New Classes on Outschool 2021-11-14

There are 385 new classes on Outschool the week of November 14, 2021 to November 20, 2021.

Use Mentor Poems to Read, Analyze, and Write Poetry (Mentor Poem: I am Offering)

Beat the Clock Jr (Ages 5-8): Ongoing Bedroom Cleaning and Quick Tidy-Up Club

Use Mentor Poems to Read, Analyze, and Write Poetry (Mentor Poem: I Wandered...)

Use Mentor Poems to Read, Analyze, and Write Poetry (Mentor Poem: I Remember)

Use Mentor Poems to Read, Analyze, and Write Poetry (Mentor Poem: A Musical)

Pre-Algebra (Math Camp Part 1)

Use Mentor Poems to Read, Analyze, and Write Poetry (Mentor Poem: A Jelly-Fish)

Christmas Holiday Art Collection

Academic Writing Essentials: How to Write Essays, Research Papers, and More

Renewable Energy: Solar, Hydro, and Wind Power

Write an Outstanding College Essay with 1-on-1 Coaching (Single Session)

Academic Words ACT / SAT Vocabulary, Prefixes, Suffixes - Comprehension Practice

Adopt Me Roblox Gaming Fun With Friends! (Smaller/Advanced Group)

Mycology Research Part 1: Research & Discuss Fungi Around the World! (12-17)

Christmas Drawing: Dog and Cat Fireside Nap

The Three Little Pigs- Comprehension & Grammar- ESL Friendly

Princess and Unicorn Fun! Story, Song, Letters, Games and Shape Castle Craft

Private English Tutoring (Ages 4-9)

3x/wk Small Group Preschool, Pre-K, & Kindergarten Circle Time & Full Curriculum

2x/wk Small Group Preschool, Pre-K, & Kindergarten Circle Time & Full Curriculum

American Government: "We the People... " Overview of the US Constitution

Philosophy and Intellectual History Discussions

FLEX - Countdown to Christmas Unit Study - Writing/Reading

Drawing Class - Elements of Art (Ages 10-15)

Geometry In Depth Course with a Licensed Math Teacher

Algebra 2 in Depth Course with a Licensed Math Teacher

Roald Dahl Book Club: Read All Your Favorite Roald Dahl Books With Me Each Week!

Virtual Astronomy & Space Academy

Artwork of the Week: 52 Weeks of Art Year 2

Skills For Friendships (Students With Autism)

Friendship Skills (Students With Autism)

The Science of Science Fiction

Book Talk: The Outsiders

1 on 1 Graphic Logo Design Class 2: GIMP (a free Photoshop Alternative) 10-15yo

45 min Math Tutoring One-on-One Personalized Classes 4th,5th ,6th, 7th, Ongoing

Create a Digital Valentine Day Card With Canva.

Beginner Guitar and Some Singing Small Group Weekly Meetup Learn New Tunes

Year-Long World and Land Geography: 23 Weeks Around the World!

Roblox With Friends: Let's Play Brookhaven/Livetopia! (Social Gaming Class)

Middle School French! Adomania. French for Foreigners A1 - Étape 4

Draw Christmas Squishmallows! - Art Class

What Can You See in Winter? Story Time Reading and Art With Teacher Dianne

Epic Adventures Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons Extended Adventures

Help the Elf Escape Santa’s Workshop :Escape Room

Waldorf Nap or Bedtime Story Time: FLEX

Color Your Cookies! How to Decorate With Royal Icing

Flute 101 - Part VI - Review Scales, Arpeggios and Songs (Finish the Book)

Private Tutoring: Let's Learn to Read

Language Learner Lingo ESL/EFL/Reading 1:1 Tutoring

Piggy | Roblox Gaming Club

Handmade Artisan Candles: Ages 4-9 #Creative #Candlecrafting#Waldorf

Adopt Me Roblox Gaming: Free Eggs for All Enrolled Weekly Plus Bonus Spin Prize!

Simplifying Fractions

How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Story Time and Craft

Geography: Introduction to Why Rivers Bring Life to Farms and Cities

Novel Study: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Fun With Watercolor Painting: A Beautiful Blue Whale

Learning How to Type & Typing Accuracy Games

Time to Play Among Us, Socialize and Make New Friends (5-10)

Hide and Seek - Animals and Their Cool Camouflage: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Situation Creative Writing Prompts

Settling Planet Earth -- Early Migrations in World History

Romeo and Juliet Reading and Discussing Shakespeare: Flexible Schedule

Gardening - Grow Your Own Food and More

Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty: Book Study with Teacher Rebecca

Tigers, Tigers & More Tigers! - Animal Science

Writing a Letter to Santa-In French

Mandarin Chinese Course/Tutoring - Siblings-Only (2x25 Minutes Meetings per Week)

League of Legends Hangout and Fan Club With Coaching

45 Minute Private Tutoring for English and Essay Writing!

Summer Camp for Mathematicians: Preparing for Algebra 1 Math

Summer Camp for Mathematicians: Preparing for Geometry Math

Summer Camp for Mathematicians: Preparing for Algebra 2 Math

Become Amazing Characters! Drama Club for The Teen Performing Artist

Swedish Baked Goods

Chat, Socialize, Play Games, & Make Friends! Weights, Shakes, & Mug Cakes Group

Alice in Wonderland Novel Study

Dorot Bookclub: The Diary of a Young Girl - Anne Frank

Kidstart Suzuki Flute in 10 Easy Classes!

Winter Wonderland: Arctic and Antarctic Animals (FLEX)

Our Five Senses and How They Work

Make Your Own Amiibo Cards! Animal Crossing New Horizons! Spring & Summer Fun

Christmas Around the World Bingo Celebration

Epic Adventures Minecraft Simplified Dungeons and Dragons

History Game Show: World War 2 Overview

Kindergarten Art: Session 2

Cooking and Baking for Kids - Easy Pumpkin Pie Recipe - Live Class

Beginners Cursive Handwriting 2x Per Week

Emotion Christmas Bingo

Beginning Spanish Language - For Ages 4 - 7

Chanukah Fluting Time!

Sonic the Hedgehog Discussion Class (Ages 9-14)

One-On-One Private Tutoring: English, Writing, and Reading 25 Minute Sessions

One-On-One Private Tutoring: English, Writing, and Reading 55 Minute Sessions

One on One Voice Lessons for the Beginner and Intermediate Teen

ESL (English as a Second Language) Level 2 Course With Teacher Daria

ESL (English as a Second Language) Level 1 Course With Teacher Daria

ESL (English as a Second Language) Level 5 Course With Teacher Daria

ESL (English as a Second Language) Level 4 Course With Teacher Daria

ESL (English as a Second Language) Level 3 Course With Teacher Daria

Epic Adventures Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons

Paper Sculpture

Creative Writing: Wings of Fire Level Three

ESL (English as a Second Language) Club (Intermediate) Ongoing- 2/Times a Week

ESL (English as a Second Language) Club -Beginners Ongoing 2/Times a Week

Grammar Tales: Rosie's Walk With Prepositions

Scratch Coding Semester 2 - Beginner Level Focused on Game Design

Read, Write and Draw

1:1 Private Ongoing Class: Creating Stop-Motion or Claymation Movies (Ages 6-18)

Zentangle Art

Puffy Porcupine of the Sea: All About Pufferfish

Private 1:1 Personalized Spanish Lessons With Native Speaker Ms. Makay!

Play and Learn in Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg Advanced Builders (Ages 11-13)

Cute Chibi Princess Drawing Club -- Frozen 2 Elsa (One-Time)

Sticky, Tricky Bug Eating Plants: Venus Flytrap, Cape Sundew, and Pitcher Plants

The Penderwicks Book Club 4: The Penderwicks in Spring

Learn Grammar With Mad Libs (Elementary Edition) English/Language Arts

Lets Code With Scratch!!!

All About Whales. An Ocean of Information on These Amazing Creatures!

Roll a History Check: D&D Bullet Journal

Writing a Friendly Letter to Santa Claus (Will Your Letter Be Naughty or Nice?)

Five Little Snowmen: A Fingerplay and Craft

Five Little Penguins: A Fingerplay and Craft

Animals of Anime! Lets Draw Some Fun Anime Animals (Flex Bundle Version)

ALIEN RPG D&D 101: Operation Golden Dragon, an intro adventure

Draw Winter Penguins by Draw So Cute

Twisted Chemistry: Explore the Explosive Science of Fireworks

Treasure Hunt Show and Share: Seasons and Colours

Christmas Special Camp - Make Your Own Christmas Games on Scratch 3.0

ASL Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Write Something! Sentence Starters and Structure

Easy Essay Template: 3 Steps to Writing Excellent Essays

FLEX: 5th Grade Math Unit 1 (Number Sense)

Korean Language and Culture Club

Let’s Visit the…Tower of London!

Beginner Piano Lessons: Level 2 (Flex)

6th Grade Math: Semester 2

Art History Painting Club: Inspiration & Creativity

Tiny Princess Ballet

Rounding Whole Numbers and Decimals

Primus Science: Physical Science - Chemistry & Labs - Grades 5,6,7

Primus Summer Camp: Science Camp - Chemistry & Physics+Labs

French Immersion Beginner: Conversation

Korean Pronunciation and Reading Practice + Vocabulary! - Ongoing

Korean Culture! - Ongoing

Rational Numbers: Multiplying and Dividing Positive and Negative Fractions and Decimals

Design and Animate Your Own Holiday Card Using Scratch

Once a Week Private 1:1 ESL/ELA Tutoring (Reading, Writing, Phonics) Ages 7-12

Fondant for Beginners: Christmas Decorations

Learning to Read: CVC Words/Word Families, Silent E, and R-Controlled Vowels

Winter Break Camp Division Trivia With Kahoot

Island (An Unofficial Druidawn® Sidekick Adventure CAMP)

Directed Writing and Drawing for Kindergarten

Paper Quilling Ongoing Class

Marvel Blooket Game

Symmetry & Lines of Symmetry

Book Club: Nancy Drew #1 The Secret of the Old Clock

Christmas Special Camp - Create Your Christmas Games on Scratch Jr. (5 Days a Week, 1 Week)

So You Want to Be a….Dairy Farmer!

Procreate: Watercolor 101

Basic Horse Anatomy and Common Horse Terminology (8-12)

Tsunamis & Hurricanes. Learn How They Form & What They Are at Lightning Speed!

Algebra I for the Exceptional Learner Units 5-8

ESL Math: Reading Large Numbers

Scratch Coding for Kids (on-Going)

Math Talks: Building Number Sense and Confidence Through Number Talks

Preschool Animal Math - Dogs, Mice, Sheep & Ducks - FLEX

Learn Typing-Advanced Level (Flex Class)

Learn Typing-Intermediate Level (Flex Class)

Learn Typing-Beginning Level (Flex Class)

Meet Mrs. Claus and Make a Craft! — Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments

Memorization as Easy as Walking Around a Car: Poetry Memorization

Memorizing Easy as Walking Around Your Bedroom: Poetry Memorization for Tweens

One-On-One Tutoring for Business, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Etc

Positive Self Talk Affirmations & Mindfulness With Writing & Journaling

Level 2 Back to School - CVCe Magic e/ Slight e Long Vowels Reading Camp with Sensory Sight words Writing, Show and Tell & More! (Kindergarten/First Grade/ ESL/ ELL Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall)

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy: Nutcracker Beginning Ballet Class

Social Club - Minecraft (Ages 6 - 8)

Private Voice Lessons

What's for Dinner? #22 (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

All About Puberty! | Estrogen + Testosterone Edition (Intermediate FLEX)

1:1 Math Tutoring (30 Min, 1x per Week)

Global History Club (Ongoing)


U.S. Civics for Middle School - U.S. Politics & Current Events - Unit 4 of 4

U.S. Civics for Middle School - U.S. Economy, Banking, & Taxes - Unit 3 of 4

U.S. Civics for Middle School - U.S. Law & Criminal Justice - Unit 2 of 4

U.S. Civics for Middle School - U.S. Constitution & Government - Unit 1 of 4

Mcguffey Primer: Lessons 12-20 (Revised Secular Edition)

World War II: The Eastern Front

Preschool Animal Math 100% in Spanish - Perros, Ratones, Ovejas y Patos - FLEX

Winter Spanish Fun - Christmas Trees, Snowmen, Hot Chocolate and More - FLEX

US Geography Challenge: Blooket Style

Beginners German 102 (SEMESTER COURSE) Middle, High School & College Prep

Summer of Spanish Camp - Middle/High School

Learn How to Compose Your Own Song! - Music Theory 101 for Teens

Book Club for Adventurous Readers: The Wheel on the School

Skunk and Badger: A Literature Circle Book Study for Elementary Ages

Candy Colored Turkey Nail Art: Easy as 1-2-3! (Very Beginner Friendly)

Making Quiche: Broccoli, Sausage, and Cheddar

Let's Sign Together: Signing Class for Beginners

Dream SMP Fan Club

Mindfulness and Process Art

Book Club With a Variety of Chapter Books 8-12 Year Olds

Writing the Worlds You Imagine - Camp

Be Vocabulary Wise With Wordly Wise Grade Six Part Two

Be Vocabulary Wise With Wordly Wise Grade Three Part Two

Edgar Allan Poe, the Raven - Reading and Discussion of a Spooky/Iconic Author!

Let's Talk & Play: Bingo/ Tic Tac Toe Game Class

Revenge of the Gingerbread Man (Ages 9-12)

Bingo/ Tic Tac Toe Game: Have You Ever Eaten Chocolate Grasshoppers?

English Speaking Class: 1-On-1 Bingo/ Tic Tac Toe Game (Private Class)

Biology Learn About the Horse! Intro to Equine Science (13-17)

Revenge of the Gingerbread Man (Ages 8-10) Escape Room

5-6 Competition Math: Advanced Middle School Problems from AMC 8 (Ongoing)

Conservationist in Training

Speak and Play in French for Little Learners A1 (Ages 4-7)

Beginner French A1 (on-Going, Read, Write, Grammar, Oral)

7th Grade Math Review and Games!

Making Words 2nd 3rd Grade Spelling | A Proven Approach to Strengthen Spelling & Decoding

"I Survived the American Revolution, 1776" Book Club

Spanish Bilingual Transportation Circle Times - Airplane, Train, Car, Boat FLEX

Christmas Drawing Club - Learn to Draw a Christmas Tree, Reindeer, Santa & More!

Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Orange Belt

Checkmate! - Weekly Chess Club

Intermediate French B1- Level 1 (on-Going, Read, Write, Grammar, Oral)

Advanced Beginner French Conversation Club A1 (On-Going, Ages 8-12)

Show and Tell Time!

ESL Free Talk

Art Club: For Cartoonists, Animators, Comic Makers and Game Designers!

Let's Create a Fantasy Mythical AXOLOTL DRAGON! Polymer Clay Art Sculpting

Drawing Dinosaurs (Plesiosaurus, Triceratops, & Megalodon)

Vocabulary Escape Room Challenge

Pokemon Trainer Drawing: Build Your Team With Kawaii Chibi Pokemon #1

Algebra I for the Exceptional Learner Units 1-4

Escape Room Challenge ~ Pirate Treasure

Music & Sound in Scratch - Code and Compose Music With Scratch Programming

Climb a Ladder to Adventures With the Magic Tree House Book Club and Teacher Dianne

Beginners Cursive Handwriting: Lowercase Letters

Let's Meet Some Musical Instruments - With Miss Pam

The Crypto Club - Preparing Kids for a Digital Financial Future

Art History - The Thanksgiving Tradition Through Its Many Voices & Art, 1:1

The Process of Making Movie Magic - On-Going Workshop for 09-12 Yr Olds

Warrior Cats Writing for the Wonders of this World - Roleplay, Art, and More!

Brookhaven | Roblox Gaming Club

Murder Mystery 2 | Roblox Gaming Club

Mandarin Chinese Circle Time: Full Year of Fun - Sing, Rhyme, Play, and Write!

Private 1:1 Tutoring for English Language Arts (Native English & ESL/ELL/EFL)

White Rabbit's Missing Pocket Watch: Telling Time to 5 Minutes (Ages 6-8)

Algebra 1: Intensive Math Review Part 2 (FLEX)

Critical Thinking 101: Logic and Argumentation (4-Week Course, 8-12 Y/O)

Cartwheel Variations! One Time Class

Classic Short Story Course: 1830s-1950s Mark Twain, Mary Shelley, and more

Saxophones Take Flight: Beginning Saxophone Class - Level 2

3rd - 4th Grade Coding & Robotics Club

Lord of the Rings Discussion Group

States Trivia PART 2: Let’s Travel Through the US (8-13) Using Kahoot.

Private Tutor: English Language Arts (45 Min.)

Art & Math: Reveal the Image - Christmas Tree One-Time

Lets Paint a Fun Cup Cake at Priscilla's Paint Factory!

Lets Paint a Fun Happy Fox at Priscilla's Paint Factory!

Lets Paint a Fun Elephant: Painting Adventure!

Lets Paint a Colorful Sunrise: Sunrise Painting Adventure!

Lets Paint a Giraffe! Create With Me Painting Adventure!

Lets Paint a Butterfly: Create With Me Painting Adventure!

Lets Paint Sunsets and Flowers: Create With Me Painting Adventure!

1:1 Tutoring: Reading, Writing, Grammar. (Certified K-6, Reading Specialist K-12)

Encyclopedia of Mythology: Maya

Encyclopedia of Mythology: Inca

Encyclopedia of Mythology: Aztecs

Spanish Literature for Fluent or Heritage Speakers Literatura Española

Fortnite Gameplay and Social Club for Teens!

Beginning Spanish with Stories & Games for Chicos & Puppets - Lessons 9-16 FLEX

1 on 1 Private Holiday Themed Meditation Class - Snowflakes

Animal Facts Class (Reading,Writing and Drawing)

If You Are Angry and You Know It - Emotional Regulation Strategies

Club American Sign Language (Intermediate)

Ongoing ELA Tutoring 1:1

Drama Club Theater Christmas Party

Winter Break Disney Trivia Camp With Kahoot

6 Weeks of 1-Hour Private Acting Coaching Sessions (Ages 9-18)

Paint a Reindeer

Winter Break Disney Descendants Trivia With Kahoot!

The Ford Pinto Case - When Corporate Negligence Leads to Death

Christmas Art - Cute Christmas Snowman - Draw & Watercolor Paint Art Project!

Paint a Reindeer (en français)

(Flex) Create Your Own Autobiography! Flexible Writing Practice

Research Methods and Critical Thinking: Foundations for University Essay Writing

1-on-1 ESL Tutoring

Rhythm and Movement Band - Preschool Music Class

It's All About the Spanish Verb Conjugations - Preterit Tense

On Becoming a Writer: Creative Writing Tips, Practices and Creative Inspiration

Ongoing 1-on-1 Private Math Tutoring (Pre-Algebra/Algebra)

Draw Your Family as Squishmallows - Squishmallow Art Class

Learn Axolotl Facts & Draw Axolotl Squishmallows - Art & Science

Mandarin Chinese Fun Club-Novice Level

Tutor Time With Lizzie! Private Tutoring in Primary Maths and English.

Exploring Animals in Winter

Exploring Art

Multiplication Gimkit Game: Trust No One Mode

John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Astronomy for Everyone: Size & Scale of the Universe

All About Amphibians | Frogs, Salamanders, & Caecilians | Animal Classification

Preschool and Kindergarten Tutoring With a Montessori Twist!

First Finances Club: A Different Topic Each Week!

Learn Guitar Chords With the Song of the Week

Christmas Art - Elf - Draw and Watercolor Paint Art Project!

Make a Snowflake Breakfast

Christmas Sweets and Treats Baking Club

Learning Our Letter Sounds the Montessori Way

1:1 Private Class: Personal Leadership Lesson

"Read Aloud and Social Skill -How to Make a Friend "

Small Group French Tutoring

Let's Have Fun With Blends, Digraphs and "Bossy R" Word Families!

Drawing Realistic Animals and Learning Drawing Techniques (Ongoing) Ages 9-12

Arabic for Beginners - Level 1 (Grades 6-8)

Escape Room - Lost in the Thanksgiving Parade

Write Outstanding Paragraphs: Text-Based Paragraph Writing

Build Vocabulary By Learning Latin Roots

Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Maya

Let It Snow! Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Ballet Dance Pop-Up Class 1x

Fairy Tale With Klimt's Paintings: Art With Craft for Pre-K-2Nd Grade

1:1 Semester Long- Step by Step- Beginner Piano Lessons

Learn to Play and Sing Daily With the Ukulele!

Anne Frank: The Diary of Anne Frank Book Club FLEX

Music Theory-Private Session

Roblox Gameplay and Social Club (One-Time)

Lets Draw an Anime Christmas Girl Step by Step!

Flex: Christmas Art Class

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Catch Up Class

Learn to Type I (FLEX - Ages 7-12)

STEM and Creative Minecraft Build Club for Kids

One -To-One Prek Skill Building, Stories and Fun With Ms. Liz (Ongoing)

Middle School Math, Logic, and Problem Solving: Equations and Expressions

Introduction to the Battle of Gettysburg

Fun Disney Sidekick Trivia With Kahoot

Christmas Art - Silly Reindeer - Draw and Watercolor Paint Art Project!

Mario Party Superstars Social Play

Writing Tutoring - IEW Writing Instruction for Ages 8-16 (Multi-Week Sessions)

Art Club: Draw Cute Animals & Food in Kawaii Style While Practicing English!

4th Grade Full Curriculum Year Math

Robotics & Coding Club -Program Robots & Do Real Competitions! No Robot Needed!

Conversational German for Beginners IV

One-Time Holiday Art: Easy Pretty Winter Pines Acrylic Painting (Ages 9-13)

Present Like a Pro- Improve Your Public Speaking Skills and Confidence

One-Time Holiday Art: Easy Christmas Tree Acrylic Painting (Ages 5-8)

Weekly Roblox Gaming and Social Club!

One-Time Holiday Art Class: Christmas Cat Acrylic Painting (Ages 7-12)

One-Time Winter Art: Easy Adorable Penguins Acrylic Painting (Ages 5-8)

One-Time Holiday Art: Pretty Snowy Owl Acrylic Painting (Ages 7-12)

CAMP Acrylic Holiday Set: Create 4 Fun Art Acrylic Paintings! (Ages 5-8)

Valentine's Day Mini Book Club!

Play Sonic Racing With Your Friends and Teacher!

George Orwell's 1984 Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Christmas Unicorn: Drawing Class With Mrs. Maggie

Private Dance Class: Create Your Own Experience

Multi-Day Acrylic Holiday Set: Create 4 Easy Art Acrylic Paintings! (Ages 9-13)

Social Group for Learners With Disabilities!

Multi-Day Acrylic Winter Set: Create 4 Fun Art Acrylic Paintings! (Ages 5-8)

Art Class - Rainbow Scavenger Hunt - Make a 3D Color Wheel

CAMP Acrylic Holiday Set: Create 4 Easy Art Acrylic Paintings! (Ages 9-13)

Confident Spellers Club

Christmas Kitty Fun! Snowy White Kitten Draw and Learn Class!

Gobble up Creativity: Drawing and Painting a Turkey With Ms. Abby"

Multiplication Math Fun: Private Multiplication Tutoring (Ongoing-Ages 6-11).

FLEX: Baby Yoda and Pikachu Thanksgiving & Christmas--Drawing and Facts

Hola Spanish K-2 Section 4

Biology Colouring FLEX - Plants

"A Christmas Carol" Play and Art Activity

Let's Have Fun With Roman Numerals I, V, X

Pre-K & Kindergarten Circle Time & Full Preschool Curriculum (4x/Week) w/ Certified Teacher

Vocabulary Enrichment to Support Reading Comprehension and Descriptive Writing (certified teacher-17 years)

Backyard Birds: Learn to ID 40 of the Most Common North American Backyard Birds

Math on Track Weekly One-On-One Tutoring (Grades K-3)

Birds of the World - Ongoing

Rational Numbers: Adding and Subtracting Positive and Negative Fractions and Decimals

Demon Slayer Fan Club

Intermediate/Advanced Python Programming (FLEX)

Christmas Arts and Crafts: Santa Binoculars

Christmas Arts and Crafts: Toilet Paper Roll Gingerbread Man

Art Junkies: Fan Art and Original Character Design

Christmas Arts and Crafts: Shape Christmas Tree

Christmas Arts and Crafts: Handprint Christmas Tree Card

Christmas Arts and Crafts: Toilet Paper Roll Elf

Memorization as Easy as Walking Around a Car: Poetry Memorization for Tweens

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