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Mythology People

A social space for myth fans to discuss and share about world mythology: Greek, Norse, Egyptian and all other mythologies. Percy Jackson fans are very welcome!
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Introducing Outschool Groups

Mythology People

Mythology People is a community of learners that come together on Outschool to share what they’re learning, ask questions, participate in challenges, and get feedback on their projects
Is she really that bad?

Medusa is feared in one of the most famous Greek Myths. If you stare into her...
You're so talented!


Group Experience

This class is taught in English.
We will all deepen our love of mythology, and our knowledge.
We will all take part in a fun and respectful mixed-age community of myth fans aged between 8-14.
I am a highly experienced teacher of students in this age range. 

On Outschool, I have been successfully running two ongoing classes, with students in this age range. One is explicitly social - and it is the ongoing version of Odd Behaviours - and the other is academic, but with a rich social element. 

In schools in East London, I am currently a specialist English teacher, working on inclusive projects that combine social and academic learning. These projects include residential poetry retreats with children aged 9 to 11- on these trips, I bring students together who do not know each other from different schools, and facilitate warm and lively learning communities. 
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Mythology often contains themes of violence, and these are unavoidable but will always be handled sensitively and in an age-appropriate manner. If your child is averse to stories of blood and so on, they may not be a good fit for the class.

All talk and sharing will be at a level that is age appropriate for all of the learners in our potential range of 8-14. Younger learners will have the chance to learn from older learners, and all talk will be sensitively moderated.

Group Leader

Jonny Walker (he/him) - MA (Uni of Cambridge)
Lives in the United Kingdom
Headful of stories, mouthful of myths.
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About Me

Please note that between Friday 20th May and Friday 10th June, I am away from Outschool, leading residential Poetry Retreats with children from London. I will not be able to respond to messages during this three week period, and will... 
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