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New Classes on Outschool 2022-02-06

There are 733 new classes on Outschool the week of February 6, 2022 to February 12, 2022.

5th and 6th Grade Math 1:1 Tutoring

Let’s Paint a Tropical Sunset Landscape: Beginner Acrylic Painting Class

The Grouchy Ladybug Science

The Grouchy Ladybug Math

Grammar Tales: If You Were a Prefix - A Lesson on Prefixes

Math 5 Grade Curriculum and NWEA/MAP/ Standardized testing Prep

The Grouchy Ladybug English

SCIENCE - Nature Discovery and Field Guide Observations.

What Is Scoliosis? (Teen)

Make a Diorama

Sewing Camp for Beginners - Learn to Sew - How to Sew Cute Outfits for Your Doll

What's the Deal With Coding? (Reading Grade Levels 4 - 8)

Mixed Multiplication Review Game!

Book Club In the Tall Tall Grass Science: Insects

Anne's House of Dreams Book Club by L. M. Montgomery

Fantasy Dollhouse Field Trip: Ongoing Social Club With Dolls and Toys (Ages 3-7)

The LEGO 6 Brick Building Challenge!

Small Group Reading: Blending Short Vowels & Digraphs

Creative Writing: Planning, Writing, Editing & Publishing Short Stories & Novels

Quick Intermediate Spanish with Stories and Games (Ages 9-12)

Beginner 2 Gymnastics Class - Ongoing

Art Lessons - Private One-On-One Drawing, Painting and Clay Classes

From Tide Pools to Underwater Caves: The Marine World (Flex Class) Ages 10-14

Wisteria Watercolor Painting Class

Read the the Velveteen Rabbit and Make Your Own Plush Bunny

Math Masterpiece: Practice Math and Make Art! (Ages 9-11)

Wave Watercolor Painting Class

Would You Be My Valen-Kite?

Private Spanish Language Lessons for Family Group Beginners

Create a Beautiful Flower From Coffee Filters

Supernatural Skeptic: Are Monsters, Ghosts, or Other Creepy Legends Real?

Social Skills Group for Middle School Students

Pokémon Phonics - Letters D, E, F

Learning to Read for Intermediate Prek & Kindergarten

Preschool Full Curriculum (Prek and Kindergarten Prep)

My First Trip to the Dentist

1:1 Beginner American Sign Language

Signing Fun! ASL Signs for Christmas Time and get into the Christmas Spirit!

Draw Procreate Digital Pet Portraits

Bitcoin - NFT - Cryptocurrency Club - Weekly (Ages 8-13)

Introduction to Roblox Studio

Beginner Mandarin Chinese Unit 1: All About Me for 2 Learners

Farm Animal Friends Art Class (2X a Week - Ages 6-9)

Biology Colouring: Animal Brains

Octo Ocean Art Class (2X a Week - Ages 6-9)

Conversational Mandarin Chinese Ages 9-13 Month 4: Hobbies

Let's Talk About Music: How to Become a Multi-Instrumentalist

Explore the World of Multi-Letter Phonics: Level 2 Reading Adventure With Games

Join the Fun With Phonics: Level 1 Reading Adventure With Letters A-Z and Games

Winter Escape Room, Save the Snowball Forest and the Animals!

Violin Lessons: Semester-Long (Ages 7-12)

Adding Fractions Made Easy!

1 on 1 Middle and High School Math Homework Help!

Bunny Story Plus Drawing Activity With Miss Kim

Pokémon Phonics - Letters A, B, C

Cryptocurrency and NFTs: Your New Best Friends

Crafting Camp: For Older Campers

ESL (English as a Second Language) Private Lesson On-going (45 mins.)

Broadway Workshop: Musical Theatre Singing Audition Experience

Let's Talk About Roblox - Safety Edition (One on One)

Ongoing Yoga Course for Teens: Improve Your Flexibility

How to Be Optimistic

Yoga Flow for Focus and Relaxation: An Ongoing Program

Forensic Science 5: Cryptology and Cyber Crimes

Pre-K Emotional Intelligence & Regulation With Mrs. Benjamin

2-Day Communication Life Skills: How to Communicate Like a Professional

Igniting Creativity! Air-Dry Clay Creation (7-13)

Life Skills: Got a Problem? You Got This: Learn to Problem Solve


Kindness Rocks- Be a Congenial Team Player!

Private Tutoring 2

Drawfully Fun Paint With Me Series! - A Weekly Social Painting Class

Primus Summer Camp: Engineering Camp with Projects

Singing Kids Musical Theatre: What Else Can I Do? Encanto

Advanced Musical Theatre Singing Workshop: Waiting on a Miracle Encanto

Advanced Musical Theatre Singing Workshop for Kids: Waiting on a Miracle Encanto

Private Violin Instruction

Story Time Fun With Miss Kim: Let's Read, Sing, Learn

Is It Magic or Science? Ongoing Hands-On Science Class

Space Camp, Beyond the Planets

FLEX: Boxing / Muay Thai Bag Fitness Workout (Physical Education /P.E.) Teens

Private Tutoring To Improve Sewing Skills - 4 Weeks/Once a week

Primus Summer Camp: Human Body Camp with Projects

ABC English Word and Sound Practice for ESL for English Learners

Reading to Your Teacher - 3 Times a Week

Interactive Life Cycle of a Silk Worm

Private Tutoring 1

Clay Craft: Make an Owl

Clay Sculpting Craft: Make an Owl

Shine Like a Star!

ELA: English: Language Arts and Writing Tutoring ESL, EFL Welcome!

Private Guitar Lessons: Ongoing (Ages 7-12) 20 Minutes

How We Hear

Origami Camp

Beginner Japanese: Learn Introductions and How to Write Your Name in Katakana

Making Morse Code Bracelets

Brownie Scouts - Bug Badge Program With an Entomologist

Animal Science Fun: All About Snakes

Everything Encanto: Drawing Class for Young Artists!

Play Like a Pro! Piano Class for Middle and High Schoolers (Class1)

Hip Hop Dance Class - Encanto #6 - "The Family Madrigal"

Ballet Dance Class - Encanto #5 - "Waiting on a Miracle"

Draw a Cartoon Cow!

French Explorers - A Show & Tell Social Club

Addition & Subtraction (and Other Second Grade Math Topics; Eureka! Math)

After School Taekwondo Dragon III - The Journey to Orange/Green Belt

Mini Bakers: Marvellous Mains Cooking Club

Ongoing Ballet Dance Class! Ages 6-10yrs

Embroidery Club

Pumpkin Storytime and Craft

Literacy Devices - Make Your Own Reference Book

Model Integer Addition and Subtraction

Mini Bakers: Just Desserts Cooking Club

Little Dragons I Martial Arts - Tae Kown Do Journey to Yellow Belt

Around the Globe - World Geography Jeopardy Game

STEM: Edible Atom Models

Telling Time: I Know How to Read the Clock Both a Digital and Analog Clock

Let’s Hit the Beach! - Tips and Tricks to Have Summer Fun at the Beach

Mock Trial: We’ve Got a Case to Win!

After School Taekwondo Dragon III - The Martial Arts Journey to Orange

Daily Drawing Club With Dustin

The Beatles: Discussion, Trivia and Music Club

Fraction Masters - Operations With Fractions (FLEX)

Classic Video Game Trivia - Jeopardy Edition

Creepy Halloween Slime

Fun Musical Instrument Jeopardy

Disney Cruise Line Facts and Fun

Watercolor Painting: Art Club!

Drawing Dinosaurs: Art Club!

Pre-School French Immersion With Madame Meeks Part 1: Class for Young Beginners

Who Was... Who Is... Series Weekly Book Club

Learn to Hand Sew: Bellflower Pincushion

Animal Science Fun: All About Owls

Black Women's History: Bold, Brillant, and Brave!

Travel to Cairo, Egypt: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology FLEX

How to Draw Like a Pro - Anime Art Made Easy

Math Makers: Practice Math and Create Art (Ages 6-8)

1:1 Reading Tutoring or Homework Help On-Going 1x

How to Meet People & Make Conversation- Techniques and Strategies- Flex Class

Let's Get Cooking: Baking Flex

WANTED - Physical Science Investigators! STEM Energy, Force, Motion, & Light

Storybook Creations: Build Your Own Cartoon Character!

Pods: 2nd Grade Language Arts and Math

Current Events & Global Perspectives

Amazing Acrylic Axolotl Painting Class!

Introduction to Chinese Food Culture

Fourth of July: Patriotic Beach Painting

Private SAT Math Prep: Individualized and Ongoing 1:1 Class

Easy Kids Meal Preparation: Young Chef Edition (9 – 12 Years Old)

Private Math Tutor (1x/week)

Mystery Show and Tell

ASL for Beginners - 20 Food Signs

Crochet: Snowy Owl

Playing the Ukulele Daily

Guided Reading for Kindergarten! Books With Word Families and Sight Words

Grammar Keepers Coordinating Conjunctions (Common Errors/P)

Animation & Video With Canva (Summer Enrichment)

Geology 10 Week Earth Science: Volcanoes, Plate Tectonics, Fossils, Dinosaurs, Minerals & Gems

Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice

*FLEX* Iditarod Sled Dog Race Alaska. Reading, STEM, Amazing Dogs! 14-18

*FLEX* Iditarod Sled Dog Race Alaska. Reading, STEM, Amazing Dogs! 8-11

Scholastic News 2nd 3rd Grade | Language Arts, Reading Comprehension, & Writing

Let's Play Violin! Flexible Schedule Violin Classes for Beginners!

Oh Snap! DSLR Photography Fundamentals Camp

Science Throughout the Year (3rd-5th Grade)

Draw Dolores From Encanto and Learn Art Tips for Basic Anatomy, Hair, & Color

Cooking for Littles: Basic Recipes for the Youngest of Chefs

IEW Fix It! Grammar Level 1: The Nose Tree - 1st Semester

Let's Learn Spanish!

Learn to Read Notes! for Beginners - Flex Class - PART 2!

Private Violin or Piano Lessons!

It's Only the Beginning: Multi-Level Ballet Barre Technique Class for Tweens

High School Physics--Full Year Course (Part 3 of 3)

Creative Writing Tutoring With Author of 25 Children's Chapter Books Ongoing 1:1

Spanish Interactive Game Food Vocabulary ¡Let's Cook Juntos! Spanish Teacher

Spanish Super Fun Interactive Reading: ¿Dónde está Bimbo? with Spanish Teacher

Private Tutoring: Reading and Writing Support (Ongoing)

An Engineering Discovery Course 2

Lets Build a Minecraft Java Server Together From Scratch

Ocean Animal AB"Seas"

Storigami for Beginners

The Music of Marvel Movies - Discussion With a Professional Composer!

The Music of Marvel Movies - Discussion With a Professional Composer!

Reading Comprehension | Grade1 | Section 1

ENGLISH - One on One Tutoring - Intermediate Reading, Writing and Phonics.

Building With Bricks and Story, "Field Trip to the Moon" STEM

Discovering Your Talent With Algebra I

2nd Grade Math Course With A Licensed Teacher

German Beginners Class (FLEX): Restaurant and Food

How to Draw Bodies for Beginners

Advanced Country Line Dance: Fake ID

Advanced Country Line Dance: Anthem

Scratch Coding: Block Coding Camp for Beginners (8 Days)

8 Weeks of Japanese 1_01

Intermediate Country Line Dance: Watermelon Crawl

Beginner to Intermediate Piano Lessons

Intermediate Country Line Dance: South Side

Intermediate Country Line Dance: American Kids

Intermediate Country Line Dance: Footloose

It's Only the Beginning: Multi-Level Ballet Barre Technique Class for Teens

Tutoring: Reading, Writing, and/or English

ACE the AP Spanish Language EXAM! (Interpersonal Conversation) Workshop 4

Intermediate Country Line Dance: Devil Went Down to Georgia

Beginner Level 2 Country Line Dance: Country Girl

Reading Comprehension | Grade Level 3 | Section 1

Beginner Level 2 Country Line Dance: Freight Train

Engaging Book Club: Percy Jackson & the Olympians Book 2 - The Sea of Monsters

Tumbling Tots - Ongoing Gymnastics

ESL (English as a Second Language) Private Lesson (2x)

Beginner Country Line Dance: We Went

STEM: Engineering Building With Jelly Beans

Beginner Level 2 Country Line Dance: Boot Scootin' Boogie

SAT Math Review

Pre-K Spanish With Mrs. Benjamin

Pre-K Sign Language With Mrs. Benjamin

Beginner Country Line Dance: Copperhead Road (Ages 5-8)

Beginner Country Line Dance: Copperhead Road

Pre-K Sight Words Challenge With Mrs. Benjamin

Dungeons and Dragons Camp: The Wishing Pool

~Seasonal-- Kindergarten Mystery Math: Case of the Misplaced Pot of Gold

Social Media Marketing for Teen Entrepreneurs + Artists + Businesses

Flex Your Brain -- Memory and Focus Games Five Day Camp

Travel to New York City, USA: The Coolest Cities in the World

~Seasonal: Kindergarten Mystery Math: Case of the Egg Thief

Line, Tones and Shadows: One to One Private Class

Kawaii Ocean Drawing Class (Ages 6-11)

Draw Kawaii Veggies (Ages 6 -11)

Storigami for Beginners: Fold a Rabbit!

Spanish: Beginner Spanish Fall 2022 Unit 3: Vocabulary Simple Sentence With Conversational Skills.

Draw Luisa From Encanto and Learn Art Tips for Drawing Muscles

Oodles of Doodles: Ultimate Surprise Doodling Art Class (FLEX - Part 2)

FLEX: 3rd Grade Math Unit 4 (Division)

Flower Arranging & Storytime

As Easy as ABC, Ongoing Draw Cute Kawaii Critters With Me!

Road Trip: Exploring the 50 States

Beginner Level Japanese for High School Students Part 1 of 4

Mind Your Manners!: A Young Person's Guide to Basic Etiquette (10-15: Overview)

Unicorn Bonanza: Unicorn Storytime and Directed Drawing

Violin Fun Month 1!

An Introduction to the World of Microbiology!

Tutoring: Quick Hit Practice Reading, Writing, Grammar (Ongoing)

Galaxy Jar - Drawing and Watercolor Painting

Advanced Scratch-Video Sensing

Matilda Roald Dahl Book Club

Spring Art Class: Drawing Lovely Llamas!

Math Boot Camp: 1:1 Private (3rd to 8th & Pre-Algebra)

Graphic Logo Design Class: GIMP (a free Photoshop Alternative) 9-13yo FLEX

Literary Wizardry: A Magical Adventure on the Rainbow Path

St. Patrick's Day Sign Language Class

Weekly Personalized 1-On-1 Math Tutoring

French Beginners/ With My Puppet / Age 3 to 5 Years Old

Crochet: Single Crochet for Beginners (10-14 Yr)

1-on-1 Capoeira, Stunts, or Fitness

Let’s Blow up a Balloon Using Vinegar and Baking Soda

Let's Make Arrays- Introduction to Multiplication

Holiday Time Spanish - Dia De Los Niños/DÍa De Los Libros 2023

British Spies in MI6: The Cambridge Five: World War II and the Cold War

Art History for Kids ! (1:1 Class)

English: ELA: Vocabulary: Word Fun with Wordly Wise Book 6! ESL, EFL Welcome!

Grade 5 & 6 English Language Arts (ELA) Literature Summer Intensive

Acting: Introduction to Slapstick Comedy

Private One-On-One Voice Lesson

Narnia Book Club: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (FLEX)

Let's Learn English and Spanish - Bilingual Show and Tell Trial Class 1:1

Story Time: Nick the Wise Old Cat - How My Family Grew Overnight

Snowy's Letter Rr Fun!

Multiplication Math Fun.

Sewing Experienced: Doll Clothes - Pioneer Dress, Bonnet, and Apron

Why John Williams Is so Good - Lessons & Discussion

The Theory of Film Music: Music Theory Class - Intermediate

Songwriting: Writing Your First Really Good Song

Pursuing a Career in Music: A Practical Guide

Composing Film Music With Your Computer - Intermediate

6th Grade English, Writing & Grammar

The Game of Facts-Continents of the World

Social Club: Let’s Hang Out, Make Friends, and Play Games!

Breakfast With Books! Social Skills Class Celebrating Valentine's Day!

Breakfast With Books! Morning Social Skills Class on Manners

Let's Do a Bollywood Dance [Ages 4-7]

Let's Do a Bollywood Dance [Ages 8 -12]

Electric Guitar: Soloing Like a Rockstar!

Arts & Crafts with Mrs. Morris: Penguin!

Tropical Leaves! Procreate for Beginners - Build Your Skills 1: Sketch & Shade

Spanish Beginner: The Pet Store: Do You Have a Pet?

Among the Stars: Let's Learn About Constellations! (Multi-Day Class)

Dance to Surface Pressure! Encanto Style!

One-On-One Weekly Tutoring on Animals, Science and Cat Training (Upon Request)

Norwegian Folklore

Encanto Characters Directed Drawing Class

Bakers in Training: Yummy Frosted Fruit Filled Hand Pies (Pick a Theme) 14-17 Yr

Courteous NOT Crass Manners Class

Procreate Meet the Masters! Hundetwasser : Art History With a Digital Twist!

Sherlock Holmes Short Stories: The Adventure of the Speckled Band & Silver Blaze

I Am Enough: Self Esteem for Middle School Girls

Ongoing SAT Math Prep: Maximize Your Success With Practice and Tips Ages 14-18

Game Time Social Club

Dinosaur Lovers Building Club and Story Time

Cambridge Minimus Latin - Part 4

Crochet: Single Crochet for Beginners (13-18 Yr)

Encanto Dance Class (Ongoing) - 25 Min

Encanto Hip Hop Dance Class - "Surface Pressure"

Little Learners Discover Color by Painting a Rainbow!

Reading Magic Tree House and Building in Minecraft

Continuing the Deductive Detectives Skills: Solving a New Mystery

Theatre Games for Kids: Let's Build Acting Skills

Python Programming | Beginner | Coding Club: Fun & Interesting Activities

Sign Language for Preschoolers - Let's Learn Colors!

Drawing Realistic Portraits and People With Ease, Semester Class

AWS Amazon Web Services

Math Games Camp: Understanding Fractions

Spanish Valentine's Day for Kids Vocabulary about Amor - Love and Family

Private Music Lessons for Beginners! (4 Week)

Spanish Valentine's Day Story - La leyenda de San Valentín

Introduction to Spanish: Multi-Day Class for 5 Weeks (Ages 5-8)

Encanto Ballet Dance Class #1 (Ages 8-12)

Bulgarian Language for Beginners Level 3

Some Words Like to Break the Rules! Let's Tackle the Sight Word Challenge. K-1

Beginner Country Line Dance 9 To 5

Math Games Camp: Mental Math to 100 (2-Digit Adding & Subtracting)

Animals of Africa - Elephants, Rhinos & More! - A Fun Zoology Class!

Fun Treehouse Adventures With Music & Movement, Guessing Game, Storytime, and Show & Tell

Beginner Country Line Dance Achy Breaky Heart

Little Explorers: A Scavenger Hunt Around Beijing!

Math Tutoring On-Going 1:2 for High School

Introduction to Spanish: Los Números & Sumas/Numbers(1-10) & Addition(Ages 7-10)

Art Fun for Little Artists - St. Patrick's Day Rainbow

Summer Book Battle #1! Read 3 Books and Play to Be Crowned BOOK MASTER!

Mandarin Chinese With Games and Music Level 1C Flexible Schedule

Little Explorers: A Scavenger Hunt Around Sydney!

Travel to Sydney, Australia: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Fun Science - Chemistry, Physics, and Biology - Middle School Ongoing

Cloud Training Academy: All About Clouds - Hands-On Class in Spanish

The One and Only Ivan Book Club

Grades 9-11 English Language Arts Essentials Weekly (Reading Specialist K-12)

Grade 1: English Language Arts Advanced Weekly (Certified, Reading Specialist)

Private Music Lessons for Beginners! (5 Weeks)

Ongoing 25 Minute One-To-One Private Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I Tutoring

Milestone Mania: Prepare for Kindergarten

Private Acrylic Painting Lessons From Experienced Artist

Encanto Ballet Dance Class #1 (Ages 3-6)

Math Homework Help or Tutoring (One-Time Class)

Reading Board Game Bonanza

Innovative Beginner Piano Class! for 6-11 Year Olds (Class 1)

Disney Encanto Movie Theories, Where Is Mirabel's Gift?

Flex: Crypto Tokenomics for Teens

Weekly Guitar Class for Beginners

TOP 50 Grossest, Creepiest and Coolest Animals in the World! Summer CAMP FLEX

"Advanced Organ Diseases and Dysfunctions"

Beltane: History and Celebration of May Day

Let's Party!!! How to Plan the Party

Meal Planning - Why and How

Preschool Skills 3-4 Year Old Class! Circle TIME and FULL Curriculum!

Gymnastics (No Experience Needed)

Ongoing Crypto Tokenomics for Teens

How To Draw Pokémon!!!

Let's Add/Subtract Unlike Fractions

Snack, Chat, and Games Preteens/Teens Social Club

Story Writing Skills - One Private Lesson- 45 Minutes

Volcano Isle (An Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure) Camp

Scratch Intermediate Fun Coding Class

Introduction to Coaching: Learn How to Coach Your Favorite Sport

Create a Digital Valentine on Your iPad Using the PicCollage EDU App

Draw Maribel From Encanto by Draw So Cute

Laundry Club

Story Time and Art: Talk About Opposites and Directions, Draw a Robot, and Share

Story Time and Art: Learn Your ABC's, Draw a Robot, and Share Your Art

Know the 50 United States US & Abbreviations by Song, Word Search, & Visual Aids

SAT & ACT Reading List: To Kill a Mockingbird Literature Circle Book Club

1 on 1 Tutoring Social Studies K-6

Junior Genealogists' St Patrick's Day: Are You Irish?

Snowy's Number 16 Fun!

1 on 1 Character Creation and Advice for Dungeons and Dragons

Natural Resources of the Past and Present

Let's Celebrate the Chinese Lantern Festival!

Intro to Oodles of Doodles: A Hanukkah Art Class (6-10-Year-Olds)

Intro to Oodles of Doodles: A Christmas Art Class (6-10-Year-Olds)

California Soul Cooking Class: Down Home BBQ Bacon Burgers

One to One Private ESL Tuition: Speaking, Listening, and Vocabulary

Preschool Hang Out! (a Social Show and Share Time)

Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures of the Realm Campaign

Valentine's Arts and Crafts: Origami Heart

Build Time: Animal Play Dough

St. Patrick's Day Drawing: Leprechaun Axolotl

Learn Why And How To Compress Your YouTube Video Using Handbrake 9-13yo

Roblox and Among Us Private Birthday Party!

Scratch Coding & the Engineering Design Process (Beginner, Flex)

Create a Selfie Photo Collage on your iPad using the PicCollage EDU app

Private Phonics Practice/Review/Tutoring

Overcoming Anxiety (Flex Version)

Novel Study- Number the Stars

Ongoing Color and Chat Time

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 1 Pt 2 (Age 8-12)

Letter Writing with Building Bricks Capital and Lowercase

Singing Kids: Encanto Family Madrigal

Advanced 3D Game Design With Unity (Level 2)

Wh-Question Bingo

Learn to Code! Create a Hill Racing Game in Microsoft Makecode

All About Spelling Level One: Steps 17-24

Wordle: Pokemon Edition!

Watercolor Crayon Resist Painting Class

Make a Movie from Start to Finish |Film School for Teens| Video Production FLEX

Spongebob Drawing Club!

Roblox Murder Mystery 2/Bed Wars Gaming Social Club

The Secret Valentine: A 2nd Grade Math Mystery

Hola Spanish K-2 Section 6

Invertebrates | Crustaceans, Mollusks, and Insects... Oh My! | Edzoocating

Ocean Animals | Marine Ecosystems & Fascinating Wildlife | Ages 8-11

Art Class - Roblox Avatar Drawing

Nonstop Laughter ~ Jokes, Riddles, & ALL Things FUN!

Tide Pool Ecosystems | Amazing Tide Pool Animals! | EdZOOcating

Kelp Forests | Animals Found in Kelp Forest Ecosystems | EdZOOcating

Angie’s Private 1:1 ESL Classes

Encanto Blooket Game

California Soul Food: Chocolate Smores Bread Pudding

Multiplication Facts Review *Extended Version*!

Nervous About School? Let's Chat!

Algebra 1 - Summer Preview

1-on-1 Kindergarten Review and First Grade Preparation.

Simon Says- An Auditory Painting Experience

Oodles of Doodles: Ultimate Surprise Doodling Art Class (FLEX)

1:1 Clutter Coach: Life Skills Class - Cleaning and Organizing

One-On-One Chemistry Tutoring (14-18Years)

Acrylic Painting Club - Animals!

Woodland Bunny Rabbit Oil (Chalk) Pastel - Draw and Paint Art Project!

Procreate Digital Drawing School: Color

Crunching the Numbers... Private 1-On-1 Tutoring (Elementary) (Bundle)

Cooperation - HOLD

Dungeons and Dragons Camp: The Ruins of Devlam

Grammar Tales: Pepperoni or Sausage? A Lesson About Conjunctions

Summer Camp- Reading Comprehension with Mrs. Wright for 4th & 5th Graders

1:1 Weekly Private Tutoring- Practice Reading Comprehension and Homework Help

German Conversation Course - Deutsch Sprechen - Upper Elementary

Teens, Read People Like A Pro! Discover Your Communication Style, Strengthen Friendships & Know Your Ideal Career Environment

Alphabet Chef - Cooking With the ABC's Summer Camp

1st/2nd Grade Personal Narrative Writing 4 Week Writing Unit

3rd/4th/5th Grade Personal Narrative Writing 6 Week Unit

Multi-Day Small Group Reading Lessons: Have Fun Reading in This Class!

How the Body Works (Future Doctors Course)

1 on 1 Reading/ELA/Writing/Phonics/Grammar Tutoring K-6

1 on 1 Tutoring Science K-6

High School English: Read Literature Like a Professor

What's for Dinner?: Cooking Basics for Beginners Part 3

What's for Dinner?: Cooking Basics for Beginners Part 2

What's for Dinner?: Cooking Basics for Beginners Part 1

STEM: Colour Changing Flowers!

5th & 6th Grade Language Arts -Studying Literature and Writing Narratives

Financial Wellness: Budgeting

You Can Do It - You Have Super Power!

Read and Learn - The Monarch Butterfly

Flute Vibrato 101 (for Students With 1+ Years Playing Experience)

Kids - Yipeeee! Back to School - Getting Ready!

Cooperation & Teamwork!

Fables & Fairy Tales - As Recommended by Einstein!

Multi-Day Acrylic Painting 101: Learn the Basics of Acrylic Painting Art

Kids - Cooperation & Teamwork!

Kids and Kindness - What IS Kindness?

You Can DO It! - Be Confident/Stand UP!

Kindness Rocks! - Be Kind/Stand UP!

Habitat Hysteria: Canva Poster Creations!

Exploring Latin and Greek Roots!

Christmas Art: Draw a Mashup of Santa & Snowman. Riddles, Jokes, and I Spy Santa

Christmas Show and Tell: Riddles, trivia, I Spy and two fun activity sheets.

¡Exploremos! Spanish Summer Camp- La Selva Tropical (Rainforest)

2nd Grade Math | Full Course | Live Class

Tagalog for Littles 8

Staying Safe: Strangers & Tricky People (8-10 Year Olds)

Raising Rising Readers - Wondrous Women in History

STEM: Unpoppable Bubbles! (Ages 6-9)

Trust Yourself in Writing: Boosting Grammar & Conventions (Ages 11-14)

Trust Yourself in Writing: Boosting Grammar & Conventions in High School Writers

Draw Bruno From Encanto and Learn Art Tips For Drawing Facial Hair

St. Patrick's Day: Draw Squishmallows & Stuffies

Trust Yourself in Writing: Boosting Grammar & Conventions in Elementary Writers

Adorable Big Eyed Kitty Cat - Drawing & Watercolor Painting Art Project!

Exciting Science | Fun Science Experiments for 2nd & 3rd Graders - Ongoing

Summer Fraction Action! Interactive Class for Fraction Mastery Small Class Size!

Show and Tell (Ongoing Class)

A Kindness Wave... Starts With YOU!

Pokemon Scientific Illustration Course

Splendiferous Spelling, Reading, and Writing Tutoring (Private) (Elementary)

Encanto Dance Class!

How My Body Reacts to Stress

We Don’t Talk About Bruno-Dance Routine (Teen Addition)

Kindness Is MY Super Power! - Wear Your Cape!

Montessori Cosmic Education Series III - Evolution of the Earth (in German)

Foundations of Algebra 1 - Summer Edition (6 weeks)

Play Minecraft Java Edition | Survival Mode - Join Mr. Vaughn's Private Server!

HS Honors Geometry and Math Competition Coaching

Let's Get Creative With Hand Art

10 Little Leprechauns: A Saint Patrick's Day Counting Adventure

FLEX - Grammar on the Go Semester 2 (6th-8th)

Inspiring Fun Time Harp

(FLEX) Book Club: Twilight

FLEX - Grammar on the Go Semester 2 (4th-6th)

Ancient Mythology: Meet the Greek AND Roman Gods! (on-going)

FLEX-Grammar on the Go Level 2 (3rd-5th) (Semester Length)

Mathematical Thinking: Singapore Math Full Curriculum 5A/5B (Ongoing Class)

Mathematical Thinking: Singapore Math Full Curriculum 4A/4B (Ongoing Class)

Playing with Words: Full Year Language Arts for Grades 4-6 (Ongoing)

Spanish Beginner: What Do You Eat in a Latin Restaurant?

1970'S Race, Society and Politics Through TV- The Work of Norman Lear

FLEX Splits Focus: Stretching and Flexibility for the Splits (Ages 10-14)

Collaborative Comic Strip Writing for First and Second Grade: A Cat Chat

Coloring Party: Let's Dress up and Color a Princess, a Unicorn, and a Castle!

Private Music Lessons - Multi-Day Course Version

Fold-It: Origami Fortune Teller (Paku-Paku)

Violin Drawing Using Colored Pencils/Realistic Music Instrument/Art

I Love Chinese: Learning How to Write Chinese Characters in a Fun and Easy Way

Craft With Miss Katie in March - Rainbow Crafting

FLEX Meet the Artist - North American Art History (12-15)

7th Grade Common Core Math - 4th Quarter

Fast Fifty: A Class on the States of the US and Their History

Guthriegabs About Toussaint L'Ouverture and the Haitian Revolution World History

Shaping America

Dungeons & Dragons (5e): Creating Your First Character & Getting Started!

Let's Play: Dungeons & Dragons! (Ongoing)

"Who Was" Biography Book Club {Ongoing}

Article of the Week: Annotating & Summarizing Weekly Practice (Grade 3-5)

Make up Fundamentals

Grammar Tales: If You Were a Suffix - A Lesson on Suffixes

Art of Asia - Chinese Painting With Watercolors: Paint Sumi-e Lotus Flowers!

Math Is Your Path - Private Math Tutor Grades 5-9 - Monthly Schedule

1-on-1 Pre-K and Kindergarten Preparation.

Open Draw With Scott Ball

Introduction to Hydrocarbons - Organic Chemistry

Let's Make South African Favourites!

Learning About Different Countries (Self-Paced)

Igniting Creativity! Air-Dry Clay Creation 5-Week Course (8-13)

Philosophy for Teens - True Friendship

Cool Kids Conversation Club: Reading Minds Through Body Language!

Reading Readiness: Daily Phonemic Awareness

Color Theory Experience Flexible Schedule!

Let's Make Fresh Pasta! Teen Chefs

Beginner Video Editing Using Movavi: Make Great Looking Videos (FLEX) 8-13yo

Nifty NFTs: Non Fungible Tokens for Beginners (Flex)

Practice Makes Perfect: 45 Minute Ongoing Private Ballet Lessons

Art Adventures Modelling Clay Animals Hedgehog

Ballet Story Time for Ages 3-6: "Boys Dance" by the American Ballet Theatre

Chemistry Tutoring - High School Level

1 on 1 Ongoing Math Tutoring K-6

Pop Song Shared Reading Jr.- Read, Sing, and Learn All About Your Favorite Songs

Beginner French: Making Sentences With Words and Art

One on One Kindergarten or First Grade Tutoring (Ongoing)

Critical Thinking and Politics

Level 4 Violin Group Class

Comparative Politics

One on One Regrouping With Addition & Subtraction

Gooey Caramel Slice!

Learn to Cook 1-1 Ongoing Classes

Let's Sketch LIFE! - Appreciate the Beauty of This World Around Us!

Ballet Class: Ballet III (Intermediate Ballet) for Boys & Girls!

Russian Language Course for Beginners: Speaking, Reading, & Writing. Part 3 Of 3

Russian Language Course for Beginners: Speaking, Reading, & Writing. Part 2 Of 3

Doodle Noodle Drawing Class [Weekly]

Urban~Suburban~Rural: Strengthening Social Studies Skills

Valentine Art: Cute Hedgehog Drawing

Science and Spanish Saturday: Chemical Reaction Edition

Accelerated 7 th Grade Math | Middle School Common Core | Small Group

Spanish Ongoing - I Speak Spanish! Level 1 Learn Spanish W/Songs, Games and Fun

Color the World With Kindness

Microbiology 201: Introduction to Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, & Fungi 10 Wks (12-17)

How to Draw Baby Groot

Elemental Painting Camp for Little Artists

Speech for the Young Science Enthusiast | Public Speaking and Research

Crochet: Penguin (Intermediate)

Love Layers Acrylic Paint -A-Long With Ms.Muse

Let's Doodle! Intro To Procreate for Beginners 101 - Draw Digital Art on iPad

Dance Party Workout

Article of the Week: Annotating & Summarizing Weekly Practice (11-16)

Rose Study : Acrylic Paint a Long With Ms. Muse

Wizard Taxonomy: Magical Beasts and How to Classify Them

Acrylic Painting Class - Lighthouse With Ms. Muse

Annotations for Intermediate: Taking Our Annotations & Constructing a Summary (11-16)

Mandarin Fun for Starter: Learning by Drawing and Paper Folding Games (One Time)

Private Tutoring With Teacher Elisha - Long Session 1 Day/Week

Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes With MS Abby-Craft-Story-Snack

16 Weeks of Reading Intervention

Annotations for Beginners: Making Connections & Comprehending the Text (11-16)

Join Us As We Learn About DNA & Make A Edible DNA Helix

Valentine's Day Math!

We Don't Talk About Bruno

Hands On Full Curriculum Preschool

ESL Conversation Practice for Intermediate Learners 5-7 Years

Fitness Training for Athletes!

Igniting Creativity! An Art Party Customized for Birthdays and Events (13-18)

Managing Your Workspace for Adulting and Professionalism: Customer Service

Crazy Clay Phonics with Teacher Laura

Learn How To Define Unknown Words-Improve Vocabulary Comprehension For Texts & Tests

Silly Shark Sculpture!

ESL Conversation Practice for Beginners 3-5 Years

Fun With Wordle! Problem Solving and Vocabulary Game

Igniting Creativity! An Art Party Customized for Birthdays and Events (5-10)

Igniting Creativity! An Art Party Customized for Birthdays and Events (10-15)

Let's Discuss the Super Bowl LVII

STEM: Tornado in a Jar! (Ages 3-6)

Practice Your English With Me!

Life Science Time - Middle School Life Science Full Year

Math Is Your Path - How to Solve Multistep Equations - One-Time - Grade 8 Level

Z2 Day Can Artificial Intelligence Learn Love? The Science Behind Love Valentine's Day

Math Is Your Path - How to Graph Linear Equations Step by Step - One-Time Class

Pokemon ABC Adventure: Pokemon, Alphabet Names, and Letter Sounds!

Calling All Pokémon Experts

Bullet Journaling for Beginners

Beginner Video Editing Using OpenShot: Make Great Looking Videos (FLEX) 8-13yo

STEM: Tornado in a Jar! Ages 6-9

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Superheroes Save Candyland! Rhyming Words and Alphabet Sounds Edition

Finding the Hero in You!

Fun Skills, Escape Room: The Three Little Pigs Try To Escape With Math, Subtracting Up To 10

French Tutoring / Age 5 to 16 Years Old / Writing, Reading, and Speaking.

Learn to Read: Consonant Blends & Digraphs (Kindergarten & 1st)

Critical Analysis of Dr. Seuss

Brain Science & Mindfulness of Stress, Anxiety, Anger: Untangling Emotions -FLEX

Ongoing Private Math Tutoring 2-Day (Weekly - Upon Request)

Private Writing Tutoring, Ongoing

Intro to Earth Science: Geology- Fossils, Faults and Folds in Sedimentary Rocks

Kids Learn Italian - Spring Themed Words - Language Fun With a Native Speaker

Let’s Read in Spanish “La Gallinita Roja”

Phonics with Frances: Sight Word Bingo (Primer Level)

Intermediate Drawing- Drawing and Shading Expressive Eyes!

Let's Draw Spring Kawaii Cats!

Let's Learn Ballet: Level 1 - 2 Semester Course 6

Let's Learn Ballet: Primary Level Semester Course 6

Phonics: Master Word Decoding Basics 1 (Multi-Day)

Bedtime With Books! Evening Social Skills Class Focused on Friendship!

Brunch With Books! Social Skills Class Celebrating St. Patrick's Day!

Draw With Me: Weekly Social Art Club

Math in a Flash: Get in Line With Decimals and Add!

Dungeons and Dragons: Fizban's Distant Dragon Echoes

Where in the World? Travel, Geography and More

Easter Art: Draw a Mash up of a Bunny, Peeps, an Easter Egg and a Carrot

Prek and K Emotions ID and Coping Skills

Private Lessons: Learn American Sign Language

Drawing for the Average Artist: Directed Drawing Cartoon Animals! (Ongoing)

Introducing Geometric Shapes to Young Learners Through Exploration and Painting!

My Side of the Mountain: A Middle Grades Novel Study for the Adventurous Spirit

#1 Skin Care & Nutrition Master Course on Outschool: "Back to the Basics 101" (Spring Break)

Speed Reading for Teens

One-On-One Private English Language Class (ESL)

Precalculus Trigonometry-Summer Camp

Let's Have Fun Making Friends! Social Skills Group (Ages 5-8)

Origami Butterfly Bookmarks!

KidzBop Dance Workout (Autism Friendly, All Genders)

Create Your Own Planets Watercolor Art!

Math Talks: Fractions and Percent Using Mental Math

Crochet For Young Beginners (Ages 7-9): Part Two

Crochet For Young Beginners (Ages 7-9): Part One

Why Does Fiction Matter?

Talk With Your Hands: Advanced ASL 8

Kindergarten Reading--FLEX

Level 4: Reading with Phonics Skills Review and Sight Words (Kinder and First Grade) with Mrs. Rose, M.S.Ed.)

Puzzlers Social Club (Ongoing)

Squishmallow Origami!

Anteaters. Toothless & Two Foot Tongued Creature Who Eats 30000 Ants a Day!

Spanish Beginners Fun With SeÑor Panda- Foods We Eat/ Lo Que Se Come

Short Term Piano Lessons

Reading to Learn! Phonics in Science Curriculum

Olympic Games! Learn English! Upper-Beginner & Lower-Intermediate Group Class

Kindergarten Reading: Hands On Reading Sight Word Game for 1st Grade Readiness

Learn Public Speaking and Speeches

Let It Go! a Frozen Dance & Singing Party

Hip Hop/Musical Theatre Encanto Themed Dance Class #1 (Ages 8-11)

Hip Hop/Musical Theatre Encanto Themed Dance Class #3

Becoming Confident Writers: Minecraft Edition

The Writing Revolution Workshop (Private Lessons)

Science Tutoring and Homework Help- One-O-One

Understanding Cryptocurrencies for Beginners

Let’s Learn Fun Facts While Drawing Amazing Animals Together! Fun Art & Trivia

Time for Tulips Acrylic Painting Inspired by Monet

Drop In Let's Make Music!

Rise and Thrive: Mastering a Growth Mindset

Semi-Private Acrylic Painting Lesson Lupins

Cute Food Drawing Club With Dustin

Kawaii Cuteness St. Patrick's Day Characters

The Essential Elementary Book Club | 7 Chapter Books | Ongoing

Spooky Stories Reading and Discussion Club with MG Author Kim Ventrella

Watercolor & Crayons Jellyfish Painting! Underwater Art Fun!

Spanish Fun- Let's Learn Wild Animals!

German: Reading and Writing Camp for Beginners

Beginner Country Line Dance 9 to 5 (Ages 5-8)

Introduction to Statistics Using Baseball Analytics!

Creative Writing- All About Prompts!

Poetry Analysis: Discuss, Analyze, and Write!

Let's Play a Math Game! Multiplication Games

Chess for Rookies: Introduction to Chess Part VIII (Knights vs. Bishops)

Middle School Art: Spring Semester Flex

How to Construct Perpendicular Bisector - (A Step into Engineering Drawing)

Kawaii Cuteness Flowers

Kawaii Cuteness Easter Characters

Travel to Moscow Fun Class

How to Construct Angle Bisector (a Step Into the World of Engineering Drawing)

Famous Women in History (Ongoing)

Discovering the United Kingdom 1: British Tea, Food, Royals, Fashion, & History

Muscular Dystrophy: What Is It?

First-Grade Skills: Digraphs, Diphthongs, Vowel Teams, & Blends

Special Needs (Ongoing) Social Club

Halloween Party

Reading Rhyming Books

Ongoing Weekly Art Class - Animal Hand Drawing Club

STEM: Elephant Toothpaste! (Ages 6-9)

Animating in Procreate for 9-12 Year Olds

No Experience To Making a Great Videos In Less Than One Hour! (iMovie Desktop or Laptop) (FLEX) 8-13yo

Private Spanish Lessons

Divisibility Test : Master the Art of Predicting the Factors of Given Number.

Mystery Ingredient Challenge!

Writing Pleasing Paragraphs: As Easy as Green, Red, and Yellow. Advanced

Introduction to Composite & Prime Numbers, Factor Tree, Prime Factorization

Preschool/Kindergarten Math w/Common Core Standards

How To Make French Macarons and More A Flex Class For Ages 11-14

How to Make French Macarons and More a Flex Class for Ages 8-10

Social Tween/Teen Club: Imaginative Games for All Seasons

Bizarre Medicine: The Anatomy & Science Behind Strange Practices - Bloodletting!

Fun and Easy Grammar! Basic Sentence Diagramming [Homeschool Flex Class]

Against all Odds - Survival Stories

1-on-1 Individual Private U.S. History Tutoring: Homework/Projects/Writing/Tests

Let’s Make a Character

Tutoring for Preschool and Kindergarten Students

Beginning Piano Lessons - Try It Out!

The Exciting World of Middle School Science--Biology

The Exciting World of Middle School Science--Astronomy

The Exciting World of Middle School Science--Chemistry

Counting Coins - Money & Math!

Getting to Know: Star Wars Characters

Pokémon Earth Science: Weathering of Rocks & Volcanic Eruptions

Paint With Nicole! Teal Flower Acrylic Painting

Paint With Nicole! Shark Reef Ocean Painting

Paint a Valentine's Day Cactus (En Français)

Study & Thinking Skills: A Key to Academic Success ( 4-Sessions)

Pokémon Elementary Mathematics: 2D & 3D shapes at Trainer Court Garage Sale

Algebra 2 Weekly Tutorials

The Five-Paragraph Persuasive Essay (Made Easy!)

Elementary Sign Language - Alphabet

Sight Words Digital Games and Stories

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