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New Classes on Outschool 2022-06-05

There are 257 new classes on Outschool the week of June 5, 2022 to June 11, 2022.

1:1 Private Italian Tutoring - All Levels!

Father's Day Drawing: Cute Dad & Baby Shark! Easy Beginner Step-By-Step Class

Draw Animals & Botanicals! Beginner to Intermediate Procreate Digital Art Class

Wildlife Explorers of North America

Marine Biology: Life in the Oceans of the World

Reading Halloween CVC Words With Room on the Broom

Draw & Paint a Solar System - Watercolour & Crayon Art Project!

Private Tutoring (Ongoing - Twice a Week)

Year-In-Review Grade 7 Math

Piano Adventures! One-On-One Piano Lessons for Beginners

Fairytales & Stories in Italian: Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

Getting Started With iMovie Editing Software

Even More Strange Sharks Beneath the Ocean Waves

Beginner Spanish Immersion - Middle School - Level 1: Unit 2

Math: Elementary: Math U See Delta, Division Concepts and More!- 1st Quarter

Let's Make a Horror Movie! The Art of Scary Acting

Mastering Realistic Drawing Style- Learn to Draw & Shade Like a Pro!

In the Trenches in the World Wars: Writing a Free-Verse Poem.

Hip Hop Songwriting for Tweens / Session 1

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous : Dinosaur Discovery Summer Camp (Learn & Play)

Summer Camp Virtual Field Trip: 3 Weeks in Thailand

Sonic the Hedgehog Memory Matching Game!

Magical Roblox Gaming and Roleplay Club | Roblox with a Princess as a Princess

Be Elite Athlete!

Exploring First, Second, and Third Grade Sight Words and Early Reading Skills

Folded Surprise Drawings Summer Camp! Easy Beginner Step-by-Step Drawing Class

Intro to Procreate Digital Art and Drawing Flex Ages 11-15

1-on-1 Tutoring in Spanish

Super Auto Pets Gaming Club for Ages 8-13

Introduction to Plants

Middle School "Lego Masters" Creativity and Social Time

Spanish Immersion Preschool Math

Learn to Sing With Encanto!- Lower Elementary

Chemistry - Molality and Molarity

Feel Better Coping Tools Club

Group Flute Lessons: BEGINNER Level

Leveled Reading (D/E): Dinosaurs! | ELA ESL

Art History - Yayoi Kusama, the Empress of Infinite Mirrors & Pumpkins, 1:1

Let's Play Fortnite Creative!

Mensa Excellence in Reading Grades 7-8 Book Club

Lockwood and Co Novel Study: The Whispering Skull Book Club

1:1 Class Tutoring 2X/Week: Beginner Math

Book Club - Narnia #6 - The Horse and His Boy

Draw a Unicorn Penguin by Draw So Cute

Let's Have Fun Learning How to Read (Phonics): Identifying Letters and Sounds!

4 Science Experiments - Bouncing Balls and Balloons!

Creative Writing: Finish the Story Prompts (Ongoing / Weekly)

Solving Equations Bootcamp

Homeschool | Diversity and Inclusion Semester Long Course (Ages 8-12)

Magnificent Monet Art Class - Elementary

Summer Reading Practice One on One - Sounding Out/Blending/ Decoding Sight Words

Pokémon Reading Comprehension: Context Clues

Super Mario Memory Matching Game!

History Quest 4: The Ancient East (Full Curriculum for Grades 4-6)

Tell Me More! - A History of the British Isles

Getting Ready for Middle School! A Math Camp With a Licensed Math Teacher.

Pre-Algebra, Full Curriculum, Semester 1, With a Licensed Math Teacher.

Fun With Watercolor Painting Summer Camp #6: Lilacs, Butterfly, and Sunflower

Individual Recorder Lessons: Beginner

Third Grade Math Games

Flute Mini-masterclass: Intermediate

Fashion History: Vintage Evening Gowns of 1930s to 1960s

Figurative Language With Tolkien: Writing in Middle-earth - Ages 10-14

Generation Genius' Science Camp for Gr. 3rd-5th with Cert. Teacher Marsha

Let's Go to the Beach!: A Seaside Preschool Circle Time

Juneteenth Camp - Freedom Day in the USA(Ages 8-13)

Beginner Semi-Private Spanish Class

1 on 1 Private Guitar Lessons Beginners to Advanced (One Hour Class)!

Chemistry - Full Year Curriculum High School Course With Labs

Computer Skills: Mastering Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets

Speak Spanish Now! - Teen Intermediate Conversational Spanish Ages 13-16

Chemistry - Heat and Thermodynamics

Beginners Guide to DND- Character Creation, Basic Rules, and Much More!

Arachnids: Spiders and Scorpions

CSI: Fingerprinting

Let's Have a Blast Learning How to Read (Phonics) (Certified Teacher)!

Math Games for Second Grade

Camp - Intro to Apps Coding - Make Your Own Mobile Apps Level 1 (Camp-3 Days 2 Weeks)

Intro to Procreate Fashion: Fashion Illustration and Sketching ONE TIME

Primus Science: Kids Get Ready for Cicadas! See What the Buzz Is All About

IEW U.S. History-Based Writing Semester 1 (Accelerated PACE)

Beginner/Low Intermediate French Camp

Forgotten Black History: Black Wall Street {African American History for 10-13}

Color Your World - Self Portrait

Understanding Accommodations in College

Astrogeology: The Geology of the Moon, Mars, and Asteroids (Ages 8-12)

Private Reading Tutoring 1-1 (Ongoing)

The Elephant Girl: Literature Study and Writing

Homeschool POD Fourth Grade Full Curriculum All Year Fun Engaging Blooket

1:1 Reading, Writing, & Essay Tutorials With a Certified Teacher | 45 Min

I Just Wanna Dance! BIG Bow Jazz Dance Class

STEM and a Story- How to Catch the Tooth Fairy

Private Acting Lessons

Preschool Time for 4's and 5's~1X/Wk~Kindergarten Prep for Preschool

Musical Adventures! Exploring “Carnival of the Animals” by C. Saint-Saens

Summer Camp: Writing Workshop With Teacher Julie

Math Club for Kindergarten: Learn With Examples, Games, Lessons.

Weekly Photo Challenge Meetup Group

How to Draw Realistically... from a Photo!

RECORDER Fun! Introduction to the recorder for complete beginners

Microsoft Excel for Beginners: Real Life Examples, 3-Day Camp

Spanish Summer Camp for Beginners, Part 2

3rd Grade Full Curriculum Weekly Summer Camp Readiness

Summer Ongoing Small Group Mandarin Chinese Class for Age 7-14 Beginners

Art Class: Draw With Me! Directed Drawing and Colouring Cute Pictures (Fox & Sunflower)

Vocabulary /Reading /Medical Terms 1 (Greek /Latin Word Roots - ages 14-18)

Summer Camp: An Interactive Notebook for Life Science (ages 10-13)

Hands-on Learning: An Interactive Notebook for Life Science (ages 10-13)

Hands-on Learning: An Interactive Notebook for Physical Science (ages 10-13)

6th Grade Summer Math Review Game Time!

Book Club - Narnia #7 - The Last Battle

Mrs. Moffett & 4 Weeks of Writing (IEW) Note Making & Outlines, Note Writing

Art Class: Draw With Me! Directed Drawing and Colouring Cute Pictures (Dinosaur & Castle)

Art Camp: Polymer Clay Dinosaurs!

Sing and Learn the Months of the Year

German Translation and Repetition 1 On 1

Supportive Algebra 1: Part 1 Of 3

Flower Art: Draw a Sunflower With Soft Pastel Chalk

Cool Chess! Beginner 2 Lesson 2--The Scholar's Mate and Fool's Mate

Poetry Analysis Ages 15-18: Tolkien, the Romantics, & Poetry of the Sea

Snack and Chat for Teenagers

Spelling Rules Made Fun

How to Series- Writing a Powerful Paragraph

Chemistry - Grams, Moles, and Stoichiometry

One-On-One Reading Comprehension Tutoring - 1-on-1 Private Reading Tutoring

Amazing Animals: Cat Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Amazing Animals: Dog Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Spanish Immersion for Upper Elementary (Beginners)

Beginner Spanish for Upper Elementary | Spanish 1

Under the Sea Slime With Ms.Abby- Slime-Science

Dungeons and Dragons: Lost Mine of Phandelver 5e Campaign (D&D)

Hands-on Learning: An Interactive Notebook for Physical Science (ages 14-18)

Hands-on Learning: An Interactive Notebook for Life Science (ages 14-18)

Hands-on Learning: An Interactive Notebook for Earth/Space Science (ages 14-18)

Photography - Creative Fashion

Disney Piano Camp for Beginners - Dress up as Your Favorite Character!

Beginning Division Facts 0 To 4

Intro Pre/Kindergarten Prep: Language Arts a,B,C by a Certified Professor, M.A.

FLEX: Beginners German 101 - FULL Semester - (12-18 Years) by College Professor

Creative Writing Series- Madlibs

Creative Writing Series- Animals

Mario Multiplication Memory Math Game! Summer Camp! Avoid the Summer Slide!

Creative Writing Series- Photo Prompts

Creative Writing Club for Tweens W/Coach Jen: Led by Award-Winning Screenwriter!

How to Series- Writing Effective Sentences

Private Orton Gillingham Reading & Writing Tutoring(Ongoing)(Dyslexia Friendly)

Public Speaking: Standing Proud and Confident!

Art Class Where You Learn How to Draw a Self Portrait With the Teacher!

Journaling 101: Mastering the Art of Mind Declutter and Stress Release

Super Summer Semester: Travel the World in French!

Encanto Ballet: An Enchanting Dance Class

Summer Spanish 1 Semester 1 Immersion Course (Elementary)

Art Smart 1- Become a Master Artist

Music Education - Summer Rhythms! (Ages 6-10)

Fortnite Battle Royale New Season Vibin' Summer Camp

Reading Comprehension and Skills-Lexile 1000-1300 (Ongoing) **7th Grade and Up!

Reading With Graphic Novels: The Greek Olympians Part 2

Dungeons and Dragons: How to Dungeon Master and Basics for New DMs (DM/GM/D&D)

Exploring Addition and Spanish Camp

Pokemon Math Dojo Escape Room

Art School for Teens, Homeschool Art Class - The Elements of Art

One-On-One Private Spanish Tutoring for Beginners

Algebra I Topics for High Schoolers

Multiplication Class/ Times Tables - Ongoing

Preparing for the New School Year 1:1 Staying Organized: How to Plan and Organize in 4 Weeks

Pokémon Multiplication Memory Math Game! Summer Camp! Avoid the Summer Slide!

Animal Crossing- A Weekly Social Club

Basketball Math; Learn Math Thru Basketball! Certified Math Teacher

ETHIOPIA: History, People, Language, Arts, and Culture!

Stock Market Mathematics Masterclass With Professor Alfred

Music Theory and/or Ear Training

3rd and 4th Grade Social Studies Full Curriculum

Private Math Class 6th Grade, 7th Grade, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2

Homeschool 3rd Grade Full Curriculum: Montessori, STEM, and Project-Based (PBL)

2Xwk/60min 1-1 Tutoring/Skill-Builder W/Kaiju Theme: Learning Is Kaiju Fun!

Shoot into Space: Name Creation

Don't Believe Everything You Think: Helpful Strategies to Cope With Anxiety.

Little Notes Music and Movement Class: At the Park

Get Ready, Get Set, Get Organized!

Fun Beginner Spanish: Learn Fruit Vocabulary and Writing "I Like" Sentences

Piano Primer: Songs on the Black Keys C - Ongoing

Learning Grammar Through Games and Writing

1-1 Weekly Flute Lessons: Beginner & Intermediate

Hip-Hop Dance Class (Ongoing)

Foundational Reading 2x/Week

Virtual Reality Gaming Club: Gorilla Tag! (Meta / Oculus Quest Headset Required)

Level 6! Part 2 Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Guitalele

Piano Primer: Songs on the Black Keys A: 4-Day Crash Course

Getting Ready for Algebra! A Pre-Algebra Review Math Camp With a Licensed Math Teacher.

Single 1:1 Private ESL Class(English as a Second Language) With 5-Star Donnis B.

Water Lilies: A Monet-Inspired Watercolor Painting

Multisensory Reading and Spelling Help: Private Tutor (2x/week)

Paint Party Online for Birthdays and Any Occasions

Draw Cute Animal Ice Cream

Teen Book Study: the Fellowship of the Ring, the Lord of the Rings #1

Masterclass: Learn How to Draw People!

Rabbit, Animal Lesson and Whimsical Step-By-Step Rabbit Drawing

The Mosquito Wooden Wonder of WWII the Ultimate Multi-Role Aircraft

2nd Grade Math Full Curriculum Summer Camp Readiness: (3x a week)

Animal Crossing Chat Group

Beginning Guitar Boot Camp Level 2

Hand Sew Emoji

Algebra B Summer Review Math Camp With a Licensed Math Teacher

Algebra Summer Review Math Camp With a Licensed Math Teacher

Creative Writing: Write a Chapter Book or Book of Stories

Homeschool 2nd Grade Full Curriculum 3x a Week

2 Day Making Money from Reading: Getting Paid for Your Passion Class

Creative Writing: Become a Consistent Blogger (14-18)

Singapore Dimensions Math - Review/Preview 3rd grade- Certified Teacher

Kimyco in the Kitchen: Hey Kids, What's for Dinner?

Winter Animal Art: Icy Polar Bear Sketch

Preschool Piano - Wunderkeys 2 - Ongoing

Love to Dance_Private Ballet Classes_40 Minutes_Ongoing

English-Let’s Read Stories (Beginning Readers) (ESL Friendly) (CEFR: A1)

Paint What Is in Front of You! - Still Life Painting

Essay Writing Summer Workshop-Learn to Write Essays- For 4th-6Th Graders

Manners Matter!

6th Grade Math Lesson #1: Add & Subtract Whole Numbers & Money; Fact Families

Show and Tell en Français, in French!

The Best Tutor 4 You: Summer Pop up Special (for new students only)

Let's Design Pokémon Cards!

Book Club: National Geographic Look and Learn English Reading Club Pre-A1

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 1--Piece Protection/Overloaded Pieces

World Geography for 8-10 Year Olds : A Complete Academic Curriculum

Preschool Piano - Wunderkeys 1 - Ongoing

Algebra 1 - 8th/9th Grade Math Review Class - Camp Class - 4 Times a Week

Let's Get Social - A Social Group for Ages 9 - 12

Adventures in Theatre: A Creative Introduction to Drama

Summer Mystery: 2-Digit Addition and Subtraction With Regrouping

High 5! - The Most Basic Law of Learning!

Manners - Yes, Please!

Ongoing Musical Math: Memorize Multiplication Facts Through Songs

Nailing Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension Age 9 To 12

Let's Read Silent E Words! 5 Day Camp

Summer Kawaii Drawings: Art Club, Weekly Drawing Class

Our Planet and Climate Change Group

Creating Art Inspired by Artist Yayoi Kusama (Wolf Circus Art Studio)

Guitar or Piano One-on-One Fun Music Lesson

Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) Review & Practice Questions | Ages 5-8

Creative Writing for Teens

Scratching the Surface of Coding (Level 1)

Read and Discuss Classic Literature Club!

Self Paced Spanish 1 Semester 1 Immersion Class!

Just Mercy - Social Justice and the Law in America

"My Best Enemy! A Reading Adventure of How to Turn an Enemy Into a Friend"

Cambrian, Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Time Period Study of Dinos and More

Algebra Concepts: Integers, Exponents, and Roots (Self-Paced)

Algebra Concepts: Solving One, Two, & Multi-Step Algebra Equations (Self-Paced)

Learn to Play Ukulele, the Fun Way! - (Part 3)

3rd and 4th Grade Summer Grammar Camp Readiness

1st and 2nd Grade Fun Summer Adventures Into Weekly Grammar Readiness

Saturday Morning Stories, Waldorf Inspired Storytelling and Guided Illustration

Algebra 1 for Homeschool Students - Ongoing Class - 23/24 School Year

Public Speaking Camp

Math & Science Individual 1:1 Tutoring & Mentoring. I Can Help! You Can Do It!

Art Camp: Polymer Clay Campfire!

Korean Fairy Tales & Folklore Storytime

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