New Classes on Outschool 2022-07-10

There are 338 new classes on Outschool the week of July 10, 2022 to July 16, 2022.

Little Artists - Beautiful Bugs - Let’s Draw & Colour Together!

Problem Solving for AP Physics 1

7th Grade Math Review with a Certified Teacher

A Dog's Nose Knows - Learn About the Super Powers of a Dog's Nose

Let's Argue: A Marvel Debate Series

Animal Farm Lit Study + D&D Adventure Club

Japanese Traditional Clothing, Street Fashion & Cosplay Wear

Writing Workshop- Learn to Write Evidence Based Essays Step by Step 4th-6th Gr.

Brick Building Club for Kids

Elementary Writing: Mastering Sentence Building

Quilling Club: Paper Art Creations

Fun, Easy, Beginner Watercolor Ocean Scene

Summer Sizzlers: More Math Puzzles to Make the Brain Sizzle

Lite Spanish Summer Camp for Beginners, Part 1

Spanish Animal Science Zoology Spanish Immersion

Advanced Conversational ASL

Fun With the ABC’s. Letters, Sounds, Phonics, and Bingo!

Addition & Subtraction Safari Escape Room!

Tween Life Skills Club - Ongoing Pragmatic Social Club (Ages 8-12)

Purl Scouts: Beginner Knitting for Middle Schoolers - Lesson 1

Upper Elementary Word Problems: Understanding the Language of Math

Geometry Fundamentals - Lines & Angles [4 Days]

Stranger Things (S4): Coming of Age & Identity in the 80s Writing

IEW® Writing About the Community: People and Places (Part 2)

C.S.I Math Mystery Escape Room :Who Locked Us in a Dream?

Marvelous Math Tutoring/1 on 1/Certified Teacher/Ongoing Class

Quilling Club: DIY Cards and Earrings

Private Beginner Guitar Lessons (Semester)

Guthriegabs About Beginning Reading Phonics Writing Sight Words Homeschool ESL

Elementary Writing: Master Formal Paragraphs Step-By-Step

Zombies 3: Come on Out- Dance Routine!

Vegetarian, Gluten and Dairy Free Cooking: How to Make Spring Rolls

The Bookworm Reading Club: Bring Your Own Book

Math Fun - Pre Algebra Tutoring

Cats, Cats, Cats!

Cuphead | Advanced | Gaming & Social Club | Knockout! | Inkwell Isle III & DLC

Zombies 3: Alien Invasion-Dance Routine!

Book Club: Dog Man Reading Flex Class A2+

Where Is/What Is? Weekly Book Club and Reading Comprehension Camp

Grade 1 Ballet (Intermediate Level FLEX Dance Course)

Water Color Painting

Confident Communication Level 3: Public Speaking, Debating, and Social Skills

Delicious Nutrition! Cook Vegetarian / Vegan Meals With a Registered Dietitian

How to Study Abroad as an Exchange Student

Let's Get Thinking: Critical Thinking Outside The Box Flex Class B1+ CEFR

1-1 Guitar Lessons: Learn to Pick, Strum, and Write Songs You Love!

Book Club - Harry Potter #2 - The Chamber of Secrets

One-On-One Private Math Tutoring (6th-8th Grade, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2)

1-on-1 Private Math Tutoring

Writing the Hero's Journey & Character Archetypes

Stolen Art: Five Famous Paintings That Have Never Been Found!

Junior Comedy Camp-3 Days of Laughter/ Life Skills. Let's Learn to Tell Jokes!

Jackbox Party Club With Mr. Vaughn!

𓅓𓇋𓅲 Egyptian Wildcats: How They Became Loveable House Cats (Small Class!)

Learn How to Draw Animals in Trees, on the Land, and in the Sea

Hip Hop Dance Camp Level 1

Swiss Chess Tournament for Experienced Players - 30 Minute Time Controls

FLEX Class: Fork in the Road!-Exploring Words and Phrases With Multiple Meanings

Journalism and Public Speaking

Critical Thinking Games - Gifted Inspired Learning, Challenges & Fun (Ages 7-10)

Book Club: Geronimo Stilton English Reading Club A2+

Book Club - Zoey and Sassafras #1 - Dragons and Marshmallows

Black Out Poetry: Poetry Writing, Art and Reading All in One!

Oh My Turnips! | Animal Crossing Fishing Tournament | Fish Bait & Rods Included

Influential Artists in Color Part 3: 4 Day Paint & Learn Camp (9-13 Years Old)

Drawing Pokemon: Cubone

Creative Writing: Surprise Picture Prompts (One-Time / Trial Class)

Summer Camp: Elements of Art

STEM Challenge: Bendy Straw Structure

Introduction to Beginning Piano Lessons

Architecture Rocks! - Lesson 1

Dance Class - Hip Hop/Musical Theatre Zombies #10 "Aliens"

Writing on Ancient Egypt: One-On-One Tutoring 𓅃𓂋𓇋𓏏𓇋𓈖𓎼

Mrs. Oakes Art: Skills and Social Art Club

Fashion Sewing Club: Sketching, Designing, Hand Sewing and “No Sew” Techniques

Hair Love: An Exploration of Black Hair History

2nd Grade Brain-Friendly Reading- Advanced Phonics for Foundational Literacy

Roblox Social & Gaming Club - Bedwars

Incorporate Tools in Your Life to Overcome Social Anxiety - Long Term Results

Roblox Club: Adopt Me Winter Wonder Event!

How Did We Get Here? Exploring the History Behind the News

Home Economics Mini-Course: Jelly and Pickle Making, Crochet, Soap Making, Baking- Semester Class

Learn to Read! K-1

Let's Learn About Space With Games, Crafts, and Experiments, Oh My! - Flex Class

Physics in the Movies: Motion, Force and Gravity

Black Feminist Studies | African American Studies

Division Fun with Blooklet!

Multiplication Blooket!

Salvage the Bones: Hurricane Katrina, Environmental Racism & Southern Blackness

Addition & Subtraction Fun with Blooket!

Breakfast, Berets & Bravery: The Black Panther Party | African American History

5th Grade Full Curriculum Math with a Licensed Teacher - (1 time per week)

Relax and Color the Alphabet (Once a Week Class)

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 8-- Tempo Moves!

Trigonometry | Full Curriculum | Flexible

Montessori Homeschoolers First Grade|Full Curriculum ELA, Math, Science(5x/Week)

Montessori Homeschoolers 2nd Grade! Full Curriculum-Math, Science, ELA (5x/Week)

6th Grade Full Curriculum Math with a Licensed Teacher - (1 time per week)

"Let's Learn Ballet" LEVEL II Ballet Dance Class for 8-11yr olds!-Ongoing

Montessori Homeschoolers Kindergarten Class-ELA, Math, Science, Phonics(5x/Week)

Montessori Preschool Full Curriculum (5x/Week)-Letters, Math, Science, Storytime

Superhero Math Mystery: The Case of the Super Bad Superhero

Awesome 1-On-1 Math Tutoring!

Basic English: Greetings and Introductions (ESL)

Multiplication Mastery Private Tutoring With Times Tales

Write, Draw, and Talk: Journal Writing for Kids

Pre-Algebra, Full Curriculum, Ongoing Class With a Licensed Math Teacher.

Basic English: Body Parts and Descriptions (ESL CEFR: A2)

Outer Space Exploration- A Cosmic FLEX Adventure

Kitty Cat Short Vowel Sounds: Phonics With Cute Cats

Christmas With Teacher’s Elf :Candy Cane

Yummy Dog Macarons

Conversational Espanol/Spanish Spy Game Among Us Intermediate, Advanced, Fluent

Middle School Health Curriculum: Ongoing

Cool Chess! Beginner 2 Lesson 8-- The King and Rook Checkmate

Chicken Keeping: Rooster Bachelor Flocks

Food Drawing: S'mores Art

Private 1:1 Personalized Tutoring (25 Min.) - Reading Fluency Practice Passages

Elementary Science Interactive Notebook: 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grade Standards

Let's Play Piano- Level A Flex Class Part Two

Animals 101: The Evolution of Reptiles!

Grades K-9 Reading, Writing and Math 1:1 Private Tutor

Contain the Flames D&D 5E One-Shot

Virtual Reality Gaming Club: Walkabout Mini Golf - Meta / Oculus Quest Required

Learn the Japanese Language with Fun Games and Activities FLEX B

Learn the Japanese Language with Fun Games and Activities FLEX A

Spanish One-On-One Tutoring

Reading Roundup With Ms. Blair

Flora and Ulysses Read Aloud Book Club

Black Fashion Studies | African American History Course

Private French Tutoring/Curriculum: Immersion Classes for Beginners (2x/Week)

Dungeons and Dragons for Teens: Curse of Strahd

Anime & Manga - Character Design

Crochet: Stitch and Chat

Investing - Private 1:1 Tutoring

Language for First Graders (Homeschoolers, ESL, and All Welcome)

Private Math Tutoring for Middle School and High School - 50 Minutes

Organizational Skills and Time Management for Middle Grade Students

Introduction to Paragraph Writing With the 4 Square Method Part 2 English

Writing a One-Page Business Plan; an Entrepreneur’s Secret to Success

Let's Break It Down! Weekly Overwatch 2 Gaming Club

Drawing Pokemon: Vaporeon

Take a Deep Breath and Lets Journal. 8 Week Journaling Club

Kids Bake FLEX: Custards and Creams!

Teens Cooking: Thai Cuisine FLEX

Lemon Buttercream Cookies

Mastering Multiplication Flex Class: Mastering 1s-12s Times Tables

Super Spanish Immersion for Beginners (1v1) Unit 1

Is This the End? Level 20 D&D 5E One-Shot

Multiplication Boot Camp - Summer Camp

English Speaking Game: Simple Describe and Guess

Private Tutoring - Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Integrated Math, Precalculus

Let's Read! Kindergarten Guided Reading Level D

Let's Read! Kindergarten Guided Reading Level B

FASHION DESIGN Plus! Learn Techniques, Details, Illustration, Sketching : Weekly

Learn How To Create A Sports Podcast & Sports Broadcasting In 90 Minutes!

Podcasting in 90 Minutes: Learn How To Create & Publish a Podcast!

Crochet Friendship Bracelets

1-on-1 Tutoring: Beginning Reading Comprehension: Finding the Meaning

Introduction to Multiplication and Division

College-Bound Reader: Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights

Classical Literature 1:1 Lessons

Basic English Speaking Games: Candyland (ESL)

How to Get Into College and Earn Scholarships

Happy News & Current Events- What Is Happening in Our World and Why It Matters

Chess Club for Beginners, 45 Minutes: Tactics, Tournaments, Games & Socializing (Ages 11-14)

Chess Club for Beginners, 45 Minutes: Tactics, Tournaments, Games & Socializing (Ages 8-10)

101 Private- Beginner Python Programming- 1 Hour Weekly Program

Learn How to Read CVCC Words (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-Consonant) (Phonics)!

ESL/EFL Show and Tell: Let's Talk and Have English Conversations

Arts & Crafts Summer Camp.....4 Days of Creativity

SSAT Math Prep Course (Ongoing): Middle Level

Time for German 103 - Beginner to Intermediate World Languages Course: Version 2

¡Viajemos! - Let's Travel en Español - Beginner Spanish for Young Learners

Dungeons and Dragons: Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel

2nd Grade Math Club! Conquering Second Grade Standards- Ongoing

1st Grade Math Club! Conquering First Grade Standards - Ongoing

Kindergarten Math Club! Conquering Kindergarten Objectives - Ongoing

Ready, Set Here We Come! 1st Grade Readiness-Reading Writing & Math Summer Camp

Ready, Set Here We Come! 2nd Grade Readiness-Reading Writing & Math Summer Camp

Physics Series - Part 1: Motion! Forces! Energy! Momentum! Rockets!

An Astronomical Journey Across the Universe - Part 1

Science for Beginners: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry & Physics!

Our Own Babysitting Club: An Ongoing Class for Babysitters!

My Mind on My Money: Taking Action to Achieve Financial Independence

Social Camp for Shy Children: Ages 7-10

1 on 1 : Don't Believe Everything You Think. Ways to Cope With Anxiety

Learn How to Draw Cute Cartoon Animals Preschool & Kindergarten

Wikki Stick Geometry! Using Wax Sticks to Learn About & Create Geometric Figures

Private, One-On-One Literature With a UK Teacher

Individual English Tutoring and Open Conversation

Spring Traditions & Celebrations

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books: Back to School Story & Game

Introduction to Opinion Writing

Flower Dissection

Escape Pompeii! Learn & Work Together to Escape the Volcano

Abandoned Places Part 3: Castles, the Great Train Graveyard, and More!

1-on-1 Tutoring. Easing into Essay Writing. Weekly Writing Warm Ups and Practice

Math Art - Fun Ways to Do Art and Math Together! Ongoing

Cool Chess! Beginner 2 Lesson 7--The King & Queen Checkmate

Grade 3-4 Language Arts Part 1

Art Class for Creative Teens Part 1: Drawing and Painting Fundamental!

Chess Club for Beginners, 45 Minutes: Tactics, Tournaments, Games & Socializing (Ages 5-7)

K-1 Grades Homeschool Math Pt 2

Algebra 1, Full Curriculum, Ongoing Class With a Licensed Math Teacher

To Save or Not to Save?

CodeKidio! Animation & Storytelling with Scratch Coding | Beginner-Intermediate

High School Physics: Ongoing

Hip Hop Dance - Alien Invasion - Zombies 3

1:1 Tutoring Beginner English Reading, Phonics for Sight Words - ESL

M is for Mommy & Mother’s Day

Learn With Laurie: 3D Printing 1:1 - Turn Your Design Into Reality

"Write" Your Story

Financial Literacy Improv Acting Comedy Theater | Weekly Course

Third Grade Together Ongoing - Full Year Curriculum

Advanced Gymnastics Skills

Animal Asanas: Slow Flow Yoga for Everybody

Book Club: Charlotte's Web English Reading Club B1+

Arts & Crafts with Mrs. Morris: Rose Painting!

Let's Study: Prepare for the Future - Resumes, Interviews, Next Steps B2+ CEFR

All Things Math - Academic Year - Grades 6-8

Dance Party Workout: Zumba Kids (Ongoing)

Black Girl Magic: Introduction to Black Girlhood Studies

Thinking About My Future- Tools for Making Life Decisions

Naruto... the Missing Years (Creative Writing)

Social Group and Games for Learners With Disabilities! (Tweens and Teens) - CAMP

Build Your Math Muscles FLEX: Exploring Place Value-Numbers to Hundred Thousand

Life On The Farm - Virtual Field Trip

Read and Write: Analyze, Apply, Create!

Spanish for Beginners No Previous Knowledge Needed New Topic Every Week Ages 8 - 10

Area and Perimeter for Beginners

Everything You Need to Know About Multiplication Standard Algorithm Traditional

Everything You Need to Know About Long Division - 4th Grade Math

4th Quarter Spectacular Science: 7th- 8th Middle School Comprehensive Science

Group Beginner Ukulele Class (Ongoing)

3rd Quarter Spectacular Science: 7th-8th Middle School Comprehensive Science

*FLEX* Beginners European Portuguese by Native Speaker: Unit 2

Life Skills With Virtues - Courtesy (Age 7-12)

Life Skills With Virtues - Cooperation (Age 7-12)

Private Session: Gymnastics/Acro

Drawing Hair & Hairstyles

1:1 Guitar or Ukulele Class Ongoing -Suitable for Neurotypical and Special Needs

French Tutoring for Small Group

Python Programming Level 2

Voice Lessons - Private 1:1 Singing Lesson - Learn to Sing With Confidence

Piano Lessons - Private 1:1 Piano for Beginners to Advanced Musicians

Break Dance: Battle Camp (Level 7)

Private Writing Tutoring with FLEXible Schedule (4 weeks)

Colorful Popsicles: A Summertime Watercolor Painting

Private Tutoring with DeAnn: Language Arts - Ongoing 60-Minute Class

Art: Mighty Makers Ongoing Art for First and Second Grades

For Fashion Design Creatives! Weekly Themed Discussion, Designing & Sketching

Private 3-Week One-to-One Book Study (Your Choice)

All About Vowels!

Master the Art of Guitar Improvisation

Let's Play Minecraft: Survival Mode! (No Monsters - Bedrock Edition)

Let's Play Minecraft: Learn the Top 3 Helpful OP Commands! (Bedrock Edition)

Summer Math Club: Topics in Dimension Math Singapore Level 3

Other Commitment

Adopt an Army: Military Tactic Experience

5th & 6th Grade Learning Pod - Full Curriculum - Section 4 of 4

Chair Yoga for Brain Break - Inclusive Mindfulness & Wellbeing - One on One

Barre Bootcamp - Fun Barre Fitness Class

Let's Play Counter-Strike 2! A Video Gaming Social Club (formerly CS:GO, 14-18)

3rd - 5th Grade Language Arts, Grammar, and Writing: A 6 Weeks Novel Study Unit

Childhood in Ancient History: A Flex Class

Elementary Grammar & ELA Workshop: Sentence Types | Structure | Writing (FLEX)

Querying Data With SQL

1:1 Tutoring: Barton System Dyslexia Support (Orton-Gillingham)

A to Z Pre-K & Kindergarten | FLEX Class | Includes Phonics, Reading, Writing, Math, Music, Art, Science, Story | ESL Friendly

Private Art Party Celebration: Birthdays, Holidays, Family!

101 Private-C Sharp Programming -Basics for Beginners- Level 1 -1 Hour Weekly

Ongoing Fall Guys Social Gamer Club: Let's Make Friends and Get the Crown!

What's for Dinner? #30 (FLEX) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Needle Felting Club: Star Wars (Flex)

What's for Dinner? #31 (FLEX) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Game Time! With Addition and Subtraction

Creative Writing and Journaling 3/4/5 Grade - Teacher Feedback & Editing - FLEX

Reading Made Easy! (Private Tutor One on One Reading and Comprehension)

Social Group and Games for Learners With Disabilities! (9-11) - CAMP

Star Wars Club: The Mandalorian

U.S. Presidents Study and Activities

Nintendo Switch: Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout (One Time Class)

The Binder of Doom-Ongoing Book Club

Advanced Reading, Critical Thinking, Discussion, and Writing (ages 13-16)

The Women's Suffrage Movement in the United States

Polymer Clay Jewelry Lessons: Drop & Stud Earrings, Pendants, and Charms (Flex)

Show & Tell: Let's Put on Our Mickey Ears and Have FUN Sharing!

Drawing Club: Magical Creatures & Monsters: Drawing & Watercolor (Flex)

Teen Health, Happiness and Empowerment

Black Girls Matter: Continuing Black Girlhood Studies

Black Y2K History: Exploring Black Culture and Identity from 2000-2006

Turn Your Idea or Invention into Millions (Ages 13-17) #superstar

Private Pilates Workout

Private One-On-One ELA Tutoring (Once a Week)

Turn Your Idea or Invention into Millions (Ages 8-13) #superstar

Chancery Italic Calligraphy 1 Day Class

Coding With Scratch: One-On-One Learning & Troubleshooting

Photography 102 - Using Manual Mode on DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

5 Minute Splits - Stretching & Flexibility

5 Minute Splits for Teens - Stretching & Flexibility

Trivia: The Hardest Disney Quiz Ever!

Quilling: Paper Arts & Crafts - Butterfly

Sonic Speed Simulator Roblox: Weekly Social Fun Gaming Class!

Private Tutoring: Kindergarten Readiness

AP World History Unit 9 FLEX Class: Globalization After 1900

Stretching, Flexibility & Conditioning for Teens

Quilling: Paper Arts & Crafts - Make a Cloud

Cybersecurity & Basic Python Coding-Fast Track Levels 1 & 2 (Flexible Schedule)

Adorable Pink Elephant Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Enjoy Reading by Reading More

Bird News: Current Events for Ornithology

Italian - Intermediate Level. Spring Term

Investing - Introduction to Investing - Homeschool Flex

Full Model UN Curriculum - 10 Weeks of Social Studies and Global Politics

Summer Adventure: Exploring the World through Virtual Field Trips

Chemistry Explorers: An Introduction to Chemistry for 5th-7th Graders

Elemental Explorers: An Introduction to the Periodic Table for Middle Schoolers

So Many Dots! Is It an Array?! Let's Multiply!

Art Class - Art Texture Scavenger Hunt

Toddler Learning Hangout - Scavenger Hunt

Social Studies Historical Figures - Students With Disabilities

Social Studies U.S. Government - Students With Disabilities

Rounding Like a Pro

Say Her Name: Black Girls and School Integration | African American History

Reading and Writing Assistance Tutoring

All About Horses Live Social Club

Beginner Musical Theatre Dance

Animal Art Club and Sketching - Draw Animals Around the World INTERMEDIATE

Early Roman Imperial History: From Tiberius to Claudius (Ca. 14-54 CE)

Disney Storytelling and Improvisation, Role-Playing Adventure

Drawing Pokemon: Oshawott

Gilmore Girls Discussion Group

Simple Acrylic Painting: Evergreens at Sunset

Read and Discuss Night by Elie Wiesel (Human Rights Book Series)

Learn How to Draw a Cute Sloth

Build Confidence & Interaction Through Generosity Using Random Acts of Kindness.

Write About Literature the IEW Way (Literature and Composition) Sem.1

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