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New Classes on Outschool 2022-09-11

There are 349 new classes on Outschool the week of September 11, 2022 to September 17, 2022.

Real Talk: Advanced Conversational Skills for Teens

Small-Group Singing - Voice Lessons for Ages 9-10: Ongoing

Learn To Read At The Book Nook!

Pokemon Fitness Challenge! Let's Go to Hoenn

Pokemon Quest!

Pokemon Phonics!

Picture This! Picture Prompt Writing Class

LIVE Online Art Class: Painting in Perspective: Looking up From Below

Pokemon Fitness Challenge! Level 2

Pokemon Fitness Challenge! Level 1

Spanish Tutoring / Help Sessions

Ongoing Spanish Full Course by a Native Spanish Professional Teacher (1X/Week)

Pixar Dance Camp: Around the World

Broadway Lights: Dance Camp

It’s October! Let’s Make Halloween Themed Art

Fun With Safety Signs Bingo and Craft Environmental Print and Story

SAT Math : Mean, Median and Mode

LIVE Online Art Class: Drawing and Learning About the Elements of Art

Futuristic Skyscraper Design: Drawing Lesson- Small Group

55 Minute - Private Tutor Session - Language Arts

Fables, Myths, and Fairy Tales (IEW) Course Part Two

Vocabulary Games Wordly Wise Book 3 Grade 3 Part 1- SP

Sing! Beginner Voice Lessons

Russian-Private Tutoring Class (Ages 3-10)

Social Studies for Elementary Students US History Full Curriculum Semester Class

Social Skills Game Time: Outburst Jr.

Show and Tell Fun With Pets and Stuffed Animals

Semiprivate Latin Tutoring

French Basics for Beginners: Sports and Activities

Let's Learn Addition- A Fun and Interactive Introduction to Addition Facts !

Write a Picture Book or Short Story

Read Aloud: If You Find a Rock by Peggy Christian~Build Text to Self Connections

At the Old Haunted House- Halloween Read Aloud

Animal Crossing Drawing Camp

Sculpting Clay Pottery Art

Ongoing 1-On-1 Private Spanish Full Course: ¡Viva el Español! (1x Week)

Elf- Read Aloud

Learn to Play Minecraft Beginner: Setup, Settings, Tips, Etc Ipad/Iphone

Project Management, Decision Making, & Problem Solving (condensed) (Ages 13-18)

Private Tutoring - 1:1 Computer Technology Skills Tutoring (Ongoing- 1X Weekly)

7th Grade Math Unit 3 (Circle Geometry)

LIVE Online Art Class: Kawaii Cuteness Mushrooms

Doors/Evade/Rainbow Friends: Roblox Social Gaming Class!

Fancy Lettering: Modern Medieval Illuminated Letter Art for Ages 11-14

Full Third Grade Math Curriculum: Includes All Common Core Standards!

Art Class: Draw With Me Drawing and Colouring Cute Pictures of Crabs & Turtles

Reading and Writing for Kindergarten and First Grade Ongoing

Let's Play Bedrock Edition Minecraft - The Ultimate Tower Defence!

Private 1:1 Phonics Tutoring by a Certified Reading Specialist

Elementary Math Tutoring Grades 3-5

Algebra Review and Tutoring

High School Geometry | Full Curriculum (3 Classes/Week)

Private Tutoring - 1:1 Computer Technology Skills Tutoring (One-Time Sessions)

Math Mastering Essential Skills 4Th and 5Th Grade

Vocabulary Games Wordly Wise Book 6 Grade 6 Part 2- SP

Vocabulary Games Wordly Wise Book 2 Grade 2 Part 2-SP

7th Grade Math Unit 2 (Proportional Relationships)

Vocabulary Games Wordly Wise Book 6 Grade 6 Part 1- SP

Beginner Morse Code 14-18

You Can Animate! : Sticky Note Flipbook

Forest Exploration: Interactive Unit Study

2024 Performance Recital - Jenni Saslove's Students!

Mastering Math With Minecraft - The Complete Curriculum of Grade 5/ 6 Math

Mycology 1: Research & Discuss Different Fungi From Around the World! (Age 9-12)

Waldorf Reading Class: Letter Recognition

Ms. Colleen's Grade 4 Math Class: Decimals

Book Club: Two of Everything by Lily Toy Hong~Reading Comprehension With an Experienced Teacher

Halloween/Hocus Pocus Trivia Challenge (Kahoot)

SAT Math Test Preparation : Cylinders and Sphere

Summer Camp for Kids! 4 Days to Learn to Speak & Read French With Mimi! Part 1

Tween Summer Camp! 4 Days to Learn to Speak in French With LÉa & Louis Part 1

Cat Cafe: Furry Felines Around the World Social Club • Meet New Friends + Cats!

Singapore Dimensions - 1:1 30 minute session

10Pack Private 1:1 Spanish Classes and Tutoring With a Native, Certified Teacher

Learn Japanese With Pokemon

How to Double Your Money! (Ages 13-17)

All About Mushrooms: The Science of Fungi, Forests, and Tree Communication

Horror Movie Film Analysis and Social Club

Learn Japanese With Pokemon

Snowy's Letter Bb Fun!

Homeschool 4th Grade Full Curriculum-Waldorf Inspired Lessons

Middle School Book Club, a Reading Adventure Awaits, Twice Weekly

High School English: English III, Semester II (11th Grade-Junior)

African American History Science Lab

Christmas Mystery

Patient Math Tutor Available for Grades 3-9 / 70 Minute Session - 3X per Week

4th Grade Math - Small Group - Licensed Teacher - All Common Core Math Skills

Creative Car Photography Ages 13-18: Make Toy Cars Look Like Real Cars

Create a Wings of Fire OC Original Character for Roleplay, Writing, or Gameplay

Wacky Writers Weekly! Silly Prompts~Wild Challenges~Language/Vocab/Creativity

The Myth and Legend of the Mothman

Fall Preschool Count With Me: Counting Practice

Canva Camp: Graphic Design for Beginners Middle School

Discover the World of Dance - Ballet for Beginners (Ongoing Class)

Persuasive Writing for the 5th to 9th Grader

Exploring Fifth Grade Math (Summer Camp)

Vocabulary Games Wordly Wise Book 2 Grade 2 Part 1-SP

Waldorf Animal Yoga and Mindfulness

4Th and 5 Th Grade Writing (Creative and Academic)

Private Fun Art Class - 1 Brush Stroke Bamboo Tree Painting With a Cute Panda

The Write Stuff - A Class for Beginning Writers to Build Foundational Skills

Realistic Drawing of Pumpkins Using Colored Pencils/Art/Fall/Thanksgiving

Fun With Math Word Problems: Level 2!

Art History Workshop: Let's Learn to Paint Like Alma Woodsey Thomas

After-School High School Drama Club: Theater for the Aspiring Thespian (Ages 13-18)

Holiday Movie Kahoot Trivia Challenge

Draw Marie the Cat by Draw So Cute

Private Math Class, 3 Times a Week

Writing a Biography: Benjamin Banneker

Writer's Workshop: Stagecoach Mary

1:2 ESL (English as a Second Language) Intermediate Class ~ with Mrs. Christine

Queen Elizabeth II: A Life of Service (Taught by a British Teacher)

Let's Speak: The Spoken Word - Story Telling, Speech, Poems and Prose A2+

Australian Math Curriculum : 9th Grade Coordinate Geometry

American History Crash Course

Asynchronous Middle School English Language Arts ELA- Focus on Research Essays

Reading, Spelling, Comprehension, OH MY.....Orton-Gillingham Tutoring

Johnny Appleseed

The Great Turkey Race

The Polar Express

How Full Is Your Bucket

Tutoring: One on One Lessons for Kindergarten Through 3rd Grade

Let's Prepare: 1:1 Interview Practice for Primary/Secondary Schools

Asynchronous Middle School English Language Arts ELA- Focus on Fiction

Let's Write: From Sentences to Paragraphs A2+ CEFR

Let's Write: From Words to Sentences A1+ CEFR

Chemistry Math Basics - Introduction to Scientific Notation

Let's Speak: Public Speaking - Speeches and Presentations

Why Things Orbit in Space: Planets, Moons, the ISS, Gravity, and You (Age 10-11)

8-Week Mandarin & Chinese Ink Painting: Autumn Animals

Vámonos! Beginner Spanish Field Trips

All About Spelling Level Three: Steps 1-6

¡Club Hola! - Early Starters - 2 X Week

Jas' Weekly Mash-Up: Cryptids

Summer Camp: Reading, Writing, Skits, Drawing and More

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - A Novel Study

Class MINI: Reading Comprehension Strategies 4th/5th Gr Reading Levels Ages 9-12

U.S. Geography & History, Amazing Facts of the 50-States (Ages 8-12,Summer 2024)

Learn to Simplify Fractions With a Fun Story and Hands-On Practice

Beginning Piano - Level C - Small Group Class

Fiesta Time Spanish- Transportation

Do You Love the Ocean? Lets Learn All About Sea Life! Age 3-8

Pop Trivia: Music From Today and Decades Past!

Anne of Green Gables by Any Other Name

Fractions, Fractions, Fractions!!!!!!

Introduction to Violin 1:1 / Ms. J / Ages 7-18 / Beginner One-Time Violin Class

LIVE Online Art Class: Kawaii Cuteness Halloween Characters - Part 3

Classics & Contemporary Books for Kids Book Club!

Pre-Algebra: Review Expressions, PEMDAS, One & 2-Step Equations You Got This!

A Full One on One Roblox Game Making Experience

Primus Tutors: 1:1 Tutor & Homework Help Ongoing- All Grades

Math Club: Practice Your Multiplication With Fun Blooket!

Draw Nemo by Draw So Cute

American Sign Language (ASL): Conversational Ongoing Class

Animals Around the World Course Series PART 1 Prek-1St/ESL 8 Week Class

Get Going With Van Gogh Sunflower Art Drawing Class - Meets One Time

The Data Set Book Club Ages 6-9 With Teacher Dianne

Nature's Wonders: Does Light Move Like a Wave or Particle?

1:1 Landscape Painting Art - Giraffe in the Jungle- Animal Art With Mrs. D

Let’s Draw “Rabbit and Mouse Share a Seed of Kindness!”

7th Grade Math Unit 1 (Scale Drawings and Unit Rates)

Let's Learn English and Make Friends: Spelling Bee Club 2

Draw Your Own Animal Characters That Tell a Story

Let's Learn English and Make Friends: Spelling Bee Club 1

Beginner Beatboxing Lessons (One-On-One) (Ongoing)

Wildlife Science: Mountain Lions

French Music Time With Puppets & Songs

Home Management and Life Skills: Weekly Class

Adorable Chillin' Cougar Drawing & Watercolor Painting Art

Beginning Spanish

3rd Grade Class (2x a Week)

Halloween Dance Party for Young Kids!!

Science With Miss Robyn: Middle School Magic of Chemical Reactions

Teacher Paro's Fill-In-The-Blanks (One-Time Class)

Maryland 4th Grade Math Test Preparation

It's All Fun and Games- Extended Version

Let's Draw! Realistic Drawing Practice and Instruction Ongoing Class

Novel Study: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Pre-K Quilling: Candy Corn Fall Tactile Arts & Crafts

Capoeira & Maculele (Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts)

Beneficial Insects: The Little Things That Run the World

Japanese FLEX 3: Family, Counting & More With Handmade Learning Materials!

Digital Art: Master the Art of Coloring Black & White Photographs With Photoshop (or Photopea)

Massachusetts 6th Grade Math Exam Preparation

The Presidents of the United States Weekly Class (Ages 9-12)

Private Sign Language Tutor for Ages 10-18

1:1 Private Tutoring With Ms. Ashley! Ongoing 1x a Week

A Series of Unfortunate Events Book Study Flex: Part 2

Science With Miss Robyn: Middle School Chemistry Basics for Beginners

1:1 Private English Lessons, Let’s Learn English!

1:1 Math Tutor W/ Certified Teacher 6th-8Th & Algebra (60 Min) Ongoing 1x Week

African Diaspora Book Club: Age 8-12

Mrs. Stephanie's Ongoing Writers' Club Class

*The Hidwarth Magic School of Wizardly ARTS and SCIENCES! 8 Magical Lessons

3 X 3 Full F2L for CFOP - Mastering the First 2 Layers

Primus Big History of Earth - From the Big Bang to the Rise of the Roman Empire

1:1 Private Tutoring 30-Minute Digital Art With Procreate! (Ipad)

Singapore Math Grade 2 - Using Bar Models: Addition and Subtraction

Private Ongoing Spanish Lessons With a Native Speaker, Beginners to Advanced

Private Math Tutoring One on One for Ages 8 To 10

Draw a Christmas Tree & Gift by Draw So Cute

Private Piano Lessons - 1 Hour, Any Level, Scheduled and Ongoing

Fact Sharing and Social Snack Time!

Let's Draw Pokémon One-on-One!

Massachusetts 4th Grade Math Exam Preparation

Virginia 4th Grade Math Exam Preparation

Heroes on the Titanic

Disney Dreamlight Valley Video Game Gaming Weekly Social Club

AP Computer Science A

Piano Level 2A - Part 4

Saxon Math Homeschool Tutoring - Ongoing, 3x Weekly

10 MUST-KNOW TIPS to Know Before Starting a Youtube Channel!

"What Did I Just Read?" | Weekly Reading Comprehension Group

5B Singapore Math Methods: Advanced Math Techniques

Cheerleading Private Lesson (Specializes With Mental Blocks)

Halloween Coding Class: Code a Game in Scratch to Collect Candy

Multiplication and Division With a Roblox / Minecraft Kahoot Trivia Game!

Multiplying Fractions With a Special Education Teacher

1-on-1 Super Power Reading Club: Featuring Gerald and Piggie

SAT Math: Law of Index

🚶Self-Paced: Design Your First 3D Video Game With the Atmosphir Game Engine!

Christmas Themed Singing Lesson With Small Class Size

Private Tutoring with a Reading Specialist

Prevent the Summer Slide: Summer Review 6th Grade-ELA/Reading

Latin and Greek Root Words to Improve Vocabulary

Math Pro: 8Th Grade

9th Grade Algebra I : System of Linear Equations

Florida (FSA) 4th Grade Math Test Preparation

Wildlife Science: Green Sea Turtles

Florida (FSA) 5th Grade Math Test Preparation

Cool Crafts: Let's Make a Beautiful Ballerina Poster!

Daughter of Frankenstein: A Horror Campaign for Dungeons & Dragons

Office Hours for Current & Future Learners Enrolled in Classes With Pamela 7-12

Office Hours for Current & Future Learners Enrolled in Classes With Pamela: TEEN

How to Edit Videos for Social Media: Introduction for Beginners

Halloween Kitty Fun! Black Cat Draw and Learn Class!

Conquering Fractions!

Phase 2 Phonics - Learn to Read the Letter Sounds

Algebra 2 in Six Weeks! | Summer Camp | Review and Prepare

Phase 3 Phonics - Learn to Read More Letter Sounds!

Drawing Class: Halloween Squishmallows!

5th Grade Math Chapter 1 (Place Value)

Curious Minds: Science of Tiny - Digital Microscopy

Japanese Beginners for Teens

Design Your First 3D Video Game With the Atmosphir Game Engine! (Ages 12 To 18)

Divine Contention - A High Levelled D&D Teaching Campaign

Camp Cretaceous: Dinosaur Summer Camp

Exiled to the Feywild: A Teaching D&D Campaign

Crush the ACT! Science ACT Test Prep and Strategies

Angie's Christmas Music and Story Social Time

Paint and Draw Pumpkin With MS Abby- Painting-Drawing-Fall-Pumpkin-Kahoot

Weekly Private Voice Lessons (30 Minutes)

Interview Prep for College Admissions, Scholarships, Internships & Careers

Numberblocks! Circle Time- Show and Tell -Colouring- Math Activity (UK Teacher)

How to Draw Pokemon With Skill and Confidence: Master Cartoon Art - Self-Paced

Gaming Club - Play Minecraft Bedrock Edition Together

Design a Halloween Scene Using Google Slides Then Create a Story

Prevent the Summer Slide: Summer Review 6th Grade-Math

Drawing and Watercolor Painting Class: Cozy and Spooky Fall Theme

Math 1/ Secondary 1/ Integrated Math 1 Semester 2

Let's Prepare: 1:1 Interview Practice for Primary/Secondary Schools

Study Skills: How to Revise Successfully

Acrylic Painting Boot Camp: Self Paced Edition!

Cursive Handwriting for Elementary Students (Ongoing Class)

AP Physics / College Physics (Advanced Placement Physics)

Cursive Writing for Beginners - Weekly

Prevent the Summer Slide: Summer Review 5th Grade-ELA/Reading

Prevent the Summer Slide: Summer Review 5th Grade-Math

Let's Study: Super Spelling Strategies A2+ CEFR

Private Reading Tutoring

All About Large Number Subtraction Practice

3B Singapore Math Methods: Advanced Math Techniques

Goodnight Train Story Time

Can-Do Cursive: Learning to Write in Cursive 1 on 1 Tutoring

2B Singapore Math Methods: Advanced Math Techniques

Prevent the Summer Slide: Summer Review 4th Grade-ELA/Reading

Mastering Math: Jeopardy Jackpot (Beg-Int Multiplication & Division)

1:1 Tutoring Class- Crack the Code to Reading Like a Hero- Part 3

1:1 Tutoring Class- Crack the Code to Reading Like a Hero- Part 1

English Chit Chat (ESL)

Monarch: Transition From Queen Elizabeth II to King Charles III

Intermediate Greek I

California 7th Grade Common Core Math Exam Preparation For Homeschooled

1 on 1 Private Chinese Tutor for All Levels

Banned Books Club

MWII: Prepare for Battle in This Call of Duty Social Club

Reading Tutoring: Foundation Skills, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension!

1-1 1 Hr. Private Tutor for Grades K-6: Reading Comprehension, Phonics, Etc.

ISEE Upper Level Math Practice Test

SAT Math : The Use of FOIL Method in Multiplication of Binomials.

SAT Math : Equation of Circle in Coordinate Geometry

ISEE Upper Level Math Practice Test

Christmas Art Made Easy: How to Draw a Reindeer Using Ink

Italian for Bimbi: Simple Math

Goal Setting: How to Achieve Anything You Can Dream!

Let's Read! Reading With Blends, Digraphs, Diphthongs, and Phonics!

Trial Class: Let's Target Comprehension 7th Grade Reading Level (One-Time)

Japanese for Beginners

Improv Theatre Exploration - Ages 6-8

Ongoing Improv Theatre Exploration Ensemble for Ages 5-6

Mindfulness Time for Creativity - Relax Drawing to Your Heart's Content 1:1

Canadian Money: Coins, Bills and Problem Solving

SSAT Middle Level Math Practice Test

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw Your Own Pet Dragon!

Prevent the Summer Slide: Summer Review 4th Grade-Math

Learning Through Space-Numbers I (From 1 To 10)

Canvas Painting for Beginners

Fifth Grade Math Review for the Fall Semester

4th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 2, Metric Measurement)

1:1 Chemistry Tutoring & Biology Tutoring [NOT for AP or IB]

Middle School Physical Science: Emphasis on Real-Life Physics Private Class

Christmas Reading Fun- Reading Comprehension That Will Engage

Learning Through Space-Colors II

Scratch Jr. Challenge- Creating a Fall Story

1:1 Music Theory & Composition

Learning Through Space-Opposites II

Learning Through Space-Colors I

1:1 Math and Reading Tutoring /Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade : 1X a Week

Managing Social Anxiety - One-On-One Private Class

Patterns of Power- Conventions of Writing and Language

Halloween Musical Theatre Dance: Hocus Pocus "I Put a Spell on You"

1:1 Develop Confidence and Fluency in Speaking with American Teacher, M.S, CTEFL

Learning Through Space-Opposites I

American Sign Language 2

New York 6th Grade Common Core Math Test Preparation for Homeschooled

New York 5th Grade Common Core Math Test Preparation for Homeschooled

Animal Crossing New Horizons Weekly Gaming Club! Make Friends and Have Fun

Javascript Coding 4 Kids (Introduction Part 1 ) Once a Week

High School Physics Part 1 (of 3) - Live Course

Texas STAAR 4th Grade Math Exam Preparation

Private One-On-One / I SPY French Club for Beginners!

Ongoing Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping: Come Practice with Friends!

English Language Arts Middle School Semester 1: Personal Narrative Memoir (Live)

Worldbuilding in Fantasy Fiction: Creating Imaginary Worlds & New Possibilities

Hand Graphics Drafting 101: Landscape Architecture (7-11 Years Old) PART 2

Hand Graphics Drafting 101: Landscape Architecture (7-11 Years Old) PART 1

Hand Graphics Drafting 101: Landscape Architecture (12-14 Years Old) PART 2

6th Grade Math Club

Fundamental Identities in Trigonometry

Mythology Symposium: All About Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty

Individual Tutoring (Ongoing)

Halloween Pokémon Drawing: Poke Kid Trainer Card

Angles of Elevation/Depression in Trigonometry

PokÉMon Go: Pop-Up Raid (13-16Yo)

Halloween Musical Theatre Dance: Disney's "This Is Halloween”

Ukulele Halloween Lesson

4th Grade Math Chapter 1 (Place Value)

Private Reading Class: Introduction to Preschool Sight Words [2-Week Course]

5 Day/Week Private English Language Arts Tutoring 1:1 Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing, and Fluency

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