New Classes on Outschool 2022-01-30

There are 332 new classes on Outschool the week of January 30, 2022 to February 5, 2022.

Math Marvels Club: Escape Room Fun for Preschool & Kindergarteners!

Pokémon Life Science: Exploration of Lettuce Lake Saw Palmettos

Find the Text Evidence! Valentine's Day Reading Comprehension

St. Patrick's Day Math Mystery: 2-Digit Adding & Subtracting With Regrouping

Montessori Language Tutoring Ongoing

Amazing Race: US National Parks.

Grammar Tales: Feet & Puppies, Thieves & Guppies: What Are Irregular Plurals?

Social Game Club for All Seasons

Scholastic News 3rd 4th Grade | Language Arts, Reading, Writing, & Vocabulary

Elementary Grades Book Club

Meet Elsa, the Lamb: Farm Animal Meet & Learn Live

Second Grade Level Spelling Focusing on Phonemic Awareness

Virtual Playgroup for Pre-K & Kindergarten (One-Time Class)

Encanto Jungle Escape Room: The Case of the Missing Arepas! (Ages 3-6)

IEW Ancient History-Based Writing: 1st Semester (6th - 8th Grade)

IEW Medieval History-Based Writing: 1st Semester (Grades 6th-8th)

Funny Writing For Kids Who Don't Like Writing

Reading Readiness: Beginning Reading Camp

Writers Unite! Collaborative Creative Writing (5-9 Years Old)

Action! Let's Learn About Verbs With Action Figures, Dolls, Stuffies (Ages 3-8)

Primer to Beginner Japanese Language

Scratch 3.0 Games and More - Intermediate Level (Once a Week, 10 Weeks) Level 2

Tween Life Skills Club (Ages 8-12)

A Taste of Things to Come: 5th Grade Core Writing for Middle School Success

Chess Weekly Play and Practice for Advanced Players (Ages 10 and Below)

Dungeons and Dragons Mythic League: Campaign!

Math in Gujarati - Prime & Composite Numbers, Prime Factorization

Build Your Own Adventure: A Hands-On Journey with Engineering Challenges

Russian Calendar and Circle Time (Academic Year) (Level 1)

Kindergarten Readiness (Private Tutoring)

Beginning Geometry - Understanding Angles, Area, and Hypotenuse of Triangles!

Beginner Dance Class

Birthday Party! Celebrate by Creating Dragon Art, Inspired by Wings of Fire

Plants: Learn and Draw!

Social & Self Awareness Is Difficult. Let's Read Social Cues, Build Confidence!

Biology: General/AP/IB Private Tutoring (75-Minute Sessions)

A - Zebra: Animal Exploration With Coloring

1:1 Private Tutoring: Writing Skills

A Race Through the Decades (6 Weeks)

Intermediate Hip Hop Dance

The Emu and Ostrich. Amazing Birds That Are so Big They Can Not Fly!

Summer School for Mathematicians: Preparing for Fall Pre-Calculus Math

Pre-Calculus for Mathematicians: Problem Solving Math Workroom

Brazilian Portuguese - Explore Prek the Polyglots Way (Academic Year)

Explore PreK the Polyglots Way (PreK3) (ESL Friendly) (Academic Year)

Superfractions (Part2): Expand Your Mastery of Fractions

Art Private Lessons - One on One

Narnia Book Club: The Silver Chair

Elements of Art! Line, Color, Shape, Value, Texture, Form, Space!

Heart Art: Watercolor Painting

What Should I Write My College Application Essay About? (One-Time Class)

Coach Hall's AP® Lang Essay Boot Camp

Learn & Write About Reptiles: Handwriting Help With an OT

What's a Monologue?: Acting Tools for Kids

Tour of Colleges: Experience a New College Each Week!

Rhythmic Gymnastics: Level 1 Hoop Routine

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 1 Pt 1 (Age 13-18)

Book Club: Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by: Roald Dahl

Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

All About Fractions (Beginner)

A Wolf Called Wander: Science Book Club

Private Photoshop Lessons

Dungeons and Dragons DND D&D RPG for Autistic or Neurodivergent Friends

Class Mini: Huh? Listening & Following Directions (5th, 6th, 7th Gr) Ages 11-14

Individual German Tutoring: Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Speaking (Ongoing)

Greek Mythology

Book Talk: Brown Girl Dreaming

2 Day Artificial Intelligence 101 - AI Like CHATGPT Taught by a Computer Scientist

1 Day Time Management Life Skills: How to Manage Your Time Like a Professional

Calculating Critters! Intro to Decomposing Numbers, Addition & Subtraction

All Things Easter Peeps- Spring Science & STEM Fun With Peeps (4 Week FLEX)

Marvel Cinematic Universe Assemble! (CLUB)

Connecting the Dots Between Fraction, Decimal and Percentages

ESL Private 1:1 English Lesson: Conversation, Free-Talk & English Homework Help

Private Japanese Tutoring (Ongoing)

Ukulele - Learn to Play L-O-V-E

ESL EFL ELL Flex Reading Club: Restart by Gordon Korman

World History: The Fundamentals of the Modern World, Part 1

American History: From Prehistory to 1865, Part I

Growing Gratitude with Journaling and Meditation

Nailed It! Weekly Social Art Project Challenge

Jurassic Art! Draw a Mash up of Your Hand and Dinosaur Mash Up.

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 1 Pt 1 (Age 8-12)

Art Smart 1- Become a Master Artist (Flex): Five 90+ Min Lessons

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival! (A Celebration of China's Second Biggest Holiday!)

Math Talks: Mastering Mental Math

Scientists Social (CLUB)

Learning How to Improve Drawing a Human Figure Tutoring

Microbiology 101: Introduction to Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, & Fungi 11 Weeks (Ages 9-12)

Valentine's Day Stories: Sharing Kindness- Prek Learning With Ms. Liz

Animal Art: Draw, Paint & Create

Master Algebra 2 Using Math-U-See (Part 2: Lessons 16-31)

Build and Write

Singapore Math 2B

Master Algebra 2 Using Math-U-See (6 Weeks-Complete Course)

Drop-In One-On-One Writing Coach: Detailed Essay Feedback and Explanations for Writers

Get a Grip on Geometry Accelerated Summer Course Using Math-U-See (6 Weeks-Complete Course)

Master Algebra 2 Using Math-U-See (Part 1: Lessons 1-15)

Become a Vowel Expert!

Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech, a Read Aloud Book Club

Semi Private Math Tutoring 25 Minutes

All Things Fractions - 4 Day Fraction Boot Camp

Get Poppin With Picasso Art Drawing Class! - Meets One Time Class

Future Chef's Baking Club (Yummy Sweets)

Build a Sentence in 20 Minutes: Elementary School Edition (2x/Week - English/Language Arts)

St. Patrick's Logic Puzzles For High Performing Learners GATE

iPad Digital Drawing for Beginners Using Sketches School (Pt 4) - Plants/Flowers

Playful Learning Experiences for Three's

1:1 Math Tutoring

1:1 Beginning Private Piano Lessons for the Young Learner (Ages 5-11)

Twisted Astronomy: Tour the Universe's Far-Out Phenomenon

Weekly Ongoing Science: Earth's Cycles

Spring Mug Cooking--Easy Baking for Beginner Chefs Ongoing Class

Let's Learn English - 1:1 Conversational English With an ESL Native Instructor

Prime Factorization, GCF (HCF) , LCM and Application Using Word Problems

Beginner Spanish With The Singing Spanish Teacher! (3x per Week)

Weekly Grammar Scavenger Hunts

Be the Veterinarian Summer Camp : Veterinary Medicine for Future Doctors (8-11)

Audentes Fortuna Iuvat: Intermediate Level Latin (Part One)

Math Talks: Mental Math and the Basic Facts

High School Mythology (Flex)

History Movie Review: Cinderella Man and the Great Depression

Imagination Playground, Too!

3rd Grade Mindful Meeting

Grammar Keepers Four Types of Sentences (Common Errors/O)

I Can Write Sentences! Learning to Write for Kindergartners.

All About Fractions (Advanced)

2nd Grade Math (4th Quarter)

All About Fractions (Intermediate)

3rd Grade Math ( 4th Quarter)

3rd Grade Math (4th Quarter, Twice a Week)

1st Grade Math (4th Quarter)

Women Who Helped Changed the World

Let's Play Pokemon Legends: Arceus! a Social Club

Mock Trial

Book Club for Adventurous Readers: Swallows and Amazons

Whales Around the World - A Fun Marine Biology Class! (Ages 9-12)

Ms. Colleen's Grade 3 Elementary Math Class -Addition & Subtraction Within 1000

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Save The Dinosaurs From Space Using Math

Private Spanish Tutoring: Learn Spanish 1-on-1 (2x Weekly)

Build With Clay and Travel the World Hands-On Geography

Learn Immersive Reader!

JRR Tolkien: "The Hobbit": Fantasy Literature Study Book Club

Black History Month: 1960s Civil Rights Escape Room

Art Week: Acrylic Painting Series

Game Night With Ms. Marie

Build With Clay Animal Science: Amazing Adaptations and Natural Selection!

We’ve Got Joke - Social Club Ongoing

"Training to Be a Super Sleuth: Solve the Mystery"

"Who Wants to Be a Super Sleuth? Solve the Mystery"

F/A 18 Hornet that Stings from Above

Play With Me - Beginner Guitar

How My Body Works - Human Anatomy Ongoing

What's That Sound? Instrument Identification Game!

Love My Uke - Pop Songs - Beginner Ukulele

Botany: Plant Parts, Cells, Photosynthesis, Pollen & Seed Dispersal 10 Wks (8-12)

Art Café - Sip and Draw - Semester Long

Film Analysis Impromptu Speaking Competition Club

Valentine's Day Paint Party: Lollipop Hearts

Ukulele - Learn Can't Help Falling In Love

Learn to Play Ukulele, the Fun Way! - (Part 2)

Useful Music Theory 1: Ear-Training, Sight-Reading, Harmony and More!

Teen Coffeehouse Open Mic Hour

Pop Piano: Private Piano Lessons for Teens

Teen Songwriter Studio

Would You Rather? World Capitals Edition

Tween Songwriter Studio

Tutoring: Homework Organization and Help

Interactive Storytelling/Story Time! (Acting It Out)

Small Group Tutoring With Mr. Malikai

Lets Talk About Our Wings of Fire Dragon Art: Social Club

3rd Grade and 4th Grade Advanced Math Challenge and Enrichment

Friends and Fun Club!

Ukulele - Learn Puff the Magic Dragon

1:1 Reading Level Assessment (K-12 Reading Specialist & K-6 Certified Teacher)

Dinosaur Preschool Time

Learn to Read: Phonics Seeds to Build Reading Fluency and Games Ongoing (K-2)

Trial Placement Class for Private 1:1 ESL Tutoring

1 on 1 tutoring for grades K-3rd grade.

Roblox - Game Designing - Make Your Own Obby Game

Excel | Beginner | Forecasting Data: Christmas Trees or Ice Cream?

Exciting Earth Science: Intro to Geology: Main Topics, Applications & Careers

Adventures in Shakespeare: A Beginner's Introduction the Famous Bard & His Works

The Ultimate Roblox Girls Group!

"The Office" (American) Trivia Game Using Blooket

Writing Lesson and Picture Prompt For All Genres

Fast-Tracked Spanish - Me Gusta/No Me Gusta II (Basic Conversation 4th - 6th)

Introduction to Spanish: Confidently Master the Basics in 1 Semester! - FLEX

Individualized Grade Three Math Tutoring

How to Become a Television or Commercial Actor! Learn the Steps & Ask Questions!

BIG Little Feelings: Social/Emotional Well-Being for Preschoolers

The Secret Garden Book Club (Taught by a UK Teacher)

Disney Scene Trivia With Kahoot

Private Drawing Class - Exploring Art Styles and Drawing Techniques

Along Came a What?! Silly Story Writing Adventures: Practicing Parts of Speech

Critical Thinking: St. Patrick's Day Edition

Helping our Littlest Learners Understand BIG Emotions/Feelings (3 Day Class)

Cleaning Bootcamp - Weekly Adulting Cleaning Lessons for Tweens and Teens

Chicken Keeping: Senior Chicken Care

Teen Writer's Workshop

Encanto Dance and Cultural Aspects! Flex Class Winter Break

Colombia, Mi Encanto Dance Dance Dance

Encanto Dance Class! We Don't Talk About Bruno

Intro to Research and Presentations (Speaking)

Help Is on the Way! 1:1 Ongoing Reading/Math Tutor for Students K-5 (50 Minutes)

Help Is on the Way! 1:1 Ongoing Reading/Math Tutor for Students K-5

Little Learners - Preschool Ukulele Class (Part 2)

Building Bricks Club! - Weekly Builds & Challenges

Numbers & Operations (One-Time Class)

Remedial Math 7th-12th grade Mastering the Advanced Fundamental Concepts

3rd Grade Math Intro to Multiplication and Division- Flexible Schedule (FLEX)

PRE-K/KINDERGARTEN Digital Escape Rooms and Crafts! (Ages 3-6), Vol. 2 | 4 WEEK

Immersion Spanish Beginner: Learning by Using It! (7 - 12 Yrs)

Expressions and Equations

A Pirate's Animal Treasure Trove: Biology / Zoology of "Jeweled" Animals

Let's Create Flowers W/ Nesting Dragons! Polymer Clay Floral & Dragon Sculpting

Digital Art: Intro to Procreate! the Basics for Beginners

Animate With Procreate - Camp

Encanto Dance Camp (M-Th)

How to Make Apple Cinnamon Horse Treats

Buggy Patterns: Core Recognition Practise for Early Generalization in Math

Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir Dance Party! Bee's and Bug's Life Pop-Up Class

Trial Class! My First Piano Adventure (Level ABC): Private Piano Lessons With Ms. Grace

Majestic Mountain Landscape, Watercolor

The 10 Versions of King Ghidorah

The Fermi Paradox and First Contact Science Fiction

World Geography Class: Let's Get Crafty!

Draw With Me: Superhero / Avengers (Part 3) FLEX Class

Draw With Me: Star Wars (Part 2) FLEX Class

Cursive Handwriting-Flex Class-8-13 Yrs

Bilingual Create a K-5 Math, Reading, Writing, ELA or Spanish Private Tutoring Session.

Encanto Party! (Story, Song, Magical Door Activity And More!)

Draw, Paint, Sculpt and Explore Art History! Level 4 Art Class for Homeschoolers

The American Revolution: Road to Independence | 5 Week Flex

L.O.L Surprise Show and Tell, Design, and Draw!

Creative Writing: Turning Pictures into Paragraphs ONGOING

Social Super-Teens: Weekly Emotional Intelligence and Wellness Meetup

Private 1:1 Essay Tutoring: Learn to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay - Burger Method

SAT/ACT Math Test Prep

Small Group Tutoring

The Great Gatsby - A Novel Study

Barbie Social Club Ages 7-12 (45 Minutes)

Find the Perimeter and Area of 2D-Shapes

50 Min Beginner Morse Code Ongoing: Communication When All Else Fails 9-13yo

2 X Bilingual Circle Time for Pre-K and Kindergarten (English and Chinese)

The Fascinating World of Insects!

Personal Finance for Teens!!! (Ages 11-16) Flexible

Let's Create a Colorful Zoo!

Create Beats and Sound Effects for Your Youtube or Tiktok Channel

Proportions of the Face : Advanced

Learn Spanish With Encanto

Creative Writing Club for Middle School, Welcome Storytellers Ages 10-15

One-on-One Singing Lessons

Grammar Tales: The Missing Proper Nouns - A Lesson on Proper & Common Nouns

Stress-Free Chess Weekly Club With Executive & Life Skills Advanced

Scratch Programming Club - Learn to Code and Share Programs With Friends

Spanish1a for Middle/High School #Academic

ACT Science Test Prep '23-24

Grammar Review: Parts of Speech, Sentence Structure, and Writing (FLEX)

Spanish 1:1 Practice Spanish With a Native Speaker!

Island Getaway: Weekly Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gaming & Chat

Introduction to Spanish - Ongoing (Ages 7-10)

1-on-1 Let's Learn Spanish

(1 X ) One on One Math and Chinese Tutoring (Once a Week/Ongoing)

Let's Learn How to Play Guitar!

FLEX Class D&D Star Tide Part 4: The Queen of the Rotten Jungle Play and Write

Guided ACT Science Practice

Escape Room Challenge-Escape the Black Hole

6th Grade Math Sneak Peek

Periods of Painting: Art History and Appreciation (High School)

I Love Cursive Writing, Lower Case Letters Review!

Monologue/Song Prep: Private Acting Coaching for Your Next Audition!

Gymnastics Practice: 1-On-1 Private Lesson (Ongoing)

Real Talk: Am I in the Zone? Level 1 for Teens

Have You Ever Wanted to Be a Doctor or Nurse? Explore How They Could Use Math

Disney Dog Trivia with Kahoot

"Magic E" Spelling CVCe Words Like Magic: Read & Write With Silent E or Bossy E

Book Club for Adventurous Readers: Beezus & Ramona

The Land of Stories Book Club: The Wishing Spell (Book 1)

Saxon Algebra 2

Blender 3D Intro | Create a Surreal Floating Island | Step Into Digital Art |

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw and Paint a Long-Stemmed Rosebud

Saxon Math Algebra I 1st Semester

Carnivora - In Depth (FLEX)

Elementary Intermediate Spanish ~ Part 7 (7 of 9)

Draw Cats Inspired by Warriors Dovewing, Graystripe & Friends FLEX 15

A Private One-Time Lesson

Science: Inflate a Balloon With Baking Soda and Vinegar

Build a Business Plan (Part 1) Hobby + Entrepreneur Exploration

1:1 Business + Entrepreneur Mentor Support Sessions

Journal Writing Leads to Writing Confidence

I Love Cursive Writing, Upper Case! (U, V, W, X, and Y))

I Love Cursive Writing, Upper Case Letters! (F, G, B, S, T, and I)

I Love Cursive Writing, Upper Case Letters! ( D, E, P, R, and Z)

I Love Cursive Writing, Upper Case Letters! ( A, C, O, J, and Q)

I Love Cursive Writing, Upper Case Letters! (H, K, L, M, and N)

Fun With Fabulous Fractions, Part 2

The 5 Versions of Mechagodzilla

Let's Make a Story: Storytelling Social Club

Adjectives That Pop: Writing Stronger, More Descriptive Sentences for Creative Writing.

Storytelling Masterclass for Kids

Science: Introduction to Life Cycle of a Plant

American Sign Language (ASL) Adventures for Ages 7-12 For Beginners Part 2 Of 3

Singing Club - I Love to Sing!

Essay Writing 4th & 5th Grade Elementary School (Level 1)

Writing Short Sentences, CVC and Simple Sight Words, Ongoing

Private One-To-One Phonics Lessons

Piano Storytellers: Level 1A - Piano Lessons for Primer Graduates

Kahoot: Marvel

Moon Phases- A Yummy Treat!

Private Violin Lessons (Intermediate to Advanced)

Paint a Valentine's Day Cactus

Art Class - Animal Hand Drawings - Draw Animals Using the Shape of Your Hand!

Unicorn Ballet Class!

Cosplay Meetup: A Weekly Social Club for Anime Fans, Cosplayers and Gamers!

Beginning Piano Class, Level 1A (Ages 7-9)

Drought: 5 Day Reading Comp Camp Pairing Fiction and Nonfiction

Learn French With a Native Teacher: One on One Class (1 Hr)

Spring Break Coding camp: Learn How To Create a Unity First-Person Projectile Game

Book Club: Matilda by Roald Dahl

FLEX: Probability

History Jeopardy

Amelia Bedelia: 5 Day Reading Comprehension Camp With Idioms and Homonyms

Gifted and Talented Teen Homeroom: Weekly Puzzle + Gifted Psychology Lesson

Percy Jackson Series & Book Discussion

(Ongoing) The 50 US States -- Geography and Facts--US Government

Intro to Colors - Sign Language - Beginner

Dance Class, Hip Hop/Musical Theatre - High School Musical Themed

Hip Hop/ Musical Theatre/ Lyrical, Julie and the Phantoms Themed Dance Class

Montessori Private Tutoring

Yoga Games for PreTeens

Gentle Flow Yoga: Slow & Mindful Stretching

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