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New Classes on Outschool 2020-08-09

There are 326 new classes on Outschool the week of August 9, 2020 to August 15, 2020.

Star Wars The Mandalorian: Baby Yoda Yoga Workout for Kids

Let's Vote for a Fun Leader!

Chill Out Yoga & Meditations for Ages 11-14 (Relax & Breathe)

An Overview of Matter

Adventures in Philosophy: A Student Beginners Course

Art: Paint a Walk Through the Fall Forest

Let's Make Movies in Our Mind

All Things Sharks!

The Water Cycle

Punjabi - Basics Reading Writing for 6 Weeks

Let's Sound It Out! a Beginning Reading and Phonics Class.

Ukule-Yay! Multi-Week: A Month of One-On-One Ukulele Lessons

1 Hour (1X) Individualized Tutoring-Phonics/Literacy/Grammar/Writing

If You Take a Mouse to School Story Time and Name Craftivity

Google Docs for Beginners

Reading Readiness: Preschool Alphabet Handprint and Letter/Phonetic Sound Song

American Sign Language (ASL) Adventures for Beginners Part 1 of 3 for Ages 7-12

Multiplying and Dividing Negative and Positive Numbers (Small Group Class)

Growth Mindset: Mistakes Are Important!

Beginner Guitar Lessons (for Kids)

Napkin Folding Fun With Napkin Etiquette & History

Guided Meditation for a Focused & Peaceful Mind. Let's Take a Journey Together!

Exploring World Cultures & Mythology 1: Ancient Greece (Grades 3/4/5 - English)

Beyond the Book Reading Club: The One and Only Ivan

Asian Stories Book Club #2: Starry River of the Sky (Read & Annotate Style)

Asian Stories Book Club #2: Starry River of the Sky (Grace Lin Sequel)

Conversation English With Fun Math Problems Based on United States Pop Culture

Human Biology Colouring Club

African Mythology: Myths & Stories From West Africa

Wildlife Science: Humpback Whales

Private Music Lessons (Half Hour, Ages 7-12)

STEM Club for Budding Engineers

Fractions Aren’t Scary! (Fun Hands-On Math Manipulatives & Bingo Game) 30 min x4

Everything Pokemon: A Pokemon Lore, Trivia, History & Gameplay Discussion Group

Dogs and Donuts Phonics Fun! Intro to Reading CVC Words

Book Talk: Bunnicula, a Rabbit-Tale of Mystery

Ukulele Music Club - All About Songs - Back to School Camp

Junior Paleontologists: Dinosaur Collectors’ Club (STEM Science for Dino Lovers)

Draw a Dog: Chihuahua Sketch

Broadway Musical Theatre Performance: Little Mermaid Mini-Show (Ages 8-13)

Girls: Learn how to Tie a Hijab! (Headscarf) & Names of Other Head Coverings.

Weekly Private Math Tutoring (Ongoing)

Spanish Spot: Reading & Immersion for Advanced Beginners(4 Students Max Group )

The Gifted and Talented Cohort for Girls (Ages 10-12)

Choose Your Own Theme Private Party or Playdate

Better Critical Thinking and Writing Through Oral Storytelling 9 - 14 Years

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Let's Paint Jack & Sally - Nightmare Before Christmas! Sketch, Draw & Watercolor

The Avengers Multiplication Challenge

TV's David Rose- A Study in Modern LGBT+ Characters

Mindful ME

Private Piano Lessons: Blues Improvisation (50 Minutes)

Level 2: Kindergarten Reviewing Letter Sounds with Phonics: Let's Get Reading With Mrs. Rose (M.S.Ed)

Group Piano Lessons: Contemporary Style Improvisation (Ages 8-12)

French Conversation Club - Theme-Based Beginner Lessons (Immersion Style)

Writing Perfectly Powerful Paragraphs (8-11)

Afternoon Tea With Ms. B: Creating a No-Bake Afternoon Tea for Two

A Little Mystery in Your History: The War Of 1812

A Little Mystery in Your History: Patriots Vs. Loyalists

World History Herald: A Journey Through World History- Middle & High - Part 2

Spanish 2 for High School Students With SeÑOra Nicely!

Spectacular Intermediate Summer Piano / Keyboard Camp Level 3 and Beyond

Little Learner League: Ocean Adventure

Angry Nature: The Science, Geography, and History of Natural Disasters

The History of the Apollo Missions

Unicorn Story and Craftivity!

Shark Research Part 1: Research & Discuss Sharks Around the World (Ages 12-17)

Shark Research Part 1: Research and Discuss Sharks Around the World (Ages 9-12)

Spanish Grammar Semester 1 (Middle/High School)

Evaluating Primary Sources-Analyzing Documents in History

The Art Illusion With the Simple Perspective Level 1

Seeing Stars: Astronomy and Mythology

Kooky Ukeys: New Ukulele Song Weekly

Flexible Sewing Intermediate - Doll & Me Ponchos

Junior Drawing Club - Learn to Draw Your Favorite Animals!

Fancy Flowers, Leaves, and Basket Weave! Cake Decorating-Video Course 12-15

Let's Make Origami Animals - Bird & Butterfly

Acting for Teens On-Going Class: Theatre Games!

Addition Facts Fluency: Doubles Math Review (One Time Class)

Football Talk (Weekends) - Let's Chat About Football and All Things NFL

Baseball Talk - Let's Chat About Baseball and All Things MLB

Beginning Addition and Subtraction Fact Families

Lyrical Jazz Dance: Weekly On-Going Class

Multi-Day Beginning Piano Class (Ages 6-9) With Mrs. Karen

Paint a Fun and Festive Christmas Tree: Acrylic on Canvas Paint Party!

Roman Republic: From Its Birth to the Rise of Dictators (Ca. 509-79 BCE)

Ancient Greek Mythology and Archaeology: From Chaos to Deified Humans

Basic Crochet Stitches

Drawing a Dragon With Watercolor Pencils

Mystery at The Fire Station - Puzzles, Brainteasers, and Riddles (Ages 7 - 12)

Drawing Lighthouse With Watercolor Pencils

Hamster Hang Out Club!

Mystery at The Red Rock Restaurant - Puzzles, Brainteasers,and Riddles (7-12)

Introduction to Drawing Anime Studio Ghibli Style - Totoro

Interior Design: Semester

First Grade Math Games- Math Review Addition & Subtraction, Number Games, & More

STEM: Water Cycle and Cloud in a Jar Project #Academic

Escape a Murder Mystery on the Titanic: Escape Room

Private Voice Lessons for the Young Singer (25 Minute Lesson)

Lesson 1-Scratch Coding for Beginners-Let's Have Fun While We Learn to Code

Let's Paint: Colorful Birds

Let's Paint: Trees!

Sight Word Superheroes

Beginner Voice for Young Singers

Beginner Voice For Little Singers

It's a Magical World: Harry Potter 6 Book Club

Lisa Who? History's Most Famous Painting (7-12)

Horse Care 101: Grooming, Feeding and Conditioning

Bridge to Terabithia Reading and Discussion

History of the World: An in-Depth Look at the Modern World (Current Events)

Phonics for Reading: Letter Combinations for Students With Special Needs

STEM: Constructing a Marshmallow and Spaghetti Bridge and Tower #Academic

Ongoing ABCs of World Geography for Kindergarten, First Grade & Homeschool

Interior Design: Weekly Challenge Club (Ongoing Friday Meetings)

Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, and Guided Reading: 1:3 Small Group | Homeschool, After School, & ESL Welcome | Summer Review

Beat to the Rhythm: Learn How to Play the Djembe and West African Percussion

Ukule-Yay!: 30 Minute Private Ukulele Lessons

Kindergarten Complete Curriculum First Semester Class-Part Two

All About Turtles. Let's Talk Turtles! Invigorating Science Adventure.

Explore Spanish! ~ Gatos (Cats)

Private Reading Tutoring - Lessons With a 5th Grade Teacher

Fun Spanish: Homeschool /Semi-Private Lessons (2-3 Students /Siblings /Friends)

Self-Paced Level 2 Creative Photography Class: Film, Variety, Editing for Teens

Coming Out of Your Shell - A Social Group for Shy Tweens

Tap and Ballet Dance Combo Class

Self-Paced Level 2 Creative Photography Class: Film, Variety, Editing Ages 7-12

Quick and Easy Makeup: Simple Glam Everyday Look

Read and Discuss Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

Little Art Studio: Drawing & Painting Club!

Learn Polish Words and Phrases: Eating Out - 9

Let's Get Started: Stop-Motion Animation for Beginners (Flex Class)

Learn Polish Words and Phrases: Travel -8

Private Tutor: 1:1 Reading Instruction K-5Th Grade

1:1 Diction Practice With Tongue Twisters

Pajama Dance Party & Social Club!

Friends Social Club: Pokemon, Legos, Sports, Bey Blades, Video Games, and More!

Adventurous Animals: Animal Classification for 4 to 7 Year Olds

Mystery Build

Middle School Physical Science: Part 1

Spanish and Legos: 1X/Week Build and Talk Class for Beginner Speakers

Rock Cycle and Rock Classification

Poetry for Children (5-7 Years Old) #Creative

Cartoon Theory: A Deep-Dive Into the Critical Analysis of Animation

Morning Mediation

Journalism 101: Special Correspondent for the Daily Prophet

Edit Your Own Youtube Videos for Beginners ~Private 1-on-1 Class~Video Editing

Second Grade Social Studies Curriculum Study

Introduction to Basic Horse Care

One-On-One College Application & Preparation Mentoring (Ongoing)

The Care and Keeping of Guinea Pigs!

Fourth of July Themed Dance Class - Beginner Hip Hop

Hip Hop, Bunny Hop Themed Dance Class - Beginner

French (Private Tutoring)

Summer Camp: Mindfulness Art & Self Esteem: Weekly Book & Activity

Hip-Hop, Captain Underpants Themed Dance Class

Unlock the Magic of Hamilton Songs: Build Reading Comprehension with Song Lyrics

Geology Fun: Gems, Geodes, and More! (Crack Open Your Own)!

Learn to Read W/Phonics, Sight Words, & Friends! Lev 1 TK - 1St English -Summer

Personalized Homework Helper!

Sing Like a Pro: Vocal Masterclass With “the Voice” Contestant

Peaches! (Super Mario Bros Movie) Week Long Summer Piano Camp (Ages 8-12)

I Understand! Reading Comprehension Practice, Second Grade Level

The Art of Mathematics: A Club for Learning Math Through Art (Ages 8-11)

Piano Summer Camp (Week Long): Blues Improvisation (Ages 8-12)

Weekly Writers Workshop: Minecraft Edition | Creative Writing Class

Going on a Bug Hunt! Dragonfly Edition

Taking Good Notes

Let's Sing- A Disney Silly Sing Along

From Manuscript to Published Book: How to Publish Your Book on Amazon

Harp 101 With Pam Irwin, MM

Group Piano Lessons: Contemporary Style Improvisation (Ages 12-17)

Private Spanish Tutoring

Tech Time With Mr. Friedman - How Did Computers Evolve and What Makes Them Tick?

Cookin' Like a Chef: World Desserts

Preschool Singing Time With Teacher Jamie

Sonic Verses Mario- Weekly Ongoing Workout Classes

Kindergarten Math and Readiness Circle Time

Let's Play "Cups" - Ukulele Edition Level 5

Positively Reading- Individualized Tutoring

1:1 Cooking From Our Pantries for Intermediate Chefs -Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Let's Play "Lava"- Ukulele Edition Level 4

Spanish Beginner Course: Let’s Learn Emotions, Colors, Actions & Family Vocab!

Japanese Taiko Drumming (Ages 7-10)

How to Draw: A Unicorn Cat! | Art Class

Eight Founding Fathers Who Created a Nation

What Made It Seem Real? The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar by Edgar Allan Poe

What Made It Seem Real? The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar by Edgar Allan Poe

Mindful Meditation for Preschoolers

History Game Show: World War 2 in Europe

Stories of History: The Olympics 4 Week Class

African American History: The Fearless Malcolm X || Black History

The Enlightenment: The Foundations of Modern Thought History

Comparative Essay Writing: Comparing the Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge

Become a Broadway Triple Threat! 12 Meeting Musical Theater Camp

Communicate With Your Teacher Effectively (and Painlessly)

But What Does It Mean to Study?

Private Lessons for Japanese

Deliciously Interesting: The Story of Chocolate

Nonfiction Scavenger Hunt

Doll Fashion Show - Create It and Inspire!

Financial Planning & Career Prep. for Teens (Starts Soon!)

Space Mission 1: Astronomy, Astronauts & Exploration-(Semester Course, Ages 6-9)

Club Disney Junior (Ages 4-7)

Introduction to Drawing and Cartoons

#4 "Let's Make Music" - Piano Lessons - Disney Style

Let's Paint Ice Cream Cones!

Mama Cosplay's Cosplay Hangout

Beginning Horse Judging: Conformation

The Articulate Reader

Film Studies: Introduction to Film

How Do Plants Grow? Learn the Process of Photosynthesis

Spanish Enrichment for Immersion Students - 3rd to 5th Grade IN SPANISH

Creative Toy Photography Ages 6-10: Make Interesting Toy Photographs w/ Erika

Small Group Drum Lessons for Intermediates

NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program: Write a Novel in a Month!

Theatre for Kids: Improv and Acting With Fun Team Games

How Did That Cave Get There?

Earth Science for High School Students - Semester 1

Middle School Intro to Spanish Quarter I

Jump-Start or Fill in the Gaps! 1:1 with a Reading Specialist

Private Guitar Lesson: 40 Minutes Ongoing (Ages 10-15)

Fashion Through the Ages

Karate for Siblings!

Beginnings - Introductions in French (High School)

12 Months in a Year Calendar Sing-A-Long

Telling Time With Clocks - The Original Tick Tock (Part 2)

Tales From Psychology

Let's Play "Riptide" by Vance Joy- Ukulele Edition Level 3

Imagine Dragons Thunder- Ukulele Edition Level 2

Time to the Half Hour - 4 Day Camp

Cool Choreography Club (Young Dancer's On-Going Jazz/Hip hop Class)

Mystical Mermaids. Deep Sea Adventure. Fun Facts and Fiction.

Build a Writing Journal (14-17) Creative Writing Series

The Past, the Present and the Future

The Gĩkũyũ People of Kenya (Age 8-13)

High School Essay Writing Self-Paced

Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons 101 Simplified Campaign: Monster Slayers

Beginner Ballet for Teens!

Intermediate Lyrical Dance Class

Articulation and Diction Club: 15 Minutes (Ages 13-17)

Would You Rather? Critical Thinking Social Class for Preteens/Tweens (Ages 9-12)

Splatoon 2: Battle Class

African History: Nigeria's Road to Independence

Learn To Sing Like A Pro: Semi-Private Voice Lessons for the Beginning Singer

4 Spectacular Science Experiments

German Language for Beginners Master Class

Nature Explorers: All About Flowers

"Introduction to the Stock Market"

M&M Spanish Class-We Will Learn Numbers & Colors & Do Math-(Pre-K)

Lattice Multiplication: Learn This Way to Multiply!

A Girl's Friendship Code

Wildlife Tour: Magnificent Creatures of Madagascar | (Island Ecology, Zoology)

Pokemon Social Group (Ages 5-7)

Phonics Alphabet and Sounds for Preschool (4 Week Intensive)

Speaking Up: One Minute Improv Public Speaking Class

Jr. Author Appetizer: Dav Pilkey

Time For Tap! (Ages 7-10)

Ballet Dance Class: How Far I'll Go - Moana Themed Beginner Ballet Dance

Ballet Dance Class: The Little Mermaid

I Scream. You Scream. We All Scream for Edvard Munch's the Scream (7-12)

Tell Me All About Roblox (Ongoing)

20 Question Game - Yes, No, or Maybe (Ages 6 - 11) What Is in the Basket?

Public Speaking for Ages 9-12 - 8-Week Course

Crime Scene Investigation: Learn Reading Comprehension While You Solve a Crime

Beginner Reading Preschool Fun: Let's Learn to Read with a Licensed Reading Teacher!

Morning Meeting

Moving Through Months With CVC Words

1-on-1 Public Speaking for Teens: Tutoring with a TED Speaker

Escape From the Empire! - A Star Wars Themed Escape Room

News Discussion with a Focus on History Connections, Vocabulary, & Geography

Homeschool Middle School Medieval World History || Full-Curriculum

1 Abcs in Spanish! #academic

Punjabi - Trial Lessons for Older Kids

Can a 10 Year Old Make a Difference: An Interactive Read Aloud of "Stone Fox"

Punjabi - Language Course for 6 Weeks

1st Grade Math - Adding and Subtracting Skills

One on One Private Voice Lessons!

Beginning Earth Science: Earth's Natural Resources

Beginning Life Science: All About Animals

Seven Natural Wonders of the World

Fun Art for Young Artists: Painting With Bubbles!

Common Core Aligned ELA Class for Middle Schoolers

How to Draw and Shade a Cup and a Saucer With Colored Pencil or Just A Pencil/Art

Stop-Motion / Claymation Movie Studio Course With LEGO®S, Clay, and Crafts (Ages 6-12)

Archaeology, Not Just a Shovel

Andy Warhol: The King of Pop Art

Kids's Come Sing With Me - Voice

Story Explorer Ireland: Irish Mythology, History, and Culture

Multiplication Summer Camp : Learn Multiplication Through Songs and Games

Design, Code, & Launch Your HTML5 Website W/ Objects, Music & Sounds! Ages 12+

Internet Video Game Designers With HTML5 (Ages 13+)

Speech and Drama Public Speaking 3-6 years

Making Amazing Animated Movies - Intro to 2D Animation (Ages 12+)

WWII History: The Amazing Life of Winston Churchill: Soldier, Politician...Savio

WWII History: The War in the Pacific - Japan's Conquest of the Pacific and Their Defeat During World War 2 - World War Two - WW2

WWII History: The Winter War: The Soviet Union Invades Finland During World War 2 - World War Two - WW2

WWII History: Stalingrad - The Epic Battle for Southern Russia During World War 2 - World War Two - WW2

WWII History: Weapons and Technology of World War 2 - World War Two - WW2

WWII History: Naval Combat! Battleship Hood Vs. Battleship Bismarck During World War 2 - World War Two - WW2

Need Math Help? First, Second and Third Grade Math Tutoring - 25 minutes

Wilderness Survival Camp - Learn How to Stay Safe and Alive!

Storytime With Rabbits: Weekly Stories and Share Time!

Alphabet Fun

Rockin' Writers | Full Curriculum Writing Workshop 3rd & 4th Grade Q1

Pre-Algebra Review: Let's Practice Solving Basic Exponents

4th Grade Science Core Curriculum NGSS Homeschool Standards (Year Long)

The Physics of Engineering: Building Big

Let’s Learn Letters and Sounds! Part A

Pre-Algebra: Review of Converting Fractions to Decimals

Beginning Multiplication 12 Facts

Who Am I? - Animal Guessing Game!

Biology - Advanced Vet / Veterinary Science 4 (8-12)

Italian for Beginners: Feelings, Body, And Describing Myself

Hip-Hop/Musical Theater, Annie Themed Dance Class

Fashion Design Ongoing Class: Designing From Inspiration; Master Artist

Gacha Life Social Club

Dream It, Design It, 3D Print It! (Introduction)

Do You Want to Build a Robot? for Starters (Level One)

Beginning Multiplication 9 Facts

Beginning Multiplication 8 Facts

Beginning Multiplication 7 Facts

Beginning Multiplication 6 Facts

Beginning Multiplication 5 Facts

Beginning Multiplication 4 Facts

Beginning Multiplication 3 Facts

Drums for Beginners - No Drums or Experience Required!

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