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New Classes on Outschool 2022-07-17

There are 901 new classes on Outschool the week of July 17, 2022 to July 23, 2022.

Spring Art Made Easy : How to Paint a Honey Bee Using Watercolor

Spring Art Made Easy : How to Paint a Rabbit Using Watercolor

3-Day French Workshop - Level 1

Complete 5th Grade Math: Full Semester (Part 1) With a 20 Year Veteran Teacher

High School Writing: FULL Semester Grammar, Composition and Essay Writing

Miss Delicia's Leadership & Character Story Time (Age 5-6)

Social Skills for Students With (and Without) Autism - Group Interaction (13-16)

Whatever After Book Club - Book 9

Story time: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

English Practice Social Play

Full Curriculum 5th Grade Pod (Ages 10-12)

Virtual Birthday Party!( 5 to 10 Years Old)

Heroes and Villains: Writing- Pod With the Integrated Approach to Education Team

Magazine Madness for Super 2nd Graders!

Magazine Madness for Thriving 3rd Graders!

How to Draw Pokemon Squishmallows Art Class - Pikachu & Gengar

Don't Get Mad, Learn to Add - Addition Strategies

As a Matter of Fact, I Can Subtract - Subtraction Strategies

Easy Italian: 6 Days First Steps Camp (Intensive Class) A1-A1+ 55 MINUTES

Latin Dance Party (Salsa, Merengue, Bachata) One Time Class

Easy Italian: Ongoing 1-To-1 Italian Course A0-A2 [AGE 7-18] (X2/Week) 50 MIN

Latin Dance Party Club! (Salsa, Merengue, Bachata)

Bug & Insect Detectives - What's That Crawling up the Wall?

Winter Art Made Easy : How to Paint an Arctic Wolf Using Watercolor

Primus Science: Earth Science - Introduction to Geology + Labs Primary School

Let's Learn Physical Science! - Middle School Physics

Let's Learn Physical Science! - Middle School Chemistry

Valentines Day Art Made Easy : How to Paint Lovebirds Using Watercolor

Art: Weekly Drawing Class for Pencil Sketching! Ongoing

I Can Comprehend: A Guide Through Comprehension Strategies

Action Math: Understanding Multiplication

Award-Winning Berklee Graduate - Logic Pro Class

Interior Design: Create Your Own Studio Apartment (1 Week Camp)

Private Session: Gymnastics/Acro (Ongoing)

Valentines Day Art Made Easy : How to Paint a Cute Panda Using Watercolor

Reading Comprehension for Grade 2 Standards (Homeschool)

Digital Art - Character Design: Minecraft

Just Magical! Unicorn Nail Art (Beginner Friendly)

Spooky Halloween Night: Create a Wax-Resist Watercolor Painting w/Ms. Amy

Problem Solving Strategies Using Whole Numbers and Basic Operations

5th grade Science Hands-On and Project Based Learning (Part 1: Full Fall Semester)

Dinosaurs With Peppasaurus & Georgie Pig

Roblox Club Pop-In: Fly/Ride Frost Fury and Legendary Egg

Roblox Club Special Edition: Adopt Me Neon Ladybug Picnic! (Fly/Ride Pet and eggs Included)

Roblox Club Pop-In or Add-On: Just the Pets Please! T-Rex and Legendary Egg

Silent Snow Watercolor Painting Class

Amazing Art Creations Camp (Age 7-12)

Autumn Colors Watercolor Painting Class

Social Club for Your Unique Self (Autism, ADHD, 2e, Anxiety, and More)

Disney Princess Sing-a-long With Moana, Ariel and Elsa!

Introduction to Coins and Their Value

2-Day Course Self Awareness & Dealing With Peer Pressure; Making Good Friends!

"Let's Light This Candle!" the Space Race to the Moon!

Learn to Draw Famous Dogs in This on-Going Class

The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster Book Club

Beach Trip Storytime (Spanish/English)

Australian Constitutional Law

Drawing Cartoon Characters- Fun & Simple -Winter Camp Edition

ELA Private Tutoring 30 Min (Scheduled by Request)

Using Apostrophes

Fashion Design Sketching - Draw a Summer Dress: Learn Flow, Folds, and Technique

Math Multistep Word Problems (Grade 2 Standards) Back to School (One Time Class)

Reading Spanish Is Easy! Semester 3 - Reading Practice

Study Skills: Note-taking Skills-The Cornell Method, Mind Mapping and Outlining

Start a YouTube Channel THE RIGHT WAY – Be a Successful YouTuber! (4 Weeks FLEX)

Makeup Basics for Beginners (13-18)

Superhero Math Mystery: The Case of the Super Bad Superhero (Advanced)

Comic Book Creations for Beginners

Award-Winning Berklee Graduate - Logic Pro Class

Reading Comprehension: How to Identify the Beginning, Middle, and End!

Art Class: Learn Dinosaur Facts and Draw a T-Rex!

Algebra 1 Simplifying Expressions Prep - Quick Review on Combining Like Terms

Private Homework Help! From a Certified Teacher of 10+ Years! ( Back to School)

Let's Get Ready for Grade 3 Math!

Winter Art Made Easy : How to Paint a Family of Penguins Using Watercolor

Winter Art Made Easy : How to Paint a Cute Polar Bear Using Watercolor

How to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones

Let’s Draw a Monster Truck!: A Drawing Lesson for Beginners (Small Group)

Design a Fun Bird: A Crayon Resist Drawing & Watercolor Painting (Small Group)

Inferring With Monsters

Let's Communicate: Email Etiquette

Long Division Made Easy!

Dino Days: The Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Lets Build a Zoo!

Math Summer Camp -Advanced Topics for 2nd & 3rd Grade Students - Part 1

Crime, Love, and Irony: O. Henry's A Retrieved Reformation

Pop Art Desserts!

Ongoing: Sketchnoting, Organization, & Executive Function for the ADHD Brain 1

Medieval Europe - An Adventure Through History (Flexible Schedule)

Reader's Theater- Fluency with Fables! Comprehension, Character Traits, and More

Pirates: Hollywood vs History!

United States History (Semester 2) High School Social Studies Class 1877-Today

United States History (Semester 2) Middle School Social Studies Class 1877-Today

One-To-One Math Tutoring: Fractions

Coding for Beginners Part 2

Essay Basics + Graded Essay W/Notes * Beginning or Struggling Writers * FLEX *

Award-Winning Berklee College Graduate - Intro Songwriting Class

ONE-ON-ONE Support in: Math, Reading, Writing, Phonics, Science for Pre-K to 2nd

Roblox Club Pop-In or Add-On: Just the Pets Please! Wheel of Neon Pets

Spring into Poetry: Acrostic Poem

Earth Systems (High School Level Flex Semester 2): 18 Weeks With Labs

Earth Systems (High School Level Flex Semester 1): 17 Weeks With Labs

Reading Spanish Is Easy! Semester 2 - Spanish Phonics

Film Challenge Club (Ages 7-9)

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 11-- Proper Defensive Choices!

Pre-K Private Tutoring - Meets Three Days a Week

Multiplication Mastery With Times Tales: Part 1

Write a Great Paragraph: Pssst..It can be easy and fun

Stop Motion: Not a Beginner Animation Camp -Advanced

No Prep Weekly Debate Class

Math Momentum: Understanding Fractions Level 2

The Excellent Reader Jr: 4th (Fourth) Grade Language Arts Class (Semester Two)

Reading Spanish Is Easy! Semester 1 - Spanish Alphabet and Greetings

Dystopias: 1984

Dystopias: The Giver

Elementary Writing: Master Topic Sentences (One-Time)

One on One Math Assessment to Achieve Success: Grades 3 To 5

Reading and Writing: Main Idea and Supporting Details 1st/2nd Grade Standards

I Dig Dinosaurs With Mrs. Atkins!

Trigonometry Math Private Tutoring 1-On-1 | Trigonometry Mastery in 30 Minutes

The Never Girls Book Club Literature Lessons: Book 9: Before the Bell

The Never Girls Book Club Literature Lessons: Book 10: On the Trail

Picasso Painters Art Club | Watercolor & Acrylic Painting Class

Film Challenge Club

French Is Cool - French Tutoring for French Speakers

One on One Math Assessment to Achieve Success: Grades 1-2

French Is Cool - French Tutoring for Spanish Speakers

Color of the Week Fun with Songs, Mini Books, Handwriting, and More!

1:1 Staying Organized: Planning and Organization Coaching for 16 Weeks

Fun With Fractions - Fractions for Beginners

Zombies - Dance Class (Ongoing)

2-Day Course; Honesty, Perseverance, and Patience!

Paragraph Writing: 4 Day Camp

Hip Hop Dance - Aliens! - Zombies 3

Inventors and Inventions (Class Taught in Spanish)

Microsoft Office - PowerPoint Presentation for Beginners

Pre-K & Kindergarten- Alphabet & Letters

Flash Class 30 Minutes to Boost Writing Skills: Sentence Structure

3rd Grade Math | Full Curriculum | 1st Semester - Flex

Ongoing Fly Tying Club

World History I: Ancient Civilizations and Classical Empires (Flexible Schedule)

Grade 2 Math Yearlong Curriculum: Add, Sub., Shapes, Money, Measurement

Pre-K/Nursery School, Kindergarten, & Prep/Pre-School: Homeschool & After School

Little Learners: Plant Life Cycle | Pre-K & K - Science & Salt Painting Craft

My Mittens Watercolor Painting

Little Learners: Unicorn Puff Painting | Pre-K & K Craft & Chat

Happy Snowman Watercolor Class

English With Native U.K Tutor Amanda: Lesson 3, Who Am I? Greetings, Letters Ff, Gg, Hh

Must Be Santa Watercolor Painting Class

Life Skills: College/Career Ready Full Curriculum Semi-private

English With Native U.K Tutor Amanda: Lesson 2, Who Am I? Greetings and Letters Dd, Ee

Learn "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" in American Sign Language

Fall Splash Watercolor Painting

One-on-One 1:1 Private Tutoring: ESL Reading, Writing, and Speaking (Ongoing)

English Vocabulary Practice: Changing Irregular Verbs (ESL)

Dolphins, Whales, and Porpoises....Oh My!

5A Singapore Math Methods: Advanced Math Techniques (Ongoing)

English With Native U.K Tutor Amanda: Lesson 1, Who am I? Greetings and Letters Aa, Bb, Cc

Origami Fun Intermediate!

Long Division with 3 Digits, 4 Digits, & Decimals

Mo Willems Elephant and Piggie Read Along!

Fun Creative Writing Prompts!

Call of Duty Warzone Social Club

Let's Learn About Our Brain: Neurons - Neuroscience - Life Sciences

Story Time! Elephant and Piggie Work on Fine Motor Skills

Typing - Keyboarding 101 Intermediate Skills Summer Camp (Ages 7-12) -4X Weekly / 1 Week

FLEX: New Vietnamese Vocabulary Every Week (Part 2: Beginner-Beginner)

Titanic - Book Club & Research: I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic

Geometry Math Private Tutoring 1-On-1 | Geometry Mastery in 30 Minutes

Math Enrichment 🧑‍🏫 for Mathletes: Weekly

Reading Fundamentals: Starting From the Basics

Watercolor for Beginners : How to Paint a Cute Bat for Halloween

Watercolor for Beginners : How to Paint an Adorable Black Cat for Halloween

Consumer Math - Real Life Math Learning For Students With Special Needs

Social Emotional Think & Play Time with Bluey (Vol. 1)

Five Nights at Freddys (FNAF) Social Club + Escape Rooms

Tackling Two-Step Word Problems FLEX

How To Make Money At Any Age

Western Academic Preparedness

Camping With Our Favorite Pig! Story Time and Art With Teacher Dianne

Spanish & English Story Time! - Listen to the Reading of Bilingual Short Stories

Monsters From Movies and SCP's: The Artful Gamer's Horrific Drawing Art Class

Weather Science: Tornados

Christmas Adventure Story Writing - FLEX Class

Ocean Dive and Explore | Scuba Diving 101

Private Ballet Session!

Wild and Unstructured Social Studies Civics 1st/2nd Grade

Creative Writing Club: Building Confidence With Author of 25 Books Ongoing

Dive Into Dance: Intro to Ballet

Wacky, Weird and Adaptable Animals

Let's Learn Numbers in Spanish | Online Beginner Spanish Class for Ages 5-8

Full Curriculum High School Algebra 1 (Part 1)- Grades 9 And 10!

Festive Fall Art : How to Draw a Chipmunk Using Pen and Ink

Swim on by for Mermaid Tales With Mrs. Atkins

Dungeons and Dragons: Being the Game Master

FLEX Class - Times Tables Practice Course Part II: 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 And 15

Nature Science: The Layers of the Earth

You Pick! 1:1 Tutoring Math, Reading, Writing with a Certified Teacher (Ongoing)

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 10-- Using Pins!

Pre-Algebra, Ongoing

FLEX Class - Times Tables Practice Course 1: 2, 10, 5, 3, and 4 times tables

ABC, Getting Ready!

Tell Me Your Favorite Candy; Opinion Writing for 2nd/3rd

Ongoing Comprehension Skills: Read Aloud

How to Write the College Essay (Common App Personal Statement) Bootcamp

USA Geography- 25 Western States - Capitals, Land, Water, National Parks - Flex

USA Geography- 25 Eastern States -Capitals, Land, Water, and National Parks-Flex

Gloster Meteor the First British Jet Fighter of WWII

The Dog Listener - Learn How to Safely Interact With Dogs

Award-Winning Berklee College Graduate - Songwriting Class

Beginner’s Piano Class - Piano Pronto Prelude (Part 1)

ESL, EFL: Beginner Conversational English Small Group (2x per week, Ages 3-4)

Insect Species Identification Ongoing Class

Learning to Read CVC Words - Phonics Class

American Sign Language (ASL) Tutoring: Ongoing

FLEX: New Vietnamese Vocabulary Every Week (Part 4: Beginner-Advanced)

Private Music Lessons

Prepare 5 Minute Speeches in Under 5 Minutes

'The Last Kids On Earth' Book Club: Book 1

Creative Art & Animals 2! Draw, Paint and Learn!

Phonics at the Zoo: A Zoo-Phonics Literacy Class | Flexible Schedule

Little Artists - Friendly Monsters - Let’s Draw & Colour Together!

Private Math Tutoring 1-On-1 | Master Math Grade 1-8,Algebra,Geometry in 30 Min

FLEX: New Vietnamese Vocabulary Every Week (Part 3: Beginner-Intermediate)

Beginning Spanish Immersion Class (Ages 12-17)

Video Message From Spider-Man!

Spanish for Middle & High School - Intermediate: Complete Course

Escape!: Build Your Own Escape Room Summer Camp With Google Sites & Google Forms

Pokémon Pikachu Origami Bookmark! Create and Chat About All Things Pokémon!

2nd Grade Multi-Day Math 3x/week

Saxophone Lesson for Beginners Alto Saxophone (Level 1) - Age 8 - 13 Years Old

The Writers Table: Creative Writing Club Ongoing Class

FLEX: New Vietnamese Vocabulary Every Week (Part 1: Beginner-Beginner)

Let's Learn Colors in Spanish | Online Beginner Spanish Class for Ages 5-8

Return to Unicorn Library: A FLEX Class for Creative Storytellers & Artists

Entrepreneurship for Teens: Launch Your Business

Colorful Creatives Art Club | Drawing, Watercolor, Oil Pastel & Painting

Identify Any Note on the Guitar! Private 1 on 1 class

Let's Get Organized for School!

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Baby Wild Animal - Lynx (Eurasian)

Middle School English Language Arts

Horse Talk Live: Weekly Q&A From Our Farm

Architecture Drawing - American Houses (Queen Ann, Second Empire, Tudor)

House Plant Species Identification Ongoing Class

One-To-One Goal Setting Course for Teens

Year 4 Math Learning Made Easy! Fourth Grade Semester Long

1 ON 1 Tutoring (Ages 8-14) Homework and Core Subject Help- Science and Math

Pre-K Reading Foundational 3x/Week

Running Addicts Social Club!

Arts- Halloween Show and Tell Costume Party

Sew Wut!? Beginner Sewing Basics, Techniques and Small Projects

Laugh and Learn With Lauren: Intro to Character Development

SAT or ACT - Which Is Best for Me?

Make your year while creating your own super suit in Spanish (1 Lesson of Elementary Spanish)

Spanish Speakers Club - Complete Curriculum (5x per Week)

Introduction to Biotechnology and Pharma Research - Applied Biology - Life Sciences

Level 7 Certificate of Merit Theory Flex Class - Piano

Superheroes Assemble! Help the Heroes!

Color With Me!

What's The Difference Between a Cheetah, a Jaguar and a Leopard?

Summer Spanish Camp for Beginners, Part 3

One-On-One Crochet Lessons: One-Time Class

Private 1 on 1 Tutoring From a Proven Teacher - Math and/or Reading PreK to 6th

Fourth Grade Math Curriculum Study Part 1

Kindergarten Bootcamp - Beginner

Farm Path Watercolor Painting Class

Barn in a Field Watercolor Painting Class

Fall Semester Singing Lessons for Two

Drawing Unicorns and Narwhals: A One-Time Class

Spanish Summer Camp- Spanish Beginners Fun With SeÑor Panda- Lo Que Come

Reading and Spelling Silent E Words! (1st and 2nd Grade)

World Geography - South America - Introduction to 12 Countries - Flex Class

Beginner Cantonese Chinese Conversation, Vocabulary and Games

Exploring the Renaissance Period - A Historical Book Club

Explore Washington State Flex Ages 9-12

Bass Guitar - FLEX Course - Learn All The Basics in 4 Weeks!

Farm Animal Friends (2X a Week - Ages 3-6)

Dinos for Days! Social Club

Fall Festive/Tis the Season Poetry Club! (Ages 6-8) Creative Writing

Advanced Scratch Weekly Coding Club: Games, Animations and More

Shapes Make a Gingerbread House – Let’s Draw and Learn!

T.A.C.O.S.- Explore the World!

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 3 Pt 3 (Age 13-18)

No Prep Debate Camp

3-Day Boot Camp | SAT Prep | Official Test Review (October 2020)

Let's Write Numbers! (Ages 5 And 6)

Math Camp! (Age 5)

No-Pressure Writing Practice: Learn Some Magic

The 4 W's of Reading Comprehension: Identifying the Who, What, When, and Where!

Taking Notes: Practice Note-Taking in Class Key Word Outline Style

(Circle Time With Ms Tiffany) Preschool Readiness Full Curriculum 3x Week

Ongoing Comprehension Skills: Read Aloud

Edible Chemistry (FLEX): Baking Skill Builder: Macarons

Blox & Blocks! Play Your Favorite Roblox Game & Build It With Bricks!

Pre- Algebra/ Algebra: Understanding The Distributive Property

Camp: Nature Paintings by Audubon

1-on-1 Tutoring for Preschool, Kindergarten and First Graders

Anime Chat Time! (10-13)

Canva Graphic Design Class

“Would You Rather….?” Small Group Orton-Gillingham Writing Class

Spanish for Beginners, Learn the Basics, Part 3: Present Continuous Tense.

Learn to Type Keyboard / Touch Semester Typing Class

Roblox Club Very Special Edition: Adopt Me Neon Unicorn Workshop! (Fly/Ride)

Git Er Done With ADHD!

Around the World with Abstract Art: Semester Course

Taking Notes: Practice Note-Taking in Class Cornell Notes Style

Guided Reading 3rd Grade Level- Ongoing

Taking Notes: Practice Note-Taking in Class Concept Map Style

Let’s Learn the Spanish Alphabet | Online Beginner Spanish Class for Ages 5-8

Reader's Theater Grades 3 and 4 (Ongoing) Helps With Voice Acting

4th Grade Reading, Vocabulary, and Grammar

Crochet: Double Crochet (13-18 Yr)

Book Series Study: Warriors: The Power of Three Series by Erin Hunter

Elementary Writing: Master Formal Paragraphs Step-By-Step (One-Time)

Pre-K and Kindergarten ELA (1st Quarter)

Back to School STEM Activities With Pencils!

Science Laboratory Safety 101

ESL Storytime and Language: Igs and Ugs with "Pig the Pug"

1st Grade ELA (1st Quarter)

Dungeons and Dragons DnD Discussion Group with Dave the Dungeon Master

Come and listen to a story about two friends; then let’s make a Kindness Craft.

Hey, What's That Sound? Phonics Foundations With a Speech-Language Pathologist

2nd Grade ELA (1st Quarter)

Arthropod and Insect Identification 101

Life Skills With Virtues - Tactfulness (Age 7-12)

Devised Drama: Online Edition (8-12)

Devised Drama: Online Edition (13-18)

Loving the Me I'm Going to Be: Growing and Thriving in the Middle School Years

U.S. Geography | Regions, States, and Capitals Project Based Learning

Stop Teasing Now - Social Skills to Stop Teasing Today (Autism, ADHD, anxiety)

Social Skills: The Science of Being Happy - The Happiness Class

Alla Prima Art Academy: Paint Like the Abstract Artists

Magic Misfits Book Club - Book 1

Kingdom of Wrenly Book Club - Book 3

1:1 Tutor Reading, Writing, Grammar and Vocabulary Skills for Middle School

Van Gogh Sunflowers Multi-Media Art Class (Class 1 of Art and Stories Series)

Fun With Multi-Sensory Phonics and Phonemic Awareness

Montessori Fractions for Upper Elementary 1:1 Tutoring

Fancy Fall Leaves | Fall Leaf Watercolor Painting Class

Award-Winning Berklee College Graduate - Intro Vocal Class

Semester Long Spanish Course: Uses of "Estar-To be"

Stick It in a Box: Polynomial Multiplication and Division Made Easy

K-2 Homeschool Homeroom: Calendar Meeting with Show & Tell, Sharing & Skill Practice

NBA Fan Club!

World Geography - Earth's Extremes and World Records - Flex Class

Pumpkins Watercolor Painting Class

Creative Movement

Book Study: A Boy Called Bat

Teens Baking: Breakfast Breads FLEX

Sunflower Watercolor Painting Class

Hands-On Montessori Inspired Advanced Math Level A (for Kindergarten and 1st Grade) 2x a Week With Manipulatives

Beginner’s Painting- Let's Paint Decorative Rocks!

Auditions 101 W/ Miss Lexa: What to Expect & Prepare (Actors, Dancers, Models & Singers)

World Geography Trivia Quizzes - Flex Class

Let's Create Art!

U Can Play Ukulele: Young Intermediate

Middle School Writing - Full Semester - Recommended Ages: 12-14 *Flexible Class*

World Geography - The 7 Longest Rivers in the World- Flex Class

7th Grade Math for Independent Learners Part B Pos/Neg Number Operations

Grammar Jammer Semester or Drop-In; 7th 8th and 9th Grade

World Geography - Must Know Country Flags and Very Unique Flags- Flex Class

Guided Reading Third Grade From a Certified Teacher of 10+Years!

Tiny Tots Ballet With Miss Lexa: Animals Edition (Ongoing)

The Process of Making Movie Magic - Life on a Real Film Set 2 - for 9-12 Yr Olds

Read, Write, Type! 5-Paragraph Essay: ELA/TESOL - Homeschool & After School TEEN

Beginner Violin Camp: Let's Learn Twinkle!

Fashion Drawing- Figure Drawing: Avant-Guarde

Beginners Ongoing Minecraft Survival Mode - Bedrock Edition

Award-Winning Berklee College Graduate - Vocal Class

Sew Wut!? Beginner Sewing Machine Set up and Operation (Video Course 8-12)

Let's Learn About Animal Classification

The Laundry Room Club: Loads of Fun!

Animal Adventure: Weekly Animal Chats!

Pre-K/Kindergarten- Draw and Color Your Favorite Things! (Learn Shapes & Colors)

The Process of Making Movie Magic- Life on a Real Film Set 2 - for 13-17 Yr Olds

Crochet Group!

Saxophone Club (Late Beginner Level): Come and Play Contemporary Music With Us!

Visual Introduction to Python

Summer Fun/Life Skills: Junior Comedy Class- Let's Learn to Tell Jokes!

Drawing 101: A Weekly Drawing Class for Aspiring Artists (Ages 12-16)

Calling All Kindergarten Readers! Sight Words and Games! (Homeschool)

Fractions for Beginners! (From a Certified Teacher of 10+ Years) Back to School

Kindergarten Homeschool: Reading CVC, Blends, Families; Short Vowel Phonics

Bacteria, Viruses, and the Immune System- Flexible Course

Bring Your Pet(s) to Class! Show and Tell Discussion Group

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 5 Multiday (Age 8-12)

Decoding the Periodic Table of Elements and Chemical Compounds- Flexible Course

2nd and 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension and Phonics

Clarinet Club (Late Beginner Level): Come and Play Fun Music With Us!

Algebra 1 Tutoring Ongoing - Homework Help (Student Led)

PE for Teens!

Reader's Theater One Time Class (Helps With Voice Acting)!

Space Exploration Series - Stars and Constellations

Space Exploration Series - Asteroids, Comets and Meteors

Simplifying Expressions Bingo Night - Pre Algebra/Algebra 1

What is a Calendar? One on One ~ Private Lesson

A New Adventure: ESL Club for Expat Kids Living Abroad

Cool Cats - Persian Cat Drawing with Pencil (Graphite) Art Project!

Cool Cats - High Five Cat - Drawing and Inking Art Project!

Private 1 on 1 Voice Lessons Vocal Lessons Any Age

Algebra 1 Intensive Test Prep (or Retake)

Demigods Unite: A Percy Jackson Social Club

Discover the Eiffel Tower Flex

Scrawl to Script! (Multi Handwriting Levels)

Hip Hop and Zumba Dance with NYC Dance Pro

Let's Get Ready for Grade 2 Math!

Let's Get Ready for Grade 1 Math!

Intro to Digital Music Production & Beat Making

Nonfiction 1st Grade Guided Reading Club: Enrichment Level

Reading Comprehension With Mrs. Bell!

Littles Artists - Watercolour for Beginners - Let’s Paint Together!

Escape the Egyptian Pyramid - Find the Treasure - Virtual Escape Room Game A

Fall Pond Thru the Trees Watercolor Painting Class

Learn to Sing Like a Star: Broadway-Style Voice Lessons

Branches of the Government: Judicial

Branches of the Government: Executive

Branches of the Government: Legislative

Grade 1 Guided Reading Club! With Certified Teacher of 10+ Years!

Private Tutoring With Teacher Elisha Bundle

Modern Dance Beginner Ages (8-13)

Piano Level 2A - Part 3

Birch Forest Watercolor Painting Class

High School English - Skills for Success

Capybaras Alive! All About the Capybara With Drawing Activity!

Geology Semester High School - Volcanoes, Fossils, Dinosaurs, Earth Structures - 16 Weeks Ongoing

Italian for Kids 2 (Camp Style)

4 Days: English Language Arts, TESOL Elementary Primary Homeschool, After School

Read, Write, Type! 5-Paragraph Essay - ELA & TESOL - Homeschool & After School

Circle Time Snacks & Stories Pre-K, Nursery, Kindergarten & Preschool

7th Grade Math Unit #4 (of 4): Probability & Statistics [FLEX Class]

7th Grade Math Unit #3 (of 4): Geometry [FLEX Class]

Private Dance/Cheer Class: Learn One-on-One Dance/Cheerleading

Not Quite Paint Pouring - A Paint Pouring Class for Younger Learners (Ages 7-12)

Bonjour Mes Amis (Hello My Friends) Slower pace French Club With Kim for 8-12s.

Fashion Design: Your Style Counts

Enriching Art: Draw Detailed Doodles Using Expressive Linework

Third Grade Math Recap - Review & Refresh to Prep for 3rd Grade!

Reading George Balanchine's the Nutcracker to Children!

Magical Creatures Drawing Class: Beginner to Intermediate (Ages 7-12)

Weekly Reading Skills 3rd-5th Grade (Ongoing)

Ongoing Study Hall: Foundational Math Through Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry

Holiday Mix-Up: Camp Celebrating Holidays in a Week Through Art and Games (5 -7)

Holiday Mix-Up: Camp Celebrating Holidays in One Week Through Art and Games

Movie Bites Camp (Week 2): Directing, Acting, Costumes, Foley Art and Props

Camp: In the Footsteps of...Pop Art Movement I

Future Chef's Cooking Camp Extreme Teen Edition (4 Days/Week)

Little Learners Informative Writing

Inclusive Social Camp for Ages 13-15

Movie Bites Camp (Week 1): Ideas, Script Outlines, Storyboards, Set Design

Properties of Exponents: Practice Algebra and Pre-Alebra

Science News Discussion Club - Middle School

A Book in a Month (FLEX)

Social Skills: 6-Part Series on How to Make and Keep Friends (Autism, ADHD)

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 7 Part 1 (Age 8-12)

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 7 Multiday (Age 13-18)

Character and Scene Studies for High School Actors

Independent Elementary Cooking: I Can Make My Own Lunch Box!

52 Weeks of Art (Flex) Part 4

Adorable Pig Portrait - Drawing & Watercolor Painting Art Project!

52 Weeks of Art (Flex) Part 3

ESL Conversation and Social Club (Certified Instructor)

Prevent the Summer Slide: Summer Review 2nd Grade-ELA/Reading

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 6 Part 5 (Age 8-12)

Intro to Drawing Cartoons

Spring Art Made Easy : How to Paint a Raccoon Using Watercolor for Beginners

3rd Grade Grammar and Writing: Verbs, How-To Paragraphs and Narratives

Third Grade Math Recap - Review & Refresh to prep for Fourth Grade!

Be You, Be Unique, Be a Narwhal

Draw Realistic Forest Animals - Intermediate to Advanced (Ages 12-17)

Beginners Guide to Painting: How to Paint an Adorable Fawn Using Watercolor

1st Grade Math Review

Meet the Teacher Q & A

Adopt Me Woodland Egg Giveaway Gaming Class: Free Egg for Each Enrolled Learner!

Adopt Me Retired Egg Giveaway Gaming Class: Free Egg for Each Enrolled Learner!

Art by April: Drawing with Charcoal- Optical Illusion Art, Water Droplets

1:1 Tutoring With a Special Education Teacher (One-Time)

Acting on the Spot!

Ongoing 1:1 Tutoring & Games 2x per Week!

Ongoing Spanish Vocabulary and Conversation for Beginners

Drama Dress Up

Art by April: Watercolor Painting Birch Trees

Mrs. Bettina's Classroom Social Time

Creepy Crawlies

Algebra 1 Summer Prep - Prepare for Algebra 1 (Pre-Algebra Review)

One on One Reading Tutoring With Mrs. Rose (M.S.Ed.) 1 Day per Week

Puppet Theatre Part 1: Creating Your Puppet

Drama Book Club

A Play in Five Days!

A Play in Four Days!

Little Explorers Drawing Club | Animals & Characters Preschool & Elementary Art

Costumed Characters

Halloween Art for Beginners: How to Paint a Cute Ghost Using Watercolor

Careers in Animation: An Overview (Ages 16-18)

Itty Bitty Scientist

Learn With Dough!

Super Star Learning: Basic American Sign Language!

Silly Limerick Lab: Creative Poetry Writing

Watercolor Art Club

Tail Waggin' Readin' With Duke and Mrs. Atkins

Paragraph of the Week Writing Club

Alaska - Let's Learn About the People, Land, and Animals - On Going!

How to Design a Space Helmet - A Guide to Tinkercad Mastery. Absolute Creative.

Spanish Speakers Club With The Singing Spanish Teacher! (3x/week)

ART CAMP: Paint and Draw a Lovely Floral Scene

Spanish Verb Intensive-AR, ER, IR Preterit & Imperfect

Middle School Grammar: An Ongoing Practice of Grammar Topics

Watercolour Animals - Weekly Art Club - Let’s Draw and Paint Together!

Design a 3D Speed Boat in Tinkercad and Let It Be Creative

Close Reading for New Spanish Learners! Level 1

Yes, I Am a Character!

Walk With Me: Screenwriting Crash Course

Instrumental Essentials: Beginner Ukulele Lessons!

Blue-Advanced Belt: Level One/Two

Space Exploration Series - The Sun & Moon

Middle School Grammar: Semester Edition

Private One on One Class: Drawing the Body for Fashion

Musical Brain Work-Out for Executive Functioning! (With a Music Therapist)

Summer Art Made Easy: How to Paint Giraffes Using Watercolor for Beginners

Let’s Play Bingo to Learn ABC and 1,2,3

Private Class Hour Long: Learning the Basics of Sewing

Beginner's Guide to Painting : How to Paint Adorable Elephants Using Watercolor

Greek School Online- A 5 Week Introductory Course (3-5 Year Olds)

Cactus of the Week Volume 1 Art With a Science Notebook - Wolf Circus Art Studio

Introduction to Geology

Learn to Draw Portraits: 4 Weeks Flex Class

College Debt - Hack the Cost of College: College Choices & Career Decisions

Sports Themed Full Body Workout

Model an Airbus to Travel to the Moon...Passion for PRO!!!

How to Use German Modal Verbs

Multiplication Madness (1 digit by 1 digit Practice and Games)

Design a Moon Rover in Tinkercad and Travel on the Moon... PRO Can Do

History of the United States of America-The Early Beginnings Through Early-1800s

German Verb Conjugation for Beginners

Math Escape: A Challenging Maze of Arithmetic for Neurodivergent - Grades 7 & 8

Math Escape: A Challenging Maze of Arithmetic for Neurodivergent - Grades 5 & 6

Crochet: Turtle

Conversational Chinese Ages 5-8 Month 7: Describing People

Let's Speak Spanish! Private Lessons - Tutoring - All Levels

Make a 3D Roller Coaster in Tinkercad and Be a PRO!!!

Math Escape: A Challenging Maze of Arithmetic for Neurodivergent - Grades 1 & 2

Pre-Algebra Unit One of Four; Variables, Expressions and Integers (Flexible Scheduling)

Careers in Animation: Developing Your Talent (Ages 13-15)

Black History || The story of Emmett Till || African American History

Tell Me a Story! Creative Writing

The Grand Escape Book Club- A Funny Animal Action Adventure

Fall by the Pond Watercolor Painting Class

Make Your Own Engineering Tool in Tinkercad

Math Masters Long-Term or Drop-In; 6th Grade

Galactic Quest: Saving Aliens and Collecting Heroes - 25Mins Trial Session

Social Emotional Learning: My Feelings Are Like the Weather

Breezy the Snowman Watercolor Painting Class

Cardinals in the Trees Watercolor Painting Class

1st Grade General Music Class - Full 36 Weeks

Learning Science Through Literature!

One-On-One Portfolio Review with an Animation Professional

Wispy Leaf Watercolor Painting Class

Writing Adventure With Mrs. Bell!

World Geography and Culture in Spanish (Class Taught in Spanish)

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 9-- Nets/Trapping Pieces!

Young Poets Society - Writing Poetry

3Rd Grade, Introduction to Multiplication!

"Bah Humbug" to Benevolence: Scrooge's Transformation in "A Christmas Carol"

Prepare for Royal Conservatory Harmony 9 Exam

Essential Oils & Their Historical Use (with Kahoot)

Mountain Waves Watercolor Painting Class

Roman History w/ a Roman Historian & Archaeologist. World History Back to School

Talk Time ESL Conversational Speaking (American Accent)

Sing and Play 1:1 Beginner French Lessons

Beyond the Book Reading Club: Beauty and the Beast Lost in a Book

Buzzz by for Literacy Practice With Fly Guy

Italian Intermediates: Futuro Tense & Ed Sheeran's Perfect ft. Andrea Bocelli

Book Club: The Mysterious Benedict Society (#1)

Spanish Made Simple for Youths | Once a Week | A1 | Part I of II

Los Deportes (Sports) - A Spanish Class With Teacher Elisha

Los Colores (Colors) - A Spanish Class With Teacher Elisha

Los Animales (Animals) - A Spanish Class With Teacher Elisha

Sew Wut!? Beginner Sewing Machine Set up and Operation (Video Course 13-17)

Garden Biology: The Science of Plant Life, Gardening and the Environment (11-16)

Private Tutoring - Creative Writing

Spanish Made Simple for Youths | Once a Week | A2

Creative Writing Enrichment Course

Middle School ELA: Seventh and Eighth Grade English Language Arts

3X a Week Learn to Read in 100 Classes - PART 1 of 3 to Equal 100 Days of Class

Let's Argue: Marvel Debate FLEX Class

Story Time - Ka Wā Mo’olelo

Animals of the Rain Forest...Sloths, Tapirs, Jaguars and Toucans!

Bearded Dragons...Wild and Wonderful!

Bearded Dragons: Care and Questions!

All About Reindeer: Magical Winter Mammals of the North Pole!

Dark History for Kids: The Dancing Plague

Intro to Greek Mythology: The Twelve Olympian Gods

Disney Fun! Learn to Draw Princess Jasmine

Daily Extended English Language Arts 1:1 Reading, Writing, & Grammar Skills Camp

50 States of African American History Trial Class

Private Tutoring: Personalized Reading/ELA Lessons 1st - 4th Grade

400 Years of the Atlantic World

Music Academy: Private Recorder Lessons

Discover Steve Irwin Flex

Wunderkeys, Book 3, Preschool Piano, FLEX Class

Elementary School Book Club for Fourth and Fifth Grade Readers

Wunderkeys Book 2, Preschool Piano, FLEX Class

Zombies 3- Hiphop Dance Class-“Alien Invasion”

Sight Words: And, At

Teen Talk Time ESL Conversational Speaking

Letters: A

No Bake Cooking Camp

Nana-Bees Super Stretchy Slime 101 Class (3-5Yr Olds)

Reading Literature : Types of Narration

Mythology Book Club: An Exploration of C. S. Lewis's Till We Have Faces

Hula Dance

Dissection Lab!

Hooked on Books: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

Drama for Homeschoolers

Nana-Bees Super Stretchy Slime 101 Class (12-15Yr Olds)

Nana-Bees Super Stretchy Slime 101 Class (15-18Yr Olds)

Wild for Watercolor Painting

Get Your Facts Straight Grades 1-2: Addition and Subtraction within 100

1-on-1 Spring Spanish Mini Camp

Vamos a Contar (Let’s Count!) - A Spanish Class With Teacher Elisha

Vamos a Comer (Let’s Eat!) - A Spanish Class With Teacher Elisha

Introduction to Web Development - Build a Website

Hola Mis Amigos (Hello My Friends) -A Beginner Spanish Class With Teacher Elisha

Origami Art: Craft Folded Paper Fish

Sing Me a Story Time for Preschoolers With Mrs. Atkins

Doodles and Drawings - A Basic Drawing Class for Young Learners

Junior Wild About Cooking (FLEX): Pumpkin Delights

Choreography Exploration for Dancers!

Life Cycle of a Star! STEAM Class For Learners Ages 3-6

Acrylic and Watercolor Painting Course (15 Weeks-Flex)

Factors, Multiples, and Regular Polygons

Fun With Fractions - Adding Fractions With Different Denominators

Junior Nature Explorer: (Flex) Outdoor School Autumn

Fun With Fractions - Adding Fractions With Common Denominators

Pet Portraits (Flex): Painting in Watercolor & Acrylic

Painting With Purpose With Miss Leigh - FLEX

Fabulously Funny Fairytale & Folktale Plays (Fun Ongoing Reading Fluency)

Let's Write a Halloween Story One Time Class

French Is Cool - French Tutoring for English Speakers

Human Anatomy for Junior Scientists: Bones, Bones, Bones

Drawing Club With Miss Leigh - FLEX

Swahili for Beginners 108 of 108

Oil Pastel Creations With Miss Leigh - FLEX

Human Body Anatomy— Science for Kids: My Muscles Help My Body Move.

Human Body Anatomy— Science for Kids: My Lungs Breathe.

Human Body Anatomy— Science for Kids: My Heart Pumps Blood.

Human Body Anatomy— Science for Kids: My Brain Is the Control Center of My Body.

Human Body Anatomy— Science for Kids: My Body Is Made of Bones.

Let’s Explore Dangerous Animals Around the World!

Fun With Fractions - What Is a Fraction?

Beginner Baking with Chef Mary!

Learn Essential Onshape Design Skills for 3D Design and Modelling and Be a PRO!!

Human Body Anatomy Club— Science for Kids: My Body Systems Work Together.

Creative Writing Skills for Fluent Writers With Teacher Feedback

Ms. Colleen's Grade 4 Math Class- Factors, Multiples and Patterns

Learn to Sketchnote! The Art of Visual Note Taking.

Mad Libs: My Trip to the Zoo

IB Math - All You Need To Know About Sequences and Series

Let's Read! Phonics Practice With Word Families for Beginning Readers

Watercolor Magic With Miss Leigh - FLEX

All About The Sun! STEAM Class For Learners Ages 3-6

Let's Practice Math

Pre-Algebra: Understanding Integer Operations, Part 1

Reading Comprehension Grade 1

Collage & Mixed Media Arts With Miss Leigh - FLEX

Weekly One on One Math Tutoring

Drum Lessons (3 Session Package)

Popular Songs: Violin & Viola Music Club 2

Math Camp: 5th Grade Review and 6th Grade New Techniques (2x a Week)

IB Math - All You Need to Know About Quadratics

Basics of Balancing Chemical Equations

Needle Felting Woodland Animals Club (Flex)

10 Weeks of Hands-On Science

Pods: Kindergarten Around the World! Full Curriculum! (Reserve Your Spot for Fall!)

Pods: Preschool Around the World! Full Curriculum! (Reserve Your Spot for Fall!)

Math Tutoring for Elementary School Students

Needle Felting Adorable Family Pets (Flex)

Piano Keys, Scales, Arpeggios, and Exercises: A Complete Course

Introduction to Periodic Table of Elements: Know Your First 20 Elements

Life Skills With Virtues - Wisdom (Age 7-12)

Learn How to Model 3D Objects – a Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Tinkercad

Life Skills With Virtues - Unity (Age 7-12)

Prek Full Curriculum: Reading, Writing, Math, Science for Preschool Learners

Crazy Hair! Line Drawing

Kids Bake FLEX: Classic French Desserts

Sketching and Shading Animals

Books With Pets: One-On-One Reading Session With a Real Cat or Dog!

Coloring Class! Markers

Let's Sing a Summer Song - Get Ready for Vacation

Elementary Science Experiments (6 Weeks Of WOW Labs)

Zombies 3 - Dance Extravaganza!

English for Beginners

Financial Fitness for H.S. Students - I Day Seminar

Favorite Things: Science (1-On-1 Conversation Practice)

Telling Time in French

Summer Catch Up 1:1 UK Primary Maths Tutoring

Middle School Literature-Based Language Arts: STEM Novels and Science Fiction

Intro to Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) With Autodesk Fusion 360

Stock Market - Investing for Beginners Part 3 - 4X Week - Finance Summer Camp (Ages 8-13)

D&D The Radiant Citadel w/ Jingleheimer (A Dungeons and Dragons Game)

4Th Grade, Learn How to Round!

Private 100% Customized Spanish Immersion Class for 4-6 Years Old - Any Day/Time

4th Grade, Orders of Operations!

Banned Books Book Club

Spanish Beginner: How to Express a Minor Illness to a Doctor in Spanish?

5th Grade, Learn How to Round.

4th Grade, Multi Digit Multiplication

Build and Write - Beginning Writing Inspired by Building Brick Creations

Oil Pastel Painting

3rd Grade, Leaning How To Round!

This Week in Law - Discuss International News Related to the Law - 13y - 18y

Latin Cambridge Unit 1 Stages 7 - 9

5th Grade, Divison!

High School Spanish 2 Semester Long Flex Course - Second Semester

How to Make a Budget-For Beginners

Bespoke & Unique Laws From Around the Globe Part 2 of 2 - 7y to 12y

Financial Spreadsheets

5 Day Star Wars Reading Jedi Boot Camp

The Complete Art Course- Clay, Charcoal, Watercolor

Easy Italian: Elementary Level A1 [Age 9-14], [2 X 40min/Week], First Steps (1)

Jigsaw Puzzle Club

Writing Tips: Elementary Aged Students

SAT / ACT Test Prep (1 lesson/week) | Private 1-on-1| Customized 4-week Program

Kindergarten Prep Class

ABC...Craft With Me!

ESL Guessing Game! What Am I? Pirates Edition! TESOL TEFL Certified

Stretch Like an Acrobat: Flexibility 1 (14-18)

Non Scholae Sed Vitae Discimus: Intermediate Latin for High Schoolers (Part 5)

Sapere Aude: Beginners Level Latin for High Schoolers (Part Three)

Life Skills With Virtues - Service (Age 7-12)

Life Skills With Virtues - Obedience (Age 7-12)

Prehistoric Dinosaur Workout

Nana-Bee's Stretchy Slime Class (9-11Yr Olds)

Nana-Bees Super Stretchy Slime 101 Class (6-8Yr Olds)

Wunderkeys Book 1, Preschool Piano, FLEX Class

Number Blocks Color and Chat Ages 6-10

Learn to Create Stylish Necklaces Using Chain, Beads, and Pliers Like a Pro

Henri Matisse - Goldfish Painting for Kids! Step by Step Crayon Resist Art

Level 1: Introduction to Fractions

Full Curriculum~ High School- World Geography 1 (Part 1) Grades 9 And 10!

World History I: The Medieval World - Dark Ages to Renaissance (Flexible Schedule)

Bugs! Design & Create Your Own Insect

Human Anatomy Terminology & Bones (for Teens Interested in Health Sciences)

Spanish Immersion: Origami Is Fun!

Multiplication Facts Practice - Minecraft Themed Math Class! (Ongoing)

One-On-One Art Tutoring! Drawing, Sketching, and Painting of All Levels (55 Min)

Programming on Minecraft: One-on-One Coding Sessions

Discover Niagara Falls Flex

Fall Art Made Easy : How to Paint a Fall Pumpkin Using Watercolor

Fall Art Made Easy : How to Paint a Thanksgiving Squirrel Using Watercolor

Writing a Silly Story: Storytelling Basics With a Fun Twist

Fall Guys Weekly Club and Social Hour for Younger Players

Fun and Casual Drop-In Japanese Class (Click for $10 Coupon Towards This Class)

Festive Fall Art Made Easy : How to Paint a Turkey Using Watercolor

Edible Creations Art - Kitchen Food Crafts to Make and Eat! (FLEX, Ages 5-9)

ACT English: Prep for Success!

Drawing: Basic Skills/Techniques for Drawing People (Age 9-12) (FLEX)

Hands-On, Montessori Inspired Advanced Math Level C (for 2nd/3rd Grades) 2x a Week With Manipulatives

Got Math? Personal Tutoring Block.

Summer Art Made Easy : How to Paint a Sea Turtle Using Watercolor

Summer Art Made Easy: How to Paint a Jiggling Jellyfish

Summer Art Made Easy : How to Paint a Mother Lion and Her Cub

How to Use Pizza to Write a Story

How to Paint Summer Art : How to Paint Adorable Seahorses Using Watercolor

Elementary Intermediate Spanish ~ Part 8 (8 of 8)

Essay Writing Made Easy - Discussion Essays (ESL Friendly)

Music Theory for Guitarists

Animal Study + Drawing: All About Black-Footed Cats

Braille 1, an Introduction (13-17)

How to Use Cats to Write a Story

Beginner Coding/Programming With a Robot - Flex (Course 2)

What Is the AP Music Theory Exam and Should I Take It?

Life Skills With Virtues - Generosity (Age 7-12)

Fun Beginner Ukelele One on One Lesson

Let's Draw Single-Jointed Fishing Lures!

Escape Therapod Island

Little Artists - Animal Art Club - Let’s Draw & Colour Together!

African Cooking: Street Food Galore!

Roblox Club Pop-In: Just the Pets Please! Fly/Ride Diamond Unicorn and Legendary Egg

Photography 102 Flex - Using Manual Mode on DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

Making Music Class

Play Primary Piano Class: Meet the Keyboard for Young Children

(One-Time) Sing & Sign ABC Song With American Sign Language (ASL) Alphabet Song

Quilling for Beginners: Paper Arts & Crafts - Make a Cloud (One-Time Class)

Sam's 7th Grade Ongoing Math Class Full Curriculum

Talk Time for Confidence and Public Speaking

Private ISEE or SSAT Test Prep

Drawing Dynamic Warrior Cats!

1-Week Camp Drawing Birds 4 With Watercolor Pencils

Let's Draw Ice Cream Cones!

Flute Lessons: Ages 10-15

Academic Coaching - Time Management and Organization

Math Tutoring With Mr. B! One Time Class to Learn/Practice to Strengthen Skills

Girl Talk Book Club

Discover the Eiffel Tower

Discover Steve Irwin

Fun and Easy After School Snacks With a Registered Dietitian

Escape the Taj Mahal

Escape the Colosseum

Taking Notes: Practice Note-Taking in Class (Ongoing)

Christmas Story Time - Absolute Beginners Ukulele Players

The College Application Process (Lists, Essays, Visits, Financial Aid & More!)

Princess Party - Dress up and Sing Along!

Spelling Bee Masters

1:1 Conversational English for ESL / EFL with a Native English Speaker and TESOL

Dracula Lit Study + D&D Adventure Club

(Ongoing) Exotic Animal Veterinary: Herpetology, Reptiles, Amphibians (10-15 YO)

The Sustainability Lab II - Intergenerational Starship Design in Minecraft Java

Beginning Modeling & Animation With Maya for Middle & High School Students

7th Grade Math Unit #2 (of 4): Equations & Proportions [FLEX Class]

5th Grade Minecraft Math Review Camp - With Gimkit and Kahoot! - Multi-Day

Spanish Level 1 (Beginner for Ages 9-13)

Lesson 19 - Scratch Coding -Make a Video Game-Create a Snake Game

5 Minute Bridges - Stretching & Back Flexibility - FLEX

5 Minute Bridges - Teens - Stretching & Back Flexibility - FLEX

Basic Photography for Beginners: Ages 12-14

Starship Design in Minecraft Java Sus-Tainability and Beyond!

Mastering Math - 1:1 Lessons (K5 Basics - Advanced Algebra/Geometry) (Multi-Day)

Pokémon Hang Out Social Club

Imagination Station: The Creative Directed Drawing Club

Purl Scouts: Beginner Knitting for Middle Schoolers - Lesson 2

Mini Math Class/camp: Identifying numbers, Counting, addition, and subtraction!!!

Easy Italian: Ongoing 1-To-1 [AGE 6-18] (X2/Week) 30 MIN - Choose Your Schedule

Easy Romanian: Trial Class

You Be the Judge - Evaluating Your Photographs

Сказка о царе Салтане -the Tale of Tsar Saltan Literature Unit in Russian

Introduction to the Vietnam War

Intro to Photoshop: Create Art and Edit Photography

1-to-1 College Essay (Common App Personal Statement) Feedback/Tutoring Session

Introduction to Greek- Trial Class (7-12 Years Old )

Scratch 3.0 Camp, Games and More - Intermediate - Level 2

Intellectual Property Law - Part 6 of 6 - Plants - 13y to 18y

Intellectual Property Law - Part 5 of 6 - Circuit Layouts - 13y to 18y

Intellectual Property Law - Part 4 of 6 - Patents - 13y to 18y

Intellectual Property Law - Part 3 of 6 - Trademarks - 13y to 18y

Intellectual Property Law - Part 2 of 6 - Designs - 13y to 18y

Intellectual Property Law - Part 1 of 6 - Copyright - 13y to 18y

Mrs. Kenefick's Pre-K and Kinder Explore Reading Skills in Literature Book Club

Italian for Kids: Christmas (5 Day Camp)

5th Grade Math Camp

6Th Grade Math Camp

Hands-On, Montessori Inspired Math Level B (for Kindergarten and 1st Grades) 2x a Week with Manipulatives

Roblox Club Pop-In: Mega Neon Fly/Ride Cat and Legendary Egg

Math Enthusiasm

Hands-On Montessori Inspired Advanced Math Level B (for 1st/2nd Grades) 2x a Week with Manipulatives

ESL - Daily Calendar Routine - Lit. Focus 2: Vowels and Blends (CEFR: A1, A2)

Greek School Online- A 5 Week Introductory Course

4-Week Course Drawing Primates Part 1 With Watercolor Pencils

4-Week Course Drawing Dog Breeds Part 1 With Watercolor Pencils

The Tutor Spot: Math and Grammar 1:1 Tutoring Support

Puppy Potty Training

Ballet Story Time

Grammar Safari! Parts of Speech and Animal Facts!

Canada, Eh?: Social Studies, Facts, and Geography of the Provinces & Territories

Mandarin Chinese Boot Camp Part 1-3: Immersion Weekend - Beginners - Small Group

Internet Literacy - Phone Safety, Phone Manners - How to Have a Conversation

Sight Words: Fun with Reading!

Animals and English - Giraffes & Adjectives - Teacher Allie's Grammar Safari!

History of the Titanic! (Mystery History, 5 Ws)

Animal Science - All About Meerkats! High Quality Facts and Videos

Animal Science - Leaping Lemurs - High Quality Facts and Videos!

Animal Science - Busy Bees - High Quality Facts and Videos!

Song Lyric Analysis: Identifying Grammar and Creative Writing Through Song

Reading Yoga - Stretch Your Body, Stretch The Sounds! - Easy Reading Strategies

Learn to Read by Making Funny Faces! - Easy Reading Strategies for Beginners

Learn How to Read Like a Chameleon! - Easy Reading Strategies for Beginners

Animal Science - Ants 101: All About Ants!

Introduction to Speech-Writing: Discovering Your Passion

SMART Online - Safety on the Internet (Ages 8-13)

Internet Literacy - SMART - Safety on the Internet (Ages 5-10)

Social Skills Games - Would You Rather? A Class to Share Your Ideas!

Social Skills Games - Eye Spy: Observation and English Skills

Animals and English - Zebras & Compound Words - Teacher Allie's Grammar Safari!

Animals and English - Lions & Punctuation - Teacher Allie's Grammar Safari!

Animals and English - Gorillas & Verbs - Teacher Allie's Grammar Safari!

Animals and English - Alpha-Cats (Free Flashcards!)

Animal Science - Bug Facts (Learn 10 New Things!)

English, Gamified - LOL English!: Ad Libs About...

Animals and English - Elephants & Nouns - Teacher Allie's Grammar Safari

History of Canada - Ontario, Canada, Eh?: What's It Like?

Animals and English - Alpha-Dogs (Free Flashcards)

Animals and English - Alpha-Bugs (Free Flashcards!)

Organization Kick Start: Bullet Journaling to Reach Your Goals and Build Habits

Design Your New Horizons Home: Interior Design in Animal Crossing

Review with Rainey...4th Grade Math: Jeopardy Game(24-hour SALE!)

High School Aquatic Conservation: How Pollution Affects Our Waterways (Flex)

Geometry: For Those Who Don't Like It

Learn to Debate: Online Tournament Experience

Chronicles of Narnia Book Study: "The Last Battle" by CS Lewis

7th Grade English Class (Semester Class)

5th Grade English Course (Semester Class)

1:1 Bite Size Basics PreAlgebra: Using Letters in Math

Review: Subtraction Fact Fluency Within 20

Two Day Debate Camp

Two Day Speech Camp

Discover Niagara Falls

Let's Explore North American Wild Animals!

Yoga & Reflective Writing: This Class is Like a High-Five to Your Heart

Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey

Science News Discussion Club - High School

Art Appreciation- Exploring Contemporary Artists With Young Children

ART CAMP: James Rizzi's Character Buildings

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