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New Classes on Outschool 2021-10-10

There are 242 new classes on Outschool the week of October 10, 2021 to October 16, 2021.

Fall Leaf Fun: Leaf Facts and Leaf Art

Google Slides Fun: Viking Adventure - Digital Art Craft

Read-In With Teacher Cindy (Saturday OR Sunday)

Learn to Make Halloween Ghost French Macarons

All About Beginning Fractions Galore (Ongoing Math Class)

First Finances: Economics, Goods & Services, Supply & Demand (Ages 8-10)

First Finances: Spending, Saving, Budgeting, Scarcity (Ages 8-10)

1:1 Tutoring in English Language Arts - Writing, Spelling, Grammar, and Reading

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Frozen (Items) Treasure Hunt

Review: Pizza Beginning Fractions

Make Your Year: Geometry Review: Lines, Line Segments, and Rays

First Time Japanese

Basic Japanese for Beginners (A1-2): Ages 14-18

Basic Japanese for Beginners (A1-1): Ages 14-18

Basic Japanese for Beginners (A1-1): Ages 10-14

Poetry World Tour Creative Writing Camp

Montessori Math Time: Stamp Game Dynamic Addition

Building 2nd Grade Reading Fluency

Feel Confident in Conversations & Thrive Socially: 1-1 Interaction & Coaching

Hindi Private Coaching 1:1 Online Live Class

HS English: William Faulkner & Marjane Satrapi

Epic Kinesthetic: Coordination Exercises for Balance, Midline Crossing & Rhythm

Basic Japanese for Beginners (A1-1): Ages 6-10

Basic Japanese for Beginners (Pre A1): Ages 10-14

Basic Japanese for Beginners (Pre A1): Ages 14-18

Basic Japanese for Beginners (Pre A1) Ages 6-10

Geography: Europe on the World Map

American History Ongoing Course ~ Colonies to the Constitution

How to Write a Story for 4th Through 6th Graders

WWI History: Obscure and Interesting Facts About World War One! World War 1

Draw a Halloween Bat

Math Part 4 With Mrs. Bell

Target Your Grammar with Robin Hood- Part 2

LIVE Online Art Class: Kawaii Cuteness Winter Characters

Amphibia the Series Social Club

IEW Ancient History-Based Writing: 2nd Semester (6th - 8th Grade)

Animal Adventure: Sea, Land, and Beyond! Weekly Facts and Discussion Club

Halloween Animals: Parts of a Spider

Full Year French Class - Level 1: Semester 2 (High School)

Prehistoric Earth: Explore Dinosaurs, Sea Creatures, Ice Age Animals, & More!

2024 Virtual Pride Parade

Full Year of 5th Grade Singapore Math| the Path to Math Mastery (1x/Wk Ongoing)

Full Year of 4th Grade Singapore Math| the Path to Math Mastery (1x/Wk Ongoing)

Full Year of 3rd Grade Singapore Math| the Path to Math Mastery (1x/Wk Ongoing)

Full Year of 1st Grade Singapore Math| the Path to Math Mastery (1x/Wk Ongoing)

LIVE Online Art Class: Kawaii Cuteness Christmas Characters - Part 1

Snowy's All About Kindness

Halloween ASL (American Sign Language) for Beginners

LIVE Online Art Class: Kawaii Cuteness Christmas Characters - Part 2

Practical Homesteading: Chickens for Young Learners (3-8) - With Live Birds!

Hindi Level 4 With Reading, Writing and Speaking Exercises-Twice a Week,10 Weeks

Public Speaking & Guided Impromptu Speech - Level 1 (ESL Friendly)

Private Physics Ongoing 1 on 1 Tutorial

Animal Story: Narrative Writing Practice, ESL Friendly CEFR A1-A2

Private Lessons - Phonics Fun (45 Minutes): Read, Sing, Write, Color

Learn With Ms. Price: Joy-Filled Morning Meeting / Homeschool Homeroom! (3rd, 4th, & 5th Grades)

Intro to Zentangle Art Class and Chat: Learn to Draw Abstract Patterns & Doodles

Ann Ale! Basic Haitian Creole Level 2

Spanish for Beginners The Emotions

Multiplication Bootcamp | Practice Multiplication Facts While Playing Games!

What My Body Does When I'm Sick - Human Anatomy Self Paced

Girls Roblox Club! Kids Vote on 14 Games- Then Play

Learn Piano Now (Level 5) with Dr. Nathan

Learn to Read Music With Minecraft!

Pokemon Social Club: Show and Tell, Problem Solving, Pokemon Math Battle

Math: Algebra Adding and Subtracting Like Terms

Dinosaurs and Pokemon! Learn About the Prehistoric Life Science

The Psychology and the Science of Mental Health Disorders

Write Through Ancient History (Scientific Discoveries): The IEW Way

Write Through Medieval History (Scientific Discoveries): The IEW Way

Chess Private Coaching 1:1 Online Live Classes

Fortnite Gaming Club New Season! Battle Royale

Playful Piano Journey, Level B Primer 1 Piano Lessons

Emotional Maturity and Coping: A Class on Managing Yourself

Martin's Minecraft Redstone Engineering Club (Bedrock Edition)

Wolves Alive 2! Learn More About Wolves With A Fun Interactive Game

Art: Weekly Beginner Creative Drawing Class! (Ages 8-13)

Korean Private Tutoring

Mastering Math - 1:1 Math Tutoring (Basic Math to Algebra) (40 minutes, 2x/week)

Draw a Kitten in a Donut by Draw So Cute

Draw a Cat in a Pumpkin | Halloween

Escape Room Challenge: Minecraft! Logic, Puzzles, Trivia & Riddles (Ages 7-10)

First Grade Math Club! *Addition & Subtraction*

Sign Language Alphabet Show and Tell!

Word Problem Wednesdays for First Graders

Beginner Gymnastics Class

Preschool Gymnastics Class

A Class on Puberty. Becoming a Man. Male Boy Bodies & Changes in Adolescent Men

All Systems Go! Introduction to Human Anatomy & Biology - High School Science

Drawing Realistic Portraits, Features, and More (Weekly) Ages 12-16

How to Learn: Strategy for Faster, Improved Learning, Memory & Recall. Ages 10-12

Introduction to French: Level 2 Beginner French

How to Learn: Strategy for Faster, Improved Learning, Memory, & Recall. Ages 13-17.

Math: Advance Order of Operation Includes Parenthesis and Exponents

Private 1:1 Orton-Gillingham Tutoring

1: 1 Art Class With Kim

Math: Introduction to Order of Operation With Parenthesis

Math: Introduction to Order of Operation Basic No Parentheses

How to Draw: A Pusheen the Cat Christmas Carol

How to Draw: Christmas Hedgehog

Pre-Algebra Mastery Math Bundle for 7th and 8th Grade: Part 1 of 4

Emotion Halloween Bingo

Pokemon Social Club for Trainers (3x a Week)

Cosplay for Homeschoolers (or Those Home During the Day)

Phonics for Reading, Writing, and Spelling - Private Reading Instruction

Introduction to Crochet- The Absolute Basics (Ages 10-13)

Engaging Discussion and Trivia About the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series

Individual Tutoring: Letters, Phonics, Fluency, and Fun!

Montessori Math Time: Place Value and Stamp Game Static Subtraction

Let's Talk About Cookie Run: Kingdom! (Social Club)

1:1 Private Tutoring for Early Learners

3-D Pumpkins for Tweens!

Bloody Mary - Queen Mary I of England. Horrible History. Great Leaders Series

Impromptu Public Speaking

Small Group Orton-Gillingham Reading Program (Level One)

Creative Drawing Art Club

All About the Stinky Corpse Flower. Largest & Most Pungent Plant in the World.

Axolotl. An Amphibian Salamander That Reaches Adulthood Without Metamorphosis!

5th & 6th Grade Learning Pod - Full Curriculum - Section 3 of 4

Halloween & Beyond -World Celebrations of Harvest Time & Ancestors' Devotion 1:1

Pumpkin Stress Balls Making

Toddler Dance Class - Beginner Series (Ongoing)

Let's Talk About and Draw Owls!

7-11 Year-Olds - Bedrock Club Minecraft Gameplay- One Time - Extended Session

Santa Acrylic painting Paint - A- Long Ages 8-14

Level 2 Color Burst Landscape Acrylic Paint a Long With Ms. Muse ( Age10 - 15 )

Weekly Reading Comprehension for Wacky Readers!

Halloween Special - Create a 2 Player Frank Vs Skeleton Game on Scratch 3.0

Halloween Special - Create a Ghost Hunter Game on Scratch 3.0

Summer Reading Practice-Book Club: Kiki's Delivery Service

Summer Reading Practice-Book Club: My Neighbor Totoro

Myth & Magic! Gnomes Are Real With Art Activity

Myth & Magic! Griffins Are Real With Art Activity

Scratch Coding Club (Beginner Coding, Computer Science, Video Games, Programming)

Introduction to Chemistry - Atoms to Chemical Reactions

Beyond the Notes - How Music Works

Engineering in Minecraft: Learn Redstone Basics for Traps, Farms & More!

Explore the Cosmos

Celebrating the Poetry of an American Poet Laureate; Amanda Gorman!

How to Research and Write About History

How to Research and Write About History

1 to 1 Reading Intervention 3x Per Week

Draw a Halloween Ghost & Candy Corn by Draw So Cute

Hello Friends! -An Ongoing Kindergarten Class 1X a Week

8 Week Beginner Gymnastics Class

The Master Class Accelerated Six-Week Summer Edition

Beginner Korean 201 Camp: Continue to Learn Advanced Letters

Ninja Powers: Private, Fun, Academic Tutoring Ages 5-9

Animal Trivia! | Let's Learn About Amazing Animals | Ages 6 & 7

English Group Class: ESL Speaking, Reading, and Fun

Make and Stack Paper Cup Ghost

Private Guitar Lessons for Beginners Package

Spanish Immersion For Kids: Ages 8–11 (Intermediate) Once per Week

ABC’s With Modeling Clay (Letters N-Z)

Starring Fluffy: Writing About Our Pets

Fête-à-Tête: Let's Play the D&D Adventure, The Wild Beyond the Witchlight!

One-On-One Private Singing Lessons or Voice + Instrument (Custom Length)

French Homeroom (Middle School)

Private Tutoring for Kindergarten and 1st Grade (1:1 With a Certified Teacher)

Middle School Math, Logic, Problem Solving: Decimals, Division, and Fractions

Nailed It!: Perfecting the Interview (Overview)

Pokémon: The Banned Episodes

Introduction to Meteorology: Make Your Own Cloud!

Ornithology 101: Introduction to Bird Characteristics and Adaptations (Ages 8-12)

Among Us Private Party / Group Gaming Session on a Safe, Private Server

Interactive Escape Room: The Great Pyramids of Egypt

Episode Breakdown of The American Television Show "The Office."

Geography for the Geographically Disinclined

Piano Adventurers Level 2A

Montessori Math Time: Place Value & Static Addition With the Stamp Game

Read-In and Play-In With Teacher Cindy (Saturday or Sunday)

Private Elementary Reading & Writing Tutoring (6 sessions)

Introduction to Astronomy: Life of a Star

Learn How the Sons of Liberty Fueled America’s Independence

Zoology: The Biology of the Animal Kingdom- Complete Course- Ongoing

Draw a Ghost By Draw So Cute

Fun Halloween Themed Story and Drawing: Crankenstein.

Grandmaster's Private Chess Lesson

Roblox Simulator and Tycoon Lovers' Club

Seasonal Spotlight: Halloween!

Draw a Bucket of Halloween Candy by Draw So Cute

Spooky Circle: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Read Aloud

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Rapunzel Beginner Ballet Tangled Disney Dance With Pop-Up Class!

Foundations in Physics

Learn to Draw & Paint an Amazing Chameleon Step-By-Step!

Read-In and Play-In With Teacher Cindy

DIY Doll Furniture: Let's Make a Sofa!

Learn to Draw and Color an Amazing Abstract Circle Art Piece

Arctic Foxes Alive! All About the Arctic Fox With Drawing Activity

Introduction of Korean Culture & Language 7-12

Dinosaurs: Past Progressive Tense Verbs for ESL and English Speaking Students

Dinosaurs: Past Tense Verbs for ESL and Native Speakers

ESL Conversation: Let's Talk About Our Pets

Jane Goodall. A Woman Who Lived With & Studied Chimpanzees & Became an Expert!

ESL Conversation: Let's Talk About Pets

Private Reading Tutoring, 1:1 Lesson 55 Minutes

Individual Tutoring - Learn to Read - Phonics - 1:1 Lesson 25 Minutes

Biology Colouring: Human Organs

Birds in Halloween Folklore

Let's Get to Know the Indigenous People of Alaska!

Book Talk: Coraline

Einstein's Theory of Relativity for Middle Schoolers

Fractions: What's the GCF? Greatest Common Factor

Single-Digit Long Division and Multiplication Club (Ongoing)

Draw Summer Ice Cream Treats

Draw Olaf From Frozen by Draw So Cute

Draw a Cute and Easy Fairy

Private Piano Lesson One on One

Where in the World Is That Spy #1 - History & Geography Mystery Adventure Game

Introduction of Korean Culture & Language 13-18

Daily Brick Build Challenges: Fun and Playful Projects to Build Creativity

Let's Read the Classics: Treasure Island

Mind Your P's and Q's! Etiquette and Manners for Tweens!

Our Solar System and Planets. Space Exploration Filled With Facts and Science!

Kong: And the Monsters of Hollow Earth

Let's Learn Irish for Beginners Gaeilge

Pumpkin Cat Drawing!

Place Value: Tens and Ones Fun!

Cat Jeopardy

Financial Literacy and Personal Finance Math for Teens Semester 1

Draw a Real Cat ~ Learn How to Draw Tallstar a Warrior Cat ~ Step by Step

Individual Tutoring for ESL Students (25 Minutes - Continuous Weekly Classes)

Fantastic Phonics: Digraphs (-Sh, -Th, -Wh, -Ch)

Fun With Figurative Language

The Quaking Earth! Earth Science - Investigating Earthquakes

Let's Make Spaceships (Ages 10-14)

Fiddle Time Starters

1:1 Tutoring - College Prep Writing Instruction & School Writing Assignment Help

The Story Sleuths Club-Reading Comprehension Strategies-First and Second Grade

Roblox Gaming, Coding and Minecraft Bootcamp

Adulting 102: Advanced Life Skills for the Real World

Motion: Introduction & Basics

All About Precalculus Semester Course Self-Paced

All About the Kangaroo. Hop Into Class and Learn About a Magnificent Marsupial!

Saxon Math Algebra 1 (Lessons 61-120) - Full Curriculum

Among Us Costume Party - Dress up and Play! (Ages 7-12)

Fun With Phonics-Beginner Level

Among Us Costume Party - Dress up and Play! (Ages 5-10)

Wire Wrapping with Crystal Jewelry

1:1 Confidence Lesson: Who Are You? "I AM __!" Write/Draw What Makes You..YOU!

Phonics for Reading, Writing, and Spelling - Private Placement Class

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