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New Classes on Outschool 2021-08-15

There are 504 new classes on Outschool the week of August 15, 2021 to August 21, 2021.

Little Scholars: Human Body

Draw Piles of Cats - Christmas Special Edition!

Raising Rising Readers- Becoming a Genius With Genres

Starry Beach Painting!

The Runway - Ongoing Fashion Design Club: Drawing and Designing Fashion

Royal Story-time and Craft with the Slipper Princess!

Beginner Japanese Language and Culture 07 (Once/Wk)

Beginner Japanese Language and Culture 07 (Twice/Wk)

Story Time With Teacher Lisa MAJ and Furry Friends for Big Kids

Let's Get Spooky! Learn to Write a Scary Story for Halloween

Reader's Theater: Spooky Stories

Learn to Draw a Unique Monster Character Step-By-Step for Halloween!

Learn to Draw a Haunted House for Halloween Step-By-Step!

Learn to Create, Design and Draw a Space Ship to Sustain Life Travelling to Mars

Let's Play Gartic Phone

Manners! Etiquette Please & Thank You. Learn to Show Respect Past Excuse Me

Let's Learn About French Homophones

Reading for the Advanced Kindergartener

xMiss Ally's Art Time: Show and Tell Your Art Creations

Writing a Song Using Finale Notepad

Let's Chat in English! -Practice for ESL/EFL Learners, Conversational Skills

Ongoing 1:1 Private Oboe Lessons - Beginner

Second Grade- Writing Workshop- With Ms. Kristy

Me in This Great Big Universe: Preschool Adventures (Once-Weekly)

Fun and Easy Autobiography Writing | Learn How to Write About Yourself | Flex Class

Full Year of 6th Grade Singapore Math | the Path to Math Mastery (2x/Wk Ongoing)

Full Year of 5th Grade Singapore Math | the Path to Math Mastery (2x/Wk Ongoing)

Full Year of 4th Grade Singapore Math | the Path to Math Mastery (2x/Wk Ongoing)

Full Year of 3rd Grade Singapore Math | the Path to Math Mastery (2x/Wk Ongoing)

SUMMER CAMP-2023 Public Speaking & Reading Skills: 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade

Advanced Sentence Writing

Spanish 1 for Middle and High School Semester 1 (FLEX)

Fall Drawing Class: Hello Fall Wreath With Foliage & Leaves Hand Lettering Class

Halloween Show and Tell: Celebrate Costume Pumpkins, Books, and Reading

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 1 Part 4 (Age 13-18)

Hands on Multiplication

Science Tutoring and Test Prep for Science-Based Classes

Sound Waves: Properties of Sound

Late Beginning Piano - Small Group Class - Level H

Science: Biology in 9 Weeks! (With Hands-On Projects)

Complete First Grade Language Arts Curriculum: Part 1

Let's Speak French! Two- Ongoing French Class

Waldorf Ancient Greece Reading Class: Mythology and Mythical Creatures

Green Belt Level Two

Guthriegabs American History American Revolution War People Places Proclamations

Gemology: Digging for Diamonds!

Explore Architecture: Mid-Century Modern Winter Holiday House (Live)

Roblox Adopt Me Club! (Ongoing)

Semi Private Math Tutoring 50 Minutes

Solving Equations for Beginners - 6th 7th 8th 9th Grade Math

1-on-1 Writing and Reading Tutor (Ages 9-12)

Explore Architecture: Animal House (Live)

Bubble Bubble, Slime and Trouble: A Halloween Science Class

Mythology Herald: Mythical Monsters of the United States- History and Geography

Multiplication Facts Memorization Strategies and Mnuemonics (Class Practice and Feedback!)

Art History For Teens: Thinking About Art For The Non-Artsy And The Artsy

Learn Spanish Through Games and Crafts 5 - Months Duration (A1)

Learn the Body Parts in Spanish While Drawing Your Own Monster Friend. (A1)

Count & Color: Princess Math

Cooking Class: Halloween Story with some Monster Munch

Individual 1:1 Reading Fluency Practice Tutoring

The Color Monster a Pop-Up Book of Feelings: Read Aloud and Directed Drawing

STEM CRL4 - Coding & Robotics Level 4 Learn to Program Codey Rocky With Scratch!

Chalk Pastel Landscape Art for Beginners

Individual Math Tutoring for Elementary School

Second Grade Homeschool/After School Reading Fluency, Comprehension, and Phonics

Reading With Friends! A Book Club for Level 4 Readers With Teacher Dianne

Shakespeare-A Midsummer's Night's Dream Literature

Tutoring Class

Learn Food Vocabulary in Spanish While Making a Taco With Modeling Clay (A1)

Spanish I for High School Students

Art Social Club-A Place to Hang Out and Create Together

Friends Furrever (13+)

Inside Costa Rica: "The Switzerland of Central America"

Middle School English Language Arts (ELA) Unit 1: How We Change and Grow

Fox & Hedgehog Acrylic Painting

Marvel Fan Club

Le français est Fun! Weekly French Club for Beginners (Ages 8-12)

Slowin' Down With Sloths: Non-Fiction Animal Research & Drawing

Personal Lessons With an Experienced ESL Teacher -- Ongoing Course

Waldorf Middle and High School English: BeoWulf and The Raven

Kitchen Safety with Chef Mary!

Lesson 10 Scratch Coding for Beginners-Make a Video Game-Magic 8 Ball

One-To-One Personalized Math With a Nationally Board Certified Teacher

Wheel of Mystery Game: Anger Management Skills for Ages 6-9

Art Step by Step Class #2

Consumer Math- Math with a Purpose: Practical Math Needed for Life (Semester 2)

Transformers Rescue Bots : Show and Tell With Trivia Too

Private 1:1 Cantonese Chinese Class for Learners of All Levels, One-Time Initial

The Seven Habits of Optimistic People (Ages 11-14)

The Seven Habits of Optimistic People (Ages 7-10)

Storytime: Salt in His Shoes - Michael Jordan in Pursuit of a Dream

Bilingual Chinese & English Storytime - Mid Autumn Festival 中秋节

Middle School Language Arts: Our Struggle to Belong (Semester Curriculum)

Understanding Fractions! Denominators, Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing & Kahoot!

Pre-Algebra Ongoing: Custom Plan/Mentoring/Daily Accountability

Arabic - Intro to Reading Stories 1

Cambridge Minimus Latin - Part 2

Preschool ABC Center: Learn ABC, Phonics, Sight Words With Ms. Lucy

Unicorn Fun! Drawing & Learning About these Mystical Creatures!

Mathletes 6th Grade Full Curriculum Class With a Licensed Teacher: 2X Week

Mathletes 5th Grade Full Curriculum With a Licensed Teacher: 2X Week (Ongoing)

Mathletes 3rd Grade Full Curriculum Class With a Licensed Teacher: 2X Week

Medieval History Weekly Club. Knights, Kings, Legends, and Castles!

Middle School Science: Genes, Evolution, and Heredity

Psychology of Music: Earworms and Musical Memory

The Magic of Science: Ongoing Kindergarten Through First Grade Science Club

Full Year of 2nd Grade Singapore Math | the Path to Math Mastery (2x/Wk Ongoing)

Halloween Arts and Crafts: Striped Pumpkin

Full Year of 1st Grade Singapore Math | the Path to Math Mastery (2x/Wk Ongoing)

So You Think You Can't Draw: Easy One-Point Perspective Art

5th Grade Math--Quarter 3, FLEX

What Are You Feeling? Identifying Emotions for Preschoolers

American Sign Language (ASL) Flex Class- For Beginners Ages 8 - 11 (10 Weeks)

Beginning Guitar 1: Learning Guitar Basics (FLEX)

Preschool Music Movin and Groovin - Singing and Dancing - Nursery Rhyme Flex

Let's Play Minecraft Minigames (Java Edition) Now With Bed Wars!

~Seasonal-- 1st and 2nd Grade Mystery Math: Case of the Selfish Elf

Multiplication Arrays With Minecraft

Dav Pilkey's Dog Man Mothering Heights: Discover the Funniest Moments

Art: Weekly Watercolor Painting Class! (Ages 7-12) Ongoing

Groovy Kids Club: Intro to Brazilian Capoeira 2

Groovy Kids Club: Intro to Brazilian Capoeira 1

Preschool and Prek Circle Time with Full Curriculum x5

People From the Past - A Weekly History Class

Let's Learn Geography: Around the World With Barnabas Bear Series 5 Flex Course

Zumba Kids Dance Team: Trial Class

Create and Edit Professional Videos for Youtube on Ipad or Phone - For Kids

Art: Weekly Acrylic Painting Class! (Ages 7-12 Ongoing)

Halloween Arts and Crafts: Candy Corn Man

Who Am I?

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Novel Study and Movie Adaptation

National Latin Review Course with Magistra Brigid, Introduction - Beginning

Ann Ale! Basic Haitian Creole Level 1

Orton-Gillingham Spell, Write and Read! FLEX Class Part 3 (Ages 8-10)

Orton-Gillingham Spell, Write and Read! FLEX Class Part 2 (Ages 8-10)

ESL Reading and Speaking Adventures: 1 On 1 Tutoring (Celta-Certified Teacher)

Sketchup One-On-One! 30 Minutes!

Backyard Bingo, an Exploration of Nature!

Keeping Up With Koalas: Non-Fiction Animal Research & Drawing

ESL Conversation, Games, and Fun

Summer Fun Camp: All About Ice Cream | Make Ice Cream in a Bag | Ice Cream Story

Baking: Let's Make a Pumpkin Shaped Cake

Math Challenge With a Ryan's World Giant Egg

Me in This Great Big Universe: Preschool Adventures (Twice-Weekly)

Waldorf Middle and High School English: Short Story Main Lesson

I Spy With My Little Eye: Beginning Letter Sounds (b f o g)

Farts and Other Gross Stuff! the Pokemon Art Edition

How to Write a Comparison Essay with the Lost Tools of Writing

The Littlest Scientists: Let's Learn Science and Experiment!

Comedy Club Workshop

Private 1:1 Tutoring: English, AP Courses, SAT, PSAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, REGENTS

Beginning Bonsai: A Simple Start to an Ancient Art (Ages 10-15)

Biology (13-18 Years Old): Yearlong Course - Ongoing

Chemistry Made Easy: Drop-In Private Tutoring- One Time

Star Wars & Ancient Rome Club. Jedi, Heroes, Villains, & Obi Wan Kenobi.

One-On-One Elementary Math Private Tutoring Homework Help

Chemistry Made Easy: Private Tutoring- Four Sessions

Let's Sing and Move 2: Ongoing Music Class (Ages 5-7)

Copic Crash: Primer on Drawing With Alcohol-Based Markers/Copics & Other Brands

2nd Grade Reading Readiness - Orton-Gillingham and Phonics Reading Class

Magical Christmas Story-Time and Craft With One of Santa's Elves! | Holiday Class

Telling Time Class With a Super Mario Theme

The Power of Gratitude (Ages 11-14)

Brick Building: A Create and Share Winter/Holiday and Christmas Story and Build Club

Private Piano Lessons

An Egyptian Enigma: The Queen’s Tomb Robbery (Escape Room Mystery Adventure)

High School Conservation Biology: Protecting Our Changing Environment (Flex)

Fun Intro to Spanish for Young Learners

Jigglypuff From Pokemon! Drawing Class With Mrs. Maggie

Drawing Class: Squirtle From Pokemon!

Let's Paint a Golden Sunset

Essential "Math" for High School Chemistry

Don't Let the Pigeon Stay up Late! -Kids Story and Craft Time With Ms.Tiffany

Private Beginning Violin Lessons

Dungeons and Dragons One Shot Adventures D&D The Fire Giant's Castle

Arabic / English Bilingual Calendar Routine (PreK3)

Meow! Cat Craft

Word Families & Reading Comprehension for Kindergarten and First Grade

After School Homework Help Club!!!!!!

Beginner ESL Conversational Games

Amazing Animal Art of Asia! Painting Chinese Style Dragons With Watercolor Paint

Rolling Numbers: Learn Multiplication and Division Through Rhythm!

Zumbini~ Sing, Dance, Play, and Learn!

Orton-Gillingham Spell, Write and Read! FLEX Class Part 1 (Ages 8-10)

Reading Comprehension Book Club: Novel Study 1 - Sideways Stories From Wayside School

Friends Furrever (8-12)

Waldorf-Inspired Art Class: Storytelling, Songs and Drawing

Waldorf-Inspired: Learning Through Life Sciences (ELA, Art, Science & Nature)

Interactive Escape Room: The Colosseum

Logic Puzzles and More for 6 and 7 Year Olds

History Herald: Crazy & Wild History - Historical Fictions & Mind-Bending Truths

History Herald: Crazy, Zanny, Ridiculous Laws of the US! Part 2! Weird & Wacky

Dough Art or Modelling Clay Guessing Game!

Colored Pencil Sketching - Art of Surrealism: Kawaii Dessert Animals.

Modeling Dough Spanish Adventures FLEX - Challenges 1-4

Flex: Polymer Clay: Element Dragons / Mythical Magic Creatures / Ice,Fire, Earth

Beginning Sentence Writing

Narrative Writing Class

Nature Based Math Adventures

Gluten Free Dinners! (Flex)

If We Were Dolphins, Mermaids and Ocean Animals... a Club for Fun and Friendship

Homemade Kool Aid Modeling Dough!

Building Math Skills and Strategies With the 24 Game and Other Strategic Games

Semester Biology: Genetics and Heredity

Beginner's French: Irregular Verbs in the Present Tense

Beginner's French: Introduction to Verbs & Conjugation (-Er Verbs)

Beginner's French: Introduction to Verbs & Conjugation (-Ir Verbs)

Beginner's French: Introduction to Verbs & Conjugation (-Re Verbs)

𓂀 What Bugged the Ancient Egyptians? The World's First Entomologists (1 session) 𓂀

Orange Belt Level Two

The Power of Gratitude (Ages 7-10)

Mrs. Jennifer's Acrylic Seasonal Painting Club!

Junior Creators: Dinosaur Drawing Lab

Mini Musical Theatre Class!

Bloxburg (Roblox) Weekly Gameplay and Social on a Private Neighborhood (10-14)

Ongoing Fun in 2nd Grade Math

Character Study: Traits of Heroes, Villains and Sidekicks!

Kawaii Cuteness Halloween Characters - Part 1

Kawaii Cuteness Halloween Characters - Part 2

Writing an Outstanding College Admission Essay: Brainstorm, Draft, Edit, Polish

Mandala Coloring Class: Flexible Class That Utilizes Markers and Sharpies

Beginner Scratch Coding: Dino Run

Multiplication for Beginners ~ Equal Groups & Arrays

Design Your Own Bedroom: 1-Point Perspective for Beginners (Small Group)

Advanced Drawing: Drawing Faces in an Illustrative Style Using Pencil

Multiplication for Beginners ~ Repeated Addition

Adventurous Dinosaur Exploration With Marine Reptiles, & Prehistoric Animals

Multiplication for Beginners ~ Arrays

Mrs. Moss' Pre-Algebra Course

Semi-Private Ukulele for Young Beginners - Level 6,7 and 8 - Weekly (Ages 5-6)

Share Your Talents! A Space to Perform and Share What You Love (10-12)

Easy Acrylic Painting Series: Cute Cupcake

Arabic / English Bilingual Calendar Routine (Grades K-2) (Level 3)

Arabic / English Bilingual Calendar Routine (Grades K-2) (Level 2)

Draw a Beautiful Rainforest Like Henri Rousseau

Paint a Galaxy Landscape!

Draw and Paint a Cute Owl

Draw and Color a Patterned Fish

Double & Triple Digit Addition With Carrying Math Mystery Escape Room

Arabic / English Bilingual Calendar Routine (Grades K-2) (Level 1)

Careers Working With Animals! | Becoming a Zoologist, Biologist, & More!

Kind Social Studies - Learn History, Art, and Geography in This Fun Class

How the Brain Works: Anatomy and Physiology (Future Doctors Course)

Drawing With Oil Pastels!

Exploring Architecture: Mirrored Worlds & Tessellation (LIVE)

Reading and Comprehension for Teens (Ongoing Class)

Amazing Animal Art of Asia! Paint Chinese Style Koi Fish With Watercolor Paint

Explore Hispanic Culture and Travel to Mexico: Xocolatl and Palenque in Chiapas

8th Grade Full Year Math Enrichment 2022-2023 School Year

Creative Cityscapes: A Two-Point Perspective Drawing Lesson (Small Group)

Private Alphabet Letters and Sounds Tutoring: 1:1 With a Certified Teacher

Basic Japanese 4 Week Course for Beginner’s- Go Nihongo! CLASS A

Private Ongoing French Lessons

The History and Art of Letter Writing—A Practical Course

Fun With Snowflakes

Sewing Beginner: Farm Apron (Free Pattern in Multiple Sizes)

Escape the Salem Witch Trials!

Bubble Pop Music: Fine Motor and Finger Dexterity Practice! (Ages 7-10)

Become a Graphic Designer: Go From Beginner to Advanced Using Canva

Private Tutoring - Reading

Spanish 1 Summer Course for Independent Learners or Enrichment or Review!

25 Minute Private Piano Lessons Acoustic or Electric Ages 8-13

Prek/Kinder Pur-fect and Pawesome Vet School!

Abandoned Places Part 1: Chernobyl, Bodie, Hashima Island, and More!

Olaf From Frozen! Drawing and Painting With Mrs. Maggie

Is It Real?: Strange, Unusual, Weird Creatures

Semi-Private Ukulele for Young Beginners - Levels 9 and 10 (Ages 6-7)

Group Ukulele for Young Beginners - Levels 9 and 10 (Ages 6-7)

Private Voice Singing Lessons for Musical Theatre Nerds! 1:1

Learn About Africa: Diaspora Studies - Society, Culture, and History (Teens) YEAR 2

Algebra Math Pod for 13-15 Year Olds: FLEX Intensive

FLEX - Write Short Motivational Narratives to Help Crush Your Life Goals

Mermaid and Full Moon With Stars by the Sea

Preschool & Kindergarten PUP Circle Time: Letters, numbers, colors, shapes(5x)

3rd Grade Full Homeschool Curriculum: Part III

3rd Grade Full Homeschool Curriculum: Part IV

3rd Grade Full Homeschool Curriculum: Part II

"What If...?" Public Speaking Basics Superhero & Marvel Style!

Pee and Bone? Kidneys Do More Than You Think!

College Summer Camp: How to Prep for Freshman Year

Sewing Novice: Drawstring Backpack (Free Pattern)

Yumm! - Baking Basics: Pumpkin Pie

Let's Learn to Read: Blending &Reading CVC Words in Word Families (14 Wk Course)

Scratch Game Design for Beginners 2: Platform Game

Homeschool Social Club 3rd-5th Grade

Fun With French! a Playful Approach to Learning French!

Hola La La La 2! Learn More Spanish Through Song! (Flexible)

ABC’s With Modeling Clay (Letters A-M)

Weekly English Language Arts Class for 4th Grade & 5th Grade With Kahoot Game

Dungeons and Dragons: Birthright

LGBTQIA+ Minecraft Gaming Group

The Articulate Writer

Authenticity, the Real You (Ages 11-14)

Homeschoolers & Artists 10-14Yr Full Curriculum Art Course Draw Paint with Mrs B

Advanced ASL Part 3 Ages 9 To 12

Authenticity, the Real You (Ages 7-10)

Math 1/ Secondary 1/ Integrated Math 1 Semester 1

Low Sensory Chess Level 2

[Flex Class] YOUTUBE CAMP FOR GAMERS: 4 Weeks To Start Your Own Channel!

Conversational Spanish Practice 1-1

Level Up! YouTube Video Editing With An iPad or iPhone (FLEX)

Dungeons and Dragons Beginners League: Campaign!

Homeschoolers & Artists 15-18yr Complete Curriculum Art Course Draw Paint Create

Crash Course: Fine-Tuning Math Concepts for 7th Graders

1-on-1 Private ESL Tutoring

Junior Paleontologist Training

Fall Drawing Class: Pumpkins!

Complete Preschool/Kindergarten Math Camp! Learn Numbers, Adding, & Subtracting

Clue Club: Junior Detective Academy (Ages 3-5) Ongoing Class

Spooky Halloween Skull Witch : Polymer Clay Art Sculpture

Elementary Intermediate Spanish ~ Part 5 (5 of 8)

How to Draw: Autumn Cat in Falling Leaves

Welcome to Dino-Island

Disaster in the Mountains – What Would You Do? A True Event Writing Challenge.

Brick by Brick: Plotting Points on a Coordinate Plane (Quadrant 1)

Comic Creation Art Club

Kindergarten Phonics With Blend Ladders - FLEX

Young Poets Club: Introduction to Writing Poetry

Vehicle Workout/Movement Social Class (One Time)

Full First Grade Math Curriculum - Standards Based Lessons and Games

Ongoing Preschool Kindergarten Social Group With Miss Audrey

Beachcomber’s Show and Tell-Shells and Marine Things

X2 Day How to Know Your Value and Price Your Work - What Are You Worth? Summer Camp

The Original Etch-A-Sketch: Shapes and Sand Trays

Snowflakes and Science: What Is the Lifecycle of a Snowflake?

Equine Science - 18 Week Semester Long Class - High School

Copper Chemistry Experiment and Tarnish Activity

3D Shapes-What's Your Attribute?

Scratch Game Design for Beginners 3: Monkey Launcher Game

6th Grade Math Unit 4 (Mixed Operations Review)

Chess for Rising Knights: Intermediate Semester Course (Knight Vs Bishop)

Play Dungeons and Dragons: The Case of the Brutal Brunch!

Basic Concepts Fun: Learning to Tell the Time on Quarter Hours and Minutes

~Seasonal-- 1st and 2nd Grade Mystery Math: Case of the Smashed Snowmen

Sensational Sharks

Let's Practice Grammar!

Engaged Minds Jr: Frog and Toad Stories and Discussion (Fiction stories)

Ongoing 1:1 Piano Lessons and Music Tutoring With a Professional Pianist

Semester Biology: Cell Structure and Function

My Marvellous Mind: Gratitude, Conversation and Positive Thinking for Life skills and Well-Being

Brookhaven (Roblox) Weekly Role Play and Social Time on a Safe Private Server

~Seasonal-- Kindergarten Mystery Math: Case of the Thankless Turkey

FLEX African American History: Chefs, Recipes, and Contributions

1:1 Songwriting Lessons

Beginner Piano Twice a Week PRIVATE Lessons for 5-18 year olds!

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Mystery Math: Case of the Graduation Gremlins

1st and 2nd Grade Mystery Math: Case of the Dino Digger

|Booyah!! Totally Get it! Level 8 | Algebra 2 Finale / PreCalculus Warm-Up | Plot All Parent Functions

Orchestra 2 - Year 1 Beginner String Lessons: Violin, Viola and Cello -Ages 9-14

Beginner String Lessons: Violin, Viola & Cello (Ages 4-9)

|Booyah!! Totally Get it! Level 5 | Solving Polynomial Functions & Quadratics

Creative Thinking for Aspiring Designers: Fashion Sketching (Flex Schedule)

Science of Abnormal Psychology: Diagnose TV & Movie Characters (9 weeks)

Advanced Beginners: Cantonese Chinese Mythology | Small Group

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Smash Gaming Pod Club! Weekly Meetup Ongoing

Reading Buddy - Ongoing Reading Practice Class!

Private Music Lessons - Weekly - 20 Lessons

Private 1-1 Spanish Lessons/Tutoring in Stress-Free Fun Environment: Elementary

All About Eggs!

Expand Your Imagination: Creative-Writing in a Post-Apocalyptic World!

Private Lesson: How to Render Anime Hair in Procreate!

Middle/High School Psychology: Positive Psychology and Mindfulness

Become a Chess Pro: Intermediate Level 2 (for Ages 13 & Up)

Become a Chess Pro: Intermediate Level 2

Intro to Fashion Design: Design Development (Semester Flexible Schedule)

Not-So-Spooky American Girl Doll Halloween Costume Party and Fall Festival

Fall & Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Like Yayoi Kusama

Singing Lessons: 1:1: 30 Minutes: Ongoing

Mandarin Chinese Immersion-Level2-UNIT2(人教版教材)

Premium 2x/week Private Piano Lessons With Fun and Games!

Bringing Attention to Positive Events (Ages 11-14)

Math: Introduction to Exponents

Cruising for Skills on MS PowerPoint - High School and College Prep (2 wk)

Preschool Math: Numbers and Counting Adventures! (Numbers up To 20)

SpaceCraft | Minecraft Realms Survival Club | Bedrock Edition

Workout With Coach B

1st Grade Reading & Grammar Fun (Ongoing 2x Weekly)

Beginner Saxophone Private Lesson

Junior Explorers City STEM

Great Literature: College Prep Must-Read Books-"1984," By George Orwell. Save $10.00

Woodwind Band 2 - 1st Year Beginners: Clarinet, Flute & Saxophone lessons

Spanish Culture & Language Club! with Ms. Lazarri (Ages 11-15)

Spanish Culture & Language Club! with Ms. Lazarri (Ages 5-10)

FLEX: Keeping up With the Kingdoms: An Introduction to Life Science

Simple Skills for Online Learning (Ages 11-14)

Discovering Pre-Algebra Part 3 (of 6) Flex

All About Fractions

Head Strong Home School: Full Reading, Writing, Math Curriculum

Play Readings: Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors

Private Kindergarten Readiness With Ms. Ellen (ongoing)

Journey into Reading: Sight Words with Ms. B, Class 2

Language Arts Workshop: Past Tense Verbs

4th Grade Math Course with a Licensed Teacher - Ongoing

Private Language Arts Tutor

Learn the Fruits in Spanish While Drawing Them in Your Own Grocery Store.(A1)

Kindergarten Reading Readiness & Circle Time (Ongoing)

Individualized One on One Tutoring for Foundational Reading Skills One Time

Cyberpunk RED: A Dark Future Tabletop RPG

French - Drop-In Private Tutoring

Scratch Game Design for Beginners 1: Racing Game

Nana-Bee's Reading Game: Say What You See! (3-6Yrs)

Sequences and Functions: High School Math, Module 1

Cat and Pumpkin Watercolor Painting Class

Fabulous Flamingo Acrylic Painting

Bird Animal Art: Realistic Hawk Drawing

Success in Learning: One on One Tutoring

Learn English Through Drawing! (ESL) Private Lesson

Montessori Cosmic Education Series (in German)

Let's Learn Geography: Around the World With Barnabas Bear Series 3 Flex Course

Let's Learn Geography: Around the World With Barnabas Bear Series 1 Flex Course

Origami Bookmark - Sugar Skull Style

Design Your Own City: An Introduction to Three-Dimensional Drawing, Small Group

Animal Drawing: Cute Baby Elephant Sketch

Animal Art: Realistic Ring-Tailed Lemur Sketch

Animal Art: Realistic Red Panda Drawing

Animal Art: Hairless Guinea Pig Drawing

|Booyah!! Totally Get it! Level 3 | Factoring Trinomials

1 on 1 Physics Tutoring

Fall Folly Watercolor Painting Class

Teen Bakers Come Create Grandma's Treats, Sweets, Savory Dishes. Yum!

Let's Start Suzuki Recorder: Soprano Recorder (Shared Class - Two Learners)

Nana-Bee's Make Your Own Board Game Class! (8-11Yrs)

Miss Autumn's Crafty Phonics - Letter L Club FLEX

Learn to Play Piano for Beginners, Piano Adventures Level 3A

Clothing Design 101: Fashion Sketch Course (Flex Schedule) Ages 10-15

Suzuki Recorder Method Individual Lessons: Soprano Recorder (Private Tutoring)

Miss Autumn's Crafty Phonics - Letter R Club FLEX

Life Science (Biology) for Middle Schoolers: Year Long Course- Ongoing

Surviving Minecraft for Beginners - Tips, Tricks and How to Play

1st Grade General Music Class

Zombie Movement Class With a Zombie Teacher!

Syllable Sections (Orton-Gillingham Based)

Small Group Part 2- Crack the Code to Reading Like a Hero

Travel to the New Seven Wonders of the World! (History)

Let's Make FIVE and TEN~Build a Strong Math Foundation

Dungeons and Dragons 4 Week Adventures D&D 5e Thunderball Run Airship Race

'Number the Stars' : Historical Fiction Novel Study (WW2 Denmark)

Exciting Grade 3 Language Arts with Scholastic Storyworks 3: FLEX #1

Weekly Debate Club for Teens - Ongoing Course

Flex Middle School/Junior High English 1B

Flex Middle School/Junior High English 1A

Manners! Going Beyond Please and Thank You. Learn to Show Respect Past Excuse Me

Let's Learn Geography: All About Coasts With Teacher Helen

3rd Grade Math Curriculum: Part 1 (Flex)

5th Grade Science: Part 1 (Flex)

Easy Essay Template: 3 Steps to Writing Excellent Essays (Ages 10 to 14)

Handwriting Club: Printing Life Skill With Fun Weekly Themes (Ongoing)

Landscape Painting Class

Animal Drawing Camp

Learning Multiplication With Tricks and Games!

Small Group Part 1- Crack the Code to Reading Like a Hero

Second Grade Geography Wizards

Weekend Warriors- This Week in Nature!

The Floor Is Lava Club: Social Time, Movement, and Games! (Ages 3-5)

Princess Movement Class With Princess Teacher

Literature Workshop: Essential Strategies for Reading in Middle and High School

Play With Dough Make a Creation and Show and Tell Camp! Let's Play With Dough!

ABC Animal Safari: Wild About Alphabet Names and Letter Sounds!

Early Writers: Private One-On-One Writing Lessons (Ongoing)

Digital Club 2: Paintings in Procreate With Miss Mooni

Private Tutoring in Math and Reading for Ages 6 To 10.

Area and Surface Area

Beginning-of-Year Review | Precalculus, Module 1

Fun History!: The Middle Ages, Dark but Interesting Times.

The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

Private Guitar Lessons: 1-on-1

Draw It All, Sketch Animals, Monsters, People, and Anime. Flex Class

DinoCraft | Minecraft Realms Survival Club | Bedrock Edition

Español Avanzado Immersion - Spanish Conversation Practice for Advanced Speakers.

Intro to YouTube Camp

Kindergarten|Pre-K|Phonics Talks|Beginning Readers: Intro to Phonics & Decoding

6th Grade Math Unit 3 (Expressions, Equations and Inequalities)

PreAlgebra: 7th & 8th Grade Math | Fall (Semester 1)

Preschool Gymnastics Body Shapes

Let's Learn Geography: Around the World With Barnabas Bear Series 2 Flex Course

How We Hear: What Is Audiology?

Guthriegabs About the US Military: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy

Let's Draw Different Types of Lines! (Creating Art, Fun, and Social Skills)

How to Draw Two Cats With Colored Pencils/Art

Procreate Drawing Club for Beginners | Learn to Draw on Procreate |Procreate 101

Sculpt With Polymer Clay: Create a Miniature Seaside

Marvel on Disney+ Club - Let's Watch and Discuss!

Introduction to Public Speaking: Get Rid of Those Nerves!

Fun Questions for the Brain: Weekly Club!

One Time 45 Minute Private French Tuition Class With Kim for Students Aged 10-15

Learning With Stephanie: Decades: Then and Now

Cat Chat: Learn About Cats

Let’s Dance! Belle Beauty & the Beast Fairytale Beginner Ballet (Ages 4-7)

Let’s Dance! Moana Fairytale Beginner Ballet (Ages 4-7)

Let's Study: Note-taking, Revising, Time Management and Research Skills with Teacher Helen

Individualized Tutoring - Writing

Level 5 Dutch | Nederlands Using Dialogues! - Ten Week Semester Format

Diamond Dash! Fun Minecraft Mining Challenge (Bedrock Edition)

Mastering Math With Minecraft - The Complete Curriculum of Grade 3 / 4 Math

Virtual Vacation: Hike Through Georgia

Write An Outstanding College Essay Flex Class

How to Draw: Cute Birds and Chicks (Cartoon, Manga, Anime, Kawaii, Sketch)

When in Rome... Learn Roman Numerals!

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Color and Chat (Ages 15-18)

Quarter Long English Language Arts *4th/5th Grade* FLEX

Mastering the Essay: Upper Elementary Writing (4th-5th grade) *FLEX*

Yes, and?: Introduction to Improv

Tap Dance Today. Keep Fit & Have Fun. Let's Tap Dance in Class Together.

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