New Classes on Outschool 2021-01-31

There are 300 new classes on Outschool the week of January 31, 2021 to February 6, 2021.

"Hello, Robots!" Fun with Robots & Thinking Machines: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Autism Minecraft Social Club: Let's Build and Have Fun Together! (Java)

French for Advanced Beginners - Level A1, Course 2 - (Semester Course)

Coding With Scratch- Create an Animated (Roblox, Lol, Pokemon or Dinosaur) Party

French for Advanced Beginners - Level A1, Course 1 - (Semester Course)

French for Beginners Course - Level A0 - Part 1

Spanish 4 Advanced Placement (AP) Language and Culture With SeÑOra Nicely!

The Iliad Project: A Five Day Ancient Greek History Camp

Draw & Watercolor Paint a Beautiful Owl ~ Easy Step by Step

Ongoing One on One Tutoring for Reading, Writing, or Math

Dog Man: Mothering Heights Read Aloud and Fan Club

Astronomy: Beginning Night Sky--Level 1 (Middle School and High School version)

History Herald: Disease & Pandemics that Changed the World, History and Science!

Shakespeare Stories: Romeo and Juliet

1:1 Math Tutoring 6th-9th Grade -2 Days a Week - Ongoing

Acrylic Painting Boot Camp Part 2: Sunset, Landscape, Tree, Owl and Humming Bird

Pretend: Let's Go on an Adventure to Mars!

Finding Phonemes and other Fun Phonics Games

US Presidents (1789 - 1861): From George Washington to James Buchanan

"The Borrowers": A Literature Circle-Based Book Club for Elementary Students

"Super Kids" Preschool/ Kindergarten Reading (Phonics) and Numeracy

Mastering Math: Advanced Computation and Estimation (FLEX)

Mastering Math: Advanced Numbers and Number Sense (FLEX)

Comic Strip Creations: Sequencing, and Literacy Through Art

European Portuguese 101- Semester Class - Ages 13-18

Mastering Middle School Math Advanced: You CAN Do This!! (FLEX)

Young Detectives: There's a Lost Dinosaur Somewhere. Find the Dinosaurs Part #1

Descriptive Writing: Garden Flowers

Story Book Club: Story Time and Art (for New and Emerging Readers)

Write a Story With Ms. Jackson: Get a Prompt, Write and Read!

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing With Shapes - Rectangle

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Numbers - Unicorn

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Numbers - 6

Little Learners Sequential Writing

Recurring Private Violin Lessons!

Draw & Watercolor Paint Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Skywing Peril

Cool African History for kids: The Story of Ghana's Kente Cloth (Ages 6-8)

Drum Lessons (10 Session Package)

Word Up 1 - The Power of Persuasion: Make Your Words Work

WHO AM I: A Guide to Discovering Your Authentic Self

18th Century Working Women's Dress - A Sewing and Fashion History Workshop

Elementary Intermediate Spanish ~ Part 4 (4 of 9)

Beginner Dog Agility Training: Easy Exercises You Can Do at Home (FLEX) 7-11 y/o

Let's Learn 16 New Dog Tricks! (FLEX) 7-11 y/o

Beginner French Video, Vocab & Speaking...4 Weeks of Songs!

Ongoing Private Piano Lessons With Ms. Joanna

Learn Italian With a Native Speaker! - Level 1 - Ages 4-8

PRE-K/KINDERGARTEN Digital Escape Rooms and Crafts! (Ages 3-6), Vol. 1 | 4 WEEK

Social Club: Play Games and Make Friends! Neurodivergent Autism ADHD Anxiety

Conflict Resolution - How Should I Handle That?

Ongoing Montessori Culture Curriculum

US History Herald: United States U.S. American History - Middle School Part Two!

Public Speaking Camp

Phonics for Reading Writing and Spelling-Level a: "Hello, Magic-E"

Writing Is Fun - When We Use the 6+1 Traits of Writing!

Little Artist: Kids Craft Club

Current Events in Space Technology and Rocket Launches as They Happen! 8-10yo

Piano Level 1, Part 3

*Art Is Fun 101 FLEX - An Exploration of Drawing & Art Journaling Ages 13-16

*Art Is Fun 101 FLEX- An Exploration of Drawing & Art Journaling FLEX Ages 8-12

*Art Is Fun 101 FLEX- An Exploration of Drawing & Art Journaling Ages 6-10

Let's Draw & Paint Adorable Colorful Animals: Watercolor Mixed Media Art Club

Animal Art: Realistic Koala Sketch

Animal Art: Realistic Animal Sketching

Acrylic Painting With a Palette Knife, Art and Social Club

Zoology of Minecraft: Amazing Axolotls! (Ages 13-18)

Animal Art: Realistic Bald Eagle Sketch

St. Patrick's Day: Crafts, Snacks, and Games

Current Events in Space Technology and Rocket Launches as They Happen! 14-18yo

Needle Felt Friends Fiber Arts Club

Pirate Math Adventure Escape Room

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Zoology of Minecraft: Amazing Axolotls! (Ages 7-12)

Multiplication Is Easy!!!

Love Stinks: Tragic Tales of Doomed Couples in Literature & Mythology

Camp: Beginner Blender 2-D Animation

Wings of Fire Ultimate Fan Special Event - Game Night

"Anger Management For Kids" - This Is How Anger Feels #1

YOUTUBE GAMERS: Record Like a Pro!

Grammar: The Verb Be/Helping Verbs/Linking Verbs and Commas in Sentences

Weekly Preschool / Kindergarten Story Time and Craft Class- Listen to a Book and Make a Fun Simple Craft

Draw with Nicole! Intro to Drawing and Shading with Charcoal

Private Acoustic or Electric Bass Lessons

Hand Sewing for Beginners

Basics and Beyond: Beginning Violin Private Lessons (Ongoing)

US Presidents (1945 - Present): From Truman to Biden

US Presidents (1861-1945): From Lincoln to Roosevelt

Sourdough Bread Making (FLEX)

Finance, Money and Economics for Middle School Learners - Adulting 101

American Girl Doll Fashion Show With Ms. Kelly

Food Science: Making Mozzarella and Science of Cheese

Let's Play Doctor!

Summer Reading Challenge for Gifted Students 12 - 14

Basic London History 43-1066: Romans, Vikings & Anglo-Saxons (Ages 7-12)

Callie's Corner: Electron Arrangement (9-11)

Callie's Corner: The Periodic Table (9-11)

French 101 - Semester Class - Ages 14-18

So You Think You Can Sing - Voice Lessons for Broadway Bound Performers (11-18)

Crunching the Numbers... Private 1-On-1 Tutoring (Middle)

Roblox Coding

The Chess Club: Tournaments

Introduction to Latin - Part 4

Wizard Baking School- Magical Cooking Course (Popular Wizard Treats)

Creative Writing: Become a Consistent Blogger (9-13)

Transgender Lgbtqia+ Social Club- Make New Friends for Age 7-11

Ahsoka: A Star Wars Book Discussion Flexible Schedule

Paragraph Writing Like a Pro! Quickly Improve Your Child’s Writing

Let's Balance Together - Yoga Workout (Taster Class)

Fairy Tale Adventures: Learning Through Stories, Retelling & Games

Crunching the Numbers... Private 1-On-1 Tutoring (Elementary)

Let's Celebrate Spring! Ages 3-6

All Things Kindergarten! ( Spring FLEX) Part 2

All Things Pre-K! ( Spring FLEX) Part 2

All Things Kindergarten! ( Fall FLEX) Part 2

All Things Pre-K ( Fall FLEX) Part 2

All Things Kindergarten (Summer FLEX) Part 2

All Things Pre-K!( Summer FLEX) Part 2

Welcome to the International World of Dance_Social Studies

One on One Reading Tutoring: Building Confidence for Struggling Readers

Autism Rocket League Social Gamer Club: Let's Learn and Play Together!

Doll Virtual Play Date- Bring Your Omg, Rainbow High, Barbie or Any Other Dolls!

Learn About Judaism: Stories, Holidays, Food, Songs, Traditions & More! (10-13)

Draw With Me: Fun Heart Drawings for Valentines Day

Private Acoustic or Electric Bass Lessons

Intro to Reading Music - Part 1 - Grand Staff! Ages 5-7

A Beginners Guide to Fractions Level 2 (ages 7-10)

Become an Entrepreneur and Build a Business Website (SEM 14-18)

F 14 Tomcat the Iconic Top Gun Fighter Aircraft

Oregon Trail Simulation

This Week in History- For 9-12 Year Olds!

Current Events in Space Technology and Rocket Launches as They Happen! 10-14yo

Math Mystery: The Case of the Colorful Candy Jar

Learn Polish Words and Phrases for Colours - 13

The Art & Magic of Poetry

Learn Polish Words and Phrases for Numbers - 12

Family Words in Polish - 11

All About the Extinct Giganotosaurus Dinosaur. Alive in Our Hearts.

Behind the Scenes! Explore the Real Geology, Tech & Filmmaking of Star Wars

Explore All 50 States! Geography Fun -Flex

Fight for the Right to Vote: A Study of Suffragettes in History Book Club

Intro to Hinduism: Mythology, Culture, & Religion

Empowering Neurodivergent Teens – Autism, Anxiety & ADHD Social Skills Group

Financial Literacy for Kids: Dollars & Cents

ABC Weekly French Club! Learn Your ABC’s With New Vocabulary Words Every Week!

ESL Learn English: Beginners Ages 3-5 (Small Group/Once a Week)

Fun and Fluency: Practice Reading With Elephant and Piggie

Intro to Procreate 5: Dynamic Shading and Highlighting, Ages 10-14

What's for Dinner? #9 (FLEX) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

What's for Dinner? #16 (FLEX) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Map Design: Discover and Design Underground Structures (10-14 Years)

Mythology 3: Norse and World Myths and Legends

Jane Austen Virtual Escape Room

One-On-One College Application & Preparation Quick Chats

American Sign Language: Animal Signs (Ages 5-8)

Beginner Horsemanship

It's All in Your Head! Part 1: Mini Med FLEX Camp

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Film Studies

Portrait Art: Realistic Human Eye Sketch

The Ancient & Natural Wonders of the World: Boot Camp (Science & History)

Let's Create a Lucky Shamrock Leprechaun & Pot O' Gold! Polymer Clay Sculpting

Winning Chess Tactics and Patterns of Attack

Speak Russian With Ms.Irina!- Intermediate Small-Group Class

American Girl Doll Easter Crafting Party!

Individual Math Tutoring: One to One

Rocket League Weekly Match Showdown!

Cooking with Courage and Creativity: A Semester Course

Escape Room: Zombies 2 Trivia With Ciphers, Cryptograms, and Secret Codes

Warzone 2.0: Strategize, Play, and Learn in This Call of Duty Social Club

Learn How to Research an Object in Outer Space and Present Your Findings

Let's Get Cooking Dinner Flex

Flute 101 - Part II (Keep Learning)

One-Time Private Introductory Singing Class (All Ages)

Primary Core Project Bundle; Math & Science, ELA & Writing

Become an Entrepreneur and Build a Business Website (SEM 10-13)

Interactive Workshop - The Fundamentals of Writing a Five Paragraph Essay

AP Chemistry Course: Comprehensive Review + 2022 Exams & Testing Strategies

Intro to Java (Latte) 1 Of 7

Let's Learn and Practice 3rd Grade Spelling: Set 6 of 6 (FLEX)

Let's Learn and Practice 3rd Grade Spelling: Set 5 of 6 (FLEX)

Let's Learn and Practice 3rd Grade Spelling: Set 4 of 6 (FLEX)

Let's Learn and Practice 3rd Grade Spelling: Set 3 of 6 (FLEX)

What Did I Miss? One-On-One Private Tutoring in Writing (1/2 Hour)

Ornithology 1: Research & Discuss Birds Around the World! 12 Weeks (Ages 9-12)

First Grade Writing Center

Draw with Nicole! Intro to Drawing Movement with Mr. Mannequin

World Geography - Country Studies - Physical & Human Geography - (10yo-14yo)

Pandas, Pandas & More Pandas! Giant Panda & Red Panda Facts ! - Animal Science

First Lady's Fashion History 1

All About Fractions Odds and Ends

Wizard Baking School- A Month Long Magical Cooking Experience *Magical Drinks*

Sloths, Sloths & More Sloths! - Animal Science

Detective Spring / Summer Camp: Best Murder Mysteries (Part 1)

All About Large Number Addition

Realistic Animal Drawing Club! (9-14)

Learning With Friends- A Private, Customized Class

Farsi First Grade, Part 6, فارسى اول دبستان

Legend of Zelda Social Club (Weekly)

How to Draw! Learn to Draw Cartoons, Comics, and Character Design

Dungeons and Dragons for Teens: Descent Into Avernus!

Relaxing With "Diary of a Wimpy Kid:” Making Mindfulness Fun In an After School Weekly Book Club

Learning with Lola Levine Series (Books 1-3)- Book Club

On-Going Logic Matrix Puzzles For Gifted Learners Deductive Reasoning

Little Birders- Drawing Realistic Birds (Ages 9-13) Nature Drawing Course

Little Birders- Drawing Realistic Birds (Ages 6-8) Nature Drawing Course

Beginner Piano Lessons, Level Primary B

Play Minecraft Java Edition: Let's Build Our World

Amazing Authors - A Literary and Biographical Review - With Reading

What Did I Miss? One-On-One Private Tutoring in Math (1/2 Hour)

Among Us Social Club For Teens!

Bedrock Minecraft Club- Make Friends While Playing! Bedrock Edition

PHYSICS 201 - All About Waves (2 Of 3) [SCIENCE-FLEX]

Beginner Adding Fractions - With Like Denominators

PHYSICS 101 - Classical Mechanics (1 of 3) [SCIENCE-FLEX]

Barbie Dance It Takes Two Fun Empowering Hip Hop Jazz With Pop-Up Class!

Historic Painting Adventure-Paint a Sail Boat Like Vincent Van Gogh Art Class!

Individual Tutoring

1:1 Tutoring | Pre-Algebra Through Calculus (55 Minute 4-Pack of Sessions)

One on One Photography Tutoring With Tamea

Christmas Craft Camp

Private English-2X Wk-All Ages-Message Amy for More Time Options

Draw & Watercolor Paint Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Rainwing Kinkajou

Draw & Watercolor Paint Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Seawing Tsunami

Draw & Watercolor Paint / Color a Warrior Cat Tallstar

Garden Club

Greatest Showman Dance Camp Circus Fitness Fun Party With Pop-Up Class! 4x(5-9)

Adventures in High School American Literature

Spelling Wizard!

Ancient Empires: Rome

Recorder for Absolute Beginners - Next Level!

My First Beginner Dissection Summer Camp (Ages 8-10)

Rocket League Social Gamer Club: Make Friends and Learn New Tricks!

Among Us: Let's Play While Making Friends Safely

Private Drawing Lesson: Personalized Ongoing Art Lesson

Pop-Up Art ~ Draw & Create a Fun 3D Dragon Art Craft - Easy & Fun

Intermediate Dissection Camp!

Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Master Bootcamp

Art With Miss Una: Create and Play with Dough, The Great British Baking Show #Creative (Flexible Class)!

Little Drummers-A Drumming Class for Preschoolers Level Three

Beginning American Sign Language (Ages 14-18)

Dino-Mite Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt Party With Song, Story, & Draw a Dino

Critical Thinking 101: Math Problem Solving & Puzzles

Middle School Summer STEM Camp!

Hand Sewing. Learn the Basics of Stitching by Hand

Decades of Literature: Short Stories From Then(1800's) and Now (2000'S) FLEX

Anger Management—Anger Is Normal! Make Good Choices & Express It Constructively

Ancient Empires: Greece

Fun Facts About Groundhogs And Groundhog Day: Prek Learning With Ms. Liz

FLEX Beginning French (Ages 11-14)

Bird Nerds: An Ornithology Social Club

German: Let's Read German stories! Advanced Beginners to Intermediate

Private OR Small Group Tutoring from a Master's of Writing Teacher (60 Min)

Winter Intensive: Comprehensive Introduction to the World of Vet Work (9-12 YO)

Peculiar Pink Animals

African Language - Yoruba

The Acting Club.....Let's Perform!

2 X 2 Rubik's Cube Club for Beginners (Ages 8-11)

Young Creative Writers' Inspiration Club!

Writer's Workshop-Creative Writing Projects for Second and Third Grade- 2nd and 3rd Grade

Let's Talk About: Sea Otters!

Learn to Draw a Reflective Mountain Landscape. (Tiny World Series)

College Interview Skills #Confidence

Star Wars Social Hour

Middle School Essential Writing Skills

Fun With Chinese: Level 2e

Fun With Chinese: Level 2d

6 Main Ballet Steps - 6 Weeks - 15 Minutes Exercise - Theory - Practice (Applicable for Dance-Gymnastics-Figure Skating)

Beginner French: Make a Valentine's Day Card

Adventures in Spanish Summer CAMP

Tout En Français. All in French. Class For Students 10-14 Who Speak French Well.

Mean, Median, Mode and Range

Roleplaying in Dungeons and Dragons

Hawk Painting: Watercolor Art

Gymnastics: Beginner Bars

FLEX-Create Your Own Cupcake Business: Creative Entrepreneurs

Adventures in String Theory: A Fun Exploration of the Universe

Law School for Teens - Introduction to Thinking Like a Lawyer (One Class)

Advanced Mammal Ecology FLEX | (Zoology) (Wildlife)

Fiddle Fun Flex - Learn Fiddle Tunes and Play by Ear on Violin or Viola

Explore All 50 States! Geography Fun -Ongoing

Fractions, Decimals and Percents Oh My!

Magic Tree House Book 3 bookclub: Mummies in the Morning (FLEX)

Fun Art Fundamentals: Learn to Shade With Ink and Graphite

High School Drawing Club: Ongoing Weekly Social Group

'Leap' Into Irish Dancing - Dance Class

¡Vamos a Aprender! Beginner Spanish Class Camp Part 1

Descriptive Writing: A Silly Spooky Story 2

Colonialism, Resistance and Independence: A Study of Modern African Nations

Summer Step Up to Second Grade Math! (Second Grade Review or Preview)

1:1 Algebra 1 Tutoring With Mrs. Kennedy (Ongoing)

Alchemy and Scientific Mysteries in Medieval Europe

Vegetarian, Gluten and Dairy Free Cooking: Pad Thai and Vegetable Curry

The Vibrant Violin- From the Beginning!

FLEX: Poetry Unlocked (American Poets)

Comic Book Creation Club, Ongoing

Wizarding Virtual Escape Room

The Playful Piano- From the Beginning!

Building Bridges! Hands-On Building Project

Second Grade Book Clubs Part 2- Let's Chat (Flex)

Teen Bakers: Cooking Club

Frozen Dance Elsa Anna Olaf Princess Ballet Jazz With Pop-Up Class! Ongoing

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