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New Classes on Outschool 2022-09-04

There are 362 new classes on Outschool the week of September 4, 2022 to September 10, 2022.

Let's Learn About Dinosaurs Camp Week

Let's Learn About Ocean Animals

Youtube Club! Make Friends, Grow Your Youtube Channel, and Have Fun!

Spanish Immersion Class for 6-9 year Olds

Ongoing Weekly Art Class - The Elements of Art (Ages 6-9)

Beginner Anime Drawing - Totoro, Chu and Chibi

The Biology of Parasites: 5 Flatworms and the Diseases They Cause! (FLEX Class)

1:1 Literature and Composition Workshop

Texas STAAR 7th Grade Math Test Preparation

Preschool Math and Science: Bats!

How the Navy Saved D-Day

From Pearl Harbor to Midway--Overcoming a Surprise Attack

Can Do Cursive: A Class for Teens Wanting to Learn to Write in Cursive

Everything You Need to Know About: Van Halen

The Biology of Parasites: 5 Nematodes and the Diseases They Cause! (FLEX Class)

The Biology of Parasites: 5 Protozoans and the Diseases They Cause!

A Journey Through High School Geometry - Part 1

Snowy's Letter Aa Fun!

Non Scholae Sed Vitae Discimus: Intermediate Latin for High Schoolers (Part One)

Homeroom Hangout Study/Life Skills Curriculum for Grades 6 And 7. Homeschooling

American Sign Language: Introductions

Release Your Creativity: Crafters Club

1-on-1 Voice Lessons

STEM for First Time Engineers!

Lunchtime Social for Homeschoolers (Ages 10 - 13)

British Royal Succession

Music Theory Tutoring

1 Day STEM Camp (Engineering, Programming)

AP Biology - Test Preparation & Review

Crochet: Corn

Randomly Scary Stories for Writers Who Wish Halloween Lasted All Year

Graphic Design Camp | Fabulous Fall Comprehensive | Canva!

4B Singapore Math Methods: Advanced Math Techniques

Math Mysteries Junior Detectives Club: A Math Enrichment Club for Young Math Enthusiasts

How to Become a Youtuber and Grow Your Youtube Channel!

Beginning Geometry Pt. 2 - Area and Perimeter

BRICK Club Social Hour: SATURDAYS!

Beginner Animation Using Procreate for iPad

Learn to Read in Spanish! (Spanish for Beginners Summer Course)

Advanced Animation Using Procreate for iPad

Who Stole the Halloween Candy? Mystery Escape Room

Let's Draw Animals Upside Down! (Develop Attention to Details, Lines, & Shapes)

Nintendo Switch Disney Dreamlight Valley Cozy Ongoing Club!

Mastering Math: Wonka Escape Level 1 (Beg-Int Multiplication & Division)

Poetry Workshop: Similes and Name Poetry

Queen Elizabeth II: A Royal Legacy

Art Café - Sip and Draw

Getting to the Root of Words: Growing Strong in Vocabulary (Greek/Latin Roots)

Let's Play Roblox! Social Gaming and Chat - Roblox Various Games (Ongoing)

Essay Writing Essentials: Ongoing Academic Writing Class - Self-Paced

Beginning Spanish - Level 1

Tangled-Rapunzel Ballet Dance Party

Nne"Don't Be a Dork! Eat With a Fork!" a Fun Book and Lesson About Table Mars

Spelling and Reading Assessment to Determine Your Child's Reading Level

Queen Elizabeth II’s Reign: Before and After

Second Grade Reading, Spelling, and Language Arts - Session 1

Second Grade Level Math - Session 1

Counting Money Made Easy!

Elementary Full Curriculum Science for Grade 4 - 5, Part 2

First-Grade Skills: Digraphs, Diphthongs, Vowel Teams, & Blends

World Governments: Political Systems & History Simplified

Halloween Fact or Opinion~Building Reading Comprehension

Axolotls Are Awesome!

Star Wars Movie Discussion Club

Dungeons and Dragons: How to Dungeon Master for Advanced/Intermediate DMs

Beginning Flute Using the Young Flute Player

Gymnastics & Movement Workout Ages 3-7

Introduction to Subtraction With Regrouping: A Fun Way to Learn How to Regroup!

Magic Tree House Book Club/Charles Dickens Special

1:1 Digital Art With Procreate for Beginners- Private Lesson

Lights, Camera, Action! Film History for High School Part 1 (1800-1950)

Ancient Civilizations - Egypt, Greece, Rome and China Self Pace

US History Herald: United States U.S. American History~ Middle & High School

World History Herald: World Global History for Middle & High School-Full Year!

Russian Language Level 3 Grammar Spelling Reading Writing Phonics

Creative Writing | Write Novels, Stories, or Fanfiction! | Part 1

1:1 Reading Tutor Beginning Reading - Fluency - Reading Comprehension 45 Min.

German Language Expedition 2

Creative Car Photography Ages 6-10: Make Toy Cars Look Like Real Cars

Reading Part 5 With Mrs. Bell

Miss Delicia's Life Skills, Leadership & Character Academy (Age 10-13)

Mindfulness & Meditation Tutor (Private Class)

Halloween Costume Party!

Music Theory & Tonal Harmony for the Advanced Musician

Draw Kawaii Foxes With Me!

One on One Private Ukulele Lessons

Roblox Gaming Social Club - Murder Mystery 2 Godly Giveaway

ASL 3 - Advanced American Sign Language Class (Ages 7-11)

Private ( 1 on 1 ) Drawing Classes: | 8-Week Semester

Seventh Grade Math Tutoring

Piano Class

Let's Play Among Us Together!

ASL Kids Club 1 -Sign Language Practice Beginner & Intermediate - Ages 11-16

Halloween Mystery: 2-Digit Addition and Subtraction With Regrouping

Private : Voice lessons for Teens - Learn to Sing Like a Pro!

Easy Romanian: [AGE 5-18] X1/Week Choose YOUR Schedule

Halloween Witch Hat Surprise Drawing!

Flipping 7th Grade Math (Full Year)

Private/Smallgroup Chinese Mandarin Course(All Level) - 45Min Once a Week

Microsoft Office Support & Creativity Club: Homework Help and Fun Projects Ages 8-12

World War 2 History: Semester Course for World War Two / WW2

Ghost Stories From History. Haunted Halloween History. Season 2

Private Tutoring With a Certified Teacher

Wild Animal Science: The Hammerhead Shark (Ages 8-10)

Spanish Immersion Program for Children Ages 8-11 (Intermediate A2): Two Sessions per Week

African Diaspora: Lessons Across the Cosmos (Ages 8-12)

Gabby's Dollhouse - Dance Class (Ongoing)

Frozen 2-Ballet Dance Party

Singapore 2nd Grade Math Practice Exam from Primary School ABC

Private ProCreate Class: 2D Animation and Illustration (55min)

Singapore 4th Grade Math Exam (from a Real Primary School ABC) Preparation Part 1

Singapore 3rd Grade Math Test (from a real primary school ABC) Preparation

High School English; Literature: Fiction & Nonfiction, Part One (9th - 12Th)

The Question and Answer Note-Taking System for Enhanced Learning

Japanese Language 2 (Private High School Class)

Private Piano 1:1, Ages 6-11

Yoga Fitness Private 1 to 1 Class for Focus and Flexibility (Ongoing)

Learn About Africa: African Diaspora Studies Year One (Teens)

American Sign Language (ASL) Signs for the Fall Season and Happy Halloween!

How to Draw! Monsters and Famous Creepy Creatures Self-Paced | SCP, FNAF, More

Snowy's Letter Review

Private 1:1 Language Arts Tutoring (Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, & more)

Discovering Stem Experiments for Kids!

Novel Study: The Candymakers

Novel Study: The Losers Club

Greek Mythology Self-Paced: The Heroes (Teens)

Private Literacy Tutoring: Reading, Writing and Homework Help Grades K 1 2 3 4

Magic Tree House Book Club!

HJ - Private 1-1 Tutoring Japanese Writing of Katakana Alphabet (30min)

Writing the Reddit r/nosleep Story Summer Intensive

Slam Poetry for Everyone, the Intensive!

Curious Choices Conversation Club: Weekly 'Would You Rather' Fun (Ages 9-12)

Intensive Math

Polishing and Publishing Short Bites - Summer Week-Long Intensive

What Is the Weather? - In French

Learning the Days of the Week in French

How to Say Food in French

French - How to Say Animals in French

French - Articles of Clothing in French

Learning Emotions in French

French Language Tutoring

Acrylic Painting: Paint a Flower in 50 Steps (for Beginners) (Ages 9-14)

Strategies for Mapping and Blending CVC and CCVC Words - Introduction

Tomb of Annihilation D&D 5E Advanced Campaign

Curse of Strahd - Advanced D&D Campaign

Combat in Dungeons and Dragons

Chaos in Hupperdook: D&D Teaching Campaign

Building Your Own Dungeons and Dragons Character!

Becoming a Dungeon Master

1:1 ESL Conversation - Circle Time Summer Class: 4X's Weekly

Avionics and Aviation Weather - Navigating With Flight Instruments

Camp - Time for Loving Kindness, Relaxation & Mindfulness 1:1

Circle Time with Max & Jessy: Let's Learn Spanish!

Teacher Paro's Nonsense and No-Nonsense Nouns

Middle School Earth Science-1 (Summer Intensive Session)

Let's Speak French : Phonics

1:1 Business Mentoring: Entrepreneur, Finance, Critical Thinking, Soft Skills

How to Draw and Shade a Realistic Face! (Sketching the Other Side of a Portrait)

Super Mario 8-Bit Pixel Art (Set 3)

Disney’s Wonderful World of Reading!

Saxon Math Homeschool 5/4 Tutoring

The Intentional Content Creator: Blogging, Podcasting, + to Share Your Voice

Make a Special Effects Movie (Teens)

1:1 Digital Art Coaching | Sketchbook Crash Course & Animal Character Design

The Excellent Reader Jr: 1:1 Language Arts Tutoring

4th Grade General and Integrated Science Class (ages 8-10)-Semester 2

Meet & Greet 15-Minute Session

Rocks and Blocks: The Real World Geology of Minecraft (Ages 8-12)

Back to School! Nail Art

Science With Miss Robyn: Meteorology Basics for Beginners

Kanto: The Indigo League Pokémon Dungeon and Dragons 5e Campaign D&D

Novel Study: Socks

Private 1:1 Maths Tutoring - All Levels Welcome! (1st Grade - 5th Grade)

Play Readings: Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

Grammar Warrior Vs the Comma!

Unique Creatives and Comic Strips

Create a Dinosaur Park: A Math Class With Ms. B

American Sign Language: Food Signs

Neurodiversity Book Club (December) — "The Giver"

1:1 Video Editing Using Wondershare Filmora 55 Mins

Ongoing 2nd Grade Math Class

Winter Art Made Easy: How to Paint Reindeer for Beginners

Spring Art Made Easy: How to Draw a Saint Patrick’s Day Snake Using Ink

Creative Cooking - Baking Like a Boss (Weekly Ongoing)

Super Hero Science - Book Club (Ages 7-10) Lexile 600-800 / ESL Students Welcome

Valentines Day Art Made Easy How to Paint Otters Using Watercolor

Festive Fall Art Made Easy: How to Draw a Fox Using Ink

Spring Art Made Easy: How to Draw a Fawn Using Ink

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 1 Pt 1-5 (Age 8-12)

Creative Writing: Suspenseful...Stories

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You!, Part 5

Architecture Independent Study

5th Grade Math Unit 3 (Multiplication and Division with Fractions)

Microsoft Excel Intermediate Level: Graphing & Charts, 3-week Class

After-School Middle School Drama Club: Unleashing Creativity in Theater (Ages 9-13)

Conservation for You (Animal Science): Private Conservation Class for All Ages

Ukelele Level Two Beginners Music Class

Pottery Wheel Clay Art Class, Ongoing Class 8-13

Microsoft Excel Intermediate Level: Pivot Tables & Analysis, 3-week Class

Experienced Math Tutoring 1-On-1 (2023-2024: 6th to 12th Grade Math)

Lecture CP (Kindergarten Learn to Read in French) - Bulle Method

Interesting Insects: Habits and Habitats, PreK Learning with Ms. Liz

Coding Games With Python Level 1

Play Splatoon 3: Ranked Anarchy Battles Class (Ongoing Gaming Club)

Grade 5 Singapore Dimensions Math Book B- Certified Teacher-SMALL GROUP

Math Mastering Essential Skills Middle/High School

Learn the Five Senses With Mythological Creatures (Private Lesson)

Piano Lessons With Ms. Katie: Classical, Sacred, Alfred's Series

One Time Underwater Adventure Watercolor Paint a Sea Turtle

Wildlife Science: Red Wolves

Magical Twists of Fate: D&D Teaching Campaign

Math and Reading Tutoring for 3rd Graders

Learn to Draw Your Favorite Ponies

1 on 1 Math Tutor (1 Hr): AP Calculus, Algebra, Trig ... You Name It!

Bird Tweets - Bird in Tropical Leaves Drawing and Watercolor Art Project

Afterschool - What Are My Career Options in Film TV and Media

Help Bob Survive! (Survival Backpack) (Private Lesson)

Future Zoologists Club | Learn About a New Group of Animals Each Week | 8-11

Journey to the Big Cats (Private Lesson)

Let's Talk! ESL Speaking Practice and Conversation!

Journey to a Safari (Private Lesson)

Let's Talk! Conversations and Speaking Skills in English EFL, TESOL, ESL

Journey Into the Ocean (Private Lesson)

One on One Private Singing Lessons

Journey to the Continents (Private Lesson)

What if-Marvelous Adventures in Creative Writing for Comic Book Heroes/Villains

Skills for for Mathematicians: Algebra Ongoing Factoring + Quadratic Solutions

Preschool Circle Time for Littles (2X/WK): Small Group & First-Time Preschoolers

Cool Cats - Peeking Cat and Fish Treats-Drawing and Colored Pencil Art Project!

You Can Write a Scary Movie

I Can Talk in Mandarin Chinese- Conversation Club

Micro Habits: Big Improvements Through Small Steps (10 - 15: Self-Paced)

Bob's Morning Routine - Back to School (Private Lesson)

ELA Private Tutor: Grammar, Essays, Creative Writing, Comprehension…You Choose!

TOEFL LIVE: Private 1-on-1 Lessons with a TOEFL Prep Coach and Rater

Halloween Dungeons and Dragons Adventure

Discovering Science Club Saturdays: Science Demo and Project of the Day

Greek Mythology Self-Paced: The Heroes

Introduction to Addition With Regrouping: A Fun Way to Learn How to Regroup!

Fashion Design: Learn to Design Clothing Like a Fashion Designer!

1x/Wk 60min 1-1 Tutoring/Skill-Builder W/Kaiju Theme: Learning Is Kaiju Fun!

Easy Italian: Course A0-A2 [AGE 7-18] (X1/Week) 50 MIN Choose Your Schedule

Wilderness Survival and Backcountry Skills - Ongoing

Representing Scientific Data: Drawing Graphs, Charts and Tables (Self-Paced)

Learning History With American Girl Doll Molly

Theatre Stars: Introduction to Acting Winter Break Camp!

Cooking Stars: Make Thanksgiving Turkeys!

American Sign Language 101: The Basics

Holiday Beginner Sewing Projects! Create Cute Holiday Gifts - Flex Class

Pokémon Drawing - 1:1 Private Class - You Choose the Pokémon!

Pre-K / Kindergarten Circle Time: Math, Letters, Science, Craft 1x Ongoing

Elementary Writing: Beginning Paragraph Building (One-Time)

Where Are the Zoo Animals? (Private Lesson)

Elementary Creative Writing: Poetry Doodles

Easy Romanian

Roblox Halloween Horror Games: Let's Play Horror Games and Make New Friends

Bob Goes to the Farm (Private Lesson)

Star Wars: Andor

Dog Training- Obedience, Agility, Tricks, Manners- With Your Dog/Puppy Ongoing

Homeschool Middle School Ancient & Classical World History

Homeschool Middle School Ancient World History

Sketching: Learn to Draw Realistic Animals!

High School Creative Writing Club: New Stories Every Week

Grade 3 Math Private One to One Tutoring Class (Ongoing)

Create Silly Stories With an OT-Handwriting Practice for Older Students

Forex Math: Mastering Foreign Currency Trading

Let's Learn Greek - Part 8!

Owl Diaries Reading Book Club!

Goofy, Gross & Gripping Animal of the Week - Creative Writers' Club

Canva Intro - Learn Graphic Design in Canva: Creative Projects for Ages 13-18 - 1X Weekly / 4 Weeks

Canva Intro - Learn Graphic Design in Canva: Creative Projects for Ages 8-13 - 1X Weekly / 4 Weeks

ASL-2 Sign Language Course 9 Week Flex Course

Wellie Wishers; Willa's Wilderness Campout Book Club

How Its Made: Introduction to STEM!

Harness the Power - The Power of Powerpoint !

Learn How to Easily Divide Fractions- One Time Session

Drawing Pokemon Step by Step Self Paced Charizard, Mewtwo, Lucario and Blaziken

Learn & Write About Animals- Handwriting Help With an OT

Bug & Insect Club - Talk and Learn About the Coolest Bugs on the Planet

Splatoon 3: Battle Club for Younger Players

1:1 Flexibility, Tumbling Private Lesson for Teens (Beginners)

7th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 2, Integers and Rational Numbers)

Exploring the States - Weekly Art Club

Let's Draw and Learn Spanish! Directed Drawing in Spanish

Summer Spanish 2 Semester 2 Immersion Course (Elementary)

Summer Spanish 2 Semester 2 Immersion Course (High School and Middle School)

1:1 Private Chess Lesson| Youth Chess Lesson

1:1 Flexibility, Tumbling, Gymnastics Private Lessons for Kids

Reading & Writing Tutor (Private Class)

1:1 Private Chess Lessons

Let's Learn Spanish: 1:1 Spanish Class

Let’s Get Lost in a Book! Young Adult Book Club

Geometry Semester 2

1-on-1 How to Use Your Sewing Machine - One-Time Class

Ongoing Ballet Private Lessons with Miss Jamie

High School Biology Semester 1 Course

United Kingdom Igcse GCSE Math (Trigonometry): Law of Sine and Cosine

PSAT National Merit Math Practice Test (Part 1)

The Boy's On-Going Survival Minecraft Class

The Boy's On-Going Creative Minecraft Class

Little Paleontologists: All About Dinosaurs (Self-Paced)

4 Days of Spring Time Fun With Fancy Nancy!

Let’s Draw Cute Kawaii Animals

Algebra 1 Semester 2 With Certified Math Teacher (Quizzes/Tests Provided/Graded)

1:1 First Minecraft Class: Get Started on iPad/iPhone - Setup, Settings, Safety

High School English: Life of Pi & and Then There Were None

English Tutor: Literature and Writing

Roblox Gamer Gang Group Meet up: Meet Your Fellow Group Members!

6th / 7th Grade Math: (Meets Once a Week for a Full Curriculum/With Test Prep)

Mastering Math: Virtual Gaming Club (Multi-Digit Multiplication & Long Division)

Weekly Vocabulary Fun! Awesome Vocabulary Kahoot Game for 7th to 8th Grade

Mastering Math: Virtual Gaming Club (Beginner, 8-11 | Multiplication & Division)

Football (NFL) - Learn the Basics, Ages 9-15

Drawing Cute Fall Pumpkin Patch

Thanksgiving Drawing - Thankful Kirby Turkey

1:1 Beginner French Tutoring (Ongoing)

History & STEM: Ralph Baer - The Father of Video Games

1:1 Private Tutoring and Elementary Homework Help

Grade 2 Ballet Part 1 (Intermediate Level FLEX Dance Course)

Graphic Novels 101

Let's Learn! On-going Tutoring with Aunt Sam

Beginners Creative Minecraft Class/Camp

Be a Graphic Designer: Beginner to Advanced in 10 Weeks

Winter Snow Globe: A Holiday Painting

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Battle Arena Social Club - Ongoing

Craftivity Club: Arts and Crafts Camp!

Anime Sketching Club: Anime Techniques: Naruto, Demon Slayer and More

All About Number Sense and Math Facts (Ages 6-8)

Exploring the World With Google Earth Projects! (Flex)

Solving Multi-Step Equations & Coloring

2nd Grade Math - Superstars! (ESL Welcome)

Need Math Help? Weekly First, Second and Third Grade Private Math Tutoring - 45 Minutes

1:1 Art Lessons | Animals, Nature, and More | Realistic Drawing (ages 11-15)

1:1 Art Lessons | Animals, Nature, and More | Realistic Drawing (Ages 6- 10)

Personalized College List Evaluation

1st Grade Math Superstars! (ESL Welcome)

History Club: Woof Woof! Famous Dogs From History

The Highwayman: A Moonlit Tale of Love, Loss, and Deceit! (Poetry Close Reading)

Crafting Spooky Stories Using Detailed Imagery & Descriptions (Creative Writing)

Pokemon Recreation: Journey of Free-Writing for the Sentence Badge

Model UN: Finding Peace and Security at the UN Security Council

Reading Wonders Club

From Plagues to Smallpox: A History of European Diseases and Medicine

The Week Junior Magazine Epic Review! Discuss & Debate Current Events!

History's Women: Learning From Her Challenges and Lessons (Ages 12-16)

Delightfully Evil: Analyzing the Best Movie Villains of All Time.

Baking: Let’s Make Watermelon Truffles

Creative Make & Take Exciting Arts & Crafts in Motion - Ongoing Class

ACE Writing Skills: Ongoing Creative Writing and Language Arts Class

Calendar Mysteries: September Sneakers, A Book Club for Young Detectives

Basic Easy Intro to Google Slides, Slide Show Presentations for Beginners 1-On-1

Archaeology / History - The Myceneans: Maritime Trading In & Beyond The Aegean

Preschool Learning & Drawing Alphabet Animals from A to Z

High School French Immersion - Unit 1 - Colors

Little Notes: Music Exploration Class

Preschool Math and Science: Pumpkins!

Creepy Crawly Series

Kindergarten ESL

Celebrate Earth Day!

All About Plants! Plants and Their Structures (Flex Class)

Multiplication Facts: Learn the Times Tables 0-12 (Ongoing)

Learn to Regulate Your Emotions Using the Zones of Regulation (Summer Camp!)

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