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New Classes on Outschool 2021-10-24

There are 602 new classes on Outschool the week of October 24, 2021 to October 30, 2021.

Steve Irwin. The Fascinating Life of a Crocodile Hunter and Animal Enthusiast!

F 86 Sabre the MiG Killer

Wacky Science and Hands-On Learning Experiments STEM 1x Weekly

How to Draw for Young Learners!

Write About Science | Darwin's Letter Home

Synonyms and Antonyms

English as a Second Language - ESL Private Tutoring

Draw Halloween Candy by Draw So Cute

Exploring Birds With Burgess

Fortnite Gaming Skills & Social Ongoing Club | Xbox, PC, Switch, Play Station

There’s a Ghost in the House! Storytime and Ghostly Fun With Teacher Dianne

Draw a Pair of Winter Gnome Friends

What Makes me Special? ( Story time)

Abstract Watercolors for All Levels

Let's Read Write Now! (Mini Session) 1:1 Tailored Tutoring in Reading or Writing

Zentangle Art Class: Learn to Draw Industrial Steampunk Gears, Rivets, & Wires

Marine Biology! Learn Cool Creatures & What a Marine Biologist Does. FLEX

Montessori Math Time: Repeated Addition/Multiplication With Stamp Game

America's State of the Union Address: A Historical Perspective

Singapore Dimensions Math 5B (Weeks 9-16)

Write With Me: Write an Engaging Personal Essay

Festive Donut Turkeys!

Dungeons and Dragons: Critical Creatures - Any Fin is Possible!

Singapore Dimensions Math 5B (Weeks 1-8)

Reading Comprehension Finding Text Evidence

1:1 Personalized Ongoing Reading Tutoring or Enrichment for Grades 3-6 (45 Minute Session)

Princess Ballet

Building Social Skills: Playing with our Pets!

Think “FUN With Friends” Developing Addition and Subtraction Fact Fluency!

Let’s Draw a T. Rex!

A History of Women in Astronomy

English as a Second Language (ESL) 1:1 — On-Going Private Tutoring (25 Minutes)

Pop! Let's Learn About Bubble Gum (Ages 5-7)

Dungeons and Dragons: Tales From the Yawning Portal (Ages 11-13)

Singapore Dimensions Math 6B (Weeks 9-16)

Draw a Cute Panda

*FLEX* Igniting Creativity! Painting Acrylic Seascapes (10-14 Years Old)

Let's Have Fun With Phonics: Games for Reading (Beginners)

Guitar Class

Amazing World Records: Learn About World Records Held by People and Animals!

Boomerang Craft Class

English Grammar 101

Social Digital Art Club-Procreate

Santa's Animal Christmas Party: (Biology / Zoology of Winter Animals)

Area and Perimeter Made Easy!

Mermaid Watercolor Drawings

Class Guitar for Beginners, Level 11, Ages 8-13

Communication and Social Skills: Share Feelings & Learn How to Apologize

Business of Black Friday: Then and Now (11-14 Year Old Learners)

Business of Black Friday: Then and Now (15-18 Year Old Learners)

Draw a Toothless Dragon by Draw So Cute

Que Pasa Beginner Spanish Part 2 & 3

Let's Learn About the Human Body - All About Me and My Five Senses

"A Perfectly Perfect Christmas" (Story time)

Grammar Tales: Dear Deer! A Lesson on Homophones

Chinese Pinyin Lesson Level 2 for Beginning-Intermediate Learner

Public Speaking Social Skills for Tween Speakers (Ages 8-12) - Ongoing

Among Us Club

Journal Writing: The Diary of an Amazing Kid!

Drawing Club! Exotic Animals and Fun Facts

C’est Noël: A French Class About Christmas Time!

Transformers, Rescue Robots, & Beyond | Facts, Craft, Show & Tell & TONS of Toys

Singapore Dimensions Math 6B (Weeks 1-8)

Singapore Dimensions Math 7B (Weeks 9-16)

Chocolate Pilgrim Hat Snack!

The Life of Jackie Robinson (Baseball Player)

Art: Winter Watercolors

Beautiful and Edible Christmas Trees!

C’est L’automne: A French Class About Fall!

Mini Maestro: Flute Private Lessons Ongoing

Intermediate Level: Cursive Writing

Wacky, Weird, and Wild Nature Class Ongoing Club

Flex Class Jr Conservationist: Animals Around the World

African History 5 of 8 - Slave Trades That Shaped Africa (Ages 10-15)

Morning Feels Journaling-Thinking With African Proverbs and Prompts (Ages 9-14)

Animal Crossing Directed Drawing Ongoing Art Class

Art: Winter Wonders

German Beginners: Winter in Kindergarten

Bitcoin- Cryptocurrency & NFT's with 100K Virtual Cash to Invest- Ages 14-18 FLEX

Emotional Regulation, Working Through Anger (for Little Learners) 2-Day Course

Super Ultimate Christmas Movie Trivia Kahoot for Teens

Emotional Regulation, Working Through Anger, 2-Day Course

Cookie Shop Giant Cookies: Create Your Own Cookie Business (Flex Schedule)

Little Learner Tutoring (Bulk Sessions Twice a Week)

Singapore Dimensions Math 7B (Weeks 1-8)

Book Club: Hoot

7th Grade Math Course with a Licensed Teacher (2x/week)

Theatre Acting Skills: Fun Improv Semester!

Christmas/Winter Literacy and Math Activities for K-2

Advanced Writing (Academic Semester Course - 18 Weeks)

Superhero Phonics Fun - Let's Learn Letter Sounds With Heroes!

Mathletes 5th Grade Full Curriculum With a Licensed Teacher: 3X Week (Ongoing)

The Ultimate Christmas Movie Trivia Kahoot

Weekly Marvel Trivia With Kahoot!

Read and Tell: Weekly Book Club

|Princess Social Hour| Storytime, Color, Games, and Singing Club

Let's Learn English! 1:1 Tutoring Sessions

More London History: Discover Paddington Bear

Story Time - A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!

Exploring America: National Parks Non-Fiction Research & Drawing (FLEX)

Flexible Sewing Advanced Intermediate: Josephine Dress for Girls

Sing With Me!: Fun Singing Class for Children(Flex)

Creative Sketchbook Drawing: Expand Your Skill Set and Personal Ideas - FLEX

Groovy Kids Club: Brazilian Capoeira Fundamentals Flex Class

Famous Artist Hokusai

6th Grade Math Course with a Licensed Teacher (2x/Week)

Acrylic Painting Art Party: Magical Moonlight Night Wishes

Christmas Around the World, Learn About Holiday Traditions in Other Countries

Funny Fitness Flex: Cardio

The History of the Traditions of Christmas and New Year in the British Isles

Farm-tastic Story Time & Sharing

Let's Learn English. A Super Fun ESL Class, We'll Sing, Chat and Learn Together.

Growth Mindset (FLEX)

Smart Drawing and Tools for Young Artists

Phonics Foundations: Short Vowel Rules (floss, ck, tch)

Individual Writing Tutoring

Art & Math: Reveal the Image- Pumpkin, One-Time

Little Creators STEAM Club: Collaborate and Create in Mrs. Sarah's Preschool Club!

Social & Self Awareness Is Difficult. Let's Read Social Cues, Build Confidence!

Draw Birds Now! Sessions With Art Teacher Miles

Narrative Writing Workshop: Creative Writing for Middle School

Watercolor Night Birch Trees: One-Time Easy Watercolor Fun!

Harry Potter Book Club: Discussions, crafts, House Challenges for Potterheads!

Art: Let’s Draw Cute Dogs!

Discover the Mystery Behind Jelly Beans

Ongoing Fun in 4th Grade Math (2x a week)

Hyenas Alive! All About the Hyena With Drawing Activity

Animal Drawing and Fun Dancing!

Kickboxing Basics for Tweens and Teens: An Intensive One-Time Class

Flex Class Conservationist in Training: Animals Around the World

Private 1:1 European Portuguese (1 X/ Week)- Tutoring by Native Speaker

Pokémon Election Day: Gotta Elect 'Em All

Ancient Mysteries Escape Room: Win Pharaoh's Treasure

MissUnderstood: The True Stories of Women in History

Basic Astronomy (FLEX)

Intermediate to Advanced One Hour Piano Lessons

Winter Words, French!

Story Time - A Charlie Brown Christmas!

Singing: Vocal Lessons/Coaching

4-Week Drawing With Watercolor Pencils: Lantern, Arctic Fox, Iceberg, Snowy Owl

Unleash the Magic: Discovering and Exploring the Writer Within

Bedtime Stories With Miss Amy & Her Dog Named Dash

Christmas Around the World With Mrs. Whitney: Let's Travel and Learn

Mind Mapping Your Homework

Feel the Rhythm, Hear the Sounds, Tap a Song With Rhythm Sticks

1:1 Reading and Writing Tutor.

Home Alone: Verbs With Kevin

Robotics With Micro:bit - Part 2 - Intro to Yahboom Sensor Robot Kit

Pokemon Drawing Club

Multiplication in a Month!: Learn Times Tables Through Rhythm

Private 1 on 1 Math Tutoring | Practice Success in Math! | On-going

Ballet/Hip Hop Dance for Mini Movers

All the Moves: Ballet/Jazz Dance Combo Class for Mini Movers

Ongoing Creative Writing: The Writing Process

Personalized One-On-One Tutoring

Barclays: Lesson 6 Money Adventure Map

8th Grade Math Unit 4 (Roots, Scientific Notation, and Geometry)

1:1 Ongoing Private Math Tutoring for Beginning Multiplication Ages 7 To 9

French Immersion Beginner II: Vocabulary (8-10)

Ongoing Reading and Writing Workshop (10-12 Year-Olds)

1st First Grade Math - Full Curriculum 2x Weekly

Monsters in Greek Mythology

Proportions of the Face

Fall Back Into Math: Autumn Math Puzzlers to Tease the Brain (Ages 5-8)

A Book Club to Encourage Emergent Readers to D.I.V.E. into Reading

French Immersion Beginner II: Letters and Numbers

Let's Make Festive Horse Treats (Flex)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Tween Book Club: Read a Book a Week and Journal Along!

Beginner Korean 3 - Learn to Use Numbers and Units in Korean!

IREAD 3 Bootcamp

Ukulele Weekly One-On-One Lessons (Beginner - Advanced)

Beginners Ukulele: Chords and Rhythm

Italian Level 2. Winter Term

Italian Level 1. Winter Semester

Giant Colossal Squid. a Squid so Big the Sperm Whale Can't Resist Eating Him!

French Immersion Beginner II: Show and Tell

Polymer Clay Art Sculpting: Rainbow Pride Dragons: Choose Your Colors!

Foundations of Personal Finance for High School Students by Dave Ramsey (Flex)

1:1 Tutoring - Test Taking, Study Skills, Organization, Note Taking

Winter Arts and Crafts

Private Tutoring Session | One Time Help

Igniting Creativity! Draw a Painting - Festive Fall Tablescape (6-10 Years Old)

Middle School English: A Second Full Semester for 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders

Realistic Spider Drawing/Pencil Shading and Sketching/Fall/Art

Games and Social Club: Building a Shared Community in Survival Minecraft

Divination for Wizard Students

How to Draw: Festive Kawaii Christmas Cats

Expecto Patronum! Harry Potter Magical Weekly Book Club & Reading Discussion Group

Conquering Algebra 2 Full Year Curriculum - Quarter 3

Draw Toothless From How to Train Your Dragon -Beginner / Intermediate

Reading Comprehension Strategies - Non-Fiction for Third Grade Readers

Private 1-On-1 Junior and High School Math Tutoring and Homework Help

Halloween Candy Phonics 101

International Organizations: How the International Community Works

Homework Classwork Test Prep Help K-3 Private 1:1 W/ Certified Teacher

Valentine's Day Writing Activity, in French!

Valentine's Colors, in French!

The James Webb Space Telescope

Piano Level 1, Private Lessons

Kindergarten Math Skills (Full School Year-Ongoing)

Holiday Pumpkins - Sculpt Marbled Pumpkins With Polymer Clay

French Immersion Beginner: Reading

Homeschool Reading- Learn to Love Reading: Remedial Class for 2nd & 3rd Graders

Speaking With Confidence: Unicorn Themed Public Speaking - Open to All Learners

Early Elementary Writing: Creative Writing

Pre-K and Kindergarten: Magic Closet 5/Wk Full Curriculum Circle Time & Drawing

Beginner Korean 2 - Let's Study Basic Conversation in Korean!

Biweekly Math Learning - K to 7

Halloween Preschool Circle Time Fun

Action Literature! Treasure Island: D&D Immersion Experience

Cute Mermaid by Draw So Cute

Reader's Theater: Winter Tales

Disney Drawing Club! (Learn to Draw and Color Encanto Characters and Others!)

Snowy's Letter Ee Fun!

Spar Lit Jr. 5: Understanding Blue Balliett's "Chasing Vermeer" Through Debate

Time Travel Escape Room!

Sewing Intermediate: 18 Inch Doll Dress like Felicity Historical - 1770 Gown

The Nuts and Bolts of 6Th Grade Math

Cute Animal Drawing Class (Part2 Safari Animals - Flex Class)

1:1 Ongoing Private Math Tutoring for Ages 4 To 6

* WINGS OF FIRE DRAGONS Drawing Group 2 - Cricket, Blue, Queen Oasis, Clearsight

Watercolor Lab-Colorful Design Exploration With Masking Tape Resist Technique

Summer Series - Social Time for Tween Homeschoolers! ( 3X Week)

Vikings and Valkyries: a V&V Immersion Experience (D&D 5e)

Reading, Comprehension, and Writing: Social Book Study

The Awesome Friend's Club: Socialize and Build Friendship Skills (6-8 Year-Olds)

A Way With Words: Weekly Vocabulary Building for Middle School

Introduction to French: Level 4 Beginner's French

Whatever After Book Club - Book 3

Greek Mythology: Heroes (Teens)

Wheel Spin Roblox Games

Greek Mythology: Heroes

Greek Mythology: The Olympians (Teens)

Greek Mythology: The Olympians

Individual Tutoring - Reading and Writing Tuition. Trial Lesson

Dragon Masters Book Club - Book 13

Let's Learn Using Play Clay

45 Minute Private Tutoring for English and Essay Writing Course!

30 Minute Private Tutoring for English and Essay Writing!

ELA & Reading for Primary Grades 1 & 2 Semester 2

I Love Me! : A Confidence Group (Ages 5-10)

1:1 - Resiliency & Inner Strength: Ages 9 - 18

Real World Long Division

French Immersion Beginner: Storytime

Adulting With Me: Understanding Auto Insurance

Stop Motion Animation for Beginners 2-Day

A Book Club for Writers: Dare to Write

The Awesome Friend's Club: Socialize and Build Friendship Skills (4-5 year-olds)

Success in Learning for Reading: One and One Tutoring

Pop It, Squish It, Learn It- Vowel I

Words and What to Do With Them: From Vocabulary to Essays

Pop It, Squish It, Learn It- Vowel E

Element Scavenger Hunt - Minecraft Education

Sentence Expansion for Early Elementary (1st Grade, 2nd Grade)

Games With Your Dog: Group Class

Cars Subtraction Word Problems on Kahoot

Real Zombies of Nature!

Let's Talk About... for Beginners

Mathletes 7th Grade Full Curriculum With a Licensed Teacher: 3X Week (Ongoing)

Mathletes 7th Grade Full Curriculum With a Licensed Teacher: 2X Week (Ongoing)

Dinosaurs- An Introduction

Let's Play Together - Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Nuzlocke!

Fun Star Wars Trivia With Kahoot!

1-on-1 Montessori Tutor

The Amazing Genshin Impact Drawing and Social Club!

The Amazing Axolotl Drawing & Social Club!

One on One Tutoring for English, Reading and ESL

Drawing the Exciting Las Vegas Skyline With Pencils

Happy Fall! Painting Pumpkins

Financial Literacy -Minecraft Fintropolis -Minecraft Education with Mrs. Adamson

The Middle School Math Guide to Experimental Probability

Private Weekly English Class for Young ESL Learners!

Advance Martial Arts - Is Time to Use All We Have Learned!

Laundry: A How-To Class 8-11

Funny, Silly, Whacky Stories

Writing: Writing a Book Report /Review on Non Fiction

Exciting Marvel Trivia With Kahoot!

Introduction to Programming With Minecraft (One-On-One)

European Portuguese 201 - Semester Class

The Credit System and Credit Cards: A Deep Dive for Teens (Ages 13-18)

Weekly Pre-School Arts and Craft Fun!

One-On-One Private Ballet Lessons (3-8 Year Olds)

Thanksgiving Bingo! Fun Practice With CVC Words

Guided Reading and Writing Interactive Lessons With Veteran Primary Teacher (Ongoing)

Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving

All About Goats - Let's Learn About Farm Animals

Beginner Korean 1 - Learn to Introduce Yourself and Present Tense!

Social Club For Your Young Learner: An On-Going Show And Tell Class

Spelling Bee for Buzzing Bees!

(Circletime With Ms Tiffany)Kindergarten Readiness: Full Curriculum 5x a Week

Dungeons and Dragons 107: The Rusty Nail Inn, an Improv Skills Adventure

Christmas Critters! Draw & Write Holiday Cards With Winter Animals

(Flex Class) Divination for Wizard Students

Pop It, Squish It, Learn It- Vowel A

ACT Math Prep - 4 Week Bootcamp (FLEX)

Practice Beginner Conversation in Korean With a Native Korean Teacher! - Ongoing

Pre Algebra & Beginning Algebra: A Painless Way to Learn the Basics

Warhammer Fantasy RPG: Role-Play in a Grim and Perilous World

Song and Story Time With Mrs. D

D&D 5e Mass Combat - Battle of Marathon 490 B.C.E.

Pre-Algebra Prep Boot Camp Part 1 (4-day)

School Skills: Plan, Take Notes, and Study Like a Pro!

School Skills: Plan, Take Notes, and Study Like a Pro! High School Edition

School Skills: Plan, Take Notes, and Study Like a Pro! Junior High Edition

1:1 Spanish Tutoring Helps You Go From "No Way" to "¡Olé!". Let's Learn Spanish!

Etiquette Is Easy - Learning and Using Good Manners

Maths for Age 8-9 and Support for Age 10. British Key Stage 2 Curriculum.

Math Tutoring With Mrs. Boham - 30 minute session - One Time

Black History Month: The Harlem Renaissance

Learn About Africa: Flags & Names in Spanish!

Social Studies: Elementary School Geography

Science With Snowy - All About Bears

Snowy's Number 5 Fun!

Intermediate French

English Tutor

Introduction to Poetry #3: Hate That Cat - A Book/Writer's Club -Semester Course

Weekly French Conversation for Intermediate Level

Pen and Ink Architectural Drawing

Scavenger Hunt Show & Tell With an Archaeologist.

Relaxing With "How to Train Your Dragon!" Making Mindfulness Fun in a Book Club

Sibling Art Lessons

Overcoming Anxiety

* WINGS OF FIRE DRAGONS Drawing Group 1 - Winter, Clay, Glory, Tsunami

Engaged Minds Jr: Kindness Club! Let's share and inspire each other!

Fall Themed Math Junior Escape Room (Preschool)

Summer Camp: Careers in Forensic Science

Christmas Season: Learn How to Draw a Snowman

Art Café - Sip and Draw (Ongoing)

Engaged Minds Jr: Enjoy Children's Stories I Wrote + Discussion Time!

Draw & Learn French Verbs one 25 minute weekly lesson: Être + Verb in Past Tense

Queen of the Falls: 2 Day Reading Comprehension and Character Analysis Camp

Coding With the Foos Club: Create Your Own Game, or Story

ASL for Advanced - Part 7

All About Fall - Beginner ASL

In the Kitchen With Kaitlyn - Homemade Pumpkin Pie

The Wonders of Astronomy

A Linguistic Journey Through Poland - Learn Polish (Lessons 6-9) Flex Class

"The Story of Jane Goodall" Book Club with Teacher Kim

Superfractions: Master Fractions Once and for All! ( Twice per Week)

Roblox Kaiju Universe! Talk Kaiju, G-Cells, Updates, More! Age7-9/No Game-Play

Let's Practice Math!

Tutoring: Math Tutoring

Private Tutor for Reading/Writing, Taught by 30-Year Veteran Teacher -Once/Week

DESIGN: Procreate Creators Club!

BedWars Gaming Roblox Club

Chess: Level Zero

Robotics with Micro:bit Part 1- Build Awesome Stuff!

Parasitology 202: Research & Discuss Parasites Around the World! (12-17)

How to Write a Basic Paragraph

Halloween Arts & Crafts! Arts, Crafts, and Freeze Dance with Miss. Jen

Fun Holiday Science Experiments!

Sight Words Wizards

Cut and Paste Collage Social Club (Group 1 Ages 9-12)

Cut and Paste Collage Social Club (Group 2 Ages 13-18)

PreK & Kindergarten Circle Time Mania Camp (4-Day Edition/English)

Fall Back Into Math: Challenging Autumn Puzzlers to Tease the Brain (Age 9-11)

All About Christmas in ASL - Beginners for 5-10 year olds

Weekly Creative Writing Time for Middle School Learners

Let's Learn English for Speakers of Other Languages - Beginners

Private Tutoring for Creative Writing Stories and Scripts

All About Aquatic Eels From Around the World. Slither Into a Seat and Join Us!

Piano Level 1 Intro Class (Ages 5-6)

Hand Lettering + Drawing Class: Good Morning Modern Calligraphy Wall Art Class

Halloween - Beginner ASL

Ballet Dance Class - Beginner Ballet - Just Keep Swimming

The Taste of the Caribbean Cooking

Sewing Advanced Intermediate: 18 Inch Doll Dress & Matching Girl's Dress

Make Math Fun: First Grade for Talented and Gifted Learners (TAG)

Let's Draw Cute Food Cats! Cartoon Food and Cat Mash Ups Kawaii Style

Long Division Boot Camp

A Not So Spooky Halloween Read Aloud

One-On-One 15 Minute Make-Up Class for Missed Work- Let's Go Nihongo!

Christmas Frozen Ballet Class: A Holiday Dance Class

Fun Frozen Triva With Kahoot!

The Ghost Shark. A Spooky Cool Shark That Glows Even When It Is Not Halloween!

Frill Shark. Catch a Thrill Learning About the Frill Shark Who Is Not Extinct!

Daily Fix It: Let’s be Editors and Correct Sentences Together!

1-Week Camp: Introduction to Film & TV Acting

Private Voice Singing Lessons. One on One. Learn to Sing! Music Techniques. 1:1

Private Drawings Lessons: Realistic Human Drawing

Talk Time: Girl's Social Chat Club (Ages 7-10)

Talk Time: Girl's Social Chat Club (Ages 4-7)

Writing a Christmas Card, in French!

Parts of the (Gingerbread) House-Christmas Themed French Class

Parts of the (Gingerbread) Body-Christmas Themed French Class

Unicorn Lovers Fashion Sketch Art Class

History of Germany: A Story of National Identity FLEX

Create a Kaiju! Clay, Build, Craft, Play the Kaiju Way! One-Time/Art, Social

Forensic Science: Advanced Investigative Techniques High School Course

Building Grammar, Revision, Punctuation and Editing Skills! 1 time per 8 weeks

Winter Junior Preschool Math Escape Room

Algebra 2: Quarter 3

In the Kitchen With Kaitlyn - Baking and Decorating Cookies for Santa (or You)

In the Kitchen With Kaitlyn - Christmas Cookies for Santa (or Yourself!)

Jazz and Hip Hop Dance - 12 Week Beginner Dance Class

ELA Private Tutoring - 45 min - Scheduled by Request

Private One-on-one Ukulele or Acoustic Guitar Camp Lessons (All Ages 7-16) Spring and Summer Break

Celebrate Theory: The Royal Conservatory Music Theory Level 3 - Flex (Ages 8-12)

All About the Sea Lion. I Am Not Lion When I Say "This Class Is Fun"

Wood Eating Termites. We "Wood" Love to Have You Join Us in Class!

Draw a Cute Kitten by Draw So Cute

Creative Writing for Serious Young Authors

Learn Bow and Arrow Shooting Techniques in This Fun Archery Class for Beginners

Spanish Private Class for Kids, Preteens and Teens, All Levels.

Math Algebra 1 One-On-One Tutoring With Certified Teacher

1:1 Arabic Classes ( a Set of 6 Classes )

(Ongoing) Escape Room Vet Files: One Animal Medical Condition at a Time (9-13YO)

Book Study: I Have Lived a Thousand Years, Growing Up in the Holocaust

Aluminum Foil Sculpting - Giacometti Inspired Art Class

Christmas French Vocabulary Class! ( World Languages )

Your Introduction to: Pencil Drawing

Let's Start Learning English 1-On-1: Beginners ESL Learning

Gymnastics Team: Learner Directed Practice, Private Lesson and Performance!

Comparing Animal Body Systems | Six System Sprint

Leonardo Di Vinci : Renaissance Man

Christmas Math Talks: Problem Solving Challenge (Ages 6-8)

English Galore! Fun English Classes for Ages 6-9 (2X a Week Class)

Madlib Fun for All

Celebrate Theory: The Royal Conservatory Music Theory Level 7 - Flex (Ages 12-16)

Celebrate Theory: The Royal Conservatory Music Theory Level 6 - Flex (Ages 11-15)

Celebrate Theory: The Royal Conservatory Music Theory Level 5 - Flex (Ages 10-14)

Celebrate Theory: The Royal Conservatory Music Theory Level 4 - Flex (Ages 9-13)

Celebrate Theory: The Royal Conservatory Music Theory Level 1 - Flex (Ages 7-11)

Celebrate Theory: The Royal Conservatory Music Theory Level 2 - Flex (Ages 8-12)

Celebrate Theory: The Royal Conservatory Music Theory Level 8 - Flex (Ages 13-17)

My Hero Academia Manga Weekly Chapter Readings

Z A Discussion Book Club for Harry Potter Fans! (Book 1)

Waldorf Middle School English: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Poetry Exploration

FLEX World Geography for the Curious: Part 2

D&D High Magic w/ Jingleheimer

Learn Coding With Fun- PART 1 (Algorithm and Sequencing).

One-On-One Music Lessons (Ukulele/Guitar/Piano)

Understanding the Life and Legacy of John Lewis

Simple Science Experiments: Climbing Ink

Spanish for Kiddos: 1:1 Clase Privada (Private Class)

Train My Brain: From "I Forget" to "I Remember"

Simple Science Experiments: Catch the Birdie

Private Tutoring with DeAnn: Language Arts - Ongoing 45-Minute Class

Simple Science Experiments: Stable Structures

Private Tutoring with DeAnn: Learn & Review Math Concepts - Ongoing 30 min Class

4th Grade Math Spiral Review Summer Camp

Flexible Elementary Spanish

Staying Organized: How to Plan, Organize, and Use Your Time Wisely Flex

Complete 2nd Grade Language Arts and Math Curriculum: Semester 1

1 on 1 High School Chemistry Tutoring: Package of 4 (55 Minutes Each Session)

Preschool Princess Party with Teacher Kylie

One-On-One Origami; Let's Make Party Dresses!

Reading Digraphs and Blends With Cake and Ice Cream

Music & Language Level Consultation - (Ages 7-11)

Halloween Math Party

Learn French With a Native French Speaker -Twin Special

Let's Start Reading Fairy Tales

1 on 1 High School Chemistry Tutoring: Package of 4 (30 Minutes Each Session)

"Spooky" Drawing Class - Lettering and Kawaii Art With Friends (Ages 7-11)

Introduction to Japanese Baseball: Yomiuri Giants

Story Time - A Charlie Brown Halloween!

Baseball in Japan: An Introduction to Teams, Cities and Stars of Japan Baseball!

Story Time - Winter Is Coming!

Weekly Division Practice With Kahoot!

PlayKids Rhythm and Rhyme Introductory Class

Step by Step Art Creations: Pokémon 5!

Fun Twice a Week-1:1 ESL/ELA Tutoring (Reading, Phonics, Writing) for Ages 7-12

Dino Mighty Math Mania (Numbers 1-10)

Ballet Workshop-Intermediate Part 2

Individualized Private 1-1 Tutoring English Grammar Reading Spelling Phonics K-6

Christmas Songs for Violin and Viola

Axolotl Mobs and More! Minecraft Social and Share

Intermediate Spanish Immersion - Weekly Ongoing for Ages 10+

Learn to Play Ukulele, the Fun Way! - (Part 1)

Understanding Nutrition Labels (Teens)

All Thirteen: Incredible Cave Rescue of the Thai Boys' Soccer Team - Book Study

The Periodic Table of the Elements

Let's Create Gingy the Gingerbread Dragon! Polymer Clay Sculpture: Winter

Zentangle Art Class: Learn to Draw Abstract Gem & Treasure Inspired Patterns

Understanding Horse Body Language: Diving Deeper (11-13 Yrs)

Understanding Horse Body Language: Diving Deeper (7-10 Yrs)

Draw Like a Mathematician: Grade 5 Word Problems

Building With Bricks Creations Game

Draw Like a Mathematician: Grade 4 Word Problems

Draw Like a Mathematician: Grade 3 Word Problems

Christmas Game and Dance Party: Let's Celebrate With Movement!

Life Science for Grades 1 & 2 | Ecosystems, Animal Classification, & More | (A)

Elementary Piano Level 1B

Valentine’s Day Craft - Make Easy Gift Boxes for your Valentines

Weekly Descriptive Writing Skill Warm-Ups for 3-5 Grade

Visual Biology: Draw Your Way Through the Study of Life

Kinder/1st Grade Dinosaur Math Stomp

Draw a Trick or Treat Bag by Draw So Cute

Math for Kindergarten/1st Grade {Add & Subtract With Numbers 1-10}

Let's Draw Kawaii Axolotls!

Kindergarten Trivia Games: One, Two, Three, GO!

Group Piano Class Level 1a for Ages 5-7

Private Piano Lessons - Learn Popular Songs

Horse Breeds Throughout the Year (11-13)

Private English Tutoring, ESL, EFL, ELL, and Homework Help

Learn With Ms. Price: Learn to Write Interesting, Descriptive Sentences! Creative Writing Club Level 1 {LIVE GROUP CLASS}

1:1 ESL English as a Second Language Tutoring

1:1 Reading Instruction

Homeschool Social Club (for Big Kids): Making Friends Who Homeschool Like You!

Become a Nonfiction Super Summarizer!

Dress up Your Writing: Verbs, Adverbs, and Adjectives, Oh My

Create, Build and Explore the Amazing Axolotl!

Individual Meditation Tutoring

Algebra Thinking: Crack the Code With More Difficult Puzzles! (Flexible Class)

Autism Among Us *1 Hour and 30 Minutes

U.S. History Industrialization and Immigration 1830-1920 Flex

Fashion Design: Sketching and Drawing Club (Ongoing/ Four Times a Week)

Ancient Explorers: Ancient Greece in 4 Days!

Arts & Crafts for Little Artists: Unicorns, Mermaids and Rainbows

IEW Fix It! Grammar: Frog Prince, or Just Deserts (Level 5) Full-Year

IEW: Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons (2x/Week ) Part 2

IEW: Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons (2x/Week ) Part 1

Thanksgiving Chocolate Turkeys!

Thanksgiving Stuffed Cornucopias!

Son by Lois Lowry Reading and Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Whimsical Writing- Let's Describe a Unicorn!

Private One-on-One French Tutoring

Mandarin Chinese Lesson for Young Beginners- Level 6

Spanish for Young Learners: Introduction Complete - Flex (Ages 8-12)

Spanish for Young Learners: Intermediate Level Part 1 - Flex (Ages 10-14)

Spanish for Young Learners: Advanced Level Part 3 - Flex (Ages 11-16)

Spanish for Young Learners: Advanced Level Part 2 - Flex (Ages 10-15)

Spanish for Young Learners: Advanced Level Part 1 - Flex (Ages 10-14)

Private Language Arts Tutor

Word Playground: Poetry & Creative Writing (Riddles, Vocabulary, Spelling)

Let's Learn English: Daily Journaling Series 4 with Teacher Helen

Early Elementary Writing: Personal Narrative

Flex: Positive Thinking and Affirmations -Step-By-Step Guide

I Like Myself Story & Self Portrait: What Is Self Esteem? Why Is It Important?

Break Out of Boarwarts! - The Magic School Escape Room

Spelling Bee Club

Draw a Cute Thanksgiving Turkey by Draw So Cute

Private Tutor for Reading/Writing/Math (Kindergarten), Taught by 30-Year Veteran Teacher - twice/week

Stunning Starfish

ESL: Beginners 1:1 English 2nd Language Vocabulary, and Conversational Class

Make and Take Alphabet Puppets: Let's Learn Our Alphabet and Sounds

ESL Conversation Practice and Fun - Foods

One-On-One Reading and Writing Support (Ages 10-11)

Private One-on-One & Small Group Art & Drawing Class (Multi)

Monsters of Skull Island and Hollow Earth

Hip Hop Dance Lessons Level 2 (Invite Only)

The Awesome Minecraft Survival Camp - Bedrock Adition (8-13)

How to Understand the Elements of Drawing Tutoring

Cats of the World: Let's Learn About a New Cat Each Week and Make Crafts

Private Mandarin Chinese Course/Tutoring (3x25 Minutes Meetings per Week)

Learning Perspective With Drawing Samples Tutoring

Tell Me About Horses and Ponies

Understanding Business Using a Grilled Cheese Sandwich : 7-11 Year Olds

Art Camp: Fundamentals of Perspective Drawing Part 2: Two-Point Perspective

(One-On-One) Pre-K to Grade One: Literacy & Numeracy

Essay Writing Made Easy-Master Each Paragraph: Semester Course

Private Viola or Violin Lessons - All Levels

Middle School English - A Semester (Personal Narrative and Classic Literature)

Learn to Spell Through Sonic the Hedgehog!

Dog Man - Special Fun Club (Flex)

Your Introduction to: Ink Drawing

Princess Singing Club: Group Voice Lessons and Sing-A-Long With a Princess

Let's Talk About Principles of Design Tutoring

Book Talk: Okay for Now

Theatre Beginning Acting FLEX Course

Let's Talk Poppets and Fidgets!! Poppets and Fidgets Show and Tell!

1:1 Personalized Ongoing Reading, Math, Science Tutoring for Grades 3-6 (90 Minute Session)

Weekly French Conversation for Advanced Level - Full Immersion - Ages 7 To 10

What Should I Draw?

Thanksgiving Squishmallows: Draw & Share

Why Should You Keep Trying When Things Are Hard? Learn About Growth Mindset

Book Talk: The Wednesday Wars

Techniques to Manage Anxiety for Teens and Pre-Teens: Worry Less

Spanish for Beginners, Have Fun and Learn the Basics!

Spiders Are Special

Fun Ongoing Review of First Grade Math (Worksheets Included)

Private 1:1 Class: Let's Talk ~ with Mrs. Christine

Chemistry for One

X2 Day Awesome Card Magic Tricks for the Perfect Halloween Party Act - Ages 10-16.

Halloween Lego Party!

Math Games and Social Club for 5th & 6th Graders

Easy Peasy Poetry Writing: Halloween

Harry Potter Debate Book Club: Character Edition

Lots of Fun Reading & Writing High-Frequency Sight Words Ongoing Class! Level 1

Dork Diaries Book Club (Books 7-14)

Basic Japanese for Young Students Lesson 2! Learn Hiragana Interactively (さ、た、な)

Let's Go Travel! 1:1 ESL Conversation Class

Grandmaster's Private Chess Lessons

Learn Korean Characters Hangul With a Native Korean Teacher! (13 to 18 yo)

Whimsical Animal Poetry- Let's Rhyme and Have a Happy Time!

Crash Course in Korean Characters Hangul With a Native Korean - Camp Style!(13 to 18 yo)

Let's Learn Long Division!

Let's Draw Holiday Kawaii Cats

Z A Marvel and DC Fans Social Club! Let's Play Games and Chat (Ongoing)

Fifth Grade Full Math Curriculum (Semester II)

Peter Rabbit & Friends | A Visual Read Aloud With American Sign Language

Roblox Gaming Social Club! Let's Play Royale High!

Mastering Pre-Algebra and Algebra Essentials (Part 2) [2 Times per Week]

What Do You Do Best? Story Time and Drawing

Book Talk: Masterpiece

Halo Infinite Gaming Club

Practical Homesteading: Farmyard Show and Tell!

Yoga for Teens: Improve Your Flexibility

Escape the Carnival

Show and Tell - Meet New Friends and Have Fun!

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