheting Stuffed Toys for Ages 13-18

Picasso Clay Art Project

Output Focused Japanese 1_03 (4 Weeks)

Self-Paced Class Support

Sam's 8th Grade Math Full Curriculum

Output Focused Japanese 1_02 (4 Weeks)

Monster Claws Paper Origami!

1 on 1 Tutoring for Special Education Learners

English Language Arts & Reading for Success

Reading Comprehension - Ongoing Group Class for Grades 4th, 5th, 6th

Vocabulary Discovery through Etymology and Logic (Ages 9-13)

Kitchen Chemistry Summer Camp

Master Art Fundamentals | Explore Weekly Art Styles & Techniques

How to Draw: Squishmallow Drawing Club | Weekly Art Club

How to Draw: PokÉMon Drawing Club | Weekly PokÉMon Art Club

Private 1:1 Learn to Read: Sight Word Practice for Beginner Readers (Ages 4-7)

Fun With English: Language Adventure 1-On-1 Tutoring

Learn the Recorder

Output Focused Japanese 1_01 (4 weeks)

Ongoing Advanced Reading/Writing & Test Prep for ESL Tweens/Teens (CEFR B2+)

A Wrinkle in Time Novel Study and Writing Class

Strategic Digital PSAT/SAT Weekly Workshop (Reading/Writing & Math)

1:1 Math Tutor Trial/Meet & Greet

Exploring Two-Step Word Problems - Build Your Math Muscles

Build and Manage a Dinosaur Park

Anybody Can Tap℠ Soft Shoe!

Basic Five Paragraph Essay Bootcamp | Live Class

Mr. Men and Little Miss Books Read Aloud Story Time!

Bonjour! Beginner French for Primary Learners

LDCA (Student Request): Disney Drawing - Belle and Phillipe

LDCA (Custom Drawing) - Toadette/ Princess Peach Costume.

Lord of the Flies Novel Study | Writing-Intensive Option

LDCA (Student Request): Babysitters Club Drawing - Kristy

Psychology w/a Certified Secondary Psychology Teacher

Biology w/a Certified Secondary Science/MS Biological Science with Education

High School Introduction to Educational Psychology and CLEP Exam Prep Part 2

High School Introduction to Educational Psychology and CLEP Exam Prep Part 1

Unlock Your Learning Power: Metacognition Made Easy

Math Grade 4 Semester I 1 on 1 Private Tutoring

Make Comparisons in Chinese

Toilet Tower Defense Club!

English Conversation Class | Speaking Practice

2-Week Algebra Series: Factoring (Pre-Algebra to Algebra 2)

Summer Camp: Project-Based C++ (Level 2)

Summer Camp: AP Statistics Prep

Summer Camp: Machine Learning in Python With Raspberry Pi & Smart Robotic Car L3

Summer Camp:Prep for the American Computer Science League (Junior Division G 7-9

Summer Camp: Prep for the American Computer Science League (Elementary Division

Summer Camp: Project Based Python for High School (Level 2)

Summer Camp: Project Based Python for High School (Level 1)

Summer Camp: Blender 3D Modeling and Animation for Game Design Level 2

Community Building Circles

Good Table Manners With Molly Manners! 1 on 1 Private Class for Table Etiquette

Cartooning 1 | How to Make a Comic Book, Character Design, & Storytelling!

AP Computer Science Principles® Tutoring (45 Min)

Adopt Me Roblox Best Epic Out of Game Pets Giveaway Social Class!

Beginner Spanish Small Group Class - Part 2 (Ages 8-13)

Opinion Writing the Easy Way for 4th & 5th Grade State Tests!

Learn to Write Opinion Essays the Easy Way for the State Test!

Algebra 2 - Full Curriculum Homeschool Course

Science - Sensory Anatomy and Physiology: Exploring the Body’s Senses

Conversational Spanish Class! (Meets Once a Week) Beginner Level

Knit Buddies = a Social Knitting Club

Draw Your Own Cartoon Character

Advanced Art Part 2: Painting Horses

Grade 4 Working With Fractions

Cozy for a Cause: Blanket-Making Service Group

Dungeons and Dragons: Keys From the Golden Vault Campaign (Beginner Friendly)

Math Grade 4 Semester II - 1 On 1 Private Tutoring

Let's Learn French: Beginner Conversation Club

1:1 Tutoring for Essay Writing, Research, and More. ADHD and Dyslexia Welcome!

Creative Illustration With Procreate

Early Readers Book Club: Amelia Bedelia "I Can Read" - Level 2

Tiny Tales English, Vocabulary Adventures for Little Learners.

Art Challenge-Weekly Prompts to Challange You and Your Artwork

Bridge the Summer Gap: Small-Group Reading Fluency & Comprehension

2024 Digital PSAT Summer Camp | How to Master the Digital PSAT English Section

Logic Matrix Puzzles for Gifted Learners Deductive Reasoning (Ages 10-14)

On-Going Advanced Logic Club for Gifted Learners (Ages 12-15)

English Second Language (ESL) for Academic Mastery (CEFR B1)

Let's Get Hopping! - Bunny Care & Getting Ready For Your First Bunny

Creating With Cricut Club

Spanish Homework Help With a Professional Native Speaker - School or University

Mastering Math: Mystery Reveal | Math Game | Beg-Int | Add & Subtract

ACT Reading Excellence Camp: Vocabulary, Passage Structure and Active Reading

1:1 Tutoring Grammar Structure and Usage - Middle & High School

Addition and multiplication support

On-Going Logic Club for Gifted Learners (Ages 9-11)

Foundation of Phonics

Primary Logic Club for Gifted Learners (Ages 6-8)

Primary Matrix Puzzles - Deductive Reasoning for Gifted Learners (Ages 7-9)

Mastering Math: What's On TV | Math Game | Beg-Int | Add & Subtract

Mastering Math: Memory Card Mansion | Math Game | Beg-Int | Add & Subtract

Mastering Math: Memory Card Mansion | Math Game | Beg-Int | Multiply & Divide

Let's Learn French: Beginner Conversation Club

Creative Writing, Art Journaling, Illustration Design

Science Club!

Bluey Social Group Round 2

Letter Name and Sound L for Lollipop Art Project

Travel and Explore the World While Cleaning and Organizing Our Rooms

1-on-1 Customized Live Animal Classes

Private 1:1 Math Tutor - 2 Days a Week

Hands-On Sewing Class: Let's Make Pajama Pants

Grateful Sunflower Art Project

Let's Learn Math: Mathematics Through Cryptology (7-11 Years)

Mutant: Elysium RolePlaying Humanity's Last Base

High School Western Civilization I and CLEP Exam Prep

American Sign Language (ASL) --Semester Long Class-PART 3

I Can Write Powerful Paragraphs Part 2! 8 Week Paragraph Writing Class | 1x/Week

Let's Learn Business: Entrepreneurial Skills for Young Minds B2+ (5-7 Years)

Let's Learn Business: Entrepreneurial Skills for Young Minds B2+ (11-14 Years)

Trufluency Kids Spanish Immersion, 7-11, Level 1.2 3x/Wk

Full-Curriculum Geometry: Marking Period 2

Full-Curriculum Geometry: Marking Period 3

Full-Curriculum Geometry: Marking Period 4

Full-Curriculum Geometry: Marking Period 5

Bon Appetit: A French Eating Adventure

English Writing for Language Learners: Mastering English Writing with IEW

Master Fundamentals of Mathematics Through Problem Solving - Waldorf Inspired

ASL Level 3 - High School Course

1:1 Tutoring: John Locke Essay Competition - Research, Prepare, Review!

Middle School Summer Reading Camp | Girl Power Edition!

D Day - Normandy Invasion - WW 2 - World War Two

Biology 1:1 Private Tutor: High School Biology and Environmental Science

Math Camp: Fractions! (Three Classes in One Week)

Lord of the Flies Book Club

NYS Living Environment Regents Prep

Weekly Wrestling Talk Team

Intro to Fractions (Ages 7 - 10)

Happy Spring! (Let's Make a Greeting Card!)

Fun With Chinese: Level 7A

1:1 Flute Lessons for Beginning and Intermediate Players

A Long Walk to Water

Private 1:1 Tutoring on Subtraction for Elementary Learners by Certified Teacher

Preschool Class Meet up- Language, Academic, Motor, & Socialization Skills

Private 1:1 Tutoring on Addition for Elementary Learners With Certified Teacher

Forensic Science for Kids (Summer Camp)

African Algebra (An Historical Pre-Algebra Readiness Course)

Hands-On Sewing Class: Let’s Make a Scrunchie Crown

1-1 Language Arts Tutoring

Consultation ASL Class

Draw Cute Easter Bunny Donuts

Draw a Cute and Easy Easter Bunny

Keys to Fun: Piano Camp for Beginners

Private 1:1 Math Tutoring for Elementary Learners With a Certified Teacher

Fourth and Fifth Grade Social Studies

Elementary Tutoring Made Fun!

Craft Club: Stories About the Circus | Fun Circus Stories and Crafts

Read and Discuss Together: Magic Treehouse Series Book Club

Asian American History || Dalip Singh Saund || First Indian American Congressman

Philosophy Semester- Morals, Metaphysics, Knowledge, Mind, Critical Thinking MD

Earth Science Summer Semester 1: Geology, Meteorology, Oceans, Space Science

Executive Functioning Skills: Live Class for 5 - 7 Years

Executive Functioning: Memory, Focus, Self Control, Neurodivergent, LIVE Class

Personalized Tutoring: Reading, Writing, and/or Math- 1 to 1 Tutoring

Pattern Cat Art Projects

Coaster Camp: Roller Coaster Engineering & Simple Machines

2-Week Algebra Series: Linear Equations (Algebra 1)

1:1 Private Tutoring Python Coding - Introduction to Programming in Python

Life Coaching - Help With Stress, Anxiety, Relationships and More

Assertiveness, Self-Confidence, and Social Skills Workshop for Teens

Angry Dragon - Emotional Regulation Strategies for Angry Days

Myers-Briggs & Mental Health

Social Emotional Skills Class

Figuring Out Fractions!

Mythological Minis: A Peek at the Olympians

Grammar: High School

Grammar: Middle School

1:1 Social Skills Empowerment: Build Confidence and Social Intelligence

Become a Chess Pro: Expert Level Lessons

6th Grade Math Summer Review

LDCA (Student Request): Cat Drawing - Baby Kitten

LDCA (Student Request): Animal Drawing - Lion

LDCA (Student Request): Batman Drawing - The Joker

LDCA (Student Request): Animal Drawing - Tiger

LDCA (Student Request): Stumble Guys Drawing- Ninja

Learn to Play the Harp - Intro Course for Elementary Beginners Ages 9 - 13

Intro to 4th Grade Math (3 Days a Week Math Camp)

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