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New Classes on Outschool 2020-08-30

There are 435 new classes on Outschool the week of August 30, 2020 to September 5, 2020.

LEGO Friendly Halloween Camp!

History Mystery Halloween Special: The Loch Ness Monster

Tiny Ballerinas: Ballet for Ages 5-7

Spanish Immersion: “Let's Get Talking! En EspaÑOl!” Spanish Curriculum for Beginners (LEVEL 1)

Farsi First Grade, Part 3, فارسى اول دبستان

Step by Step Art Creations: Kawaii Animal Doodles 3!

Beginning Reading Skills: Reading and Writing CVC and Bossy E Words

Get Fit With a Marine! Ages 13 and Up!

Can an Old Lady Really Eat Leaves? Story Time/Sequencing Fun Reading With Teacher Dianne

Fiesta Time Spanish- Valentine's Day

Astronomy :A Journey of Our Solar System and All the Planets in Space- Fun Facts

“The Girl Who Wouldn’t Brush Her Hair” ~Read, Comprehend, and Bring a Stuffed Animal Friend~

Drawing, Hand Lettering, Design & Embellishments, a Special Art Projects Club!

Get Fit With a Marine! Ages 7 and up!

Private Flute Lessons With Pam Irwin, MM

Preschool and Kindergarten Science:Classifying Animals by Nocturnal (Night) and Diurnal (Day)

Introduction to Coding: Let's Use Scratch Level 1 (FLEX)

Dance Like Hamilton in the Room Where It Happens!

Ukulele Camp for Young Beginners: Level 3 (Ages 5-6)

Individual Coaching

An All Wizards Tournament! - Wizards Guide to Problem Solving!

Intermediate Coding With Scratch: Let's Make a Pokémon Game (One-Day)

Creative Writing: Write A Novel or Screenplay With NaNoWriMo

3D Design Club

Private Spanish tutoring sessions for all levels

Second Grade Common Core Math (Weekly)

American Sign Language Letters and Numbers!

Let's Explore: Spiders!

Daily Salsa Spanish 3 - Los Tres Chivos

American Sign Language Food Signs!

American Sign Language Animal Extravaganza!

First Grade Boot Camp (Flex)

Beginners Level 1 Tap Dance Camp 10 -14 Year Olds

African Animals: The Big Five

The History of Plagues and Pandemics

The Black Death: Medieval Pandemic History

The Industrial Revolution--Dickens and Industrialization-Literature and History

Rosemary and Thyme: Cooking in Medieval Europe

Story Explorer Scotland: Scottish Mythology, Legends, and Culture

Halloween History Part 1: Global Fall Festivals, Myths, Stories & History

Let's Travel to Taiwan!

Welcome to Magical Kenya

Sociological Perspectives; Functional, Conflict, and Interactionist Theories

The Mijikenda People of Swahili Coast.

The Luo People (Lupita - Obama's Clan)

Beginning Ukulele: Level 2

SHSAT Preparations

FLEX Class: Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating! Part 1

Fundamentals of Spanish

Beginners Long Multiplication

Stock Market for Beginners Part 4 - Psychology & Trading Plan

Review: Let's Practice 3 and 4 Digit Multiplication by 1 Digit

Stock Market for Beginners Part 5 - Paper Trading

Beginners 2 Digit by 1 Digit Multiplication

Stock Market for Beginners Part 3 - Finding Stocks

Stock Market for Beginners Part 7 - Buy & Sell

Stock Market for Beginners Part 2 - Chart Reading

Stock Market for Beginners Part 1 - Introduction

Advanced Beginners Long Division Math Practice (One Time Class)

Gifted Private Guided Reading Lessons

Dungeons and Dragons Beginners: Monster Hunter Adventure Campaign

How to Focus, Manage Your Time, and Be Productive

No-Bake Desserts: Pie Edition

Beginning Bookmaking (Ages 5-7): Playful Paths to Literacy

World's Deadliest Animals!

United States History (Full Year) - Part 4 Of 4

United States History (Full Year) - Part 3 Of 4

Memorize Your Multiplication Facts With Me on Your Time (Flex Class)

Building Friendships With LEGO Club! An After School Social Club!

Sight Words #2: The Pigeon Needs a Bath!

OO, EE, EW, AW, AU...Blends and Vowel Combos!

ASL Alphabet Bingo

FUN Young Writer's Workshop

Roblox Club: Let's Play Piggy!

Venn Diagram~Compare and Contrast~Science and Social Studies

Let's Learn About Figurative Language: Hyperbole

Animals Through World Mythologies

Classical Ballet Class for 9-14 Years Old

Going on a Bug Hunt! Butterfly Edition

Semester Biology Genetics: Biochemistry of Gene Expression (Flexible Schedule)

How to Draw: Pusheen the Cat Doing Hobbies! | Art Class

Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

Adventures in Improv: Build Confidence and Creativity

Counting Numbers 1 to 10 in the Ocean With Sea Animals!

Ballet Dance Class: Trolls Beginner Ballet Dance

Snowman Themed Dance Party - Beginner Ballet Dance

Semester Long Flute Lessons - Beginner to Intermediate (30 Minutes)

Yes, I Start With Zero! Measuring Latitude and Longitude

Halloween Ballet Dance: Hide and Go Boo - Beginner Ballet Dance

Private Tutoring in Reading and Spelling

Frozen Ballet Dance: Beginner Ballet Dance #2

Time Management, Studying and Test Taking: Skills for Success in High School

Ongoing Flute Lessons - Beginner to Advanced (30 Minutes)

How to Write an Academic Paper

Zoology Animal Facts With a Zookeeper-Featuring Live Animals

African American History: The Incredible Sojourner Truth || Black History

LEGO Club Social: Fluffy Friends! Girl Builders Gather!

Hamilton: Comparing the Play to History

Let's Write About Dragons!

Science Field Trip- Explore 4 National Parks in Utah, USA!

Science Field Trip- Explore 2 National Parks in Hawaii, USA!

Science Field Trip- Explore 4 National Parks in California, USA!

Science Field Trip- Explore 3 National Parks in Arizona, USA!

Chess Club for Rookies: Practice and Analysis

Going on a Bug Hunt! Bee Edition

Soulful Flow: Yoga for Teens (On-Going)

Get to Know the Cast of Hamilton!

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating Marine Biology! Part 6

Step by Step Art Creations: Disney and Studio Ghibli Characters

D&D: Dungeon of the Mad Mage

STEM CL4D: Electrical Circuits Level 4 - Learn with Snap Circuits! (5-Day-Camp)

The Wacky Wonderful Walrus. Cool Fun Facts. W Is for Wow & Walrus.

Ballet Adventure: Halloween Fun

Take Control of Your DSLR Camera (FLEX Version)

Little Ninjas: Advanced/Older Student Weekly Ninja Martial Arts Movement & Play

Turtles! Meet and Learn About Water Turtles

Minecraft Escape Room #4 (6-10 Ages)| Small Class | Escape Rooms

Private Guitar Lessons With Dave (Ages 14-18): 1 Day/Week

Private Guitar Lessons With Dave (Ages 9-13): 5 Days/Week

🎩🐶😺🪄📈Learn Excel With Wizard Dogs, Cats, and Spells!

Draw your own anime characters: Unleash Your Creativity!

What Is Autism? Ages 8-12

Magic Club!

Review: Let's Practice 2 Digit Multiplication by 1 Digit

Persuasive Writing and Critical Thinking Skills -FLEX

How Much? - Saying Large Numbers

Watercolor Art Techniques Painting Class, With Miss Una!

Private Drop-In Tutor 1:1 | Algebra 1 / Pre-Algebra / Geometry / Algebra 2 / Pre-Calculus / SAT-ACT Prep | Tutoring 1:1 | 25 minutes (one time)

Ukulele Club: Weekly New Songs for Ukulele Players (Ongoing Class)!

Guitar Lessons: Acoustic or Electric

How to Draw: Pusheen the Cat Eating Yummy Foods| Art Class

Bloxburg Work-A-Thon - Who Can Make the Most Money

Ukulele ABC's: An Introduction to Playing the Ukulele *Small Group Class*

Ongoing Second Grade Advanced Math Class with 5 star teacher Ms. Wendy!

Math Problems & Critical Thinking Through Brain Teasers, Magic Squares, Riddles & Critical Thinking

Learning ASL: Beginners Part 2 Ages 13 To 18

Learning ASL: Beginners Part 2 Ages 9 To 12

EZ Beadzy Level 1 - Make Colorful Beads From Paper for Jewelry

3- 6 Years Old Chinese Mandarin Camp for Beginners Session 2

Crochet a Basic Granny Square With Miss Angie (Flex Class for Beginners)

Crochet a Basic Granny Square With Miss Angie (Flex Class for Beginners)

How to Draw: Halloween Pusheen the Cat! Part 1

Popcorn Reading With a Twist: 1st Grade Reading Comprehension and Sight Words

Taking Good Notes (Teens)

The Study Guide to Studying (Teens)

Homeroom: Friendship and Fun Social Group

The Study Guide to Studying.

Draw Detailed Sea-Animals and Reptiles (With Some Trivia Fun)

Matilda the Musical: "Revolting Children" Sing and Dance Workshop

Astronomy: Our Magnificent Moon

Play and Learn in Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg (Ages 8-12)

Winter Wonderland: How do Animals Survive in Winter? (With a Weekly Craft)

Code Like the Pros - Unity C# Programming Course - Code a Custom Endless Runner

Little Learner Math Summer Camp

Draw a Dog: Pug Sketch

Learn Art Fast! Semi-Private Procreate Illustration & Design Lessons (Ongoing)

Young Explorers: Alphabet Adventure with weekly Science, Nature or Social Studies theme

Let's Prepare for Preschool and Kindergarten Camp Preview - Drop in Class!

Are Numbers Rational or Irrational in 8th Grade Math?

Let’s Read and Write Together: Private Tutoring in Language Arts

Start Reading With Phonics: Phase 1 & 2.

Reading With Phonics: Phase 3 & 4.

1:1 Practice Writing Our Lowercase Letters

Planets of the Solar System - Virtually Travel to and Explore Each Planet!

Learn Science With Candy!

Beginner Tap #1 with Ms. Brandi

Kids Like Me: Drawing People Doing Fun Everyday Things

Wild and Tame Sketching Club

1-on-1 English Tutoring: Grade 1 and Grade 2

Art Class - Drawing Superheroes Cartoons

Art Class - Drawing Pet Animal Cartoons

Scratch 3.0 Games and More - Intermediate Level (Twice a Week, 5 Weeks) Level 2

Au Petit-Déjeuner...French Breakfast Foods with a Song!

(Ages 3-7) The Lion and the Mouse

Scratch 3.0 Projects - Fun Coding for Beginners (Twice a Week, 4 Weeks) Level 1

English Language Revision for GCSE

Individual Italian Tutoring With Native Italian Speaker

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating Marine Biology! Part 5

Time Management, Studying, Test Taking & More: Skills for Success in High School

Individual Tutoring (Kindergarten and 1st Grade) - We Can Read Our Books!

Let's Sing and Move: Feelings

High School Research - Developing Skills

Young STEAMers -Science Fun

Let's Dance: Hamilton (Flex Edition!)

Secrets of Reading & Comprehension (Pre-Teens)

Design Your Own Mars Colony (Flex)

Nouns- We Can't Live Without Them!! (Revised 8/22)

FLEX Beginner Ukulele! Ages 7-11

Sensational Seasonal STEM

Weekly Reading Book Club: Berenstain Bears

Holiday Story Time: The Berenstain Bears (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s day & More)

Welcome to Ms. Ashley's Preschool/ PREK Classroom (FULL CURRICULUM)!

The Sun: Introduction to Heliology (Flex)

4 Must Read Books for High School Accelerated Class

Food for Thought: Baking and Art, Pumpkin Spice Crisp and Pumpkin Chalk Pastel

Vinny Vinny Vincent Van Gogh

Art Club Fun: Let's Draw and Paint Like Famous Artists (Ongoing)

Weekly Writing Workshop

Rise and Shine! Morning Meeting for Upper Elementary Students (Ages 9-12)

Math Detectives Unite: Case of the Cursed Classroom (3rd/4th)

Historic Ciphers and Codes

Amazing Tales from Starport: A Tabletop Roleplaying Game for Kids

Draw a Cartoon Bat!

Acrylic Painting Boot Camp Sunset Edition: Gradients, Palate Knifes and More!

VelveT(w)eens • Girls' Social Support Club & Hangout (45min) 10-14yo

How to Draw: Halloween Doodles FLEX Class (Pandas, Pusheen, and Kawaii Drawing)

Story Corner

Time for School: Virtual Kindergarten with Friends, Games, & ABC's at Circle Time | Full Curriculum

3D Modeling With Sketchup: Let's Build Main Street, USA!! (Flex)

Preschool Music Movin and Groovin - Let's Sing About Fall

Animal Social Club

Parts of Speech: Grammar With Kahoot!

Intro to Writing: How to Take Your Writing From Ordinary to Extraordinary (Flex)

Writing Great Story Beginnings and Endings

Gems and Minerals Across America

Weather Words and Phrases in Polish -10

Middle School Physical Science Full Curriculum#2-Atomic Struct. & Periodic Table

Move Like a Dinosaur- One Time Class, 3 to 6 Year Olds

Graphic Design/ Modeling & Making A Business Brochure/ Logo using Online Tools

1-on-1 Math Tutoring: Grade 1 and Grade 2

Private Math Tutoring: Grades K-4

Phonics Tutoring 1:1

M1A Marvelous Math Tutoring (One-Time Assessment) (3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th)

Social Butterflies Unite! Girls Learn Social Skills & Manners

Group Time for Lil Learners With Mrs. Ines (2 Week Classes)

Let's Explore Hummingbirds With Teacher Lauren

Summer Camp Let's Dance: Zombies 123!

Adventures in Classical Music: Listen to Grieg, Move, and Make Craft

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating Marine Biology! Part 4

Let's Draw Plants Vs Zombies for Ages 8 - 10

What Time Is It? #1- Telling Time to the Hour, Half-Hour, and Quarter-Hour

Parlons Français! French Tutoring With a Native French Speaker

Books & Buddies: Engaging Read-Aloud & Guided Drawing of a Character

One on One 45 Minute Gymnastics Lessons for 4 Weeks

A Is for Amazing Apples! (Preschool and Kindergarten.)

3D Modeling With Sketchup: Let's Build Main Street, USA! (Flex)

Sing-Along and Dance: Disney Songbook Part II

Trumpet Lessons for Beginners - One on One

After School Taekwondo Dragon - Fun With Martial Arts

Intermediate Sewing: Mermaid Tail Blanket

Beginning Spacecraft Systems for Grade-Schoolers (STEM Drawing)

Reading Enrichment for Levels E - H/Fall

Choreography Explorations LAB: for Ages 15-18.

Music With Ms. Annette: 4 Weeks of Private Voice or Piano Lessons, Children Through Teens

Monday Movie Night: A Full Year of Film Fun

Self-Care: Essential, Worthwhile, Gratifying

Book Links Heartbeat, Powerful Novel, Thought-Provoking Themes

One-On-One Reading Assessment to Achieve Reading Success

The Real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Michelangelo

The Real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Donatello

The Real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Raphael

Art Club Fun: Let's Draw and Paint Season by Season (Ongoing)

Celebrate Halloween With Classical Music, Movement, and Craft

Private Lessons - Multi-Day

Hocus Pocus Halloween Dance!

Cooking With Friends: Ongoing Winter Cooking

Are You the Queen of Mean?

Art Club Fun: 3D Clay Sculptures (Ongoing)

It’s Time to Celebrate Your Birthday With Teacher Dianne!

Kindergarten Tutoring! Letters, Phonics, Beginning Reading, Shapes, Math, Crafts

Lego® Builders Jr. : Create, Share, Challenge! (Ages 4-6)

Life Skills: Born to Lead I- Leadership Skills (Flex)

Jeopardy! Preschool Knowledge (Ages 4-5)

Jurassic Park Summer Camp: All About Dinos!

Guided Painting: Fall Pumpkins

Epic Weekly Builds in Minecraft Creative- Math, Geography & Architecture.

Drawing Club: Learn to Draw Using Stories!

1st Grade Orton-Gillingham Phonics Based Reading Instruction Part 1

Sports and PE: Hockey Fun and Exercise! (7-13 Years Old, One-Time Class)

Introduction to Latin - Part 3

Private Lessons: Ukulele (Multi-Day)

Private Lessons: Piano (Multi-Day)

Conquering Order of Operations!

Lesson 4 Scratch Coding for Beginners-Make a Video Game-Underwater Adventure

Lego Social Club: A Weekly Interactive Book Read Aloud and Building Class

3rd Grade Math (32 Weeks, Licensed Special Education Teacher)

Learn to Read and Write Korean (Flex Class)

Nature Science: Bioluminescence, Creatures That Glow in the Dark, Oh My!

Semi-Private Ukulele Classes: Levels 4, 5 and 6 (Ages 5-6)

Design and Build Your Own SLEEPING DRAGON Sculpture!: Polymer Clay Art Course #1

Paw-Fect Pooches: The Most Popular Dog Breeds

Writer's Block Party: Personal Narrative/Compare and Contrast Essay

Intermediate Scratch-BATS

Dynamic Riddles, Problem Solving, Math Games & Critical Thinking All In One!

Mermaid Tail Painting - Heavy Body Acrylic Painting Class

FLEX: Scaffolded Essays (Animals & Disasters/Landmarks/Countries)

Introduction to Place Value - Tens and Ones

Acting Adventures! Improv and Interactive Storytelling Drama Class for Kindergarten - 3rd Grade!

Ukulele Camp for Young Beginners: Learn to Play Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Easy Version)

Meet the Beatles! : Beatles History 101

Explore Architecture: Building Stacked Houses (LIVE)

Drawing Birthday Party!

Super Hero Feelings Training Camp - Colossal Calming Techniques for Kids

Drawing Birthday Party for Young Learners!

Train Your Anger Dragon! Anger Management Through "How to Train Your Dragon"

"Puberty...Yes I Said the P Word!" (Girls)

Where Am I? Famous U.S. Landmark Guessing Game!

What Is Bio-Luminescent? Let's Talk Anglerfish!

Making Cake Mix Cupcakes Better (Stand Alone): Pumpkin Spice

African Animals: The Little Five

High School Algebra for Advanced Learners

Making Cake Mix Cupcakes Better (Stand Alone): Snickerdoodles

Crochet Motifs With Miss Angie (Flex Class)

Making Cake Mix Cupcakes Better (Stand Alone): Grasshopper

Making Cake Mix Cupcakes Better (Stand Alone): Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Making Cake Mix Cupcakes Better (Stand Alone):Cookie Dough

Private 1:1 Maths Tutoring

You, the Artist: Paint Like Matisse, O’Keefe, & More

FLEX Supreme Court: Understanding the Judicial Branch and the Balance of Power

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating Marine Biology! Part 3

Hamilton- Evolution of American Musicals

Making Cake Mix Cupcakes Better (Stand Alone): Black Forest

Making Cake Mix Cupcakes Better (Stand Alone): S'mores

Making Cake Mix Cupcakes Better (Stand Alone): Boston Cream

Making Cake Mix Cupcakes Better (Stand Alone): Lemon Meringue

Ack! I Went Blank: What to Do With Test Anxiety

Grammar: Writing Past Tense Verbs in Sentences

Mary Cassatt: America's Female Impressionist

Mastering the TI-84 Graphing Calculator

Drawing Halloween Pumpkins With Watercolor Pencils

Worry University: How to Reduce Bedtime Anxiety & Sleep Better 1:1

Memorize That Script! Introduction to Memorization for a Script or Speech

Picking Apart Picasso

Fun and Easy Animal Drawing for Younger Artists (Ongoing)

(FLEX) The Business of Photography 2: Planning Your Business

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Club

How to Draw: Spooky Halloween Scene

1-on-1 Personalized Tutoring Sessions (Kindergarten, First Grade & Second Grade)

(FLEX) The Business of Photography 3: Marketing to Launch

Tap 101: Tap for True Beginners Ages 8-11

Making Cake Mix Cupcakes Better (Stand Alone): Hostess Cupcakes

Making Cake Mix Cupcakes Better (Stand Alone): Chantilly Cream

Multiplication & Division Math Facts: Brain-Based Learning, Notebooking & Games

Polymer Clay Art 1: Sculpt a Colorful or Realistic Owl Figure

Polymer Clay Art 1: Sculpt a Tortoise / Turtle Figure (Beginner)

Making Moves: Contemporary/Lyrical Dance for Ages 12-16

Sing Broadway! Hamilton the Musical Camp

Airplane Accidents: Part 3

Let's Create a Not So Spooky Black Cat With Pumpkin! Polymer Clay Art Sculpture

Seasons Morning Circle - Waldorf Inspired Verses, Activities and Songs

Private Tutoring: One on One Private Lessons With Mrs. Katreece

Nature Art and Science: All About Starfish!

Minecraft: Build and Share (Bedrock Edition)

Honors Fractions 4th-7th grade

Miss Charlie's Social Hour: New Topics Every Day! (Ages 12-14)

Reading Comprehension Strategies

Individual Tutoring with Certified Teacher: English Class: Let's Read, Write, and Talk

6th Grade Math - Full Year of Grade 6 Math - Ongoing

Read Elephant and Piggie Books With Craft

Spanish Book Club! Un Mal Principio - A Series of Unfortunate Events

Let's Go Camping - Fun Yoga!!!

Math Tutoring On-Going One-On-One: Prealgebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Trig, Precal

Circle Time Fun for Preschoolers~2X/WK~ABC's, 123's, Games, Stories and More!

Robotics for Young Learners Made Simple! (Virtual Dash - Level One)

Ultimate Beginning Ukulele Camp Part 1

Let's Talk About Books! (Ages 5-8)

Tutoring: Get the Support You Truly Need! (30min/4-Weeks)

Cruising for Advanced Skills on Microsoft Excel - Charts and Sparklines

Preschool Circle Time

Draw Anime Characters! (Flex) - Tweens

Social Group for Shy Teen Girls

Introduction to Word Families

Individual Tutoring: ESL, Reading, and Free Talk with Certified Teacher

Writing Process, Private Instruction

Singing Club: Pop Stars

FLEX It's All Perspective: History Depends on Who's Telling It

Let's Draw! Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Hands, and Feet (Flex Class for Tweens)

Fossil Locations: Hell Creek Formation

Do We Really Need Laws? Introduction to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Crochet Motifs With Miss Angie (Flex Class)

Literature ELA Reading Club: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Murder Mystery Squad: Painting Murder!

Beast Mode Club for Boys (Ages 13-15)

Holiday Piano Camp Level 1

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating Marine Biology! Part 2

Photosynthesis of Fall Leaves (Why Leaves Change Color)

Cooking & Baking with DeAnn: Make Dinner -Soup & Bread/Dessert (FLEX 9-14)

Private Tutoring with DeAnn: Learn & Review Math Concepts (45 mins.) 2nd-9th gr.

Review: Let's Practice Finding the Area of a Polygon

Review: Let's Practice Finding the Perimeter of a Polygon

Intro to World War II: What Lead to War in the Pacific?

Speak Spanish With Sra. C - Individual Immersion - Ongoing

Baseball Fractions Camp: Let's Use Baseball to Learn Fractions

Cookies and Conversation Afternoon Tea Party

Private ISEE Test Prep

Fife 101 With Pam Irwin, MM

Constitution Day - The US Celebrates the American Constitution

Beginner Japanese Language and Culture 01 (11-15)

Ongoing Private Piano Lessons for Ages 6 Through 18

Jeopardy! Kindergarten Knowledge (Ages 5-6)

World's Scariest Animals!

Once-A-Week: Draw Trucks, Tractors & More Vehicles Using Simple Shapes

Minecraft Survival Building Club- Bedrock Edition

Math Mythbusters: Debunking Myths and Developing a Growth Mindset in Mathematics

Drum Set - Beat of the Week! (Ages 8-12)

Web Site Design Using html and css (Unit 1)

Music With Ms. Annette: Play With the Preschool Piano Superheroes

Chinese Mandarin for Beginners - Private Class (Ongoing)

Growing Confident Readers - Orton-Gillingham Reading Instruction, Compound Words

Homework Help, Private 1:1 Tutoring, Certified K-6th Grade Teacher

Math in a Flash: Addition

1st Grade Social Studies Core Curriculum Standards Homeschool (Year Long)

Let's Draw: Anime Eyes

Mysteries of the Universe: The Black Hole Information Paradox

Stop & Jot: Read, Write and Comprehend Informational Stories

Fun with Phonics: Learn the R-Controlled Vowels (ar, er, ir, or, ur)

1:1 Ongoing Once a Week- Crack the Code to Reading

Paint Like the Master Painters! Picasso, Renior, Cezanne, & Klimt Kids Art FLEX

Private Class: Custom Project

So You Want to Be President...Now What??? (American History and Government)

Past, Present & Back to the Future Verb Tense: With Doc, Marty Mcfly & Einstein

Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra Fan Club and Watch Party

Christmas Sight Word Bingo: 1st Grade

Sixth Grade Reading and Comprehension (Five Stories/One Each Day) with a Certified Teacher

Kicking off Preschool- A One Time Class, Taught by a Licensed Teacher

One on One Private Pokemon Tutoring

Fall Sight Word Bingo: 2nd Grade

Little Hands Art Class: Drawing Animals and Show-and-Tell! Ages 3-6

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating Marine Biology! Part 1

All About Python Programming for Beginners | 1 Hour Python Coding Class

Roblox-Adopt Me Halloween Spooktacular-Chat-Trade-Share-Play

French Private Lesson: Begin or Continue Your Learning Journey - All Ages!

Ace ELA: Identify Literary Elements & Discuss Nonfiction Articles

Paint Blow Splash and Laugh!

Keyboarding for Modern Typing (Beginners, Flex) Ages 5-10

Indoors! German Immersion Class for Young Learners Level 2

Use Your Manners: Table Manners Escape Room

Punjabi - Basic Conversation for Kids

#5 Piano Lessons Continued - Beginner Level

Epic Pokemon Camp

Mandarin Chinese With Games and Music Level 2B

Show, Tell and Chat While Practicing Social Skills!

Fine Art With Craft for Young Kids: Discover Goya's Paintings.

"May Your Days Be Cello and Bright": Play Holiday Tunes on the Cello!

Figurative Language Made Simple

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