New Classes on Outschool 2020-09-27

There are 296 new classes on Outschool the week of September 27, 2020 to October 3, 2020.

Roblox Club: The World of Piggy! (Including Build Mode)

"The Anatomy Voyage: Head to Toe-Inside and Out- For Ages 9-12"

HSPT Get an Edge Before the Test

Creature Feature: Flamingos (Animal, Zoology)

Paleontology 101: What Is a Dinosaur?

Public Speaking for YouTube

1 Hour of Private Acting Coaching (Ages 13-18)

Ongoing Club: Sight Word Fun - A Bingo Review Game Class

Halloween Countdown! Draw a Ghost, Candy, Haunted House, and a Skeleton (FLEX)

Kindergarten Curriculum Standards Based Learning: Language Arts, Reading & Math

Disney Junior Themed Dance and Preschool Workout

*FLEX* Igniting Creativity! Painting Acrylic Landscapes (10-14 Years Old)

In Control! - Learning to Manage Anger for Children (Flex)

*FLEX* Igniting Creativity! Painting Acrylic Landscapes - HS Level

Fiddle Fun - Learn a Fiddle Tune and Play by Ear on Violin, Viola or Cello

Customized 1 on 1 Executive Function Tune-Up for Neurodivergent or ADHD Learner

Philosophy for Teens(1): I Think Therefore I Am-An Exploration of Logic

Let's Learn About Figurative Language: Sensory Words!

Middle School Italian With Native Speaker

Learn Coding With Scratch Jr.

Let's Get Ready for Santa! Christmas Craft Camp

Private Cello, Violin, Piano, or Guitar Lessons

Keen Kindergarteners: Reading and Writing Super Stars!

Christmas Holiday Season Color and Chat Social Time!

Social Hour for Kids

Teens Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons 101 Simplified Campaign: Minecraft

Entomology and More Club: Creepy, Crawly and Beautiful

Spanish Club! Beginner Classes for Teens

Exploring Evolution: Are Dinosaurs Among Us?

Voice Acting Workshop

Multi-Day Piano Class #2 for 6-9 Year Old Students With Mrs. Karen (8 Weeks)

Individual Learning Instruction

Weekly Drawing Club | Draw Animals Around the World | How to Draw Animals | Art

Let's Play Java Edition Minecraft (Ongoing)

Algebra, Middle School Math, or Science Tutoring 45 Mins 1x a Week

Story Spies One Time Class: Peanut Butter and Jellyous

1:1 Math Tutoring 6th -9th Grades for 3 Days-One Student at a Time

Writing Unleashed - Young Author's Book Writing Club (5th, 6th, and 7th Grade)

Middle School Earth Science-Semester 2

African Fairytales & Folktales (Story #1 - Anansi & Yam Hills)

Intermediate Karate for Kids: Yellow Belt Level One

You're Sus! Teen Among Us: Life and Social Skills Gaming Hour

1:1 Math Homework Help

After School Taekwondo Dragon II - The Journey to Orange Belt

Pre-Algebra B: Prep for Algebra I

The Ink of Squids (Squid Dissection - ages 14-18)

Introduction to Dog Agility: Fun Exercises to Do With Your Dog (12-16 y/o)

3rd-5th Grade Art: Let's Make a Pokemon!

Private/Solo Dance Lesson- All Ages

Let's Get Creative! Write and Draw

Book Club for Adventurous Readers: The Adventures of Robin Hood

Building With Lego® Bricks While Practicing Conversational English (Social ESL)

Let's Learn the Piano! (Beginner Keyboard Skills for Ages 3-6)

Arty Thinking: Ooops! I Made a Mistake

Candy, Spiders, Pumpkins, Ghosts and More: First Grade Halloween Word Problems!

Cooking With Courage & Creativity

Literature: College Prep Must-Read Book Series--Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, Save $10.00.

Halloween Spooky Music: Let's Explore the Haunting History of Some Scary Music

Beginner Japanese Language and Culture 02

US History/US Government: United States Articles of Confederation, Save $10.00.

Who Decides the President?- A Class on the Electoral College

All About Africa - History, Culture, Animals & Stories

Climate Change and the Environment Escape Rooms

Piano Lessons Package

Cursive Handwriting Made Easy

FLEX Semester ELA 7th & 8th-Grade Nonfiction Reading and Essay Writing Mastery

Indigenous Artists 1 (9-14): Self Exploration: Red Star & Galanin.

Indigenous Artists (9-14)

ADHD and Executive Function Skills for Success: Time Blindness, Make It Out the Door on Time for Neurodivergent Kids

Art Historical Winter Wonderland

Create Your Own Comic Book - Multi Day Camp

Let's Make Models of Molecules (Flex)

Tutoring 5th-8th Grade Science

Farm Fun Workout

Write On! Cursive Handwriting

1:1 Acting Consultation

Pete the Cat Halloween: Trick or Pete!

Are Bats Scary: Facts and Fallacies

Exciting Earth and Space Science Escape Rooms

Cake Mix Magic: Think Outside the Box *FLEX*

Advanced Reading and Writing Strategies (Level 2: Grades 5-7)

UX UI Design: Create an App Prototype

Beginning Addition With Regrouping

Chit Chat: English Communication, Social and Conversational Skills (11-14) 1:1+

Chit Chat: English Communication, Social and Conversational Skills-Age8-10 1:1+

Cake Mix Magic: Think Outside the Box for Teens *FLEX*

Subtract It! Using Triple Digit Numbers

How to Draw: Pusheen the Cat and Stormy as a Unicorn | Art Class

Language in Medicine: Neurology

Language in Medicine: Cardiology

How to Draw: Pusheen the Cat Doing Sports | Art Class

Tutoring in ELA, Social Studies, and Study Skills for Ages 8 - 16

Beginner Introduction to the Art of Embroidery- A Project-Based Class

Chess for Intermediate - Level 1 (Once a Week, 10 Weeks)

Kids Friendly Halloween Yoga Party!

Phonics Skills!

Science Time - Middle School Life Science Pt 3: DNA, Chromosomes, and Genetics

Weirdest Things Animals do. Fascinating Animal Facts & Oddities.

Middle (Junior High) School Math Made Simple - Number Theory

Letters & Alphabet - Writing Practice Club

Halloween Party With Clifford (the Big Red Dog): Let's Sing, Read, Write & Color

Review: Mean, Median, and Mode

Pre-Algebra Review: Let's Practice Making Equivalent Fractions

Learn to Communicate Effectively (FLEX)

Ongoing Executive Function Support for ADHD or Neurodivergent Older Teens

Yoga for Kid's Brain Break - Relaxing Mindfulness in Motion - 1:1

Flexible Fitness and Strength

Beginner Dog Agility Training: Easy Exercises You Can Do at Home (FLEX) 12-16y/o

Create Your Own Sunshine: How to Create a Growth Mindset

Introduction to Algorithms: Artificial Intelligence

Gotta Catch 'em All - All About Pokemon (Ages 8-12)

Calm Yourself

Chit Chat: English Coverstaional, Social and Communication Skills Ages 5-7-1:1+

My Five Senses! Special Yoga Class!

6th Grade Math- A Problem Solving Approach (Full Course)

Spanish Immersion for Younger Children-Let's Chat-Ages 7-10 - Ongoing/TWICE A WEEK

2nd Grade Writer's Workshop: An Engaging Writing Community

Private Guitar Lessons for Beginner to Intermediate (All Ages)

5 Remarkable Reptiles

Private Vocal Lesson for Singers (All Ages)

Math Made Easy: Middle School and High School Math Tutoring (60 Minutes)

Pokémon Show and Share (Ages 5-8)

Thanksgiving Fun: Craft, Socializing, Math, and Writing Projects

Creature Tales: Shark Story Time (Animal, Marine Biology)

Creature Tales: Sea Turtle Story Time (Animal, Marine Biology)

It's Unicorn Time With Friends, a Story and Sparkly Slime!

Harry Potter Book Discussion- Magical Creatures Q & A

Wizarding School of Drama

Chit Chat: English Communication, Social and Conversational Skills Ages3-4 (1:1+

Writing Genres-Informative, Persuasive, Opinion, Narrative-4 day class-(Certified Teacher)

Acting for the Stage- Developmental Training

African American Science Pioneers Flex Course

Asking Questions to Expand Your Reading Comprehension Ages 10-14

Making Connections to Expand Your Reading Comprehension

Wonderful Winds - Beginning Recorder and Tin Whistle Part 2

Would You Rather? Préférez-Vous? A Game in French (Advanced Beginner)

Spanish Fun- Let's Learn Español!

Python Programming Basics for Beginners (Once a Week, 4 Weeks) Level 1

If Historic Figures Went to Hogwarts... (Ongoing)

Book Club: The Tiger Rising by Kate Dicamillo

Drawing Mythical Creatures

Harry Potter and Philosophy Camp

Druidawn®: Let's Chat!

(Flex Class) World War II and the Wizard World

TinkerCAD -Electric Circuits Make Your Own Gadgets Level 1(Once a week, 6 weeks)

Multiplication in Movement! Dynamic Math with a Waldorf Teacher (Part 1)

Crime Scene Critical Thinking Investigations and Activities (Grades 5-9)

A Language Arts Study of the First Harry Potter Book

"Beat the Teacher"-Multiplication Fact Strategies for 6's, 7's, 8's and 9's

Kodaly Music Learning for Young Students!

Basic Pre-Algebra Math Review: Multiplication, Division, and Variables

LIVE Online Art Class: Learn to Draw Winged Mythical Creatures, Part 1

The Excellent Reader Jr: 5th (Fifth) Grade Language Arts Course (Semester One)

Harry Potter Book Club: Character of the Week Debate

Wizard Flex Book Study- Year 2, "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"

Wizard Flex Book Study- Year 5, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"

Wizard Flex Book Study- Year 6, "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince"

Wizard Flex Book Study- Year 7, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"

Learn to Speak in a British Accent (Ongoing) With a Professional Actress

Review: Let's Practice Adding Multiple Basic Addition Facts

Review: Let's Practice Addition Without Regrouping

My Social Emotional Me Discussion Group: A Class for Lower Elementary Learners

2X "Let's Do Bilingual Preschool! (Ages 3-5)

Review: Let's Practice Addition With Regrouping

Keep It Moving: Zumba for Ages 7 – 11

6 Weeks of Japanese 1_02

6 Weeks of Japanese 1_01

DESIGN & SCULPT YOUR OWN STANDING DRAGON! Polymer Clay Art Dragon - Level #2

Ongoing First Grade Math: Semester 2 Curriculum

Tutoring With Dr. K

Creative Cursive Club: Combine Handwriting, Mindfulness, and Art (Flexible Schedule)

Mythology Herald: Monsters, Beasts, & Creatures- Oh My! History, Myth, & Legend

Kindergarten Complete Curriculum Second Semester Class-Part One

Homeschool Unschool Social Club

Fashion Design Sewing Club

Editing Grammar Language Workout II, Practice and Build Your Skills!

Preschool Fun: Let's Learn to Read! Part 2 Reading With Learning Dynamics FLEX

Art Is Fun - Drawing & Creativity Class -Semester 6-10

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Weekly Video Game Social Club

Crazy for Comprehension

Enter the Furball

Becoming a Streamer/Youtuber: For Super Beginners

Spanish / Espanol Immersion Circle Time: Stories, Songs, Doodles, & Movement

Crazy for Comprehension - For Teens

Escape Room: Escape a World War Two Battlefield / WW2

Minecraft SMP Gaming Club (Bedrock)

Black Women Freedom Fighters: Those Rarely Taught About Flex Course

African American Women Scientists and Healers in History Flex Course

Preschool with Mrs. Taylor! Master Letters & Numbers! Full Year Curriculum 2x wk

Conversational French: Learning to Speak French for Beginners (FLEX Class)

Social Chat and Share (4-6) - Minecraft Bedrock Creative Mode

Reading Comprehension & Fluency (6th Grade Reading Level & Up)

After School Little Ninjas - Taekwondo the Journey Continues

All About Python Programming | Spring & Summer Python Coding Camp for Beginners

Level 5! Part 1 Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Guitalele ALL AGES

Spelling Homonyms and Homophones: Write the Right Word - FLEX Class

Breathe & Meditate "En Español" Respiremos Con Alegría Para Relajarnos Mejor 1:1

TinkerCAD - 3D Design and Modelling Level 1 (Once a Week, 5 Weeks)

History Herald: Holiday Series REAL History of Thanksgiving- Wampanoag English

Long Division Made Easy

Brownie Bug Badge

Dungeons & Dragons Waterdeep Dragon Heist

Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon of the Mad Mage

Middle School 1:1 Math Tutoring Grade 6th, 7th and 8th

Thanksgiving Art Camp! 3 Days of Artists and Painting Monet, Matisse & Van Gogh

Math Masters: Third and Fourth Grade Math Club

Math Multiplication Wizards: Multiplication Strategies to Make Life Easier

Novelty of Bubble Tea (Gluten and Dairy Free)

Launch Your Writing Skills: State an Opinion and Justify Your Reasoning

Social Skills Group (Students With Autism)

A to Z Amazing Animal Lover Club!

Halloween: Story Time:~The Runaway Pumpkin

1-1 Homework Help!

Introduction To Basic Statistics

Drawing Express: Drawing Art Club

New Readers Practicing New Words

Look at Fall in Famous Paintings: Fine Art With Craft for Pre-K-2Nd Grade

Preschool Conversational English

Public Speaking & Debate - Advanced

Fourth Grade Reading and Comprehension (Five Stories/One Each Day)

Preschool Show and Share Time

Let’s Talk About It and Play Conversational Games!

Let's Learn About Figurative Language: Fun With Puns!

Watercolor Art and Paint Club!

Girls Just Want to Have Fun Art and Ongoing Social Club for Girls Ages 8-12

Calling All Pirates: Let's Play Sea of Thieves!

Dark Matter

Master Crochet in an Ongoing Relaxed Crochet Circle Format

Homework Help: 1-on-1 Tutoring (K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Grades) ALL Subjects!

Wordy Word Problems: Read, Revise and Resolve

American Woman: “ Travel Girl in the USA “ Drawing Camp (Women's History)

Super Science Escape Rooms - Physics

Algebra 1 | Second Semester | Full Semester Course with Advanced Polynomials | Polynomials, Quadratics, & Other Functions for Algebra 1 | Exponential, Quadratic & Absolute Value Functions, Factoring Polynomials (Ongoing)

Weekly Video, Vocab & Speaking for Beginner French

Countdown: The Ten Greatest Inventions in Ancient Egypt (Small Class!) 𓇋𓈖𓆯𓅂

Roblox Monday Morning Misery, Royale High & Project Sekai Social Club

Math: It All Adds up ! Addition

Quantum Frontiers: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Antimatter and Particle Physics!

Electromagnetism 2: Wireless Technology, Hands-on Circuits, Lemon Batteries & More!

Atom Secrets: Hands-on Chemical Reaction Experiments! ( STEM / STEAM course )

Make Extra Cash as an Entrepreneur! Be Your Own Boss and Turn Your Hobby Into a Small Business.

Let's Play Java Edition Minecraft - Junior (Ongoing)

Discover Spain's Fascinating Mediterranean Culture & Basic Phrases, 1:1

Creative Writing for Beginners (Ages 12-15)

Math Problem Solving With Word Problems, Grades 3-5

Science Basics - Introduction to Chemistry II

Cooking for Kiddos (Oven Free Cooking): I Can Use My Manners

Video Gamers Club: Minecraft and Roblox Hangout and Gameplay

Inclusive Zumba Kids Dance-Fitness Class!

Dungeons and Dragons Adventure: Hall of the Golem Queen

Learn Art Fast! Private Procreate Illustration & Design Lessons (Ongoing)

Many Math Skills!

4th Grade Math: Semester 2

Private Lessons (25 min): Kodály Singing and Ear Training Four Weeks

What Is Money? : Money, Checking, Savings, Interest, Loans, Stocks & Bonds

Algebra 1 | Full First Semester Course | Cool! I Get it! | Solving for X and Linear Functions (Ongoing)

Weekly Algebra Study Hall

Cute Drawing With Friends: Kawaii Drawing Club for Ages 7 To 11

Cooking and Baking for Teens: What's for Dinner? - Flex

Chess Club for Rookies: Puzzle Practice

Private Lessons: Preschool Bucket List: ABC's, Themes, Curriculum, and More!

Cooking and Baking for Teens: Let's Bake Cookies - Flex

Draw It: Dreaming Dragon

Cooking and Baking for Teens: Delicious Desserts - Flex

1st Grade Math: Addition, Subtraction, & More

Cooking and Baking for Teens - Delicious Desserts 2 - Flex

Cooking and Baking for Teens: Halloween Recipe Showcase

Fish- Cool and Interesting Facts

Young Storytellers: Creating Stories Together

Reading/Writing Assessment/Evaluation for Primary Grades (Prek-3Rd) (M.S.Ed)

Robotics 4 Kids (Humanoid) W/a Certified STEM Educator (CAMP)

Amazing Science "Magic" Tricks

Breathe & Relax Flowing Like an Ocean - One on One

Breathe & Relax, Sweet Dandelion - One on One

Let's Act Your Favorite Movie and TV Scenes!

Middle School Life Science: Part 3

Math Private Tutoring - Ongoing- (30-Minute Sessions)

The Socratic Discussions: How Is Reading a Book Like Studying a Painting?

Mummify an Apple: How Egyptian Mummies Were Made

Math Private Tutoring - Ongoing- (55-Minute Sessions)

Birds and Their Habitats

Reading Superheroes! Beginning Reading, Letters, Phonics and a Craft!

An Exploration of the United States of America - A Geography Study of US States

History Herald: Holiday Series~ Ancient Origins & Traditions of New Years Eve

Learn the Colorguard/Winterguard Basics!

Mexico (Day of the Dead): Travel Girl in Latin America Drawing Class

Magical Lands! Drawing Art Club

Animal Art Club! Learn to Draw Different Animals Each Week Using Various Methods

Discounted Mastering the Five Paragraph Essay Pt. I: Writing Course

Nature's Wonders: Exploring Rainbows

Rock Guitar Lessons for Teens Rock n Roll, Blues. Beginner, Intermediate Private Online Music Class

Multiplication Fact Practice and Game

Private Acoustic or Electric Guitar Lesson

Hip Hop Dance Class With Your Pet! (Ages 6-9)

Phonics With Blend Ladders: Let's Climb Into Reading!

Hip Hop/Musical Theatre, Descendants Holiday Themed Dance Class - Beginner

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