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New Classes on Outschool 2020-05-03

There are 267 new classes on Outschool the week of May 3, 2020 to May 9, 2020.

Discover Chess: No Experience / True Beginner

Let's Talk About Minecraft (Ages 8-11) (Ongoing)

𓂀 Be a Scribe: The Best Job in Ancient Egypt (1 session)𓂀

Let's Talk About Minecraft (Ages 5-8) (Ongoing)

Coding Unplugged for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade (1 class/week)

Say Hello to Hindi! Intro Class 1A

The History of How We Got Here: "Operation Paperclip"

Pokémon Grammar! (A Pokemon Themed Flex Class)

Greek Mythology's Mightiest Hero: Hercules vs. the Nemean Lion (Labor 1)

Tower of Inheritance (An Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure)

Evening Art Hang-Out

Dungeons and Dragons 101: Introduction to D&D for Beginners

Lord of the Flies - A Novel Study

Attire that Inspires: Drawing Global Traditional Apparel FLEX

Virology 102: Research & Discuss Viruses That Infect Plant & Animals! (Ages 9-12)

One-On-One Tutoring 2x/Week!!! (Reading, Writing and Math)

Spanish Boot Camp 3

Acrylic Impressionism Painting : Still Life Fruits Flowers With Miss Mooni

Acrylic Painting : Cherries Branch With Miss Mooni

Countryside Impressionism Acrylic Painting With Miss Mooni

Muti-Sensory Phonics and Phonemic Awareness: Reading, Writing, Spelling for ages 8-13

Summer Camp:True Beauty-Let Yours Shine From the Inside Out! (girls ages 9-12)

Reptiles, Reptiles, Reptiles! FLEX

Summer Science Camp: Your Brain - The Super Computer Between Your Ears! Camp #2

Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be (Introduction to Leadership 101)

ELA - Reading Comprehension / Writing Response Sentences and Paragraphs (11-14)

10 Ways to Die on Venus: A Terrible Space Adventure

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: Read, Discuss and Get Help

Island Survival and Rescue Game (Upper Elementary Version)

Private Ongoing Coding Tutoring

Percy Jackson Summer Camp

Working With Decimicals

Club Procreate 9-12 Year Olds

Individual Violin, Viola, Cello Lessons (Elementary Age, 30 minutes)

Individual Violin, Viola, Cello Lessons (Middle/High School Age, 30 Minutes)

Camp: Art Studio: Intro to Watercolor

Spider Venom-Recluses and Widows

Beginning Spanish Skills (Flexible Schedule)

Private Reading or Math Class for All Levels of Learners

Let's Talk About Cats and Cat Facts!

Tragedy of the Commons: A Game about Managing the Resources and the Environment

Research 1: How Do I Research a Topic? (Ages 8-12)

Camp: Critical Thinking, Building & Framing Great Arguments for Pre Teens

Individual Tutoring: Mandarin Chinese (1x/week)

Let's Dance!

Applied Physics Class - Physical Science Series

Dragon of Icespire Peak: A D&D Campaign for Established Players

Wacky and Silly Sentence Writing

How About That? Drawing a Rock Crab with Procreate

Practice Python to Make NIM (Python Basics IV)

Preparation for Middle School Essay Writing (Private Tutoring)

"Summer Camp: The Old Man and the Sea Literary Analysis"

Painting Baby Yoda - Learning Gradients and Brush Techniques

Summer Camp:True Beauty-Let Yours Shine From the Inside Out! (Girls Ages 13-17)

Getting a 1600 on the SAT (and a 36 on the ACT) Workshop

Intro To Fine Arts Appreciation

Archaeology through the Indiana Jones Films

Got Math? One Hour Personal Tutoring and Homework Help.

Scratch Coding Language (Basic)

Witraven's Yuletide Mystery: Another Dungeons and Dragons Escape Room!

Amazing Animal Superheroes Featuring LIVE Animals

Zoology-Meet Live Animals, Predator or Prey?

Zoology-Meet Live Animals, Predators or Prey?

Zookeeper Zoology Chat Featuring LIVE Animals

Zoology-Bugs, Insects, Spiders and More-Featuring LIVE Animals

Zoology-Reptiles-Snakes, Lizards, and More! Featuring LIVE Animals!

Zoology-Animals of the Rainforest Featuring LIVE Animals

Animals of the Rainforest Zoology Experience Featuring LIVE Animals

Zoology-Amazing Animal Superheroes Featuring LIVE Animals

Story Time Adventures With the Berenstain Bears! - The Missing Dinosaur Bone

Creative Writing Camp: Flash Fiction

Drawing Dragons! -- Design and Draw Your Own Dragon

Creating a Wix Website (Ages 8-12)

How to use Graphic Organizers and Concept Maps (Elementary)

Black Eye Susan Acrylic Painting With Ms. Muse

Fun In The Rainforest Camp (Ages 6-9 years)

Bet You Didn't Know History: Tomb of the Unknown (8-12 Year Old's)

Riddle Hunt: A Scavenger Adventure 2

Audubon Watercolor Painting

American Sign Language Boot Camp Ages 7-10

Summer Camp: Project Based Python (Level 1)

Where's that Monkey? Nursery Rhyme, Finger Puppet Fun Storytime with Aunt Sam

Riddle Hunt: A Scavenger Adventure 3

Wonderful Watercolours! Introductory Techniques FLEX

American Sign Language Boot Camp Ages 10-14

Achieving Writing Success: Creating the Paragraph for Middle Schoolers

Crystals and Gems- Show and Tell

Modigliani and Me—Fun Drawing a Modigliani Style Portrait!

The Mysterious Case of Phineas Gage

Chording Fast Track- Twinkle Twinkle

Marine: Research & Explore Organisms That Live in the Ocean! Ages 9-12

Master Addition and Subtraction

Living the Pioneer Life With Laura My First Little House Books K-2 Thematic Unit

Everything Eye Makeup

Communication Skills

Paper Circuits! Make Some Artwork That Lights Up

Beginners Addition and Subtraction for Age 5-6 - ESL Friendly

Italian for Teens: Weather, House, Animals, and Conversation Skills

Make Sets & Costumes & Perform: "Where the Wild Things Are" Acting and Art Camp

Italian for Beginners: Fruits, Vegetables, Weather, & House

Italian for Kids: Animals & Insects

Ongoing French Tutoring and Homework Help

GET NOTICED: Craft Your First Résumé

Private Ukulele Lessons (Ongoing)

1.1Algebra-5 Lessons-Everyday for 1 Week -Adding to Multi-Step Equation

Career Opportunities in the Fashion Industry

Draw That Shape- Identify and Draw 3D Shapes

Creative Card Tricks Using One Secret Every Young Magician Must Know

Drawing from Nature

Place Value 3-Subtraction (Common Core)

Lego Challenges Series #3 - Famous Landmark Edition

How Does This Work? (Applying Physics Concepts)

Money Camp! How Much Is It Worth?

Crazy, Creepy, Cool Sharks!

Executive Function Coaching (By Request)

Vocabulary Building with Roots & Affixes - Latin & Greek III

Pete the Cat- I Love My White Shoes- Writing Prompt and Free-Drawing

Ancient Rome: Let's Take a Virtual Trip!

How to Audition for Theater Shows for School, Community, and Broadway!

Callie's Corner: Introduction to the Periodic Table

Story Time Adventures With the Berenstain Bears! - The Bears' Vacation

Computer Skills Elective: Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel Part 1

Creative Lettering Flex Part 1: Introductory Techniques (4 Weeks, Age 10-15)

Beginner Sewing: Scrunchie (Sewing Machine)

Project-Based Scratch for Kids (Level 1)

LEGO Club - Challenge, Imagine, Build and Show

Zoology Animal Habitats and Adaptations Featuring LIVE Animals

Grammar Series Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Pronouns FROZEN

Koala Paint -A -Long With Ms. Muse (Muse Art) Ages 8 - 13 One-Time Class

Alice in Wonderland Story Book Tea Time and Craft

Memorize Anything Quickly!

Japanese Greetings for Beginners

Filmmaking 101: How to Make a Movie With Your Smartphone

Naruto Anime Manga Face Drawing

Project Based Python for Kids (Level 1)

Oil Painting: The Basics of Painting with Oils

Renaissance Portrait Art

Investing for Beginners

Koi Fish Watercolor

Our Amazing Solar System Ages 6-10

Draw a Delicious Cake!

Tae Kwon Do Ninja Summer Camp - Fun With Martial Arts

Draw a Friendly Fox

Beginning to Read: Sight Words

Club of Dragons : Dragon Trainer Hangout

Class Guitar for Beginner, Level 2: Ages 8 - 11

One-On-One Math Tutoring & Homework Help (3A)

Restless Earth - Plate Tectonics, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes

Introduction to the Stock Market

I Want to Sing!

So You Want to be a Zookeeper

Creative Math Camp—Toothpick Puzzles

Financial Literacy for Kids (Crash Course)

Step by Step Acrylic Paintings: Owl, Blossoms, Sunset

The Inchworm

Little Ninjas: Martial Arts Inspired Ninja Movement & Play

Meet the Author + Storytime Yoga!

Ice Cream Treats! Make Miniature Polymer Clay Ice Cream Cones

The Past Is a Broken Mirror: Understanding and Writing Metaphors

The Korean War

Patriots and Mobsters: The Alliance Between the Mafia & Government During WWII

Journey Through Ellis Island

Growing up on the Frontier

Perspective Drawing, Part 2- A One Time Class

Piano Lessons for Busy Teens | (8-Week)

Duplo Master!

People and Movement Drawing Camp

Introduction to Computers (FLEX)

Piano Lessons for Ages 11-18, Getting Started | 8-Weeks

American Spies through the Ages

Intro to Economics: The Basics of How Economies Work

Miss Margie's Art - Learn to Draw Dogs

How to Audition for Theater: School, Community, and Even Broadway- Multi!

Simply Beautiful - Simple Makeup/Makeover: Foundation, Lipstick and Mascara

Japanese Colors and Related Hiragana

All About Pugs: History, Health, and Doug the Pug

Fabulous Feline Friends: Fun Cat Facts and Make Your Own Cat Toy Craft

Public Speaking for Introverts

Mother's Day Themed Dance Class and Craft - Beginner Hip-Hop

Hip Hop, Pajama Party Themed Dance Class

Discover the Skin's Natural Moisturizer & Experience a Relaxing Facial Massage

Little Ninjas: Martial Arts Inspired Ninja Movement & Play: Month 1 Session

Music Theory: Using Music Chords in Songwriting DROP IN

Confidence Camp

Newbery Book Club for Gifted Tweens

No-Stress French Level 1 Part 4 (of 6)

Camp: Friendships Are Essential

Fashion Designer Full Course: 5 Weeks of Education/Design/Sketching: FIT Alumni

The Wilderness of Human Nature: A Book Study of "The Lord of the Flies"

Guinea Pigs! Meet My LIVE Guinea Pigs and Listen to a Story About One Named Philomena

Story Time and Dance Class - "Dance Is for Everyone" - Beginner Hip-Hop/Jazz

Step by Step Art Creations: Kawaii Food Doodles 2!

One to One Tutoring-With Teacher Kathy: Spelling, Reading, vocabulary

No-Stress Spanish Level 1 Part 1 (of 6)

Micro Nation: Create Your Own Country! FLEX

Ear Training and Improvisation for Beginning Piano

Empowerment Class: Build Confidence, Combat Negative Beliefs & Find Your Voice Exercises in a Fun, Non-Threatening Manner.

Python Coding/ Introduction (Camp 9- 18)

Ukulele Boot Camp for Beginners Part 1 - Learn 4 songs in 4 classes during Winter/Christmas Break

Fun Spanish: SPRING / SUMMER Camp Travel Around the World 100% in Spanish!

How to Interview People Like a Talk Show Host

The Killing of Lincoln and Chasing John Wilkes Booth

Draw With Miss Margie - Face!

Let's Draw Animals

Teen Weekly Writing Support Group: Write a Best Selling Novel, Book, or Poetry

French Quick Sketch: Learning French While Drawing Some of Your Favorite Things

Miss Margie's Art - Create a Watercolor Painting!

Camp Leadership: Be the Leader You Are Meant to Be!

Enrich Kids: Genius Hour - Introduction

Create Your Own Cupcake Shop: Creative Theme Based Business Learning Unit

Summer Camp: Machine Learning Projects with Scratch Coding (Level 4)

Private Music Lessons: Piano or Voice

Ancient Sea Monsters

Pop Art Ice Cream Painting inspired by Andy Warhol

The Nutcracker Ballet Scavenger Hunt

Babysitting?- Learn the Basics

Game Design 2 With Scratch

Let's Paint! Fun Animal Paintings Zebra Emu Sheep Owl (Ages 9-13) ~ Flex Class

Let's Talk About Pokémon

Meet the Pianimals! Beginner Piano Lessons (Pianimals Book A, ages 5-10)

Spanish Tutoring With Native Speaker

Spanish for Beginners (Teens)

Scavenger Hunt for Little Learners!

Scavenger Hunt!

Russian Culture Winter Camp. a Cultural Art Experience for a Little Explorer.

Recycling Old Clothing: Repurpose With Purpose! - Self Sufficiency Series

Movie Camp - Seabiscuit to Secretariat: Horses in Films, 3-Week Sessions

Roblox Adventures: Tips, Tricks, and Fun Facts (Flex Class)

Wonderful Watercolor Winter Holiday Painting Art Camp

One Minute To Find It:A 30 Minute Ongoing Social Club Scavenger Hunt! (Ages 4-7)

Create and Share - Building Bricks LEGO® CLUB (5-7 yrs)

Creative Fashion Journaling

Private Python Tutoring (Ages 7+)

Galileo: His Life, Discoveries, and the Inquisition.

Introduction to Leadership (Ages 11-14)

Introduction to Leadership (Ages 7-10)

Improv Games and Acting Skills: Silly Superheroes and Villains

The Amazing Megalodon Shark! (Part 1)

(3-Class Camp) Criminal Justice 3 - Fugitives & SWAT Team Ed: Social Studies - Civics - Cops - Police - Constitution

Wildflower Art, Poetry, & Nature: An English and Drawing Camp Part Two

Winter Poetry Workshop (for 12-15 Year Olds)

Summer Camp for Older Students ! Let's Play Games in German!

Introduction to Computers Camp 3 Days

Piano Lessons for Beginners, Ages 7-9 (8-Week Course)

Introduction to Latin Course IV

World of Dinosaurs

Introduction to Latin - Part 1

Spanish Lessons (Private)

Wide Mouth Frog: An Interactive Storytelling!

CAMP - Harry Potter Book Three - Reader's Theatre and Discussion - Reading fluency - Script form from Professional Actor - TWEEN Ages 8-13

Relationship Between Circumference and Diameter - What is Pi?

Book Club - The Honest Truth by Dan Gemeinhart (10-13)

Write Terrifically Telling Topic Sentences

Individual Tutoring: Mandarin Chinese (2x/week)

First Piano Lesson: 10 Fingers, 10 Notes, 3 Songs!

Voice Lessons for the Intermediate and Experienced Student

Got Math? One Hour Personal Tutoring and Homework Help.

Learn About Dolphins & How to Draw Them

Magic: An Introduction

Social & Emotional Skills To Build Self Reliance, And Be Happier (Ages 8-12)

Social Group for Autistic Tweens - Girls Only

The History of How We Got Here: Commodore Perry and the "Opening of Japan"

American History: States History Flex

Cosmic Journeys: A Spacetacular Exploration of Cosmology & Astronomy

Field Trip to Paris, France

'Leap' and Twirl - Ballet Dance Camp

Analyzing the Mystery of Analogies-In The English Section on SATs and ACTs

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