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New Classes on Outschool 2021-09-19

There are 536 new classes on Outschool the week of September 19, 2021 to September 25, 2021.

FLEX: Axolotls and so Much More! Science Class for Young Biologists

World Geography Jeopardy

Elementary Math Tutoring - Also Available in Spanish

Halloween Room on the Broom Interactive Read Along and Craft!

Exploring Block Coding with Scratch by MIT Labs

Learn to Draw Basic Skills in Fun & Easy Adventures! Weekly Drawing Class Beginner/Intermediate

Halloween Biology Colouring: The Human Skeleton

Halloween Biology Colouring: The Human Skeleton (Younger Group: 8-11)

ESL & Preschool: I Love Dinosaurs!

Math, English and/or French Tutoring!! Certified Teacher (Ongoing 1hr a Week)

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas Celebration: Story Time Show & Tell Plus Dance Party Too!

Grammar-Idioms Are a Piece of Cake

All About Hawaii (Part 1) Multi-Day Course

Draw Anime Characters!

DIY Holiday Gift and Decor: Aromatic Orange and Clove Pomanders!

ESL Conversation: Let's Talk About Books

Mad Libs: Funny Thanksgiving Stories

Read-In With Teacher Cindy (Saturday)

American Government: Whose Job Is It Anyway? Three Branches of the US Government

Zoology of Minecraft: Bear Buddies! (Ages 13-18)

Creative Writing for Young Children Parts 2-14 Ongoing

Learn and Draw: The Adorable Axolotl

Fun Dog Man Jeopardy

Pre-K Math Skills (Patterns, Sorting, Sequencing, and Geometry)

Recycled Materials Loom and Weaving

Vibrant Moonlight Landscape Scenery: Acrylic Painting for Beginners (Flex Class)

Meditation and Breathwork for Stress Relief (Tween)

One-Time Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Art: Fun Acrylic Painting! (Ages 7-12)

One-Time Cute Cat Art: Acrylic Painting Easy Fun Artwork (Ages 5-8)

One-Time Fall Forest Art: Easy Acrylic Painting! Fun Artwork (Ages 7-12)

Halloween Phonics Fun - Let's Learn Letter Sounds With Spooky Creatures!

Pre-K Let's Learn Spanish Class!

Halloween Science- Dissect and Draw the Parts of a Pumpkin

Hands-On Science 4/5! Ongoing Full Curriculum | 36 Wks | Cert Teacher | STEM

Introduction to Business 101 - Business Foundations - Flex Course

Essay Essentials: Writing an Informative / Explanatory Research Essay FLEX (High School)

Essay Essentials: Writing an Informative / Explanatory Research Essay FLEX (Middle School)

Halloween Mystery Escape Room (Ages 4-6)

How to Prepare for Your School Admission Interview

Kitty Comic Strip Art Class!

Private Russian Lessons

College and High School English Essays by Playing Games - Preparedness (Flex)

Scratch Beginner Friendly Coding Projects Block Oriented Programming 10 week

Mad Libs: Funny Halloween Stories

Mad Libs: Funny Christmas Stories

English 11+ Exam Tutoring

ESL Conversation: Let's Talk About Books

Let's Learn Colors

Practice English - Small Group ESL Practice Pronunciation Conversation Age 9-13

Cooking: Holiday Baking: Christmas Pies With Homemade Crust! 3-Day Camp

Interactive Escape Room: The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Fit Kids: Bodyweight Workouts

Ongoing Discussion Group: What's On Your Mind?

Muscles and Movement (Bodyweight Only)

Ongoing Muscles and Movement Class (Bodyweight Only)

Trumpet for Beginners

Roanoke Island: America's Lost Colony

Middle School English: Little Women Novel Study

WW1 & WW2 Weird Armor! Military Tank Designs That Failed or Had a Short Life - World War Two History - WWII

Zoology of Minecraft: Bear Buddies! (Ages 7-12)

Private Math Tutoring (or Homework Help)

Monthly Themed Activities for Grades Pre K Through Second

Sleep Health

Shapes: Welcome to Geometry!

Acting Club--Cold Reading Scripts With a Professional Actress

1X's Wk Tutoring W/ a Certified Speech Teacher for Grammar, Vocabulary, & More!

Individual Portuguese Tutoring by Native Speaker (European Portuguese)

Read-In With Teacher Cindy

Fun and Encouraging 1:1 Ongoing Math Tutoring: Grades 4th - 6th

Individual Tutoring in English Language Arts

2X's Wk Tutoring W/ a Certified Speech Teacher for Grammar, Vocabulary, & More!

Money Management and Financial Literacy for Teens

Middle & High School Science Tutoring

Shakespeare's Conquest: Actor's Training

Hand Lettering + Drawing Class: Create Modern Calligraphy Wall Art

Creative Writing: Write Your NaNoWriMo Novel or Screenplay Club

Art History: Renoir, Klimt, O’Keefe, Munch, Van Gogh

Let's Read Write Now! (One Time Mini Session) 1:1 Reading & Writing Tutor

Bilingual Chinese & English Story " Tiger Pulls Tooth" 老虎拔牙

(FLEX) Bubble Pop Fidget Multiplication | 2nd Grade Math | 3rd Grade Math

Singing Camp: Voice Lessons With Songs From 'The Greatest Showman'!

Friendly Halloween Sing-Along With Craft!

Intro to Music Theory - Flex Class

Creative Writing: Write A Novel or Screenplay With NaNoWriMo

1:1 Reading Comprehension Tutoring

Let's Make a Spaceship (Intro to 3D Modeling Ages 8-11)

1-on-1 Elementary and Middle School Math Tutoring - Book Ongoing Lessons

Roblox Studio Hangout

Grammar Made Easy: Weekly Grammar Club (Age 14-18)

Get in Your Element! Chemistry Semester FLEX

Dungeons and Dragons for Teens: Candlekeep Mysteries (Ages 14 - 17)

Draw Dragons ~ Draw a Different Wings of Fire Inspired Dragon ~ Ongoing Classes

Private 1:1 English Tutoring - Personalised to Your Child!

Cracking the College Code:All You Need to Know About College and Career Planning

Learn to Draw an Eevee Pokemon With All 8 of Eevee's Evolutions in This Camp

On the Construction Site

Halloween Party! Costume Freeze Dance, Would You Rather, Pumpkin Decorating

Everybody Has Feelings

Beginning Consonant Blends- CCVC FLEX Version

Pre-K-Kindergarten Learning Full Curriculum: Reading, Writing,Phonics & Math

Introduction to the College Timeline

Draw Cats ~ Learn How to Draw Different Warriors Each Week ~ Ongoing Class

Private English Reading and Writing Tutoring (ESL Welcome)

Blooket Brain Break Trivia Games for Learning Pods and Homeschool Students

Halloween Drawing Fun

Born A Crime (Book Club)

The Maasai People And Other Related Tribes (Ages 14-18)

TED Talks Discussions and More.

ESL Conversation: Let's Talk About Sports

5th Grade Math Course with a Licensed Teacher - (2x/Week)

Advanced Recorder - Private Class

Halloween Kawaii Drawing Class (Ages 5-10)

Pop up: Etsy Entrepernuers! Learn to Manage Your Own Etsy Shop!

Science Reading & Discussion Club (Reading Level Grade 6+)

One-On-One With a Certified Academic Language Therapist Multi-Day-2

Adding and Subtracting Fractions for Beginners

Halloween Origami: Fun FLEX Camp

THEATRE: Improv Club! (Ages 5-7)

Hangin' with Bats: Non-Fiction Animal Research & Drawing

Apple Cider Donut Cake with Glaze! (Gluten Free Friendly)

Plant Science - Semester Long Class - High School

Minecraft Survival Club: Jungle Explorers Edition - Live the Savage Life

Middle School Chemistry (Ongoing)

Awesome Adaptations: Animals Around the World

Summer, Winter, Rain & Sun

The Dangerous World Tour : Forest Fires, Avalanches, Crocodiles and More!

How to Become a Petsitter ( And other Animal-Related Career Choices!)

Acting & Improv Club for Beginners (Ages 8-12) - Public Speaking Course - ESL Friendly

Art Class : Drawing, Coloring Mixed Media and Light Engineering Steam Class

One-On-One Singapore Math Class (Grade 1 to 6) Term Class

Tales of Tails: Animals, Their Biology, and a Scientist's Adventures (Zoology)

M&M Math Experts: Graphing With Tasty Treats

Ongoing Club: Pre-K/K Phonics Fun! Consonant, Short Vowel, Read CVC Words

2nd Grade, Once a Week Private Math Tutorial Class with Jamie ESL Friendly CEFR A1-C2

"Sing With Mrs. Tia!" Four Week Package

Amazing People From History (13-17)

Fortnite Gaming Club- Earn XP and Play Matches

Introduction to Animal Science Semester 2- 8th-9th Grade

Microsoft Excel for Beginners: The Vacation Project

Practice Drawing the World

Teen Nutrition Multi-Week Course

Multiple Choice Test Taking - Middle School Level

Nutrition for Kids

Harry Potter Club - Discuss Favourite Characters, Chapters & Quotes - Book 7

Harry Potter Club - Discuss Favourite Characters, Chapters & Quotes - Book 6

Private Art Lessons With Professional Artist, One-on-One Drawing (45 Min) (Ongoing)

Happy Drawing Art Club: Draw Something New Every Week and Practice Skills

Five Little Turkeys: A Fingerplay and Craft

First Grade Science-Core Curriculum Science for First Semester Part 2

Fall Watercolor Painting

Drawing the Incredible Skyline of Seattle With Pencils

Moving and Grooving for the Little Ones! (3-4 Years Old) - Ongoing

FLEX! Patterns in Algebra: Critical Thinking Class - Beginner Level

Primary Grades: Introduction to Human Geography

Private 1:1 Reading and Writing Class: 1st - 3rd Grade ~ with Mrs. Christine

Animals and Pokemon! the Science of Living Things and Zoology.

Halloween Costume Party: Let’s Play Adopt Me!

Grammar Made Easy: Weekly Grammar Club (Age 9-13)

Class 2: Primary Grades Intro to Periodic Table 6-10 Chemistry

Class 1: Primary Grades Intro to Periodic Table of Elements 1-5 Chemistry

Five Little Elves: Fingerplay and Craft

6th Grade Math, Ongoing

Conversational Chinese Ages 9-13 Month 1: Numbers and Self-Introductions

Conversational Chinese Ages 5-8 Month 2: How Many Are There?

Scary Ocean Animals With Teacher Lisa S for Big Kids

Polymer Clay Millefiori Sculpting "Canes" for Beads, Jewelry & More CITRUS FRUIT

Preschool Circle Time- Let's Have Fun With Leaves!

Introduction to Paragraph Writing Ongoing Practice (Ages 8-10)

Math 1:1 Tutoring(30 Minutes)

Fun With Word Families

Halloween Pikachu! Drawing Class With Mrs. Maggie

How Is It Tested? (Multi-Day)

Would You Rather Social Club (Winter Section)

Roblox Social Gaming Club: Let's Play Roblox Brookhaven RP!

Weekly One-On-One Stress Coaching

3rd and 4th Grade Math in an Inclusive, Creative, Small Group Setting, & Kahoot!

FLEX Teen Internet Safety: TOP SCAMS To Protect Yourself From Fraud + Deception 8W1

FLEX Teen Internet Safety: TOP SCAMS To Protect Yourself From Fraud + Deception 8W2

Watercolor Explorations- Weekly Painting Class

Hands On Math Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication"Multi-day Class"

Harry Potter Club - Discuss Favourite Characters, Chapters & Quotes - Book 5

Third and Fourth Grade Comprehensive Grammar Full Curriculum - Part 2 of 2 FLEX

Cornucopia Calligram (Shape Poem): A Harvesttime Creative Writing Art Project

Money in Our Lives - Financial Literacy (FLEX) Summer Camp

Private French Tutoring With Madame Amelie Vallieres (Bachelor)

1:1 Singing Lesson Block

Public Speaking Practice (Flex)

Halloween Special - Make a Jack-O'-Lantern in Python

Reading the Short Story: Discovering Theme in Literature

Math Homework Help: 1:1 Tutoring Time With a Certified Teacher

Jazz Dance (Beginner)

The Spy School Book Club!

Animal Crossing: Spring Camp

Do, Re, Mi and Me! Music Fundamentals

Having Fun Learning Story Elements: Become A Story Element Master!

Chinese - Pinyin 101 (Age 10-15) 1 Time Workshop - 90 Minutes With 1 Break

French Focus: Les Animaux De Compagnie (Pets)

Spooky Science--Fun Halloween Science Experiments!

Music Class - Kodály Method Exploration for Kids!

Dynamic Diggers! Squirrels in the Fall: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Echo and Narcissus - Reading Comprehension Class

Halloween Bingo Using CVC Words, Colors and Numbers!

Halloween Creative Writing Class: Can You Write a Scary Story?

FLEX - Intro to Machine Sewing for Teens (Ages 13-16)

FLEX - Intro to Machine Sewing for Pre-Teens (Ages 10-12)

FLEX - Intro to Machine Sewing for Kids (Ages 6-9)

Because of Mr. Terupt Novel Study- A Study in Friendship, Forgiveness, & Change

Halloween Mystery Junior: The Case of the Stolen Candy

Halloween Math Mystery Escape Room: The Case of the Candy Thief

Getting Started With Google Apps: Financial Literacy Style (Flex)

Math With Avrila 1:1

The Power of Impulse Control for Students With (or Without) ADHD

Montessori Stamp Game *Exchanging Practice* for Lower Elementary Learners

Story Time, Guiding Literacy Habits

Story Time, Building Literacy Skills

Story Time, Building Early Literacy

Private Piano Lessons

Drawing: Mako Sharks (Animal Science Lesson and Drawing Tutorial)

Sculpt With Polymer Clay: Let's Make a Little Dragon

One on One Math Tutoring: Grades 3rd-5th- 40 Minute Sessions

Halloween Party for Littles

Adopt Me Birthday Bash with Mrs. Meaghen (One-Time Class)

1x "Learn to Write en Español! Letters A-Z" (Ages 3-5)

Music Education - Rhythm Fun! (Ages 5-9)

Science With Me: Volcanoes

World's Tallest Towers! Rounding and Place Value to the Thousands With LEGO®

Beginning Reading With a Chapter Book: Humphrey's Tiny Tales

45 min Math Tutoring One-on-One! High School, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus 10,Ongoing

Python Programming for Beginners CAMP

Write Your Own Spooky Halloween Story

French Beginner Conversational Club Tutoring and Ongoing Sessions Ages 8-13

English: Introduction to Adjectives

Dungeons & Dragons Adventures

The English Football Club (Ongoing)

Let's Get Creative!: Short Stories, Poetry & Art (Weekly with a Friend)

FLEX Book Study: Hoot by Carl Hiaasen

One-On-One Biology Tutoring

Shine Like a Star! One-Time 1-on-1 Acting Class & Audition Preparation for Teens

Scary Ocean Animals With Teacher Lisa S

All About Dim Sum! How to Be a Dim Sum Master

1:1 ESL Conversational English and Language Building Skills

US State Abbreviations : Learn The State Abbreviations While Having Fun

1:1 Tutoring for English, Reading, and ESL

Watercolor Explorations: Seasons and Landscapes- Weekly Painting Class

ABC Adventures: Alphabet Explorer's Club

Learn to Love Reading: 1-On-1 Reading Tutoring (25 Minutes)

1-on-1 Elementary and Middle School Math Tutoring - Book Individual Lessons

Critical Thinking: Art, Imagination, and Social Group

Calling All Trivia Fans

Let's Talk About Pumpkins!

A Glimpse of History Through the Eyes of the American Girl Dolls

Elementary Italian for Beginners - Master Basic Italian With a Native Speaker.

I Choose You! Design and Draw Your Very Own Unique Pokemon With Teacher Harriet

Kawaii Cuteness Fall Characters!

Second Grade Math Lessons with a Certified Teacher 2022-2023

Let's Learn to Read Together! Phonics Practice for Young Readers

Draw and Paint Fall Leaves

One-On-One Private Spanish Lessons for Beginners Fun & Engaging Ages 3-18

Private Singing Lessons: Pop and Jazz - Package of 10 Lessons

Draw a Snowman on Procreate | Procreate for Beginners | Procreate 101

Harry Potter Club - Discuss Favourite Characters, Chapters & Quotes - Book 4

Harry Potter Club - Discuss Favourite Characters, Chapters & Quotes - Book 3

Draw Hot Cocoa With Procreate | Procreate for Beginners | Procreate 101

Grow Your Confidence!: Private Elementary Math Tutoring for Grades 2-6

I Spy Colors and Simon Says With Pete the Cat

P 61 Black Widow the WW II Nightstalker Aircraft

Barbie Clay-Dough Club

Kid Chef Baking School: Let's Bake Apple Crumb Muffins

Beginner Conversational Spanish With Weekly Themes Flex Class Part 1!

1 on 1 Singing/Voice Lesson - One Time

Art & Math Club

Salute the Sun Morning Yoga

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass - A Novel and Author Study

Advanced Debate Competition

Wild Beyond the Witchlight Into the Fey Wild a Dungeons and Dragons Adventure 5E

Weekly Writing Practice - Become a Master of Essay Writing

Fall in Love With Couplets- Let's Rhyme and Have an Enchanting Time!

Let’s Explore Poetry! (A Weekly Poetry Workshop)

Math Fact Fluency Strategies: Tackling BIG Facts with Bowser and Mario

Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails Drawing Class

Math Fact Fluency Strategies: Turn Around Facts with Mario and Peach

The Poetry Beat - A Weekly Workshop

Pop-It! Phonics (Ongoing - Two Days a Week)

Literary Legends: Rebecca Elliott Book Club

Nigerian Chin Chin

Multiplication and Division Practice

Anime Drawing Club!

Bonjour Halloween - Introduction to Counting and Halloween Vocabulary in French

Musical Masterpieces - Listen and Draw!

Art: Drawing Mini Superheroes

Grid Pumpkin!

Creative Writing: Creating Awesome Villains

Creative Writing: Breaking Writer's Block and Making a First Draft

Halloween Drawing Class: Treat Yo' Self Candy Corn Hand Lettering Drawing Class

Kindergarten Math Escape Room: Buried Treasure!

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Drawing Villagers (Multi-Day Class)

Ongoing Group Essay Writing Class: Text - Outline- Finished Essay: Step by Step

Teddy Bear Circle Time

Kindergarten Math Escape Room: Escape Outer Space!

Hocus Pocus Kahoot!

Create Your Own, Exciting Videos With a Computer Technology Teacher (Ages 14-18)

ProCreate Group Show & Tell

Vocabulary Builders

Napoleon Bonaparte

Roblox Studio Game Design for Kids: No Coding and Playdate Invitation!

One-On-One Mandarin Singapore Math (Grade 1 to 6 | 1 Hr) 新加坡数学(中文教授)

European Portuguese for Kids: Introduction to Vowels by Native Speaker

Perform a Midsummer Night's Dream in a One-Time Club w/ a Master Acting Teacher!

Halloween Movie Trivia!

Draw It: Guinea Pig

ESL EFL Halloween Party

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Creative Writing Skills 1-on-1 Private Lessons

Perform Romeo and Juliet in a One-Time Club With a Master Acting Teacher!

One Time 1-on-1 Tutoring Pre-K-4Th Grade,Math,Social Studies & Geography.

Grow A Sentence: Learn to Write Longer Descriptive Sentences /Elementary English

1st Grade: Mini Math Mysteries

Let's Learn About Sharks!

German Fall Camp: Fall in the Forest School

2nd Grade: Mini Math Mysteries

Cantonese Storytime: "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" Let's Learn, Draw and Have Fun!

Preschool Time for Preschoolers~1X/WK~ABC's, 123's and More...

Create Your Own, Exciting Videos With a Computer Technology Teacher

Private Reading Tutoring

Paint a Snowman

All About the Koala Bear! A Marsupial That Smells Like the Eucalyptus He Eats!

Word Fun for Reading and Writing: Compound Words, Opposites, and Homonyms

Sew Wut!? Creative Machine Sewing for the Absolute Beginner-5Wks-Live Class

$2 Family Zumba, Dance, Brain Break, Fitness, Exercise Class

Fortnite XP

Yoshi Vs. Bowser: A Mario Party Escape Room of Puzzles and Trivia

Waldorf Fairy Tales Story Time With an Experienced Teacher and Storyteller

Agricultural Science: Learn How Fall Produce Is Grown and Delicious Fall Recipes

Rubik's Cube - Help Desk

Short Session: One on One Reading (in English or French)

Private Math Tutoring - Elementary Through Middle School

Druidawn®: Sidekick Creation (Special Topic)

Mini Math Mysteries: 2 Digit Addition & Subtraction with Regrouping (1st & 2nd)

Private English Class (Speaking Conversation, Vocabulary, Writing, EFL, ESL)

All About Awesome Otters. You Otter Not Miss This Class!

Scratch One Time Project Class : "Let's Animate Your Name" Beginner Friendly

The French Revolution

Algebra Workshop

Fall Piano Course for Beginners!

Craft Fun, Let's Create and Make Doll Clothes - No Sew and No Glue!

Halloween Reading Comprehension Fun! 2nd-4Th Grade-Certified Teacher

Spooky Minecraft Halloween Party - Build Challenge & More! (Bedrock Version)

Happy Halloween! Unicorn Pumpkin Drawing

Top 10 Greek Roots in English!

Five Little Scarecrows: A Fingerplay and Craft

Five Little Pumpkins: A Fall Story and Craft

Scratch Coding Programming Beginner Friendly Project Class Block Oriented

Math Fact Fluency Strategies: Doubles Addition Facts with Mario and Luigi

Phonics & read. Phase 4, Blends, Digraphs, Trigraphs, Tricky Words. UK TEACHER

Let's Play Roblox

The Meaning of Dinosaur Names!

Spanish Words in English!

1:1 Math Tutoring for Pre-Algebra to Calculus and Linear Algebra (45 Min/Week)

Girls Singing Club! Small Group Beginner Voice Lessons

ESL: Conversational Toy Show and Tell

Teen Slow Mindful Yoga for Stress Relief

One-On-One Reading Tutoring: Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, Science of Reading

Let's Go Shopping! Add/Subtract Money

The Core of College Algebra

1:1 Math Tutoring for Pre-Algebra to Calculus and Linear Algebra (50 Mins/Week)

Beginner Singing Class: Let's Sing 'a Million Dreams' From the Greatest Showman!

How to Draw: Turkey Day with Pusheen the Cat!

A Visit to the Impressionist Exhibition: European Art History (9-12)

Clarinets Take Flight: Beginning Clarinet Class - Level 2

Private Voice Lessons (Multi-Day)

Helping our Littlest Learners Understand BIG Emotions/Feelings #1

Halloween Crochet Stuffed Toys Amigurumi: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Flex

Fun 1:1 Crochet Lessons to Inspire Creative New Crocheters.

Draw and “Carve” a Pumpkin With Me! Easy Fall Sketch

1 on 1 Tutoring (Ongoing) for Ages 4-7(Sight Words, Letters, and More)

ART CAMP: Laurel Burch's Harmonious Horses

Animal Adventures: All About Tigers!

Summer Brick Building Club

Vegan Halloween Treats / Desserts Cooking Class! - FLEX

Alberto's Group Guitar Series: Faster Fretting (Beginner and Intermediate)

Music:Older Beginner Piano Adventures (Weekly Live 1-On-1 Private Piano Lessons)

Disney Travel: Let's Visit Nemo and Dory in Australia!

Gotta Sketch 'Em All! Pokemon Drawing Class

Flex: Autumn Art Class

Music Class: Beginner Piano Adventures (16 Live Private 1:1 Piano Lessons)

Creatures That Go Bump in the Night | Flex

All About Pumpkins-First and Second Grade Reading, Writing, Math & Science!

Hip Hop Dance Class (Ongoing) - $3 Off Your First Class!

Music Class: Piano Adventures for Beginners (Ongoing Live Private 1:1 Lessons)

Italian for Beginners 1 Camp

First Grade Sight Word Fun With Mario & Friends

Among Us: Weekly Teens Gaming Club!

Draw a Superhero or Villain! a Step-By-Step Drawing and Social Class

Intro to PBT! (Dancers 5-8)

Current Event. Search, Find, and Discuss!

Octonauts Mystery Creature Adventure: Above and Beyond

Multiplication Facts Boot Camp!

Reading a Book of Your Choice and Develop Comprehension Skills

Polished-Halloween Edition! 4 Weeks of Halloween Nails

College Prep and Study Skills Flex Class

1x1 Teaching With Ms. Nikki

Grammar Tales: The Day Punctuation Came to Town - A Lesson on Punctuation

Custom Pre-K and Kinder Prep Lessons (20 minutes per lesson)

Adaptation Exploration (Ages 7-11)

Adaptation Exploration (Ages 12-16)

Spanish Beginner Conversational Club Tutoring and Ongoing Sessions Ages 8-13

Spanish Beginner Conversational Club Tutoring and Ongoing Sessions Ages 13-18

Reading Fluency With Mo Willems Books (Piggie & Elephant Series) Multi-Day

Fashion Design Advanced- From Paper to Model

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Face! Fun Fall Pumpkin Watercolor Painting

Chillin' With Penguins: Non-Fiction Animal Research & Drawing

Don't Be Sus! Multiplication Fact Review

Draw It: Delighted Duck

Preschool/ PreK- Games, Movement, and Hands-On Experiments *Full Curriculum*

Halloween Gaming | Roblox

Preschool Circle Time- Singing, Dancing, and a Fall Craft!

Fun Zen Pattern Drawing Halloween Class

Creatures That Go Bump in the Night

A Cinderella Story and Dance

How to Draw: Pusheen the Cat and Stormy| Stealing Santa's Christmas Cookies

Ages 13 to 15 -- Let's Experiment With Watercolor: Basic Techniques to Try

Natural Wonders of the World!

Summer Camp: 1-On-1 Tutoring for Kindergarten to Fifth Grades

Ages 6-8 -- Let's Experiment With Watercolor: Basic Techniques to Try

Explore Spanish! ~ Winter Wonderland (Part 2)

Brain Warriors Escape Rooms: Escape From the Halloween Corn Maze -Multiplication

Brain Warriors Escape Rooms: Escape From the Halloween Corn Maze -Basic Addition

Halloween Barbie Play and Halloween Dress Up

Fan Fiction Writers

English: Introduction to Regular and Irregular Verbs in Sentences

Spooky Spider Web: A Wax-Resist Watercolor for Halloween

Preschool Fun With Certified Teacher

ESL Conversation: Let's Talk About Sports!

R Family Blends: Reading and Spelling Practice

Turkey Anatomy and Adaptations (Thanksgiving)

One-On-One Stress Coaching - 25 Minutes

Spooky Improv and Halloween Storytime

Third Grade Math: Learn, Review, Grow

Private 1 on 1 English Written Development

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle: A Literature Circle Book Club

Kabyle, Dance Two, From A Survey of Dances In The Arab World

Argumentation and Debate Course for Beginners

3X's Wk Tutoring W/ a Certified Speech Teacher for Grammar, Vocabulary, & More!

"Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus": A Critical Thinking Book Club

"Black Ships Before Troy: The Story of the Iliad": A Mythology Literature Circle

Ghostly Halloween Story and Craft Time

FLEX Drawing Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Kamek!

Halloween Fans! Explore Jobs & Careers

Learn With Ms. Price: Explore the Magic of Fairy Tales & Write Your Own Fairy Tale! Creative Writing | Short Story | Princess + Prince + Unicorn + Dragon

David Attenborough's "Our Planet" - Documentary Series Discussion

Fluency Reading Fun: Level 2 (ages 8-10)

One-On-One Essay Feedback and Revisions for 5th-12th Graders

What Did I Miss? One-On-One Private Tutoring in Writing (1/2 Hour) Ongoing

Halloween and Fall Themed Writing-4 Days and 4 Genres! (Certified Teacher)

Common Core Coaching: 6th Grade Math

English by the Books: 6th to 7th Grade English Language Arts Course, Semester 2

Rainbow Cake by Draw So Cute

Learning Spanish! (Beginners Younger Learners)

Multiplication Tips, Tricks and Practice 1:1 Session

Private One-On-One French Tutoring (Ongoing for Teens)

Golden Girls Trivia

Draw a Bunny Unicorn by Draw So Cute

Fun Chemistry - Introduction to Periodic Table - Junior School Level

African American History || Black Panther Party for Self Defense | Black History

One-On-One Math Private Tutoring: Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calc, Trig, SAT(30 min)

Junior Firefighter Training With Show & Tell

Virtual Tour: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Reading and Science: Practicing Science Standards Through Reading and Experiments (2nd Grade)

One-On-One Tutoring: Homeschool Support (3x a Week)

8th Grade Math Unit 1 (Equations and Functions)

Festive Fall Writing Workshop

Fifth and Sixth Grade Remedial Math - Looking for a Needle in a Haystack

Private Music Lessons

Intro to Coding With Python: Level 1 (Beginner)

What Did I Miss? One-On-One Private Tutoring in Math (1/2 Hour) Ongoing

Beginning Reading and Writing: CVC, Blending and New Reader Skills (Multiday)

Even Steven and Odd Maude: Learn About Even and Odd Numbers

Kindergarten Reading: Sounds, Blending, and CVC Words (Ongoing)

1st Grade Reading: Digraphs, Blends, and More (A Semester of 1st Grade Reading and Phonics Skills)

Halloween With Our Favorite Pink Pig! Story Time and Fun With Teacher Dianne

1 to 1 : Let's Learn to Read Together!

Halloween Drawing Mario Bros Goomba

Camp ~ Learn How to Draw Real Cats Inspired By Warriors Cloudtail, Brightheart, Bluestar, Ashfur

Coding a Dance Party: STEM Through Computer Science

Halloween Costume Party and Trick-Or-Treat With Little Mouse in the Magic Forest

Create an Animated Black Cat Halloween GIF Using Procreate for the Ipad

Clarinets Take Flight! Beginning Clarinet Class - Level 1

Laundry: A How-To Class 11-15

Sketchbook and Drawing Hang Out

Halloween Fun Time ( ESL Learners Welcomed) Singing, Sharing, and Learning

1-on-1 Coaching: Study Skills and Time Management

The Cutest Animal Costumes Drawing

Boo Bash: A Virtual Halloween Party

Halloween Baby Yoda Drawing!!

Halloween Party With Miss Allie: Singing, Dancing and Playing!

Halloween Baking: Monster Cookies! Ages 11-15

Incredible Codes and Ciphers

Halloween Baking: Monster Cookies! Ages 7-10

Learning to Read With Sight Word Dynamo!

Excel at Deutsch! Half-Hour Tutoring Sessions

Wednesday Bonsai Club: Exploring an Ancient Art ( Ages 12-16)

Guthriegabs Summer Reading I Am Malala Memoir Book Study

Private Piano Lesson (Ages 13-18)

Multiplication Arrays Using Cool Stickers!

African American | the True Story of Activist Fred Hampton | Black History

Discovering the World - One Country at a Time: Macedonia

Le Club Francais Avec Kim Niveau 2. French Club Step 2 With Kim. Fun for 7-10s.

How to Make a Spooky Halloween Pop-Up Book

Disney Travel: Let's Visit Mickey Mouse, Tiana, and More in the United States!

Introduction to Essay Writing for High School Students

Microsoft Excel Graphing: The Business of Halloween

Basic Subtraction 2 Camp: Master Math Facts Beyond 10 up to 20 (Multi-Day)

Z2 Day How to Write a Risk Assessment for Any Event - Event Risk Management Class

ESL Conversation Class Too: Let's Share and Talk

ESL Conversation Class: Let's Share and Talk

Deciphering History's Mysteries Part 2 Flex

Wishes vs Goals: Short-Term & Long-Term Goal Setting

Kids Learn Italian With a Native Speaker - Words, Sentences, Fun!

1 on 1 Ukulele Lessons for Singers- Ongoing Weekly Sessions

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Baby Mythical Creature (Magical Beasts)

Drawing: Learn How to Draw a Baby Mythical Creature (Mythical Beasts)

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Character From Greek Mythology (Greek Myths)

Unicorn and Fun Crafts for Young Learners

Baking: Hocus Pocus Cookies!

History of Horoscopes: Superstitions and Astrology

Spanish Immersion: “Let's Get Talking! En EspaÑOl!” (9-12Yrs)

Origami: Easy/Intermediate Flapping Crane

60 min Math Tutoring One-on-One Personalized Classes 9th, 10th, Algebra, Ongoing

Halloween Slime - Craft-Kahoot Class With MS Abby- Elmer Glue

Unicorn Slime and Craft Class With MS Abby- Elmer Glue

Operations With Fractions (Multi-Day)

Learn Letters, Sounds, & Writing ~ Flexible 5 Weeks ~ 26 Teacher Videos ~ Crafts ~ Drawing

Drawing Your Own Mazes

Grammar: Parts of Speech Class (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Prepositions)

Dance Mashup (Ongoing) - Zombies and Descendants

Clarinet, Flute and Saxophone Studio Recital for Students of Ms. Katherine

Cosmology: The Edge of Our Universe and Beyond

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