Middle (Junior High) School Math Made Simple - Number Theory

Brian Birbal
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In this seven (7) day course for Middle (Junior High) School Math I will be explaining in detail Computation of Fractions and Decimals, Number Theory and Consumer Theory. These topics are ALL intertwined and should be done together.

Class experience

US Grade 7 - 9
Intermediate Level
These classes will take seven (7) sessions to complete. It will deal with the following:-

1.	Class 1 & 2 - Computation of Fractions and Decimals
2.	Class 3 & 4 - Number Theory
3.	Class 5, 6 & 7 - Consumer Theory

The students will learn the following:-

1.	Computations of Fractions and Decimals

a.	Representing fractions
b.	equivalent fractions
c.	mixed numbers and improper fractions
d.	addition and subtraction of fractions
e.	multiplication of fractions
f.	division of fractions
g.	mixed operations involving fractions
h.	Expanded notation
i.	expressing decimals as common fractions
j.	expressing common fractions as decimals
k.	mixed operations involving decimals
l.	Decimal places
m.	standard form (scientific notation)
n.	significant figures

2.	Number Theory
a.	Number sets
b.	rational numbers
c.	irrational numbers
d.	real numbers
e.	odd and even numbers
f.	prime and composite numbers
g.	multiples and factors
h.	lowest common multiple (L.C.M.)
i.	highest common factor (H.C.F.)
j.	solving problems involving H.C.F and L.C.M.
k.	number sequences
l.	properties of operations
m.	identity elements and inverses
n.	number bases

3.	Consumer Theory
a.	Concept of percent
b.	percent to fraction
c.	percent to decimal
d.	fraction to percent
e.	calculating the percent of a quantity
f.	expressing one quantity as a percent of another
g.	calculating the whole given a part expressed as a percent
h.	profit and loss
i.	discount
j.	sales tax
k.	commission
l.	formula for calculating compound interest,
m.	appreciation and depreciation
n.	hire purchase
o.	Definition and notation
p.	sharing a quantity in a given ratio
q.	finding the missing part of a ratio
r.	unitary method
s.	equivalent rates (ratios) method
t.	currency conversion
u.	overtime
v.	utility bills
Homework Offered
In order for each student to determine their own level of understanding of the Middle (Junior High) School Math course I will provide free of charge and outside of the sixty (60) minutes class questions to be answered. This of course is optional and soley based on the individual student. I would urge ALL students to answer as many questions as possible so that they would know where they need to improve, but it is optional.
2 - 4 hours per week outside of class
Assessments Offered
Every class will have questions to be answered and graded outside of the sixty (60) minutes class. This questions and answers will be done free of charge, as it will not be part of the sixty (60) minutes class.
Grades Offered
Learners will not need to use any apps or websites beyond the standard Outschool tools.
During the course of seventeen (17) years I have compiled a complete Middle (Junior High) School Math tutorial that I have assembled from various text books to keep up with the changing syllabus, as well as to cater for the various learning levels of every student that I have taught. I have tutored to students that were getting Fs and Ds elevated them to Bs and As.

Meet the teacher

Average rating:4.6Number of reviews:(24)
I have been a Mathematics and Physics private tutor for the past seventeen (17) years. During that time, I have tutored over four hundred (400) students ages 15 to 18 who were not very academically inclined and who were getting Fs and Ds and... 
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weekly or $105 for 7 classes
1x per week, 7 weeks
60 min

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Live video meetings
Ages 13-15
3-12 learners per class

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