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New Classes on Outschool 2021-08-01

There are 258 new classes on Outschool the week of August 1, 2021 to August 7, 2021.

Learn With Little Mouse: Flexibility, Patience and Creative Problem-Solving

Sneak Peek Book Club - List 1

All About Me Preschool Circle Time

Private 1:1 Tutoring: Reading, Language, Sound/Auditory Skills: 55 Min 1x/Week

Explore History: Vikings in America!

A Socializing Modeling Dough Club!

Beginner Korean Conversation Club: Play & Learn

Cute Narwhals - Animals Fun Drawing Club (One-Time)

Let's Learn Greek - Part 4!

Phonics-Based Spelling w/ Weekly Lists and Tests "Flipped Classroom"

Special Education Sports Talk - (ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, etc.) Ages 13-17

ABC Circle Time! Let's Learn About the Letters and Sounds.

Advanced ASL Part 2 Ages 5 To 8

Getting To Know 2018 American Girl Luciana & Life As A Space Dreamer

Algebra 2 Full Year Course

Middle School Math, Logic, and Problem Solving: Rates, Ratios, and Percentages

Let's Play Minecraft - BEDROCK & POCKET Edition - PC, Xbox, Mobile, Switch, etc.

Flex Your Brain! Live Memory and Focus Games.

Math Explorer Club for World Travellers: Addition, Subtraction and More!

3rd and 4th Grade Mystery Math: Case of the 100 Missing Treats

Teen Theatre Acting Skills: Fun Improv for 55 Minutes!

2nd Grade Mystery Math: Case of the 100 Missing Treats

Business Sharks - Become an Entrepreneur!

Internet Safety for Children 8-12

Shark Week Adventure: Young Ocean Scientists Explore, Learn, & Create

Green Sea Turtle Adventure: Young Ocean Scientists Explore, Learn & Create

How Many? Let's Count, Create, and Sing Our Way to Math DIY Art Success

Land of Dinosaurs: Dino Facts, Fossils, Science, and DIY Hands-On Art Creation

Penguin Adventure: Young Ocean Scientists Explore, Learn & Create Art

Self-Paced: Introduction to Geography Defined

Ballet Dance Class: Unicorn and Pony - Beginner Ballet Dance

Self Paced Class Class Crafts for Your Model and Toy Horses

Build Four Clay Cells - Hands-On Life Science, Art, and Biology Camp

Build the Human Body With Clay-Learn Human Anatomy Biology Hands-On Science Camp

Build With Clay Science Camp: Chemistry, Botany, Ecology, Astronomy, and Geology

Learning About Colors and Shapes With Doh!

Fine Motor and Social Skills With Doh

“Shaping” the World: Sensory Shapes With Modeling Clay

Internet Safety Safe Surfing for Teens

Adopt Me! Halloween Bash: A Roblox Special Event for Tweens and Young Teens

Adopt Me! Monster Masquerade: A Roblox Halloween Special Event

How to Draw: German Shepherd Dog

Python Coding Games & Animations Live Check in Class for Levels 3 Through 6

Get Ready for 3rd Grade Singapore Math | Summer Preview in 4 Weeks

Chibi Holiday Animals Drawing!

Science Labs

Tutoring Math 101

Little Women: Sisters, Spinsters, and Success

1:1 Intensive Reading and Phonics Tutoring for Kids 3-8

Flex - US History - 1775-1783

Flex - US History - 1783-1800

Aliens 101

Positive and Negative Integers - Multiply and Divide

English Vocabulary for Middle School Students (6 Week Class)

Poetry Analysis and Writing: Using Literary Devices and Elements

Let's Create Batty the Halloween Pumpkin Dragon! Polymer Clay Art Sculpture

Remedial Math 102 - 1 Mastering the Fundamental Concepts

Friendly Letter Roulette (Spinning for Topics/Writing for Fun!)

Algebra 1 Full Year Course

Science: Animals and Geography: Explore Animals Around the World! Weekly Ongoing

Introduction to Aerodynamics: Make Your Paper Airplanes Fly Faster and Farther.

Origami Art: Level 2 (Origami Bookmarks)

Ongoing Fun in 3rd Grade Math (2x a week)

Ongoing Fun in 3rd Grade Math

Stretching and Strengthening for Dancers, Cheerleaders, and Gymnasts Ages 7-12

Anime Drawing Club: Beginner Friendly: From Naruto to Todoroki!

Chill Out: Yoga & Meditation for Stress Relief & Relaxation (Ages 9-13)

Advanced ASL Part 2 Ages 9 To 12

Doodle Drawing: Autumn

Marine Science for High School & Accelerated Middle School Students - Semester 1

African American History: The Little Rock Nine | Black history - Integration

Spanish Conversation Club- Intermediate (Ages 15-18)

African American History || George Washington Carver || Inventor and Scientist

1-on-2 A Public Speaking Class for Two (Siblings, Friends, a Pod)

Math Is Fun! Fourth Grade

Halloween Costume Party

Learn to Draw Ninjago Cartoon Characters in This Ninjago Camp

4th & 5th Grade Mystery Math: Case of the Cursed School Supplies

3rd Grade Mystery Math: Case of the Cursed School Supplies

Private 1-On-1 Spanish Tutoring - 30 Minutes Beginners to Advanced

A Book Club for Writers: Rip the Page

Mrs T's Reading Corner - Foundational Reading Skills for Kindergarten

Bugs, Insects, and Things That Crawl in South Africa One-Time Lesson

6th Grade Singapore Math - High-Performance Skills | Summer Preview in 4 Weeks

Get Ready for 5th Grade Singapore Math | Summer Preview in 4 Weeks

Get Ready for 4th Grade Singapore Math | Summer Preview in 4 Weeks

Get Ready for 2nd Grade Singapore Math | Summer Preview in 4 Weeks

Stretching and Strengthening for Teen Dancers, Cheerleaders, and Gymnasts

Build Confidence - Public Speaking, Presenting and Newscasting

1-1 Foundations in Reading & Writing (All Ages)

Mandarin Chinese With Games and Music Level 1A Flexible Schedule

Stop-Motion: 3-Day Beginner's Animation Adventure Camp

American Girl Historical Christmas Baking Camp

Cosplay Improv Panel Practice Class

Math - Algebra 1 Basics 3-Week Prep Course With Certified Teacher

Barre Bootcamp - At Your Pace!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Video Game Weekly Social Club

5th Grade Math Ongoing Year Long Class

Private 1:1 Tutoring With a Certified Teacher! (French, English & All Subjects)

Marine Science for High School & Accelerated Middle School Students - Semester 2

Early Elementary Science Yearly Curriculum: Let's Learn, Experiment, and Explore

Piano Lessons for All Levels

German Beginners: Numbers and Sharks

Kitty Club

Ongoing Full Curriculum Kindergarten (Full-Year)

Halloween Science & STEAM Camp

Dance It: Hip Hop & Pop Dance Club

Creative Writing with Ms. Savvy

Weekly Critical Thinking & Philosophy Discussion Class for Children (8-12 Yrs)

Home Management and Life Skills

Z2 Day Why Sexism Is Bad and Why Gender Equality Between Men and Women so Important Now Summer Camp

Drawing Maze Art Animals & Puzzle Game Creation Ages 9-13

Looking Ahead, 6th Grade Math

Flex - The Bill of Rights: Rights and Protections

Get Ready for 1st Grade Singapore Math | Summer Preview in 4 Weeks

Reader's Theater 2 (Fluency Practice) for Grades 3-4

Let's Read! Learn to Read with Consonants and Short Vowels - Multi Day

Art by April Flex: Mini Acrylic Paintings

Farm Animal Art: Realistic Lamb Drawing

Farm Animal Art: Realistic Full Body Horse Drawing

Vile Villains and Bold Baddies: How to Write Convincing Antagonists.

Advanced ASL Part 1 Ages 5 To 8

I Can Read! CVC Words for Beginning Readers!

Reading and Math Tutoring Hour-Long Tutoring Sessions

Farm Animal Art: Realistic Boarder Collie Dog Drawing

Farm Animal Art: Realistic Baby Duck Drawing

Anime Fashion Design: Drawing and Designing Chibi or Manga Characters

4th Grade Math with Dr. Torbert - 10 Weeks

Computer Basics for Beginners - Microsoft Office and Google Apps

Acting for Pre-K and Kindergarten

6Th and 7th Grade Writing (Creative and Academic)

Space Mission 5: Our Sun & the Lifecycle of Stars-Ages 10-14 (Semester Course)

Procreate for Beginners : Let’s Make a Fire Breathing Dragon GIF | Digital Art

LIVE Online Art Class: Kawaii Cuteness Cactus!

The Quite Quick Really Random Writing Challenge

Full Year of 5th Grade Mastery Method Math: Part 4 Of 4

1 on 1 Tutoring for Japanese 1- AP Japanese (45 Min)

Anime Art & Social Club

1:1 Private Singing Lessons ( Beginner to Intermediate)

Viking Sagas : Thor and the Giants Writing Camp

Mathlete Geniuses: Let's Multiply and Divide Decimals

History of U.S National Parks

Express Yourself #3: Themed Topics, Classic Poetry & Social-Emotional Reflection

Reading Tutoring 1:1 (Ages 5 - 9)

Multi-Day - Introduction to Geography Defined - Semester Class

Reading: Intermediate (Mini)

5 Day "Story Structure" Reading Camp: Comprehension With Harry the Dirty Dog!

Welcome to Homeroom! (Discussion, Crafts, Games, Learning and More.)

Level-Up! Piano Class (Level 2) - Age 7-12

Reading Readiness: Advanced Reading for Younger Learners

Healthy Seasonal Meal Prep Ongoing Cooking and Baking Club Bi-Weekly or Weekly

Drawing and Painting Realistic Art Ongoing

Let's Talk Star Wars!: Weekly Social Discussion Club (Ages 13+)

Let's Talk Star Wars!: Weekly Social Discussion Club (Ages 8-12)

Let's Create Halloween Black Cats & Cute Sleepy Bats! Polymer Clay Sculpting

Passion Four Pawz: Barking Behaviors - How to Control Your Dog's Barking!

American Sign Language One on One Tutoring.

Become a GeNiUS on the Periodic Table (Atoms and Elements)

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells - A Novel Study

Private Tutoring 1:1 Language Arts

Roots & Rules: Vocabulary and Spelling Essentials

Full Year of 5th Grade Mastery Method Math: Part 3 Of 4

Private Tutoring: Exploring Literary Elements and Responding to Literature.

Annotating Like a Pro

Homeschool Co-Op: Bring Toys and Games to Play With in Breakout Rooms!

High School Physics Tutoring - All Levels

Space Mission 5: Our Sun & the Lifecycle of Stars (Semester Course)

Music Theory: The Circle of Fifths, an Introduction - Class 1

Flash Spanish Class: Private One-On-One Spanish Tutoring

Ongoing - Creative Writing Using Literacy Devices

D&D Gaming: Run D&D- Learn How to Be a Dungeon Master With Me! (4 Weeks)

Space Exploration! (a Solar System Expedition)

Weather: North American Monsoon

Algebra 2 (High School) Part 4

Art & Zoology : Drawing Mammals. an Art & Mammal Zoology Adventure

Book Discussion: The Willoughbys

The Pokémon Hour (Weekly Card Pack Opening!)

Engaging Book Club: Gary Paulsen's Hatchet

Piano & Voice Lessons

Japanese Language Fun Individual Lessons Tutoring One on One Beginners to Adv.

Mandarin Chinese Fun Individual Lessons Tutoring One on One Beginners to Adv.

Japanese Beginner Conversational Club Tutoring and Ongoing Sessions Ages 8-13

Japanese Prek Preschool Circle and Fun Storytime Native Speaker Japan

Cosplay Hangout Group

Roblox Clubhouse! Social Time, Movement, & Weekly Games!

Tournament of Champions!

Private 1:1 Spanish Tutoring!

Little Learners ABC Circle Time Fun With Teacher Kendra

One-On-One Unity Tutoring: Game Design and Development

High School Biology II: Exploring the World of Zoology

Oatmeal Cream Pies!

Intermediate ASL: American Sign Language

Among Us - Halloween Special!

AP European History Course: Comprehensive Review + 2022 Exams & Strategies

Mandarin Chinese Beginner Conversation Club and Ongoing Sessions Ages 8-13

The Comic Studio

Reading Enrichment Levels I-L/Fall

Psychology Independent Study

AP Human Geography Course: Comprehensive Review + 2022 Exams & Strategies

Princess & Superhero Preschool: Abcs, Math, Letters, Drawing & Kindergarten Prep

Advanced Fashion Design: Drawing Advanced Fashion Poses and Clothing Designs

30 Minute Tutoring for Biology, Environmental Science, and General Science

1:1 Reading Tutoring (45 Min 5x/Week)

Because of Winn-Dixie: A Novel Study

One Time Private French Tuition (30 minutes) With Kim for Students Aged 5-18

Alphabet Sounds With Puppets - Fun Beginner Phonics for Pre-K, K-1St/ESL Students

Spanish ABC's: Learn through Movement and Gestures

Acting Classes: Stranger Things Spring Breacamp! Taught by Talent Agent!

Essay Writing Essentials: Weekly Academic Writing Class & Personalized Feedback

Two Week Cursive Crash Course!

Investigations in Forensic Science

Private Speech and Debate Coaching and Tutoring

ESL (English as a Second Language) Private Tutoring- 2x a week

Math Success With Teacher Bob - 7th Grade Math Skills Common Core Standards

That to Secure These Rights

German 1 for High Schoolers (Part 2 of 4) - full year core academic curriculum

Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt: Powerful Women

Nightmare Before Christmas Art Club - Ongoing

Elven Cloaks for Young Hobbits - A Lord of the Rings Costume Sewing Workshop

Little Musicians Beginner Piano Lessons (Self-Paced) - Course 2

Ready for Piano, Introductory Class

From Roman Republic to Rome's Empire: Octavian Augustus (31 BCE-14 CE)

Bend or Break ? The Option of Resilience

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: (Ongoing/Private Classes)

Little Dreamers Poke-Saturdays: (Weekly) Drawing Series

World Geography, Country Study - Let's Travel the Globe Together (Ages 7-12)

5th Grade Math Unit 6 (Geometry)

The World's Most Famous People From History - A Weekly History Club

Doodle Drawing: Pumpkin and Apple Pie

Seasons of Joy Toadstool Mixed Media Collage, Story, and a Song!

Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Switch Video Game Club - Let's Play!

Frozen Ballet Class - "Into the Unknown" Princess Dance

How to Draw: Cute Puppies and Dogs (Ages 8 - 13) (Cartoon, Manga, Anime, Kawaii)

Autism Among Us: Let's Play Among Us, Have Fun, and Make Friends! *1 Hour*

Let's Talk About Cosplay Conventions

AP US Government & Politics Comprehensive Review 2022 Exams & Testing Strategies

AP Psychology Course: Comprehensive Review with 2022 Exams & Testing Strategies

Pumpkin Fluff Dip (Beginner Dessert) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Art History Week: Let’s Draw and Paint Like Van Gogh!

AP World History Course: Comprehensive Review + 2022 Exams & Testing Strategies

Art Week: Drawing and Painting (Matisse, Van Gogh, Monet, Cassatt, and Hokusai!)

Three Days of Cursive for You

Intermediate French Immersion

Video Game Coding Club Using Scratch - For Kids 7-13 (Level 2 Of 3)

Pre-K: Our Morning Meeting

Mindset Coaching With Ms. Baker (Small Group)

Kitchen Warriors: The Brunch Bunch Ongoing Club Full Year Curriculum

Seasons of Joy Waldorf-Inspired Main Lesson Block: A Trip to Ancient China

Time Travel

Animals Would Never Do This!

8th Grade and Pre-Algebra Math Tutor/Full Course With Mrs. Holland

Math Level 1B Singapore Dimensions Curriculum

AP US History Course: Comprehensive Review + 2022 Exams & Testing Strategies

Seasons of Joy Main Lesson Block: Animal Fables Around the World

So, You Want to Fly Airplanes? What Do Pilots Do?

Intro to Mindfulness - Inspiration and Self-Care for Teens Private Session

Reading Skills: Critical Thinking Inference Skills Through Riddles

Ms. Sara's Show & Tell Social Club

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