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You Are in Command: The Peloponnesian War 431-404 B.C.E - The Spartan Experience

Keith (M.A. Military History)
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In this On-Going course students are immersed in role playing a Spartan hoplite commander during the Peloponnesian Wars and Beyond. Students will gain an in-depth experience of warfare during the Greek Classical Age.

Class experience

US Grade 8 - 11
Students will learn about the causes, course of events, and the consequences of this 'war like no other' - the Peloponnesian War.
Students will have first-hand knowledge (albeit vicarious) of the challenges of commanding an Ancient Spartan phalanx army and a Greek Trireme.
Students will gain a great deal of knowledge of the geography of Aegean Sea, Grecian and Peloponnesian peninsulas, and Anatolia. 
Students will be immersed in the life and times of the Spartan Heroes of the Wars: Brasidas, Lysander, Archidamus - to name a few. 
Students will learn about the Athenian Empire from its peak to its defeat in 404 B.C.E.
Students will learn to interpret primary historical sources (e.g., Thucydides) to gain a better understanding of how to role play their character.
Students will learn leadership principles and exercise these through role playing their character. 
Students will learn about the principles of war, ancient stratagems, tactics and strategy and will employ these during the course of study.
Students will learn how to manage a D&D character in a Mass Combat scenario (land and sea) as well as on an individual level. 
Students will learn the importance of teamwork in solving challenging problems. 
As a certified Social Studies teacher with 30 years experience and a huge fan of everything D&D I am very excited for this opportunity to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with You Are in Command - Greco-Persian War students. For the past year, I have integrated D&D 5e with my Social Studies teaching, especially my on-line/remote teaching and have found this effort very successful. Classes similar to the ones I have recently taught, I will bring to Outschool soon (e.g., The Greek hoplite experience during the Peloponnesian War). As an AP World & European teacher with overseas GCSE/A-Level/I.B. History experience I have thoroughly immersed myself in Ancient, Medieval and Modern History for the last thirty years. With a B.A. in History, a B.S. in Education and a M.A. in Military History I feel that I have a great deal of knowledge to subtly "sneak" into the fun and enjoyment of "the world's greatest role playing game". 
Homework Offered
While there is no mandatory homework, students will get the most out of the course by conducting some research on their historical character, their role in the Spartan Army and the Archaic/Classical Era, in general. It is expected that students will work towards understanding the potential of their D&D character through using reference materials provided by the instructor and/or the plentiful on-line D&D resources, so as to facilitate game play during the lesson.
1 - 2 hours per week outside of class
Assessments Offered
Were the Ephors pleased with the results of your diplomatic mission to Argos? Did you secure the Magarian pass for King Archidamus? Were you able to outflank the Athenians at Amphipolis? Students will essentially assess themselves as they work towards solving problems posed in class. Fortunately, we will be able to stop the battle, survey the situation, and consider a better course of action....and hope for a good die roll! They are encouraged to ask for feedback from the instructor before, during, and after the lessons.
Grades Offered
 3 files available upon enrollment
Students may wish to purchase a D&D set of polyhedral die, however, I can provide an on-line automatic roller. Suggestions for on-line research and/or reading will be provided. Students will be provided with either files of or access to other important material for the course via Outschool platform. Students may wish to purchase certain D&D publications for their own reference, however this is optional. I will be using Roll20 for many of the battle maps but will project this through Zoom for the students. Students may, if they enjoy the D&D aspect of the course, wish to open a free account with D&D Beyond for reference.
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
This On-Going course is an all encompassing series of Ancient Military History/role playing classes, thus we will be fulfilling the Three Pillars of Adventure (exploration, role play and combat). While I will be redacting unnecessarily violent events/incidents, we will be drawing directly from the historical record and will be fighting in mock/fantasy combat battles both large and small. Role play interactions will be based upon dialogue from Thucydides, Cassius Dio, Curtius Rufus, Plutarch and other historians and will be in keeping with overall nature of this epic adventure. 
There should be no need to purchase any books or subscriptions for this course. Due to the immense popularity of the Peloponnesian Wars and the Spartans, reliable sources abound on the Internet and other free resources. I will either post or direct the students to the most reliable sources for their perusal.  
Average rating:5.0Number of reviews:(321)
Over the past 30 years I have taught I.G.C.S.E, A-Level, I.B., and A.P. History throughout the Atlantic region in both private and public school settings. During that time I have instructed students in a variety of rigorous exam subjects . I am a... 
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