New Classes on Outschool 2021-11-28

There are 311 new classes on Outschool the week of November 28, 2021 to December 4, 2021.

African-American History Month for Elementary: Innovators in STEM FLEX

Learn to Draw Magnificent Horses Weekly Lessons!

Draw Dragon "How to Train Your Dragon" Inspired Dragon Cloudjumper Stormcutter

Snowman Crafts

Christmas Art - What's Up Christmas Penguin - Drawing & Watercolor Painting!

Christmas Art - Santa's Coming Drawing and Watercolor Painting!

High School Acting Class

Amazing Animals: Cheetah Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Video Game Coding Club, Level 1 - Flex Course

Book Club - Little House #6 - Life During the Long Winter

1:1 Creative Writing Winter Workshop

Learn American Sign Language (ASL) Vocabulary - 1X Each Week - Ongoing Ages 4-6

Chilly Unicorn Drawing & Painting

iPad Digital Drawing for Beginners 101 Using Sketches School App (Part 1)

Focused ELA Tutoring Practice Using Spectrum Workbook (Grades 1-3)

L Family Blends: Reading and Spelling Practice

Elephants, Elephants & More Elephants! - Animal Science

Cooking: Christmas Winter Holiday Baking: Make Hot Cocoa Chocolate Bombs!

Haiku. Can You?

Let's Practice Speaking English! 1:1 ESL Tutoring Lessons (50 mins) 一对一学英语

Junior Paleontologists Club (Fossils, Dinosaurs, and Ancient Sharks)

Today We, Learn the Ukulele!

Individual ELL / ESL / ELA English Lessons With Grace

Madlibs: Funny Elf Stories

Wonderful Winds - Beginning Recorder and Tin Whistle Part 3

Private Guided Reading Lessons II

Pencil Drawing Figures With Lines and Shading

Gamecon Pokemon Hybrid Challenge Open-Ended Mashup Drawing

Elementary Physical Science - Forces That Affect Everything on Earth

Getting Ready To Celebrate Kwanzaa - Pre-Teens/Teens 10-14

Physical Geology: Exploring the World Around Us

Review Parts of Speech With Christmas Madlibs

Marine Life Trivia With Kahoot

Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos a D&D 5e Adventure in a College for Wizards

Spanish Crafting and Conversation Time in Spanish (Class Taught in Spanish) Spanish Immersion

Grade 4 Singapore Dimensions Math - Book A- Certified Teacher -SMALL GROUP

Spiderman : Spidey & His Amazing Dance Party : Fun Fitness Dance Workout

Delve into the Roaring Twenties with The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Pop-Up Books and Black/African Women (Ages 7-12)

U.S Geography Camp (Ages 10-12)

1-1: Private Math Help and Practice - 25 Minutes

Elementary Weather Science: You Can Be a Meteorologist!

Anime Art Class: Drawing Anime and Manga Eyes With Proportions for Beginners.

Narnia Book Club: Prince Caspian

Engaging Book Club: Percy Jackson & the Olympians (Book 1)

ASL Camp (Ages 10-14)

Let's Draw A Chibi Self Portrait

Jeopardy! Fun and Challenging Math Competition Problems (Grade 1-2)

Creative Photography Club

Herpetology Explorers Club: Reptiles and Amphibians

Flex Class - 6th-8th Grade Art: Create Your Own Comic, Manga, Graphic Novel

One-On-One Modern Calligraphy Class

Spanish for Intermediates (B1)

Anime Drawing Class: Drawing an Anime/Manga Person Step by Step for Beginners.

Anime Drawing Club: Drawing Anime and Manga Persons Step by Step for Beginners.

Make 4 Kinds of Cake Pops!

Let's Get Cooking: Ongoing Breakfast Cooking Class and Conversation

Show & Tell Wednesday: Your Pets! Drop in Class

Birdwatching Explorers Club

(FLEX) Hands-On Math - Basic Division | 3rd Grade & 4th Grade

One-on-One, Private British History With a UK Teacher

One-On-One Guitar Lessons (Multi-Day)

High School Spanish I Quarter 3

Winter Wonderland of Math:Puzzles Designed Around the Magic of the Season (9-11)

3D-Modeling Camp: A Blender Crash Course for Beginners!

Read a Dinosaur Story and Write

Christmas Special - Make a Reindeer Dash Game on Scratch 3.0

Christmas Special - Make a Santa Roll Platform Game on Scratch 3.0

Drawing Mythical Creatures From History

Animal Psychology: Critical Thinking

Daily Nature Journaling Activity and Learning Circle Time

Paint a Snowy Winter Landscape With Me!

Advanced Ancient Greek Mythology and Archaeology: The Underworld and After-Life

Waldorf Archetype Tree Study for Middle/High School

Drawing Xmas Themed Anime/Manga and Chibi Persons Step by Step for Beginners

How to Excel....with Microsoft Excel !

Winter Break Third Grade Book Club Camp: The Christmas Pig by J.K. Rowling

Waldorf Gnomes and Elves Library Class

Rhyme Time Today, Come on Let's Play. We'll Make up a Poem and Say It Your Way.

Learn Your Way! One on One Individualized Tutoring and Enrichment

All About Tornados. A Whirlwind of Facts That Will Make Your Head Spin!

Private Preschool Tutoring Ongoing

Contemporary Art Around the World

FLEX Drawing 3-D Letters

Christmas Story Time - Polar Express in Our PJs!

Escape Room Club: 10 Minecraft Escape Rooms

The "Where" Reading Program (3rd and 4th Grade): Part 2

3D Shading Techniques! Draw Value & Depth by Sketching a Sphere

Bulgaria - Culture and History

Wildlife Science: Arctic Wolves

Pride and Prejudice Literature Study

Math Club: I Love Multiplication / First to Third Grade

Day Camp: Multiplication Math Fun Facts - Learn Beyond Memorizing.

Let's-A-Learn! Mario Memory Math Club!

Amazing Animals: Penguin Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

FLEX: 5th Grade Math Unit 4 (Operations with Fractions)

Amazing Animals: Bunny Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Drawing the Great Skyline of Dallas With Pencils

Learn to Draw Simple Christmas Art (Candy Canes, Reindeer, and More)

Private Art Lesson, Ongoing: Exploring Drawing and Painting 1:1

Creating Comics!

FLEX: 5th Grade Math Unit 3 (Operations with Decimals)

(FLEX) Name That State and Capital With Virtual Games

Talk About Colors and Animals in Chinese - Big Kids

Lets Draw Your Favourite Characters From: Demon Slayer, MHA, Sailor Moon, Naruto

Beginning Pre-Algebra - Basic Equations and Operations

Deductive Detectives Skills: Solve the Mystery

Critical Thinking and Philosophy: Ongoing Weekly (8-13 Pre-Teens)

My Earth Worm Teacher

My Hercules Beetle Teacher

Christmas Nutcracker Watercolor Painting Fun!

Christmas Candle Watercolor Fun!

Book Club - Little House #2 - Farmer Boy

Learning English Through Story Telling

Anime Art Club: Drawing Anime and Manga Eyes With Proportions for Beginners

ESL One-On-One English Tutoring (Ages 10-18)

ESL One-On-One English Tutoring (Ages 3-10)

Weekly Horse Judging Clinic

1:1 Private English Language Arts Tutoring (ELA) -Reading, Writing, Grammar

Introduction to Acting: Live Course With an Award-Winning Actor

1st Grade Math Club

Anime Art Club: Drawing Anime and Manga Characters' Portrait.

Spanish 2 Semester 2- Grammar/ Conversation (Middle/High School)

Stress-Free Chess Camp: Tricks, Traps, and Tactics for Chess Players

Private, One on One Fashion Design and Sketching (One Time Class)

Nikoniko Nihongo 1 : 「あいさつ」 Greeting Japanese for Beginners: Ages 4/5 (Kinder)

Learning Letters and Sounds With Cars, Trucks, and Other Vehicles-Part 1(1 X per Week)

"Alice in Wonderland": Down the Rabbit Hole for Teens

The Amazing: Hammerhead Shark!

Law School for Teens - Supreme Court Cases

Camp Universe - Telescope Kit Included

This Is Sparta: Home to the Fearless Spartans

Disney Dance Workout For Kids: Music and Movement with Minnie Mouse

Mind Your Own Art: Expressive Arts for Teens (Age 13-17)

Learn With Ms. Price: Bookworm Book Club - Bring a Book to Share + Get New Book Ideas From Friends!

Preschool Dance Class

High School Chemistry - Honors: Full Year Curriculum Part 2 of 2 - Semester 2

Map & Compass 101 + Triangulation: Find Your Way When Your Phone Dies (FLEX)

Painting with Acrylics Together: Nature! Animals, Plants, and Landscapes

Algebra 1: Solving and Graphing Compound Inequalities

Nikoniko Nihongo 1 : 「あいさつ」 Greeting Japanese for Beginners: Ages 7~9

Introduction to Latin Course VIII

Sight Word and Beginner Sentence Reading-Preschool/Kindergarten

Ghost Stories: Paranormal Folklore, Myths, and Urban Legends Social Club

Improving Reading Comprehension & Breaking Standardized Test Barriers(4th & 5th)

Out of This World! Back to School Space Camp (Part 1)

French Immersion Camp - Intermediate I and II

French Camp - Beginner I and II (7-10)

French Camp - Beginner I and II

1:1 Russian Language Tutoring (All Levels)

Elementary Intermediate Spanish ~ Part 6 (6 of 9)

1:1 Private Reading Tutoring-Everything English Language Arts- Longer Session

Private Tutoring 1:1 - With a Licensed Teacher

Let's Write: Ongoing English Writing Course Full Curriculum B2+ CEFR

Chibi Animals~ Illustrate the Most Adorable Art !

ASL Beginner's Course: Learn to Communicate in American Sign Language

Space Mission 1: Astronomy, Astronauts & Space Exploration-3 Week Summer Course

Private 15 Minute Weekly Session Guitar, Ukulele, U-Bass, Harmonica, or Banjo

Practice Grammar: Basic Parts of Speech Mad Lib Style

All About Whales. You'll Have a Whale of a Good Time Learning Cool Facts Today!

Waldorf Inspired Morning Circle With Miss Feather! (Ages 4 To 5)

Math: Adding & Subtracting Integers

Camp Cretaceous & Jurassic World Fans Unite

Weekly Solfege - Learn to Sight Read Your Favorite Songs (Lots of Disney Music!)

Birds and Flowers Club with Teacher John! Plus Nature and Plants

Snakes, Snakes and More Snakes!!!

Football's Greatests

Urdu Tutoring

Camp Science: Geology, Astronomy, Meteorology and More!

Book Club: Charlotte’s Web by EB White (FLEX)

FLEX: Pokémon and Baby Yoda Christmas and New Year's Eve Art

Travel to Barcelona, Spain: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Christmas Special - Make Christmas Greeting Cards in Python

Christmas Camp - Make Christmas Greeting Cards in Python (5 times for One week)

Semester-Long US Social Studies (GED Aligned)

Twice a Week Cursive!

Individualized, Writing/Reading Comprehension Tutoring

LGBT+ History Through Media (Flex)

Learn Math Through Sonic

Readers Are Leaders: Reading Comprehension

Public Speaking for Kids - Private Tutoring with a TED Speaker

Bored Genius: Gifted Enrichment [Critical Thinking, Creativity, Social Skills]

High School Chemistry: Mini-Course 2- Light & Electrons

Merry Christmas, Splat the Cat! Story Time and Craft With Teacher Dianne

Best and Brightest: Reading Comprehension Flex Class

Exploring the Ocean - Oceanography Fun Facts Flex

Algebra 1: Rewriting Multi-Variable Equations

Algebra 1: Absolute Value Equations

FLEX: 5th Grade Math Unit 2 (Operations with Whole Numbers)

Readers are Leaders: Reading Comprehension Flex Class

Let's Make Minecraft YouTube Videos

Stress-Free Chess Camp: Learn to Play Chess Quickly for Complete Beginners (5-8)

Best and Brightest: Reading Comprehension

Small Group Tutoring: Reading, Phonics, & Fluency

Grammar, Semester 1 (Part 4 of 4) 3rd-5th Grade (English, Grammar)

Grammar, Semester 1 (Part 4 of 4) 6th-8th Grade (English, Grammar)

Crimes of Communism: An Intro to a Century of Human Rights Violations

Adulting in the Real World: A Class on Managing Your Homespace- Groceries

Wild Animal Adventure: Bats the Mammals of the Sky

Private Art Lesson, One Time: Exploring Drawing and Painting 1:1

TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion, Level 1.1, 7-11, 1/wk

Amazing Animals: Giraffe Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Explore Britain: Buckingham Palace

Explore Britain: Dunure Castle

Let's Create a Christmas Santa and Reindeer! Polymer Clay Art Sculpting

Adulting in the Real World: A Class on Managing Your Homespace- Laundry

Harmonica Lessons, the Ins & Outs

Adulting in the Real World: A Class on Managing Your Homespace- Living Spaces

"A World Tour...on the Cello!"

Adulting in the Real World: A Class on Managing Your Homespace- Bathroom Care

Adulting in the Real World: A Class on Managing Your Homespace- Kitchen Care

4 Science Experiments in a Jar (Flex)

Supply Chain Geography: How Everything From Products to Pandemics Reaches Us

Winter Wonderland of Math: Puzzles Designed Around the Magic of the Season (5-8)

4 Day - Draw Dragons! | Sketching and Art Camp

Orange Stars in an Autumn Sky

Public Speaking for Teens: Writing & Delivering an Effective Speech (Ongoing)

Comprehension Comparisons With Ramona and Billy

Financial Literacy: Private Tutoring

Current Events in Space Technology and Rocket Launches As They Happen (Semester) 14-18yo

Current Events in Space Technology and Rocket Launches As They Happen (Semester) 10-14yo

Pods: Phonics and Science of Reading Unit 2: CVC Words (SOR)

Genshin Impact Ongoing Club: Co-Op Play and Social Hour for Younger Players

American Sign Language: Christmas Signs

Private Piano Lessons - 50 Minutes, Any Level, Scheduled and Ongoing

Story Writing Club (Age 9-13)

Christmas Ghost Stories

Wild Animal Science: Lions of Africa (Ages 8-10)

Book Club: "The Mysterious Benedict Society" by Trenton Lee Stewart

Beginner Morse Code 4 Week: Learn To Send Secret Critical Messages Like Pilots From World War II (FLEX) 8-13yo

All Kids Are on The Nice List - Share What Makes You So Great!

Christmas Story Time - How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Building With Bricks Introduction to STEAM Challenges

1:1 Preschool/Kindergarten Math Tutoring

Art History 101: For Kids (Ages 11-15)

1 Day - Paint a Snowy Winter Landscape | Acrylic Painting Christmas Hanukkah NYE

1:1 Tutoring in Reading: Letters, Phonics, Sight Words and Comprehension

Homeschool Middle School English Language Arts: World Literature, Section 3

Biology Advanced Vet / Veterinary Science 7 (13-18 Yrs) Animal Case Studies

English Language Arts Tutoring Ongoing

Astronomy for Big Kids: The Phases of the Moon

U.S State Capitals: Blooket Edition

Creative Writing: A Step by Step Approach to the 5 Paragraph Research Essay

Organizing Time & Tasks: Learn 4 Different Systems for Time Management

Fashion Sketching….Create Your Own Fashion Model Each Week (7-12 year olds)

Let's Make Dinner! Cooking and Baking Dinner Recipes for Young Chefs! (Flex)

3rd Grade Math (3rd Quarter, Twice a Week)

3rd Grade Math (3rd Quarter)

2nd Grade Math (3rd Quarter)

Careers in Criminal Justice. It's Not a Crime to Learn Which Job Suits You Best

1st Grade Math (3rd Quarter)

Winter Watercolors - Ice Skating (Ages 6-11)

Fractions, Decimals, Percents... Oh My! FLEX Version

Draw It: Cozy Penguin

Music Production for Beginners FLEX Camp

Private Lessons: Charcoal Drawing

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas! Story Time and Art With Teacher Dianne

Fun with Fractals! - The Sierpinski Triangle

One-On-One Guitar Lessons (Ongoing)

Winter Break Dance Party: Let it Snow

Adventures in Critical Thinking: Learning Critical Thinking Skills

Invention Course: Brainstorm, Research, Prototype and Build! (STEM/STEAM)

Miss Lydia's Sewing Club for All Skill Levels

1:1 Reading Comprehension and Fluency (Choose your level Grades K-5) - Certified Teacher

Language Arts Private Tutoring for Middle School

Singapore Dimensions Math Grade 4 -Multiplication Unit

Woman in Astronomy: Annie Jump Cannon

From Zeus to Aphrodite: Greek and Roman Mythology

Biology - Advanced Vet /Veterinary Science 7 Case Studies (8-12 Yrs)

Kids Learn Italian With a Native Speaker - Words, Sentences, Fun! - Ages 4-7

Draw a Girls Face & Learn How to Draw Different Hair Styles, Manga/Anime Style.

Learn to Sing Like a Disney Princess!

The House on Mango Street - A Novel Study

Private Tutoring with a Certified Teacher

Blue Belt Level One

Learn to SING POP With Disney Descendants!

Gymnastics: Bridge Kickovers

FLEX: Multi-Paragraph Writing Unit Study With Animal Focus

Beginner Juggling Camp: Learn to Juggle and Impress All of Your Friends 9-12yo

Horses Alive! All About the Domesticated and Wild Horse With Drawing Activity!

Ravens Alive! All About the Raven With Art Activity!

Lynx Alive! All About the Lynx Cat With Art Activity

Axolotl Alive! All About the Axolotl With Drawing Activity!

Animal Adventure: Meet Polar Bears, Learn Science & Make Polar Bear Art!

Waldorf Inspired Art; Weekly Club for Young Artists

Math Tutoring 3 Days a Week

Algebra 1 Ongoing with a Licensed Math Teacher

Careers in Forensic Science (with LABS!) FLEX - Career Exploration

How Does the Human Body Work? Hands-On Biology and Anatomy Class

Childhood in History

One-On-One Personalized Reading & Phonics Tutoring

Learn Guitar Acoustic or Electric, You Pick!

All About Spelling Level Three: Steps 14-20

Pre-K/Kindergarten Complete Curriculum: English, Math, Science, Circle Time

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw Elf Legs!

English: ELA: Vocabulary: Word Fun with Wordly Wise Book 5! ESL, EFL Welcome!

Smart Money 2: A Continuation of Counting Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters

Fantastic Phonics: Vowel Teams (-Ew, -Eu, -Aw, -Au)

Coding With Minecraft - Multi-Day Beginner Coding FUN!

Help Is on the Way! 1:1 Reading/Math Tutor for Students K-5 (50 Minutes)

Tolkien's Inspirations and Writings of Middle Earth

"Your World. Your Way." 10th Grade World Literature (Semester 2)

U.S. Geography Trivia: Blooket Style

Let's Read! Fun Stories for Practice and Comprehension

Elementary Level French! Les Loustics 2 - French for Foreigners A1 Unit 5

1:1 Tutoring

Christmas: The Polar Express Story & Dough 30 Minute Get-Together

Cute Animal Drawing Class (Part3 Safari Animals - Flex Class)

Unsolved Mystery: The Case of the Missing Candy Canes!

Christmas Party Fun for Everyone!

Thanksgiving Fun With a Story and Craft

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