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New Classes on Outschool 2020-04-26

There are 318 new classes on Outschool the week of April 26, 2020 to May 2, 2020.

Zoology of Pokémon: Chiropterology! Bats in Pokémon and Our World (13-18)

Zoology of Pokémon: Chiropterology! Bats in Pokémon and Our World (7-12)

Social Group for Autistic Teens - Girls Only

A New Beginning : Impressionism Landscape Acrylic Painting by Miss Mooni

Foods/Los Alimentos- Learning Spanish with Dino and Dina.

Coming Out of Your Shell - A Social Group for Shy Children

Preschool Mini Circle Time; ESL Friendly

Social Skills Fun: Shake Your Body through Music and Movement

French Enrichment 12-Week Camp for Young Learners Level 5

Music Homeroom

Basic Guitar Workshop

1:1 Individualized Tutoring: Reading, Math, Social Studies (Inclusive)

Ukulele Club 2 (Intermediate)

Extraordinary People From History Part 3 Flex

Camp Shark Tank! Calling Pre-Teen Entrepreneurs

Dungeons and Dragons: Dead Dwarves Tell No Tales

Dog Training Drop In

Stories With Winnie The Pooh! Teaching Kindness And Understanding (Ages 3 & Up)

Creative Writing Using Pictures to Spark Imagination and Create Stories (FLEX)

Splendid Spelling by Syllables: 5th Grade Words

Beginning Earth Science: Wild About Weather

Summer Camp Read Aloud - Wringer by Jerry Spinelli

How to use Graphic organizers and Concept Maps for Pre-Writing (Middle School)

Beginner’s Trumpet Class

Introduction to Fractions Fractions for Beginners Part 1 FLEX

Book Discussion - A Series of Unfortunate Events (Books 6-13)

Pokémon Paragraphs Stage 2 (A Pokemon Writing Flex Class)

Sudoku Social Club

Full Immersion Spanish Class C for Students With More Than 3 Years Experience

Narnia Book Club: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Beginning Life Science: The Life of an Ant

Cooking From the Heart: FLEX Homemade Pastas and Sauces From Scratch

Super Spanish Lapbooking- All About Me

[Callie's Corner] Virtual Tour of Our Solar System (8-10)

Ladybug Learning: Imagine, Create, Participate

The Writer's Idea Box

Language Camp: Introduction to Brazilian Portuguese for Teens

ELA Literature Book - WISH by Barbara O’Connor Ages 9-13 Middle School

Hold Your Horses: Let's Learn About Horses, Handling, and Grooming - 3 Days

Poetry Camp for Teens - Winter Session

Microsoft Excel Camp 3-Day

Math Games Camp

Camp: College Prep Reading & Comprehension for Teens

History Lessons From the Worlds Most Popular Board Game: Monopoly

Arabic for Beginners 3

One-On-One Math Tutoring & Homework Help (2A)

Jan Karski: Polish spy in the Holocaust

Let's Play and Learn: World Bingo

Cool Car Colors!

Touch Point Math Makes Addition & Subtraction as Easy as 123! (4 Times)

Design Your Own Kahoot Quiz!!!

Dance Like the “Descendants” to “Good to Be Bad!”

Fun Animal ABC Yoga - Learn Yoga Poses With Alphabet Animals

No-Bake Desserts: Chocolate Peanut-Butter (or Sunbutter)

Paint Like a Girl - An Art and Art History Summer Camp

I Love Guinea Pigs: Caring for Your PiggyFriend

Balloon Twisting 201: Advanced Party Designs

Circle Time With Ms. Tiffany

Simply Summer Phonics: Orton-Gillingham Method

"Shark Tank 1/2" so, You Want to Be an Entrepreneur? (Intro to Business Ed 101)

Super Saturday Circle Time

Resilient Kids Camp

Spelling Games-Grades 7-8-Ongoing Class

Spelling Games-Grades 6-7-Ongoing Class

Quick Math - Mental Math Tricks for Everyday Situations

Vamos a la Playa! A Virtual Trip to the Beach.

LEGO Social Club, Ages 8-12

Five Days in North Korea

Let's Meditate

Spelling Games-Grades 5-6-On Going Class

Spanish Songs and Vocabulary for Beginners ( FLEX)

IEW Writing With Aesop's Fables (Part 2)

Creative Lettering II: More Alphabet Artistry (75 Min Class, Age 10-15)

Animal Shelters, Rescue Pets and More!

Are They Proportional? (Word Problems Included)

Horseback Riding Tips and Tricks: Tacking up, It's a Cinch!

Intro to Drawing Manga/Anime Face and Body

Foundations of Sports Management

Preschool Fun Circle Time with a Certified Teacher

Mind Mapping: Learn How Create Great Essay Ideas!

Just the Facts Ma'am: CSI-from the Crime Scene to the Courtroom

Adventures in Wildlife Biology: Researching and Saving Wild Animals

Fun Russian Language Class Level 1

Let's Learn to Listen - Character Principle of Attentiveness

Chocolate: A History, Then & Now (Ages 12-16)

Nature Art and Science: Forest Ecosystems!

French Enrichment 12-Week Camp for Young Learners Level 3

Cook Easy! Classic Homemade Breads, Fillings, and Spreads Course 1 (Vegetarian)

(Flex) ABC's of Pokemon Names

Photography,Storytelling & Preserving Family Memories: Be a Keeper of Memories

Public Speaking: How to Create an Impromptu Speech

Los Colores/The Colors-Beginners Spanish with Dino and Dina

Primer Piano Part 1 (Ages 7 & 8)

Bud Not Buddy Lesson (for Middle School Students)(Flex)

Exploring Hip Hop Dance

Building Better Bridges

Solve a Mystery Grades 3-4 Math: Minecraft Themed Challenge

Yosemite Valley | Birthplace of National Parks

Making a Universe: Drawing Planets and Other Space Objects

Nature Art and Science: All About Trees!

Nature Art and Science: Carnivorous Plants!

Poetry Camp for Teens - Summer Session

Harry Potter Book Club: Topic of the Week Debate

Stranger Things Escape Room

No-Stress Gentle French Camp 5: How much? 0-20, Money, and Shopping (7-11)

Une Dictée Chaque Semaine: Weekly Reading and Writing in French (1-Intermediate)

One-to-one Piano for Beginning to Advanced Players

Speech Writing & Public Speaking Camp

Audition Coaching for Theatre and Musical Theatre

Fall Poetry Workshop (for 12-15 Year Olds)

Reading Music - All About That Bass AND Treble - Name That Note!

February Special Price: Make a Sugar Scrub. Ages 7-10

Drawing Koi Fish With Watercolor Pencils

Who's Your Mom? A Mother's Day Storytime with Aunt Sam

Beginner Korean 1

What If? An Introduction to Alternate History

Ahoy Matey Pirate Adventure Camp (Ages 5-8)

CAMP - Harry Potter Book One 4 day Camp Reading fluency - Reader's Theater - Script form from Professional Actor - TWEEN Ages 8-13

Afterschool Creative Writing & Reading Help

High Schoolers- Learn to Write a Comprehensive Research Paper!

Butterflies and Moths

Beat Boxing Camp

Songwriting for Teens

Where in the World Are We? Real-Life Locations That Inspired Disney Movies

Passport Camp (ages 7-11)

The Stock Market Basics for Teens

Cheeky Hamster Guide

Celebrate Autumn Stories and Coloring

Summer Fun Camp for younger students! Let's play games in German!

Travel Research Report

Beginner Dissection Summer Camp!

Book Art Class! Make, Design and Give or Cherish Your Own Handmade Books!

Feminism & Comic Book Movies

Beginning Dissection

Songwriting for Kids

Primer Piano Part 1

How to Become a Kid Entrepreneur

Fashion Design and Drawing Camp: Exploring Different Silhouettes.

Amazing Dolphin Adventures + Art for Kids

Book Club #6 - Charlotte's Web: What's Your Role? (Literature Circle)

(3-Class Camp) Criminal Justice 2 - Fugitive & SWAT Warrants Ed (Part 1): Social Studies - Civics - Cops - Police

(3-Class Camp) Criminal Justice 1 - Cops & Robbers Ed: Civics - Cops - Police - Constitution - Government

(COPS CAMP - WEEK 1) Criminal Justice - Cops & Robbers / Fugitive & SWAT Warrants Edition (SUMMER CAMP)

Intermediate Norwegian- Continue Studying the Language of the Vikings!

(3-Class Camp) Boss Kids Business Law for Jr CEOs : Social Studies - Civics - Law

1:1 Tutor: Creative Writing /English/Grammar All Ages (25 minutes)

Sleep Science-A Summer Camp

"Bb and Dd Distinction"

Escape Room Mania: A Breakout Science Adventure

Be in a Play Every Week: Advanced Acting

Wildflower Art, Poetry, & Nature: An English and Drawing Camp Part One

Math Intervention 101 for Struggling Mathematicians

Word Work - A Better Approach to Spelling - Session 2

Intro to Dutch | Nederlands - Level 1 Lessons 2-10 (Prereq.: Level 1 Lesson 1)

Young Politicians Camp

The Cooking Club for Jr Chefs

Creative Character Prompts

Stories of History: Maryland State History

Tacos! Let's Make Polymer Clay Taco Charms

Path to Purpose Camp

Philosophy & the Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Patriots and Mobsters: The Alliance Between the Mafia and Gov't During WWII FLEX

Horseback Riding Tips and Tricks: Tacking up, It's a Cinch! (5-10 Yrs)

Great Short Stories of Science Fiction Camp: Asimov, Le Guin, and Keyes

Social Group for Kids With Autistic Siblings (7-11)

Wings and a Whimsy Camp Fairies This Way! (ages 5-8)

Liking Limericks - an introduction to poetry

DQD: Play Dungeons and Dragons with Other LGBTQ+ Youth

Let’s Play Recorder - Level 1

Two Years in Wuhan

Early Modern Times and Me- FLEX The Good, Bad and Ugly World History

Ask Your Mummy-Egypt Camp (Ages 6-9)

Learn to Draw a Sandcastle

French Language Book Club: Le Petit Prince Live! [in French] [Intermediate]

One-on-One tutoring!!! (Reading ,Writing, and Math) "Sight Words, Phonics, Fluency, Letters, Sentence Struture, Creative Writing, Stories"

Stranger Things Fan Club

Dutch | Nederlands -- Individual Tutoring -- One 30 Min. Session -- (Ages 7-18)

Creative Writing Summer Camp!

Maryland State History--Five Centuries in Five Days!

Splendid Spelling: 4th Grade Words by Syllables

Yas, Queen! an Art Critical Deep Dive Into Six: The Musical

Mythology Camp: Animals Through World Mythologies

Let's Start Learning Italian 1

Private Writing Tutoring (3 Sessions) for College Application Essays or Prompts

All American Landmark Road Trip: Art Camp with Mrs. Natalie

Read and Write Poetry With Where the Sidewalk Ends

Rational and Irrational Numbers - ESL Friendly - Travel Hawaii Themed

Learn to Draw Wings of Fire Dragons

Back Handspring Drills at Home

J.R.R. Tolkien & the Lord of Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring - Part 1

The Power of Lying & Cheating VS Keeping Your Word and Building Integrity

Preschool Piano: Flex Class

Bloody History: Witches - 1 Week Camp

No-Stress French Camp Level 2 Conversation Short Course (Middle - High School Prep)

Science Basics - Introduction to Chemistry

French Enrichment 12-Week Camp for Young Learners Advanced Field Trips

Cool, Creative Writing Camp

Write Fantastic Fantasy This Summer

Dwarf Planets (Flex)

Writing the Research Paper for the College-Bound Student

African History: Amina of Zaria

PSAT Math Prep Course (Ongoing)

Mother's Day Craft: Choice Jar

Intro to PSAT Math (One-Time)

Scavenger Hunt and Social Class

Wave Breakers Ocean Camp (5-8 Year Olds)

Rockadoodle • Inking Art Class Featuring Design, Pattern & Motor Skill Mastery

Zentangles Fireworks!

Positive Affirmations and Meditations

Peaceful Cove Painting in Acrylics

Cat Chat Meoooww

Beginner Hula Hoop Tricks (7-12Yrs)

Section One--Rhythmic Gymnastics 4 Week Class---Ribbon, Ball, Rope, & Floor Work

OREO Opinion Writing Class

Writing Course: Create Your Own Story

Explore World Mythologies Through a Cat's Eyes: Cats in Mythology

International Relations Simulation

Finish F.A.S.T. Virtual Book Writing Camp (ages 10-12)

Ancient Military History 5: Rise of the Roman Republic

"Everyone’s Got (Word) Problems" Grades 4th to 6th

Ethics and Sports

Book Discussion: Fuzzy Mud by Louis Sachar

Creative Writing: Small Moment Memoirs

1:1 Tutoring and Homework Help

Equations: Basics of Algebra

All About Marine Mammals! (FLEX)

Learn to Debate - Introductory Argumentation in 5 Classes

Mrs. B's Read-A-Loud Book Club: Oak Island Pirate Mystery

Cool Cats, Cool Kids! Let's Talk All Things Feline

Hip Hop/Jazz, American Girl Themed Dance Class

Star Wars Themed Dance Class - Beginner Hip-Hop

Love Your Brain Summer Camp - Neuroscience Applied to Behavior and Mental Health

Neuroscience Applied to Behavior & Mental Health-Love Your Brain- 12-Week

Unicorn Adventure Story + Art for Kids / Learn to Draw a Unicorn

Camp Out on the Unit Circle in Trigonometry

Animal Explorers Club

Dance Class: Musical Theater Dance Disney Style Multiday 4-8

Web Site Design Using html and css Summer Camp

Catch the Musical Wave! Music Club

Komodo Dragons: Gross Facts & Ancient History

Book Club: Matilda by Roald Dahl

Intro to Criminal Law (Part 5) - Criminal Defenses (Summer Camp)

German Grammar Camp 2

Dutch | Nederlands Level 1 -- Summer Camp (3 Weeks 3x/Week ) -- Prereq. Lesson 1

Bonkers for Bach

Learn-About-Rainbows Dance Party

Jumpstart Pre-Algebra: A Summer Preview of Pre-Algebra

Howard Zinn: A Young People's History of The United States (FLEX First Semester)

Ballet: Individual Tutoring

Submarines Through the Ages

The 10 Most Tyrannical Rulers in History

Grotesque Gothic: Short Stories Winter Camp (Poe, Faulkner, Irving)

Summer Camp - Amazing Race - World Geography Edition

Summer Camp- Amazing Race - USA Geography

Unconventional Mixed Media Art: Making Dandelion Chicks in the Grass

Preteen Social Skills Summer Camp (Ages 9-12 W/ Autism, Anxiety, ADHD)

Rise & Shine Read Aloud

(4 Week Flex Class) Pokémon Mammals

Learn to Draw in Two Point Perspective

Draw It: Parrot

No-Stress Gentle French Camp 4: How many? 0-10, Colors, and Pets (7-11)

No-Stress French Happy Holiday Camp for Young Learners

No-Stress Gentle French Camp 2: Likes, Dislikes, and Hobbies (7-11)

No-Stress Gentle French Camp 1: What is it? and Everyday Nouns (7-11)

Grammar - Diving Into Diagramming

DIY Science - Marble Roller Coasters & Physics

Summer Art Class: 5 Weeks of Art Techniques and Fun!

The Easiest Tabletop Puppet Show for One Player

Design & Build Your Own Magical Fairy House

Fiesta Time Spanish- Camping

Learn to Draw in One Point Perspective

Babysitting for Beginners - Building a Business & Caring for Littles

Science Forum

All Things Pre-K! (Fall FLEX) Part 1

Dance the Samba - Ballroom Dance Class

Fascinating Monkeys of the World!

Super Superhero Yoga

Russian Culture Winter Camp. Crafts Based on Traditional Art.

Russian Traditional Folklore Fairytale Winter Camp

Sing Broadway! Annie the Musical Camp

ESL Conversation Practice

Witraven's Mysterious Manor: A Dungeons and Dragons Escape Room!

Tigers Alive! All About Tigers with Drawing Activity!

Strategies for Getting German Noun Gender Right (Age 10-12)

Kindergarten Math: Minecraft Math Mania

Italian Level 10 - Intermediate. Spring Term

Intro to Latin for Kids

Social Studies ~ Twisted History: The 'Blow Your Mind' Timelines 1, 2 & 3!

Lift Off To Space Camp!

World’s Smallest Mammals

DIY Science - Creating Camouflage

Book Club - Book 1 - My Father's Dragon

Lego Discovery: Let's Share Our Creations!

Lego Music Theory- Flex Class

Meditation & Emotional Intelligence for Littles

Once Upon a Time (Ages 7-12) - Creative Writing Camp

Camp Songbird: A Singing Summer Camp for Young Performers

Story Time Fun: Telling Stories in the Round

Observation: Drawing Camp for Very Young Artists

Russian Classical Fairytale Winter Camp

It Looks 3D: Space and Depth Drawing Camp

People in Action Art Camp

3rd-Grade Reading, Writing, and Grammar Review

Writing Your Own Short Story Camp

Let's Draw Together - Directed Drawing Through the Alphabet - M is for Monkey

Building Blocks Kids Club

Music Practice Sharing Club- Share What You Are Practicing & Be Encouraged!

Everybody Scream! Drawing a Fun Self-Portrait Like "The Scream"

Miss Melissa's Creative Corner: How to Create Beautiful Images (Drawing)! P2

Feminism & Cartoon Princesses: Middle School 4-Day Camp

Celebrate Winter Stories and Coloring

Dungeons and Dragons: Summer DM Discussion!

Space Exploration- All About Stars Camp

Stories of History: The Olympics Camp

The History of How We Got Here: "The Week That Changed the World"

Book Lovers' Weekly Book Chat

The History of How We Got Here: The Sykes–Picot Agreement

Math Games Club

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