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New Classes on Outschool 2021-08-08

There are 365 new classes on Outschool the week of August 8, 2021 to August 14, 2021.

Weekly Science Lab: Hands-On Experiments

Advanced Debate to Build Thinking, Speaking, & Listening Skills (Ages 13 - 15)

Paragraph Masters

Creative Writing Weekly Prompt - 25 Minutes

Comparing Fractions Using Greater Than, Less Than, and Equal To

Social Group for Children With Autism Ages 10 - 14

Music Discovery Club!

Third Grade Spelling Practice (Daily Meetups and Games)

Crafty Phonics Seasonal Club

2nd Grade General Music Class

Drawing the Wonderful San Francisco Skyline With Pencils

Equivalent Fractions - Expanding & Simplifying Fractions

The Study of Life: Introduction to Biology (Ages 13-17)

Write an Outstanding College Essay with 1-on-1 Coaching

The Study of Life: Introduction to Biology (Ages 8-12)

Intermediate Piano Course 1

Summer Writing Retreat with a Published Author

Rising 3rd Grade Math Camp

Math Facts Fluency: Multiplication and Division

Homework Help: Math, Reading, Language, Spelling, Writing

Grades 4 and 5 Math Toolbox

1:1 Tutoring: Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Users

Psychology Brain Things for Kids!: The Temporal Lobe

American Girl, Wellie Wishers, & All Dolls Social PALS! Play, Art, Learn & Sparkle!

Pre Algebra: All About Triangles! (Summer Camp)

Martin's Minecraft Survival Realm Gaming Club (Bedrock Edition 1.20 SMP)

Let's Learn: Spanish- Counting and Colors With M&Ms!

Let's Bake: The Best Cookie Dough Base!

Procreate Brush Academy: Create and Customize Digital Paint Brushes

ESL for Ages 3-5! Have Fun with Teacher Marsha and Her Puppets!

Procreate Skills Workshop: Beginner Digital Art Club

Counting US Coins With Touch Dots

Improper Fractions & Mixed Numbers

Spanish Superstars Series - Spanish in the Modern World

Spanish Superstars Series for Beginners - Going on Vacation

Digital Art - Kawaii Character Designs: Rare & Legendary Pokemon

Sculpt With Polymer Clay: Cute Little Unicorn

Sculpt With Polymer Clay: Let's Build a Fairy House

*TOCA Life World Crumpets : Sculpting Adorable Polymer Clay Miniatures

Science Basics - Strawberry DNA Extraction Lab

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw and Paint a Classic Gingerbread House!

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw Beautiful Flowers Using Simple Shapes!

LIVE Online Art Class: Easy Acrylic Painting Series: Pumpkin in a Corner

Artists & Styles: Painting Class for Tweens

Private One-To-One Writing Instruction (2 Weeks, 3x/Week)

Sew Wut!? Creative Machine Sewing for the Absolute Beginner (Private 1:1 Course)

Multi-digit Multiplication & Long Division w Kahoot For Cat & Dog Lovers

Let's Learn Short /u/ Words!

How to Make Flip Flop Friendship Bracelets - DIY Gifts for Family & Friends

Group Piano for Kids - Weekly

Private Math Tutoring

Chattin' With Annie: Ongoing Small Group Conversations for ESL and EFL Students

Math Masters Grade 5 and Grade 6

Story Time in French - New Story Every Week, With a Teacher!

LIVE Online Art Class: Jen Aranyi's Mountain Landscapes

Spanish Superstars Series for Beginners - Talking About All Kinds of Animals in

Spanish Superstars Series for Beginners - Describe Anything in Spanish

Spanish Superstars Series - Spanish Basics

Number Rods 1-10

Asian American History | Wong Kim Ark || Defining Birthright Citizenship

Rainbow Club: Queer, Transgender, Nonbinary, Gender-Expansive, LGBTQ+ Kids

US Civics American Civics History of Government, Constitution and Branches 14-18

Studying Culture Through Texts: The Poisonwood Bible (Novel Study)

French - Private Tutoring (60 Min)

French - Private Tutoring (30 Min)

Private Reading and Writing Tutoring

ESL: Learning to Read: Blending CVC Words

Teens Board ( Tens Bars and Ones)

Learn to Love Reading Book Club #1: Early Chapter Books (Pre-Reading Required)

Korean Grammar Course - Beginner (Flex Class)

Weekly Math Tutoring

Social Change and Revolution

Reader's Theater Club - Reading, Fluency, and Comprehension! (Theatre, Drama)

Clay Play Social Circle Time

Magic The Gathering Weekly Battle Club (MTG Arena)

*Miraculous Ladybug! Polymer Clay Art Sculpting of 8 Different Adorable Kwamis

Wildlife Science: North American Moose

Personalized Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade Literacy or Math Tutoring Session ~OR~ Makeup Session for Current Learners

¡Hablemos! (Let's Talk!) Spanish in Private Classes. 8 Classes Format - 45Min - Once per Week

Writer's Workshop: Write a Paragraph Like a Pro

Spanish Superstars Series: Introduction to Spanish

Animals of Minecraft Escape Room - Can You Escape? | Axolotl

Back to School: The First 9 Weeks of First Grade (Full Curriculum 1st Quarter)

5 Day Reading Camp: Comprehension Adventure With Raggedy Ann and Andy

Math on Track Weekly One-On-One Tutoring (Grades 4-7)

Beginning Reading | Multi-Day Class | 16 weeks | Great for Remediation & to Reinforce Reading

Mandarin Chinese Immersion-Level 1-Unit1(人教版教材)

Once a Week Individualized Tutoring-Elementary Math

Game Night Social Time With Friends!

Welcome to Preschool/Pre-K! (Ongoing 2x/Week)

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw a Cute Pumpkin and Kitten!

English/Language Arts Tutoring: Reading, Writing, and Speaking (30 Min Sessions)

Travel the World W/ an Archaeologist! World History, Culture, & Cool Cities!

Caterpillars to Butterflies : Craft, Stories, and a Science Experiment!

1:1 Reading Tutoring Three Times Weekly

Vietnamese - Private Tutoring (60 Min)

German Conversation Course - Deutsche Konversation - Deutsch Reden

Private Tutoring / Phonics / Letter Sounds / Reading / Extra or Make up Class

2 Day Why Video Games Are Addictive Minecraft Roblox Etc Avoid Gaming Addiction

Still Life Acrylic Painting Class: Ages 15-18

Drawing the Marvelous Skyline of Miami With Pencils

English- Building and Reading Compound Words

English and Phonics- Let's Learn Homophones

English- Regular and Irregular Plural Nouns

Exploring Beginning ESL With Games

Drawing the Unique Skyline of Houston, TX

World History I (Full Year) - Part 1 of 4 - Self-Paced

World History I (Full Year) - Part 2 of 4 - Self-Paced

World History I (Full Year) - Part 3 of 4 - Self-Paced

6th Grade Math Unit 2 (Percent and Ratios)

ASL Review

Latin Help - Tutoring, Support, and Encouragement

Essential Math Strategies: Solving Word Problems

Ice Elves at the Water Park Dungeons and Dragons One Shot Adventures D&D RPG

Improve Your Public Speaking, Confidence, Leadership, and Presentations. ESL

Homeschool 2nd Grade Language Arts: Phonics, Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation

"Would You Rather"-Opinion Writing Camp

Learn to Play Dungeons and Dragons

Mastering Math: 40-Minute 1:1 Math Tutoring (Basic Math to Algebra)

Russian Level 5 Advanced

Animation Class: Design an Ice Cream Animation With Procreate | Digital Art

Animal Acrylic Painting Class: Ages 11-14

Second Grade Addition, Subtraction, & More

Fraction Focus: Understanding, Recognizing, & Comparing Fractions

Fraction Focus: Equivalent Fractions and Reducing Fractions

Watercolor Painting Class

I Love Pokémon Club! (Ages 10 to 13 Hangout)

School Success! Weekly One-To-One Personalized Math Tutoring (1-5th grade)

Middle School Ancient History (With Optional Project Component)

Beginning French I: Full-Year Level I French Class

First Grade Fun! Full Curriculum Year Long Semester Class for 1st Grade (Part 1)

Play Clay Play Date - Encourages Social, Literacy, Science, and Math Skills

Psychology Brain Things for Kids! the Parietal Lobe

Psychology Brain Things for Kids!: The Occipital Lobe

Travel to the Wonders of the Ancient & Natural World! Geology & History 10-12

Beginner Japanese Level 2 (Once a Week)

Exploring American Sign Language Part 5

Early Mesopotamian History: From the Dawn of Civilization to the Akkadian Empire

Ancient Greek History 2: Athens Against Sparta and the Rise of Macedonia

Vaesen RPG: Nordic Horror Role-Play

Intro to Canadian Politics

Deutscher Repeat and Translate Club

Ancient to Modern: A History of the World

Gifted and Talented Homeroom: Weekly Brain Teaser and Gifted Psychology Lesson

Game Night: Social Time With Friends!

All About Stingrays. The Sea Creature That Can Fly Above the Ocean

Halloween Party With MS Abby- Song- Craft- Dress up-Game-Story- Share

All About the Tiger Beetles. Creepy & Crawly Cool Insect With Poison

Help Minnie Mouse Is Trapped. Help MS Abby Find Minnie Mouse- Escape Room

Math Tutoring - Elementary

Let's Study: Study Skills, Note-taking, Revising, and Research Skills B2+ CEFR

Create a Business to Help Humanity! Entrepreneurship Full Program

Curiosity Chronicles - Medieval History; Part 1

Reading CVC Words With Ponies

Elementary or Middle Reading/Reading Comprehension Tutoring (ESL Students Welcome!)

MLPonies Dance a New Generation Ballet Jazz Hip Hop With Pop-Up Class! 1x

What Is a Fraction?

Halloween Dress up Extravaganza

On-Going Introduction to Matrix Puzzles - Deductive Reasoning for Gifted Learners

Create Like the Masters: Oil Pastel Adventures Inspired by Famous Art

It's Guinea Pig Bathtime!

Bb Clarinet Lessons

English Immersion ESL Art Class: Clay

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Spooky Day Themed Treasure Hunt

Korean Language Beginner Ongoing Conversation Club 13-18 Weekly Themes and Games

Korean Language Beginner Ongoing Conversation Club 6-11 Weekly Themes and Games

The Imagination Modeling Dough Social Club

Japanese Beginner Conversational Club Tutoring and Ongoing Sessions Ages 13-18

Art Club: Anime Drawing and Character Sketching

English Immersion ESL Art Class: Nature Art

English Immersion ESL Art Class: Painting

World History: The History of the Cold War

Let's Create with Procreate | Beginner Class | Digital Art | Art Class

Reading Comprehension: Compare and Contrast

Let's Celebrate November & Create: Fall Wreath

*DEMON SLAYER Anime Art Drawing Sketching & Illustration of 10 Characters

Crypto Currency for Beginners- The rise & fall of cryptos & virtual trading game

Grade 5 Math (Ongoing M/W/F)

Preschool Morning Circle Time

Speaking English: Private Lesson to Learn Practical Conversational English for ESL Learners!

Phonics Fun (2x a Wk) Small Group - Story, Sing, Trace, Color & Dough

Jugando Con Plastilina. Learn Preschool Spanish With Creative Dough

Phonics Fun - Small Group (1x a Wk) Story, Sing, Trace, Color & Play With Dough

Grandmaster Chess Course for Little Experts

French Tutoring, Let's Learn Together! (Ongoing)

Life Skills: Learn to Tie Your Shoes and Have Fun Doing It!

Vietnamese - Private Tutoring (30 Min)

Hawaiian Christmas: Easy Holiday Songs on the Ukulele (Ages 9-13)

Reading Intervention-5 Consecutive Days

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Psychology Brain Things for Kids! the Frontal Lobe

Future Leaders: A Public Speaking and Debate Club for Beginners and Beyond

Thanksgiving Boat STEM Challenge (Ages 5-8)

It's Game Time! World Geography Challenge - Blooket Style (Ongoing)

Kerbal Space Program - Weekly Space Flight Simulator Challenges To Better Understand Rocket Science 14-18yo (Prerequisite Required)

Kerbal Space Program - Weekly Space Flight Simulator Challenges To Better Understand Rocket Science 8-10yo (Prerequisite Required)

Kerbal Space Program - Weekly Space Flight Simulator Challenges To Better Understand Rocket Science 10-14yo (Prerequisite Required)

Digital Handlettering Club

Cookies by the Dozen: A Baking Course

The Art of Math: Fractals and the Fibonacci Spiral

Z4 Week - I Will Teach You English Online - ESL - Conversational Practice - Beginner Class

Let's Create With Dough: Play Time, Fun Themes and Show & Tell

The Best Tutor 4 You! (1 Hour Session)

Hip Hop & Rap History Culture Rhyme and Song Writing

SMALL GROUP - Middle School English with Scholastic Scope (In-Class Reading)

Chess for Rookies: Avoid Blunders!

Fun With Leaves: Fall Crafts Using Colorful Autumn Leaves

Welcome to 4th Grade

Book of the Month Club- Reading Books With a Social Justice Theme

High School Book Club

Draw HTTYD Dragons How to Train Your Dragon FLEX 9

Bring Your Own Book Club (Ages 11-13)

Digital Design History Including Beginner Projects Using Canva

Hangul Korean for Young Learners Level 1.5 (Baht-Chim & Vocabulary) - Age 8-11

Small-Group Hangul Korean for Young Learners Level 1 - Age 8-11

Lost Mines of Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk Dungeons & Dragons D&D

Draw & Watercolor Paint Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Nightwing Clearsight

Positive and Negative Integers - Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing

Beginner Piano Class - Part 6

First Grade Science-Core Curriculum Science for First Semester Part 1

6th Grade Math Unit 1 (Number Sense)

Double & Triple Digit Subtraction With Regrouping Math Mystery Escape Room

Fun With Our Favorite Masked PJ Superheroes!

Soar Into Creativity: Learn to Draw & Watercolor Paint a Majestic Flying Dragon!

Learn to Read Series: First Grade CVC Word Families - Class 5

Learn to Read Series: First Grade CVC Word Families - Class 4

Learn to Read Series: First Grade CVC Word Families - Class 3

Learn to Read Series: First Grade - CVC Word Families - Class 2

Learn to Read Series: 1ST Grade CVC Word Families - Class 1

6th Grade Part A, Creative, Interactive Elementary Math...Together, We Can Do This!

Sketchup One-On-One!

Beginner Japanese Level 1 (Once a Week)

Pre Algebra: All About Equations!

Asian American History || A Fight to Desegregating Public Schools

Intermediate Ongoing Private Piano Lessons With Ms. Joanna

ESL Conversation Class: Let’s Go!

Food for You: Introduction to Nutrition and Healthy Eating(Ages 10-13)

Food for You: Introduction to Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Grab Your Passport - A Weekly Travel Tour

Making Halloween Oobleck

Halloween Pumpkin Slime Making

Ongoing 3rd Grade Math Class!

Game Time Fun!

Intro to Criminal Law- Crimes Against the Person (Part 4)

Spanish Winter Holiday Vocabulary and Craft (3 to 6 yo)

Did Columbus Really Discover America? A High Seas Time Traveling Adventure!

Individual Piano Tutoring

Groovy Kids Club: Robot Hip Hop & Breakdancing Class

Spanish 2 for Middle and High School Students: Second Semester

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 1 Multiday (Age 13-18) (Pre-Req.)

Music Theory - Bass Clef Notes - Let's Have a Fun Review

Tower Defense Simulator Club

Music Theory -Treble Clef Notes - Let's Have a Fun Review

Godzilla and His Enemy Kaiju

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 1 Multiday (Age 8-12) (Pre-Req.)

FLEX Magic Tricks Class 3.0 Advanced Magic Perform Magic With Style 4W1

Dungeons and Dragons for Beginners: An Adventure for New Players (Ages 8 - 10)

Fractions Weekly

AP Computer Science Principles Study Group (Ongoing)

Short Vowel Fun!

Elementary Math 1:1 Customized Private Tutoring

Help Is on the Way! 1:1 Reading/Math Tutor for Students K-5

Grammar Tips and Writing Review

Drawing Class: Super Mario!

Theatre for Young Performers! Acting Class

Drawing Class! Rainbow Dash

Drawing Class: Tails From Sonic!

Animal Art Club and Creative Writing - Draw Animals Around the World BEGINNER

FLEX Magic Tricks Class 2.0 Intermediate Perform Magic Tricks With Style 4W1

Learning ASL: Intermediate Part 4 Ages 13 To 18

Harry Potter Book Club #3

Piano Music Class 5 - (Part F) Late Intermediate Piano

ELA State Standardized Test Prep | Small Group Tutoring

Snowflake Ballerinas: Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Ballet Christmas Craft ~Ages 8-13

Math Fact Fluency Strategies: Combinations of 10 with Super Mario

One-On-One French Tutoring! Homework, Test Prep and Conversation - All Levels

Halloween Shadow Box STEM Activity (Ages 10-13)

Introduction to Digital Art

Advanced ASL Part 3 Ages 5 To 8

Dungeons and Dragons for Teens: Waterdeep Dragon Heist! (Ages 14 - 17)

Learn to Draw a City Step-By-Step From a Bird's-Eye-View Perspective!

Lizards Alive! All Learn About Bearded Dragons to Chameleons With Art Activity

Stuffed Animal Show and Tell

Adobe Photoshop: Absolute Beginner to Creator (LIVE Class 10-14) 1:1+

Bubble Pop It Beginning Division

Bubble Pop It Beginning Multiplication (One Time Math Class)

Digit the Dinosaur Math Class - Full Semester Kindergarten Math Curriculum

English/Language Arts: 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th (ELA) Grade Full Semester, Full Curriculum!

Tutoring: Get the Support You Truly Need (1hr/4-Week)

Explore Yellowstone - Conversational English 1:1 - CEFR: all levels

ABC's With Modeling Clay

Women in Space! Inspiring Historic & Modern Contributions To The Space Industry 10-14yo

Women in Space! Inspiring Historic & Modern Contributions To The Space Industry 8-10yo

2 Day 1-2-1 How to Prepare for Common Emergencies - Preparation Help Survive

My Little Pony Weekly Extravaganza! (Crafts, Stories, Songs, Treats, Games and More!)

My Cute Tiny Pony Spring Fun Camp! (Crafts, Music, Treats, Art and Stories)

My Little Pony Party!

My Cute Tiny Pony Halloween Party! (Dress up, Stories, Songs, Treats, Show and Tell)

My Cute Tiny Pony Egg-Citing Easter! (Story, Song, Show and Tell, Coloring and More!)

My Cute Tiny Pony Earth Day Party! (Story and Art)

My Cute Tiny Pony Christmas Winter Party! (Story and Decorating Cookies)

Home Alone: The Final Showdown Escape Room

How to Draw: Cute Kittens and Cats (Cartoon, Manga, Anime, Kawaii, Sketch)

D&D Gaming: Come Play Dungeons & Dragons With Me!

Private English Tutoring - ESL / EFL / ELL

Star Tide Part 2: Into the Greenworld: A Dungeons and Dragons 5E Adventure

Creature Club: The Study of Predators and Their Prey

Introduction to Origami

Claire and the Colossal Tree House Story Time and Building

Adobe Photoshop: Absolute Beginner to Creator (LIVE Class 10-15+) 1:1+

7th Grade Math Full Curriculum Course

ASL Is Awesome! - Ongoing Beginners Course in American Sign Language (Age 9-12)

ASL Is Awesome! - Ongoing Beginners Course in American Sign Language (Age 5-8)

Super Spanish Semester Class D

French Tutoring, Let's Learn Together! One-Time Class

Book Club-Front Desk by Kelly Yang- Incredible Novel, Multiple Awards Winner

Master Essay Writing Self Paced Class: Mastering Five Paragraph Essays

Better Quick Than Dead: A 5E Custom D&D Future Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Let's Make Our Own Paper Toys: Paper Craft Class

1:1 Beginner ESL With the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Book Club: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

Pup Party Adventures! (Ongoing Weekly)

Ancient Greek Mythology And Archaeology: The Heroes Before The Trojan War

Book Club: Science Comics

What Happened to Pompeii? The Eruption of Vesuvius & the Archaeology of Pompeii

Grade One Sight Word Reading Superstars!

The Great British Baking Show: Clay Edition

STEAM With a Theme: Winter (Ages 7-9)

Time to Tell the Time!

Math Mastery Weekend Ed | Multi-Day Twice a Week 25-min Off-Hr Tutoring- 4 weeks

Discover Africa: Learn about Geography, Culture, Folktales, and more!

Summer Camp: Famous Landmarks Around the World

Private Once-a-Week Tutor 1:1 | Algebra 1 / Pre-Algebra / Geometry / Algebra 2 / Pre-Calculus / SAT Prep / Middle, HS or College Freshman Math (under 19 yrs old) | Tutoring 1:1 | 50 minutes (Ongoing)

6Th Grade Math: It's Not so Bad!

6Th Grade Math Tutorials

6th Grade Geometry Concepts

Let’s Doodle! Learn to Draw the PokÉMon Meowth

Let’s Doodle! Learn to Draw Snorlax

You Can Solve It! - 2nd/3rd Grade Math - Addition, Subtraction, & Multiplication

More Beginning Spanish With Allie (Part 3)

Intro to Fashion Design: 8-Week Course

Reading Literature Like a Professor

Writing Series: Common Grammar Mistakes PT 1 of 6: Fragments and Run-Ons

A Shakespearean Writing Challenge: Was Macbeth’s End His Fate or His Own Fault?

Yoga for Beginners: Private Class

Intro to Criminal Law- Property Crimes (Part 5)

Intro to Criminal Law-Responsibility, Criminal Capacity, & Exculpation (Part 3)

Intro to Criminal Law- Inchoate Crimes (Part 2)

Joyful Storytime & Music Club - Weekly Ongoing Class

1:1 Tutoring: Reading, Auditory Skills, Executive Function: 25Min 2x/Week

African American History | The Daily Life of the Enslaved - Black History

Writing Through Nature: Weekly Creative Writing Practice

Anime Art Class: Private One-On-One Drawing & Sketching Session

Writing Series: Developing a Thesis

You, Me, and the Book!: Interactive Shared Reading for Ages 5-7 (K/1st Gr) 1x/wk

Make and Play- Dough Fun! Make Your Own Sculpting Dough-No Cooking and Safe!

One-on-One Elementary Homework Help (K-6)

Private One-On-One Introduction to Mandarin Chinese Tutoring (Teen -- Beginners)

ESL (English as a Second Language) Chat and Social Club - 3 Times a Week

Video Editing: Let's Have Fun With iMovie! (Two-Day Camp)

Preschool and Kindergarten Social Chat Club

One-On-One Private Elementary Math or Reading Tutoring

Private One-On-One Introduction to Mandarin Chinese Tutoring (Kids -- Beginners)

Professor Kitty's Algebra 1 Course | Second of 3 Trimesters

Professor Kitty's Quick Start Summer Calculus Boot Camp

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