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New Classes on Outschool 2021-02-28

There are 572 new classes on Outschool the week of February 28, 2021 to March 6, 2021.

Basic London History 1500s: Henry VIII, His Wives, Their Children (Ages 13-17)

Basic London History 1066-1300: Hastings, Magna Carta, the Crusades (Ages13-17)

Basic London History 43-1066: Romans, Vikings & Anglo-Saxons (Ages 13-17)

"Book Club Number the Stars"

ADHD & Learning Differences Note Taking Workshop: Visual Notes & Mind Mapping for Neurodivergent Teens

Writing: How Do We Write a Paragraph

Draw Cats Workshop ~ Learn How to Draw a Cat inspired by the Warriors Series

Learn SAT Reading & Writing With Perfect Scorer! Self Paced

Summer Camp Level 2 Stock Market Investing- Make More $$ - New Trading Strategies & Stock Simulation Game, 9-14

Cheer Stars! Beginning Cheerleading for 3-5 Year Olds

How to Draw a Face! Learn Proportions & a New Facial Feature Each Week Art FLEX

Among Us - Let's Eggs-Plore on an Easter Impostor Hunt!

Cheer Stars! Beginning Cheerleading for 6-9 Year Olds

Famous Artist Vincent van Gogh

Let’s Paint a Purple Moonlight Landscape: Acrylic Painting Class

Sight Word Practice Level 1: Two and Three Letter Words (FLEX)

Grammar Rules! Grammar Camp (High School)

Grammar Rules! Grammar Camp (Middle School)

6th Grade Math Review and Games!

Wings of Fire Escape Room 2 - Jade Mountain Academy

Private Tutoring 4 sessions

Cheer Stars! Basic Introduction to Cheerleading

Create a Bodyweight Only Workout

6 Weeks Beginning Coding Class Scratch Junior (Ages 4-7)

Would You Rather??? The Fun and Exciting Game Class

Conquering Math Basics | Practice Addition and Subtraction

FLEX Reading Biographies: Civil Rights Activists

All About Dinosaurs!

3rd Grade Math (1st quarter)

Surviving Middle School in Public School

Kindergarten Math (1st Quarter)

Detective Kitty's Chocolate Factory Escape. A Drama and Math Adventure Game 5-7

Flashchords: Improve Your Guitar Transitions (One-Time)

The Magic of Science: Wizards Welcome!

Detective Kitty's Chocolate Factory Escape. A Drama and Math Adventure Game 8-11

Let's Plan a Trip World Edition: Math Class

Youtube Creator Bootcamp

FLEX: Learn Tips and Tricks for Multiplication Fact Families 1-12

Fashion Design: Figure Drawing & Garment Illustrations: 1990s Supermodel Grunge

Draw and Guess Game Fun!

Mythological Makeup Special Effects (SFX) Series

Homeroom Daily Social Group/Pod for 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade (Ongoing)

Ancient Greek Literature and Archaeology: Jason and the Argonauts

All About Me - Beginners French (Ages 8-10)

Simple Ways to Communicate in Class With Confidence

Reading Detectives - Phonics and Reading for K-1St Grade, let’s learn digraphs and high frequency words phase 5

African Culture Series: The Story of Ghana's Kente Cloth (Ages 9-12)

Private Chess Lessons - Scheduled by Request

Stock Market Spring Camp for Beginners ages 10-14 -Play the $100K Stock Market Game

Fondant for Beginners: Simple Flowers for Cakes and Cupcakes, Ages 14-18

All About Multiplication and Division Fact Families Review

Painting Story in Farsi Language

Cute Bunny Watercolor Painting

PSAT / SAT Prep Math Continuing Class

Let's Have Fun With Riddles and Brain Teasers!

PSAT / SAT Prep Reading/ Grammar Continuing Class

Learn to Draw This! Draw a Digital Cake in Procreate

Spelling and Reading Help: Orton-Gillingham Tutoring

Let's Talk Minecraft Club! (Ages 4-7)

The Women of Ancient Greece: Heroes and Villains

The Second American Revolution: Alexander Hamilton and the US Constitution

Synthesizing: Learning Comprehension Strategies Through Interactive Story

(3-Class Camp) Criminal Justice 8 - Fugitive & SWAT Warrants: (INTERPOL EDITION) Civics - Cops - Police

Weekly Percussion Workshop - What's Inside the Magic Bag?

2nd Grade Math (Weeks 25-32)

Grammar Guideposts | Complex Sentence Structure

Vision Board Party!

What's up?: Astronomy Club Round Table Discussion (7-11 Year Olds)

Journey to the Desert Habitat

Escape Room: Escape the Haunted Sewer

Mets Camp - Baseball Talk for New York Mets Fans

Math Camp for Fourth Graders

Waldorf Inspired Book Study: Paddington Bear

Vegetarian, Gluten and Dairy Free Cooking: How to Make Kimbap

Math Camp for Third Graders

Great Women of the World: A History Class

Waldorf Folktale Animal Study: Read, Research, and Write

Guthriegabs Summer Read A Long Way From Chicago Novel Book Study

Exercise Dance Fitness Course: FLEX Class 1

Second Steps in Suzuki Recorder

Mermaid & Ocean Friends Polymer Clay Art Sculpting

French Social Club (9-12)

Intro to Future Chef's Cooking and Baking Classes "Let's Make a Pizza!"

Beginner French: St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary and Rainbow Craft

French Social Club

Crochet Flowers for Beginners With Miss Angie (Flex Class)

Crochet Flowers for Beginners With Miss Angie (Flex Class)

Sight Word Super Stars! - Session 1A

Proportional Relations With Ratios and Unit Rates

Construction...Deconstruction - Building Long Vowel Words for Early Readers

Miss Ally’s Art Class: Skunk Flower and Butterfly Step by Step Draw and Paint

Drawing Distorted Portraits Using Reflections

3 Day TEEN Dance Camp- Let's Dance! (Ages 13-18)

Fun With Watercolor Painting: An Easter Bunny Holding an Egg

Pete The Cat Big Easter Adventure - Story Time, Craft, and BINGO!

Creative Engineers Steam (Stem) Club

Sophie's Angry: Read Aloud + Interactive Lesson About Positive Anger Management

Level 5/8 ¡Yo hablo español! (I Speak Spanish) Spanish With Songs For Children.

Edible Math: Comparing Numbers, Adding, and Subtracting

Expedition Americas: American Lion

Watercolor Tropical Bird Painting ~ Learn to Draw & Paint ~Fun Easy Step By Step

Potions Class (Minecraft Bedrock Edition)

FLEX Enrichment: Vocabulary Supersleuths With Greek and Latin Roots - Part 3

Extra Extra Read All About It! Weekly News Reading & Discussion Ages 8-10

Drawing Strange and Interesting Animals

ADHD and Learning Differences Note Taking Workshop: Visual Notes & Mind Mapping for Neurodivergent Kids

Groovy Tie-Dye Fiber Arts Course (Flex)

ADHD & Learning Differences Executive Function Camp: Life Skills for Neurodivergent Teens

Michelle Obama's Becoming (Young Reader): High School Book Club & Writing Class

Michelle Obama's Becoming (Young Reader): Middle School Book Club &Writing Class

For the Love of Books: Weekly Book Club

Creative Writing - Adventure CAMP - 4th-6th Grade (English, Writing)

Creative Writing - Adventure CAMP - 3rd-5th Grade (English, Writing)

Grammar CAMP - 6th - 8th Grade (English, Grammar)

Grammar CAMP - 4th - 6th Grade (English, Grammar)

Weekly Minecraft Build Challenges: Come Join the Fun!

Grammar CAMP - 3rd-5th Grade (English, Grammar)

ADHD and Learning Differences: Working Memory- Two Column Note Taking Camp for Neurodivergent Teens

Draw With Me: Star Wars & More

(Flex Class) Beginning Piano Class With Mrs. Karen for Ages 5-10

All About Your Blood Cells

20 Minute Inclusive Zumba Kids Jr Class—Only $4!

Mandarin Chinese Lesson for Young Beginners- Level 1

United States History in Pictures: An Inquiry Based Social Studies Exploration (Ages 14-16)

United States History in Pictures: An Inquiry Based Social Studies Exploration (Ages 11-14)

ADHD & Learning Differences Executive Function Camp: Life Skills for Neurodivergent Kids

Singing 101! Come Learn the Basics of Singing!

One Time Private Ballet Lesson

Private Tutoring by an Experienced and Certified ELA Teacher

Basic Map Skills Camp 2: The Pirate's Quest Around the Globe

The Gifted and Talented Cohort (Ages 5-6, Preschool and Kindergarten)

Distracted Reader: Part Four

Programming for Kids Made Easy!

Vocabulary Workshop! 3rd 4th & 5th Grade | Strengthening Word Usage, Communication, Reading, & Spelling

Ukulele or Guitar 8-Weeks of Private Lessons

Landforms and Bodies of Water: Art and Science

Private ESL (English as a Second Language) Class- Fun, Engaging Lessons!

FLEX Beginning French 2 (7-10)

The Kitty Kat Detective Social Club Plus... Solve A New Mystery Every Week.

ADHD and Learning Differences: Working Memory- Two Column Note Taking Camp for Neurodivergent Kids

Crockpot Cooking for Teens: Making Meals in a Slow Cooker (13-17)

Time for German 101 - World Languages Beginners Course

Great States! Introduction to the States of Matter

Costa Rica's Coolest Animals Winter Break Camp

Intermediate to Advanced Baking: Let's Make Pate a Choux

Princess Ballet With Miss Lexa (Ongoing)

Reading Tutoring With a Reading Interventionist Teacher- Ongoing

(Flex) Nutrition for Sport and Athletic Performance for Preteens

#2 Science Magic Class!

The American Civil War

Write Through Medieval History (Knights and Castles): The IEW Way

Party Planets! Space Camp Lessons About the 8 Planets in Our Solar System

ADHD & Learning Differences Executive Function Camp Social Emotional Skills for Neurodivergent Teens

Finishing School Flexi Class

The Creative Musician: Advanced Songwriting

Intro to Flamenco- A Spanish Dance Program for All (9-12)

The Creative Musician: Intermediate Songwriting

Animal Trivia Time

A Fun English as a Second Language (ESL) Class for Kids! 5-10 years old

Color and Chat Club

Advanced Cloud Painting: Watercolor Art

The BFG Roald Dahl Literature Book Club

Simple Cloud Painting: Watercolor Art

Custom Pre-K and Kinder Prep Lessons (Private 1:1) (Once a Week, 1 Hour)

Spanish Help - Summer Break Tutoring!

The Creative Musician: Beginning Songwriting

Summer Camp: Introduction to Balloon Art and Balloon Twisting

Let's Get Logical! A Puzzle Club for Middle Schoolers

1-on-1 Tutoring for Preschool and Elementary

How to Grow Your Youtube Channel (for Ages 9-12)

Escape Room Star Wars: Escape the Empire and Save Baby Grogu

Let's Get Logical! A Puzzle Club

Let's Play Word Ladder

Genetic Genius 4 - Pedigree, Dihybrid Cross, Protein Synthesis, Engineers

So You Want To Write... An Easter Bunny Mystery Story

Unicorn Jars! Crafts With Teacher Sarah

United States History in Pictures: An Inquiry Based Social Studies Exploration (Ages 8-12)

Wireworking: Intermediate Level for Creating Captivating Earrings Like a Pro

Nat Enough Graphic Novel Book Club for Tweens

Introduction to Latin Course VI

Chasing Dr. King's Killer

AP World History Review Study Course

Parts of a Mountain and River: A Building and Writing Workshop

Dream Big, Feel Confident and Calm - Story Meditation and Mindfulness Practice

Positive Poetry: The Lighter Side of Edgar Allan Poe

Art of Argument-Rhetorical Analysis Writing-AP English Language and Composition

Dance Stars Hip Hop (Ages 6-9)

Spanish for Teen Beginners - Semester Course- Learn Basic Conversational Skills

Japanese for Beginners: Part II (Ages 13-17) (Flex)

Japanese for Beginners: Part II (Ages 8-12) (Flex)

Japanese for Beginners: Part I (Ages 13-17) (Flex)

1 on 1 or Small Group Bi-Weekly Fractions Math Lessons

French Macarons With Joy

Learn SAT Math With Perfect Scorer! Self Paced

Cute Sea Creature Drawing: Kawaii Drawing Flex Class

Beginner Hand Sewing - Ages 12-17 (Flex)

Lucky You St. Patrick's Day Dance Party Irish Jig Celebrate With Pop-Up Class!

Bilingual Chinese-English Storytime: “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”

What We See in the Spring: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Tutoring W/ a Certified Speech Teacher for Grammar, Vocabulary, & More!

Spring Dance Party Celebrate the Season With Friends Pop-Up Class!

Instructional & Enjoyable Writing: Private Tutoring for Writing

Draw and Paint Spongebob

3rd - 5th Grade Reading Book Club: The BFG

Preschool French Immersion Playtime: Stuffed Animals

Friendly and Supportive Math Tutoring (Grades 4-7) : Three Sessions a Week

STEM Camp for Kids 9-12: Hands on Learning

Japanese for Beginners: Part I (Ages 8-12) (Flex)

Classic Literature Reading Class for Children Ages 9-13

Victorious Escape Room

Icarly Escape Room

Phonics for Reading Camp: Diphthongs oi, oy, ou and ow

Phonics for Reading Camp: Long Vowel Sounds: Vowel Teams!

Passion Four Pawz - Puppy Paw Dog Training Summer Camp

Pokemon Elementary Mathematics: Spring Break Quest for the Multiplication Badge!

English Reading and Writing Club! (9-11 Years) ESL Friendly!

Tutoring With Teri : Ongoing Private 1:1 Lessons with a Certified / ESL Teacher

Creative Writing: Write Your Own Story in a Week

The ADHD Toolkit Teen Social Group

Anime Club: Anime Social Group to share Art, Cosplay, and Chat

Play the Keys

English Reading and Writing Club! (6-8 Years) ESL Friendly!

Reading and Writing for Kindergarten and First Grade Part 2

Jeopardy! Second (2nd) Grade Knowledge

Preschool En Español (5x Week)

Dance Camp! Learn Original Broadway Choreography

Gratitude; Thankfulness and Positive Attitude Through Words and Actions!

Miss Autumn's Confident Speakers - Vocabulary Games Social Club (ESL Friendly)

Child Behavior for Babysitters: Escape Room/Storyline

Small Group Reading Fluency and Comprehension Book Club (4 students) With A Certified Teacher - Level 1 "I Can Read Books"

Super Scientist Club: Where We Explore Things Around Us (Ongoing)

Scratch Coding Camp - So, You Want to Be an Animator for YouTube?

Drawing 101: A Weekly Drawing Class for Aspiring Artists

Public Speaking Summer Camp-- Get Rid of Those Nerves!

Know Your Spanish Pronouns

ADHD & Learning Differences Executive Function Camp: Social Emotional Skills for Neurodivergent Kids

Piano Fun Time Flex Class with Miss Dayle!

Early Reader Chapter Book Club: Roscoe Riley: Never Glue Your Friends to Chairs

Real-World Reading Explorers: Fires in the Human and Natural World

FLEX Course: Math and Sports Analytics, Be the GM of Your Favorite Team

Reading With Digraphs and Blends- Phonics Class; Part 2

Talk With Your Hands: Intermediate ASL 6

Group Trombone Lessons: Ages 9-12

Decimal Addition and Subtraction: Math FLEX with a Certified, Master Teacher

Essay Essentials: Paragraph Basics

Assess Your Child's Reading with a Veteran Elementary School Teacher

Girls' Club: Conversation & Play for Beautiful Butterflies

Dr. W's -Private- 1 on 1 College Applications Process- Essays, Interviews, SAT, ACT, Financial Aid, Scholarships And More

Reading Club (8-10)

FLEX Pre School Phonics & Learn to Read With Bob Books (Stage 1 Begin to Read)#1

Women of the World Mural: “Kamala Harris” (Black History Drawing Class)

Crochet for Your Cat: Flex Class

Private Tutoring for Kindergarten Prep!

'Twas the Summer Before Trigonometry

Read All About It

Skip Count by 2, 5 & 10 on a Hundred's Chart

My Mantis Teacher: Show and Social

Phonics for Reading Camp: r Controlled Vowels ar, er, ir, or, and ur

Dr. W's -Writing 101- 1st and 2nd Grade

Young Stars 3-Day Spring Break Acting Camp

'Twas the Summer Before Pre-Calculus

Little Ninja Summer Camp - Fun With Martial Arts

American History: First Ladies

Dr. W's - Writing PART 1 -Ages 10-13

Spanish Individual Tutoring

Anime Academy Camp! Let's Draw Popular Anime Characters

Let’s Learn French!

Typing - Keyboarding 101 Learn to Type or Improve Your Typing Skills - 1X Weekly / 4 Weeks (Age 7-12)

Introduction to Matrix Algebra--Summer Camp

So You Want a Horse?

Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in Mythica

Lake Sunrise Watercolor Painting Class

Typing - Keyboarding 101 Learn to Type or Improve Your Typing Skills Camp (Ages 7 - 12) 4X Wk / 1 Wk

So You Want To Write...A Unicorn Story

Harp Techniques Spectacular 2

Hands-On Algebra: Level A - FLEX Class

Mobilize to Socialize : What's the Group Diagnosis Doc? *Highly Interactive*

Born Baker | My Adult & Me Baking French Macarons Together

Spanish Immersion for Primary Grades -Songs, Letters, Numbers, and More!

Be You & Become a Better Writer: Creative Narrative Story Writing, 8-Week Course

Advanced Violin: Students Who Want to Improve Their Technique and Playing.

Let's Cook Dinner! A FLEX Cooking Class

Middle School Writing (IEW SSS 2B) & Fix It! Grammar 4 - 2nd Semester

Dive Into Writing: Weekly Writing Practice Summer Camp (Four Times a Week)

Miss Autumn's Phonics Fun - Preschool Club (ESL Friendly)

Elementary Writing IEW SSS Level A Year 2 & Fix It Grammar Book 2 (2nd Semester)

Stop the Essay Stress | Break Down Essay Parts to Make Writing Easy

Scratch Starter Pack Flex - Beginner Computer Science, Programming, and Code

Fine Art With Craft for Young Kids: Discover Arcimboldo's Portraits

Miss Autumn's Confident Speakers - Social Game Club (ESL Friendly)

ELA Individual Tutoring: Grades 3-6

Private Guitar Lessons

1 on 1 Ukulele Tutor Session!

Social Club: Promised Neverland

Design a Wednesday Sticker: ProCreate (Beginner 101 - Intermediate)

Escape Room: Escape the Dinosaur Museum

Intro to Ballet With Ms. Jeanna: One Time Beginner Ballet

24 Game: Brain Training Club

Escape Room Pokémon: Escape Team Rocket

Astronomy Space Camp :The Inner Planets - Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars (4X)

Private 1:1 French Tutoring / 45 Min Class / ALL Ages & Levels

Grammar Fun: Adverbs

Beginners Tap Dance

Baseball Chatter

American Sign Language- Fun Foods- Christmas!

Born Baker Chef Workshop | Baking Incredible Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes

Financial Literacy: How to Be a Money Smart Kid and Adult (Flex)

Marvel Fan Club: Loki

Mindful Communication Skills for Teens

Exploring the World of Pros and Cons - Analyzing Choices and Forming Opinions

4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Grade Reading Book Club: The Girl Who Drank the Moon

Step by Step! Writing With Triple Extensions (IEW)

Step by Step! Writing Sentences With Teeter-Totters (IEW)

STEM Camp for Kindergarten and First Grade

Escape Room: Escape a Creature

Creating With the Cricut!

Elementary Writing (IEW SSS Level 2A) & Fix It! Grammar Book 2 (1st Semester)

High School American History Part Two: Post Civil War

Art by April: Watercolor Painting Club, Ages 6-9

Let's Create Your Cute Chibi Baby Dragon! Clay Art for Beginners

Beginner Chess Club Camp - Learn How to Play Chess in One Week Using Mini-Games!

Beep! Beep! Zoom! Zoom!: Transportation Sight Word Practice

The Secret Garden Book Club

Public Speaking Camp for High School / Middle Schoolers

1:1 Individual Spelling Session Using the All About Spelling Program!

Middle School Writing (IEW SSS Level 2B) & Fix It! Grammar Book 4 - 1st Semester

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Complex D&D Character Creation

Preschool Fun in French - Part 2

Meet The US Presidents- Flex Semester Class

Anne Frank House Museum Virtual Field Trip

50 States USA - Games, Games, Games!

Beginning French Summer Camp (Part 2)!

Beginner French Summer Camp!

Little Drummers Camp: A Drumming Camp for Preschoolers-Level One

20 Sculptures

1:1 Private Princess Experience

Frozen Ballet Dance Class: Beginner Series Ballet Dance

Is That Poop? A Class All About Animal Poop

Sew Your Own Fidget Toys! - FLEX - Ages 7-12

Astronomy and Space (STEM) :Explore the Universe Beyond Our Solar System-Ongoing

Introduction to Krita

Let’s Recreate Our Very Own Van Gogh’s Starry Night With Oil Pastels!

Summer Draw With Procreate Digital Art Club Ages 7-10

Baking Basics: Let's Make Midnight Snacks

Code Your Emotions! Beginning to Program With the Microbit™ Small Class

Intro to Acting Summer Camp for Ages 6-10

Sight Word Sentences for Second Graders

ABC Adventures: S Is for Shark

Sight Word Sentences for Kindergarteners

Sight Word Sentences for 1st Graders

Reading Fluency With Piggie & Elephant Books One-Time Class

Ongoing One Day a Week Tutoring for Your Struggling Reader or Writer K-6

What the Victorians Did! - Fascinating Facts About Queen Victoria

Greek Mythology 101: How It All Started & More!

How-To-Catch a Unicorn: A Writing Class for Young Learners

Saxophone Group Lessons- Beginner Level!

Brick Building: A STEM Island Creation - Design, Build, and Share!

Animals 101: Snakes! - LIVE Snake/ Reptile

Animals 101: Boa Constrictors! - LIVE Snake/ Reptile

Begin Producing Music With Ableton Live!!! (Short Course)

Reading Tutoring 1:1 - Phonics and Accuracy

Private Spanish Lessons (AGES 7-11). You choose day/time.

Intro to Flamenco- A Spanish Dance Program (Age 7-12)

Flexible Schedule: Second Grade Math Review

Guardians of the Taiga: Wild Rescuers, Book 1

Art by April: Clay- 3 Day of Hand-Building, Coil/Pinch Pot/Slab

Summer of Art: Museums Europe

Discover Dinosaurs: Theropods

Typing - Keyboarding 101 Learn to Type or Improve Your Typing Skills (FLEX) (Ages 7 - 12)

20 Paintings

Unit Study: The Life and Legacy of RBG

Mysteries of History: Can You Solve Some of History's Greatest Mysteries?

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - A Novel Study

Beyond Belief: Incredible Facts From Science and History

Wait, What!? I Don't Elect the President? The Electoral College Explained.

Doll & Stuffed Animal Pals! Social Time, Games, Art, Dancing, Cooking & More!

Women's History Focus on Eugenie Clark, the Shark Lady

Soft Skills: Career & Life Essentials

Google Slides Fun: Add You and a Unicorn - Digital Art Craft

Nihongo Challenge(日本語チャレンジ) - Challenge Level 6

Semester Class: Middle School Exploring Science (Grades 6-8)

Spanish: Everything Unicorn!

Shamrocks and Stories for St. Patrick's Day: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

ABC Book Club Flex #1 | Letters A-H Through Songs & Coloring Letter Booklets

Pre-Algebra: Part 4

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane Read-Aloud Book Club

She's Been Working on the Railroad

Tween Girl Power-Social, Growth, and Fun! (Ages 9-12)

Playful Creative Claps—Good for Listening, Following Directions, Stress Relief and Fun!

IEW® Fictional Writing (Experienced IEW Students)

Star Wars Virtual Escape Room: Escape from Jabba's Palace (Intermediate)

Get Ready For PreAlgebra! (7th & 8th Grade) Summer Math Camp | 6th Gr. Math Review

Young Environmental Scientist Camp

3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Reading Book Club: Crenshaw

Multi-Sensory Sight Words for Kindergarteners

Multi-Sensory Sight Words for First Graders

Friendly Mario Kart Race! Make Friends and Let's Race Mario Kart Deluxe 8 Ongoing

The Extinct Forty-Three Foot Titanoboa. Largest Snake of All Time.

6th Grade Language Arts IV: English Style

Sci-Fi Writing Summer Camp for Older Elementary Students

Where's the Justice? an Intro to Law Course (FLEX)

Do You Know What I MEME? - Master Homophones Using MEMEs *Certified Teacher*

1st Grade Math Game Club (Singapore Math Approach)

1:1 Common Core Math Tutoring - 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th Grade

Intro to 3d Character Animation With Blender: Part 2

The Science of Sound Waves

Procreate Digital Art Animation Camp: Create Beautiful Procreate GIF Images

Learning ASL: Intermediate Part 3 Ages 9 To 12

Learning ASL: Intermediate Part 3 Ages 5 To 8

Engineering and Design Cycle 1-1

Kinder Art Class: Sketching, Painting and More…

Mangas, Zines, Comics & Things! Summer Camp for Comic & Manga Artists: Ages 7-9

Raymie Nightingale Read Aloud Book Club

Le Prof Kim: Beginner Winter French Words Phrases Preschool Elementary

Entrepreneur Society Club

Confident Communication: Complete Beginner Public Speaking and Debating Level 1

First Grade Prep Course

Introduction to Flamenco Dance Movements (Age 10-14)

1:1 Reading and Writing Tutor. Certified Special Education Teacher!

Henry and Mudge Private Reading Fluency (Introductory Session)

Personalised Individual Tutoring 1:1 English

Blossom Time Watercolor Painting Class

Hunting for Fossils: Clues to the Past (Flex)

Hidden Children of the Holocaust

Calling All Foodies: Fun Canadian Foods Class! Popular Food in Canada.

Mangas, Zines, Comics & Things! Summer Camp for Comic and Manga Artists

1:1 Mindfulness Sessions

Storyteller Squad: National Novel Writing Month Sprints

Reading and Writing Club 102

Under the Sea Summer Arts and Crafts Camp

Number of the Day! Learn Numbers 1-30

Write What You Like: Travel Writing - Exploring Creative and Non Fiction Writing

Beginning Piano Camp - Level A

Chess for Rookies: Introduction to Chess Part VII (Pawn Structures)

Baking With Amelie: Unicorn Fudge

Multi-Sensory Sight Words for Second Graders

English and Language Arts Private One-On-One Tutoring Session

Great Minds in Philosophy: Plato & the Metaphysics of Idealism

Wizard Camp: The Magic of Science

Food Science: Edible Candy Wrappers

St. Patrick's Day Math Using Lucky Charms!

English as a Second Language...4 Weeks of Songs for Beginner English Learners!

Shakespeare for Young Learners

Intro to Acting On-Camera

Elsa's Polar Adventures - Polar Bears (Ages 3-6)

Warrior Cats Club! | Draw, RP, Chat, and Share Art!

A Moving Earth in Space: Seasons, Tides, Ocean Currents, and More!

High School English: Mastering Grammar- Part Two

Star Wars Film Studies: The Mandalorian

Reading With Friends! A Book Club for Level 3 Readers With Teacher Dianne

Down on the Farm Arts and Crafts Camp for Young Crafters

Read, Sing, and Create with Teacher Donna - "I'm Not Sleepy."

Paper Pizza Language Fun - Learn Italian With Arts and Crafts!

I Can Solve These Second Grade Word Problems!

Camp for Authors at Work: Creative Writing

Multi-Sensory Sight Words for Second Graders

Multi-Sensory Sight Words for 1st Graders

Drawing and Painting a Sloth

Math and March Madness: The NCAA Basketball Tournament

Authors at Work: Creative Writing Club

Picnics, Pandas, and Summer Tales: Elementary Writing Camp

Summer Camp - Financial Literacy for Teens

Weekly Writing Bootcamp With Teacher Mary

Learn to Work With Chain, Charms, & Beads to Create Your Own Dazzling Bracelet!

Circle Time with Mrs. Kelly

Creative Writing Club - A Flexible Class for Teen Writers

Draw and Learn Series: Change Makers [FLEX]

Social Emotional Skills Through Story and Creative Drama: Individual Tutoring

Book Club: Esperanza Rising

U.S. History- The American Revolution: Independence or Bust (Flex)

The History and Compelling Story of Anne Frank and Her Amazing Diary.

Julius Caesar: The Man Every Emperor Wanted to Be. Great Leaders Series

Pet Trivia Battle: Dogs Versus Cats!

"Fun With Phonics Let's Learn to Read & Write Long Vowel Words: (CVCE) Silent E"

Ready, Get Set, Learn: Preschool for Young Learners

Improvisation Story Time Ages 5-8 (Drop In)

Engineering with Bricks: STEAM Challenges

Keep It Short! Quick Literary Lessons From Short Stories

Littlest Chef Baking School: Let's Make Pizza

Read Along: Space Adventures

Python Coding Language /Game Development (Camp)

Sight Word Sentences for Second Graders

Beginner B Gymnastics - Let's Flip! - Gymnastics Fundamentals for Young Gymnasts

Sight Word Sentence Writing for 1st Graders

Gymnastics Floor Routines (Age 6-9)

What?.....Animal Butts!

Summer Camp :Modern Greek Classes (Ages 14-18)

High-Power Chess Tactics

4th Grade Math Full Curriculum Summer Camp With a Licensed Math Teacher | Games, Friends, Learning, & Fun!

Feather Biology: The Science of Avian Flight, Wings, and Other Feathery Things

Let's Learn About Penguins!

Dissecting Food Webs: What Happens When Animals Disappear?

Private Dance Classes - Musical Theatre Dance Technique and Audition Prep!

Smoky Mountains Grammar Eight Parts of Speech: Weekly Language Arts for K, 1st, and 2nd Grades

"EA, EE, IE, EY, and Y"... Lots of Ways to Spell Long "E"

Dinosaur Explorers: Let's Expand Our Dinosaur Knowledge!

Pete The Cat Silly Fun Fitness Dance Party : Chat, Dance Games, Show & Tell and Dance Workout

Create Your Own Word Problem: Addition and Subtraction Practice

Geometry Concepts - A Summer Boot Camp

Procreate 101 | Procreate for Beginners | Digital Art Class | Spring Break

Munch... Munch... Munch "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" Direct to Draw Class

Invention Convention

Surviving in Spanish - At the Restaurant

All About the Blue Whale. The Largest Animal of All Time.

All About the Narwhal Toothed Whale. The Unicorn of the Sea.

Math Camp Fraction, Decimal and Percent Oh My!

Hands-On Algebra Math Camp - Level A

Film Photography: How to Take Better Polaroid Photos (Ages 8-12)

Chicken Bird Painting: Watercolor Art

Ways to Be Wicked Advanced Dance Class.

"Cooking With Cathryn- The Cookie Club"

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Mudwing Clay

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Nightwing Moonwatcher

Tic Tac Fraction

Just a Bit

Passion Four Pawz: - Play Games With Your Pup!

Second Grade Writing Practice Multi-Day Class

Introduction to Graphic Design 401

Nature Craft: Ages 6-10

Nature Craft: Ages 5-10

Jumpstart High School Geometry

J 20 Mighty Dragon China’s 5th Generation Fighter

Learn Coding With Scratch Jr. - Beginners (One - Time)

Cooking: Baking 101A: Learn to Bake Cookies, Dessert, and Cake!

Apple Life Cycle: Introduction to Plural, Singular Nouns and Verbs

Butterfly CAMP! -Raising LIVE Caterpillars and Butterflies!

How to Simplify Fractions!

Kindergarten and First Grade Full Year English Language Arts ELA Full Curriculum

Fun First Grade: Maps & Cardinal Directions

Famous Artist Georgia O'Keeffe

Scratch Starter Pack - Beginner Computer Science, Programming, and Code

There's a Wocket in My Pocket! by Dr. Seuss Story Time and Craft

Harp Lessons

All About the Electrifying Electric Eel. A Zap so Powerful & Deadly.

Let's Talk About Roblox - Safety Edition

What Does Not Belong? Critical Thinking Kahoot!

Creative Writing Winter/ Spring Break Camp-Comics, Posters, Instructions and MORE!

Farewell to Manzanar: An Advanced Historical and Literary Analysis (1 Week)

Farewell to Manzanar: A Historical and Literary Analysis (Multi-Day/ 5 Weeks)

St. Patrick's Day~Lucky Shamrock Craft

Step Into Scratch! - Block-Based Programming and Computer Science for Beginners

Travels in Time: A British History Class

Super Science Series: States & Properties of Matter [FLEX]

Phonics: The Six Syllable Types

Fun and Easy English Creative Paragraph Writing! | Flex Class

Sensational Sentences: Beginning Writing 7-9

Math Superstars (Level 2)- Challenge Your Math Brain While Having Fun!

Story Time for ESL Learners!

Joy of Vocabulary III: Allusions, Loanwords and Figurative Expressions

Making Money with Sports Cards

2nd Grade Full Academic Year English Language Arts: ELA Curriculum 5X Wk

Ballet for Kids: Disney Princess Themed Beginning Dance Class

*FLEX* Stamp Game: Static and Dynamic Subtraction and Division

Further Fundamentals Flex for Strings - Skills for Violin and Viola Players

Pentatonic Flute - Flex Class

Forensic Files and Case Studies Club

Kindergarten Morning Meeting Fun

Journey to the Center of the Earth: What Is Under Our Feet?

Conversational Spanish Practice for Intermediate to Advanced (Ages 12-15)

Conversational Spanish Practice for Advanced (Ages 15-18)

First Grade Math Fun Review

Arts and Crafts for Preschoolers: Fire Trucks

Phonics for Reading Camp: Digraphs wh, th, ch, sh and ph

Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World Winter Camp

Sight Word Detective Camp- Be a Detective as You Learn Sight Words

Science Camp: Frankenstein's Alive! or Not? Understanding Cell Theory

The Process of Visual Arts – Getting To Know YOUR Camera! (on-Going)

Realistic Drawing Club

Summer Form Drawing for Ages 6-9

Think Like a Detective! Mystery Inference Club

Talk With Databases! - Intro to Programming With SQL (Basics)

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