New Classes on Outschool 2021-04-11

There are 354 new classes on Outschool the week of April 11, 2021 to April 17, 2021.

Grammar: Plural and Singular Nouns in Sentences

Space: Welcome to Astronaut Training Camp With Curious George! 3 2 1 Blast Off!

Order of Operations-Understand and Practice-The Order Matters!

Radicals: Simplifying Radicals and Operations With Radicals

Drama Extreme: Create Our Own Play Camp

Math: Review of Division

Let’s Paint Landscapes in Watercolor (Camp)

F 14, F 15, F 16, F/A 18 Teen Series 4th Gen U.S. Fighter Aircraft Camp

5th & 6th Grade Science Core Curriculum NGSS Homeschool Standards (Year Long)

Cruising for Skills on MS Word - High School and College Prep

Cruising for Skills on MS Word - High School and College Prep - Camp

Cruising for Skills on MS Excel - HS and College Prep - Camp

Debate & Public Speaking Camp Level III: Speech Events, Speechwriting & Rhetoric

Organizing Your Essay, Thesis Statements and Outlines

Draw & Watercolor Paint / Color How to Train Your Dragon Death Song HTTYD

All About the Ankylosaurus Dinosaur. Extinct but Alive in Our Hearts

Ancient Rome - A Fact and Fun Book Club

1:1 Arabic Lessons

Ballet Class-Beginners FLEX

Drawing Realistic Animal Textures: Fur, Feathers, Scales, and Skin (Flex)

Oceanic Survival Camp in Minecraft: Team up & Survive the Seas (5-Session)

Nether Survival Camp in Minecraft: Team up & Survive the Underworld (5-Session)

Wasteland Survival Camp in Minecraft: Team up & Beat the Heat (5-Session)

The History of Yiddish and Some Common Yiddish Words

Flex - Multi-Sensory Sight Words for Kindergarteners

Here I Stand—A FLEX Course on the History of the Reformation

Girl Power!!!! - A Summer Book Club for Girls, About Girls

Cruising for Skills on MS Word - Pt 1 - Camp for Middle School

Thank You Mom: Craft a Teacup Card and Write an Acrostic Poem for Mother’s Day

Ongoing Private Piano Lessons With a Classically Trained Pianist!

High School Math Prep Camp - 9th Grade Quick Prep for Algebra 1 or Integrated 1

Kawaii Doodle Art Party - Cute Characters!

Let's Talk Español: Thematic Conversational SPANISH for BEGINNERS

Adventures in: Philosophy SUMMER CAMP

The Sun: Introduction to Heliology (Live)

Typing - Keyboarding 101 Learn to Type or Improve Your Typing Skills Summer Camp 3X WK/ 2 WKs (Ages 13 - 18)

Space Camp - Explore Jupiter Through Art and Science

Build Your Own Moonbase Camp

1 on 1 Elementary and Middle School Math Tutoring (Kindergarten to 6th Grade Support or Enrichment)

Kindergarten Math Skills & Games

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Self Portraits: Learn How to Draw Yourself with Realistic Drawing Techniques!

Kids Coding Using Scratch Jr

1:1 Private Reading Lessons and Writing Lessons: Fluency and/or Enrichment

Roblox Club: Let's Keep on Playing Roblox!

Get Ready for 2nd Grade Reading, Grammar, Spelling, Writing Camp

Critical Thinking Reading Skills: The Skill of Reading for Inferences

Cruising for Skills on MS PowerPoint - Middle School - Camp

Roblox Draw Your Own Avatar Class

Weekly Word Doodles Level 1: CVC Word Families, Sight Words & Doodles!

32 Week (Two Semester) Gothic Literature - Reading, Writing, & History

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pirate-Themed Treasure Hunt

Art of Fractions: An Introduction to Fractions Through Art

Cruising for Skills on MS Excel - Pt 1 for Middle School - Camp

Summer Camp: An Interactive Notebook - Human Body (ages 10-18)

Summer Camp: An Interactive Notebook - Human Body (ages 10-13)

We Need Diverse Movies Club - Ongoing

30 Minute Weekly Contemporary Dance Class (Ages 5-8)

Building Block Challenge! Where Science and Engineering Collide!

Algebra Summer Math Camp!

Kawaii Japan: Draw a Travel Girl in a Japanese Kimono

Puerto Rico: Discovering Our Culture

Summer Camp: An Interactive Notebook for Physical Science (ages 10-18)

5 Minute Abs-Advanced Core Workouts! (Ages 7-12)

Book Club for Adventurous Readers: Blue Willow

Level One: Learn the Hebrew Alphabet, Join Any Week! (9-12)

The Very Heart of Noise: Great Composers and Their Music

Become a Master of Drawing Sketching Anime, and Manga, Ongoing Art Age 11-16

Art Camp: Master Perspective Drawing, Shading, Colored Pencil and Watercolor Paint!

Journey to Kentucky: KY Hot Brown Sliders!

Drama Games 101: An Afternoon of Drama Games

Spring Camp: Discover Amazing Birds From Africa

Art Club 6: Paint and Create Acrylic Impressionism Paintings With Miss Mooni

K-Pop Dance Lovers! Beginner-Intermediate Weekly Dance Class

Sewing Advanced Intermediate: Josephine Dress for Girls

4th & 5th Grade Social Studies (Fall - 5/6 American History)

Language Arts: Writing Composition in Organizing Details

Independence Day - The US Celebrates the Declaration of Independence on July 4th

This Sceptered Isle—A FLEX Course on the History of England's Golden Age

First Finances: Needs, Wants, Spending, and Saving

Poetry Portfolio: The Art & Magic of Poetry

Language Arts: Introduction to Present Tense Verbs in Sentences

German for Kindergarten: Spring Words

Orton-Gillingham Spell, Write and Read! (2x/Week) + Worksheets

FLEX Thunderball Run Airship Race Dungeons and Dragons Play by Post

Language Arts: Action Verbs in Sentences

FLEX Beginning French (Ages 7-10)

The Floor Is Lava Club: Social Time, Movement, and Games!

1 on 1 Immersion Russian Language Tutoring

2nd Grade Math Review Camp

Dance Conditioning Workout

1st Grade Math Review Camp

Bravery in the Face of Terror - Female Victims of the Holocaust

Shake Yourself Silly Making Ice Cream!

Bad Kitty Book Club: Bad Kitty Gets a Bath Book #1

Bad Kitty Book Club: Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty Book #2

Bad Kitty Book Club: Bad Kitty VS Uncle Murray Book #3

Books and Blocks Kids Club - FLEX

ASL Circle Time - Sign Language & School Readiness for Preschoolers!

1-on-1 Tutoring Reading/Writing, Math, Science, History, Test Prep, Study Skills

Book Club for Adventurous Readers: Island of the Blue Dolphins

All About Becoming a Zoo Keeper!

Camp: Travel With Classical Music to... Fantastic Places and Make Crafts Too!

Double Digit Multiplication: Part 2

Double Digit Multiplication: Part 1

Multi-Day Private Lessons

PokÉ Phonics Level 1 C-V-C Words

Learn How to Draw & Ink an Orca Whale ~ Step by Step Easy & Fun with Ink

Princess Addition and Subtraction Math Games Summer Camp

Roblox Hide and Seek Gaming and Social Club - Ongoing - Safe, Private Server

Spanish 2 for Middle and High School Students: First Semester

Play Reading Camp: Shakespeare's Macbeth

Private Tutoring for 3rd Grade Common Core

The Elements of Creative Writing Camp

The Elements of Creative Writing Camp

If You Like the Haiku, You'll Love the Tanka! Poetry Writing Class

Read & Repeat With Piggie & Elephant

Basic Spanish (5-Day Camp) Part 1

Orton-Gillingham Spell, Write and Read! (1x/Week) + Worksheets

Crafty Phonics Animal Club

Private Tutoring for the SAT and/or ACT

Cinco de Mayo History, Traditions, and Statistics Trivia Kahoot!

Weekly Violin Lessons

Weekly Viola Lessons

Weekly Piano Lessons

Groovy! I Dig High School Geometry (full course- taught in modules) (Ongoing)

Inquisitive Cat Sitting on a Fence Drawing And Painting

A Look at Poe, Dickens, Joplin and More Flex (11-15)

Unhappily Ever After-The Hilarious and Horrifying Origins of Popular Fairy Tales

Ancient Egypt - With Reading

Ancient Roman and Egyptian History Club! Learn With an Archaeologist. Homeschool

Hex Sign Design - An Introduction to Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs

Economics at the End of the World- Camp

X Marks the Spot! A Hands-On Algebra Escape Room Adventure

Let's Play Roblox Hide and Seek Games - One Time Meetup!

Reading Keys: Unlock Your Reading Potential With One-On-One Tutoring (Ages:8-12)

Wacky, Weird, and Wild Nature Class Camp

Comic Creation Camp!

5th & 6th Grade Learning Pod - Full Curriculum - Section 1 of 4

Story Time Yoga Summer Camp

Earth Day and Recycling Trivia Kahoot!

Music and Movement for Kids- Orff & Kodaly-Inspired Fun Music Theory!

Think, "FUN Playing Games Like 'Trust No One' " for Multiplication Fact Mastery!

Books and Blocks Kids Club: Playtime Read-Aloud!

Quick, Low-Pressure Beginning Spanish Lessons with Stories and Games (Ages 5-8)

Pokemon Go Chat & Play Social Club

Draw 16 Animals in Their Habitats | 4 Week Life Science and Drawing Course

Play Readings: Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

"Share With Friends!"

4th Grade Science Curriculum: Ongoing

5th Grade Science Curriculum: Ongoing

Defeat Long-Division

The Key Skills of Critical Thinking - Gifted Inspired Learning and Challenges

(FLEX) Beginner Procreate Course : Beginner to Intermediate in 6 Weeks

Fine Motor Fun With Clay, Scissors, Glue, and More!

Act It Out! - Ongoing Acting Classes

Words, Words, Words! Critical Thinking With Words Camp

Dinosaur Mania! Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops (One-Time Class)

Bird Feeder Craft

Elementary Level French! Les Loustics 2 - French for Foreigners A1 Unit 2

Let’s Draw Pokemon! Learn How to Draw Pokemon Step by Step Drawing Art Class

Wings of Fire - Spring Camp for the Ultimate Fan

Run the Government: A Let's Play of Democracy 3 Where You Make the Decisions

Fashion Design Camp: Designing and Drawing Food Inspired Fashion

Individual Tutoring

Guitar Lessons Made Fun! Master Level Instructor

ASL 3 Summer Camp: Talk With Your Hands (Ages 11-16)

Elementary Level French! Les Loustics 1 - French for Foreigners A1 Unit 2

1-on-1 Private Art Class- Technical and Conceptual Skill Building With Any Medium!

Roblox Adopt Me Ongoing Gaming Club Live

Breakfast Banana Splits!

Ongoing One-On-One Logic Puzzles and More!

How to Draw: Independence Day Pusheen the Cat! | Art Class

How to Draw: A Very Kawaii Summer Break | Art Class

Fourth and Fifth Grade Math

Exploring the Continents! Geography, Animals and Landmarks!

Summer Science Camp: Grades 4, 5 & 6 - Art & Experiments

12th Grade English and Literature Semester 1

What Really Happens During Sex? (Girls, Beginner)

What Really Happens During Sex? (Boys, Beginner)

Multiplication Math Fun: Camp - Math Facts 7 - 12 (Ages 10 - 11).

Multiplication Math Fun: Camp- Math Facts 7- 12 (Ages 7-9).

Multiplication Math Fun Camp: Math Facts 1- 6 (Ages 10-11).

Multiplication Math Fun: Camp- Math Facts 1-6 (Ages 7-9).

FLEX Dungeons & Dragons Star Tide Part 2: Blazing Island Write and Play

Let's Learn to Read FLEX Class

Find Your Poetic Voice: Flex Class

2nd Grade Math - Adding and Subtracting

Summer Science Camp: Grades 1, 2 & 3 - Art & Experiments

Clutter Camp: Get Organized and Stay Organized in Your Room!

Jump Start Reading Summer Camp

Design Your Own Robot Remote Control

Angie's English/Spanish Community Helpers Camp

5th Grade Math Curriculum: Ongoing

Art Club 4: Acrylic Impressionism Paintings With Miss Mooni

Preschool in French: Introduction au Français (Winter Camp)

Beginner Piano Summer Camp Week 2!

Find the Perimeter of Rectangles

Beginner Piano Summer Camp Week 1!

The New Dawn—A FLEX Course on the History of the European Renaissance

American History Vocabulary

United Nations Vs Aliens: Camp Model UN With a Twist

Definition & Classification Essays

Railroad Club (Ages 15-18)

Travel the USA - State Facts and Trivia Summer Camp Edition

French Summer Camp: Learn French While Having Fun (Ages 8-12 Years Old) Part 1

Junior Explorers: S.T.E.a.M. Around the World Club Part 1 (STEM + Science)

Pre-K 4/Kinder First Year of Math " Hands On Math, with A Montessori Approach"

Dance Class -Hip-Hop/Musical Theatre, Descendants/ Zombies Fan Club (Ongoing)

TEEN Weekly Jazz Class- Choreography & Technique! (Ages 13-18)

Topic, Detail, & Concluding Sentences: Keys to Writing a Successful Paragraph!

Story Time Math: Guess My Button! Math Attribute Guessing Game With Frog & Toad!

Middle School French! Adomania. French for Foreigners A1 - Étape 1

AMA About Economics and Government

African American History: Interracial Marriage Vs Jim Crow : Civil Rights Case

(6 Lesson Flex Class) Astronomy, Astrology & Greek Mythology in the Wizard World

Math Tutoring Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Chess for Rookies: Introduction Camp

Russian Language Private Tutoring (4-18 Years Old)

African American History: The Green Book: A Travel Guide During Jim Crow (10-15)

(4 Lesson Flex Class) Pokémon and Hawaii

(4 Lesson Flex Class) Pokémon Ultra Beasts and Invasive Species

(4 Lesson Flex Class) Pokémon Cats and Dogs

(4 Lesson Flex Class) Pokémon Science: An Introduction to Astronomy

(4 Lesson Flex Class) Pokémon and the Amazing Evolutions of Eevee

(4 Lesson Flex Class) Pokémon and the British Isles

Young Stars Summer Acting Camp!

Individual Tutoring for World Religion

Per Aspera Ad Astra: One-On-One Latin Tutoring for All Levels (Six Week Package)

Weekly Jazz Technique & Choreography Class- Let's Dance Together! (Ages 8-12)

Cute Superhero Drawing Class (Flex Class - Marvel Part1)

STEM Reading Club - Listen, Read-Along & Discover with Bright & Smart Storyteller!

The Amazing Anime Drawing and Social Club!

Trees Are Tree-Mendous, on Arbor Day and Everyday: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Vegetarian, Gluten and Dairy Free Cooking: How to Make Pad Thai

Media Literacy for Teens, FLEX

Easy and Tangible High School Test Taking Skills (May Be Applicable to Exams)

How to Draw Your Favorite Anime Characters

Autism Anime Social Club: Let's Make Friends, and Discuss Anime

Fun With Chinese: Private Lessons for Beginners

Cooking: Baking: 2-Day Winter Camp Bake and Decorate Cake Pops!

Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Video Gaming Social Club (2x per Week)

Drawing Your Own Dragons & Other Cool Creatures!

Competition Math Challenges to Stretch and Excite High Attainers

Summer Refresher 4th Grade Math Camp- Perfect for Review!

Level Up! YouTube Video Editing With An iPad or iPhone

Waldorf Private Tutor Reading Class

Vegetarian, Gluten and Dairy Free Cooking: How to Make Kimbap

Fortnite Gaming Club: Let's Play!

Classifying Triangles Flex Course!

Create Your Very Own Comic Book This Summer! (FLEX)

ASL Alphabet Flex Course

Dungeons and Dragons 058: Dragon Heist Waterdeep, Springtime for Beholders Camp

Let's Write a 5 Paragraph Essay Together: Flex Class

Reptiles From Around the World | Live Animals | Zoo Camp | Ages 5-7

Reading NOW! Phonemic Awareness and Phonics- Beginning Reader

The Great Art Caper: World War II Themed Escape Rooms

5th Grade Ongoing ELA Course- All Standards/Skills

Dr. W's - 1 on 1 Private Course- Build Self Esteem, Self Confidence & Feel in Co

Animal Adaptations Camp | Meet Live Animals | Ages 8-11

Interesting Insects: Reading, Drawing, and Writing About Ants

Junior Writers - One on One Course - Learn and Practice Writing Short Responses

2 Weeks Mandarin Chinese Camp for the Young Beginning Learner-Level 1B

Summer Debate Camp - Two Week Intensive for Intermediate Students

Introduction to Canva

Disney Travel Ongoing: Norway, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Colombia, the USA, & More!

Financial Literacy/Personal Finance/This Is Your Life Budgeting Project -3X/Week

Books and Beverages: Let's Talk About Books

Grammar: Introduction to Adverbs in Sentences

Let's Draw: Dragons and Beasts!

Art History - Classical Museums' Grand Tour With a Touch of Fun - One on One

"Proper Paragraph Writing! an Introduction to Writing a Well Crafted Paragraph"

Dinosaur & Prehistoric Animal Drawing Club

Among Us Hide and Seek With Ms. Kelly

Magic and Wizards Teach You to Write: Flexible Schedule

Creative Map Making - Map Drawing Holiday Camp

Henry VIII- The Man, the King, the Husband to Six Queens. Great Leaders Series

Art Club 3: Create Acrylic Impressionism Paintings With Miss Mooni

Art Club 2: Create Acrylic Impressionism Paintings With Miss Mooni

Art Club 1: Create Acrylic Impressionism Paintings With Miss Mooni

AP Language and Composition Prep (One Month Flex)

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate! A FLEX Baking Course for Older Teens

Delicious Desserts FLEX Course for Older Teens

Accelerated Beginner French Summer Camp

Feel Well, Think Well, Live Well 3-Day Summer Camp

From 7th to 8th Grade Common Core Math Summer Camp

Flying With Fairies & Unicorns: Acting Out and Drawing a Unique Story.

Disney Easter Eggs: Can you find them all?

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 1 Part 4 (Age 8-12)

Geek Out Godzilla Style! One-Time Meet Up for Kaiju-Sized Fans Who Get It! 5-8

Junior Factoring (Pre-Algebra)

Geek Out Godzilla Style! One-Time Meet Up for Kaiju-Sized Fans Who Get It! 9-12

(Ongoing) Biology Veterinarian Club: Wild and Domestic Animal Vet Care (6-9Yo)

From 6th to 7th Grade Common Core Math Summer Camp

2 Weeks Mandarin Chinese Summer Camp for the Young Beginning Learner-Level 1A

Latino Art Camp: Draw Dances of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador & Cuba

Sculpt With Polymer Clay: It's a Mermaid! It's a Cat! It's a Mercat!

Geography Bee 7: Australia/Oceana Ecosystem, Location, Movement-Let's Kahoot It!

Cute Animal Drawing Club (Ongoing)

ASL 2 Summer Camp: Talk With Your Hands (Ages 11-16)

Cooking: Baking: 4-Day French Desserts Part One Spring Camp!

ASL 1 Summer Camp: Talk With Your Hands (Ages 11-16)

Kindergarten Ready Fun!

One-On-One Tutoring With a Certified Math Teacher and Test-Prep Tutor

"CVC" Ice Cream Shop

Practical Homesteading: Tiny Happy Peepers: Caring for Baby Chicks, Ducklings, and Goslings!

FLEX Class D&D Star Tide Part 1: Voyage of the Fallen Star

Adulting 101: Life Skills to Prepare for Adulthood FLEX

Journal Club: Weekly Journal Writing!

Roblox Studio: LUA Programming

(4 Lesson Flex Class) Pokémon Science: An Introduction to Geology

Learn Piano Through Minecraft and Video Games

Tea Party and Drawing Club

Fashion Club for Kids: Basics of Fashion in Disney and More

British Castles 1 for Kids (With UK Teacher)

Career Exploration ESL EFL: Learn English While Studying Careers

Journaling With Heart: An Exploration of All Things Writable

"The Summer Camp Mysteries" Reading Camp

Game on! Spanish: Level 2 (Ages 9-13, Beginner) - Live Video Class 1x/Week

Art Camp: Fundamentals of Perspective Drawing Part 1: One Point Perspective

Narwhal and Jelly Book Club: Book #5 - Happy Narwhalidays

Ancient Egypt in 50 Minutes

Narwhal and Jelly Book Club: Book #4 - Narwhal's Otter Friend

Narwhal and Jelly Book Club: Book #3 - Peanut Butter and Jelly

A Year of Spanish With Allie (Beginner 5-9)

Third Grade Math Review - Let's Get Ready for Fourth Grade! ~Licensed Teacher~

One on One Tutoring-Ongoing

Grammar Tales: Chicken in the City. A lesson on Nouns!

Internet Safety; Confidence Socializing Online, Safer and Smarter!

First and Second Grade Math: 2-D Shapes!

Major League Rivalries: The Best in Baseball

Musical Drawings! Part 1

Digital Mandala Art With the Procreate App

5 Day Camp- Stock Market and Cryptocurrency Investments

Math Tutor: 1-On-1 Ongoing Grades 1-3

Reading Tutor: 1-On-1 Ongoing Grades 1-3 Learn and Build Reading Skills

Escape Math City: An Escape Room Math Class

Star Wars Universe: Theories and News (Star Wars Discussion Group)

Cooking: Winter Christmas Holiday Baking: Fudgy Caramel Turtle Brownies!

(FLEX) Learn Both Mandarin Chinese Phonetic Systems : Zhuyin (ㄅㄆㄇㄈ) AND Pinyin!

Hot Wheels STEM Summer Vacation Camp (9-14Yr): Week 3

Hot Wheels STEM Vacation Camp (5-9Yr): Week 3

Hot Wheels STEM Vacation Camp (5-9Yr): Week 2

Nocturnal Animals: Guess the Animal of the Night!

Speak Spanish Today

Prehistoric Dinosaur Adventure: Learn About Five Fearsome Dinosaurs

Hot Wheels STEM Summer Vacation Camp (9-14Yr): Week 2

Beginning Division Facts 5 To 8

Hot Wheels STEM Summer Vacation Camp (4-5Yr): Week 1

Learn to Draw a Street Scene Step-By-Step Using off-Center 3D Perspective

Gaming Summer Club: Chit Chat and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Developing Decimal Dexterity Summer Camp

Hot Wheels STEM Vacation Camp (5-9Yr): Week 1

Music of the Islands, Music of the Sea: Pacific Island Singing and Drumming

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