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New Classes on Outschool 2022-09-18

There are 888 new classes on Outschool the week of September 18, 2022 to September 24, 2022.

The Environmental History of The World

Wild and Unstructured Spooky Story Time

Let's Learn to Decode Words!

ABC Animals: Learning the Alphabet!

Virtual Reality Field Trip Tour: VR Archaeology of Masada, Israel 14-18

The Wolfpack

Be an Engineer...Just Like Rosie Revere! Let’s Design 3D Paper Playgrounds!

Drawing Mario and Goomba Step by Step

Create a Story - Multiday (6 Week)

Earth and Space Science

Cute Polymer Clay Pumpkins With Personalities! (Kawaii, Polymer Clay)

Holiday Piano Song #1: Greensleeves, Piano Music Class (1-3) Intermediate Level

Fun With Math: How to Play Bizz Buzz

Candy Catapult STEM Challenge! Ages 6-9

Beginner's Spanish (1x a Week)

Halloween Pumpkin People Arts and Crafts!

Beginner Guitar (8 Week): Spring & Summer Level 1

Fun With Math: How to Play Darts

How to Read a Ruler and a Tape Measure With Standard Markings

Playtime With Our Favorite Piggies: Let's Make Believe!

One on One Reading Tutoring

Individual Private Tutor

Let's Read Together: The Last Firehawk Book Club- Short Word, Multisyllabic, and Story Decoding

Chhote Bheems: A Hindi Class for Young Advanced Learners!

Multicultural Arts and Crafts

Beginners Spanish 2x a Week

Art Club: Cute and Cuddly Animal Drawings (Realistic and Cartoon)Ongoing Course

3rd Grade Math Review Minecraft Halloween (Part 1)

Eureka Math for Lovely 5th graders!

Candy Catapult STEM Challenge! Ages 4-6

Critical Thinking / Problem Solving Homeschool Homeroom (Once per Week)

Who's Right and Wrong? an Introduction to Moral Philosophy

Breakfast Bunch K-1 Circle: Gentle Classical, Songs, Nature, Poetry, Core Fun

Let's Draw 3-D Pumpkins ( Upper Elementary Ages)

Name 3 Things

Gymnastics Book Club! Perfect Balance Book #2 "Nothing Better Than Gym Friends"

Young Author Series: Part 1 - Planning & Writing

Learn Piano Now (Level 8) with Dr. Nathan

Get Your Facts Straight Grade 3: Multiplication, Division, & Problem-Solving

Kid Power - A Study of Louis Braille, a Child Who Really Wanted to Read

Let's Play Zelda Breath of the Wild Social Club

Fun With Phonics: Let's Learn Letter S

First Grade Boot Camp (5xs a week) -With Teacher Ashley!

D&D The Jungles of Chult w/ Jingleheimer (A Dungeons and Dragons Game)

Ongoing 1:1 German Storytime Class

Book Club for Young Learners: Ben the Dog (ESL-Friendly)

Storytime and Craft: Farm Animals for ESL Learners

Book Club With the Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark

How to Edit for Your Youtube Channel!

Let's Learn to Read: Short Vowel Sounds (ESL Friendly)

Let's Read! Reading Practice: Improve Comprehension and Fluency

Act It Out Animal Charades : Play, Laugh, & Perform Each Week With Miss Anna

Earn FREE College Credits (I Earned 27 Credits!) CLEP Program Overview

Herps Teen Explorers Club (Reptiles & Amphibians)

Introduction to Video Production Weekly Workshop With Ms. Jeanie Ongoing

French Focus: Les Animaux De La Ferme (Farm Animals)

French Focus: Les Animaux De Zoo (Zoo Animals)

Alphabet Animals: Let's Practice Reading Letters, Pronunciation, Spelling

1:1 Tutoring for College Prep Reading, Comp, Writing, and Critical Thinking

American Sign Language (ASL) - Learn Animals With Song PART 2

Algebra for Future Scientists (Year-Long, Part 1 Of 3)

Spanish 101 | Hola, How Are You?

Make a Creative Collage Using Procreate

Hands-On, Montessori-Inspired Math 1:1 Tutoring or Placement Assessment With Manipulatives

Math for Students Who Have Exceptionalities!

Personal Chemistry and Biology Tutoring

U.S. History and Social Studies Homework Help 1:1

Print & Cursive Handwriting Tutoring for Ages 7-18

Beginner Guitar Class 1: Let’s Learn Children’s Songs

Rush Camp! 1-On-1 Sorority Rush Coaching for College-Bound Students with a Pro

One to One Certified Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Sessions

Phonics for Struggling Readers -Soft Consonants, Vowel Teams/Digraphs, & Endings

Power Writing Pros

Crochet: Long Eared Bunny

FLEX: Fall Watercolor

Academic Question Words for Upper Elementary and ESL

6 Day Masterclass Series:Creating & Discovering Authentic Confidence in Yourself

Spanish Private Class All Ages: Tutoring for Spanish and More

Private Reading Tutoring 1:1 (Elementary Reading and Comprehension)

Climate Change, Floods, Droughts, Heat Waves- Can Humans Survive Without Nature?

Montessori Reading & Writing: Phonics & Digraphs Tutorial - Meets 1x/Week

Science Secrets: Spiders - Friend or Foe?

FLEX Winter Digital Drawing on Procreate for iPad

Private Tutoring for Math and Language Arts!

Dance Class With Mrs. Kat!

Learn How to Draw a Roller Coaster

Dino Maddness

Halloween Typing Fun - Practice Typing / Keyboarding With Halloween Words & Sentences (One-Time)

It's a Halloween Craft-Let's Make a Wall/Door Decoration!

Dungeons & Dragons! Beginner Friendly Ongoing Adventure! Less Rules More Fun DnD

"A-B-C" Come Learn Your Letters with Me!

FLEX Fall Digital Drawing on Procreate for iPad

Pre Calculus (Flexible Class)

Acrylic Painting: Fall Magic

Literacy/Math Elementary Tutoring

Digital Ghost Painting on Procreate for iPad

Digital Pumpkin Painting on Procreate for iPad

English With Native U.K Tutor Amanda: Present Continuous Tense, I Love Clothes!

Arts & Crafts Corner: Easy Autumn Tree Painting

1:1 Crochet- A Place to Learn Crochet From Beginner to Expert

Scholastic Branches Early Chapter Books - Reading and Fan Fiction Writing

Scholastic Branches "Princess Pink & the Land of Fake-Believe" Read & Write!

Scholastic Branches Chapter Books "PRESS START!" Reading & Fan Fiction Writing

Scholastic Branches Books "Kung Pow Chicken" Reading & Fan Fiction Writing

Handcrafted Holidays: Make a Pom-Pom Creature as a Gift!

Scholastic Branches Early Chapter Books "Boris" Reading & Fan Fiction Writing

The City of Ember Series: Fantasy Fanatics Bookclub

Making a Mummy: Exploring the Mummification Process of Ancient Egypt

Scholastic Branches Books "Hilde Cracks the Case" Reading & Fan Fiction Writing

German Storytime 'Eine Woche voller Samstage' in German

German Storytime 'Der Kleine Drache Kokosnuss Und Der Große Zauberer'

German Storytime 'Der Kleine Drache Kokosnuss bei den Römern'

Scholastic Early Chapter Branches Books "Looniverse" Reading/Fan Fiction Writing

The $100M Question - Discover Your Hidden Drivers

Scholastic Branches Books "Lotus Lane Girls Club" Reading & Fan Fiction Writing

Scholastic Branches Early Chapter Books "Monkey Me" Reading/Fan Fiction Writing

Animals from Around the World! ELA Practice.

Discrete Math Parts 5 & 6: Analytical Thinking and Thinking Through Applications

Book Club: Book Scavenger (Book 1 of Series) by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

Scholastic Branches Chapter Books "Eerie Elementary" Reading & Fiction Writing

Scholastic Branches Books "The Notebook of Doom" Reading & Fan Fiction Writing

Literature Group & Social Time - Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

Goosebumps Book Club!

Negotiation Genius: The Ultimate Guide to Succeed--Business & Life: Age 13-17

Negotiation Genius: The Ultimate Guide to Succeed in Business & Life: Ages 8-13

Read and Draw Book Club- The Hobbit

Not so Spooky Halloween Fun!

How to Draw a Halloween Gnome!

Pusheen Drawing Prompt Club (Traditional & ProCreate Artists Welcome)

Sticker Design Society: Learn ProCreate Drawing (Level 2, Advanced Concepts)

Let's Bake Holiday Cookies: A Flex Baking Class

Draw a Fall Girl by Draw So Cute

Princess Dance and Treat Party!

Adventures in Arcana Fantasy Creative Writing: The King's Champions (Quest #1, RPG)

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Racing Club! Race, Chat & Learn! Ongoing Race Club!

1:1 Tutoring Reading/Decoding Sessions Ongoing

Chemistry- Essential Math for Physical Sciences - Rearranging Equations

I Can Draw Animals! Flex Class

Four Square Writing Method with Ms. M!

How to Draw Disney Heroes & Villains Step-By-Step Vol. 1 - Moana, Elsa, More

Spanish Spot: Monthly Private 1:1 Lessons

Draw a Taco Cat by Draw So Cute

Storytime Ballet Class - Cinderella!

Disney Halloween Sudoku For Beginners

Let's Create a Beautiful Melody!

Ongoing Private 1:1 English Tutor Sessions

Ace Your Homework: Unlock the Secrets to Success - 60 Mins Weekly

Graphic Design With Adobe Photoshop 101

Creative Writing: Fantastic Reading & Writing - The Ruins of Gorlan

Splatoon 3 Club (Ages 13-18)

Show Don't Tell! Introduction to Descriptive Writing for Reluctant Writers

Holiday Portrait Drawing: Drawing Santa for Real

Astrobotany (Botany in Space): Overcoming the Challenges to Grow Food in Space

Ongoing Weekly Art Class - Roll-A-Masterpiece!

Halloween!! One Time Private Dance Lesson - Hocus Pocus!

Halloween Rock Dance Kids: "Somebody's Watching Me" (Theatre Dance)

Reading Fundamentals: 1:1 Tutoring With a Licensed Teacher (Grades K-2)

Disney Villains: Musical Theatre Dance Kids

Halloween!! One Time Private Dance Lesson - Nightmare Before Christmas!

Encyclopedia Brown Book Club - Book 2

K-2 Nature Journaling with Canada Geese: Nuisance or Natural Wonder?

Books for All Kids Flex: My Weird School, It's Halloween, I'm Turning Green

Common Core Math; Everyone Can Do It!

The Pumpkin Cycle for Ages 4-8

Roblox Doors - Halloween Horror Night Special Gaming With Coach Sam

Finger-Pick and Strum Happy Birthday on Your Ukulele (Flex Class, 7-10 Year Old)

Finger-Pick and Strum Happy Birthday on Your Ukulele (Flex Class, 14-18 Years)

Finger-Pick and Strum Happy Birthday on Your Ukulele (Flex Class, 10-14 Years)

Let's Write! Introduction to Personal Narratives (Advanced Version)

Cosmetic Chemistry

Drawing Class: Bulbasaur From Pokemon!

Introduction to Algebra Part 2 (Semester Course)

Beginner Morse Code 9-13

Drawing Class: Charizard From Pokemon!

Ongoing Weekly Art Class - Private Art Tutoring

Pet Tales: More Story Time With Our Animal Friends!

Drawing Pokemon Characters (10 - 14)

Private Math Tutoring (Once a Week)

Magical Phonics Sounds: Come Learn How Magical the Letter E Can Be!

Mandarin Chinese - Casual Class

Real World Math! Plan a Thanksgiving Meal

1:1 Private Acting Classes- Develop Confidence and Theater/Theatre Skills

1st Grade Reading Comprehension Class for Advanced Readers!

The Fairy Feast Book and Illustration Hour

Let's Play Pokemon Arceus Social Club

Modern History: The Industrial Revolution to The Digital Revolution - 1815-2022

50 States of America - Let's Travel Through the USA! - FLEX Class

Learn Like a Mermaid: Reading Readiness Skills Practice

Private Tutoring (by Request)

Let’s Create: Loose Parts Play Weekly Meet Up!

Book Club: "The Wild Robot Escapes" by Peter Brown (Sequel to "The Wild Robot")

Book Club: "The Wild Robot" by Peter Brown

"Queer Heroes" Storytime!

The Norse Course: A Liking for Viking Myths

Discover Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Stress Management and Self-Regulation for Teenagers - Open to All Learners

Dungeons and Dragons: Spelljammer Space Academy!

Social Skills for Connection and Making Friends!

Elementary Writing: Write a Gratitude Journal

1-on-1 Beginner's Japanese Course: Kanji, Hiragana, Sentences - (25 Minutes)

Happy Birthday!

Philosophy & Critical Thinking Discussion Club|Big Ideas That Matter for Tweens

Sometimes I'm Angry... Really, Really Angry! (and Sad)

Private Math Tutoring | Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, & Algebra 2 (Weekly)

French: Guess the Animal

Write Your Best Horror Story!

Introduction to the Care of Little Josie, a 3 Legged Dog.

The Scoop on Poop

Classics, Twisted: Literary Classics Versus Retold Versions

Choose Your Words. Ages 10-14

Dance Like Moana!

Ethical Hacker's Toolkit Part 1: Baking with CyberChef

Math Rewind Boot Camp - 4th through 6th Grade Math Practice

Moving Magic - Intro to Adobe After Effects

1:1 Math Tutoring With a Certified Math Teacher for Any Grade!

LGBTQIA+ Graphic Novels Book Club (Teen 12-15)

We Just Want to Have Fun Chatting About Adopt Me

Create the Perfect Job Portfolio

Guided Reading with Mo Willems (Elephant and Piggie)!

2nd Grade Math: Skip Counting, Place Value, Rounding, Addition, and Subtraction

Count Like the Romans

Digital Art - Inking Techniques for Anime & Manga Illustration

Gamecon Side Stage: Adopt Me Update Gameplay! The Black Hole & New Jobs!

Guided Reading Class for Raising Readers!

Little Math Wizards!

ESL Private Tutoring 1:1 (B1 or B2) Intermediate

Play Doh ABC's

Pumpkin Pie Pictures

Pre-K and Kindergarten Circle Time

Kindergarten Sight Words

Preschool: Introduction to Learning About Community Helpers and Places

Guitar Lessons, Multi-Day

Scholastic Branches "Missy's Super Duper Royal Deluxe" Reading & Fiction Writing

Scholastic Branches Chapter Books "The Last Firehawk" Reading & Fiction Writing

Scholastic Branches Chapter Books "Owl Diaries" Reading & Fan Fiction Writing

Scholastic Book Club - Discuss Your Favourite Stories - Branches Chapter Books

Beginner Solo Irish Christmas Dance Camp

Beginner Solo Irish Christmas Dance

Beginner Solo Irish Christmas Dance

Vocal Coaching for the Beginner Student

American Sign Language I [Ages 6-10 ]

American Sign Language I [Ages 11-16]

Intro to Drawing Cartoons 2: Faces & Bodies

Gluten Free Pumpkin Cookies

Sight Word Success: A Fun, Multi-Sensory Approach for Improving Reading Fluency

Build Art Skills and Confidence in Drawing 1:1 Tuition (Ongoing)

Flex Art: 4-Week Drawing Seasonal Gnomes - Fall&Halloween

Turn Into a Bat! (Megabats) Animal Science With Ms. Morgan

Baking Fun Halloween Treats FLEX Class

Prompts to Grow Creative Writing/ Story Writing Skills- FLEX

Fun and Easy Art Class for Young Artists: Leaf Rubbings Friends!

Private Procreate Class : Weekly Personal Tutoring (1:1)

The Math of Science Summer Boot Camp: Critical Math Used in Science

True, True Friends Pony RPG Game Group

Art Class: Easy Watercolor Techniques for Young Artists

8th Grade Tutoring and Study Strategies for students that can't focus.

Strawberries Realistic Drawing Using Colored Pencils/Art

Scholastic Branches Chapter Books "Dragon Masters" Reading & Fan Fiction Writing

One-Time Show and Tell/Share/News

Art That is Open-Ended: What Will You Create Today?

Ladies and Gentlemen Who Brunch Flex Class

Art: Watercolor Jellyfish

Arts and Crafts: Blow Paint Germs

Muffin Madness Baking Club Flex Class #2

Elementary Level French! Les Loustics 3. French for Foreigners A2 Unit 2

Intermediate Hip Hop Dance

Beginner Country Line Dance Good Time

The Ultimate Mystery Writing Planning Session (Small Group Class)

Fall Craft: Halloween Bat Silhouettes

School Break Craft And Learn: Learn How To Make Homemade Items To Give As Gifts Or Sell

Sketchnotes: Note-Taking, Drawing, and Visual Learning

Self Defense Fitness Class

SAT Math : Radian to Degree Conversion

Beginner Clarinet Masterclass

Math Tutoring One-on-One! High School, Algebra, Geometry,Pre-Calculus 10, 60 min

Miss Lindsey's English Classes for Children (Ages: 4-6)

SAT Essay Basics Bootcamp | Samples, Formatting, Analyzing Arguments & Writing

How to Start Your Own Business - Entrepreneurship for Kids - Weekly (Ongoing)

Where's My Homework? Executive Function Strategies for High Schoolers

Stomp With the Elephants! (Directed Drawing, Fun Facts and Music)

Learn to Code - Foundations of Coding - Create a Launcher Game in Scratch!

Elementary Math 1 on 1 (K to 6) Certified Teacher - Traditional Methods - 1 Hour

Zoology-The Study of Camouflage Featuring Live Animals

Spanish Circle Time (1x Weekly)

FLEX Creating and Solving Codes and Ciphers With Cryptography #1

Room on the Broom Storytime and Crafting Class

German: Beach Animals: Seagull, Jellyfish, Crab, Seal: Sing, Rhyme, Play, Draw!

Creative Fashion Sketch Course: Design Team Challenge

The Secret Lives of Honey Bees

Know Your Letter Sounds? Learn to Read Short a Words Together Through Movement!

Young Learner Music Classes!

Homeschool Middle School Literature Full Semester | Novel Study | ELA Book Club

James and the Giant Peach Novel Study

Campfires and Cowboys (Now with More Cats!)

* DARKSTALKER DRAGON: Wings of Fire Legends: Large Clay Dragon Sculpting w/wire

Draw Your Own Anime Characters: Anatomy (Ages 13-18) (Flex Class) (12 Weeks)

Phonics, Reading, Writing, and Spelling One on One Tutoring—-once a week

Maths Thinking 4: Build a Better Understanding

Pop Music History

Super Second Graders - Battling Bossy E and Hard Phonic Sounds!

Awe-Inspiring Women in History

Boarwarts Academy for Witches and Wizards Semester 2

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 8 Part 1 (Age 8-12)

Eager English Language Learners

zzz Book Club: "Bob" by Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead

Book Club - Allies by Alan Gratz - World War 2 Drama!

PokÉMon Fusion Art Class

Molang and Friends Kawaii Drawing Class

Fortnite Autumn Festival!

Flex Sewing Lessons: Make Your Own Maxi Skirt

The Office (American) Christmas Party Winter Camp Rewatch Social Group

Salt to the Sea, by Ruta Sepetys, a Book Club With Ms. KC

FLEX - Explore Prek the Polyglots Way (French)

FLEX - Explore Prek the Polyglots Way (Portuguese)

Upper Elementary (3rd and 4th Grade) Art Part Two: A Flexible Schedule Course

Let's Learn About the Jewish Holiday of Simchat Torah!

Intermediate (5th and 6th Grade) Art Part Two: A Live Semester Course

Middle School English Language Arts: Reading and Writing With a True Crime Focus

Multi-Era Historical Fiction and Non-Fiction High School English (Semester)

Ichthyology Project-Based Learning: Massive Fish Death Investigation

101 Private Customized Physics Curriculum & Homework Help - Grades 11, 12 and University - 1 Hour Weekly

101 Private Chemistry - Curriculum & Homework Help -Grades 11, 12 and University-1 Hour Weekly

Learn to Play "Back In Black" FLEX Class for Late Beginner Guitarists

Full Second Grade Math Curriculum: Includes All Common Core Standards!

Writing Wednesdays | A Weekly Meet-Up & Check-In for Writers

Pre-Algebra: Systems of Linear Equations

Rrrr! Surprise! I Hear the Digraphs "Er, Ir, Ur"!

Sea Urchins. A Creature With Five Teeth so Powerful It Can Poke a Hole Into Rock

English Play & Learn: Ask & Answer Questions w Tic Tac Toe /Beginner's English

Arts and Crafts Club: Creating Simple Masterpieces

Abandoned Places Part 4

Don't Starve Together!

Intermediate (5th and 6th Grade) Art Part Two: A Flexible Schedule Course

Ichthyology Project-Based Learning: Zebra Fish as a Human Model

Ichthyology Project-Based Learning: Solutions to Fisheries Bycatch

Animal Antonyms!

Naruto... the Missing Years: Creative Writing (Winter Camp- Age 12-15)

Creative Social Skills Class

Candy Corn Time

Private Spanish Class

Mini Conservationist: Storytime

Teen on-Camera Acting (Ages 12-16): Professional Film & TV Training

Beginner on-Camera Acting (Ages 9-12): Professional Film & TV Training

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 8 Part 2 (Age 8-12)

Early Reading Skills: Read CVC (3-Letter) Words!

Pre-Reading Skills: Phonemic Awareness (Hear the Sounds in Words)

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 8 Multiday (Age 13-18)

Let’s Paint a Fall Pumpkin!

Raising Rising Readers Private Tutoring Lessons

Storytime and Art With Mrs. G. - FLEX Class

Flex Class: Mini Conservationist Animals Around the World

1 on 1 Tutoring (Elementary Ed. and Special Needs Certified)

Writing, Writing, Writing: Four Essays and a Poem for a Diverse Portfolio!

Reaching For The Green Light: A Great Gatsby Book Discussion Series

Thanksgiving Food, in French!

Halloween Party!

Let's Paint a Lavender Night Glow!

Fall Craft: 3D Autumn Pumpkin Patch

“Penguin Party” - ASL Vocabulary, Music & Storytime With Miss Dena!

Oh Snap! Private DSLR Photography Tutoring

Play Piano: Beginning Piano (Ages 6-9) Level 2

Animal Mimicry: The Ultimate Disguise

Summer: Semester Guitar Level 3 (45 Min)

Summer: Semester Guitar Level 2 (45 Min.)

Ballerina Breaktime Color and Story: The Sleeping Beauty

The Great Artist Edgar Degas

First Reaction Music Club

Spanish Conversation Club (Multi-Day Edition)-Beginners Part 1

101 Private Customized -French Language Class & Homework Help - Grades 7-12 - 30 Minutes Weekly

Ballerina Breaktime Color and Story: Swan Lake

College Application and Essay Writing Class

Stage Right! - An Acting/Drama Class for Beginners

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Book 2, The Sea of Monsters Study Group (Flex)

The Power Puff Piggies Teach Proper Guinea Pig Care!

Fall Leaf Color Explosion

Pre-Pointe Ballet Class

Let's Read & Chat, "Chocolate Milk, Por Favor" by Maria Dismondy

Individual Math Support Class

101 Private Customized French Language Class & Homework Help - Grades 1-6 - 30 Minutes Weekly

Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes: Story Time with Games and Activities

German Beginners Immersion: Fall (FLEX)

Flex Class Mini Conservationist: Types of Animals

Building Brick Build Challenge - Lego Creations Flex Class Edition

Creative Writing Crash Course: Prompts, Syntax, Material, Templates, and more!

1:1 Math Tutor Middle School, Geometry, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra - 30 Minutes

101 Private Customized Math - Grades 1,2,3 - Curriculum & Homework Help - 30 Minutes Weekly

End of 2022: 1st Half of Grade 2 Math Tutoring (Especially for Home Schooling)

Dissecting the American Civil War

101 Private Customized Math Curriculum & Homework Help Grades 9 & 10 - 1 Hour Weekly

Finding Your Voice

Learning the Alphabet

101 Private -Biology Curriculum & Assignment Help - Grades 11, 12 and University - 1 Hour Weekly

Private Math Tutor 1:1 for All Elementary Grades 45 Minute Sessions ESL Friendly! CEFR B1 B2 C1 C2

5th Grade Core Math Concepts (Flex)

101 Private- Customized Math Curriculum & Homework Help - Grades 11, 12 and University -1 Hour Weekly

6th Grade Core Math Concepts

8th Grade Big Ideas Math Companion Class (Chapter 1, Equations)

5th Grade Core Math Concepts

Let's Paint Spongebob Squarepants- Kids!

Art with Amanda: Craft Time!

Full Fourth Grade Math Curriculum: Includes All Common Core Standards!

3-Week Digital Animation Part 3 - Anime Movies Production: Body Movement

Your Preschool Classroom! Complete Year Round Curriculum (3x per Week!)

Deciphering History's Mysteries Part 2

Annie Oakley: A Brief Biography

Musical Theater Workshop: "How to Prepare for an Audition"

Let's Paint a Midnight Neon Forest!

Beginning Piano: Group Piano Lessons for the Older Beginner (Part 1)

I Love Wild Animals Club: Wild Cat Edition

ESL Reading and Speaking Adventures: 1 On 1 Tutoring Celta-Certified Teacher 45m

Reading Comprehension Strategies and Fluency Practice for Middle School Students

Move and Groove Musical Warm Up!

The ABC's & 123's of ASL

Skeleton Body Parts, in French!

Nana-Bee's Boom, Tick, Ha, Yeah, Rhythm Class (Ages 10-15)

Nana-Bee's Boom, Tick, Ha, Yeah, Rhythm Class (Ages 5-9)

Reading Comprehension Strategies: Homeschool

Halloween Craft - Make a Cute Witch!

Zoology: The Science of Animals

Learn to Make a Video Game! Introduction to Coding in Scratch

1:1 Tutoring for All Things Multiplication Ongoing

Halloween Dance Class: Beginner Jazz!

FIFA 23 - Learn Investing Basics Playing FIFA 23 & Have More Fun

(Drop-In) Pre-K Circle Time: Color Patterns

Ms. Colleen's Private One on One Guided Reading Lessons : Grades 1 To 6

Agatha Christie Book Club - Reading, Comprehension, Socialisation, ELA, TESOL

Recorder Lessons for Beginners With Teacher Debbie, Ages 8-10

Beginning Learn How to Cross Stitch! (Tween Flex Class)

Agatha Christie Book Club & Reading Comprehension Course - FLEX - ELA ESL TESOL

What's New in Gaming This Week (Social 1/2 Hour)

(FLEX) ESL Lessons - Beginner - Level 1 Phonics Unit 2

Math Meeting With Teri: Pre-K and Kindergarten Objectives with a Certified Teacher

Beat the Clock: A Fun Facts Quiz Game!

Dissecting Dystopia: The Handmaid's Tale (One-Time)

Geography Club with Teacher John!

Halloween Madlibs - Middle School Edition (English/Language Arts)

Art Class: What Can You Draw With These Shapes? Creativity Boosting Flex Class!

One Time Elementary Math Tutoring

Flex Novel Study - Taran Wanderer

Latin Tutoring: Private Tutoring for Cambridge Latin, Henley Latin + More

Halloween Madlibs - Elementary Edition (English/Language Arts)

Let's Go Traveling (With Books): France! Taught by a Licensed Teacher

Math Skill Rebuilder! Interactive Middle School Intervention Math Class

Chibify Me! Let's Draw Chibi Style Art of Ourselves and Anime Characters

Quest of the Unfamiliars: Dungeons and Dragons

Day of the Dead Celebration!

Dance Like Merida: Scottish Highland Dance and Culture Flexible Schedule

Kindergarten Homeschool Pod Full Year With MS Abby 4x per Week for 12 WK

The Think Tank

Wild and Unstructured Halloween Makeup: Scary and Spooky

American Girl Book Club: Samantha Parkington

1:1 Private History Tutoring (U.S. History, World History, Time Periods, Etc.)

1:1 Private Shakespeare's Works Reading Comprehension Tutoring

Exciting Entomology: Arthropods Show & Tell and Memory Matching Game!

3-Week Digital Animation Part 2 - Anime Movies Production: Visual Effects

Nine Worlds: A New Take on D&D

The Russian Revolution

Three Pigs, One Wolf, and Seven Magic Shapes

Second & Third Grade Math Review

Hindi for Tots! Level 2A

English Writing Tutor (two 30-minute sessions per week)

Keep Calm and Sign On! ASL Part 3 (Ages 13-17)

Little Sprouts Preschool: 2 Day Ongoing Pre-K Circle Time

Be the BEST Babysitter

Learning to Draw Realism

Painting I: Intro to Painting Form

Private Drawing/Painting Lessons

Books for All Teens Book Club Flex: New Kid (Award Winning Graphic Novel)

Easy Butterfly - Palette Knife Scrapping Project

Art Class: Become an Expert in Drawing Cute Animals {Flex Class}!

Montessori Magic: Art Club | Elements of Art + Drawing | Pre-K

Journaling: Learn Mindfulness & Coping Skills Through Self-Reflection (10-11 yrs)

Easy Sea Turtle - Palette Knife Scrapping Project

Art Class! Inktober Flex Class! Draw in Ink, Embrace Mistakes, Improve Art!

Little Polyglots: Spanish for Beginners

Fantasy Dragon with an Egg -Draw & Coloring Art Project!

Phase 5 Phonics: Learn to Spell, Read and Write!

30-Minute Beginner Voice Lessons

Entomology Series: Odonata (Dragonflies and Damselflies)

Cooking Dinner Night Delights FLEX Class Section #1

Basic Music Theory Symbols

Entomology Series: Bees (Life Cycle, Social Life, Beekeeping, & Paper Mache Hive)

Hands-On Baking and Cooking: Vocabulary, Understanding Recipes and Technique

English Language Arts: Writing Structure & Semantics - Homeschool & After School

Let's Plan a Camping Trip! A Geography Project

A Literature and Autobiography Investigation of Tupac Shakur with Teacher Saarah

Time Management and Organization for Success!

Private Voice Lessons: Learn to Sing Healthy and With Confidence! One on One

Compose Your First Song: Songwriting on Ukulele or Guitar for Beginners

African American History | the Tuskegee Airmen

101 Private Customized Homework Help & English Curriculum For Grades 7 and 8 - 30 Minutes Weekly

FLEX - Explore Prek the Polyglots Way (Spanish)

101 Private Customized English: Reading & Writing -K, Grades 1, 2 and 3 - 30 Minutes Weekly

Sharing is Caring: Building Friendships Through Show and Tell

Third Grade Math Tutoring

Saxon Math Homeschool 6/5 Tutoring

Zoo Tours With Miss Misty - Polar Bear Day

Star Wars Memory Math Game! Intro to Fractions! May the Force Be With You!

All About Apples!

Drawing and Painting Realistic Art Ongoing for Teens

Let's Learn Spanish GCSE for High Schoolers With a Native Speaker 1:1 Ongoing

Saxon Math Homeschool 8/7 - With Pre Algebra Tutoring

Wonder, by R.J. Palacio, a Book Club With Ms. KC

Origami for Kids: The Basics

Fifth Grade Math Tutoring

Saxon Math Homeschool 7/6 Tutoring

Private Tutoring for Grade 4

Curiosity Chronicles History - Early Modern 1, Part 1

Canadian History: Part 2

101 Private-C Sharp -Basics for Beginners- Level 1 - 30 Minutes Weekly

Social Club Hocus Pocus 2 Movie Discussion Ongoing

Montessori Reading & Writing: Long /a/ Words with 'ai' and 'ay' for Emerging Writers

Travel to Hong Kong: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Under the Sea Scavenger Hunt Game with The Mermaid Princess! | SMALL CLASS

Making Inferences: Reading Comprehension for Kids

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 7 Multiday (Age 13-18)

Book Club for Beginners! Gaining Confidence in Fluency & Comprehension: Level 1

Let's Play Minecraft: Survival or Creative 1-1 Private Class (Bedrock/Java)

6th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 2, Operations Review)

Learn to Write Neatly- With an OT (Flex Class)

Kate's Book Club: Percy Jackson #ukteacher

2 Day Minecraft Challenge With Teacher Sarah

Holiday Minecraft Build Challenge (Creative)

Reading Beginners: Intro to Phonics! Kindergarten & First Grade Trial Class

A Thousand Questions

Scratch Game Design for Beginners 5: Space Travel Game

7th Grade Big Ideas Math Companion Class (Chapter 1, Adding and Subtracting Integers and Rational Numbers)

Escape the Gym! - Gymnastics Escape Room

Ancient Civilizations: The Stone Age Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic Periods

Scratch Game Design for Beginners 4: Personality Quiz

Bird Tweets - Bird in the Rose Garden - Drawing and Oil Pastel Art Project!

Global History & Geography Regents Common Core Test Preparation

Elementary Math for Struggling Learners

Spanish Pronunciation: All the Sounds You Need to Sound Like a Pro! (9-12)

Making Mazes

Teen Book Club: For Musicians, Artists, and Writers

High School Creative Writing Club: New Stories Every Class (One-Time)

1:1 Half Hour Tutoring With a Rocket Engineer! All Math and Science Subjects

Bucket Drumming 101, Ongoing: Learn to Play Simple Rhythms

Digital Dabble: Procreate Animation Club | Intermediate Art

Cool Cats - Kitty in a Hammock - Drawing and Marker Art Project!

Scratch Game Design for Beginners 6: Guess My Number Game

Five Days to a Five Paragraph Essay

Spanish Class: How to form a basic sentence in Spanish

Phase 4 Phonics - Learn to Read Longer Words!

Happy Love Turtles Party - Drawfully Fun Draw With Me Series!

Spanish Pronunciation: All the Sounds You Need to Sound Like a Pro!

Digital Ink

Ballet With Ms. Jordan: Princess Class (Ages 3 - 6)

Teen Business + Social Club for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Makers, Artists, Hobby

Math Tutoring, One-On-One, 1:1, Grades 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 - Math Help with Teacher Bob

(FLEX) ESL Lessons - Beginner - Level 1 Phonics Unit 1

Gotta Draw 'Em All! Weekly Pokemon Drawing Club

The Writers Room

Digital Dabble: Procreate Character Design Animation Club | Beginner Art

Kids With Oil Pastels- Fall Art Series - Let's Draw a Monarch Butterfly

Breaking Paleo News - How Did Pterosaurs Take Off?

Kids With Oil Pastels- Fall Art Series - Let's Draw a Pumpkin and Bright Sky

Kids With Oil Pastels- Fall Art Series - Let's Draw a Cute Owl in a Winter Tree

I Love Writing!- A Narrative Writing Express!

Learn to Draw: Begin With Shapes (FLEX) (Age 4-7)

Let's Tell Stories! Early Elementary Writer's Workshop

Art Class! Inktober Social Club! Draw in Ink, Embrace Mistakes, Improve Art!

FLEX Unlocking the Mysteries of English Spelling

Cooking Is Cool!

Rainbows and Unicorns, Oh My! Prewriting for Preschoolers.

Show and Tell Toy Edition

Art With Mrs. Wilkerson!

How to Draw Horses

It's All Just Hocus Pocus - Halloween Hip Hop

(2X Week) Pre-K/Kindergarten Curriculum: Phonics, Math, Writing, and Much More

German: Colors: A Sing, Rhyme, and Play Flexible Schedule Class

I Like to Move it, Move it!

5th Grade Fraction Review Using Hands-On Activities and Games

HALLOWEEN Squishmallows!

Contemporary and Choreography Class for Teens!

4th Grade Fraction Review Using Hands-On Activities and Games

Montessori Culture Club: Exploring the Layers of the Soil

Our Beautiful Minds: A 7-Week Mindfulness Program

Graphic Novels: A Flex Course in Drawing & Digitizing One's Own Comic Book

Private Flute Lessons for Izzy

Private Tutoring

1:1 Fun and Creative Writing With a Special Education Teacher

Personalized 1-On-1 Math Tutoring Tailored to a Student's Unique Needs & Level

Chemistry-Unit Conversion Using Dimensional Analysis - Introduction & Practice

Songwriter Open Stage (Ages 14-18)

Homeschool | Full Curriculum 2nd Grade (Ages 6-8)

Kids in Business - Become an Entrepreneur and Make Money!

Year-Round Complete Reading & Math PreK-1st Curriculum-with Mrs. E

Algebra 1 Semester 1 With Certified Math Teacher (Quizzes/Tests Provided/Graded)

Ella Enchanted Book Club

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 4 Pt 4 (Age 13-18)

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 4 Pt 3 (Age 13-18)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Rodrick Rules) - Brainstorming Adventures (Flex Class)

Roblox Social Gaming Club Horror Games

2X WK English/Math Special Needs Class W/ Certified ELAR, Sped, & ESL Teacher

Weird Science: How Our Brains Think

Let's Read: Mud and Wheels Edition

Math: Fraction Fun Ages 7 To 9

Treasure Hunt Show and Share: Textures

Creativity Challenge - A Weekly Meeting to Enhance Creative Thinking

Lyrically Speaking: The Poetry of Music!

Van Gogh's Starry Night for Kids! Step by Step Crayon Resist Painting

Philosophy 1-To-1 Tutoring!

Introductory Psychology: Six Key Approaches

Why Am I Getting Goosebumps?

Social Justice Leaders: Independent Research Project

Girls Club of Minecraft

How to List Your Canva Journal - To Be Sold on Amazon KDP (Part 2)

Fly Away With the Catwings Series! a Fantastical Book Club for Ages 7-10.

Art of Geometry: Draw, Shade, and Create Realistic Art Using Basic Shapes

24 Days of Chess - A Fun FLEX December Countdown with Surprises Every Day!

Mindfulness for Kids

Tutoring for Teens - Humanities

Primus Tutors Science: Private 1-on-1 Science Classes - 6-week sessions

Branch Your Story: Write Stories With Multiple Endings

Powerful Productivity - Beating Procrastination

STEM Challenge - Level One

1:1 Personalized Reading Tutoring

Write Right! Ages 10-13

Creative Writing: The Path to a Great Story

Pilates Workout Ongoing Group Class

Pre-K and K: Thematic Story Time

Epidemiology-For Pre-Med High School Students

Draw and Paint With Procreate: Platypus Edition

Wild and Unstructured Halloween Makeup: Cutesy and Adorable

Book Club for Elementary Readers: Reading and Comprehension (ESL-Friendly)

Reading & Writing Tutoring: 1-1 With a Licensed Teacher to Improve Skills

Algebra Made Simple: Tailored Group Tutoring

Algebra 1: 2nd Quarter with Certified Math Teacher

Multiplication Madness

Guitar Club (Beginners Music Class)

Preschool ABC's and 123 Circle Time

Music Trivia Club- All About Music

Arts & Crafts Corner: Preschool Painters! (Flex Class- No Live Meetings)

Zoo Animals I

Beginner Public Speaking

Draw a Halloween Witch by Draw So Cute

Triple Threat Jr! Semester Long Basic Spanish , French, and Italian World Languages Pod

Primus Big History of Earth: Ancient Human Civilizations -Middle School Semester

Weird Science: There Are How Many Combinations in a Deck of Cards?!

Ongoing Weekly Dog Paws Drawing Club! Ages 7-11

Halloween on Procreate: Monster Selfie

How to Draw a Realistic Eggplant Using Colored Pencils/Art

1:1 Private Tutoring for Paragraph/Essay Writing, Research, & MLA/APA Formatting

Travel to the Coolest Cities for Halloween: The Coolest Cities in the World

ALL LEVELS - Private Violin/Viola Lessons

Multiplication for Beginners: Introduction to Arrays and Repeated Addition

Algebra 1 - How to Solve Word Problems | Strategies | Equations - 2 Days - 1 Wk

Ongoing English Group Class: ESL Speaking, Reading, and Fun

Draw a Dinosaur Upside Down! (Sketching to Activate the Right Side of the Brain)

Introduction to Guitar for Beginners, History of Guitar and First Lesson

Ukulele Club (Beginners Music Class)

Haunted House Persuasive Writing Camp

Game Club: Grounded

3 Days - How to Write a Paragraph - ELA TESOL EFL ESL - Homeschool, After School

One-On-One (1-on-1) Ongoing Private Math Tutoring Grade (3-8)- 1X Weekly 1 hr

Let's Paint Shoes!

Up & Atom: Intro to Chemistry, Hands-On Science Experiments

Preschool Enrichment/Fundamentals/Learning Through FUN! 5x/Week (FLEX Class!)

Pumpkin Pie in a Bag!

Dance Games, Dance Party

Neuroscience for Kids: Project Based Learning

Monologue & Scene Study for Teens

Science With Miss Robyn: Animals of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Martial Arts Basics

1:1 Reading for Gifted Readers Private Tutor

Creative Writing: "Showing" vs. "Telling"

Halloween Drawing Club

LEGO League (CLUB)

Travel to Florence & Tuscany: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

FLEX 1:1 Beginner Guitar Lessons

Pokémon Exploration Club

Almost From Scratch Sunday Sauce

Do Try This at Home! STEM Viral Edition (Flex Class)

Be a Scientist...Just like Ada Twist! Let’s Create Magical Potions

Silly Short Vowel Sounds

Poetry, Art, and Stories at Teatime

Personal Essay Writing Unit (Grades 4-6) (1-On-1 Class)

One-On-One Ongoing Private Math Tutoring Grade (K-8)- 2x Weekly

Math Art: Create & Learn

Pokemon Halloween Party! Spooky Pokemon Fun

Private Piano Lessons for the Busy Learner

1:1 Geography Tutoring (Map Skills, Physical Features, Countries Names, Etc.)

Pro Tips for Successful Presentations (Speech Writing)

Sewing Christmas Decorations for Beginners: Ages 13-18 FLEX

Science Squad Flex: A Hands on Science Fair

Apple Pie Edible Slime With Applesauce

1:1 Conversational English for ESL /EFL Students

Sewing Christmas Decorations for Beginners: Ages 7-12 FLEX

Measuring Cup Basics for Beginners With a Mug Cake

Learn How to Make a Vespa

Winter Scenery Painting Camp! (Holiday-Neutral)

How to Draw a Playgroung Water Park

Roblox - Game Designing - Make Your Own Maze Game

Halloween Dinosaur & Fossil Show

Let’s Have Sum Fun! 3 Strategies for Adding Multi-Digit Numbers (1-On-1 Class)

Folding Halloween Haunted House

Engaging Math Problem Solving Challenges Your Child Will Enjoy! (1-On-1 Class)

3 Great Strategies for Subtracting Larger Numbers With Regrouping (1-On-1 Class)

Mastering Multiplication the Easy Way: With Songs, Tricks, & Tips For Facts 0-12

Crochet Pattern Reading- Let’s Make a Scarf (10-13)

Zero Based Budgeting

Figure Drawing for Fashion for Beginners

How the Human Body Works: Make a Model of Body Parts (Flex)

Guthriegabs About Beginning Reading Comprehension & Vocabulary

1:1 Montessori Grammar Tutoring for 1st and 2nd Grade | English One-On-One

4 Days - How to Write 4 Types of Sentences -Homeschool, After School, ELA, TESOL

1:1 Montessori Math Tutoring for 1st and 2nd Grade | Arithmetic One-On-One

Python Programming | Beginner | Coding for Ages 8-12

Earth Science: Earth Layers (Lesson, Craft, Project & Assessment): 4 Week

SAT Math: Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square

Spanish Conversational Club: Intermediate-Advanced Level

Book Club: The Best of Young Adult Historical Fiction

Preschool Build and Play Letter Formation and Early Reading Course Ages 3-5 FLEX

Spicin' up Minecraft With Mods!

Subtract by Counting on - Parent and Child Learn Together Class

Organization Nation: Executive Skills for Classroom Success

SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) Test Preparation for Key Stage 2 SATs

German Immersion Beginners: Winter in Germany (FLEX)

Enchanting Stories and Tea-time with the Village Beauty Princess

Let's Learn About the Jewish Holiday of Sukkot!

Quilling: Fall Thanksgiving Turkey - Arts & Crafts (One-Time Class, Ages 6-10)

Let's Learn About the Jewish Holidays!

College and Career Readiness; What Happens Next?

1:1 Ongoing IELTS Exam Preparation Class

7th, 8th, 9th Grade Literature & Nonfiction Weekly Reading Comprehension Class

Quilling: Fall Thanksgiving Turkey - Arts & Crafts (One-Time Class, Ages 11-15)

Spotted Lanternfly: Invasive Species in the News

Let's Learn Spanish (Español) with a Native Speaker 1:1 (Ages 3-5)

Secret Agent Mayhem Academy...We’re Now Accepting New Recruits!

“The Office” TV Show Fan Club

Halloween Scary Movie Film Analysis and Social Club Ages 9-12

Johnny Appleseed Day! Learn the True Story of Mr. Chapman and Fun Apple Facts.

Drawing 4 Fun

Stephen King's Fairy Tale: A Novel Study

Let’s Sing - Along and Dance to Disney’s Greatest Hits

Hispanic Heritage Month for Little Learners!

NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Figure Sculptures : Polymer Clay Art Sculpting

There and They're and Their, Oh My!

The Drawing Club: Still Life

1:1 Ongoing Cambridge Exam (KEY, PET, FCE, CAE) Private Tuition Class

Zookeeper Orientation Course (FLEX)

Roblox Club: Let's Play Bee Swarm Simulator!

Let's Talk With Dogs

FLEX - Explore Prek the Polyglots Way (English)

FLEX - Explore Prek the Polyglots Way (Arabic)

"Spookley the Square Pumpkin" Storytime and Craft With Miss Pickles!

"Old Lady Who Swallowed a Ghost" Storytime and Craft With Miss Pickles!

Grammar Warrior Vs Ending Punctuation

Biography Writing 101

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 2 Part 2 (Age 13-18)

Special Topics in Chemistry - Let's Explore Beyond the Basics!

Summer Piano Bootcamp Level 2 (Parts 3 & 4 Combined) Flex Class

Birthday Party (Ages 3-8)

British Literature --The Victorian Period

Botany For Young Learners (Grades 2-6): 12 Weeks

Flex: Digital Art: Drawing on Procreate: Turtles (Cartoon, Kawaii, Simple)

Flex: Digital Art: Drawing on Procreate: Rabbits and Bunnies (Cartoon, Kawaii)

Flex: Digital Art: Drawing on Procreate: Dogs and Puppies (Cartoon, Kawaii)

Flex: Digital Art: Drawing on Procreate: Cats and Kittens (Cartoon, Kawaii)

Halloween Hand Sewing Ages 12-17

Halloween Hand Sewing Ages 6-11

One To One Math Class

Botany (Grades 6-12): Into The Woods Series: 14 Weeks

Weekly Animal Science - Flex Class Edition

FLEX Algebra I - 1st 6 Weeks (Part 1 Of 6)

Arc of Scythe Book Club - Book 3

8th Grade Language Arts

Beginning German for Young Learners

Cooking and Baking Healthy Vegetarian and Vegan Meals (Flex Class)

The Critter Club Book Club With Teacher Dianne

The Mark of the Dragonfly Book Club (Reading Comprehension Skills)

Happy Handwriting 1:1 Tutoring! Roll-A-Letter/Number, Write-A-Letter/Number

Wizard Crafting for Your American Girl Doll

Social Emotional Learning Activities: The Dancer Way

Book Club! Explore the Latest Carnegie Award Winning Novel - October, October.

6th Grade Big Ideas Math Companion Course (Chapter 1, Expressions and Factors)

Creative Writing With Author of 25 Children's Chapter Books: Write Stories Flex

Creative Writing Semester Class With Author of 25 Books : Story Planning

Organization for Success

Disney Drawing Club: Descendants and Zombies!

K-6 Homework Helper!

Multiplication Strategies with Ms. M!

We Just Want to Have Fun Chatting About Roblox: Royale High

Watercolor Paint Summer Camp! Ocean Themed Art

Watercolor Paint Summer Camp! Garden Themed Art

Design Your Own Mushroom Village: A Drawing Lesson for Beginners (Small Group)

Roblox Social Meetup - Play and Chat Together (Ages 9 - 14)

Making Friends (9- 11) Block of 8 Weeks

6th Grade Math: Quarter 1 of 4

One-On-One (1-on-1) Ongoing Private Math Tutoring Grade (K-8)- 1x Weekly

Learning to Read with Ms. M!

Roblox Social Meetup - Play and Chat Together (Ages 5 - 10)

6th Grade Math: Quarter 2 of 4

Learn to Sew - Sew a Pillow for Beginners. (FLEX Class)

(One-time) Disney Dance Party- Brain Break

(Ongoing) Disney Dance Party-Brain Break/Morning Movement

Amazing Earth!

Draw and Paint on Procreate: Pumpkin Pug Edition

Draw and Paint on Procreate: Fall Foxes

Learn Spanish With Frozen

Blanket Fort Puppet Play (3-4) Single Session

Preschool Circle Time: ABC's, Counting & Numbers, Singing, Show and Share, Coloring & Much More! (Weekly Themes)

Arts & Crafts Corner: Paint a Halloween Ghost Scene With Watercolors!

The Heart of the House: An Ongoing Cooking and Baking Dinner Class 2

Ongoing 35 Min Private Art Tutoring (Drawing, Sketching, and Painting)

Intermediate American Sign Language (ASL) for Ages 6 - 11: Part 2 Of 3

Additional Practice for Russian Language Starter Course Students

Reading FUNdamentals: 1:1 Tutoring with a Licensed Teacher (Grades K-2)

Let's Play the Didgeridoo! (Drop-In Class)

ACT Science Accelerator Course

5 Stars Music Theory Homework Help Drop in Class for AP or College Level

Halloween Sign Language Class

Introduction to the Montessori Multiplication Materials - Learn at Your Own Pace

Introduction to the Montessori Division Materials - Learn at Your Own Pace

Learn How to Make a 3D Helicopter

Let's Make Writing Fun! Individualized 1:1 Writing Tutoring

Introduction to the Montessori Stamp Game - Learn at Your Own Pace (Middle)

Halloween Themed PokÉMon Drawing Class

Halloween Dance Routine: Ghostbusters!

1:1 Private Tutoring: Biology & Life Science - 60 Mins (AP/High/Middle School)

Chemistry Tutoring

Math Homework Help for High School

Introduction to the Montessori Stamp Game - Learn at Your Own Pace (Elementary)

SING 2 Dance Extravaganza!

Anatomy and Physiology: Advanced Sem 1 (Integumentary, Skeletal, & the Muscular System) 14 Weeks With Labs

1:1 PreCalc/Trig Tutoring!

French for Beginners: Welcome to French 3

Let's Make a Color Wheel!

Book Talk: Stink and the Attack of the Slime Mold

Book Talk: Judy Moody & Stink: The Big Bad Blackout

ACT Math Accelerator Course

Book Talk: Judy Moody & Stink: The Wishbone Wish

Logical Reasoning Brain Teaser Puzzles and Riddles

ACT Test Prep in Math and/or Science - Private 1:1 Tutoring

5 Stars AP Music Theory by Experienced AP Collegeboard Certified Educator Part 1

Ongoing One on One Geometry Weekly Tutoring

Girls’ Social Club, Makeup & Fun Games (Ages 8-13)

Rocks and Minerals Club (FLEX) Let’s Learn and Grow Mineral Crystals!

Florida FSA 7th Grade Math Exam Preparation

Crochet One to One - Tutoring Teaching and Troubleshooting

4Th Grade Florida Math Standards Review

Star Wars Ultimate Marathon

An American Revolution Video Game, Full Course

5TH Grade Florida Math Standards Review

How to Draw Realistic Fruits/ Pears With Colored Pencils/Art

Epic Talks: Telling a Story Through Instrumental Music

Preschool Circle Time: Interactive, Engaging, and Fun!

3-Week Digital Animation Part 1 - Fundamentals in Anime Movies Production

Fun Maths With Games & Activities!

Dangling Modifiers - How to Correct Them

Paper Folding Art Craft Cootie Catcher/ Fortune Teller Craft

Certificate of Merit Music Theory Level 5 Flex Class - Treble Clef Winds

Multiplication Fact Practice Game

Hispanic Studies: Learn a Brief History of "La Loteria Mexicana" Mexican Bingo

What Is Chess? Understanding the Game of Kings

National Parks of the American Southwest

Art with Ms. Heidi: Elements of Art Club

Homemade Pumpkin Bread-Kahoot With Ms. Abby-Baking- Pumpkin Drawing

4 Week - (FLEX) Camp - Popart Your Pet - Paint From Your Favorite Photo

Financial Literacy: The Basic Money Skills for Everyday Life FLEX Class

Fun With Fall Art and Science: Apples, Leaves, Pumpkins, Oh My!

Born Baker Chefs 1-On-1 Cook With Us From Budding Brownie-Maker to Bread Master

1:1 Creative Writing One-Time Tutoring W/Coach Jen-An Award Winning Screenwriter

FLEX - Precalculus Flex - 1st 6 Weeks (Part 1 Of 6)

English Language Arts: Build a Grammar Notebook Series (Unit 6 - Adverbs) FLEX

Bake With Jennifer: Microwave Banana Bread

Discovering Brazilian Culinary - Let's Make Cheese Bread!!!

Lego® Adventures: Special Arctic Adventure!

Show & Tell Social Club with a Scavenger Hunt!

Super Sight Words

Super Sight Words for Beginners 1:1 Tutoring 30 Minutes

Women in STEM (12+)

Little Ears and Big Listeners

GMAT Quantitative Reasoning (Math) Exam Preparation

GRE Math Early Exam Preparation

Homework Help and One-On-One Tutoring (One-Time Class)

6th Grade Math: 2nd Semester Curriculum - 13 Weeks(2x/Week)

Let's Speak: Public Speaking - Speeches and Presentations

FLEX: Spooky Pokémon Drawings

Increase Your Vocabulary & Bring Words to Life - 10 Minutes A Day

Private 1-1 Tutoring Sessions, Spelling and Writing

Interactive Irish Story Time, That's What Leprechauns Do

Fast Feet for Sports Agility Ages 7-12

Multiplication Facts Kahoot Game

1-on-1 World Geography Tutoring

Real Talk: Conversational Skills for Early Elementary Ages

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