New Classes on Outschool 2021-11-21

There are 253 new classes on Outschool the week of November 21, 2021 to November 27, 2021.

Executive Functioning Skills

The Writer's Journey: Let's Write Creatively Together

Private Guitar/Ukulele Lessons (Ongoing 25-Min)

Pro-Social Skills for Children Ages 9-12 (50 Minute Class)

Pro-Social Skills for Children Ages 6-8 (50 Minute Class)

MiG 25 Foxbat the Fastest Fighter Ever

Broadway Triple Threat: Developmental Training

Study Skills

To Kill a Mockingbird - A Novel Study

Napoleon Bonaparte: Military Genius

Hannibal Barca: Military Genius

Alexander the Great: Military Genius

Genghis Khan: Military Genius

Roblox’s Royale High With Friends: Social Gaming!

Reading Tutoring with The Barton Reading and Spelling System

Let's Play Minecraft: Hide and Seek! (Bedrock Edition)

African Kingdoms and Empires between 3000BCE and 1900s

All Things Pokemon Social Club **Neurodivergent Friendly**

Advanced Middle School Science: Cell Biology

Travel the World: FLEX

Art Camp: How to Draw & Paint Cute Rainbow Animals with The Bunny Lady

Read to the Teacher One-On-One!

Christmas Art - Tis' the Season to Draw & Color a Beautiful Christmas Tree!

Read Like a Ninja - Christmas Kicks, Phonics, and Fun!

FLEX Acrylic Winter Painting Set: Create 4 Fun Art Acrylic Paintings!

Introduction to Swahili 102 of 108

Pre-Algebra Unit 3: Algebraic Equations

Are You Ready for Algebra 1? A Summer Review of Pre-Algebra Skills

Camp Fashion Drawing: Gown, Loungewear, Outdoor Wear and Beach Wear

French Quick Sketch: Draw Some of Your Favorite Things in French (1 Day / Week)

Book Club: Read Bruiser and Build Vocabulary

My Marvellous Mind! Gratitude for Well-Being and Positive Thinking Social Class for Life Skills

Adulting 101: Preparing for Independent Living

ESL One-On-One Private Tutoring With a Pennsylvania Certified English Teacher

Greek of the Week Season Three: Mythology of Gods, Beasts and Heroes

Advanced Astronomy (Flex)

Astronautics: The Science and Technology of Space (Flex)

Groovy Kids Club: Learning English Through Movement ABCs & 123s Edition

Harry Potter Book Club #4

3 X Bilingual Circle Time for Pre-K and Kindergarten (English and Chinese)

Letters and Sounds (Orton-Gillingham Approach)

Tundra Tour! Quest for the Coldest Animals!

Astrobiology: A Deeper Look (Flex)

Fun Christmas Traditions (History & Art)

Learn, Laugh, and Draw as We Learn About the History of Christmas Cards Ages 5-7

Escape the Haunted North Pole (Math Escape Room)

Private Tutoring | Critical Thinking | 1 on 1 Weekly

Nocturnal Animals - A Full School Day in 55 Minutes

Erase Santa’s Curse Escape Room (1st and Second Math Review)

Fifth Grade Math Skills - All About Decimals and Decimal Operations

Thinking on a GAP Year?

Writing Fun - How to Use Exciting Verbs in Creative Writing - Private Class

Right Start Math Level B Lesson 1-41

So You Want to Write… a Christmas Detective Story

Current Events Club

Visual Biology Beginnings: Advanced Life Science for Younger Learners

Preschool Social: Hands-On Interactive Play School With Mrs. Loren

Fossil Fun: Become a Paleontologist! Learn With Real Fossils!

Create a Bullet Journal and Learn Graphic Design Skills

Reading Skills/Level Check for Struggling Readers and Student With Dyslexia

Recycle-Building: Engineering at Home (Ages 3-6)

Let's Learn the Second Grade English Language Arts Curriculum! (2nd Grade ELA)- Creative Writing, Reading, Literature, and Grammar

Essay Sources (Flex Class): Can I Use This Website or Not?

Circle Time with Max & Jessy

Recorder for Beginners: Level One Music Flex Class

Winter Drawing Class: Welcome Winter Snow Scene Faux Calligraphy Drawing Class

Introduction to Fractions - Ongoing

Fun 1:1 Free Talk Conversational Classes for Ages 10-13

Among Us Weekly With Friends Gaming Class!

Let's Talk About Spider-Man: No Way Home

Multiplication Class: Double and Triple Digit by Single Digit - Ongoing

Multplication and Division With Ms. B, Minecraft Themed Edition

Let's Talk About The Batman (2022)

Jailbreak Weekly Roblox Social Gaming Class!

Beauty and Business Entrepreneurship (Flex)

Christmas Circle Time

Plant Biology- TEENS - FLEX

Plant Biology 102 Teens FLEX- Ages 13-17Yrs

Plant Biology 1 FLEX- 8-12Yrs

Writing Fun - How to Use Exciting Adjectives in Creative Writing - Private Class

TruFluency Kids Spanish for Low Beginner Teens (Start here) (A0/low A1)

How to Be Happy

French 101: Beginner French: Lesson 9 - Food

Game Club: Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Barbie Doll Drawing!

Game Club: Forza Horizon 5

Game Club: Halo Infinite

Stranger Things Fan Club

Kindness Challenge - Changing the World With Acts of Kindness

The Notebook: Taking Notes You Can Use (High School Edition)

The Notebook: Taking Notes You Can Use (Junior High Edition)

Early Reading Phonics Skill: Blend, Read, Spell and Play Games With CVC Words

The Notebook: Taking Notes You Can Use

Extra Arthur and Friends: 5 Day Reading Comprehension Camp

More Arthur and Friends: 5 Day Reading Comprehension Camp

Teamwork & Survival Minecraft Hangout Club - Java Edition

Curiosity Chronicles - Medieval History; Part 3

Curiosity Chronicles - Medieval History; Part 2

Explore Britain: King Henry VIII’s Hampton Court Palace

Explore Britain: Culzean Castle

Builder's Club; Weekly Minecraft Bedrock Edition

French Flex Class for Beginners: Toy Adventure!

Superhero Drawing #2: Gingerbread Heroes & Villains in a Christmas Comic

Superhero Drawing #4: Santa's Super Reindeer Flies on Christmas Eve

R Is for Reindeer

The Gingerbread Man Finds His Buttons: A Reading and Math Adventure

Invasion: Western Expansion From an Indigenous Perspective (Ages 15-18)

Private Piano Lessons - Theory, Sight Reading, Technique, & More - 25 Minutes

Disasters at Sea

Let's Explore Minecraft With Friends: Bedrock/Windows 10 Edition (Social Group)

Harry Potter Club

Invasion: Western Expansion From an Indigenous Perspective (Ages 12-16)

Invasion: Western Expansion From an Indigenous Perspective (Ages 8-12)

Dragon Days: 5 Day Reading Comprehension Camp

zCharacter Study, Creative Writing, Predictions & Trivia Using “Stranger Things”

Python Coding for G3 to G8 Students - (Ongoing)

All About Puberty! | Period Edition (FLEX)

Fifth & Sixth Grade English Language Arts Curriculum-Reading, Writing, & Grammar

Photography Club (9-12 Year Olds)

Arthur and Friends: 5 Day Reading Comprehension Camp

Spelling Camp: The Changing Rule

Semester of Middle School English Language Arts ELA With an Among Us Style Game

1:1 Tutoring: Reading, Executive Function, Auditory Skills, Brain Training 40min

The 1-1 Reading Room for Struggling Readers and/or Dyslexic Students [5]

Second Grade Interactive Writer's Notebook: Notable Narrative Writing

Python Coding & Programming Language (101/Flex)

1 Day - Draw Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon | Christmas /Hanukkah/NYE Art Party

Using Context Clues to Be the Veterinarian: Veterinary Science From the Author

1-1 Whiteboard Art Class With Nana-Bee

Private Piano Lesson for Intermediate Learners!

Explore Africa 2 - Teen FLEX

Explore Africa 2 - FLEX

Song Writers Workshop

The Tapir. A Living Fossil Who Has Poop That Spreads Seeds so We Can Eat!

Chess: Openings

Individual Fiddle Class for Beginners

20 Minute Cursive Class: Learn to Write Your Name!

Weekly Arts and Crafts Social Fun!

LIVE Online Art Class: Create a Neurographic Design

Jumping Jingle Jigs Ages 4-6

Beyond Basic Dog Training (Intermediate)

1:1 ELA (English Language and Arts) Based on Any Curriculum

Game Club: Sea of Thieves

World Geography Flex Class: Explore the World and Travel to the Seven Continents

C Is for Christmas Alphabet Book

Let's Explore Animals of the 7 Continents (FLEX)

Chess for Beginners: Introduction to Castling, and En Passant

Crochet Basics Ages 13-18

Beginner Javascript Coding and Programming : Learn by Building Mini Apps

1:1 Tutoring- Reading, Writing, Phonics - Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade

Watercolor Explorers Club

Private Singing Lessons - Voice Lessons One-On-One & Audition Prep!

You Are in Command: The Peloponnesian War 431-404 B.C.E - The Spartan Experience

Christmas Counting

Music Theory (Preparatory RCM) With Ms April.2

Draw & Paint/Color Wings of Fire Dragons Turtle Cricket Starflight Peril FLEX 14

Summer Fun and Games Circle Time for Pre-K and Kindergartners: 3X/Wk

Thanksgiving Preschool Count With Me!

Time for German 103 - Beginner to Intermediate World Languages Course: Version 1

Korean Prek Preschool Circle and Fun Storytime Native Speaker

Fun Math Class: Learning Math From Cute Animals

Zumba Kids!

Little Red Riding Hood From Around the World: 5 Day Reading Comprehension Camp

Ocean Adventures With Ms. Angie (Flex Class)

Figurative Language With Twas the Night Before Christmas

Private Mandarin Chinese Course/Tutoring (2x55 Mins Meetings/Week with a 5 Mins Break)

Frosty the Snowman Fun -Story-Kahoot -Craft-Snowball Fight With Ms. Abby

Roblox Social & Gaming Club

Adventures in Neuroscience: A Fun Exploration in How the Human Brain Works

Atom Secrets 4: Advanced Hands-On 3D Molecule Building! ( STEM / STEAM Chemistry)

Roblox Bedwars Social and Gaming Session With Coach Sam

Let's Draw, Create, and Learn About Christmas Matter! (Science & Art)

Geometry and Measurement

1-on-1 Beginner to Intermediate Japanese Classes - 15 Week Sessions

Roblox Blox Fruits Game Play and Social Club With Coach Sam

P Is for Penguins and Polar Bears

Multi-Paragraph Essay Writing for Beginners: Explanatory

Multi-Paragraph Essay Writing for Beginners: Persuasive

Chess for Beginners- Introduction to Chess Pieces

Learn About Words: The Similarities and Differences Between Words

How Things Work 2: Rube Goldberg Machines (Full Physics Curriculum Grades 4-6)

Beginner Hip Hop 2.0

Escape Room: Escape From the Villa With Multiplication Word Problems

Grammar Tales: The Mystery of the Missing Socks - A Lesson on Quotation Marks

TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion, Level 1.1, 4-6, 1x/wk

Writing & Composition for Intermediate High Level Learners of German

(FLEX Part 1) Advanced Equine Anatomy: Coloring Science & Physiology [13+ Yo]

(FLEX Part 1) Advanced Equine Anatomy: Coloring Science & Physiology [9-12Yo]

Montessori at Home: The Pink Series (FLEX Class)

Blast From the Past! History Lessons for Secondary/ KS3 Students (Ages 11-14)

Pet Photography

Mini Maestro: Flute Lessons for Beginner Level Group Ongoing

1 Time: Wonderful World of Drawing and Trivia: Safari Friends

Flex Class: The Poet's Lounge: Visual Art + Poetry = Masterpiece

Amazing Animal Facts for Peacocks

Biology Tutoring: Private One-On-One Science Tutoring for Ages 3-18

Stretch Your Sentences in 20 Minutes - Ongoing (Elementary Edition) English/Language Arts

Star Wars Snowflakes Paper Crafting and Circle Time Fun

My Very Own Reindeer

Vocabulary: Word Fun With Wordly Wise Book 4! ESL, EFL Welcome

1:1 Private Personalized Tutoring~Early Childhood Education~Ages 3 To 8

Semester Science Camp- Astronomy, Human Body, Chemistry, Ecology and Earth

The Alphabet Block: Begin to Read With Letter and Sound Recognition-Letter Tt

Fantasy Fiction Creative Writing Workshop: City of Monsters (Semester Long)

Private Piano Lessons for Ages 7-12 With Pam Irwin, MM

Virtual Reality Gaming Club: Demeo Board Game!

Marine Biology: Let's See Who Lives in the Sea (Ongoing Club)

Art - Winter Paper Snowflakes

Space Exploration Camp

Karate Meets Yoga With Sensei Helena!

Escape the Hinterlands: Nightmare Before Christmas Virtual Room

(FLEX) Amazing Arctic Animals | Arctic Fox, Polar Bear, Arctic Hare, Narwhal

Happy Birthday to YOU: Custom Virtual Birthday Party With Teacher Jessie

Beginner Tap

Anthropology 101: Exploring Culture!

Vocabulary: Word Fun With Wordly Wise Book 3! ESL, EFL Welcome!

Intermediate Video Game Coding Club - Ongoing

Do You Want to Paint a Snowman?

Little Bakers: Magical Cooking (Recipe Set 2) FLEX

Let's Hang Out! The "Making Friends" Social Group

Let's Practice Speaking English! (Mini Session) 1:1 ESL Tutoring Lessons 一对一学英语

Deductive Detective Skills: Solve the Mystery

Soft Pastel Snowman

Automotive 101- Curriculum Based Semester Courses for the Beginner

Homeschool Mentorship

Writing Seven Stories in Seven Weeks FLEX Class

Australian Safari. Explore the Continent and Learn About Many Cool Animals FLEX

Asian Safari. Explore the Continent of Asia and Learn Many Cool Animals! FLEX

English ELA Vocabulary: Word Fun with Wordly Wise Book 2! ESL, EFL Welcome!

Reading and Comprehension for Grades 1 - 4

Learn Guitar for Beginners + 10 Page Student Workbook

NewBie Guitar Class + Student 10-Page Workbook

Little Bakers: Magical Cooking (Recipe Set 1) FLEX

1:1 Private English Tutoring- Ongoing English Creative Writing, Reading, Paragraph Writing, Grammar Class

ESL EFL Conversation Club for Teens

1:1 English Conversation Practice (Weekly) 练习口语 ESL

ESL Tutoring: Practice Your English Skills for Ages 3-18

How to Draw: Pusheen the Cat as Food Part 2 (Part 1 Not Required) | Art Class

All About the Tarsier. His Eyes Are so Big Each Eye Weighs More Than His Brain!

Super Mario Memory Math Game: Introduction to Fractions! Lets-A-Go!

Holiday Paper Snowflake Craft and STEM Fun

Sight Words, Phonics and Decodable Reading for K - Gr. 2

Ongoing: Make Great Videos In Less Than One Hour! (iMovie Desktop or Laptop) 9-12yo

The Laws of Thermodynamics

Dungeons and Dragons: Study Magic at Strixhaven University

Baking: Blueberry Scones!

The Vocabulary of Art

Advanced Astronomy

Holiday Songs: Jingle Bells on the Violin or Viola

Exploring Space - Beyond the Planets!

FLEX CLASS: Painting in Perspective: Looking up From Below

Essay Writing : Let's Take Our Writing Ability From High School to University

MiG 15 the Soviet Revolutionary Fighter Jet

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