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New Classes on Outschool 2021-01-24

There are 266 new classes on Outschool the week of January 24, 2021 to January 30, 2021.

The Wizard of Oz: Ruby Red Shoes

(FLEX) Young Authors and Illustrators: Accordion and Pop-Up Books

Fnaf Themed Math Class

Raptors Alive! All About Bald Eagles, Peregrine Falcons and Other Birds of Prey

Drawing a Cityscape: How to Use Two-Point Perspective

Super Math Strategies: Individualized Math Tutoring (Grades K-4)

Valentine's Day Candy Science! - Is It Magic or Science?

Let’s Draw a Macaw With Oil Pastels!

Conquering Writing for Teens

Minecraft Creative Build Challenge - Build & Share Challenge Club (5-9 Yrs)

Writing, Writing, Writing!! Confidence and Skill Building for Middle School

Girls Social Club-Make New Friends, Improve Social Skills, Gain Confidence 11-14

Book Club: A Circle of Friends With Teacher Dianne

Buzz Lightyear Dance With Pop-Up Class! Space Ranger Robot Alien Hip Hop 1x

Favorite Stuffy Animal Dance Pawty for You and Your Special Pet Pop-Up Class! 1x

Dolls and Dancing With Your American Girl Doll Around the World Pop-Up Class!

Minecraft Bingo - A Fun Bingo Game With a Minecraft Focus

Weekly Ballet Dance Class (Age 9 - 11 Intermediate) Drop-Ins Welcome!

Draw a Realistic Horse Workshop ~ New Horse Design Every Lesson

Get Ready for Recorder

Private Tutoring: ELA, Writing, and Editing Homework Help

Discover Africa: Let's Travel to Ghana!

Evolution 101: How Does Natural Selection Make New Species?

Math: Introduction to Percent's

[Private] Interactive Fiction Creative Writing Club

Full Spanish Curriculum for LITTLE BEGINNERS

Math: Introduction to Dividing Decimals

Book Club – Refugee by Alan Gratz- Courage, Purpose, Resiliency, Strength!

A Preschool Dinosaur Adventure: Ongoing Prek Math Concepts

2Nd Grade Dino Adventure: Ongoing Math Curriculum

Volume of Cylinders, Cones, and Spheres

Bee Master! Targeted Small Group Spelling Bee Preparation Class

Dragon Masters Book 1 Unit Study (Rise of the Earth Dragon)

7th Grade Math Curriculum: Ongoing

Map Basics: Latitude and Longitude

Be Vocabulary Wise With Wordly Wise

STEM CRL3 - Coding & Robotics Level 3 Learn to Program Codey Rocky With Scratch!

Birthday Party With a Minecraft Theme: Games, Activities, and More!

Narwhal Adventure: Learn Science, Meet Unicorns of the Sea & Create Art!

Russian Trivia Club for Advanced Speakers.

Introduction to 24 Game - Learn a Fast, Competitive, Fun Math Game!

The “Engineering Design Process” Code 1-1

Ballet Class: Beginner Ballet for Boys & Girls (Ballet I)!

Midnight Zone Marine Biology: Explore the Deep Dark Ocean

Star Wars: Rey Lightsaber Training for Kids (Advanced)

Dragon Masters Book 2 Unit Study (Saving the Sun Dragon)

Make a Silly Team Name and Answer Silly Game Questions (Ages 6-9)

French Vocabulary Building (Weekly Quizlet Live Games)

Mini Middle School Science: Animal Adaptations

Survey of 20th Century History

A History of Poop

Intermediate to Advanced Baking: How to Make French Macaroons (Gluten Free)

Chess for Advance Players - Level 3 (Once a Week, 20 Weeks)

Literature Reading Summer Camp: Where the Red Fern Grows by W. Rawls | 4th Grade

Mini Middle School Science: Newton's Laws of Motion

Private 1:1 French Tutoring / 30 Min Class / ALL Ages & Levels

Summer Roblox Gaming Club!

Fairytale Dance Beginner Ballet - Princesses, Unicorns, & Mermaids

Intro to Acting!

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Shapes - Triangle

LDCA (Student Request): Minecraft Drawing - Warden

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Numbers - 3

Valentine Rhythms

Intro to Robotics: Build a Simple Robot & Circuits, Study Physics for Teens

Piano Camp for Tiny Learners * (Pre Level 1)

Chess for Fun ~ a Social, No-Stress Chess Club Where All Are Welcome

Novelty of Bubble Tea (Gluten and Dairy Free)

Vegetarian, Gluten and Dairy Free Cooking: Let's Make Sushi

Weekly French (30 Min)

Customary Measurements: Capacity (Fluid Ounces, Cups, Pints, Quarts, and Gallons)

Beginning/Intermediate Mandarin Chinese for 11-16 Years Old

Customary Measurements: Customary Length and Weight

Genshin Impact Anime Art Drawing Club (Beginner to Intermediate)

Revolting Jobs in History

[One-Time]Pokémon Social - Guess That Pokémon, Virtual Battle, Show & Tell

Fall Landscape Painting: Watercolor Art

Drawing Fantastic Creatures: Art Club

Let Me Help You by Being Your Tutor! (45 Minute Session)

Gymnastics Movement & Workout Open!!

Cornell Notes - The Key to Remembering Important Information

Lost in the Arctic: A STEM Challenge Camp

30 Minute History: The Bolshevik Revolution

Kinder Club: Literacy and Math Skill Building

Learn Aboout Your Digestive System

K-Pop Discussions Class - An Ongoing Dialogue and Analysis of the Kpop Industry

Master Percentage in 4 Days! Boot Camp

Mythical Art: Realistic Dragon Sketch

Draw Wings of Fire Inspired Dragon ~Baby Nightwing Moonwatcher

Intro To Guitar: Private Lessons

Draw & Color / Paint How to Train Your Dragon Deadly Nadder HTTYD

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color a Warrior Cat Jayfeather

Individual Tutoring: Learn the Love of Reading With 1-On-1 Skill Building

Scratch Jr. 5-Day Coding Camp

Friends Around the World Social Club

Learn Coding With Scratch Jr. for Advanced Learners

Little Learners Pop up Opinion Writing

Vocabulary /Reading /Medical Terms 1 (Greek /Latin Word Roots - ages 10-13)

Mastering the Present Tense in Spanish! (Advanced Beginner - Flex Class)

Dairy Free Cooking: Cooking Kimchi Favorites

Intermediate to Advanced Baking: Fondant Cake Basics

More Fun Songs Beginner Piano ! Part Two to Fun Introduction to Beginner Piano

Spelling Fun

Sculpt With Polymer Clay: Beautiful Fairies

History Is 20/20 - 20th Century World History

Reading Comprehension and Written Response Questions- 1st and 2nd Grade (certified teacher)

Painting Birds in Watercolor

Daily Grammar and Writing Practice - 6th and 7th grade

One-On-One Private Violin or Viola Lessons Ages 7 to 12

One-On-One Tutoring for Reading Success: 5 Lessons

Learn How to Draw Minecraft Characters!

Dance With Your Stuffy - Beginner Ballet Dance

Holocaust Book Study: "The Book Thief," by Markus Zusak

Cryptozoology and Bigfoot: Real or Not? Summer Camp

Pokemon Go Social Club: Meet New Friends and Keep up On Current Events

Digital SAT Prep 2024 by Perfect Scorer (1600/1600)! Summer Camp

Reading Masters 1:1 Reading Spelling Intervention Tutoring for Struggling Reader

ASL With Jae: American Sign Language Tutoring

Amplifying Your Voice: Building Confidence for Speaking Up in Class!

Taking Charge of Your Success: Productivity, Focus, and Organization

Law School for Teens - Weekly Class - Ongoing Class

Private Violin or Viola Lessons - Beginner Through Intermediate

I Love This Book! ... What Book Do You Recommend?

Snow Days Stories and Activities: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Draw a Nightwing Dragon Inspired by Wings of Fire-A Discounted Sample Class

PokÉMon Life Science: The Human Body Camp Adventure (Part 2)

I SPY French Club for Beginners! New French Vocabulary & Game Every Week!

All about beginning multiplication and arrays (ongoing)

Procreate Skills Workshop: Intermediate Digital Art Club

Pokémon Life Science: The Epic Fall Adventure Part 3

Pokémon Life Science: Summer Camp Adventure Part 1

Reading Comprehension Skills Using Cultural Stories From Around the World

Creative Writing for Beginners, Novices and Reluctant Writers

Snowman Storytime and Activities!

All About Pigs. Cool & Unusual Facts About a Clean Mud Covered Animal

Ongoing French Beginner Class

Epic Bridge Engineering Challenge *FLEX* - Can Your Bridge Handle the Pressure?

Enrichment: Vocabulary Supersleuths With Greek and Latin Roots - Part 4

DIY Doll Furniture: Let's Make a Baby Crib!

Slurping Soil: A Science Class Where Soil Speaks

Meet the Teacher 6th, 7th Math Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra 2

Baking: Let's Make Peanut Butter Eggs

Beginner Ballet for Teens - Level 2

Rainbow Friends Tea & Art: Let’s Draw a Kwanzaa Tea Party

Learn to Read and Speak in Japanese! (ages 10-14)

Twinkle Hip Hop (Ages 3-5)

Dungeons and Dragons 057: Dragon Heist Summer Break Camp

52 Weeks of World War II History.

Valentines Party With Queen Elsa!!

Individualized Note Taking & Study Skills for ADHD or Neurodivergent Learners

Private Violin or Viola Lessons - Novice Through Experienced

Escape the Kings Castle!

Pup Party!

Strong Women :Squad Member, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Teen Bakers: Magical Cooking

College Level Computer Science With Java (Unit 7)

Cats Are the Coolest! Weekly Club for Cat Lovers

Elementary Tutoring: Social Studies With a Twist

Quality Pre-K & Kindergarten | Homeschool | Letters + Phonics | Numbers + Shapes

Writer’s Workshop-Personal Narrative/ Journal Writing First and Second Grade 1st and 2nd Grade

Playful Piano Party - 4 Fun Introductory Piano Lessons for Ages 4-5

Fourth Grade Math Crash Course- January 2024 Start

High School Biology

Let's Create Adorable Halloween Pumpkin Mice! Beginner Polymer Clay Sculpting

Polymer Clay Sculpting: Super Cute Miniature Mice for Beginners

Conversational Skills Group (Students With Autism)

Elementary Math

Creative Writing Club! - Learn to Write a Short Story

Creative Writing Club - Learn to Write a Short Story

Angie's English/Spanish Community Helpers

Waldorf Inspired Book Study: Tree Girl

All About Pandas of Many Colors. Get Wild About This Wild Animal

Build, Code & Battle Your Own Micro:Bit Battle Bot Will Your Bot Be a Champion?

All About Polar Bears. The Only Bear That Is a Marine Animal.

Create a Digital Portrait With Procreate | Procreate 101 | Intro to Procreate

Epic Bridge Engineering 4 Day Challenge - Can Your Bridge Handle the Pressure?

Singing Lessons: Voice & Performance Technique: 25 Minutes

Reading Tutoring Customized Lessons - Multi-Day Subscription

Shakespeare's Star-Crossed Lovers: Romeo and Juliet

Groundhog Day...A History & A Game About this Unusual Tradition!

The Master Class

Exploring World Cultures, Magic & Folklore 3: European Fairy Tales -Grades 3/4/5

American Girl CRAFT Camp! Make Your Own Doll Room!

Junior Bakers: Magical Cooking

Cursive Handwriting Life Skill: Travel and Write the World and USA in Cursive

Girls Just Want to Have Fun Art and Social Club for Girls Fall Semester Ages 6-10

Girls Just Want to Have Fun Art and Social Club for Girls Spring Semester Ages 8-12

Weekly Vietnamese Composition & Dictation - Adv. Beginner+

Avocado Realistic Drawing With Colored Pencils/Art

SWEETheart Valentine Nail Art

Harmonica Boot Camp for Absolute Beginners

Junior Bakers: Cooking Club

Wonderful Writers: Early Elementary Writing Club

Robotics: Crack the Spike Prime Code! for Future Roboticists (Level One)

Robotics: Crack the Mindstorms Robot Inventor Code! for Future Roboticists (Level One)

Individual Learning with DeAnn: Learning and Reviewing Math Concepts (8 weeks)

Little Bakers: Cooking Club

Master the Basics Using Math-U-See: Pre-Algebra Accelerated Summer Course-6 Weeks

Uke and Songwriting - Let's Write a Song Together! (Ukulele is NOT Mandatory.)

Dungeons & Dragons Ongoing Class for Kids! Adventure Awaits!

Let's Read Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Online Fashion Drawing Class for Kids: Designer Gowns and Dresses

Ariel's Birthday Gift: A Math Escape Room Involving Addition and Subtraction

The Art of Math Weekly Club

9th Grade English and Literature (Semester 1)

Numbers With Dash- A Book Reading For 1-10

Mini Bakers: Cooking Club

Drawing Club

Color and Breathe

Japanese Culture: Food, Entertainment & Traditions

All About the Allosaurus Dinosaur. Extinct but Alive in Our Hearts.

Teen Social and Chat Club. Are You Doing Ok?

Pokemon Recreation: Trainer Quest for The Winter Badge

Math Masters! 1:1 Math Tutoring Intervention for Struggling Learner Dyscalculia

Oil Pastels: Landscapes

Ongoing One to One: Drawing Tuition

Learn to Draw and Sketch Realistic Animals (Ongoing)

The Easy Essay - Writing Class

Ukulele Fingerpicking 101: Beginners Crash Course *No Chords* -Small Class Size- (Ages 8-13)

A Romp Through Biographyland

Agent Sonya: Moscow's Spy in World War II

Cryptozoology and Bigfoot: Real or Not? (Private Class , 1:1)

Writing: Writing the Beginning

Mastering Drawing and Designing Anime Characters- Fashion and Anatomy

Hands On Math (On-Going)

Onion Drawing/ Pencil Shading/Art

Digital Art: Illustrations in Procreate for Beginners! Summer Camp

Integers: Multiplying and Dividing With Negative Numbers

Integers: Adding and Subtracting With Negative Numbers

1:1 8th Grade Math Homework Help

Multiplication Facts - Through Song, Patterns, Pictures, and Rhymes

Patisserie: Fancy French Desserts Parts 1 and 2 Combined On-Going

Autistic Social Time for Teens

Drawing All Nature and Architecture We See Around Us for Fun

Portrait Drawing With Colored Pencils Tutoring

Learn Italian With a Monster! - Italian Arts and Crafts Class

1:1 4th Grade Math Homework Help

Forest Habitats: What Can We Find in a Forest?

Learn & Master Chess Moves: Fun Interactive Puzzles

Drawing for Beginners: Create, Color, Have Fun! a Weekly Art Club

Mindfulness: Improve Focus, Manage Stress, Regulate Emotion Flex Class

Bird Drawing-Learn to Draw Realistic Birds- Be a Nature Artist

Write Like the Greats: Roald Dahl Writing Camp

One-To-One Math Tutoring

Draw & Watercolor Paint a Sea Horse ~ Blow & Splatter ~ Learn Techniques

Draw & Watercolor Paint / Color a Beautiful Holiday Pumpkin

Draw & Watercolor Paint a Cute Hedgehog ~ Easy & Fun Blowing Paint Step-by-Step

Story Stars - Imaginative Acting and Playing

Let's Cello to the Movies!: Play Tunes From the Movies on Your Cello!

Percents in Real Life

Practical Homesteading: Duck, Duck, Goose: An Intro to Waterfowl (9-13 SP)

Practical Homesteading: Duck, Duck, Goose: An Intro to Waterfowl (14-18 SP)

Hop, Swim, Fly: Animal Movements

Science, High School, Part I - Semester Long

Little Letter Learners- Pre-K and Kindergarten Prep

Ongoing Private Violin Lessons Ages 13-17

Individual Tutoring-One Time

Summer Reading Challenge: "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" by CS Lewis

Women in Poetry: Amanda Gorman

Focus on Your Novel Writing

U.S. History 2: Early Republic to Civil War (1787-1865)

Baking: Let's Make Berry Cheesecake Truffles

Stock Market for Beginners Part 6 - Chart Drawing

Stock Market - Private Tutoring

Kickin' It! | Advanced Math PSAT / SAT / Prep | The Toughest Problems for Advanced Students

Smarty Pants Summer Music Camp - Joyful Treble Makers for 3 year olds

Mythical Art: Realistic Unicorn Sketch

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