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New Classes on Outschool 2020-09-06

There are 395 new classes on Outschool the week of September 6, 2020 to September 12, 2020.

Scavenger Hunt: Shapes

Art Club: CraftTober for Kids !

1:1 English Conversation Club for ESL Students (7-12 Years Old)

Math Master Group Tutoring

Beginning Typing / Keyboarding for Students 9-14 Years Old

Worn Out Teddy - Create Realistic Fur and Distressing Textures in Procreate

Kindergarten Curriculum / Phonics and Math

Show Me the Money, a Lesson in Money for Preschool

Second Grade Common Core Math (2x per Week)

Pokemon Go Trainer's Club

Create Your Own Book

Introduction to Python Programming 3 Days

Game Show Style- 5th-6th Grade Math Review

Let's Paint a Goldfish!

Third Grade Math, Weekly Spiral Review

Sapere Aude: Beginners Level Latin for High Schoolers (Part One)

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Beginners Level Latin & Intro to Ancient Rome (Part One)

Sunday Morning Quarterback: NFL Football Talk

Kindergarten Sight Word Bootcamp

Introduction to Ancient Roman History

Who Am I? United States Monument Guessing Game!

Ancient Greek Literature and Archaeology: Reading and Understanding the Iliad

Ada Lace Steam Book Club!

Chess Cool Club -Learning Strategies While Solving Puzzles!(Ongoing Once a Week)

Amazing Animals Who Changed the World

Let's Get Regulated (FLEX Schedule): Sensory Motor and Exercise Group

African Animals: The Shy Five

Let’s Learn Letters and Sounds! Part C

Ongoing Chinese Mandarin Group Class

Make Your Own Gemstone Bead Jewelry

Flex Class- Draw and Paint Like Vincent Van Gogh

Growing Confident Readers - 1:1 Orton-Gillingham Reading Instruction

I Belong Here: A Social Club for the Very Young and Gifted

Advanced Fashion Design Club: Fashion History, Figure Drawing and Fashion Design

Beautiful and Bizarre Nudibranchs of Hawaii - Sea Slug Marine Biology

My Community and Me, Civics for Grades K-2 FLEX

Summer Speech and Debate Camp

Chinese Mandarin Intermediate - Private Class (Ongoing)

4th Grade & 5th Grade Art Class

Adventures in Psychology ? A Fun Interactive Course on Psychology

(FLEX) Marvelous Maps: Exploring and Making Maps Together

Life Science -Ecology- Food Chains-Web-Pyramids, Ecosystems, Symbiosis, Biomes

From Letters to Words (FLEX) - Systematic Phonics Instruction

Sound It Out Part 2: Reading With Digraphs, Blends, and Long Vowels

Dance: Private and Semi-Private Class With a Professional

Fashion Design

Let's Learn and Practice 2nd Grade Spelling: Set 5 of 6 (FLEX)

Let's Learn and Practice 2nd Grade Spelling: Set 6 of 6 (FLEX)

Let's Learn and Practice 2nd Grade Spelling: Set 4 of 6 (FLEX)

Obscure Animals: The Halloween "Ghost" Edition

Cake Mix Magic: A Taste of Fall *FLEX* for Teens

Fun Gingerbread House Drawing With Pop up Windows

Cake Mix Magic: A Taste of Fall *FLEX*

Draw a Haunted House for Halloween

Lets Paint Two Happy Baby Birds Art Class!

Dino Dana Dinosaur Trivia & Coloring Time

Preschool Drawing With Shapes and Lines

Learn to Speak English With Excellence: One-To-One Practice for Your Student

Halloween Costume Party With a Whacky Scientist

Wizard Escape Room

Welcome Firefighter Trainees! Learn, Sing, and Practice Fire Safety, Too.

1:1 Private Spanish tutoring helps you go from "no way" to "¡Olé!" (ongoing, 30 min lessons)

Best Friends Forever- Read-A-Loud, Chat, and Coloring

Introduction to Fractions

Sewing for Beginners I - Learn All the Basics to Get You Started Creating!

Guitar Skills for High Schoolers - Summer Session for Beginners!!

Magical Mystery Trivia: A Trivia Challenge All About the Beatles!

Unlock the Key to Success in Algebra (Flexible)

Kangaroos Alive! All About the Kangaroo With Art Activity!

Sloths Alive! All About the Amazingly Slow Sloth with Drawing Activity!

Lemurs Alive! All About the Lemur With Drawing Activity!

Read, Write, and Spell Sight Words and High Frequency Words - Beginning Readers

Ongoing Private Spanish & Study Skills Tutor: Beginner to Advanced!

Engineering, Design, and Gingerbread?

Matilda Roald Dahl Literature Book Club

Drawing Class: Let's Draw Dipper & Mabel!

Summer Time Pre-K Circle Time | Kindergarten Prep With Curriculum (4x a Week)

Let's Gobble Gobble Till We Wobble!

Game! Would You Rather!Life Skills/Social Skills

Who's Afraid of the Dark? Guided Relaxation for Bedtime Fears and Better Sleep

African Animals: The Ugly Five

Take a Trip on the Mayflower

Private Piano Lessons for Beginners


Deutsches Frühstück oder Teetrinken

Flex Class- Women in Art: Natasha Wescoat

Drawing Dragons: Art Inspired by Wings of Fire (Intermediate/ Advanced)

The Basics of Wilderness Survival - Learn the Skills to Keep You Alive!

Create a Great Writing Portfolio - For the Potential College Writing Major

Problem Solving for Mathematicians: Algebra 2 Math Workroom

Golden Retriever Lovers Club

Animal Brains FLEX

Problem Solving for Mathematicians: Algebra 1 Math Workroom

Super Spy

Ongoing Private Singing Lessons one on one 1:1

Creative Writing Prompt Weekly for Ages 12 to 14

Let's Learn and Practice 2nd Grade Spelling: Set 3 of 6 (FLEX)

Let's Learn About One-Point Perspective!

Drawing and Painting Art Club for Like-Minded Young Creatives (Ages 6-9) Ongoing

I Can Read! Weekly Phonics Practice With CVC Words (Small Class Size)

Halloween Spooky Treats With Chef Andy

Weekly News: What Are the Current Events in Biology? (Ages 12-17)

Dinosaur Show and Tell (Public Speaking for Young Kids)

Learning Landforms - Earth Science Guessing Game and Art Project!

Let's Create a Watercolor Mandala!

+ Note Taking for Mathematicians: Effective Notes to Understand Math

(Triassic Period) - More Rip-Roaring Fun With Dinosaurs

Weekly News: Current Events in Biology (Age 9-12)

Japanese Conversation CLUB

(Cretaceous Period) - More Rip-Roaring Fun With Dinosaurs

(Jurassic Period) - More Rip-Roaring Fun With Dinosaurs

It's Game Time! Social Game Night With Friends

Show and Tell: Lovey Listen

Private 1:1 Writing Tutor with Certified Teacher/Librarian, 2nd-4th Grades

Write the Scribe, Friend (Grades 3-5)

Kindness: It Starts With You!

Flexible Schedule Class: Collaborate With Nature: Ages 4-9

Lego Duplo Young Builders and Book Club

Book Club: Charlotte’s Web by EB White

How to Draw: Kawaii Job Doodles FLEX Class (Doctor, Farmer, Chef, & Art Show!)

I Politely Disagree: Communicating Through Differences (7-10 Year Olds)

Ongoing Science Class: A Full Semester of Science Standards (GED Aligned)

Cooking With Joy : Shanghai Soup Dumplings (Xiaolongbao) From Scratch

Tricks to Learn Multiplication Tables for Older Students

If You Give a Cat a Cupcake - Kids Story and Fun Craft Time With Ms. Tiffany

Christmas LEGO!

Halloween LEGO!

Natural Disasters: Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Wildfires

Kindergarten/1st Grade (Full Semester: Phonics, ELA, Math, Geography, Science)

Beginning Sight Words With Teacher Amy

All Ears! Active Listening Club (Ages 5-7)

Confident Talker Public Speaking For Kids - Ongoing Class

Book Writer’s Corner: Copy Edit Your Drafts & the Road to Publishing

Dungeons and Dragons 255 (Science Fiction): Spelljammer Ongoing Adventure

Genetics: DNA FLEX

Grammar Jammer Semester or Drop-In; 5th 6th and 7th Grade

If I Had a Spooky Pet: Bats, Owls, Spiders, and Wolves!

Charlotte Mason Style Composer/Artist Study for Ages 8-13

Grammar Jammer Semester or Drop-In; 1st 2nd and 3rd Grade

Totally Turtles-Live Meeting With Red Foot Tortoises

Math Mystery: The Case of the Appearing Apples

Individual Tutoring - Critical Thinking and Cultural Enrichment, Option A

The Crucible and the Salem Witchcraft Trials Literature and History

Pre-K Circle Time With Snowy the Snowman

Travel the USA! Learn All 50 States and Capitals

History Fair for Middle School Students: Creating and Presenting Projects -Flex

Weekly Preschool Basics

Descriptive Writing: A Day at the Beach

Articulation and Diction Club: 30 Minutes (Ages 13-17)

History of House Cats

Private Math Tutoring Sessions - Multiple Weeks - Grade 4 To 12!

Teen Craft Club - Fun New Arts & Crafts Every Week

Tween Craft Club - Fun Arts & Crafts New Projects Every Week Ages 9 10 11 12 13

Geography: Finding Your Way Around

Second Grade Book Club: The Boxcar Children (Book 1) "The Boxcar Children"

Draw a Cartoon Koala!

Preschool Explorers Discover Antarctica Using Your 5 Senses!(1 Day/Ages 3-6 Yrs)

Pre-K/K Circle Time Sing-A-Long!

Learning to Read by Blending and Reading CVC Words (Beginners)

Pokemon Multiplication FLEX

Weekly Vocabulary Fun! Improve Reading Comprehension for 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade (Certified Reading Teacher)

Halloween Spooky Creature Adaptations

Planets on Fire, That Rain Glass, Like Earth and More: Exoplanets Exploration

English: Introduction to What Is a Verb in Sentences

ABC Affirmations (Kindergarten)

Math in a Flash: Subtraction

A Social Oil Pastels Class: A Consistent Way To Learn New Techniques! Art Class

Learn a Foreign Language: Serbian (Croatian, Bosnian) Level 1A

Learn a Foreign Language: Macedonian

All About Lines for Younger Elementary

Obscure Animals: The Halloween Edition

Ongoing English Class: A Full Semester of English Standards (GED Aligned)

Create Your Own Short Stories!

Let's Create an Adorable Baby Groot in Planter Pot! Polymer Clay Art Sculpting

How to Draw: Kawaii Animals FLEX Class (Underwater, Corgi, Fox, Safari, Peacock)

Going From a Scaredy Cat to a Cool Cat: Guided Relaxation With Your Pet for Fear

Screenwriting Camp: Learn How to Write a Screenplay!

Get up & GO! Around the House Scavenger Hunt.

Weekly Alternatives to Video Gaming - Bi-Weekly Discussion Group for Video Gamers

First Grade Sight Words: Read, Spell, Use in a Sentence and Play Bingo!

Summer Space Camp!

Wonderful World of Reptiles! (Part 2)

Wonderful World of Reptiles! (Part 1)

Nature Notebooking With Miss Kathleen

Descendant Dance Class

Persuasive/Opinion Writing: What Should They Be for Halloween?

Private 1 on 1 Tutoring and Homework Help

Weekly Relaxing Group Cursive Penmanship Practice

Life Science Exploration Club!

1 on 1 High School Chemistry Tutoring

1:1 Grade 2 and Grade 3 Math Tutoring

Kids Yoga in Mixed English/Russian. Ages 4-9

Inklings 2.0: Story & Novel Writing Club for Teens

Draw and Paint: Colorful Fun Fall Owl Eyes

Let's Talk About Weather and Seasons in French

DSH It Out! Directed Student Hour to Foster Organization and Homework Completion

Elementary Beginner Spanish ~ Part 2 (2 of 8)

Reading Tutoring Group: Second Grade (Ages 6 - 9)

Take a Tour and Learn About the 7 Wonders of the World (Modern)

Physical Science for Middle School - Atomic Structure & the Periodic Table Flex

Fêtons l'Halloween...Fun with Halloween in French!

Flex Class- Japanese Artist Hokusai

Imagination Yoga (Ages 4-5)

Spooky Astronomy: Solar System Edition

11+ Public Speaking Interview Tuition for Grammar and Private Schools

Beginner Sewing Camp FLEX

Spooky Astronomy: Milky Way Galaxy Edition

The 10 Greatest Empires in the History of the World

Malayalam Language Learning for Beginners

Board Game Club

Kindergarten Full Curriculum Circle Time W/ Science & Craft (3x/Week Ongoing)

Python Coding - Create Your Own Video Game! - (Twice a Week, 8 Weeks)

Beginning Ukulele Private Lesson (Ages 13-18)

Music and Movement for Preschoolers

Pokémon Digital Escape Room

Individual Tutoring for Ventriloquism

The Real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Leonardo

History Fair for Elementary Students: Creating and Presenting Projects -flex

Beginner Sewing Skirts FLEX

History Fair for High School Students: Creating and Presenting Projects -flex

Spanish Class for Kids - Spanish Culture for Intermediates - 8 Weeks

Introduction to Earth Science: Escape Room Bonus (Flex Class)

Arts & Crafts Storytime Fun with Elephant, Piggy, & Pigeon: Let's Read & Play!

3rd Grade Reading, Spelling, and Language Arts

Private Guitar Lessons With Dave (Ages 9-13): 1 Day/Week

Private Guitar Lessons With Dave (Ages 9-13): 2 Days/Week

Private Guitar Lessons With Dave (Ages 9-13): 3 Days/Week

Multi-Day: Name That Dinosaur 1

(Ongoing) Biology Veterinarian Club: Wild and Domestic Animal Vet Care (13-18Yo)

Lesson 5 Scratch Coding for Beginners-Make a Video Game-Shark Attack

Art With Miss Una: Montessori Introduction to the Elements of Art, (Flexible Class)!

Musical Spelling Bee With M&M's. Level 1a. Fun Piano Lesson for Ages 5-8

Blended: The Smoothie Edition! Flex for Ages 9-14.

Littlest Pet Shop Club (LPS)

Let's Learn About a Platypus!

Going on a Bug Hunt! Mosquito Edition

Let’s Create: Glitter Spider Webs!

Circle Time With Snowy! Learning Letters, Numbers, Colors and Shapes

Phonics for Superheroes (Phonemic Awareness, Reading, and Kindergarten Readiness)

Sheep Word Fun! Learn Words Relating to Sheep

Introduction to Essay Basics! *** Unique Learning Needs Welcome *** Great for STAAR Prep ***

The Magician's Elephant by Kate Dicamillo (5-Week Book Club)

Story Explorer Germany: German Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, and Legends

Disney Baking and Cooking Club!

How Does a Bill Become a Law?

Understanding Physics: Waves & Optics FLEX (14 - 18)

Flexible Schedule Class - Abstract Painting for Children: Ages 5-10

Adventures in HISTORY: German Mythology & The Brother's Grimm

Spanish Tutoring Individual - Ongoing

Reading Comprehension | Grade Level 2 | Section 1

Make a Kokedama, Japanese Form of Garden Art: Ages 5-10

Private Reading, Writing, and/or Math Tutoring: 1:1 For K, 1st, and 2nd Grades

Summer Bridge: The Art of Vocabulary and Grammar Ages 7-9

Let's Explore Lambs and Sheep With Teacher Lauren

Scavenger Hunt: Adjectives

Smoky Mountains Grammar: What Is a Noun?

One-On-One Bass Guitar Lessons

Nature Art and Science: Spooky Halloween Creatures!

Halloween Food: Fun Dessert & Dinner Ideas

Art Club - Watercolors

Dungeons and Dragons 349: Strixhaven School of Magic Ongoing Adventure

Multi-Day: Funny & Goofy Starters - Creative Writing I

Preschool Circle Time: Letters, Numbers, Shapes, & Colors with Show & Tell

Introduction to Minecraft 101- Learn Basis Minecraft Functions in Creative Mode

Make Your Own Flying Fish! -- Upcycled Art With a Toilet Paper Tube

Music Theory for Beginners

Private Reading or Math Class for All Levels of Learners, Short Version

Reading Tutoring Group: First Grade (Ages 5 - 8)

9/11: Covering the Historical Event

Ongoing Phonics to Decoding & Reading Comprehension for Novice Readers Ages 7-11

Spanish and English Alphabet | FLEX

ADHD and Executive Function Skills for Success: Planning and Project Management for Neurodivergent Learners FLEX

Fractions Unit Flex Class

Gingerbread Decorating Party! (Christmas Treats, Stories And More!)

Feminism, Hawkins, and the Upside-Down

Autistic Self Advocating - Ages 9-13

LEGO Building with Bricks Holiday Christmas Camp!

Parts of Speech! Nouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Adjectives, Pronouns, and More!

Executive Functioning and Social Skills: Read Aloud Group

Piano Made Fun, Part 1, Ages 4-5

Yesterday's Yarns

Homeschool and Daytime Tutoring - Fun, Certified Math Teacher w/ Master's Degree (45 Minutes)

Read Like a Ninja: Developing Beginning Reading Skills

Digital Art Club: Mindful Art Creation on Procreate, Ibispaint, or Iornament

Coping Skills for Kids: How to Identify and Handle Big Emotions (NOT LIVE, FLEX)

Let's Bake Dessert! August-Delicious Double Peanut Butter Cookies (Ages 7-12)

Howard Zinn- A Young People's History of The United States (FLEX- 2nd Semester)

Intro to Guitar for Young Beginners

Getting to Know Leia Skywalker Organa Solo: Everyone's Favorite Princess

Autistic Self Advocating - Ages 14-18

Gymnastics Practice: Beginner Skills (Cartwheels, Handstands, Rolls, Bridges)

Let's Speak Spanish! (Relaxed and Guided Beginner Level Conversation)

Blended: The Chocolate Edition! Flex for Ages 9-14.

Halloween Workout for Kids -Can You Survive?

Fall Festival Learning Frenzy: An Educational Virtual Fall Festival

L.O.L. Surprise Doll Drawing Flex Club

Beginner Scratch Coding: Let's Make a Minecraft Maze Game (One-Day)

Let's Become a Vet (Part 2): Beginners Guide for Future Veterinarians

Kitchen Challenge: Salty Snack

Spelling Bee Games Beginner Word Building Skills

Kitchen Challenge: Create Your Own Sweet Treat

Reading Tutoring Group: Kindergarten (Ages 4 - 7)

Charlotte Mason Nature Study for Ages 8-13

Zoology-What's up With Your Tail? Featuring Live Animals

Write Sentences

Happy Little Acrylic Painting Art: Paint Cats in the Moonlight Step by Step

Private Guided Reading Lessons With Veteran Elementary Teacher

Dungeons & Dragons Create an Adventure D&D

8-10 Year Old Artist Corner: Procreate Club

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Club (Ages 13-18)

Semi-Private Singing: Voice Lessons: Ongoing: Disney Songs (Ages 7-9)

College Level Computer Science With Java (Unit 2)

Let's Sing; a Group Voice Lesson for Young Singers

Beginner Piano Private Lessons!

Second Grade Sight Words: Read, Spell, Use in a Sentence and Play Bingo!

Sharpen Your Skills: Games With Fractions, Decimals and Percents

Small Group Math Help for Algebra 2, Trig, and Calculus

Writing for High School

Amazing Astronomy: Our Out-Of-This-World Solar System (Ongoing)

Astronomy Explorations: Our Solar System

Cursive Handwriting Camp!

Private Tuition

Conquer Your Fear-Bugs,Spiders and Scorpions-with live critters!

Clay Pumpkin Pottery Class

The Incredible Brain and Managing Emotions

Story Explorer Russia: Russian Folk Tales and Legends

Military History Social Club

Halloween Fun!- Michael Jackson's Thriller Dance Tutorial

Worry University: Strategies to Increase Calm & Reduce Anxiety (13-16)

Worry University: Strategies to Increase Calm & Reduce Anxiety (9-12)

Beyblade Collectors Social Club - Small Class

Learn Multiplication up to 100 Within Seconds (Two Digits by Two Digits)

Star Wars Virtual Escape Room: Escape from the Death Star (Advanced)

Irish Dance Ages 3-5

STEM SCL1: Fun With Snap Circuits Light - Snap Circuit Model: SCL-175

Command Your World: A Command Block Adventure in Minecraft [Bedrock Edition]

Weekly Ongoing -Abstract Painting for Children: Ages 5-9

Seven Wonders of the Americas

Frozen Ballet Dance (Flex Class) - Beginner Ballet - 4 Week

Magical Princess Ballet Dance (Flex) #1 Beginner Ballet - 4 Week

Let's Practice Subtraction

Predict, Read and Comprehend: Strategize to Understand Unfamiliar Information

College Level Computer Science With Java (Unit 1)

Superhero Stunts Drop In

Eat Like a Boss: Learning Mindfulness for Excellent Nutrition

What's for Dinner? #4 (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Everything Super Mario Social Club! Mario Kart Mario Maker 2, 3D World Bowsers Fury Luigi's Mansion, Mario Golf, Mario Party!

Jungle Jam Workout

Who's Your Boss? How to Feel Better by Managing Your Emotions

Choreography Explorations: FLEX for Ages 15-18.

Sky's The Limit Challenge:What Can You Create?A OneTime Build[Minecraft Bedrock]

Cursive Writing for Beginners: Meet Twice and Write Beautifully!

Let's Explore Autumn: Learn About Facets of Autumn With Coordinating Craft FLEX

Become a Better Writer: 1-On-1 Help Writing a Perfect Paper

The Show Must Go On: FLEX for Ages 11-14

Uh, How Do I ? : A Discovery Class in Minecraft

Act up! Improv and Acting Class for Middle School Actors

Today's Black Heroes and Heroines

A Novel Study of Charlotte's Web

Colds, Flus and Covid-19- Updated With New Strains and Vaccines!

Cursive Writing for Beginners: Meet Twice to Write Beautifully and Clearly!

Disney Theme Parks Parades! Discuss and Design

Film Studies: Introduction to Film (Middle School Elective)

The North Pole Dance Party - Beginner Ballet Dance

I Am Shook! How Teens Can Feel Better by Understanding and Managing Emotions

Introductory Woodworking Class- Use Hand Tools & a Drill to Make a Coat Rack

The Fascinating Praying Mantis

Handwriting With Movement (FLEX Schedule): Capital Letter Formation and Fun

1st Grade Grammar, Science and Social Studies Exploration Club!

Weekly Clarinet Lessons (Half-Hour)

1:1 Private Spanish tutoring and homework help

Make a Haunted House! Halloween Craft

Among Us Social Club

What’s Poppin’? - Rainbow Colored Popcorn!

Public Speaking With Confidence Impromptu

Spooky Halloween Bat Art and Wear Your Halloween Costume, With Miss Una

Smart Art. Name Alien. Use Your Own Name to Draw a Space Creature. Creative Thinking.

The Scary Story Society: A Halloween Book Club

C Новым Годом! Experience Christmas and New Year Traditions of Russia

Field Trip! Learn the History and Science Behind America’s National Parks!

History Herald: Crazy, Wild, and Dangerous Pets of History - Oh My! Part Two

History Time Travel - Abigail Adams

Pre-Teen Beginner Ballet!

The Cool History of the Millennium Falcon

4th Grade Math - Ongoing Class

Reading Readiness: First Grade Phonics, Reading, Spelling, and Language Arts

1:1 Piano Lesson - One Time

Music & Movement "Ice Skating" Winter Party

Fashion Sketching- Private Tutoring

Stock Market News Club-A Weekly Review of Breaking News and How it Affects Stock Prices.

Intro to Cursive Writing

Tutoring for Ages 3 Or 4

Easy Peasy Draw With Me

Makeup Basics Club

Escape the Ender Dragon: A Minecraft Escape Room of Puzzles and Trivia

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