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New Classes on Outschool 2021-11-07

There are 582 new classes on Outschool the week of November 7, 2021 to November 13, 2021.

Christmas ASL (American Sign Language) for Beginners

FLEX: 4th Grade Math Unit 7 (Geometry)

Holiday Drawing Class: Merry Christmas Modern Calligraphy Wreath Drawing Class

Detective Kitty's Festive Gingerbread Mystery. Drama & Math Adventure Game 8-11

Sign Language : All-In-One-Course for Beginners

Homework Helper

The Physics of Fast Cars

Animals in Their Habitats(Ocean, Artic, Desert, Etc)

One-On-One or Small Group Book Club/ELA Course for Students 10 - 15

Elapsed Time: Level 2

Preschool/Kindergarten Show and Tell: A Speaking and Listening Class!

Draw and Paint a Cup of Hot Chocolate!

Multi Day Class

Intermediate One Point Perspective

Pop It Multiplication Practice: Practicing Multiplication Problems on a Pop It

Creative Kitty Cat Snowflake Cutting. Art and Chat with Detective Kitty 7-10

Introduction to English

Taking Care of Pets

Meowy Christmas! Lets Draw Cute Anime / Kawaii Christmas Cats and Kittens

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree! Step-By-Step Painting Class

Kindergarten & First Grade Circle Time: Literacy, Numeracy, Show and Share, Social Skills, and More!

Python Programming and Computer Coding Intermediate Hangout and Code

Private Reading Lessons With Teacher Judy

5x/wk Small Group Preschool, Pre-K, & Kindergarten Circle Time & Full Curriculum

Animal Crossing and Happy Home Paradise Social and Game Play Club 10-14!

Pre-K & Kindergarten Science Club (Flex)

Let's Play: Christmas Guitar Songs for Beginners #1 (Ages 10-14)

Reading Tutoring for Struggling Readers

Private Writing Tutor Weekly Session

All About Butterflies (Reading, Drawing and Arts & Crafts)

Detective Kitty's Festive Gingerbread Mystery. Drama and Math Adventure Game 5-7

Scandals, Scoundrels, Spies, & Scams- Infamous People in History: John Parker (Teens)

ESL Let's Learn English With Private Lessons!

Draw Your Favorite Squishmallows! Squishmallows Art Class

Beginners Spanish Circle Time : Songs, Stories, Letters, Sharing (5 Months) (A1)

1 Hour Private Music Lessons: Piano

Future Space Explorers Club

Learn Spanish With Yoga, Fitness, and Games for Beginners.

Drawing for Fun! Faced Paced Art Class to Reset Our Perfectionism. No Mistakes!

Drawing for Fun! Faced Paced Art Class to Reset Our Perfectionism. No Mistakes!

Intro to Art History for High School III--Asian and African Art (FLEX)

Intro to Art History for High School II-Impressionism Modern Contemporary (FLEX)

(Ages 8-12) All About Families

(Ages 3-7) All About Families Social Club

All Are Welcome

Classic Rock-N-Roll Winter Camp

Book Club on 'Jekyll and Hyde' by Robert Louis Stevenson

Future Deep Sea Divers Club

Descriptive Writing (14-18 Years)

Let's Learn Science: The Scientist's Club

Dr. Seuss All About the Human Body/Inside Your Outside/Anatomy Science

Christmas Drawing: Pikachu Dressed as an Elf

Future Dino Diggers Club

Drawing Cute: Animals, People, and Foods

Weights, Shakes, & Mug Cakes! Fitness, Workout, Recipes, Cooking, Social

Weekly Story Time Read Aloud

Nature Journaling for the Wild: FLEX

Cactus of the Week Volume 5 Art With a Science Notebook- (Wolf Circus Art Studio)

Let's Draw Christmas Axolotls!

Become Amazing Characters! Drama Club for the Kid Performing Artist

Essay Brainstorming & Organization

Chinese 101: Introduction to Chinese Pinyin ( 6-11)

Storytelling Adventures, Famous Characters, & Authors (Part 1)

Gamer Hangout Minecraft Building and Social Bedrock Edition Cross Platform

Small Group Disney Singing Lessons (Group Voice Lessons)

Happy Hares: The Pet Rabbit Group

Reptiles Around the World!

Descriptive Writing

Animal Class: Mammals You Wouldn't Believe Exist!

Small Group Musical Theatre Singing Lessons (Group Voice Lessons)

Private Voice Lessons for the Aspiring Singer/Songwriter!

Endangered Animals Around the World! (2)

Interactive Escape Room: Escape the Mosquito Swarm!

Multiplying and Dividing Larger Numbers

Dinosaur Facts Book

Studying: There's a Better Way, and It Does Not Involve Cramming.

D&D Empire of the Ghouls w/ Jingleheimer

Stage Skills Acting Class- Develop Confidence and Theater/Theatre Skills

Kaiju Connect! Share, Collaborate, Connect With Kaiju Fans From Around the Globe

Christmas Ornaments Craft for Developing Fine Motor Skills

Hatchet Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Puppet Club - The Group!

One-on-One Customized, Private Tutoring 60 Minutes/Ongoing - Primary Grades

Baby Rainbow Unicorn 5 -- Magical Land Drawing Club (One-Time)

Elementary Math 1 on 1 (K to 8) Certified Teacher With Traditional Math Methods

1:1 Private Art Lesson (Single Session) - You Choose Your Topic!

Conversational Spanish: One-on-One Language Session

Eye-Spy ABC Letters and Sounds! (Level 2)

Language Arts Practice ~Theme Centered

My Family, in French!

Queer Feminist Film Studies: an Exploratory Study of Groundbreaking Cinema

Art: Christmas Nutcracker

Dungeons & Dragons Ongoing Class: Candlekeep Mysteries

1-on-1 Homework Help: (K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade) Any Subject!

What a Marine Biologist Is & Does. Cool Facts About Becoming a Marine Biologist!

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

An Introduction to World Religions

Art: Gingerbread Houses

Discover the Desert! Interactive Class for Ages 4-9!

Piano for Kids - 60 Mins Weekly

Learn How to Draw a Real Axolotl ~ Step by Step With Charcoal Pencils

English: ELA: Language Arts: Magic Tree House #1-#36 Book Club! ESL, EFL Welcome

Civics and U.S. Law for Kids - A Legal Primer

Snap Circuits Class + Puzzle Book: Circuitry, Components, Electricity

Video Game Design III (Part 3)-- Ages 7-10

Christmas in Space

Fashion Design: Figure Drawing & Garment Illustrations: Rainbow Gowns

Born Baker | Experience The Joy Of Italian Baked Goods | Flex Prodotto Italiano

Gratitude for Happiness, Health, a Better World -- Part Two. Ages 13-17

Gratitude for Happiness, Health, a Better World -- Part Two. Ages 9-12

Tackling Mean or Bully Behavior Ages 8-10 Section

Tackling Mean or Bully Behavior Ages 5-7 Section

Coding With the Foos Club: Create Your Own Game - Beginners

Percy Jackson - The Lightning Thief (#1): Ancient Greek, Myth, and More!

Life Science - Molecular Biology/Biotechnology (Semester 2)

Let's Travel the World Together, Holiday Traditions in Other Countries (FLEX)

Escape Room Challenge: The Minecraft Cave! Logic, Puzzles & Trivia. (Age 7-10)

How to Write a Persuasive Essay

World War 2: From Fascism to the Nuclear Age

Novel and Creative Writing Club (Weekly Ongoing)

Greatest Mysteries of History - Flex Class

Yule: Exploring the History & Tradition Behind the Winter Solstice Celebration

A Minecraft Social Club: Java and Bedrock Edition Together!

US History Middle School Semester Class 3 of 6: The Revolutionary War

A Minecraft Fan Social Group With Challenges and Activities!

DIY Doll Furniture: Let's Make a Shower!

Clarinet Savvy Start: Three Day Camp for Beginner Clarinetists

Ballet With Miss Marin: Weekly Beginners Class (Ages 4-6)

Camp Advanced 3x3 Rubik's Cube Solving Techniques (CFOP Using 4 Look Last Layer)

Preschool With a Princess Full Curriculum Full Year Interactive Pre-K 3x/Week

Dino-mite Fun with Teacher Kylie

Easter & Spring Pocket Painting Challenge Week

(FLEX Class) Piano Class #2 With Mrs. Karen for Ages 11-16

History of Weapons That Changed the World

What a Paleontologist Is and Does. Cool Facts About Becoming a Paleontologist!

Flute or Piano Lessons

Cursive Handwriting - Basics of Writing Your Name in Cursive

Fashion Social PALS! Clothing, Makeup, Hair, Nails, Show & Tell, & So Much More!

Spanish for Beginners : Learn Vocabulary With Games and Activities.

Christmas Sing Along With Teacher Jamie

History Mysteries Club

Pop-It! Physical Phonics (Ongoing - One Day a Week)

Design Your Own Gingerbread Town: A Holiday Artwork With Ms. Amy

The Hunger Games Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Learn to Read Boot Camp: Phonics and Decoding Skills for Beginner Readers (FLEX)

A Story Fairy Christmas Special- An Imaginative Nutcracker Storytime

Under the Sea Weekly Watercolor Drawings

5th Grade Math - Full Year | With Kahoot!

Abnormal Psychology: Anxiety Disorders (FLEX)

Gingerbread House- Direct to Draw

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Direct to Draw

Friends for a Lifetime (Ongoing Class)

Financial Education Makes Millionaires (Ongoing Class)

Story Explorer England Part 1: English History, Legends, and Mythology

Mandarin Chinese Immersion Circle Time for Beginners! (2X/Week)

Video Game Balance Group for Those Having a Break From Gaming or Stopping Gaming

Meet Mrs. Claus, Sing Songs, and Hear a Story — 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Individual Math Tutoring Twice Per Week

Beginning to Read Phonics Fun with Teacher Judy

Red Sleigh Down: A Holiday Dungeons and Dragons Adventure!

The Mystery at Santa's Workshop: An Interactive Read Aloud

Let's Party!!! How to Plan the Party - Flex Class

A Christmas Carol Book Club FLEX

Weekly Writers Writing Group

Meet Mrs. Claus, Decorate a Santa Cookie (VERY EASY), and Sing Christmas Songs!

Hands-On Reading and Spelling: An OG Semi-Private Approach

Acrylic Painting: Snowy Owl

Create SMART New Year's Resolutions

Watercolor and Ink: Holiday Gnome Art

Advanced Intermediate Saxophone Lessons-Level I

Advanced Intermediate Saxophone Lesson-Level II

Life Science II (Once a Week)

Star Wars Film Studies: The Clone Wars Part 2

Gaming Club: Animal Crossing Social Club, Let's Play & Meet Friends!

Snowy's Letter Gg Fun!

Work With Word Problems

The Chess Masters Club

Winter Party Circle Time: Counting, Dancing, Crafting, and More!

Easter French Class - Vocabulary, Culture, and Fun! (High School)

Latin Moving on with Minimus Secundus Part 2/2

Impress With Chess: Level 1 Beginner Chess (Ages 6-7)

Encyclopedia of Mythology: Rome

Encyclopedia of Mythology: Greece

Encyclopedia of Mythology: Egypt

Encyclopedia of Mythology: Celts

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 3 Part 1-5 (Age 8-12)

Clay: Hand-Building...Character Head Bust (Weekly)

One-On-One Tutoring (Ages 8-12)

Kitten and Cat Care Camp: Let’s Take Care of Our Animal Pet Friends!

Hedgehog Adventure: Learn Science, Meet Hedgehogs and Create Animal Art!

Jane Austen Book Study - Part 1 (Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice)

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 3 Part 1-5 (Age 13-18)

Foundations in Personal Finance for Middle School by Dave Ramsey - Flex Class

Cooking: Holiday Baking: 2-Day Camp Make a Buche de Noel Yule Log Chocolate Cake

Listen with Lizzie: 1:1 Interactive Story Time (Ongoing)

The Ultimate Pokémon Card Club! (Weekly Card Pack Opening)

Dogman and Cat Kid - Are a Fan

Make Your First Movie With Scratch

Space Mission 6: The Universe, Galaxies, and Planetary Systems (10-14)

Space Mission 6: The Universe, Galaxies, and Planetary Systems

Roblox Gamer Gang: Making Friends and Playing Together Group

The Art of Argument: Public Speaking and Debate Practice Group

German Beginners: Let's Decorate Cookies!

Robotics, the Introduction to NAO the Robot (4 Day Session)

Chemistry I (Second Semester) - FLEX

Biology I (Second Semester) FLEX

Cooking (and Eating) Well “Mangia Bene!” (Ongoing Class)

The Best Tutor 4 You! (30 Min Sessions)

Long Vowel 'Hot Cocoa' Marshmallows

Short Vowel 'Hot Cocoa' Marshmallows

Memorizing Is as Easy as Walking Around Your Bedroom: Poetry Memorization

Private Art Lessons With Professional Artist, One-on-One, Painting or Drawing- Multi-Day

Beyblade Fan Club

Modern Artists - 4 Day Art Camp

Basics - 4 Day Art Camp

You CAN Draw Beautiful Flowers (Lotus Edition)

Dinosaur Math Patterns

Learn How to Draw a Real Dolphin ~ Step by Step With Charcoal or Graphite Pencils

Advanced Intermediate Saxophone Lessons-Level IV

Listen with Lizzie: 1:1 Interactive Story Time (One Time)

Christmas Piano Intermediate Level 2+

French Immersion Beginner II: Show and Tell

Waddle on an Animal Adventure, Meet Penguins, Learn Science & Create Art!

Food Science: Advanced Gingerbread Skills

Music With Ms. Annette: A One-Time Private Voice Lesson

How to Draw: Winter Ice Skating Hedgehog

The Grinch Snow Dough

Thanksgiving Special - Create Your Own Turkey Hunt Game on Scratch 3.0

Strum & Sing Christmas Ukulele: Let It Snow

Read With Me! Simple Texts for Older Readers.

How to Draw: Adorable Kawaii Pets! (Cat, Dog, Fish, Rabbit, Hamster) | Art Class

Disney Princesses Storytime / Show & Tell Social

Meal Planning - Why and How - Flex Class

Addition 101: Let's Become 'Sum' Masters!

ASL Drop-In Review - For Level 1+ (One time)

How the Grinch Saved Christmas - A Christmas Escape Room

Let's Learn English: Daily Journaling Series 2 with Teacher Helen

Class 2: The Science of Emotion - How Emotions Are Made

Let's Learn How to Read 101

Private English Classes Two Times a Week

Writing School Admission Essays - Private Tutoring

Successful Interviewing - Private Tutoring

Drop-In Preschool Music Class: First Steps in Music

Count & Color: Mermaid Math

Level 1&2 Piano Christmas Music

1st Grade Club / Circle Time

Say Hello to Hindi! Level 3B

Wonderful Watercolor, Weekly Art Club for Teens

Fossil Locations: Kem Kem Formation

Book Links - When Zachary Beaver Came to Town by Kimberly Willis Holt

African American Reading Class

Club Lego - Weekly Challenges in Spanish

6th Grade Math Semester 2 - That Was Easy! With Certified Teacher

Storytime, Dance, Art Club

Public Speaking With Superheroes

Travel Scotland: Attractions, Natural Wonders, and Cities

One on One Math and Chinese Tutoring

First and Second Grade Summer Social Club!

LearningWorks for Kids Camp! Minecraft Winter Village Build

Snowy's Number 7 Fun!

Literary Legends: Dav Pilkey Book Club

Pine Cone Turkey - Thankfulness Craft

Yoga Tribe: Let It Grow!

Programming With Java: Part 1

George Orwell's Animal Farm Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Space Exploration and Astronauts From Around the World. Mission Amazing! FLEX

The Three Comforteers

FUN Social Group: Post, Chat, and Make Friends (for Autism, ADHD, and Anxiety)

Christmas Party: Show, Share, and Socialize!

Friends From Across the World~Lets Get Together & Be Friends

World History and Anthropology With Disney Princess Films

Mythology People

Seasonal World History: Popular Toys of the Past

Creepy Creatures of the Deep Sea! (Ongoing)

Extraordinary Anime Art Group!

Yururito Japanese_Novice

The Barbie Bunch Celebrates Christmas: Interactive Social Time With Dolls

Outschool Weekly Drama Club

First Finances Camp! Finance, Economics, Career, and Community

Where is the Great Barrier Reef? (Book Discussion and Activity)

Conversational English Club - For Intermediate ESL Students Ages 9-12

Anne of the Island Book Club by L. M. Montgomery

ELL English & Beyond With Teacher Kristina RI. (Ages 8-11)

1 : 1 Private Animal Crossing Gaming With Miss Anna : Private Conversations, Tips & Tricks & Play Based Learning

Let's Draw Birds - Drawing and Sketching Club

Super Math Strategies: Individualized Tutoring

Python Coding/Game Development (5 Session)

French Immersion Int/Adv: Les Pâques (5-8)

French Immersion Int/Adv: Les Pâques (9-12)

French Immersion Beginning: Les Pâques (7-10)

French Immersion Beginning: Les Pâques (4-6)

Letter of the Week Private Daily Class

Winter Mug Cooking--Easy Baking for Beginning Chefs Ongoing Class

How Do Dinosaurs Go to School? a Read Aloud & Discussion of School Behavior

Disney Princess Sing-A-Long and a Sprinkle of Music Theory

Super Math Strategies: Individualized Tutoring

Pre-Algebra Course | Full Year Semester 2 | 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Math

Elementary Beginner Spanish Club ~ Part 3 (3 of 8)

American Girl Fan Club

Show & Tell: Your Pets! Weekly Ongoing Class (7-11 Year Old)

Next Level Up: Piano Boot Camp! Blue Level

Next Level Up: Piano Boot Camp! Green Level

10th Grade Language Arts: Part 2 (Flexible Schedule)

Next Level Up: Piano Boot Camp! Orange Level

Earth Science -- The Planet's Layers

Grammar Tales: Pitch and Throw, Grasp and Know - What Is a Synonym?

2nd Grade Math: Extra Practice

Reading Boot Camp: Words to Sentences FLEX Class

Middle School Writing - (Semester)

Geography - Where in the World Is This? USA Adventure Exploration Series! (8-Weeks) *FLEX* Part 1

Vacation Adventures: Share Your Travels Social Club

One Time - Monsterology- Practice writing, speaking and Drawing Creatures - ESL - Creative writing - TWEEN Ages 8-13

Order of Operation (No Exponents)

Parts of the Body, in French!

Scratch Coding for 7-9 Year Olds (5 Sessions)

Python Coding Language/ Introduction to (5 Session/ Ages9-Up)

Piano for Kids - 45 min Weekly

Young Beginner Piano Class - Part 9

Watercolor Christmas Cards (Part 2)

Book Report Writing

Elementary School Writing Course - Part B

The 12 Days of Christmas Counting Adventure and Number Craft

Writing Fun - Using Our Five Senses in Creative Writing

Elf Escape - Help Buddy Save Christmas (Holiday Escape Room) 7-10

ESL Friends: Learn (English as a Second Language). Tutoring for ESL Students.

My First Chapter Books ~ Reading Fluency and Comprehension Book Club with a Certified Teacher - 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades

Finding Frosty's Friends: Biology / Zoology of Arctic Animals

Learning Treble Clef and Bass Clef

Deep Sea Decimals: Intro to Decimals Part 2

Grammar Fun - Antonyms and Synonyms - Meets Once for 30 Minutes

Escape from Snow Blizzard Mountain: Another Science Mystery Escape Room

Herpetology Reptiles Part 1: Research & Discuss Reptiles From Around the World! 10 Wk (Ages 9-12)

Strange and Mysterious Places

Intro to Drum Set: Flex Class

Introduction to Critical Thinking (One-Time, Pre-Teen)

Kindness in the Jungle

Christmas Season: Learn How to Draw a Mouse

Multiplication Facts: Gimkit Session

Voice Lessons With April Tarantine: Individual Lessons - All Levels 1:1 - 30 Minutes (Ages 8-12)

Let's Get Cooking: Vietnamese Spicy Lemongrass Chicken With Coconut Rice

Learn Multiplication Table, Magic Tricks & Patterns! Self Paced - Flex Class

Advanced Psychology: Analyzing Research

Strum & Sing Christmas Ukulele: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Criminology 101. Criminal Justice Careers and Forensic Science! FLEX

Greek Mythology Lovers Group

Drawing Techniques: Complete Your Sketchbook One Sketch at a Time (Ongoing)11-16

Drawing Fun: Unicorn, Alicorn, or Pegasus!

History Game Show: World War 2 Ongoing

How Many Can You Count?

History Hangout: A Social Club for History Fans

Pattern Palooza -Meditative Pattern Drawing of Pumpkins Flex Class

Write an Outstanding College Essay with 1-on-1 Coaching Boot Camp

World Geography: Let's Travel to Mongolia!

How To Help Your Parents Take Care Of Your New Baby Sister or Brother : Infant Care Tips & Tricks

Creative Queers Unite! An LGBTQ+ Art Club

A Social Book Group for Harry Potter Fans (Potterheads)!

Holiday Small Group Piano

Pup Patrol Winter Celebration Fun Fitness Dance Party: Dance Party, Games & Show & Tell!

I Survived: Student Requested Books

The Maze Runner Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Discovering the World - One Country at a Time: UK - Scotland

Concepts à la Carte: Double-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping

ASL Learner's Encouragement Group

Big Nate Book and Comic Club

FLEX: 30 Days of Mindset - Confidence, Resilience, & Positive Perspective

Explore the Ocean (Science and Nature)

Thanksgiving Special - Create 2 Fun Thanksgiving Games on Scratch Jr in 2 Days

The ULTIMATE Warrior Cat's Drawing Course! | FLEX

Lord of the Flies Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Time for German 101 - Championship Match

Astronomy News: All About the Lunar Eclipses (NEXT ECLIPSE: NOV 8)

The Weather Lounge!

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Minecraft Part 10, Defeat The Creeper With Ciphers,Secret Codes & Riddles (Final Battle)

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Minecraft Part 9, Defeat the Ender Dragon With Ciphers, Secret Codes & Riddles

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Minecraft Part 8, Defeat The Enderman With Ciphers, Secret Codes & Riddles

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Minecraft Part 7, Defeat The Skeletons With Ciphers, Secret Codes & Riddles

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Minecraft Part 6, Defeat The Piglins With Ciphers, Secret Codes & Riddles

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Minecraft Part 5, Defeat The Striders With Ciphers, Secret Codes & Riddles

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Minecraft Part 4, Defeat The Drowned With Ciphers, Secret Codes & Riddles

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Minecraft Part 2, Defeat The Evokers With Ciphers, Secret Codes & Riddles

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Minecraft Part 3, Defeat The Witch With Ciphers, Secret Codes & Riddles

DIY Pokémon - Create and Share Your Own Pokémon Creations!

Christmas "The Nutcracker" Read Along and Craft!

3rd Grade Math: Addition/Subtraction, Rounding, Perimeter and Area

Concepts à la Carte: Double Digit Addition with Regrouping

Super Mario Math Memory Game Subtraction! Level 1! Lets-A-Go!

Roblox Club: Thankful for Roblox! (Thanksgiving Special Edition)

Falcons. These Birds of Prey Are the Fastest Animal in the Animal Kingdom 245mph

The Honey Badger. The Most Fearless Animal on the Planet & Even Eats Porcupines!

Greek Mythology: Jason & the Argonauts

Greek Mythology: The 12 Trials of Heracles/Hercules

Greek Mythology: The Hero Odysseus and His Journey Home

Greek Mythology: The Trojan War

Next Level Up: Piano Boot Camp! Red Level

Absolute Beginners: Piano Boot Camp!

Cinderella Ballet Performance - Beginning Ballet (Minis)

Cinderella Ballet Performance - Beginning Ballet (Littles)

Magical Princess Stories, Crafts, and Games! (Ages 3-6) ♕ 6 WEEK FLEX Class

Cinderella Ballet Performance - Beginning Ballet II

Cinderella Ballet Performance - Beginning Ballet

Learn Vocabulary by Creating Your Own Cartoons and Stories!

Magical Princess Stories, Crafts, and Games, Vol. 1! (Ages 3-6) ♕ 4 WEEK FLEX Class

Flex: Advanced The Hobbit With Teacher Debra Shepherd

Attention Santa Mail - Letter Writing Class Ages 5-10

A Very Merry Piano Christmas Class, Older Beginners

Math Ratios, Percentages & Proportional Relationships

1:1 Math Tutor for Middle School, Geometry, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra 45 Min

Creative Writing: So You Want to Be an Author?

Foods of the World - A Social Culinary Group (13-17)

Rise of the Mammals: The Paleogene and Neogene Periods

One-On-One English Language Arts Curriculum for All Ages

Polymer Clay Miniatures: Rainbow Pride Layered Cakes

English as a Second Language - Conversation Skills - Private Tutoring - 30 Min

D&D Monster Creation Club

Improve Your Skills With Minecraft Challenge Games!- Java Edition ONLY - Ongoing

Dogs and Disney Social Club

1:1 Zoology & Ecology | Learn About Your Favorite Animals & Their Habitats!

Private 1:1 Reading Tutoring! (English or Spanish)

Private One-On-One Guitar Lesson

High School Life Science: Ongoing

Teens Dog Training: Obedience

Cute Cats Drawing Club - Let's Draw Fun Cats Together!

Yeast Bread Baking 101

Zoom Zoom Hindi! Level 2B

ESL/EFL - Have Fun With English Conversation Practice!

A Very Merry Piano Christmas Class, Young Beginners

Impress With Chess: Level 1 Beginner Chess (Ages 10-12+)

Impress With Chess! Level 1 Beginner Chess (Ages 7-9)

Critical Thinking About World Religions

Drawing Science

For-Word March! Creative Writing Club

AAC-ceptance Club: A Social Group for Augmentative & Alternative Communicators

Introducing Big History -- Combining History of the Universe With World History

1:1 Reading Tutoring for Grades 1 - 6

That Animal Can Do What? Astonishing Animal Facts

Learn to Draw a Realistic Bee Intermediate / Advanced - Shape, Form, Shading

Learn English With Me!

Food Science: Make Your Own Candy Canes (Better Than Store Bought)

Pokemon Social Club for Pokemon Fans!

*Crochet Project Based Learning- Butterfly Stuffie- Beginner Level 1 Flex Class Ages 7-12

*Crochet Project Based Learning- Butterfly Stuffie - Beginner Level 1 Flex Class Ages 13-18

Disney Easter Eggs (Class One)

Let's Practice English! ESL Private Tutoring- Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Off-Road Adventure Group

Christmas Dasher Read Along and Reindeer Drawing

Cookie Run: Kingdom Club

Website Upgrade 201: Take Your Website to the Next Level (SEM 14-18)

Winter Wonderland Unicorn! Step-By-Step Painting Class

Painting Santa! Step-By-Step Painting Class

Aluminum Can Crafting - Vintage Chair

Be the Artist for Elementary Learners!

Ukulele 102: 16 Week Semester Flex Music Class for 10-15 Year Old Beginners!

Draw and Color Elsa's Frozen Castle: Learn About Shapes, Cool Colors, & Science

One on One Reading Tutoring (Ongoing)

Magical Unicorn Stories, Crafts, Recipes, and Games with a Unicorn Princess!: 4 WEEK FLEX Classes

Creating Characters and Writing Role Play

Let's Play Minecraft: Join Me in Cassie's Town! (Bedrock Edition)

Let's Chat in Sign Language: Learn to Make Sentences in ASL!

Turkey Trouble! What’s a Turkey to Do? Story Time & Drawing With Teacher Dianne

FLEX: 4th Grade Math Unit 5 (Fractions)

Read to Your Teacher - 1 On 1 - Ongoing Class -Twice a Week

Youtuber 101: Get Support and Ideas for Growing Your Channel

Intermediate Piano Course 3

Learn French With a Native Teacher: One on One Class (30 mins)

Level 7 Dutch | Nederlands Using Dialogues! - Ten Week Live Semester Format

Independent Film Makers Group - From Screenwriting to Movie Production!

Level 6 Dutch | Nederlands Using Dialogues! - Ten Week Semester Format

Gamer's Gab - E, E+, and T Rated Games

ASL for Beginners. Say No More and Learn a New Language Quickly! FLEX Age 5-10

1942 Victory Gardens

Hands on Summer Camp: Gardening: Grades 3,4,5: Level 1

Holiday Mindfulness - Meditation Class

Thanksgiving Special - Create Your Own Turkey Dash Game on Scratch 3.0

Winter Directed Drawing (Age 5-10, Flex)

Bitesize Latin - Latin Language Class - Introducing Yourself

Fish in a Tree Book Club

Chinese Mandarin Learning 1:2

Draw a Cute Snowman

Engaging Advanced Readers Camp: Analyzing Archetypes

Camp Cretaceous: Dinosaurs & Hands-On Activity

The Fellowship of the Ring Novel Study With Energetic Teacher Debra Shepherd

Essay Writing Like a Pro-Write a Multi-Paragraph Essay Each Week!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt With a Sing Along

Humphrey Book Club: Winter According to Humphrey

Loom Knitting Class. Learn to Knit a Scarf Using a Knitting Loom.

Creative Writing Class; Songwriting, Poetry, Short Stories and More

ESL (English as a Second Language) Color Lesson - Beginner or Advanced 1:1

Beginner English 1x Wk Ongoing Private Lesson EFL/ESL/Tesol for 5-18 Year Olds!

Draw with Mrs. Howard: Let's Explore Axolotl Facts and Draw a Cute Axolotl

Draw a Christmas Penguin by Draw So Cute

Draw a Christmas Unicorn by Draw So Cute

Got Game? Vocabulary Games With Ms. Sydney (Ages 7-12)

Making Learning F-U-N: Learning How to Read and Write CVC Words.

Everything Dance

Story Explorers: Mythology, Folklore & Fairy Tale Club

UKE Can Do It Christmas Ukulele Songs for Beginners + Colour Coded Chord Sheets

Life Science I (Once a Week)

The Polar Express: PJS, the Virtual Story, & Hot Chocolate! (Ages 8 & Up)

Vanguard: The Ultimate Call of Duty Social Club

Art: Let’s Draw and Paint Like Kandinsky!

Year 2 ELA/IEW Middle School (6th, 7th, & 8th) Lit & Writing Comp (2nd Semester)

Become a Master of Drawing Sketching Art Fundamentals, Age 8-12 Flex Class

Je Suis (I Am): Beginning French I

Kindergarten Circle Time with Teacher Melissa (4 Days a Week)

Learn Digital Art to Draw & Make Flipbook Animated Cartoons

Fluency Through Phonics

Easy Penguin Acrylic Painting

Mindful Astronomy: The Earth-Moon System in Your Hand (Inclusive Astronomy)

1:1 Private Class: Personal Leadership Lessons (Four Weeks)

Lovely Leaf Prints - Easy Printmaking - Art From Nature

Personal Space Camp. Don't Be a Space Invader!

Christmas Party Circle Time! Counting, Dancing, Crafting, Letters and More!

Movie Study (Ongoing) : Literary Skills Through Film

Here Fishy Fishy- Fishing for Beginners

Weekly Watercolour Paint and Share!

Challenge Your Brain Albert Einstein Style!

Thanksgiving Special - Create a Turkey Maze Game on Scratch Jr.

D.R.E.A.M. (Do Right Each Audacious Minute) Personal Development (Life Coaching) (Ongoing)

Drawing Anime and Manga Group...Share Ideas and Learn

Art Class Essentials for Upper Elementary Artists: Spring Session

Let's Chat! Fun Friendship Forum

Ongoing Math Tutoring 1:1 (30 Minutes)

History Mystery: The Mysterious Life and Death of Harry Houdini

Sewing Together Club with Mrs Aubrey - Novice - Intermediate

Art Class Essentials for Younger Elementary Artists: Spring Session

Glitter and Grill: Writing a Detailed Questioning Sentence

Private Tutoring for Beginning Readers

Disney Movie Fan Club

Literary Analysis With Animal Farm: Read, Analyze, Write

Teens Cook Vegetarian: Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Small Group Tutoring (30 Minutes)

Let's Make No-Bake Christmas Energy Balls!

All about School: Ready for kindergarten, English, Maths, Social Skills (2 x Week) qualified teacher

White Rabbit's Missing Pocket Watch: Telling Time to Five Minutes (Ages 9-12)

Math Adventures: Become a Master

Craft Fun: Let's Sew a Felt Christmas Mitten With Heart Ornament

Craft Fun: Let's Sew a Christmas Hot Cocoa With Marshmallows Ornament

Critical Thinking: Logic, Argumentation, and Proofs (6-Week Course, 13-18 Teen)

Whales- Majestic Giants, Soulful Singers

"What's so Great About a Great White Shark ?"

Inclusive Improv Acting Club: Kind and Creative (30 Minutes)

The Gaming Lounge: Social Group for Gamers

Around the Horn Baseball Talk: Featuring the Washington Nationals

Around the Horn Baseball Talk: Featuring the Philadelphia Phillies

Around the Horn Baseball Talk: Featuring the New York Mets

Baseball Cards: How to Read the Back of a Baseball Card - Pitcher Edition

Baseball Cards: How to Read the Back of a Baseball Card - Hitter Edition

Around the Horn Baseball Talk: Featuring the Miami Marlins

Around the Horn Baseball Talk: Featuring the Atlanta Braves

Creature Crochet: Crochet Skills /Creating Amigurumi Toys

Nutcracker Ballet Class

Beachside Marine Biology

Math Tutoring for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers

Intro to 8th Grade Math

Pet Club Social Hour

Friends Around the Globe Social Group - For All Learners to Make New Friends

United States Geography Fun! Midwest Region Can You Become the Top Travel Agent?

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 2 Part 5 (Age 8-12)

World Building Novel Club for Fantasy & Fiction Writers

Pre-Algebra: Square and Cube Roots

Disney Theme Parks Trivia With Kahoot!

K-5th Grade English Tutoring with Certified Teacher/Published Children's Author

U.S. Civics for High School - U.S. Politics & Current Events - Unit 4 of 4

U.S. Civics for High School - U.S. Economy, Banking, & Taxes - Unit 3 of 4

U.S. Civics for High School - U.S. Law & Criminal Justice - Unit 2 of 4

U.S. Civics for High School - U.S. Constitution & Government - Unit 1 of 4

Positives of Our Day, Put Aside Negativity, Build Confidence!

Math - Algebra 1-On-1 Tutoring 2 Times Weekly With Certified Teacher

One Step Equations

Would You Rather Social Club (Spring Section)

Phonics for Reading, Writing, and Spelling -Private On-going Reading Instruction

Thanksgiving Pie Garland - DIY

FLEX: 4th Grade Math Unit 4 (Division)

Skateboarders Hangout Group

Crazy for Birds: Bird Watchers Group

Experience Gratitude Through Poetry: Write an Easy and Fun Thanksgiving Acrostic

Escape Room: Haunted Holiday Party

Scratch Coding. Code a Find the Present Game- Christmas Edition!

1:1 Math Tutoring for Grades 4-12: Algebra, Geometry, Precalculus, Calculus, etc.

Spanish Beginners Fun With SeÑor Panda and Maestra Gonzales

Teacher Kathy’s ESL Tutoring: Ongoing Speaking English as a Second Language

Ruin and Rising: Young Adult Fantasy Book Club

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