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New Classes on Outschool 2020-08-30

There are 237 new classes on Outschool the week of August 30, 2020 to September 5, 2020.

Spanish Immersion: “Let's Get Talking! En EspaÑOl!” Curriculum for Beginners

Farsi First Grade, Part 3, فارسى اول دبستان

Beginning Reading Skills: Reading and Writing CVC and Bossy E Words

Get Fit With a Marine! Ages 13 and Up!

Can an Old Lady Really Eat Leaves? Story Time/Sequencing Fun Reading With Teacher Dianne

Fiesta Time Spanish- Valentine's Day

Astronomy :A Journey of Our Solar System and All the Planets in Space- Fun Facts

Get Fit With a Marine! Ages 7 and up!

Private Flute Lessons With Pam Irwin, MM

Preschool and Kindergarten Science:Classifying Animals by Nocturnal (Night) and Diurnal (Day)

Creative Writing: Write A Novel With NaNoWriMo

3D Design Club

Private Spanish tutoring sessions for all levels

Second Grade Common Core Math (Weekly)

American Sign Language Letters and Numbers!

American Sign Language Food Signs!

American Sign Language Animal Extravaganza!

The Black Death: Medieval Pandemic History

The Industrial Revolution--Dickens and Industrialization-Literature and History

Rosemary and Thyme: Cooking in Medieval Europe

Story Explorer Scotland: Scottish Mythology, Legends, and Culture

Halloween History Part 1: Global Fall Festivals, Myths, Stories & History

Sociological Perspectives; Functional, Conflict, and Interactionist Theories

Beginning Ukulele Camp: Level 2

SHSAT Preparations

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating! Modules 1-9

Beginners Long Multiplication

Stock Market for Beginners Part 4 - Psychology & Trading Plan

Review: Let's Practice 3 and 4 Digit Multiplication by 1 Digit

Stock Market for Beginners Part 5 - Paper Trading

Beginners 2 Digit by 1 Digit Multiplication

Stock Market for Beginners Part 3 - Finding Stocks

Stock Market for Beginners Part 7 - Buy & Sell

Stock Market for Beginners Part 2 - Chart Reading

Stock Market for Beginners Part 1 - Introduction

Advanced Beginners Long Division Math Practice (One Time Class)

Gifted Private Guided Reading Lessons

Dungeons and Dragons: Sword Coast D&D Weekly Campaign, Beginner/Intermediate

How to Focus, Manage Your Time, and Be Productive

World's Deadliest Animals!

Magical Wizarding Challenge 3: Trivia and Puzzles

United States History (Full Year) - Part 4 Of 4

United States History (Full Year) - Part 3 Of 4

*Memorize Your Multiplication Facts With Me on Your Time

Building with LEGO Friendship Club! An After School Social Club!

OO, EE, EW, AW, AU...Blends and Vowel Combos!

ASL Alphabet Bingo

FUN Young Writer's Workshop

Venn Diagram~Compare and Contrast~Science and Social Studies~Literacy~Drawing

How to Draw: Pusheen the Cat Doing Hobbies! | Art Class

Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

Counting Numbers 1 to 10 in the Ocean With Sea Animals!

Private Flute Lessons - 8-Week Session

Yes, I Start With Zero! Measuring Latitude and Longitude

Time Management,Studying &Test Taking:Skills for Success in High School

Ongoing Flute Lessons - Beginner to Advanced (30 Minutes)

How to Write an Academic Paper

Zoology Animal Facts With a Zookeeper-Featuring Live Animals

African American History: The Incredible Sojourner Truth || Black History

Brick Club Social: Fluffy Friends! Girl Builders Unite!

Let's Write About Dragons!

Chess Club for Rookies: Practice and Analysis

Going on a Bug Hunt! Bee Edition

Soulful Flow: Yoga for Teens (On-Going)

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating Marine Biology! Part 6

D&D: Dungeon of the Mad Mage

STEM CL4: Semi-Private Electrical Circuits Level 4 - Learn With Snap Circuits!

The Wacky Wonderful Walrus. Cool Fun Facts. W Is for Wow & Walrus.

Ballet Adventure: Halloween Fun

Meet My Baby Water Turtles and Learn All About Their Care and Habitat Needs

Private Guitar Lessons With Dave (Ages 14-18): 1 Day/Week

Draw your own anime characters: Unleash Your Creativity!

What Is Autism? Ages 8-12

Magic Club!

Review: Let's Practice 2 Digit Multiplication by 1 Digit

Watercolor Art Techniques Painting Class, With Miss Una!

Private 1:1 | Algebra 1 / Geometry / Algebra 2 / Pre-Calculus / 25 minutes

Guitar Lessons: Acoustic or Electric

How to Draw: Pusheen the Cat Eating Yummy Foods| Art Class

Ongoing Second Grade Advanced Math Class with 5 star teacher Ms. Wendy!

Learning ASL: Beginners Part 2 Ages 13 To 18

Learning ASL: Beginners Part 2 Ages 9 To 12

How to Draw: Halloween Pusheen the Cat! Part 1

Popcorn Reading With a Twist: 1st Grade Reading Comprehension and Sight Words

Taking Good Notes (Teens)

The Study Guide to Studying (Teens)

Homeroom: Friendship and Fun Social Group

The Study Guide to Studying.

Play and Learn in Roblox: Welcome to Bloxburg

Winter Wonderland: How do Animals Survive in Winter? (With a Weekly Craft)

Draw a Dog: Pug Sketch

Learn Art Fast! Semi-Private Procreate Illustration & Design Lessons (Ongoing)

Young Explorers: Alphabet Adventure - Uppercase Letters for Beginner Writers

Spelling: Sight Words

Let’s Read and Write Together: Private Tutoring in Language Arts

Start Reading With Phonics: Phase 1 & 2.

Planets of the Solar System - Virtually Travel to and Explore Each Planet!

Beginner Tap #1 with Ms. Brandi

Art Class - Drawing Superheroes Cartoons

Art Class - Drawing Pet Animal Cartoons

Scratch 3.0 Games and More - Intermediate Level (Twice a Week, 5 Weeks) Level 2

Au Petit-Déjeuner...French Breakfast Foods with a Song!

Scratch 3.0 Projects - Fun Coding for Beginners (Twice a Week, 4 Weeks) Level 1

Individual Italian Tutoring With Native Italian Speaker

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating Marine Biology! Part 5

Time Management, Studying, Test Taking & More: Skills for Success in High School

Individual Tutoring (Kindergarten and 1st Grade) - We Can Read Our Books!

High School Research - Developing Skills

Nouns- We Can't Live Without Them!! (Revised 8/22)

Sensational Seasonal STEM

Weekly Reading Book Club: Berenstain Bears

Holiday Story Time: The Berenstain Bears (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s day & More)

Welcome to Preschool!

Vinny Vinny Vincent Van Gogh

Art Club Fun: Let's Draw and Paint Like Famous Artists (Ongoing)

Rise and Shine! Morning Meeting for Upper Elementary Students (Ages 9-12)

Math Detectives Unite: Case of the Cursed Classroom (3rd/4th)

Amazing Tales from Starport: A Tabletop Roleplaying Game for Kids

Draw a Cartoon Bat!

Time for School: Transitional / Kindergarten | Full Curriculum

Preschool Music Movin and Groovin - Let's Sing About Fall

Gems and Minerals Across America

Weather Words and Phrases in Polish -10

Middle School Physical Science Full Curriculum#2-Atomic Struct. & Periodic Table

Move Like a Dinosaur- One Time Class, 3 to 6 Year Olds

1-on-1 Math Tutoring: Grade 1 and Grade 2

M50 Marvelous Math 1-on-1 Tutoring (50 Min.)

Social Butterflies Unite! Girls Learn Social Skills & Manners

Group Time for Lil Learners With Mrs. Ines (2 Week Classes)

Sail the Seven Seas With Grieg's Music, Story, and Craft (Pre-K-2Nd Grade)

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating Marine Biology! Part 4

Parlons Français! French Tutoring With a Native French Speaker

Books & Buddies: Engaging Read-Aloud & Guided Drawing of a Character

One on One 45 Minute Gymnastics Lessons for 4 Weeks

A Is for Amazing Apples! (Preschool and Kindergarten.)

Trumpet Lessons for Beginners - One on One

After School Taekwondo Dragon - Fun With Martial Arts

Reading Enrichment Levels E-H/Fall

Monday Movie Night: A Full Year of Film Fun

Self-Care: Essential, Worthwhile, Gratifying

Book Club Heartbeat, Powerful Novel, Life Lessons and Thought-Provoking Themes

One-On-One Reading Assessment to Achieve Reading Success

The Real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Michelangelo

The Real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Donatello

The Real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Raphael

Art Club Fun: Let's Draw and Paint Season by Season (Ongoing)

Celebrate Halloween With Classical Music, Movement, and Craft (Pre-K-2Nd Grade)

Private Lessons - Multi-Day

Kindergarten Tutoring! Letters, Phonics, Beginning Reading, Shapes, Math, Crafts

Create, Share, & Challenge with Building Bricks! Jr (Ages 4-6)

Jeopardy! Preschool Knowledge (Ages 4-5)

Jurassic Park Summer Camp: All About Dinos!

Epic Weekly Builds in Minecraft Creative- Math, Geography & Architecture.

Drawing Club: Learn to Draw Using Stories!

Sports and PE: Hockey Fun and Exercise! (7-13 Years Old, One-Time Class)

Conquering Order of Operations!

Lesson 4 Scratch Coding for Beginners-Make a Video Game-Underwater Adventure

3rd Grade Math (Licensed Special Education Teacher) NOW WITH Summer Review

DESIGN & SCULPT YOUR SLEEPING DRAGON! Polymer Clay Art Beginner Dragon Sculpting

Summer Writer's Block Party: Personal Narrative/Compare and Contrast Essay

Acting Adventures! Improv and Drama Class for Kindergarten - 3rd Grade!

Drawing Birthday Party!

Drawing Birthday Party for Young Learners!

Anger Management and Guided Relaxation Through How to Train Your Anger Dragon

"Puberty...Yes I Said the P Word!" (Girls)

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating Marine Biology! Part 3

Hamilton- Evolution of American Musicals

Grammar: Writing Past Tense Verbs in Sentences

Drawing Halloween Pumpkins With Watercolor/Colored Pencils

Reduce Bedtime Anxiety and Sleep Better 1:1

Memorize That Script! Introduction to Memorization for a Script or Speech

Picking Apart Picasso

Fun and Easy Animal Drawing for Younger Artists (Ongoing)

Self-Paced Business of Photography 2: Planning Your Business

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Club

How to Draw: Spooky Halloween Scene

1:1 Reading & Math Tutoring With Experienced Teacher - Kindergarten First Grade

Self-Paced Business of Photography 3: Marketing to Launch

Multiplication & Division Math Facts: Brain-Based Learning, Notebooking & Games

Magical Wizarding Challenge: Trivia and Puzzles

Magical Wizarding Challenge 2: Trivia and Puzzles

Let's Create a Not So Spooky Black Cat With Pumpkin! Polymer Clay Art Sculpture

Seasons Morning Circle - Waldorf Inspired Verses, Activities and Songs

Private Tutoring: One on One Private Lessons With Mrs. Katreece

Polymer Clay Art 1: Create Realistic Miniature Pumpkins and Winter Squash

Fractions 4th-7th grade

Reading Comprehension Strategies

6th Grade Math - Full Year of Grade 6 Math - Ongoing

Spanish Book Club! Un Mal Principio - A Series of Unfortunate Events

Let's Go Camping - Fun Yoga!!!

Circle Time Fun for Preschoolers~2X/WK~ABC's, 123's, Games, Stories and More!

Robotics for Young Learners Made Simple! (Virtual Dash - Level One)

Ultimate Beginning Ukulele Camp Part 1

Social Group for Shy Teen Girls

1-on-1 Tutoring: ESL, Reading, and Free Talk With Certified Teacher

Singing Club: Pop Stars

Do We Really Need Laws? Introduction to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Murder Mystery Squad: Painting Murder!

Beast Mode Club for Boys (Ages 14-16)

Holiday Piano Camp Level 1

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating Marine Biology! Part 2

Private Tutoring with DeAnn: Learn & Review Math Concepts (45 mins.) 2nd-9th gr.

Review: Let's Practice Finding the Area of a Polygon

Review: Let's Practice Finding the Perimeter of a Polygon

Intro to World War II: What Lead to War in the Pacific?

Baseball Fractions Camp: Let's Use Baseball to Learn Fractions

Fife 101 With Pam Irwin, MM

Constitution Day - The US Celebrates the American Constitution

Beginner Japanese Language and Culture 01 (11-15)

30 Minute Piano Lessons

Jeopardy! Kindergarten Knowledge (Ages 5-6)

World's Scariest Animals!

Once-A-Week: Draw Trucks, Tractors & More Vehicles Using Simple Shapes

Minecraft Survival Building Club- Bedrock Edition

Drum Set - Beat of the Week! (Ages 8-12)

Music With Ms. Annette: Play With the Preschool Piano Superheroes

Chinese Mandarin for Beginners - Private Class (Ongoing)

Homework Help, Private 1:1 Tutoring, Certified K-6th Grade Teacher

1st Grade Social Studies Core Curriculum Standards Homeschool (Year Long)

Stop & Jot: Read, Write and Comprehend Informational Stories

Fun with Phonics: Learn the R-Controlled Vowels (ar, er, ir, or, ur)

1:1 Ongoing Once a Week- Crack the Code to Reading

Paint Like the Master Painters! Picasso, Renior, Cezanne, Kids Art SELF Paced

So You Want to Be President...Now What??? (American History and Government)

Past, Present & Back to the Future Verb Tense: With Doc, Marty Mcfly & Einstein

Avatar: The Last Airbender Social Fan Club

Sixth Grade Reading and Comprehension (Five Stories/One Each Day)

Fall Sight Word Bingo: 2nd Grade

Little Hands Art Class: Drawing Animals and Show-and-Tell! Ages 3-6

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating Marine Biology! Part 1

Paint Blow Splash and Laugh!

Keyboarding for Modern Typing (Beginners) Ages 5-10

Punjabi - Basic Conversation for Kids

#5 Piano Lessons Continued - Beginner Level

Art, History, and Crafts: In Goya's Kingdom (Pre-K-2Nd Grade)

"May Your Days Be Cello and Bright": Play Holiday Tunes on the Cello!

Figurative Language Made Simple

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