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New Classes on Outschool 2020-08-16

There are 502 new classes on Outschool the week of August 16, 2020 to August 22, 2020.

Korean Alphabet Phonics Introduction!

Let's Learn Animal Names in Korean!

Seasons of Joy Main Lesson Block: What's Out There? Space and the Universe

Supportive 1:1 Individualized Tutoring for Ages 5-10

Sing-Along and Dance: Frozen Fun

Broadway Musical Theater Club: Six

Let's Learn About Figurative Language: Metaphors ~ It's a Piece of Cake!

|Boom! Nailed It! Linear Algebra Topic 5d: Graphing- Manipulating Linear Graphs

Lego Math for Preschoolers

Spelling Tutoring: Let’s Work on Your Spelling List

Bronx Masquerade Book Study: Poetry, Prejudice, and Relevance

Preschool Workshop: Beginning Math ~ Let's Choose Less!

Private Tutoring for Reading/Writing/Math- Regular or Special Ed (Ongoing)

12-Week Pre-Algebra Course for Grades 6-9 Semester 2

Preschool Workshop: Beginning Math ~ Can I Have Some More?

12-Week Pre-Algebra Course for Grades 6-9 Semester 1

Beginning Voice Class (7-10)

Preschool Workshop: Beginning Math ~ Number Recognition

Beginning/Intermediate Spanish (Ages 7-13) ~ Las Comidas, La Casa, y Lugares

Preschool Workshop: What Are the Seasons?

Let's Create GNOMES! Gnome Sweet Gnome Mini Polymer Clay Art Sculpting: Beginner

Social Group for Young Autistic Children

Book Club - The One and Only Ivan

Patterns: Patterns in Math - Beyond Multiples

Math Talks: Let's Think and Talk About Math! Ages 6-8 One Time Class

Phonics Fun for Life! (Multi-Day)

Math Talks: Let's Think and Talk About Math! Ages 4-6 One Time Class

Let's Read Longer Words and Sentences: Beginner Reading 2

Learning to Love Algebra 1: Saxon Math (Part 1 Of 4)

Fifth Grade Science with Hands On Fun! Semester Two

Drawing Flowers With Mrs. Bloom!

Social Psychology - Understanding the Influence of Others - Flexible Scheduling

Building a Love for Math: Grade 7 Saxon Math 8/7 87 (Part 3 Of 4)

Learning to Love Math-Grade 6 Part 4 of 4 (Saxon 7/6 76)

Learning to Love Math-Grade 6 Part 3 of 4 (Saxon 7/6 76)

Learning to Love Math-Grade 6 Part 2 of 4 (Saxon 7/6 76)

American Sign Language (ASL): Great for Ages 5 - 7 - Beginners Part One

Circle Time: Leaves!

Science Field Trip to Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, USA!

Catching Lincoln's Grave Robbers

Fantastic Failures in Science 2: Even MORE Accidental Inventions!

Mythology Herald: The Immortal Scoop! Gods, Myths & Legends of World Cultures

ELA Reading - The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo - Middle School Literature Book

Digestive System and Plant Based Nutrition (Ages 7-12 Yrs)

Cooking & Baking with DeAnn: Bread, Rolls, Breadsticks and More (FLEX 9-14)

Drawing Dragons: Art Inspired by Wings of Fire (Beginners/Intermediate)

History Herald: Crazy, Zanny, Ridiculous Laws of the US! Part 1! Weird & Wacky

Let's Learn Science: Ongoing Course

Semi-Private Music Lessons: Violin, Voice, or Ukulele

Sew a Bucket Hat Today With Ms. Tisa!

Engineering Course Minecraft: Craft Machines & Puzzles (5-Session), Ages 10-13

FLEX Ornithology: Research, Draw & Present Birds Around the World! 8Wk (Age 12-17)

FLEX Herpetology: Research, Draw, & Present Reptiles From Around the World! 8Wk (12-17)

FLEX Marine Biology: Research, Draw, & Present Sharks from around the world! 8Wk (Age 9-12)

FLEX Ornithology: Research, Draw, & Present Birds Around the World! 8Wk (Age 9-12)

FLEX Herpetology: Research, Draw, & Present Reptiles around the world! 8Wk (Ages 9-12)

Snacktastic Cooking Club - Healthy Wholefood Cooking - Allergy Friendly

A Watery World | Oceanography & Marine Science

Summer Memories at the Lake - Watercolor Painting With Miss Mooni

Easy Fun Guitar Class

Ending Blends (Phonics)

Van Gogh Sunflower, Drawing With Pastels

Ongoing Private Flute Lessons with a Professional Flute Educator (30 Minutes)

Creative Writing Club - Bring Your Stories to Life

Princesses, Dragons, and Unicorns Creative Writing: Let's Write a Fantasy Story!

Chit-Chat Cheer Club. Everything Cheer. Fun, Friends & Fitness

Step by Step Art Creations: Mega Pokémon

Learn How to Create Optical Illusions!

Step by Step Art Creations: Pokémon 4!

Draw Something!: Thinking Games

Mini Masterpieces: Art and Art History

Young Adult Creative Writing Cohort

Beginner's Speech & Debate Camp - 8 Week Course

Learn American Sign Language ASL Communication for Beginners Semester Ages 10-13

Turkey Time Story and Craft

Let Me Help! Reading, Writing or Math 1:1 Private Tutor (Certified Teacher 1st-6Th Grade)

I Can Read CVC Words: Phonics Practice With Short Vowel Words

Passport to the World: Exploring Landmarks around the World

Explore With Me....Dinosaurs

Epic Mini Games-Roblox

Stem Projects on the Water Cycle for Preschool

Astronomy: Let's Journey to Other Planets!

Let's Draw Ocean Animals - Drawing/Sketching Club Ages 8-11

Elementary Science: Knowing Your Body Inside Out - Making a Model Pumping Heart

Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Camp 001: Shadows From the East Adventure Camp

Keeper Club Chat-Conservation In Zoos

Build With Minecraft Creative Mode- Learn Prepositions, Perimeter and Area!

Crazy for Cats!

Theatre Acting Skills: Fun Improv!

Arduino Coding Part 1: LEDs, Servos, Buttons, Buzzers, and More

Learn French With Inna: Animals

6th Grade Pre Algebra - Part 1

Fashion Design: Sketching, & Drawing Club

Let’s Paint a Galaxy Sky Using Watercolors!

The Glamor of Styling Sentences Through Their Correct Patterns

Book Club - Charlotte's Web

History Herald: Time to Vote- United States Elections - The How and the Why!

Drawing Cute and Serious Anime Characters!

Crochet: Granny Square Blanket (Right Handed)

Crochet: Bath Poofs

Introduction to Procreate 2 : Shading and Symmetry Ages 7-9

Biological Psychology: From Biology to Behaviour

Psychology of Music: Performance Anxiety

My Very First Piano Lesson!

Preschool Animal Movements- Ongoing

Intermediate Self Defense (Teens)

Coding Course in Roblox: Create and Program Game Components (5-Session)

Introduction to Latin Language & Roman Culture: Cambridge Latin 1, Stages 1-4

Calming Your Inner Dinosaur: Guided Relaxation for Anxiety Through "Toy Story"

Engineering Course in Minecraft: Craft Machines & Puzzles (5-Session), Ages 8-9

Big Foot and Other Mythical Creatures’ Favorite Ecosystems

Princess Pilates: An Enchanting Workout!

How To Be A Dog or Cat: 2 Days of Informative and Creative Paragraph Writing

So You Want to Be a YouTuber? Analytics, Algorithms and More! 🎞️

The Story of Ishi: Finding Happiness Everywhere

Private Reading Tutoring to Help Young Readers Thrive! 2X/WK~ One on One Tutoring

Bloody History: Pirates, Witches, & Vikings (Semester Long)

Individual Tutoring for Guitar, Ukulele, and Mandolin

Pet Show and Tell

Check Out Logic Pro for Music Production and Engineering

Weekly - 100% Spanish Immersion - Speaking Boot Camp for Native Speakers by Native Speaker - Runs Full Year - Native Kids 1 - Ages 3 to 5

Clarinet Lessons

Constructing Static Electricity, Batteries, and Building a Fuel Cell Car.

Introduction to Poultry Diseases

Get That Broadway Singing Voice! [for Beginners, Ages 7 to 12, One-Time Class]

Drums/Percussion - Private one-on-one Lessons!

"Draw, Write, Now" Animals & Habitats Handwriting and Drawing Skills

Hola, Let's Learn Spanish for Intermediate Learners!

From Letters to Words (Level 2) - Systematic Phonics Instruction

Masterpiece Academy (Flex): Van Gogh's Greatest Hits

Scary Story Writing Club

Acting- Descendants (Flex Class)

Act up! Eight Weeks of Stage Movement for the Actor

Pumpkin Exploration: Halloween Hands on Science!

Ongoing Private Piano Lessons

Cooking a Delicious Meal From Scratch - Pizza and Pie

Private One-On-One English Language Arts Tutoring - Reach for It and Succeed!

How to Draw: Cute Kawaii Sea Creatures | Art Class

Geography Face to Face: Individual Tutoring for World and Human Geography

History of Horror: Dracula, Witches, and Ghosts

Private Voice Lessons (50-Minute Lessons)

Private Voice Lessons (30-Minute Lessons)

Drawing Class: Let's Draw Bluey & Bingo! Step by Step Approach to Ensure Success

Microsoft Excel 2016 - Level 3

Counting to 10 With Jungle Friends.

Lego Challenge Building Camp (Small Challenges)

Tell Me All About Roblox - Junior! (Ongoing)

Private Elementary Math Tutoring

Microsoft Excel 2016 - Level 2

I Understand! Reading Comprehension Practice, Fourth Grade Level

Hip Hop Dance and Meet Up

Microsoft Excel 2016 - Level 1


Summer Offering 2022, Write Your Own Novel! Yes You Can! Forum 1 (Forum 1/2)

I Understand! Reading Comprehension Practice, Fifth Grade Level

Math Word Problem Practice: 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade

Ballet Time: Drop in Ballet Class

Let’s Learn Letters and Sounds! Part B

Adverbs & Adjectives: A Star Wars Adventure

Are These Plants Herbs or Weeds? What's in Your Lawn?© Ages 10-14

Ecosystems: Food Chain

Ukulele Lessons

A Safe Place to Be Yourself: Social Group for Children With Special Needs (5-9)

The Verbs Star Wars Challenge

Amazing Animal Facts With A Little Bit of Reading and Sight Word Fun (2X week)

Improvisation: Advanced Comedy Improv Performance Team

Backyard Chicken Basics! Cool Facts & Tips for Owning Chicks!

Elementary Math Tutoring

Come Write With Me -- A Young Writer's Novel Writing Club

Jeopardy! Animal Edition (Ages 3-5)

Flexible Format: The Elements of Art

Friendly and Supportive Math Tutoring: Grades 4-7

Disney Princess Themed Dance Party: A Fairy Tale Workout

Learning ASL: Alphabet Ages 9 To 12

Learning ASL: Alphabet Ages 13 To 18

6th Grade Math Curriculum: Part 1

Dance for Musical Theatre: Old School Broadway Hits (FLEX Class)

Dino Time With Ms. Kristy

The Electoral What???

Lets Draw an Anime Boy Step by Step!

English Phonics- Adding Prefixes and Suffixes to Root Words

One-On-One Private Recorder Lessons

Phonics Class: Sound It Out, Reading Class Part 2

Multiplication Camp - Mastering Time Tables 0 To 12

Beginner Scratch Coding Club - Help Each Other Learn!

I Love My ADHD Brain

Fantasy Fiction Creative Writing Workshop: City of Doom (Semester Long)

History Mystery Special Event: The Winchester Mystery House

The ADHD Tool Kit - Working Memory (Age 7-9)

The ADHD Tool Kit- Attention and Focus (Ages 7-9)

What in the World? Cultural Geography


Adventures in ADHD: How to Harness Your Superpower

History Herald: Different Government & Leadership Forms- Historical & Now

The ADHD Toolkit- Self-Advocacy

Pre-Algebra - 7th / 8th Grade - Math Class - Ongoing

Octopuses, Sharks, Whales & Dolphins: Facts, Myths, & Legends of the Sea

Never Girls Book Club!

It's a Magical World: Harry Potter 1 Book Club

Small Group Reading Fluency and Comprehension Class (4 students) for Emergent Readers With a Certified Teacher - My First "I Can Read" Books -Grades K - 1st

Design Your First Retro Video Game! Make Your Own Characters W/ Simple Coding Introduction (Ages 6+) 🕹️

Private Math Tutoring (4th-8th grade)

How to Draw a Toucan Bird With Colored Pencils/Art

All About Torts! Learning Civil Law and Analyzing Cases - Ongoing Class

Mrs. B’s Semester Book Club: Let’s Read Anne of Green Gables Graphic Novel!

Art Adventures

Cooking & Baking with DeAnn: Pies and Homemade Crusts (Flex 10-14 yrs)

Drawing with Colored Pencils: Animal Portrait Project (FLEX Class)

How to Draw: Cute Kawaii Fruits!| Art Class

A Very Spooky Kawaii Halloween

Amazon River Giant! an Introduction to the Arapaima Fish

Drawing Your Own Anime and Manga Characters! - Art Club

My Minecraft What Ifs, Would You Rathers, and Whatnot: Creative Thinking and Fun

Strong Paragraphs 4 Week Course (Middle and High-School-Flex)

Artist's Painting Techniques (Ongoing Class)

Pre School Math: Recognizing Numbers and Counting to 10, Superhero Style!

Reading Strategies That Work: Fact and Opinion With Kahoot!

Intro to TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion - A Kid's Day Theme (Ages 7-11)

Roblox Royale High Halloween Celebration!

5th/6th Grade Math: Perimeter and Area of Rectangles

One-On-One Private Ukulele Lessons

4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Grade Math One on One Homework Help and Tutoring

Intro to Blender and 3d Animation: Part 1

Learn the Basics of Scratch Coding to Make a Simple Game

Turning Pages Book Club: LOTR Bk 0.5 The Hobbit

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs! Dinosaur Story and Salt Dough Dino Fossils

Beginning Sewing With a Machine

Special FX, Halloween, and Cosplay Makeup Club!

Memorize Multiplication With Songs You've Heard 1,000 Times: Weekly Practice

Soaring Scribes: Beginner Writing Techniques Level 3

I Understand! Reading Comprehension Practice, Third Grade Level

Escape the World of Rainbow Unicorns! Interactive Escape Room

I'm Not Scared of Dinosaurs! A Fun Class for Dinosaur Stories and Friends

Writing Poetry (Make Your Own Poetry Book)

Escape the Nether! Minecraft Interactive Escape Room

New Math Strategies/Subtraction

New Math Strategies/Addition

Room on the Broom Story Time and Sequencing Booklet

Pemdas or Bust!

Engineering Camp in Minecraft: Craft Machines & Puzzles (5-Session), Ages 8-9

History Herald: Crazy, Wild, and Dangerous Pets of History - Oh My!

Book Discussion - I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives

5th/6th Grade Complete ELA Quarter, Greek Mythology - The Lightning Thief

Black Girls Rock: Book Club

Indian Festival Dances #4: Navratri Themed Bollywood Dance - Garba! (Ages 3-6)

Learn to Read w/Phonics, Sight Words, & Friends! Lev 2-1st & 2nd Grade English

Italian Language Class With Native Mother Tongue

English: Global Literature- Discuss and Debate Global Issues through Novel Study

Musical Theatre Workshop 1.0. Alexander Hamilton: Sing Like a Broadway Star!

Document-Based Questions (DBQ) -AP World, European, US History Writing

Learn Core Vocabulary Words With Ease - Grades 3, 4, And 5

English: Capitalization and Their Uses in Sentences/ Writing

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Dog - Eurasier

Private Piano Lessons

Once Upon a Time... Dance and Theatre Camp

Let's Discover Color Theory Together!

A Little Mystery in Your History: European Explorers

The All in One Math Camp: Grade 5 And 6

Workout Mash Up- Sonic, Mario, Pokemon, Ninja ongoing workout series.

American Symbols: Discover the White House!

Let's Pamper Our Pups! (Flex Course)

Introduction to Fireflies / Lightning Bugs

My Space Station: Let's Become Astronaut Experts!

Cats- Readaloud, Color, and Chat

Learn Spanish with La Profe Natalia / Certified ELE Teacher - Spanish Immersion Course

Homeroom - Grade 1 and 2 Circle Time - Lets Travel the World

Photography Club!

Explore the Prehistoric World: The Perilous Permian

Creative Writing for Young Children Part 1 - Saturday Option

Primer Piano Part 3

Where Am I? Famous U.S. Cities Guessing Game!

Disney Voice Acting Class: ENCANTO | Learn Voice Over (For Beginners)

Mandarin Chinese with Games and Music Level 1B (Age 5-13)

2nd Grade Morning Meeting

How to Plan & Organize Your Day Like an Expert

Where Am I? Famous Cities of the World Guessing Game!

Arabic for Beginners 1 (Flex)

At-Your-Pace Beginner’s Ukulele Class (Flexible Schedule) Ages 10-13

Build a Dog Agility Course (Flex Course)

Silly Sentence Writing

Mathematics Tutoring for Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry - 30 Minute Session

How To Start a Conversation and Make New Friends. Ice Breaker, Friend Maker.

Book Club: Let's Read Harry Potter Book 3 by J.K. Rowling

Learn About Dinosaurs & Play With Friends Inclusive Class for Age 3-5

Fractions and Mixed Numbers: Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing

The Classical World--Greek and Roman History

Roblox Times Tables

Draw With Me! Art and Storytime

Piano Level 1, Part 1

LEGO Challenge: Create a Jeep!

Subtracting Integers: Taking Away Positive and Negative Numbers

Elementary Science: Knowing Your Body Inside Out - Making a Model Lung

Preschool and Kindergarten Science:Classifying Animals by Where They Live. Land, Air and Water

Dinosaur Math for Early Learners

To Be an Actor: How to Appreciate Yourself and Others Through Theater

Taekwondo - Martial Arts for Beginners

A Tour of the Periodic Table of Elements (Live)

Middle School Science With a Biomedical Engineering Major

Hey, What's the Big (Main) Idea

Still Life Techniques - Pencil Drawing of a Cup With Brushes/Art

Math Talks: Enriched Problem Solving (Ages 10-12)

Music Education 101: Reading Notes on the Bass Clef

Broadway Holiday Musicals: Sing, Act, and Dance!

French Beginner 1

Private Math Tutoring for Middle School and High School - 30 Minutes

Beginning to Read Part 1

Intermediate Flute Lessons, How to Improve Your Playing!

Phonics for Dragons (Early Reading Skills)

Giddy up! Horses, Horses, and More Horses! Horse Lover's Paradise.

Beginners Caricature Class: Draw Yourself!

Creepy & Cool Creatures of the Deep. Odd & Unique Deep Sea Animals.

Conversational Italian With Native Speaker

Dog Book Club: Dogs Daring to Be Heroes

Spanish Culture | Day of the Dead Celebration

Hello! What's Your Name? (Getting Comfortable Conversing in English) Ages 6-9

Autism Talk: Special Interests (Ages 10-15)

Abnormal Psychology of Superheroes & Villains: Who Needs Counseling More?

Abnormal Psychology & Mickey's Friends: Does Beast Need Counseling?

Abnormal Psychology and Disney Characters: Does Scar Need Counseling?

Sushi Making

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Health, Hygiene and Puberty for Girls (Flex)

Comprehensive Sex Education for Girls (Flex)

Don't Worry, Be Happy! - Anxiety Support for Teens (Flex)

Introduction to Social Science

Celebrate Diversity Super Hero Style!

The Rainbow Clubhouse: LGBTQ+ Crafts and Chat Club (Ongoing)

High School English - Skills for Success FLEX Class

Algebra 1 Full Curriculum! Summer Camp

Sing-Along and Dance: Disney Songbook Part I

Broadway Vocal Lab: Musical Theatre Ages 7-9

Chess for Rookies: Introduction to Chess Part I (Rules)

Let's Learn About Dog Agility

Draw a Realistic Portrait/Human Face

KATAKANA - Intro to Japanese Katakana (Writing) for Kidz

Weekly Individual Tutoring and HW Help: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Math 1, Geometry

Note-Taking Strategies: Find a Format That Works for You in 55 Minutes!

Private Sewing Lesson

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Superfan Trivia Game!

Long Division With and Without Remainder 4th and 5th Grade Math.

Introduction to Mosquitoes

Note Taking and Annotating Strategies for All Students

Make up Basics: Brushes, Palettes and More!

Roblox Adopt Me Halloween Party!

Cooking: Lemony Cilantro Pasta Salad

Preschool Together (Part 1)

Circle Time: Let's Explore the Science of Apples!

Weekly Private Math Tutoring (Multi-Day)

Art Club: Beginners Multimedia (Ongoing)

Social Skills Group (Students With Autism)

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman - A FLEX Novel Study

Learn About Kwanzaa! (ages 5-10)

Equations, Parabolas, and All Things Quadratic: A Survey of Quadratic Topics

Launch to the International Space Station! (Ages 5-7)

Pottery Wheel Clay Art Class, 11-16

From One to Many Syllables!

Beginning Blends (Phonics)

Vowel Teams (Phonics)

Static Electricity: Hands on Science!

Strategies for Successful Reading: Improve Your Reading Comprehension Skills

First Level (High) Spanish Let's Keep Going - My Turn

Think You Can Win the Lottery? An Introduction to Combinatorics

Music Notation With Hamilton!

Discovering Science: Middle School Comprehensive Science Semester 1 (Meets Twice Weekly)

Roblox Adopt Me! Fanatics Play-Chat-Trade

Phonics Rules!

Multi-Day Beginning Piano Class for Older Students With Mrs. Karen (8 Weeks)

A Visit With Mrs Claus: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Painting Fall Leaves - Flat Brush Techniques

Music Theory Flex Class!

Fifth Grade Math Skills 1 FLEX

Learn to Love Language Arts (3rd + 4th Grade) - 2x/Week

Private/Semi-Private Arts & Crafts Class

One-On-One Tutoring: Creative Writing

Learn to Love Language Arts (1st + 2nd Grade) - 2x/Week

Three Branches of Government 101

Emotion Emoji Storytime With Lisa

Babysitting Basics: Everything You Need to Know to Be an Amazing Babysitter!

Practice Russian and Yoga. Theme: Beach.Ocean (Ages 4-8)

What Makes a Masterpiece? Learn What Makes a Great Work of Art Truly Great

Wee Musicians Music Theory: Exploring the World of Dynamics!

Let Me Be the Star: 1-On-1 Singing Lessons (8-12)

French Grammar Review with a Kahoot Game!

Learning is Fun! Preschool, Pre-K & Kindergarten Full Curriculum Circle Time & Drawing

Private Tutoring: Algebra 2

The Science Edition Book Club Camp

Managing Anger, Sadness, Anxiety, and Other Emotions (Flex)

Fun Black History: Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math and Kahoot

ESL - English as a Second Language - Beginners - Ages 5-10

Clash of Kingdoms: The Rise of the Mongol Empire

B-36 Peacemaker the First Massive Strategic Bomber

Read Around the World Book Club

Renaissance! History, Art, Science, Ideas, and Trade Flexible Schedule

Adding Integers: Positives and Negatives Coming Together

Special Needs (Autism, Cognitive Delay, Nonverbal) Teen Discussions & Coloring

Fighting With Frustration: Emotional Regulation Strategies for kids

The Five Senses: Explore With Me!

Battling Butterflies- Skills to work through Unhelpful Anxiety

Dungeons and Dragons 204: Hoard of the Dragon Queen Beginner Adventure Campaign

Out of This World: Other Members of the Milky Way Galaxy(Flex)

Jane Goodall and You : A Service Learning Campaign Class

Star Wars: Weekly Themed Writing (Ongoing)

Video Game Review Social Club! (8-13)

Flexible Sewing Beginner: 18" Doll - Create a 4 Piece Wardrobe

Sewing Beginner: 18 Inch Doll Clothes - Shirt Top

3rd Grade Full Homeschool Curriculum

Kindergarten Weekly Meeting

Beginning Spanish - Learn to Speak & Read in Spanish! Session I (Ages 7-12)

Let's Start at the Very Beginning: Music Basics Level 1!

Hola, Let's Learn Spanish in One Hour!

Sign It: American Sign Language (ASL) Club

Circle Time: All Things Construction!

Haitian Creole Level 1 for Ages 3 And 4

Hola! Bienvenidos Spanish Basics 101 (Junior High to High School)

14-Week Algebra 1 for Grades 8-12 Course B

14-Week Algebra 1 for Grades 8-12 Course A

One on One Personalized ELA Tutoring With Mrs.Carrie

Building Masters Challenge & Social Club

Building Masters Challenge & Social Club (4-7 yrs)

D&D Adventurers League Class - Play a One Shot Adventure Each Week!

Singing When You're Winning: Private Singing Lessons

Building Masters Club: Show and Tell (8-12 yrs)

Building Masters: Show and Tell (4-7 yrs)

Fun With Phonics for Beginning Readers

Happy New Year Crown~2023

Drawing Animals: Sketch, Draw, & Color!

Private Tutoring With Teacher Alicia: English as a Second Language

Private Voice Lesson/ One-On-One (One Time Class)

Sing Beautifully, Like the Star that You Are!

How to Effectively Use a Planner (Teens)

How to Effectively Use a Planner

Hollywood Studios Quest: A Disney Escape Room

Irish Language for Little Learners......Let's Go!

After-School Chess (7-12 Years Old)

Doodle Write: A Creative Writing Activity (ages 6-8)

Doodle Write: A Creative Writing Activity (ages 9-11)

Rainbow Science Camp: Exploring Colors With 3 Science Experiments (Age 3-7)

Mastering Fractions for Grades 3-6

Dungeons and Dragons: Waterdeep Dragon Heist! (Ages 11 - 13)

Book Club: Reading the I Survived Book Series! **POPULAR CLASS!**

Film Studies Movie Club

1x/Week Ongoing Tutoring- Elementary, ESL, PreK, or Special Education

Cat Book Club: True Tales of Cats Showing Courage

14-Week Algebra 1 for Grades 8-12

Speak up! - Public Speaking Practice for Introverts

Weekly Kindergarten Classroom Fun!

Ukulele for Young Beginners - Levels 1 and 2 - Weekly Class (Ages 5-6)

Elementary School Tutoring -Reading, Writing, Phonics, ESL, Math (K-6)

Google Sheets for Beginners

Fashion Design Camp

Reading One on One - Short Class

Mandarin Chinese School - Private With a Native Speaker (2 Siblings/Friends)

Mandarin Boot Camp Class (Speaking, Listening and Comprehensive) & Test Your Proficiency

10 Spelling Rules That Are Not Always Taught

Exploring Rocks, Minerals and Gems: A Flex Class

Happy Heart- Kandinsky Watercolor Painting!

Super-Sizing Sentence Writing for Six and Seven-Year-Olds

Pokémon Go Gaming Club

Nightingale and Barton: A Tale of Two Pioneer Nurses

Have Fun Playing Battleship as You Practice Your Multiplication!

Don't Freak Out! Introducing FRQs (Free Response Questions for AP classes)

Roald Dahl Book Club!

When Women Write: Jane Eyre (Flex)

Who Am I? (2) Animal Guessing Game!

Don't Worry, Be Happy - Anxiety Support for Children (Flex)

Seven Wonders of the Modern World

Seven Wonders of the Medieval World

Behaviorism, Mental Make-Up, & Personality Studies: Psychology for Teens

Examining Our Social World, Culture, & Diversity: Sociology for Teens

History of Forgeries, Scams and Crimes...OH MY! (Ongoing)

6 Degrees of Separation in History

Seven New Wonders of the World

Travel With Me: New Zealand

Marvel Movie Marathon MCU

Game Time! - Let's Play Fall Guys 13+

Learn Saxon Math 8/7 From a Fun, Experienced, Certified Math Teacher and Tutor

Pre-Algebra - Build a Strong Foundation Supplement for Year-Long Classes - tutoring

Individual Reading, Writing, and/or Math Tutoring

Middle School Art: Flex Fall Semester

Mystery at The Furry Friends Animal Shelter - Puzzles, Brainteasers,and Riddles

A Map to Writing Success: Help for the Reluctant Writer. Flex Version

Executive Function Coaching- 3 Meetings (By Request)

Beginner Keyboarding for 6-8 Year Old Students (FLEX)

I Can Read! Digraphs and Other Strange Blends (Flex)

Born Baker | Simple No-Bake Cheesecake Workshop | Delicious Without Baking!

5th Grade Math | Fall Semester Class

Ace 4th Grade Math in 4 Weeks! Summer Camp

Minecraft: Yoshi's Survival Club (Bedrock only, No Java)

Cool Sharks and Where They Live. Deep Sea Adventure. Awe Inspiring.

Jellyfish, Jellyfish. Deep Sea Adventure. Cool Fun Facts.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Writing Club: Turn Your Written Story Into a Digital Book!

Let's Play Roblox Adopt Me!

Hand Sewing a Dress for 18" Doll

Fall Pipe Cleaner Bead Craft: Pumpkin, Halloween Spider, and Colorful Corn FLEX

Art With Science: 8 FLEX Weeks of Elementary Art and Observing Nature (3-5)

Music With Ms. Annette: A Frozen Scandinavian Musical Adventure!

Mrs. B's Semester Book Club: Let’s Read Anne of Avonlea!

Private Music Lessons (Full Hour, Ages 7-12)

Private Music Lessons (Half Hour, Ages 13-18)

Private Music Lessons (Full Hour, Ages 13-18)

Creative Writing: Animal Adventure!

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