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New Classes on Outschool 2020-09-20

There are 259 new classes on Outschool the week of September 20, 2020 to September 26, 2020.

Black Panthers Alive! All About Black Panthers With a Drawing Activity

Giraffes Alive! All About the Giraffe With Art Activity!

Elephants Alive! All About Elephants With Drawing Activity!

How to Draw: Pusheen the Cat Birthday Celebration! | Art Class

Explore Spanish! ~ Spooky Spanish

Are You Ready for Fall? Story Time Reading and Fun With Teacher Dianne

Fun Spanish: Homeschool & Afterschool Spanish for Fluent Kids (1-on-1 Private)

Jungle Safari - Name That Animal.

Monster Jam: Halloween Hip Hop Class (ages 6-9)

What Should I Do if I Make a Mistake

Future Vet / Veterinarian Social Club for Animal Lovers! 9-12 Years (Ongoing)

LDCA (Student Request): Pokemon Drawing - Pikachu

One Week Intro to Japanese Camp 01

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Letters - R

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Harry Potter Drawing - Hermione

Reading Assessment/Trial Class

Cooking With Lydia: Ongoing Cooking/Baking Class

Executive Functioning Skills for Future Executives: Thursday Read Aloud Group

Ongoing Flute Lessons - Intermediate/Advanced Level (45 Minutes)

The Zoology Club: Let's Learn About Animals and Make Weekly Crafts

Halloween, Hip Hop/Musical Theatre Descendants Halloween Themed Dance Class

Subtract It! Using Double Digit Numbers

Middle School English Language Arts: The Essentials A

Spanish Individual Immersion - Package Of 5

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Cars Drawing - Lightning Mcqueen

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Private Classes

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Numbers - 1

Basic Pre-Algebra Math Review: Addition, Subtraction, and Variables

Breathe & Relax Grounded Like a Mountain - One on One

Dog Training - Obedience, Agility, Tricks, Manners - With Your Dog or Puppy

Multiplication and Division Fact Families Review

Beginning Subtraction With Borrowing to the Hundreds

Polymer Clay Club 2: Sculpt Animals, Food, & More!

Beginning Double Digit Division

What's Your Story?

How to Draw: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Snoopy and Linus

5th Grade Ongoing Math Spiral Review

Reading: Private Tutoring 25 Minutes

Wildlife Science: African Cheetahs

Jeopardy! Feelings, Emotions, and Empathy (Ages 4-6)

Fantastic Watercolor Flower Art!

ADHD Social Club

Explore the 5 Senses in Spanish! Multiday Class

Newbie Dewbie Cake Decorating: Beginner Icing and Piping (Video Course)

Newbie Dewbie Cake Decorating: Beginner Icing and Piping (Video Course)

Learn Spanish the Fun Way: Learn Spanish Animal Words as We Play Loteria (Bingo)

Private Tutoring 1:1 / Phonics / Letter Sounds / Reading / Math / Any Subjects

GIRLS Workout Club! (9-14)

Preschool Halloween Party!

Fashion Design Intro to Color Stories

Descendants Themed Dance Party: Descendants #3 Edition

Anime Drawing Techniques Ghibli Style - Weekly Art Club

Learn American Sign Language for Beginners Self Paced Schedule

Getting To Know American Girl Courtney & Daily Life During The 1980's

Mixing Colors: Let's Read, Sing, Write & Color

1-1 (K-5) 1 Hour Tutoring

1:1 Cello Lessons - Ongoing

Art Class - Oil Pastel Birds Themed Art

Building Self Esteem & Kindness Through Affirmations & Positive Words! (6-7)

Controlling Your Inner Hulk: Calming Your Anger Through Guided Relaxation

Yoga-Letters. Learn Russian Alphabet Through Movements.

FLEX All About Forensic Science: Fundamentals & Investigative Techniques

Where in the World: A Geography Scavenger Hunt While Chasing a Criminal Summer Camp

Kawaii Cute Drawing Art Club!

Building My Confidence: A Teen's Guide to Developing Self-Confidence

Building Brick Escape Adventures: Escape From the Pyramid

Building Brick Pattern Power! (Pre-K and Kindergarten)

Subtract It! Using Double and Single Digit Numbers

Piano Lessons for Ages 15-18, Fall Term B

What if...? Creative Writing Journal

Coding on Scratch Private Lessons- Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels

Piano Lessons for Ages 10-14, Fall Term B

Piano Lessons for Ages 5-9, Fall Term B

Friends & Fun: Weekly Color and Chat Club!

Halloween: Let’s Draw Bluey Tick or Treating - A Step by Step Process!

Jeopardy! First (1st) Grade Knowledge (Ages 6-7)

US History or World History Writing Workshop

How to Draw: A Cozy Little Christmas with Pusheen the Cat and Stormy

How to Draw: Christmas Pusheen the Cat! Part 2 (Other Parts Not Required)

How to Draw: Fall and Thanksgiving Pusheen the Cat! Part 2 (Part 1 Not Required)

Beginners Multiplication Math Bootcamp

How to Draw: A Cute Cat in a Christmas Stocking

How to Draw: A Christmas Scene with Rudolph

How to Draw: New Year's Pusheen the Cat and Friends!

Photography Composition for Beginners

Private Math Tutor (On-going) - Grades 4 to 8 including PreAlgebra and Algebra

Number Classifications:Real, Rational, Integer, Whole & Irrational/Math

Summer Roblox Gaming Bootcamp

Spanish Individual Tutoring - Package of 5 - Flexible Days and Times

Private 1:1 Math Tutoring: You Are Successful! Ongoing Ages 6-10

Improve Your Gymnastics Bridge!

Executive Function Support for Neurodivergent or ADHD Preteens & Teens

Math in Real Life (Ongoing)

Individual Tutoring - English Plus! Reading and Writing Tuition

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf Story Time and Handprint Leaf Painting Craft

What Did They Do Back Then?

Mental Math -Shortcuts and Tricks for Super Quick Calculations (Once a Week, 6 Weeks)

Ukulele - Learn Halloween Songs (Age 13-18)

Ukulele - Learn Halloween Songs (Age 8-12)

Art, Writing, or Homework Tutor: One-To-One Private Drop-In

Yumm! - Daily Dinners Done: Cooking Soups

Too Cool for School! Calming Your School Anxiety Through Guided Relaxation

Travel the USA - New York State Facts and Trivia

The Clubhouse Halloween Party: A Social Party for Littles

The Clubhouse: A Social Club for Littles

Beginning Guitar Club

Fallout: The New Oregon Trail

Murder Mystery Squad: Murder at the Raven Hotel

Murder Mystery Squad: Murder on Halloween

1:1 Private Music Lessons: Piano, Violin, Guitar, and Ukulele

Dungeons and Dragons: Mythic Odysseys of Theros

Are You Afraid of The Dark? Flashlight Story Time Reading With Teacher Dianne

Spanish Beginners Group With Mermoo and Friends

Beginner French Class: Travel and Learn About the Weather, Seasons, and Clothing

How to Draw: Christmas Santa Pusheen the Cat and Stormy!

ESL Topics of Interest: Private Lessons for ESL / EFL

Digital Art: Op Art Pyramids

Gaming Club

Speak Russian With Ms.Irina!- Small Group Class

Let's Make a Halloween Decoration: Spider Web

One-On-One Tutoring for Struggling, Advanced, or ELL Readers or Writers

Geography Bee: Map Skills Challenge - Let's Kahoot It

Crunching Numbers: Guided Math Story Problems (Advanced Multi-Step Problems)

Teens, Get Your Groove: Organize Your Homework & Life

Learn How to Draw a City With One Point Perspective

1st - 2nd Grade Coding & Robotics Club

Future Chef Cooking Club "Cajun Edition"

"Mercy Watson: Princess in Disguise" Halloween Special

Mini-Tumbling Private Lesson (Tumbling, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Acro..)

Halloween Spooktacular Dance Class and Costume Party!

GIRLS Full Body Workout (9-13)

How to Draw: Halloween Pusheen the Cat Part 2 (Part 1 Not Required)

Beginner's Handwriting: Numbers 0-9 (Ongoing)

Ongoing 1-On-1 Private Spanish Lessons for Students of All Ages

Science: Private Tutoring- Biology/ Chemistry- 1 Hour

Build With Your Words-Read and Write Poetry

Dissection 1 for Hands on Learning (ages 10-13)

Surprising Sharks: Shark Dissection (ages 14-18)

Internet Safety for Teens

U.S. History 1: Land Bridge to Constitution (1787)

Wonderful World of Drawing and Trivia: Princesses, Villains, Sidekicks, and More

Pride Social Class for Transgender, Nonbinary and All Lgbtqia+ Tweens & Teens

Monster Mash-Up Drawing Game!

Spooky Treats: Making Halloween Truffles with a Fun Twist

Semi-Private Guitar Lesson for Intermediate/Advanced Guitarists

Fun With Phonics - Preparing for PreK4 and K5

Thinking Like a Historian - How to Understand Primary and Secondary Sources

TV Voice Over Acting → Learn Voice Over Acting For Beginners

Sistine Chapel From the Ground Up

How to Draw: Christmas Pusheen the Cat! Part 1

Ongoing 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Grade Math One-On-One Homework Help and Tutoring

Advanced Drawing Anime

F 4 Phantom II Long Range Fighter & Bomber

Draw With Me-Directed Drawing [Weekly]

How to Draw: Fall and Thanksgiving Pusheen the Cat! Part 1

How to Draw: A Thanksgiving Scene | the Mayflower

Acting and Writing and Directing and Sound ... Oh My! (4 Weeks)

Join a Minecraft Weekly Club! (Bedrock Edition)

Beginner Flute Lessons, How to Improve Your Playing!

Math Made Easy: Middle School and High School Math Tutoring (30 Minutes)

English Language Arts (ELA) Tutoring & Enrichment

Ink Drawing 101

Elementary Science: Discovering the Human Skeletal System-Making a Model Spine

Private Piano Lessons 5 Sessions.

Halloween Sight Word Bingo

How to Draw: Pusheen the Cat and Stormy in a Spooky Halloween Scene

How to Draw: Halloween Pusheen the Cat Carving a Pumpkin

How to Draw: Halloween Haunted House Pusheen the Cat

Pokémon Halloween Extravaganza!

Star Wars Dungeons and Dragons 051: A Galaxy Far Away Roleplaying Camp

Private Math Tutoring

The Art of Drawing (Ace, Certified K-12)

Let's Be Veterinarians! Imaginary Veterinary School!

Get Ready to Read: Phonemic Awareness

Kindergarten Full Curriculum Montessori Hands-On Curriculum

History of Kids Around the World

Vamos a Comerl! Let´s eat! - Expressions and Food Vocabulary in Spanish.

American Symbols: Discover the Lincoln Memorial!

Declaim, Recite, Hold Forth! Speech and Debate for Beginners

History Game Show: World War 2 in Europe Multi Week

BACK IT UP: Mastering MLA Style Quotations & Citations

Russian for Beginners Reading and Writing 9-12 Age

Creative Watercolor Class! Ignite Imagination & Master Colorful Techniques

1:1 Private Cello Lessons

Chinese Mandarin for Beginners - Private Class Twice/Wk (Ongoing)

Handwriting Beyond the Basics: Advanced Print

Brick Builders Club: Weekly Challenges, Sharing and Socializing Club (Ages 7-12)

Stem Challenge Club: ONGOING Engineering and Building Using Magnetic Tiles (Ages 5-9)

Virtual Cat Playdate

Scientific Notation and Basic Operations - Grade 8

Cracking the Engineering (STEM) Code in Spanish: Introducción a Ingeniería para Niños

Exponents and Their Rules - Math 8

Grammar II: The Fun Begins Here- Synonyms,Antonyms,Homophones,Homographs,& More.

First Grade Common Core Math

ABC Writing Letters and Sound Practice With Doh

Beginner Tap Featuring a Mini Recital

Beginner Ballet Featuring a Mini Recital

Private, One-On-One Computer Classes -Great for Homeschool Students

Drawing Super Mario Bros Characters

Write On! Argumentative Essay Writing for Older Beginners (Ages 13-18)

Preschool Music Movin and Groovin - Halloween Dance Party

Making Sense of Number Sense: Fractions, Integers, Decimals, Percents and More!

Different Strokes for Different Folks: English Language Arts Support

Bats, Bats, Bats!

Join a Weekly Chess Tournament Club & Push Your Chess Skills to New Limits!

Ongoing Trivia Challenge Club for Kids

Weekly Violin Group Class

Future Broadway Stars in Training: Beginner Theater Dance Class

Pumpkin Acrylic Painting With Snoopy!

Math Mystery: Double Double Pumpkin Trouble

Book Club: Merlin Missions Adventure Series!

Tap, Ballet and Creative Movement Dance Combo With a Special Treat

Beginner Japanese Language and Culture 02 (Once a Week)

Murder Mystery Squad: The Snowy Murder

Pokémon Go 101

South Korean Art Class: Draw a Travel Girl in a Beautiful Hanbok

Christmas Color and Chat

World War 2 Turning Points of the Pacific Theater

4 Delicious Science Experiments

Twelve Weeks, Twelve Books - A Weekly Book Club for Gifted Students 11 - 13!

Writing Narratives

Wildlife Science: African Lions

Let's Blend and Rhyme ~ Kindergarten Phonics With Word Families ~

Reading Comprehension- 5 W's of Reading (Section 2)

4th Grade Winter I Quarter Math | We Can All Be Mathematicians! Q2

Broadway Musical Theatre Kids Camp (Ages 5-8)

Basic Ballet for Ages 10-12 (Ongoing)

Basic Ballet for Ages 6-9 (Ongoing)

3rd Grade Circle- Curriculum Review (Ongoing)

Reading Comprehension Strategies

The Barbie Bunch Club: Interactive Social Time With Dolls

Tailored Tutoring/Elementary Reading & Math

Get Out of Your Seat and Photograph!

Teen Halloween Party!

Level 1: Learning the Letter Sounds Phonics: Let's Get Reading (M.S.Ed)

Music With Ms. Annette: Coffee House Vibes, Teen Talent Time

Music With Ms. Annette: Coffee House Vibes

Private Math 1:1: Games & Other Strategies for Math Enrichment and/or Tutoring

Private Vocal Lessons: Sing Beautifully Like the Star That You Are!

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble: A Character Analysis of Shakespeare's Macbeth

The ADHD Toolkit- Dealing With Overwhelm to Get Things Done (10-13)

Advanced Pig Dissection

Private ~ Full Curriculum ~ Pre-K ~ Kindergarten Readiness ~ Circle Time Fun!

Paragraph Writing Ongoing Practice (Ages 11-14)

Beginner French Class

A Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Into the Stranger Things World - Full Adventure

Ariel • Color, Chat, and Sing-A-Long Class!

Dungeons and Dragons: Rime of the Frostmaiden (Ages 11-13)

Halloween Party! (Ages 7-12)

Understanding The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe: A Poetry Analysis

Circle Time- Halloween Themed

Individual Tutoring

Weekly History Club - An Adventure Through History

Johann Sebastian Bach: The Greatest Composer of All Time!

Russian Literature Self-Paced

Courtney Changes the Game: Totally 80's American Girl Book Club

Cubes All About It: The Cubist Art Movement

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online! Let's Play! Ages 14+

Practical Homesteading: Farm Kid Chat Social Club! (8-12)

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