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New Classes on Outschool 2020-08-23

There are 501 new classes on Outschool the week of August 23, 2020 to August 29, 2020.

First Steps Into Piano, Ages 6-8. Lesson 2

Ballet/Tap Combo Class for Mini Movers: Ages 4-7

My Hero Academia Themed Math Class - ESL Teacher

Halloween Descriptive Paragraph Writing: Haunted House Edition

A Student Filmmaking Camp: Inspiration From the "Worst Movie Ever Made"

Build an Essay: 5-Paragraph Structure

Watercolor Wander: Flower Art Club | Beginner Watercolor Painting Techniques

Miss Ally’s Art Class: Red Fox and Moon Painting Class

Blast Off into Space: Solar System Watercolor Resist

Ballet 101: Ballet for Beginners Ages 12-16

Preschool and Kindergarten Lunchroom With Teacher Lauren

English Reading and Writing Club! (13-16 Years)

Lesson 8 Scratch Coding for Beginners-Make a Video Game-War of the Clones

Basic Cheerleading Motions + Cheer with Sarah

How to Draw and Shade 3-D Forms With Value

Fun With Drawing!

Draw It: Harry the Hammerhead

Creating Stories That Fly: A Weekly Creative Writing Workshop

Fun With Scissors!

Private Tutoring: Personalized PreK - 3rd Grade Math Lessons

Second & Third Grade Language Arts Practice

Digging Into Dog Man Weekly Book Club

Private Tutoring: Procreate Digital Drawing-Full Hour

After-School Chess Part Two

Beginner Japanese Language and Culture 01 (15-18, Twice/Wk)

Let’s Play Games! Recreational Classic Games Club (Ongoing)

Comic Book Writing: Write & Develop Your Own Comic Book or Manga (Ages 13-17)

Comic Book Writing: Write & Develop Your Own Comic Book or Manga (Ages 8-12)

Monster Truck STEM- Ramps!

DIY Science - Exploring Chemistry

Paulette, The Pinkest Puppy! Story Time Reading Fun With Teacher Dianne

Cook With a Book (FLEX)

Beginners Learn the Elements of Art, Montessori Inspired Art Class With Miss Una

LEGO Builders Club: Weekly STEM Building Challenges (Ages 5-10)

Disney Princess Not so Scary Halloween Party: Storytime, Chat, & Craft

Welcome to the Guitar! (Ages 7 - 10)

A Cup of Details: Making Good Sentences Great!

Yoga Ocean Flow : Ocean-Themed Yoga Practice

Hamilton: The Real Stories Behind the People and Events in the Musical

AP History DBQ Document Based Question Essay Prep World or US History

Intro to Greek Mythology (Teens)

Let's Travel to Belgium!

Broadway Musical Theater Club: Hamilton

6th-8th Grade Art Club: Let's Create and Socialize!

ELA Novel Study Ages 8-11: "A Wrinkle in Time" and "Number the Stars"

American Girl Halloween Crafting Party

Welcome to the Nether: A Drawing Class for Big Fans! Minecraft Drawings| Art

Wizard’s Debate the Book Class

Writing: Beginning Narrative Writing Gr.1

Broadway Musical Theater Club Hangout

Earth Science for Middle School Students - Semester 1

Step by Step Art Creations: Astronaut Space Adventure

Geology & Geography of the National Parks - Part 2

The Adulting Game

Essential Grammar and Paragraph Writing

Language Arts: Introduction to Writing Sentences

Private Tutor: English and Reading

Novel Study: "Detective Camp" (A to Z Mysteries: Super Edition #1)

Shark Tank Jr. Design Your Business and Present It in the Shark Tank!

Multiplication for Beginners (Arrays) - Minecraft Multiplication!

Boy's Social Club

English as Second Language: One on One Tutoring

Switch Mariokart 8, Smash & Fall Guys Social Club

Elementary Reading Assessment (One-On-One)

How to Draw: Kawaii Fall, Autumn Camping, & Pusheen Doodles FLEX Class

Design and Create Your Own Pokémon Inspired Card!

Korean for Beginners Part 1 (Flex Class)

Fall Sight Word Bingo: 1st grade

Yoga & Meditation for Stress Relief and Fun (On-Going)

Middle School Writing (IEW SSS Level 1B) FLEX - First Semester

Elementary Writing (IEW SSS Level 1A) FLEX- First Semester

How to Draw: Kawaii Sweet Desserts! | Art Class

Finding Your Inner Wizard: Guided Relaxation for Anxiety Through Magical Themes

🌵How to Draw: Kawaii Doodles FLEX Class (Plants, Outerspace, Food, and School)🚀 taught by an Illustrator

Beginner's Cooking and Baking: Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Letter Sounds, First Sight Words, Phonics & Beginning to Read (Multi-Sensory)

Executive Function Coaching- 2 Meetings (By Request)

Kids Yoga in Russian (Ages 4-7)

Resilience & a Growth Mindset Sessions for Ages 8-11

My Mindset & Making Mistakes Sessions Ages 5-7

KOI POND - Japanese for KIDZ Club

Fall in the Forest!

Private Group Lessons: Ukulele (Multi-Day)

Private 1:1 Tutoring and Enrichment with Dr. Rutledge

Dragon of Icespire Peak: A D&D Campaign for New Players

Tackle Math Problem Solving With Confidence

Cooking Around the World (FLEX)

Animals and Tutus Oh My! Story Time Fun Reading With Teacher Dianne

Let's Learn About Figurative Language: Analyzing Alliterations

Private Music Lessons: Ongoing: Voice, Violin, Ukulele, and Music Theory

Animal Adventures; Exploring Animals of the Night

Order up Some Ornithology (Jr./Sr. High School Birding Club)

School Success! Private Reading Tutor for English Language Learners (ESL 1 On 1)

Brain Moves-Learn 4 Movement Exercises to Wake Up Your Brain & Help You Focus

Who Am I? Dinosaur Guessing Game!

Weekly Drama Club!

Mrs. Snook's Story Time: Learn and Have Fun!

Roblox-Pet Show Dress up-Chat and Play

Cook With a Book Junior (FLEX)

Clarinet Lessons for Beginners

Monster Art With Complementary Colors!

Lego Builder Club: Techniques, Fun Builds, and More!

Spanish / Espanol Immersion Circle Time: Stories, Songs, Doodles, & Movement

Cruising for Skills on MS Excel - Pt 1 for Middle School

Chess for Rookies: Introduction to Chess Part IV (Openings)

Beginner to Intermediate Slow Cooker Meals #2: Flex; Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Level 1 Crocheting: Let's Make a Washcloth!

Private Tutoring: Algebra 1

Un Cercle D'Amis: Kindergarten Circle Time for Beginners (in French)(Letters & Numbers)

Race to the White House: A Game About Presidential Elections

Canadian History: Suffragettes, the Famous Five and First-Wave Feminism

Beginner/Intermediate Apparel Sewing (FLEX)

Learn How to Draw Realistic and Anime Hands!

Intro to Greek Mythology

Chess for Advance Players - Level 1 (Twice a Week, 5 Weeks)

Animals: Wild Cats From Around the World (Flex)

STEM Coding Class: Code a Submarine Treasure Hunt Game in Scratch

Amazing Animals Preschool Craft Flex Class

What's for Dinner? #2 (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

For the Love of Pumpkin Cooking Class (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Design and Create Meditation Symbols© Ages 13-17

Paint Like the Master Painters! Monet, Matisse, Van Gogh and Kandinsky Kids FLEX

What's for Dinner? #13 (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

What's for Dinner? #12 (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

What's for Dinner? #11 (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

What's for Dinner? #10 (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Fancify Cake Mixes #5 Poke Cakes (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Anime Epic Hair Sketching & Drawing Intensive: Flex Version

Anime Chibi Figure Draw & Sketch Intensive: Mastering Kawaii Style: Flex

A Christmas Carol

NASA Rovers on Mars: Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity & Perseverance

Let's Make No Sew Sock Bunnies!

Magic Tree House Book Club

Teddy Bear Tea Party

Let’s Go to Harry Potter Wizard Camp! Book and Movie Review

Ongoing Private Spanish Lessons for Beginners

Dance Class - Country Hoedown/ Hip Hop - Beginner

Silly Skeletons Halloween Art and Costume Party

Math Mysteries: A Math Enrichment Club

Hip Hop/Musical Theatre, Hamilton Themed Dance Class - Broadway

Watercolor Techniques for Kids

A Creative's Journey Through "Create This Book" - Weekly Art Club

World’s Weirdest Animals!

Public Speaking for Teens - 8-Week Course (Ages 14-18)

Gacha Club Weekly Social Club - Let's Play!

Public Speaking for Ages 10-14 - 8-Week Course

Beginner Multiplication: Learning the Multiplication Facts for 6 To 10

Beginner Multiplication: Learning the Times Tables for Numbers 1- 5

Animals Around the World Geography & Guessing Game! (Ongoing)

Fun With Chinese: Level 2a

Ballet 101: Ballet for Beginners Ages 8-11

Homework Helper: 1:1 Private Tutoring PreK- 6th Grade With Ms. Nicole!

Roblox Gamer Club 8-12

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Roald Dahl Literature Book Club

What Happened Before the Dinosaurs? Prehistoric Animal Discovery

Star Sentences: Write Super Sentences With 5 Parts of Speech

Sing in French - Ages 3-6 - Les Petits Poissons (the Little Fish)

Understanding Physics: Energy & Momentum FLEX (14-18)

Let's Write Super Sentences and Learn Parts of Speech!

Happy Heart Day-Valentines Day -STEM, Statistics & Scissors

Speak Spanish Today! Ongoing Conversational Spanish 2 (Late Beginner)

Speak Spanish Today! Ongoing Conversational Spanish 1 (Beginners)

Exploring the Underwater World: Sharks

Chronicles of Narnia Book Study: "The Magician's Nephew" by CS Lewis

Halloween Party with a Spooktacular Teacher!

Roblox Girls Club: You Pick the Games! (Ages 6-9)

Draw and Paint: Fall Pumpkin Patch

Upper Elementary Montessori Tutoring - 30 Minutes, 6 Sessions

Roblox Girls Club: You Pick the Games! (Ages 10-13)

Cruising for Skills on MS Word - Pt 1 for Middle School

Grammar Combo: Grammar in the Hamburger Paragraph & Five-Paragraph Essay *FLEX*

Professional Basketball Skills Course (2 Days per Week)

Let's Get Messy: Paper Towel Flower Painting

USA Geography Made Simple

Fun Spooky House Drawing With Pop up Windows

Snow Queen's Frozen Dance Class! Beginner Level

Dinosaur Lovers: Time To Learn About The Strange And Unique Ones

Learn Bass Guitar With Dave (Ages 14 - 18)

How to Draw: Halloween Cat and Jack-O-Lantern

Dragon Painting - Mixed Media - Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Class

Mastering Math: Learning Symmetry, Area, and Perimeter by Measuring with Candy

Lesson 2 Scratch Coding for Beginners-Make a Video Game-Create a Maze Game

Co-Ed Conversation Club: How to Start a Conversation & Keep It Going

Montessori Math Private Tutoring Assessment and Trial

One on One Math Tutoring: Grades 3rd-5th

French Help! Drop-in Tutoring, Homework Help and Private Lessons!

Animal STEM Coding Class: Code a Game in Scratch to Defend the Turtles

Division Booster - Mental Math Fluency Flexible Schedule [FLEX Class]

Beginning Creative Stitching - Embroidery

Alphabet and Beginning Sounds | Letter Craft Class for Preschool and Kindergarten

U.S. Checks and Balances (Ages 9-14)

Adding Pizzazz to Your Writing With Figurative Language!

World War II History: The Atomic Bombs of World War Two / WW2

Creative Writing Masterclass: How to Create Great Characters!

History Herald: They Did What!?! Crazy Medical Treatments From History!

𓂀 Your Everyday Life in Ancient Kemet (Egypt) - 4 sessions 𓂀

The Ice Age: A Tour of the Pleistocene!

5th Grade Math Class - Full Year of Grade 5 Math - Ongoing

1 Day Why Video Games Are Addictive Minecraft Roblox Etc Avoid Gaming Addiction

FLEX-Meals In A Slow Cooker! Casseroles, Soups, Meats, Etc. Now Only $40!

Mrs. B’s Creative Writing Club: Let’s Write a Chapter Story About Our Favorite Animals!

The Outsiders: A Novel Study

Pokémon Go: Pop Up Raid!

Enriching My Social Emotional World: A Discussion Class for Upper Elementary

Earth Day Mini Camp-Crafts, Poems and STEM (5-8 Year Olds)

Artemis Adventure Group

History Time Travel - George Washington

U.S. History thru the Eyes of the American Girl Dolls: Meet Josefina

Let's Learn Letters and Sounds! Pre-K Letters and Sounds Plus!

Small Group Tutor Support for 3rd-4th grade Math in Ms. Nicole's Homework Hall!

Fall Pumpkin Drawing/ Sketching and Shading Using a Pencil/Art

Private Reading and Writing Tutoring for Grades K-5

JavaScript 1

Small Group Tutor Support - PreK-Kindergarten ELA in Ms. Nicole's Homework Hall!

Happy Cello-Ween! Play Spoooky Tunes on Your Cello Just in Time for Halloween!

Disney-Themed Dance Time: Ballet Basics for Beginners

Fairy Tales and More Story Time and Crafts

Master Builder Summer Camp 2023 - NEW CHALLENGES AND GIVEAWAYS!

"Let Us Learn All About Transportation!" (Ages 3-5)

Human Body Science Biology Anatomy- Draw Your Own X-Ray and Learn About Bones!

Origami Ninja Stars

Creative Writing for Young Children Part 3

Second Semester of High School Algebra 2

Colors and Shapes Scavenger Hunt for Little Learners

Editing and Proofreading Your Creative Writing

Let's Make Origami Animals - Bunny & Puppy

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Kids Slime Story Time.

4th Grade Math: Common Core Standards (2nd Semester) FLEX

Let's Explore: The Prehensile-Tailed Porcupine

Kindergarten Social Club With Teacher Angie

Homeschool Chemistry for Kids: Weekly Experiments You Can Do at Home

Our Animal Alphabet: Letters and Life!

Animals and Their Habitats: FLEX

Investment Club for Kids-Introduction

Grade 2 Math: Addition and Subtraction

Cruising for Advanced Skills - SmartArt - What Is It and How Does It Work?

Beginning Guitar: Semester Class (FREE Workbook + Videos)

Long Vowel Scavenger Hunt and Show and Tell!

Learn Korean Through Conversation! (Ongoing)

Be S.M.A.R.T - Learn How To Set Goals and Build Perseverance

My First Preschool Circle Time: Tues/Wed/Thurs- Fall Semester 39 Classes

My First Preschool Circle Time: 5 Days a Week! Fall Semester 65 Classes

Private Awesome Reading Tutor - Miss Rachel, for Ages 5-9

Jump Into Journaling

Intermediate Norwegian Level 2- Continue to Learn the Language of the Vikings!

A Very Spooky Kawaii Halloween Part 2 (Part 1 Not Required)

Beyond Fact vs. Opinion: Crafting an Academic Claim or Thesis

Tardigrades: The Coolest Animal You Have Never Heard Of!

Art Through the Ages (Art History) With Miss Una

Advanced Norwegian- For Strong Speakers of the Viking Language!

5th/6th Grade Complete English Language Arts Quarter - Human Rights

Let's Learn About Money! Rich Dad, Poor Dad for Teens Study and Book Club (Flex)

Chess for Advance Players - Level 2 (Twice a Week, 5 Weeks)

American Literature Part 1: Literature in Historical Context

English Reading and Writing Skills for 11-13 Ages.

Citations Flex Class: MLA, APA, Work Cited and Reference Page

American Literature Part 2: Literature in Historical Context

Seasonal Story Time & Crafts

Guiding You to Better Sleep: Guided Relaxation and Mindfulness With Sleeping Beauty

Stretch and Sweat: Tabata - Yoga

5 to 10 Year-Old Black History From a Decolonized Perspective

Preschool Yoga (Ages 3-4)

Building Believable Characters: An Acting Class

Book Links-- Number the Stars, a Realistic Fiction Story of Heroism and Bravery

English Reading and Writing Skills Ages 8-11

Lois Lowry's Gathering Blue Reading and Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Japanese History Spotlight: The Last Samurai

Geography: Let's Explore Germany

Multiplication Booster Boot Camp - Mental Math Fluency Flexible Schedule [FLEX Class]

Algebra 1 - 8th / 9th Grade Math Class - Ongoing

FLEX-Let's Bake Dessert! Cookies, Cakes, Brownies, Pie, Etc. Now Only $40

Individual Private Chess Tutoring (Ongoing)

Conversation Skills for Teens - How to Know What to Say - Ages 13 - 17

Conversations, How to Know What to Say - Ages 8-12

Tutoring for Handwriting

Beginner to Intermediate Slow Cooker Meals: Flex; Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Instant-Pot Pressure Cooker Meals (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

What's for Dinner? #1 (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Tiger Word Fun! Learn Words Related to the Tiger

Phonics - CVC and Sight Words - Learn to Read and Write Sight Words and Phonics Word Families - Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade

Effective Study Habits: Improving Our Grades

Escape From The Haunted Mansion - Virtual Escape Room Adventure

Capturing Your Photographic Style for Young Learners

Let's Dance Winter: Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

Become a Reading Detective - Discover the Clues to Unlock Reading Comprehension and Fluency - Weekly Practice - Grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th

Wacky Words and Humble Homophones Bootcamp

Reading Camp: Short Vowels

Beginner Flute Jump Start (5-Day Camp)

Mr Stink - David Walliams Flexible Book Class

Individual Tutoring - Overcoming Learning Disabilities

Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, Poetry Reading and Discussion

Firefly Word Fun! Learn Words Relating to the Firefly

"Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" Kahoot and Booby Trap Simulation!

Writing Stellar Sentences: Parts of Speech

Animal Wonders - Sea Mammals Lab

English: Introduction to What Is a Sentence?

Walrus Word Fun! Learn Words Relating to the Walrus

Gymnastics Practice: Intermediate Skills

Math Club: 4th Grade Review and 5th Grade New Concepts (Once a Week)

ABC, Literally Learning Words, Draw With Me!

How to Draw: Kawaii Pokemon| Art Class

Grammar: Introduction to Verbs

Beginning Counted Cross Stitch

Middle School Writing (IEW SSS Level 1B) & Fix It! Grammar Book 3 (2nd Semester)

Digital Art: Mandala

Level 2 Reading, Reading, Reading: Phonics, Fluency and Fun!

Lyrically Speaking: The Poetry of Hip-Hop and Rap!

Gymnastics Class: Floor Routine Choreography Workshop

Math Facts Made Easy: The Touch-Point Method and Other Tricks!

Grammar Bootcamp: Practicing Grammar, Spelling & Mechanics

Drawing Halloween Favorites With Basic Shapes (Beginner)

Cooking Camp for Future Chefs

Elementary Writing IEW SSS Level A Year 1 & Fix It Grammar Book 1 (2nd Semester)

Adventure on Wheels: Social Skills Through Creative Drama

Making Cake Mix Cupcakes Better (Stand Alone): Aztec Chocolate

Building to Learn: STEAM CAMP for Kids 10-12

Ongoing Private Reading Tutor - Elementary

An Ongoing Animal Crossing Community

Artist Coaching Mentoring and Critiques- One-On-One Class

Scratch Jr.-Coding With Fairy Tales

Your Very First Spanish Class | FLEX

Fun With Cats & Kittens! Drawing & Learning Animal Art Class

Middle School Geometry: Transforming Shapes and Parallel Lines

Think, Draw and Write - Level 3

Bilingual Hot Wheels Show and Tell and Math Class (Ages 3-6) Spanish and English

Story Time, Madeline: Book Reading Time With Ms. Brown

French Adjectives....Review Agreement & Order with a Kahoot Game!

Phonics - Reading, Spelling & Writing Digraphs: Sh, Th, Ch : FLEX

LEGO Engineering Studio for Teens

History of Early Video Games A Retro Look for Future Game Designers/ Programmers

Affirmations in the Afternoon

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Book Club!

Gangsta Granny - David Walliams Flexible Book Class

Art: Elementary Art Explorers, Session 2

Practical Homesteading: Farm Animals for Young Learners (FLEX)

I Understand! Reading Comprehension Practice: Non Fiction for 3rd-6th Grade

Parts of Speech & Fluency With Pokemon: Ongoing Class

Get Ready for Kindergarten Part II: Beginning Phonics and Phonological Awareness

The (Not so Spooky) Halloween House Escape Room

B Is for Blue! Tracing and Writing With Blues Clues!

Epic Pokemon Winter Break Camp

Learn Japanese Through Culture II: Going to School in Japan

Private Violin Lessons With a Professional Concert Violinist

Intermediate Drawing - Draw to Improve Your Skills & Create Amazing Art! (FLEX)

Letter of the Day- Pre-Reading Skills: Meets Twice Weekly

Livestock Judging 101

Lenguaje Matemático - Grado 3ro / Practice Math in Spanish with Profe Natalia!! Intermediate, Advanced and Spanish Speakers level.

K-5 Reading/Math Tutoring From a Licensed Teacher/Reading Specialist

Lights, Camera, Action! Behind the Scenes of the Movie and Television Industry

iMovie for Beginners: Movie and Video Editing

Writing Consultation With Colin-Teacher

Show & Tell: Your Pets! Weekly Ongoing Class (4-7 Year Old)

Multiplication Workout: Multiplying by 1, 2, and 3 Digit Numbers with Daily Kahoot Game Review

Magnetic or Non-Magnetic: Hands on Science!

Multiply Decimals

Gifted Engineering Earth Science

SSAT ISEE Prep Intensive / Upper Level

Preschool and PreK Circle Time 3x Weekly for little learners and EFL, ESL learners

Dance Stars Ballet/Jazz Combination Class

Math Club: 2nd Grade Review and 3rd Grade New Concepts (Once a Week)

STUDIO GHIBLI Anime Polymer Clay Art Sculpting - Totoro, Jiji, No-Face, Calcifer

Social Book Club With Ms. B: Magic TreeHouse Book 1, Dinosaurs Before Dark

Show and Tell (Public Speaking for Young Kids)

Beginner Lyrical/Contemporary Dance Class

Pokemon Go Battle League Practice!

Beginner Phonics and Reading Fluency

Spanish Club- Intermediate/Advanced/Native Speakers

Introduction to Spanish Through Small Conversations (6 Classes)

First Grade Math!

Making and Keeping Fabulous Friendships - Skill Builders Crew

Yumm! - Baking Basics: Croissants

Beginner Hip Hop Dance Class

Introduction to French - Level 1 Beginners French Course

Spanish Class for Kids - Full Course for Beginners -12 Weeks

Easy Baking: Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes With Cookie Dough Frosting

Ongoing First Grade Math: Semester 1 Curriculum

Montessori Math Private Tutoring 240-2

Musical Theatre Singing Class

More Than "Just Games!"

Amazing Powerpoint - How to Do Everything in Powerpoint

Etiquette 101 for Teens: Social Media, E-Mail, Bullies, & Social Graces

Maths Galore! for Early Years/ Beginners

Spelling Homonyms and Homophones: Write the Right Word (Set B)

Cooking and Baking with DeAnn: Fun and Fancy Drinks & Slushes (FLEX 8-13)

Private Math Tutoring (Elementary)

World’s Grossest Foods!

Writing the 5 Paragraph Essay: A Collaborative Approach to Reading and Writing

Vocal Assessment and Placement

Arduino Coding Part 2: Reading and Using Sensors

Arabic / English Bilingual Calendar Routine (PreK4)

Halloween Costume Party, Snack, and Craft Time

Hawaii - Letʻs Speak Hawaiian Part 4!

Drawing a Galaxy Far, Far Away! Weekly Star Wars Sketch Club (10-12)

Introduction to Watercolor Fashion Sketches - Red Carpet Ready

One-on-One Elementary Math Tutoring (Weekly)

Improve Oral Reading Fluency by Reading Word Phrases

One-On-One Elementary Reading Tutoring

Clock Camp - Let's Learn How to Tell Time - Ages 5-8 - Clocks - Telling Time

The Ultimate Cinderella Story & Sing-A-Long!

Christmas Sight Word Bingo: Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Christmas Sight Word Bingo: 2nd and 3rd Grade

Christmas Sight Word Bingo: 1st and 2nd Grade

STEM Club | This Week in STEM!

I Can Solve These First Grade Word Problems!

Who Am I? U.S. Presidents Guessing Game!

Speed Cubing Fanatics with Sarah

Middle-School Literature -- Women Writers

Third Grade Reading Strategies and Writing Skills Packed With Engagement!

Ancient Civilizations Part I Middle-School Social Studies

College Application Mentoring

Sign Your Art: Van Eyck and the Arnolfini Wedding Portrait

Phonics Fun for Life: Three Letter Words!

Soaring Scribes: Beginner Writing Techniques Level 2

Weekly Story & Craft Time With Ms. Lorinda & Jax: Animal Themes

How to Draw the Human Face (Ages 9-13)

Spelling Homonyms and Homophones: Write the Right Word (Set A)

Pre-Algebra Course | Full Year Semester 1 | 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade Math

Patterns: Math Patterns on a 100 chart (pre-multiplication)

(Ages 8-12) People Smarts, Awareness, Stranger Danger, and Safety.

The Art in Science - Astronomy

Create Your Own Website on Squarespace: Beginning Squarespace and Website Design

Introduction to Writing a Paragraph With Ms. B, Fortnite Themed

Classical Literature, Grammar, and Conversation (ESL-Friendly): Mr. Popper's Penguins

Mighty Minds: Creative Thinking

The Organized Student: Planner's Club

LEGO Challenge: Dinosaur Edition: Build a Parasaurolophus

The Organized Student: Planners 101

DADA: The Art Movement

Play and Learn in Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg - Bloxburg Blitz

Mini Charms: Polymer Clay Charms for Beginners

Because of Winn-Dixie Book Club

AP European History Private Tutoring

Mighty Minds: Fall Fun Creative Thinking

Math Chat: What Doesn't Belong?

The Secret Lives of Fairies

Our Amazing Brain: Strategies to Improve Critical Thinking and Study Skills

Sing With Me Private Voice Lessons With Ms. Brenna (Ongoing Ages 8-12)

Beginner/Adv Beg Ballet and Lyrical Dance Class

Beginner/Advance Beginner Tap and Jazz Dance Class

Private Tutoring in Singapore Math (1-2 students)

Intro to 2D + 3D Game Design and Coding (Weekend Class)

Art Club: Watercolor Leaf Rubbing Resist

The Film Club: Media Literacy & Analysis With Disney+

Edible Science: Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Story Time: Beginning Reading Comprehension

Private Piano Lessons With Mrs. Karen (Ages 11-15)

Indigenous Peoples Day! (11-16)

Indigenous Peoples Day! (6-10)

Novel Writing and Creative Writing Mentoring

Fresh Ramen From Scratch

Who's That Pokemon?! the Fun, Educational Mystery Game

Middle-School Literature -- "Coming of Age" Genre

Cosplay Creation Club

Shark Week: Take a Bite Out of Numbers!

Private Piano Lessons With Mrs. Karen (Ages 5-18)

Dining Dynamos 1: Table Manners, Place Settings, and Great Conversation!

Guess That Sound! Animals of South America

Book Club: The Magician's Elephant by Kate Dicamillo

Kindergarten Curriculum / Aligned With Common Core State Standards (Meets ONCE a week)

Writing Exciting Sentences

Favorite Things, Fun, & Friends - Ongoing Show and Tell Social Class (Ages 4-7)

One on One Kindergarten Tutoring

One-on-One with Teacher Kate

Baking: Dipped Chocolate Chip Holiday Cookies!

Edible Science: The Rock Cycle

Private Math Tutoring & Homework Help With Mrs. K. - Certified Math Teacher

Procreate: Let's Paint! Kawaii Pumpkin Spice Latte

Algebra 1, Practice and Master the Skills (8 Week Class)

French: Beginners French Club, Learn Useful Vocabulary !

Creative Writing / Writing to a Prompt / Journaling (Ages 10-14)

Singing: 25 Minute One to One Singing Class !

Thinking Thursday: Preschool Learning Fun

Disney Inspired Drawing: Faces and Expressions

We the People - Breaking Down the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution (Ages 11-14)

Holiday Wrap Party! Wrap Presents Like a Pro, Learn Holiday Trivia & Etiquette

Disney World Escape Room: Epcot Edition

Private Music Lessons - Voice, Violin, Ukulele - 7 Weeks

How to Draw: Cute Kawaii Cats Part 1! | Art Class

Mimicry Madness and Warning Coloration-How to ID Venomous Species

Orsanmichele: Guilds and Sculptures in Renaissance Florence

Create a Google Slide Presentation

The History of the Civil War Dogs

Business Essentials: An Introduction to Business and Economics

Radical Radial Art

Elsa's Birthday Party!

The Art in Science - Biology - Reimagined

Mousing Around the Web

Ace 1 to 20 Multiplication Facts in 5 Weeks | Summer Camp

PSAT/SAT Words Vocabulary Class: Unit #4

Explore the World Wide Web (www)

The Art in Science - Physics Time

Dungeons and Dragons Beginner's Adventure: The Red Raven

(Ages 3-7) People Smarts, Awareness, Stranger Danger, and Safety.

Survival Club in Modded Minecraft: Survive and Thrive in a New Way (Ongoing)

Literary Analysis, Comprehension Focus, Summary Writing, & Novel Discussions

Reading Comprehension- 5W's of a Story (Section 1)

Kiwi Fruit Slices Drawing Using Colored Pencils/Art

ELA Novel Study for Ages 8-11: "Holes" and "Hatchet"

Space: Welcome Astronaut Trainees! Do You Have What It Takes? 3-2-1 Blast Off!

Chess for Rookies: Introduction to Chess Part III (Notation & Strategy)

Preschool Workshop: Beginning Math ~ Come Count With Me!

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