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New Classes on Outschool 2022-02-06

There are 294 new classes on Outschool the week of February 6, 2022 to February 12, 2022.

Colorful Caribbean Tropical Sunset Landscape: Beginner Acrylic Painting Class

Grammar Tales: If You Were a Prefix - A Lesson on Prefixes

Math 5 Grade Curriculum and NWEA/MAP/ Standardized testing Prep

What's the Deal With Coding? (Reading Grade Levels 4 - 8)

Mixed Multiplication Review Game!

Anne's House of Dreams Book Club by L. M. Montgomery

Dollhouse Field Trip: English Social Club With Dolls and Toys (Ages 3-7)

Beginner 2 Gymnastics Class - Ongoing

Would You Be My Valen-Kite?

1:1 Beginner American Sign Language

Let's Talk About Music: How to Become a Multi-Instrumentalist

Letter Pairs: Level 2 Phonics

Basic Vowel Sounds: Level 1 Phonics

Individual Tutoring

Winter Escape Room, Save the Snowball Forest and the Animals!

Violin Lessons: Semester-Long (Ages 7-18)

1 on 1 Middle and High School Math Homework Help!

Cryptocurrency and NFTs: Your New Best Friends

Crafting Camp: For Older Campers

Forensic Science: Cryptology and Cyber Crimes

2 Day Communication Life Skills: How to Communicate Like a Professional

Yes, I Can Do It!

Be a Congenial Team Player!

Drawfully Fun Paint With Me Series! - A Weekly Social Painting Class

Primus Summer Camp: Engineering Camp with Projects

Is It Magic or Science? Ongoing Hands-On Science Class

Boxing/Muay Thai Bag Fitness Workout (Physical Education /P.E.) Teens

Weekly Sewing Class to Improve Skills - 4 Weeks/Once a Week

Primus Summer Camp: Human Body Camp with Projects

ABC English Word and Sound Practice for ESL for English Learners

Shine Like a Star!

ELA: English: Language Arts and Writing Tutoring ESL, EFL Welcome!

Exploring Snakes From Around the World

Play Like a Pro! Piano Class for Middle and High Schoolers (Class1)

Draw a Cartoon Cow!

French Explorers - A Show & Tell Social Club

Mini Bakers: Marvellous Mains Cooking Club

Model Integer Addition and Subtraction

Mini Bakers: Just Desserts Cooking Club

Little Dragons I Martial Arts - Tae Kown Do Journey to Yellow Belt

Grammar Mastery With Literary Giants: Crafting Correct & Beautiful Prose

STEM: Edible Atom Models #Academic

Telling Time: I Know How to Read the Clock Both a Digital and Analog Clock

Daily Drawing Club With Dustin

The Beatles: Discussion, Trivia and Music Club

1:1 Math Tutoring for 4th, 5th and 6th Grades

Fraction Masters - Operations With Fractions (Self-Paced)

Slime Time With Friends! ( Valentine Slime)

Watercolor Painting: Art Club!

Drawing Dinosaurs and Extinct Creatures: Art Club!

Pre-School French Immersion With Madame Meeks Part 1: Class for Young Beginners

Nocturnal Explorers: Exploring the Fascinating World of Owls

Spanish Immersion: Animals of South America- Ongoing

Travel to Cairo, Egypt: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

How to Meet People, Make Friends & Make Conversation *Self-Paced Class

Current Events & Global Perspectives

Introduction to Chinese Food Culture

Private 1-1 Math Tutor (1x/Week)

Mystery Show and Tell

ASL for Beginners - 20 Food Signs

ABC Adventures With Ms. Julianna

Playing the Ukulele Daily

Guided Reading for Kindergarten! Books With Word Families and Sight Words

Grammar Keepers Coordinating Conjunctions (Common Errors/P)

Geology Summer Boot Camp 10 Weeks: Volcanoes, Plate Tectonics, Fossils, Dinos

Scholastic News 2nd 3rd Grade | Language Arts, Reading, Writing, & Vocabulary

Individual Singing Lessons for Advanced Learners!

Oh Snap! DSLR Photography Fundamentals Camp

Let's Learn Spanish!

Private Violin Lessons!

High School Physics--Full Year Course (Part 3 of 3)

1:1 Creative Writing Tutoring With Author of 25 Books for Advanced or Reluctant

Spanish Interactive Game Food Vocabulary ¡Let's Cook Juntos! Spanish Teacher

Spanish Super Fun Interactive Reading: ¿Dónde está Bimbo? with Spanish Teacher

Lets Build a Minecraft Java Server Together From Scratch

Building With Bricks & Story, "Field Trip to the Moon" STEAM

2nd Grade Math Course With A Licensed Teacher

How to Draw Bodies for Beginners

Advanced Country Line Dance: Fake ID

Advanced Country Line Dance: Anthem

Scratch Coding: Block Coding Camp for Beginners (8 Days) #builder

8 Weeks of Japanese 1_01

Intermediate Country Line Dance: Watermelon Crawl

Beginner to Intermediate Piano Lessons

Intermediate Country Line Dance: American Kids

Intermediate Country Line Dance: Footloose

Intermediate Country Line Dance: Devil Went Down to Georgia

Beginner Level 2 Country Line Dance: Country Girl

Beginner Level 2 Country Line Dance: Freight Train

Engaging Book Club: Percy Jackson & the Olympians Book 2 - The Sea of Monsters

Beginner Country Line Dance: We Went

STEM: Engineering Building With Jellybeans #Academic

Beginner Level 2 Country Line Dance: Boot Scootin' Boogie

Beginner Country Line Dance: Copperhead Road (Ages 5-8)

Beginner Country Line Dance: Copperhead Road

Dungeons and Dragons Camp: The Wishing Pool

Social Media Marketing for Teen Entrepreneur Artist Business Hobby

Travel to New York City, USA: The Coolest Cities in the World

Line, Tones and Shadows: One to One Private Class 2 hours

🎨✨Teacher Jessica's Color and Chat Classes Group ✨🎨

Mind Your Manners!: A Guide to Basic Etiquette for Teens (Overview)

MB05 Math Boot Camp 1-on-1

Graphic Logo Design Class: GIMP (a free Photoshop Alternative) 9-13yo FLEX

Weekly Personalized 1-On-1 Math Tutoring

French Beginners/ With My Puppet / Age 3 to 5 Years Old

Crochet: Single Crochet for Beginners (10-14 Yr)

Martial Arts / Reading / Math Tutoring

Holiday Time Spanish - Dia De Los Niños/DÍa De Los Libros 2023

British Spies in MI6: The Cambridge Five: World War II and the Cold War

English: ELA: Vocabulary: Word Fun with Wordly Wise Book 6! ESL, EFL Welcome!

Private One-On-One Singing / Voice Lesson

Sewing Experienced: Doll Clothes - Pioneer Dress, Bonnet, and Apron

Ongoing Multiplication/Division/Fractions/Place Value/Word Problems & More

Arts & Crafts with Mrs. Morris: Penguin!

Among the Stars: Let's Learn About Constellations! (Multi-Day Class)

One-On-One Weekly Tutoring on Animals, Science and Cat Training (Upon Request)

Valentine's Day Frosted Fruit Filled Hand Pies: Learn How to Make and Bake

Procreate Meet the Masters! Hundetwasser : Art History With a Digital Twist!

I Am Enough: Self Esteem for Middle School Girls

Game Time Social Club

Cambridge Minimus Latin - Part 4

Crochet: Single Crochet for Beginners (13-18 Yr)

Encanto Dance Class (Ongoing) - 25 Min

Encanto Hip Hop Dance Class - "Surface Pressure"

Continuing the Deductive Detectives Skills: Solving a New Mystery

Sign Language for Preschoolers - Let's Learn Colors!

Spanish Valentine's Day for Kids Vocabulary About Amor, Love Y Familia

Spanish Valentine's Day Story - La Leyenda De San Valentín (Valentine's Legend)

Introduction to Spanish: Multi-Day Class for 5 Weeks (Ages 5-8)

Bulgarian Language for Beginners Level 3

Beginner Country Line Dance 9 To 5

Beginner Country Line Dance Achy Breaky Heart

Travel to Sydney, Australia: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Fun Science - Chemistry, Physics, and Biology - Middle School Ongoing

Math Homework Help (One-Time Class)

Innovative Beginner Piano Class! for 6-11 Year Olds (Class 1)

Let's Party!!! How to Plan the Party

Meal Planning - Why and How

Gymnastics (No Experience Needed)

Private Korean Class!

Let's Add/Subtract Unlike Fractions

Snack, Chat, and Games Teens Social Club - Everyone Welcome

Story Writing Skills

Introduction to Coaching: Learn How to Coach Your Favorite Sport

Draw Maribel From Encanto by Draw So Cute

SAT & ACT Reading List: To Kill a Mockingbird Literature Circle Book Club

1 on 1 Tutoring Social Studies K-7TH

1 on 1 Character Creation and Advice for Dungeons and Dragons

Valentine's Arts and Crafts: Origami Heart

Build Time: Animal Play Dough

Roblox and Among Us Private Birthday Party!

Overcoming Anxiety (Self-Pace Version)

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 1 Pt 2 (Age 8-12)

Advanced 3D Game Design With Unity (Level 2)

All About Spelling Level One: Steps 21-25

Make a Movie From Start to Finish | Film School

Invertebrates | Crustaceans, Mollusks, and Insects... Oh My! | Edzoocating

Ocean Animals Camp | Marine Ecosystems & Fascinating Wildlife | Ages 8-11

Art Class - Roblox Avatar Drawing

Encanto Blooket Game

Nervous About School? Let's Chat!

Algebra 1 - Summer Preview

1:1 Clutter Coach: Life Skills Class - Cleaning and Organizing

One-On-One Chemistry Tutoring (14-18Years)

Painting Club: Acrylic Animals!

Art Life Pastels - Woodland Bunny Rabbit - Drawing & Oil Pastel Art Project!

Procreate Digital Drawing School: Color

Cooperation Counts!

Grammar Tales: Pepperoni or Sausage? A Lesson About Conjunctions

1:1 Weekly Private Tutoring- Practice Reading Comprehension and Homework Help

Alphabet Chef - Cooking With the ABC's Summer Camp

Multi-Day Small Group Reading Lessons: Have Fun Reading in This Class!

1 on 1 Reading/ELA/Writing/Phonics/Grammar Tutoring K-7TH

1 on 1 Tutoring Science K-7TH

High School English: Read Literature Like a Professor

Financial Wellness: Budgeting

Read and Learn - The Monarch Butterfly

Kids - Yipeeee! Back to School!

Cooperation & Teamwork!

Kids - Cooperation & Teamwork! HOLD

You Can DO It! - Be Confident!

Kindness Rocks! - Be Kind/Stand UP!

Exploring Latin and Greek Roots!

Christmas Art: Draw a Mashup of Santa & Snowman.

Raising Rising Readers - Wondrous Women in History

Adorable Kitty Cat -Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Fraction Action! Summer Math Camp for Fractions Game-Based Learning

Show and Tell With Weekly Themes

Pokemon Scientific Illustration Course

Kindness Is MY Super Power! - Wear Your Cape!

Foundations of Algebra 1 - Summer Edition (6 weeks)

Play Minecraft Java Edition | Survival Mode - Private Server [10-15]

Let's Get Creative with Hand Art #Creative

Mathematical Thinking: Singapore Math Full Curriculum 5A/5B (Ongoing Class)

Mathematical Thinking: Singapore Math Full Curriculum 4A/4B (Ongoing Class)

Playing with Words: Full Year Language Arts for Grades 4-6 (Ongoing)

1970'S Race, Society and Politics Through TV- The Work of Norman Lear

Violin Drawing Using Colored Pencils/Realistic Music Instrument/Art

I Love Chinese: Learning How to Write Chinese Characters in a Fun and Easy Way

Conservation Tales: Tigers (10-13)

Conservation Tales: Tigers (14-18)

Fast Fifty: A Class on the States of the US and Their History

"Who HQ" Book Club {Where Is the Amazon?}

Environmental Science: Earth's Cycles

Grammar Tales: If You Were a Suffix - A Lesson on Suffixes

Math Is Your Path - Math Tutor Grades 5-9

Introduction to Hydrocarbons - Organic Chemistry

Philosophy for Teens - True Friendship

Science Tutoring

1 on 1 Ongoing Math Tutoring K-7TH

Beginner French: Making Sentences With Words and Art

One on One Kindergarten or First Grade Tutoring (Ongoing)

Critical Thinking and Politics

Level 4 Violin Group Class

Comparative Politics

1:1 Math Tutoring for Regrouping With Addition & Subtraction

Ballet Class: Ballet II-Intermediate Ballet for Boys & Girls! Free First Class!

Russian Language Course for Beginners: Speaking, Reading, & Writing. Part 3 Of 3

Russian Language Course for Beginners: Speaking, Reading, & Writing. Part 2 Of 3

Urban~Suburban~Rural: Strengthening Social Studies Skills

Spanish Ongoing - I Speak Spanish! Level 1 Learn Spanish W/Songs, Games and Fun

Color the World With Kindness

Microbiology: Introduction to Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, & Fungi 14Wk (12-17)

Crochet: Penguin (Intermediate)

Dance Party Workout

Rose Study : Acrylic Paint a Long With Ms. Muse

Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes With MS Abby-Craft-Story-Snack

16 Weeks of Reading Intervention

Preschool Full Curriculum Ongoing

Managing Your Workspace for Adulting and Professionalism: Customer Service

Vocab Builders-Use Context Clues to Define Words, Identify Synonym/Antonym & Part of Speech

Fun With Wordle! Problem Solving and Vocabulary Game

Life Science Time - Middle School Life Science Full Year

Pokemon ABC Adventure: Pokemon, Alphabet Names, and Letter Sounds!

Calling All Pokémon Experts

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Superheroes Save Candyland! Rhyming Words and Alphabet

Fun Skills, Escape Room: The Three Little Pigs Try to Escape With Math, Subtract

French Tutoring / Age 5 to 16 Years Old / Writing, Reading, and Speaking.

Learn to Read: Long Vowels, Consonant Blends, & Digraphs (Kindergarten-1st)

Critical Analysis of Dr. Seuss

Intro to Earth Science: Geology- Fossils, Faults and Folds in Sedimentary Rocks

St. Patrick's Day Art: Draw a Leprechaun Mashed up With a Pot of Gold & Rainbow

Kids Learn Italian - Spring Themed Words - Language Fun With a Native Speaker

Let's Draw Spring Kawaii Cats!

Colors and Cats (Storytime, Scavenger Hunt, & Show and Tell)

Where in the World? Travel, Geography and More

Easter Art: Draw a Mash up of a Bunny, Peeps, an Easter Egg and a Carrot!

Numbers, Counting, Shapes and Colors for Preschoolers!

Private Lessons: Learn American Sign Language

Drawing for the Average Artist: Directed Drawing Cartoon Animals! (Ongoing)

#1 Skin Care & Nutrition Master Course on Outschool

One-On-One Private English Language Class (ESL)

Precalculus Trigonometry-Summer Camp

Origami Butterfly Bookmarks!

Debate & Public Speaking for 5th & 6th Graders

KidzBop Dance Workout (Autism Friendly, All Genders)

Math Talks: Fractions and Percent Using Mental Math CAMP

Why Does Fiction Matter?

Level 4: Reading with Phonics Skills Review and Sight Words (Kinder and First Grade) with Mrs. Rose, M.S.Ed.)

Squishmallow Origami!

Anteaters. Toothless & Two Foot Tongued Creature Who Eats 30000 Ants a Day!

Learn Public Speaking and Speeches

The Writing Revolution Workshop (Private Lessons)

Science Tutoring and Homework Help- One-O-One

Understanding Cryptocurrencies for Beginners

Rise and Thrive: Mastering a Growth Mindset

Cute Food Drawing Club With Dustin

LIVE Online Art Class: Kawaii Cuteness St. Patrick's Day Characters

The Essential Elementary Book Club | 7 Chapter Books | Ongoing

Spanish Fun- Let's Learn Wild Animals!

Beginner Country Line Dance 9 to 5 (Ages 5-8)

How to Construct Perpendicular Bisector - (A Step into Engineering Drawing)

LIVE Online Art Class: Kawaii Cuteness Flowers

LIVE Online Art Class: Kawaii Cuteness Easter Characters

How to Construct Angle Bisector (a Step Into the World of Engineering Drawing)

Discovering the United Kingdom 1: British Tea, Food, Royals, Fashion, & History

ABCs for You and Me: All About the ABCs and Alphabetic Awareness

Special Needs (Ongoing) Social Club

Halloween Party

Vocab & Reading Practice Class

Ongoing Weekly Art Class - Animal Hand Drawing Club

Divisibility Test : Master the Art of Predicting the Factors of Given Number.

Introduction to Composite & Prime Numbers, Factor Tree, Prime Factorization

Preschool/Kindergarten Math w/Common Core Standards

Social Tween/Teen Game Club for All Seasons

Budding Artists - Learn to Draw

Intro to Guitar - Making Music From the Start

The Exciting World of Middle School Science--Physics

Getting to Know: Star Wars Characters

Pokémon Earth Science: Weathering of Rocks & Volcanic Eruptions

Paint a Valentine's Day Cactus (En Français)

Study & Thinking Skills: A Key to Academic Success ( 4-Sessions)

The Five-Paragraph Persuasive Essay (Made Easy!)

Sight Words Digital Games and Stories

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