New Classes on Outschool 2021-10-03

There are 336 new classes on Outschool the week of October 3, 2021 to October 9, 2021.

Probability Camp: Math Fun with Coins, Candy, Cards, and Dice

Weekly Fun With Cantonese! (Beginner's Course) (Ages 4-8)

Halloween Art - Good Witch - Drawing and Watercolor Painting Art Project!

Beginning Russian: Part 1

Fa-La-La-La-La Science: Fun Christmas Science Experiments

Modded Minecraft Teen Gaming Hour: Pixelmon Edition

All About the Laughing Hyena. Come Laugh and Learn With Us Today in Class!

I Love Cursive Writing (o, r, s, u, and w)

Advanced Scratch Programming Club - Share Your Programs, Code, and Ideas

All About Crocodiles. Amazing Carnivorous and Ferocious Reptile!

I Love Cursive Writing (f, i, j, p, and t)

I Love Cursive Writing (m, n, v, x, y, and z)

Fall Phonics Fun - Let's Learn Letter Sounds With the Season!

Portuguese for Beginners With a Native Speaker

Psychology and Personality Disorders- What Are Narcissists Like at a Party?

Roblox Studio Lua Gaming Coding Bootcamp

How to Use Social Media in a Healthy Way as a Teen Girl.

Cash, Credit, and Debit

Halloween - Vet / Veterinary Science - Animal & Pet Safety

Thanksgiving At The Veterinary Emergency Clinic (8-12)

Thanksgiving At The Veterinary Emergency Clinic (13-17)

The Great Pumpkin Project: Writing, Art and Science

Map Making: Draw a Pirate Treasure Map

Workout Flex Class, Full Body Workout- Exercise, Health, PE (Part 1) (13-18)

Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts White Belt

Literacy Reading & Writing Essential Skills: Kindergarten to 1st Grade (2x Week)

Draw a Cupcake on Procreate | Procreate Drawing Class | Procreate 101

Make Your Own Board Games Class With Nana-Bee

All About Python Programming Level 2 | Project Based Python Coding Class

Art: Let’s Paint a Squirrel Step By Step. With Acrylic Paint!

Competition Math Challenges to Stretch High Attainers - Flex Schedule

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 2 Part 1-5 (Age 8-12)

McGuffey Primer Lessons 1-11 (Revised Secular Edition)

The Wonderful World of WHY: Ongoing Science Club

Attention Anime Lovers: Come Be an Anime Author and Write Your Own Anime Story

Introduction to Acro Dance

Complete 1st Grade Math Curriculum: Part 1

Review: Division Facts

Super Mario Bros. Kahoot Trivia Game!

Awesome Animal Alphabet Preschool Letter Learning Ongoing

Private 1:1 Reading Tutoring With a Certified Teacher

Drawing Holiday Candles With Watercolor Pencils

Let’s Be Thankful... With Elephant & Piggie! (Ages 4-7)

Adapting to Change: Developing Flexible Thinking and Overcoming Rigidity

Let's Keep It Going: Stop Motion Animation Club

Conversational American Sign Language Part 2 - Teens

Private Math Tutoring | 3rd-9Th Grade, Pre Algebra, Algebra 1

1:1: Language Arts Tutor: English, Reading, Spelling and Writing

I Love Cursive Writing (b, e, h, k, and l)

Discovering the World - One Country at a Time: Thailand

1-on-1 Music Lesson - Theory and/or Solfege (One Hour)

Halloween Special - Create Save the Candies Game on Scratch Jr. for Halloween

Write the Perfect Paragraph! - Beginning & Struggling Writers

1:1 Writing/Language Arts Tutoring 5 Days Private Sessions With Expert Teacher

Learn How 7 Entrepreneurs Changed America

Private 1-On-1 Writing Tutoring With a Certified Teacher/Literacy Specialist

Balloon Art Basics Beginner Level How to Make the Cat, Dog, Sword, Flower & More

High Energy Let's Go Super Smash Bros Ultimate Teen Social Gaming Night

Let's Craft in Spanish - Fall Class (ONE TIME Class / 3-7 yo)

Weekly Basketball Club (NBA, NCAA and March Madness, and more!)

100 Years of US History- 1840-1941

Semester Long: Weekly Word Work with Ms. B, Class 1

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Halloween Special!

Wacky Weaving: Upcycled Cardboard Loom Learning!

Grammar Tales: Tillie's Tuba - A Lesson on Adverbs

Third Grade Reading Comprehension + Writing - 1:1

Barbie Doll Fan Club "Show and Tell"

Middle School Math Tutor 1:1

Creative Writing: Write Your NaNoWriMo Novel Club

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament | Prizes!

2D and 3D Shape Scavenger Hunt Ages 5-9 With Jamie!

Beginners Elementary Spanish

Creative Book Writing

The Art of Improv for Teens - Unleash Your LOL Power

FLEX History of the World: Prehistoric, Ancient, and Classical World History

Figuratively Spooking: Let's Learn About Spooky Idioms

1:1 Reading Tutoring (One Time, 30 Minutes)

Reading Rescue: Long Vowel Review

Lady Bug & Cat Drawing

High School English: English II, Semester II (10th Grade-Sophomore)

Mastering Procreate - Basics & Advanced Combination Course

Paragraph Writing - Transitional Words and Linking Sentences

Twisted Chemistry: Understanding Carbon Dating

Improving Reading Skills (K-6 Certified Teacher)

Reading Comprehension and Language with Picture Books!

2:1 Math 3rd Grade Spiral Review (Certified K-6 Teacher)

Patterns - Creating Color, Shape, Size, Letter, and Number Patterns with Jamie

Dia De Brujas-(Halloween in Spanish) Story time with Mermoo and Friends

Introduction to Statistics: Descriptive Statistics

French Beginner 2

Sewing Club! Make Patterns, Sew Fashion, Sew Stuffies, Sew Fun! Ongoing Class

Science Animal Zoology Club to Learn Spanish

Weekly Dungeons & Dragons Club

Teen Roblox Gamer Club (13-16)

Writing for Middle Schoolers (IEW Units 6-9 Level B)

Private Tutoring: 1 on 1 Private Lessons with Teacher Rebecca

Fall Into Science--Fun Fall-Themed Science Experiments

Multiplication Is Fun ! Using Factors to Make Products!

Explore a Pumpkin and Its Parts, Halloween Fun! Prek Learning With Ms. Liz

Google Slides Fun: Create a Cute Halloween Scene - Digital Art Craft

Christmas Costume Party: Let's Dress up and Fashion Design for Christmas

Halloween Costume Party: Let's Dress up and Fashion Design for Halloween

Math: Introduction to Algebraic Expression by Using Signed Numbers

Intermediate Gymnastics Class With Strength and Conditioning 45 Minutes

Not So Scary Halloween Social Party: Costumes, Snacks, Candy, & More

Music Appreciation - All About the Violin!

Draw & Watercolor Paint Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Night- Icewing Whiteout

Show Not Tell: Use Your Five Senses to Describe! A Creative Writing Technique

Fun with Skeleton Bones the Bones in Our Body!: PreK Learning with Ms. Liz

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) The Wild Beyond - A Magical Campaign for Beginners!

ESL English With Ms. Amanda Private Ongoing Classes

Super Duper Sentences: Let's Write

Think "Let's Take the 'Problem' Out of Math Story Problems!"

3rd Grade Math (2nd quarter, Twice a week)

Private Tutoring: Homeschool Reading and Math for Kindergarten

Halloween Drawing: A Trick-Or-Treating Puppy With Pumpkin

Multi-Day: The Bill of Rights: Rights and Protections - Semester Class

In the Atelier - Art Inspired by Prolific Female Painters in Canadian History

Full College Counseling Curriculum Part 2: Financial Aid, College Lists, & Applying

Mathletes 6th Grade Math Full Curriculum Class With a Licensed Teacher (3x)

Drawing: Exploring Modern Art for Kids

Careers in Forensic Science I - Career Exploration

ESL (English Language Semester Course) With Teacher Daria (1/Week) 1:1

'Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakespeare: Young Reader's Introductory Course

Building Brick Adventure in Outer Space!

Beginner Coding Class With Minecraft: Level 1 - The Basics of Programming

Diwali: A Festival of Lights (Story, Craft and Culture)

Digital Art – Exploring Textile Designs With the Procreate App

Anime Art Class: Private One-On-One Drawing & Sketching Session: Subscription

Basic Ballet for Ages 6-9 FLEX

Beginners' Conversational Spanish for Teens!

Let's Have Fun With Phonics: Games for Reading (Intermediate)

Private Flute Lessons, Ongoing (50 Minutes)

Adventures in Engineering: Hands-On Challenges Inspired by Amazing Achievements

Intermediate German For World Travelers!

Discovering the World: One Country at a Time - Lesotho

Private Tutoring: Reading and Writing-One Time per Week

Speech & Debate for Teens: Speaking, Listening, Understanding & Writing

Basic Ballet Ages 10-12 FLEX

The World's Weirdest and Wackiest Spiders!

Financial Literacy Special Education Flex

Dungeons and Dragons: Ghosts of Saltmarsh! (Ages 11 - 13)

"If Picasso Painted a Snowman" Interactive Art Discussion and Snowman Drawing!

If da Vinci Painted a Dinosaur interactive Art Discussion and Dinosaur Drawing!

Astronomy: An Expedition of the Mars Rovers!

How Does It Work? Exploring Machines and Mechanisms

Celebrate With Me!: St. Patrick's Day Story-Time, Facts, and Craft

Getting To Know 2014 American Girl Isabelle & Life As An AG Dancer

How to Draw: Thanksgiving Charlie Brown and Snoopy

How to Draw: Thanksgiving Dinner with Turkey Pusheen the Cat and Family

Beginner ASL

Zookeeper Training Course

Halloween Drawing Fun

Magic & Math! Invisible-Divisible 9

How to Draw: 'Twas The Night Before Christmas with Pusheen the Cat

Individual Tutoring 3rd-5th

Halloween Special - Make a Magical Night Game on Scratch Jr. for Halloween

Book Club: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles Book 1

Let's Draw Crazy Creepy Creatures! (One-Time)

Private Voice/Singing Lessons With Miss Alex (One Hour)

Dollar Bill Origami

Private Voice/Singing Lessons With Miss Alex (Half Hour)

Discovering the World: One Country at a Time - South Korea

Unicorn of the Sea: Narwhals

AP Statistics: Comprehensive Review 2022 Exams & Testing Strategies

My Rollie Pollie Teacher

Learn Letter Sounds With Animals - Phonics for Beginners

Pokémon Directed Drawing Ongoing Class

Waldorf Library Story Time: Winter Solstice

Sensational Sentences: COPS Strategy

Exercise With Coach Arelis (Ages 4-8)

Exercise With Coach Arelis: Ages 11-13

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Waterdeep: Dragon Heist - Beginner Fantasy Campaign!

Dark History: True and Terrible History

Pokemon Gaming Club!

Happy Halloween

Theogony: Gaia's Revenge (Part 4)

Theogony: The Titanomachy (Part 3)

Theogony: Dark Spirits and Beasts (Part 2)

Theogony: Chaos (Part 1)

How to Draw: Autumn Pusheen the Cat

Learn to Read With Phonics Level 1: Short Vowels

Objectivism and the Self, the Philosophy of Ayn Rand's Literature

Spar Mystery 2! Understanding The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Through Debate

One-On-One Orton Gillingham Tutoring (45 Minute Class)

Winter Holiday's History PARTY for Teens (One Time Class)

Reading Can Be Puzzling: Popcorn Words (PART 3) | ELA & ESL

Haunted House Escape Room

*Polymer Clay SCULPTING DRAGONS* Sleeping, Standing, Elemental & Gemstone : Flex

Workout Flex Class, Full Body Workout- Exercise, Health, PE (Part 1) (8-12)

Winter Camp - High School Chemistry: Measurements & SI Units

Funny Friends for Early Readers! Elephant & Piggie by Mo Willems!

Tell Me About Yourself: Preparing for Face-To-Face and Virtual Interviews

Scary Gaming Roblox Party Piggy, Break-In Story Scary Games Dog Mimic

Sweet Treats and Desserts Baking Club!

Microsoft Excel for Beginners: Real Life Examples, 3-Week Class

Art: Let’s Learn How to Paint Santa!

Español Práctico: Spanish Conversation (Private 1 on 1 with a Native Speaker)

Beginner Arabic: Let's Go on a Color Hunt! Learn Colors in Levantine Arabic

The Writer's Den (The How to Club for Writing Powerful Scripts)

Art: Let’s Learn How to Draw a Gingerbread House!

Calculus, Semester 2

Fun Skills, Roblox Escape Room: Adopt Me Series

Art: Let’s Learn How to Draw a Doll!

Free Response Questions : DBQ, LEQ, and SAQ Writing Practice for AP Classes

Cryptocurrency Investing (Ongoing Class)

Math Is Your Path -- Grade 6 Full Year 2023-2024-- Build Confidence

Engineers Solve Problems

Single Letter Identification and Sound Recognition (Phonics Class)

Celebrate Indigenous Artists: Joan Hill (Chea-se-quah) for Teens 12-16

Celebrate Indigenous Artists: Joan Hill (Chea-se-quah)

Understanding Money & Economics Using Minecraft: 7-11 Year Olds (Multi-Day)

African American Reading and Activity Class

Weekly Descriptive Writing Skill Warmups for Middle School Students (Grades 5-9)

3rd Grade Science: Full Year Curriculum- Ongoing

How to Draw: Cats as Food Part 2 (Part 1 Not Required) | Art Class

Halloween Arts and Crafts: Funky Pumpkin Patterns - Directed Drawing

Money Goals! Ongoing Small Group Tutoring Sessions

Learn to Read: Preschool & Kindergarten Reading Circle Time

One Time 4th-9th Grade Supportive and Personal Math Tutor

Beginning Violin Club: (Beginner Violinists With Experience)

1:1 Private ESL Lessons/Tutoring (TESOL certified)

Fantastic Favors: Turkey or Unicorn Horn Treat Jar.

Pods: Roblox Gaming, Coding and Digital Art Club (Spring)

1:1 Tutoring Class for Pre-K, KG, 1st, and 2nd-grade Students or ESL

Creative Writing: Writing a Heroic Main Character

Creative Writing: Creating Symbolism Using Animals

Roblox Bedwars Weekly Meetup: Let's Play and Make Friends!

Etiquette Essentials 101

Strategies & Tactics for Advanced Chess Players - Coach RJ USCF National Master

Math Homework Help: 1-On-1 Math Tutoring

Ongoing 1 on 1 High School Chemistry Tutoring

Fifth Grade Math Crash Course- Fall 2023 Start

Mystery in Circus Town (An Unofficial Druidawn® Sidekick Adventure)

6th Math Core Curriculum - Strong Math Foundation - !:1

Acrimboldo, Picasso and Dali: Look at Some Surreal Portraits and Draw Your Own!

Winter Wonderland Fortnite Gaming Camp 2023 - Unleash the Frosty Fun!

Halloween History PARTY for Teens (One Time Class)

It's All in Your Head! Part 2: Mini Med FLEX Camp

Algebra 1 FLEX: 2nd Trimester of Full Year Mastery Method Math (12 weeks)

Composers of the Classical Period (Flex)

Writer's Workshop: Beat the Block | Halloween Spooky Stories Edition!

Nature Art FLEX Course | Taking Art and Drawing Outside with Plant Science

Flute Studies: Guided Breathing Exercises for Breath Control & Tone

Flute Studies: Guided Breathing Exercises for Breath Control & Tone

Intro to Computer Science Part 1 of 4: Programming, Design, Robotics All in 1 Yr

1:1 Preschool-Kindergarten Skills Private Tutoring With Certified Teacher

Spanish Homework Help (All Ages)

Gaming Club: Roblox Piggy, Social Time on a Private Server (Ongoing)

Gaming Club: Roblox, Murder Mystery Social Class on a Private Server (Ongoing)

Gaming Club: Roblox, Adopt Me Social Class on a Private Server (Ongoing)

Gaming Club: Roblox, Brookhaven Social Class on a Private Server (Ongoing)

Polymer Clay Club Weekly: Food Themed! (Ages 9-14) - Sculpting Social Party

Let's Create Cartoon Characters Together! (Ongoing)

Bilingual Spanish/English: Math, Reading, Writing, Language Arts Private Tutor

Kindergarten Prep Course (Ongoing)

Mindfulness Practice and Story Meditation - Feel Confident & Calm (FLEX)

The Basics of Yoyo: Beginner yoyo class

Teens- Gathering Together (Social Group)

Public Speaking for Confidence -Building-Practice Makes Perfect.

Let's Talk About: Animals With Halloween Names

Life Science: Study of Life Cycles Through Science & Art - A Waldorf-Inspired Class

Private Math Tutoring 1-To-1 Weekly Improve Math Concepts Specific to Your Needs

Fall Scaredy Cat - Drawing and Painting Art Project!

Halloween Art - Scary Haunted House - Drawing & Painting Art Project!

Math: Introduction to Algebra

Paper Sculpture Club

Winter Camp: Science, Drawing, Reading Comprehension

Time Management Using Time Bocking Method in Google Calendar 13+

Trouble at the North Pole: Brick Escape Room Adventure Jr. (Santa,Christmas)

Super Mario Halloween Themed Google Slides Trivia Game- Interactive and Fun!

Art Private Lesson ~ Learn to Draw Realistic & 3D Animals, Humans, & More

Beginner Small Group Cello Class - Level 2

Weekly Banjo Lessons 1 On 1

Writing Tutor: Ongoing

Trouble at the North Pole: Building Brick Escape Room Adventure (Christmas)

John Jacob Jingleheimer Skit: An Improv Comedy Club

Let's Chat About Bugs, Animals, and Other Creatures of South Africa 1:1

1 on 1 Tutoring for Young Writers: Grammar and Paragraph Writing!

Art Class - Nature Art

Let's Imagine! Create Stories on the Spot - 1 on 1

Anime Vs Cartoons What Is the Difference?

Weekly: The Grossest, Creepiest and Coolest Animals in the World

Intermediate Python: Coding and Programming This Language With Fun Projects & Games

Greek Circle Time!

Book Club on 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens

FLEX COURSE: Atom Secrets Level 2 - Exploring Molecules and Chemical Reactions!

Road to the White House ~ Learn What Happens Before Election Day

Creating Fun Cartoon Shrinky Dinks Characters! Make Fun Toys and Necklaces!

Everyday Etiquette Class for Kids

Uncovering US Civics and Government

Flex: Polymer Clay: Toy Story Characters + Fun Facts + Fan Club Sculpting

Flex: Polymer Clay: Minions + Fun Facts + Fan Club Sculpting

Dragon Play: A Wings of Fire Inspired Role Play

FLEX Escape Rooms: Interactive Exploration of FOUR World Wonders

Animal Crossing Ongoing Social Club: For Older Players

Creative Writing Flex Workshop: Exploring Personal Essays

My Side of the Mountain Comprehensive Novel Study (Jean Craighorn)

Roblox Adopt Me! Teen Hangout

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane Comprehensive Novel Study Kate DiCamillo

Misty of Chincoteague Comprehensive Novel Study (Marguerite Henry)

8th Grade Math Unit 3 (Geometry)

Intro to 3D Modeling: Blender Bootcamp for Absolute Beginners (Ages 8-12)

Draw What You Love

A Fun Way to Learn Shapes and Colors for Preschoolers & ESL

The World of Polar Bears

Ongoing Snowy's Kindergarten Readiness and Private Tutoring

LIVE Online Art Class: Easy Acrylic Painting Series: Black Cat in Autumn

Seasons of Joy Halloween Party: Pumpkins and Costumes and Stories, Oh My!

Mr. Popper's Penguins Comprehensive Novel Study (Florence & Richard Atwater)

High School French Club (Any Level)

Winter Book and Craft Club

Halloween Music and Movement Party: Let's Rock and Howl With Ms. Annette

Python Coding 4 Kids/ Introduction (Twice a Week).

Montessori Advanced Grammar Symbols: Varieties of Verbs!

Music With Ms. Annette: Halloween Spooky Singing for a Dark and Stormy Night

Seasons of Joy Autumn Story Time: Mother Earth's Colorful Blanket

Seasons of Joy November Circle Time: Let Your Little Light Shine!

Brick Builders Ninja Social Club: All Master Builders Welcome! Chat & Share!

Spanish Tutor | 1 on 1 Individual Tutoring Subscription (45 Minutes)

Sentences Shuffle! Capital Letters, Subjects, Verbs, and Periods!

Flower Garden Painting!

Halloween Freeze Dance + Draw!

Social: Halloween Games and Activity Time for Students With Disabilities

Maths Not Scary: Weekly Y1 Club (British Y1)

Fiction Addiction Bookworms Book Club (Younger Learners)

"Tuck Everlasting" Comprehensive Novel Study (Natalie Babbit)

ESL Small Group Tutoring: Let's Learn English!

Full Introduction to Animal Drawing FLEX

Grumble Grumble: Turning Negativity Into a Growth Mindset

How to Find Money for College: Scholarships, Grants and Hidden Secrets

Middle School French Club - Level 1/2

Hello Spanish Holiday Edition: Let's Have Fun with Holiday Vocabulary en Español

S.A.T. Essentials Part I

Writing About Fun and Fascinating Topics (IEW ATFF, Ages 9-11) - Sem. 2

Montessori Advanced Grammar Symbols: Going Nuts for Nouns!

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