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New Classes on Outschool 2021-10-31

There are 628 new classes on Outschool the week of October 31, 2021 to November 6, 2021.

Siege and Storm: Young Adult Fantasy Book Club

Spanish Hangout: A Spanish Maintenance Group

Function Fundamentals and Linear Functions: Precalculus, Part 2

Enchanting Irish Dance Adventures

Music: Ongoing Ukulele Lessons for Beginners: Live 1-On-1 Lessons for Ages 7-10

Music: Weekly Ukulele Lessons for Beginners: Live 1-On-1 Lessons for Ages 11-14

Music: 8 Ukulele Lessons for Beginners: Live Private 1-On-1 Lessons, Ages 7-10

The 20 Questions Social Club!

Genshin Impact Hangout

Brain Games!

Mindfulness and the Brain: How Do We Use Mindful Awareness?

Amazing Animal Facts for Turkeys

Irish Dance Fun - Give It a Try! Ages 9-14

Irish Dance Fun - Give It a Try! Ages 6-11

Irish Dance Fun - Give It a Try! Ages 3-5

Making an Easy Yummy Banana Pudding!

Learn English with Teacher Malva! Private 1:1 ESL Classes

Drawing Christmas Lakitu From Super Mario!

Spanish Immersion for Kids: Once per Week.Ages 8–11 (Beginners)

Hollow Knight Fan Club

Writing While We Review, Develop, and Expand Vocabulary--Second Semester

Writing While We Review, Develop, and Expand Vocabulary--First Semester

Private 1:1 Cantonese Chinese Class (Ongoing: 40 Minutes)

Rules to Build Spelling Skills First Semester

"Hooked" On Crochet: A Crochet Camp 2

Zelda Lovers!

Writing While We Review, Develop, and Expand Vocabulary--Ongoing

Japanese Cooking for Fun and Health- Learn Cook Eat Japanese! (4 Week Course)

Summer Reading Practice-Book Club: Howl's Moving Castle

Books for All Teens Book Club: New Kid (Award Winning Graphic Novel)

Gobble, Gobble! Thanksgiving Math and Reading for First Grade

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Novel Study With Teacher Debra Shepherd

Craft Fun: Let's Sew a Felt Christmas Tree With Heart Ornament

Individualized, Interactive 7th Grade English Language Arts (Semester 2) (2 Day)

Basketball Fan Club

The Second Breakfast Club - Hobbits and Other LOTR Fans!

Let's Grow a Story!

Mindful Astronomy: The Solar System on a Rope (Inclusive Astronomy)

Forest School Friends

Rules to Build Spelling Skills Second Semester

Procreate Digital Drawing School: Texture

Color Hunt: A Fun Color Scavenger Hunt!

Miraculous Friends of Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Kwamis

Horror Movies Film Studies Ongoing

Historic Sewing & Costuming

*Crochet Project Based Learning- Slippers/Stocking - Beginner Level 2 Flex Class Ages 13-18

*Crochet Project Based Learning- Slippers/Stocking - Beginner Level 2 Flex Class Ages 7-11

Punctuation and Grammar Through Writing Silly Sentences!

Year 1 / Kindergarten Full Math Curriculum. Learn With a Fully Qualified Teacher

Fiber & Textile Arts for All!

Felting Friends

Railfan Roundup

Piano Made Fun, Part 2, Ages 4-5

Books for All Kids: My Weirder-Est School: Mrs. Barr Has Gone Too Far! (Explore Your Community and Travel the World Summer Camp)

Thanksgiving Madlibs - Elementary Edition (English/Language Arts)

Thanksgiving Mad Libs - Middle School Edition (English/Language Arts)

Learn, Laugh, Draw as You Find Turkeys in Disguise (Ages 5-7) Thanksgiving

Dolphin Adventure: Explore the Animal World, Meet Dolphins and Create Art!

Building With Bricks Demolition Derby

Middle School Geography of the World: Part 4-Middle East-Land & Culture Regions

Reading Mystery ~ Once Upon a Crime: Forest Grime

Marine Biology - Shark Showdown! A Weekly Camp Exploring & Tracking Sharks *FLEX* Part 1

Fun Christmas Jumper Party With Teacher Vicki!

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Ghosts of Saltmarsh - Beginner Pirate Sea Adventure!

Rick Riordan / Percy Jackson Fan Group

Art Group: Draw, Paint, Create!

I Love Math and Chinese Combo: Kindergarten to Second Grade Math

Camp Cretaceous Fan Club : Weekly Dinosaur Trivia Challenges, Fun Games & Fan Chat

Yururito Japanese

Cheetahs of Africa

STEAM Queens: Women in Engineering

How to Become a Youtube Influencer - Creating a Channel + Video Editing + Networking Group

Hiking Club! Hike the Trails of the World

Hand Turkey Drawing! - Thanksgiving Art

Dead Poets Society: Poetry Lovers Group

Pre-Teen Homeschool Homeroom

Rules to Help Build Spelling Skills Ongoing

Carly's Multicultural Club for Travel Loving Artists

Let's Talk About Chemistry

Study Skills With Coaching and Encouragement FLEX (Ages 10-15)

Writing for College Readiness

Introduction to Division and Practice With Virtual Games

Engaged Minds Jr: Practice Blends (Learn How to Say Several "Sounds with 2 letters" Each Week)

Roblox Gaming Chat Club

Writing: Beginning Cursive Writing

Craft Fun: Let's Sew a Felt Christmas Snowman With a Bird Ornament

Can You Survive: The Zombie Apocalypse Camp

Optical Art - A Drawing, Color and Shading Lesson in Optical Illusion

The United States Map Class: Northeast Region

Crocheting and Knitting Club (Ages 8-10)

Anime Art Club!

Christmas Math Party

Animal Science Fun: Creepy Crawlies - Learning About Bugs and Insects

Writing: How to Prepare an Oral Book Report/ Presentation

Deep Sea Decimals: Fraction and Decimal Equivalents

Ongoing Private Math Tutoring (1-Day Weekly)(Upon Request)

Pokemon Gamers Hangout

Private 1:1 Tutoring: Mathematics Classes: Algebra 1-Advanced Mathematics

Favorite Things - English ESL Club 1-On-1 (On-Going) CEFR C1 / C2

Super Mario Bros Group Fan Club

French Class for siblings (50%)

Splatoon Hangout

Website Upgrade 201: Take Your Website to the Next Level (SEM 9-14)

I Want to Have a Career as a Teacher

Foods of the World - A Social Culinary Group (8-12)

The Homeschool Hangout (8-12)- Homeschool & Home-Ed Learners Around the World

Thanksgiving Circle Time and Social Party

Five Night's at Freddy's (FNAF) Discussion Club!

Beautiful Sunflower - Draw and Watercolor Paint Art Project!

Learn How to Draw a Realistic Bat ~ Step by Step With Charcoal Pencil

Intensive Middle School Human Biology-Part 3

Beginner Piano Class - Part 8

Deep Sea Decimals: Intro to Decimals Part 1

Thankful Turkey Napkin Holders!

A Social Group for Newbie and Retro Gamers!

YA Book Chat: In the Wild Light by Jeff Zentner

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens With Energetic Teacher Debra Shepherd

Algebra Made Easy!

Flute 101 - Part V (Let's Learn New Keys and Rhythms)

Arabic - Intro to Reading Stories 2

Storytime! Reading Practice, Let's Explore the Alphabet Together

Musical Performance Club

Math with Mrs. M: PreK Math Group (Ongoing)

Semi-Private Marvelous Math Tutorials (30 Minutes) Monthly, Elementary -Algebra

Learn to Code - Foundations of Coding for K-3

We Love Music!

Draw 3D Optical Illusions and Learn About Famous Artists From the Past and Today

C’est la Pâques! An Easter Themed French Class

Pet and Animal Lovers Club

DOG-vision: A Division Facts Practice and Review Game

How to Draw Christmas Ornaments/ Pencil Shading/Holidays/Art/New Year

Basic Chinese 2nd Grade (4-1) 基础中文二年级(4-1)

1-on-1 Private Tutoring (Personalized Lessons for Early Elementary)

Nutcracker Ballet Dance Camp (M-Th)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Update 2.0

Masters of Minecraft: Minecraft Trivia

Friendly Ocean Animals- A Fun Marine Biology Class!

One-On-One Private Piano / Keyboard Lessons

Let's Celebrate Christmas in Cantonese With a Craft!

The Writer's Corner

Drawing the Beautiful Skyline of Denver With Pencils

Greek and Latin Roots - Vocabulary and Games!

Story Time and Art: Help Pete Save Christmas

Story Time and Art: "If You Take a Mouse to the Movies" Tree Decorating

Slime Club

Social Chat Club (Ages 7-12)

Into the Arctic: Non-Fiction Arctic Animal Research & Drawing (FLEX)

FLEX All About Dinosaurs & Beyond: Facts, Crafts, Games, Sing & Handouts!

Wings of Fire Fan Club

Spanish Interactive Story Time With Puppets And Stuffed Animals (A1)

Roald Dahl Book Club

Polymer Clay Sculptors Challenge Group

Narnia Book Club: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Lego Brick Break Show and Tell Social Club

Story Time With Your Favorite Puppy Heroes!

1:1 Math Tutoring, Grades K - 8

A Zoomania Social Group for Animal Enthusiasts!

A Social Group for LPS Fans! Fashion Shows, Trivia, Art Work

"Flying High" The Aerial Antics and Exquisite Design of the Mako Shark !

Learning Chinese & Math From Yummy Chinese Food: Pre-K and Kindergarten Chinese & math

45 min Math Tutoring One-on-One,Personalized Classes 4th,5th ,6th, 7th, One-time

Funny Fitness Flex: Abs

3rd Grade Full Homeschool Curriculum: Reading, Writing, Math & More

The Art of Vocabulary and Grammar FLEX, Ages 7-9 Quarter 1

Candy Cane Phonics

Calling All Future Fashion Designers! Draw, Create, Share, and Discuss Outfits

Fall Literature Camp

Introduction to Greek Mythology

The Comedy Writers Room: Share Funny Creative Writing, Sketch and Stand-Up

Fish Bowl Art Using Colored Pencil and Watercolors

Private Tutoring for Lower, Middle and Upper ISEE, SSAT and HSPT Tests

The Great Thanksgiving Escape!

Zentangle Art Class & Chat: Learn to Draw and Embellish a Geometric Sunflower

The Great Gatsby Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Private Mandarin Chinese Tutoring

Private Mandarin Chinese Course/Tutoring (2x25 Minutes Meetings per Week)

The Stardrop Saloon: A Stardew Valley Gamer Group!

Procreate Lovers Digital Art Club

MATH K-8Th Tutoring by Singapore Math Teacher.

Gacha Club and Life Group

Book Lovers Club

A Social Group for Warrior Cats Fans! Role Play, Trivia, Art

Learn, Laugh, Draw as You Find Turkeys in Disguise (Ages 8-12) Thanksgiving

A Christmas Carol: The Graphic Novel Book Club for Kids (8-10)

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 2 Part 5 (Age 13-18)

The Math Lab: Hands on Preschool Math

Filling in the Gaps 1:1 Tutoring - Fun Mini-Lessons Personalized for You!

Our Holiday Social Group ~Discussion, Pictures, & Friends

Learn and Practice Hiragana // Japanese Writing

Color Mixing Magical Science

Teens Cook: Potato Gnocchi With Brown Butter Sauce

Teens Cook Lasagna Bolognese

8th Grade Math Part 1: Exponents, Roots, & Scientific Notation *FLEX*

Read to Succeed! Comprehension & Fluency- 3rd Grade (On-going)

Natural Disasters Guessing Game

"Realistic" Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Drawing Club (9-14)

Spelling Bee with Fart Monster and Pokemon 1st-2nd Grade

Private Beginner Spanish Tutoring for Littles

Roblox Gaming Social Club: Adopt Me! Fanatics

African Diaspora Studies Interest Group for Teens!

Sewing Lessons for the Advanced Beginner - You Choose the Project 2nd Semester

Beginner Ballet Performance - Learn a Choreographed Dance, Work on Ballet Technique, and Ballet Skills

All About the Meerkat. Immune to Poison He Even Eats Venomous Snakes & Scorpions

Personalized One-On-One Tutoring Multi-Day Class for K-2nd Grades

ESL/EFL 1:1 - Private Tutoring - Have Fun With English Conversation Practice!

Recess and Workout Class : Lot of Giggles, Dancing, and H I I T

One on One Math Tutoring K-4 (Multiple Sessions)

Advent Christmas Extravaganza! 24 Days of Christmas History, Games and Fun!

Doodle Drawing: Reindeer

Private Music Lessons for Young Beginners: One Time Class

Let's Draw Animals Together! (Fun Facts and Directed Drawings)

The Basics of Soccer

World History to 1700; Part I

Cooking: Thanksgiving Holiday Baking: Pumpkin Scones with Maple Glaze

Pet and Animal Lovers Unite

1:1 Grammar Tutoring (Ongoing Class)

Camp for Upper Test Prep: ISEE, HSPT and SSAT

¡Verbos! Spanish Verbs, Conjugation, and T Charts (Intro to Writing)

Dungeons and Dragons: The Guildhall

Private One-on-One & Small Group Art & Drawing Class (Ongoing)

Creative Queer Kid Club! Let's Make an LGBTQ+ Craft and Chat

Miraculous Ladybug Super Fan Club

Draw Comical Cartoon Characters With Mrs. D

ESL ELL EFL Designing Presentations: CARP, Color Theory, and Customization

*Cheerful Christmas Art, Drawing, & Creativity Camp- FLEX 3 Projects per Week Ages 6-9

Ongoing Science 1:1 Private Tutor: All Biology Incl. AP & Middle School Science

Mrs. B's Reader's Theater

*Cheerful Christmas Art, Drawing, & Creativity Camp- FLEX 3 Projects per Week Ages 10-14

Thanksgiving ASL (American Sign Language) for Beginners

Among Us Chat and Updates Group

Chickens Aren't The Only Ones~Science, Reading Comprehension, Non Fiction, Step By Step Drawing/Art ~CELEBRATE SPRING!

Psychology and Neuroscience Group

Spin the Wheel and Practice Writing Topic Sentences

Phonemic Awareness Assessment - Heggerty

Fly Guy Presents Space by Tedd Arnold~Story Comprehension and Step by Step Drawing

Phonics Modeling Clay Class

Beginner Spanish 2 for Littles

Private French Classes for Beginners!

Learn To Sing Like A Pro Community

SAT Writing and Language

Let's Read and Play! Reading Practice and Games for K-1st | Reading Club~1X/WK

Grammar Fun - Homonyms, Homographs and Homophones - Meets Once for 30 Minutes

The Homeschool Hub

Totally Terrific Topic Sentences for Writing

Roblox Adopt Me! Fan Club

My Minecraft Hangout: The Portal to Everything Minecraft

Elementary Art: The Basics

The Animal Area: Veterinarians, Zoologists, Pets, Lovers

Brewster's Roost Animal Crossing Clubhouse - Group for Animal Crossing Fans

Exploration Station STEM Club

Transformers Fans Unite Community Group

Let's Write: Articles, Letters, Reviews and Reports Flex Course with Teacher Helen

Multiplication Made Easy With Tricks, Games, and Activities! (FLEX)

*Cheerful Christmas Art, Drawing, & Creativity Camp- FLEX Ages 15-18

Gamer's Club: Minecraft

Visual Art Appreciation

French Club

Music Theater Fan Club Group

Model Horse Collectors Social Group

Animal Art

Shadow and Bone: Young Adult Fantasy Book Club

Little Learners STEAM Storytime Club

All About Frogs! Frog Appreciation Class and Sharing Time (With Live Frogs)

Run for Office! Anatomy of a Political Campaign

Wolf OR-7: The Extraordinary Journey

Living Dinosaurs: Beyond Jurassic World

Get the Story for Your Documentary or Report: The Freedom of Information Act

Voice Lessons With Mr. Barth!

Escape Room: Christmas at the North Pole!

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Club Series: The Giver

"Never Girls" by Kiki Thorpe...Reading, Journal Writing and Drawing Summer Book Club

Pokémon Art Club

1:1 Business Mentoring & Marketing Ideas for Beginner-Advanced Entrepreneurs

Magic Club Group a Community for Magicians - Card Tricks - Street Magic - Magical Magic Props

Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem

Reading Mystery ~ Once Upon a Crime: Stolen Time

(Ongoing) Horses: Equine Science Advanced Vet Anatomy and Biology (11-15Yo)

Piano Adventures: Sing, Dance & Play (Lesson Book B Part 2)

Piano Adventures: Sing, Dance & Play (Lesson Book B Part 1)

ASL Basic Words and Phrases

Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts: Shape Turkey

Phonics, Reading, Writing, and Spelling One on One Tutoring 2nd-6th grade-

Beginner Small Group Cello Class - Level 3

Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts: Handprint Turkey Headband/Hat

Let's Read Charlotte's Web ( Book Club )

Pragmatic and Social Skills Tutoring for Autism and Special Needs

Basketball Club

That's Not Fair!

Turkey Time Dance Party!

Winter Break Ultimate Nintendo Switch All Games Mario! Video Games

Drawing a Wild Turkey With Watercolor Pencils

Star Wars Social Club

2nd Grade Math Ongoing-Full Curriculum-Word problems, Place Value and 2 Multiplication Facts, Adding and Subtracting

Creative Coding Class: Code Your Own Talking Snowman in Scratch

Adorable Thanksgiving Card Drawing and Writing Activity

Thanksgiving Turkey Puzzle Escape Room

Seven Continents of the World. Explore Our World One Continent at a Time! FLEX

Pre-Algebra (Grades 6th-8th)

Draw & Color Tie Dye Squishmallows: Learn How to Paint With Markers and Water

Pop It Multiplication and Division- Multiplying and Dividing 2-12 With a Fidget

Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Learn Korean Characters Hangul With a Native Korean Teacher! - Flex Class

Latin Language & Culture: Roman Britain & Alexandria (Cambridge 2, Stages 16-17)

Emotion Thanksgiving Bingo

Exploring Chemistry: States of Matter, Atoms and Molecules.

Homeroom Morning Meeting for Upper Elementary

Creative Pokémon Fans!

Gluten and Dairy Free Cooking Class: Cook for Your Whole Family to Enjoy!

Fashion Design: Share and Create

Hamster Lovers Unite!

D&D Dungeons and Dragons Group With Mrs. Jill

Fresh Floral Design: Holiday Wreaths

Fresh Floral Design: Holiday Garland

Wings of Fire Ultimate Fan Group

ABC 123 Come Learn With MS Abby- Singing- Dancing- Fun- Story

Private Reading and Writing Tutoring (Longer Session)

Premium Suzuki Private Violin Lesson Once Weekly

Mouse and the Motorcycle Escape Room

Learning Mandarin Chinese for Beginners Private Class 1:1 Ongoing

Writing Club

Zoology in the News Club | Read, Listen, and Learn About Animals!

Tumbling, Gymnastics, Cheer, Stretching and Flexibility!

Sounding Out and Spelling Sight Words: Part 2

Become an Artist Series: Can I Help Decorate? Acrylic Cat Painting

Let's Write: Writing Essays Flex Course with Teacher Helen

The Book of Three Weekly Novel Study

Italian Level 9 - Intermediate. Winter Term

Calling All Caterpillars: A Very Hungry Caterpillar PreK Activity Session

One-on-One Phonics to Reading Instruction (1x/Week)

ABC Animal Party: ABC Animal Read Aloud, Animal Dance, and Craft

Private Exploration of Music Production

Social Time: Public Speaking, Show & Tell, Community Building (ESL, ELL, & EFL)

Learn How to Draw a Realistic Panda ~ Step by Step With Charcoal Pencils

The Gacha Life and Club for Fans! (Ongoing)

Zentangle and Watercolor Snowman Scene With Mrs. D

Middle School & High School Math 1:1 Tutoring (Ongoing)

Adaptive Assessment for Reading or Math (K- 8th Grades)

Sports Club

AKC Meet the Breeds: The Pug (Ages 8-12)

The Zoology Zone

Letter Detectives: ABCs, Word Families, Reading, and Solving Alphabet Mysteries!

Sea Animals: Let's Learn About Whales, Dolphins, and Jellyfish!

Procreate Art Club & Weekly Drawing Challenge

Spanish Club: Word or Phrase of the Day.

Dimensions Math Singapore 2A - Inclusive

Space Science

Introduction to Microsoft Word

Astronomy Explorers Club

Montessori 1 on 1 Tutoring Classes (Reading,Writing and Math)

Famous Scientific Discoveries and Inventions and the People Who Made Them!

World War II in Depth Analysis and Discussion - Part Two

Crazy Dr. Kathy's Greek and Latin Root Words Used in Medicine I (14-18)

Pre-K & Beyond With Tons of Fun, Music, Art, Games, & More

The Middle School Math Guide to Perfect Squares

The Turkey Who Got Away: A Math and More Escape Room with a Twist

Ms. Hannah's Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten Circle and Full Curriculum

Beginning Bonsai: A Simple Start to an Ancient Art (Ages 14-18)

1:1 Student Future Success Planning for College and Beyond

Private Guided Reading Lessons

Communicate With Respect and Manners

Draw It: Seasonal Gnome

5 Paragraph Persuasive Essay Writing - Third / Fourth / Fifth Grade

Let's Feel, Think, & Live Well Club - For Teens

Weekly English Language Arts Club (Age 9-13)

Axolotl Draw and Watercolor Paint ~ Blow and Splatter Fun

Demon Slayer Character Drawing Camp

Young Writers From Around the World

The Space Lounge

Social Justice and Human Rights Club

Creators Club

The Dragon’s Lair

Chow Time: Cooking and Baking Together

Tik Tok Club

The Gamer Corner

The Runway - Fashion Design Club

Photography Club

Future Leaders

Draw It: Napping Fox

Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics | One-On-One | Weekly Tutoring

Back-To-School Tutorial: One-On-One Learning Recovery (1x/Week for 30 Minutes)

Thanksgiving Special - Create a Fun Turkey Spinning Greeting on Scratch Jr.

One-On-One Tutoring for Reading Success: 6 Lessons

Music Education - Thanksgiving and Fall Rhythms! (Ages 5-8)

10th Grade English and Literature Semester 2

Debate Club: In Pursuit of Dispute

Roblox Gaming Club. Students Choose Games to Be Put in the Wheel Selector!

Let’s Write a Christmas Bedtime Story All About Everything and Everyone You Love

1st and 2nd Grade Reading Club / ESL students Welcome

Writing and Minecraft: How to Describe Your World

Acro and Gymnastics Skills - Private Lesson - Beg/Int

Thanksgiving Special - Create 2 Thanksgiving Games in 2 Days on Scratch 3.0

Intro to Evolution - Advanced Biology Class (FLEX)

Killer Grammar: Multi-Day Course

I Spy Colors, Shapes, Animals: Fun Play Based Learning & Public Speaking : ESL Friendly!

Snowy's Number 6 Fun!

Thankful ABC'S

Club Minecraft: Creative Mode

Phonics, Reading, Writing, and Spelling Tutoring Prek-1st grade

Spotting and Dotting With Count Turkey!

Watercolor Turkey! Draw and Paint a Cute Turkey

ELL English & Beyond With Teacher Kristina RI.

Thanksgiving Special - Make A Turkey in Python

Holiday Season: Writers Workshop

"A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens Book Club in 4 Weeks- with a UK Teacher

Meet the Artist Behind the Art - European Art History (12-15)

Draw With Me: Mythical Creatures for Young Artists

Intro to Art, Four Week Version, Certified Visual Art Teacher

T Is for Turkey: An Alphabet Book

Let's Feel, Think, & Live Well Club

Scattered Brain: A Unique Escape Room Adventure

'Breaking Stalin's Nose' : Historical Fiction Novel Study (Cold War Russia)

1:1 Tutoring: Learn to Love Language Arts!

Periods of Painting: Art History and Appreciation (Middle Grades)

Ongoing Beginner Spanish

1:1 Private Reading Tutoring-Everything English Language Arts

Individualized Elementary Language Arts: Reading, Writing, & Grammar (4x a Week)

1-on-1 Private Russian Language Tutoring (Age 10-18) Weekly

Art: Let’s Paint a Scarecrow in Acrylic!

Poetry Slam

Dork Diaries: An Oh-So-Fabulous Book Club

Masterpiece Builders Challenge Club!

Move-In Phonics With Teacher Cindy

Young Entrepreneurs Networking Group: Crafters and Artists

Christmas Party Fun! Story Time, Song, Winter Movement and Snowman Craft

Nature Lovers Club for Teens

Ongoing Private Piano Lessons: Ages 5-11

Ugly Animal Appreciation Society | (Zoology Club)

Basic Geometry & Measurement

Awesome Adaptations: How Animals Use Their Bodies and Behaviors to Survive

Virtual Piano and Voice Recital

Herpetology: Research & Discuss Reptiles Around the World! (Ages 9-12)

Tap Dance - Private Lessons - Beg/Int/Adv

Elementary Level French! Les Loustics 2 - French for Foreigners A1 Unit 4

Creative Writing Camp - Winter Break Session

Santa Visits Siblings From the North Pole!

Preschool Christmas Party Circle-Time Extravaganza

Private Tutoring--Semester Course--Science or History

Let's Create Holly the Christmas Gift Dragon! Polymer Clay Art Sculpture

Rainforest Adventure: Animals, Exercise, Zoology, and Art Drawing Class

How to Train Your Companion in D&D 5E

Marvel Avengers Escape Room ~ Escape Iron Man's Mansion

Taking Care of Braces

Amazing Aurora Borealis Art with Chalk Pastels!

All About Recycling

Beginner Hip Hop Dance

Beginner Hip Hop

1:1 Private Art Lessons Ongoing

Grammar Tales: Stop and Go, Yes and No - What Is an Antonym?

One-On-One Crochet Lessons: Four Weeks

The Young Shakespeareans: Comedic Acting Camp

Storybook Ballet Dance Class (Ongoing)

Poetry Club: Reading and Analyzing Stories in Verse

Private Piano Lessons - One on One Piano Class

Let's Cook! Easy Thanksgiving Casserole

Rainbow Rooms Minecraft Escape Challenge (Bedrock Edition)

3rd Grade Math Tutoring

1st Grade Math Tutoring

Greek Mythology

Ancient Greece and Rome

School Success! One-To-One Personalized Math Tutoring (5 Day Bundle / 25 Min)

Public Speaking for Teens: Delivering an Effective Speech Confidently (Overview)

Let's Doodle, Sketch and Draw Together!

Developing a Growth Mindset Vs. Fixed Mindset for Teens

2nd Grade Math | Full Curriculum - With Kahoot!

"Hooked" On Crochet: A Crochet Camp

Honors High School Plant Biology 101

Mandarin Chinese Conversation Club - Advanced

Introduction to Mindful Movement

Ongoing Private Piano Lessons: Ages 12-18

Dogs on Duty. Many Amazing Things Dogs Do to Help Their Best Friend the Human!

Middle School Math: 6th Grade - Full Year | With Blooket

Vocabulary Art: Level 5 English/ESL

Vocabulary Art: Level 3 English/ESL

Introduction to French: Level E and Beyond!

Beginners Long Vowels

Let's Write: Articles, Letters, Reviews and Reports Flex Course with Teacher Helen

Let's Write: Writing Essays Flex Course with Teacher Helen

Draw and "Decorate" a Gingerbread House With Me! Easy Christmas/Holiday Sketch

Multi-Day One-On-One Math Tutoring

SAT Math Review

Drawing Animals: Learn to Draw Crazy Cute Animals

The 1:1 Summer Book Club for Aspiring Authors (Story & Character Discussions)

The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

FLEX: 4th Grade Math Unit 3 (Multiplication)

Exploring Our Solar System - Astronomy Fun Facts Flex

Greek Mythology for Beginners: Introduction to the Olympic Gods (Ongoing)

So You Bought a 3D Printer, Now What? Getting the Most From a New 3D Printer

Forensic Psychology (FLEX)

Thanksgiving Drawnig: A Dog and Thanksgiving Dinner

Ancient Roman Winter Holiday Facts & Fun

World War 1 Moments: The Attack of the Dead Men

Classic Horror and Science Fiction: A Literary Genre Study

1:1 Tutoring

Fun Disney Descendants Trivia With Kahoot!

Mandarin Chinese With Games and Music Level 1A Flexible Schedule

Taylor Swift Social Club

One-Time Sunset Art! Step-By-Step Acrylic Painting Easy & Fun (Ages 5-8)

One-Time Cute Cat Art: Acrylic Painting Easy Fun Artwork (Ages 9-13)

Place Value ( Ones, Tens, Hundreds and Thousands)

Amazing Animal Art of Asia! Paint Chinese Style Cats With Watercolor Paint

Weekly Fun Animal Trivia With Kahoot!

Italian Level 6 - Intermediate 1. Winter Term

Sight Words Wizards Continues

Thanksgiving Draw & Learn: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Studying for Your Math Test

Part 1: Beginner’s Japanese: Speak & Write! Kanji, Hiragana, Grammar: Go Nihongo

Beginning Ballet II

Ninjago Ninja's Brick Builder's Bingo Time!

Winter Wonderland Dance Along With Pop-Up Class!

Holiday Writing Club: "Dear Santa" Writing for Early Learners

Italian Level 4. Winter Term

Homework Help and Test Prep ~ Ongoing Private Math Tutoring for 2nd-6th Graders

How to Draw: Cute Thanksgiving Animals + Food (Fall, Autumn, Season, Holiday)

A Is for Angel (Drawing Letter A)

Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts: Handprint and Footprint Turkey

Mental Math Magicians Kahoots

All Things Makeup and Beauty!

Multiply the Fun With Kahoots

FLEX Drawing Christmas Mario Bros Characters

Rapid Reading Growth for Advanced Readers Level III

Critical Thinking: An Introduction to Logical Arguments (One-Time, 13-18 Teen)

Makeup 101: Private Lesson

Let's Talk About the Marvel Multiverse: "What If...?" Discussion Summer Camp

Woman in Astronomy: Henrietta Swan Leavitt

Cards by Kids: Thank You, Birthday, Get Well Soon - (Ages 6-10) Social Art Class

Learn Japanese Through Anime: Level 1 Part 2

1:1 Tutoring: Write Better Essays

Acrylic Paint Landscapes: Drawing, Painting, and Socialization

Read & Rhyme Story Time: Ten Apples up on Top by Dr. Seuss

Art Meets Science: The Yellow Seahorses Drawing (Monet & Seahorses)

Mandarin Chinese Circle Time - Beginner

Growing Readers

Investigating Geometry Part 2 (Of 5)

Circle Time With Ms Tiffany (Blast off Into Kindergarten Math Summer Camp)

"Oil Pastel Pumpkin" with Mrs. D

Grade 12- The Fall Application Process

Individual Tutoring

Chess Course for Advanced Beginners

World War II History: Famous Snipers of World War Two (WW2)

World History: World War I

Making a Watermelon (Ripped Paper)

Nana-Bee's Chess for Beginners Ages 7-12

Animals and Where They Live, in French!

Vocabulary Art: Level 4 English/ESL

English Language Practice and Fun

Beginners Short Vowels

Algebra Review! - Ongoing Online Class

Live Action Disney Movie Trivia With Kahoot!

1:1 Reading Comprehension & Rote Reading Class| Oxford Educated

Look Who's Talking: ESL Advanced Free Talk Class

Draw a 3-D Gingerbread House with Candy: A Creative Holiday Artwork With Ms. Amy

How to Draw: Cute Safari Jungle Animals (Cartoon, Manga, Anime, Kawaii, Sketch)

How to Draw: Cute Arctic Winter Snow Animals (Cartoon, Manga, Anime, Kawaii)

Egg Laying Mammals: Platypuses and Echidnas

The Art of Baking Club for Intermediate Bakers

The 1:1 Book Club for Creative Writers: Jane Eyre

The Top 10 Oldest Civilizations

The 7 Wonders of the World (Ancient, Modern & Beyond)

U.S. Government: Part 2 (Middle School)

U.S. Government: Part 2 (High School)

*FLEX* Igniting Creativity! Painting Acrylic Seascapes (14-18 Years Old)

Acting & Improv Club for Beginners (Ages 12-16) - Public Speaking Course - ESL Friendly

Winter Karate Camp for Beginners with Belt Promotion

Let's Learn English! A small group ESL class for beginners

Step into imaginative Princess Stories with Crafts, with the Story Fairy (FLEX)

Great Personalities: Mary Shelley Flex

Conversational English for ESL Learners (English as a Second Language) ages 6-9

Book Club: "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon" by Grace Lin

101: How to Write a Song on Any Instrument!

Reading Comprehension Book Club Ongoing

Prehistoric Dinosaur Adventure: Learn About Five Strange Dinosaurs

Kindergarten Sight Word Camp(Multi Sensory Learning)

Let’s Bake a Thanksgiving Dessert: Pumpkin Bars or Pumpkin Cupcakes Two in One

Groovy Kids Club: Holiday Jazz & Pop Dance Camp

Draw Summer Flowers and Learn Pointalism & Stippling Art Skills (Summer Coupon)

Let's Play Minecraft: Manhunt (The Hottest New Trend)

Get Ready to Film! – an Introduction to Movie Making at Home

Fossil Fuels: Understanding Non-Renewable Resources

100 Latin and Greek Root Words in 5 Days

Extensive One-on-One Tutoring: Let's Learn Basic Skills and Core Concepts

Groovy Kids Club: Holiday Hula to the Song "Hawaiian Santa"

Let’s Make Chocolate Christmas Ornament to Decorate Cupcakes Ages 9-14

Music Theory Level 1

Turk and Runt: A Thanksgiving Comedy

Sugar Plum Fairies, Leaping Latkes & More: Let's Make up Our Own Holiday Dances

Dear Santa: Let's Write a Christmas Letter! (10-14)

Help the Turkey Escape! a Course on Sequence Writing

ESL Conversation Class

Amazing Animals and Pets: Ferrets! -LIVE Mammal/Weasels

Let's Draw Cute Mermaid Cats! Kawaii Mercats in Different Poses

I Can Draw...Directed Drawings for Young Artist.

Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt: Powerful Women (Teens)

Roblox Studio Coding Club-Lua Coding Club (Ongoing)

Giving Thanks: Let's Write a Thank-You Note! (10-14)

Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt: Royalty Edition (Teens)

Ballet - Private Dance Lessons - Beg/Int/Adv

Let's Learn Geography: Physical Geography With Teacher Helen

Santa Party- With Miss Libby, 32 -year Veteran Teacher

Christmas Drawing (Age 5-10, FLEX)

From Multiplication to Division: Introduction to Fact Families

Private 1-On-1 Algebra I Ongoing Tutoring

Drawing Study: Dragon Claws

Fun With Guitar

Ongoing Math Tutoring 1-3rd Grade

Preschool Tutoring Ongoing

Mathlete Geniuses: Long Division Using the Box Method

Fortnite Frenzy Social and Gaming Club

Blue Truck Christmas Fun!

Typing - Keyboarding-Improve Your Typing (Ongoing) 2X Weekly for Ages 7-12

Pyrography (Class 1)- "Writing With Fire"- Let's Woodburn!

Learn Architecture & Art Draw Building Mazing University Art

Young Video Game Designer – an Introduction to Game Design and Concept Art

All About Llamas. The Animal That Spits When Mad but Is a Great Pet to Have.

The Proboscis Monkey. The Primate That "Nose" How to Be Adorable!

Let's Study: Note-taking, Revising, Time Management and Research Skills with Teacher Helen

Let's Craft It! An American Girl Doll Night Before Christmas Party FLEX Course

Build Confidence & Study English, Math, S.S., Science ~ ONGOING Review CAMP

Football Talk - Let's Chat About Football and All Things NFL (Teens)

Personal Magic Classes - One-On-One With a Pro Performer and Mentor

Bindi Irwin. The Fascinating Life and Legacy of the Crocodile Hunter's Daughter

"Exercise Routine Adventure: Thanks 2 The Palgrims"

Basics of Finance

Let’s Stretch a Sentence. Add Descriptive Language & Build Your Writing Skills

Ongoing Club: Let’s Bake Cook and Decorate Sweets Desserts

2nd Grade Math Full Curriculum

1-1 Singapore Math Methods (30 minute Sessions - Ongoing)

*FLEX* Igniting Creativity! Air-Dry Clay Creation (13-18 Years Old)

Floor Gymnastics for Dancers & Gymnasts Strength (1 of 4) Acroarts Primary

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