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New Classes on Outschool 2021-03-21

There are 253 new classes on Outschool the week of March 21, 2021 to March 27, 2021.


French 102 - Semester Class

Music With Ms. Annette: Voice Lessons for Children Through Teens

Art Is Fun - An Exploration of Drawing & Art Journaling Fall Semester Ages 9-13

Art Is Fun - Cute Animal Drawings, Fun Landscapes, and Paintings | 6 Week Semester Ages 6-10

Butterfly Adventure: Transform Into Butterflies, Learn Science & Make Art

Performance Platform

Barclays: Lesson 3 Safe and Sensible Spending

Barclays: Lesson 2 Banking and Budgeting Basics

Right Writer: Narrative, Expository, and Persuasive Essay Writing Tutor 1:1

Music Class! Sing, Dance, Play, and Create!

Discovery Chess: Elective Class / Home School / Some Experience

1:1 How to Write a Book Review for Budding Literary Critics (Ages 9-10)

1:1 How to Write a Book Review for Budding Literary Critics (11-13)

1:1 Reading Wizards: A Journey to Reading Mastery

All About Large Number Addition Review Camp

Review: All About Advanced One and Two-Digit Long Division Camp

All About Multiplication and Division Fact Family Camp

Marine Science Explorers: Marine Biology

Full Curriculum ELA 9th & 10th-Grade Nonfiction Reading & Essay Writing

Acrylic Painting: Mother's Day Gifts Made With Love - Mommy & Baby Foxes

What Is Celiac Disease?

Pre-Algebra: Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing

College Level Computer Science With Java (Unit 10)

FNAF Social Club: Sharing Your Passion For Five Nights at Freddy's!

Hair Up Hip Hop Dance Party with Ms. Brandi

Art History - Colossal Miniature Treasures From Around the World - One on One

Opinion Writing: My Favorite Books

Homeschool Middle School Early Modern World History || Full-Curriculum

Preschool Arts & Crafts (Meets 1x per Week)

Dog Man Mothering Heights Vocabulary Activities

You are the Hiring Manager: A Resume Role-Play

Geometry Essentials (Part 3)

Math: Introduction to Decimals Places and Rounding Review

Calm Tropical Sunset Landscape: Beginner Acrylic Painting Class

Learn Chess Tricks in Openings With a Grandmaster

Good Character 101; Pumping up Our Social Emotional Strength! 3-Day Course

Barclays: Lesson 1 Samir’s Birthday Budget Challenge

Small People Big Feelings - Mindfulness ABC! (Ongoing)

Have a Go at TV Presenting - With Games and Improv!

Full Curriculum ELA 9th & 10thGrade Reading Fiction & Creative Narrative Writing

Full Curriculum ELA 3rd & 4th-Grade Fiction Reading & Creative Narrative Writing

♦ Math-a-Magic! ♦ Number Fluency with Board Games and Movement

Dynamic 4-Day Debate Camp: Elevate ELA and Public Speaking Skills

Nunchucks for Fitness, Focus and Fun!(POPULAR CLASS)

Warrior Cat Adventure Game Camp

Full Curriculum ELA 5th & 6th-Grade Nonfiction Reading & Essay Writing

Full Curriculum ELA 3rd & 4th-Grade Nonfiction Reading & Essay Writing

Essay Fusion: Master Narrative, Expository, & Persuasive 5-Paragraph Writing

Addition and Subtraction Practice

Guided Secular Meditation to Cope With Stress & Anxiety, Ongoing, Ages 13-18

Cryptocurrency & the NFT Frenzy

Personalized, Flexible, and Affordable 1:1 Tutoring

Creating Mindfulness: A Journey Within

Individual Guitar Lessons

1:1 Tutoring: Public Speaking, Speech Writing & Debate

Short (but Sweet) Creative Writing Poetry Class

Fraction Action Math Camp Part 2: Match That Fraction!

Cambridge Minimus Latin - Part 1

Second Grade Summer Camp: Math Edition!

Minecraft Masterpieces: Let's Draw Our Own Minecraft Selfies!

How to Bake Peanut Butter Dog Treats

The Old Kingdom Series: Sabriel - A Fantasy Novel Study

1:1 Private Voice Lesson - Sing, Performance, Show and Audition Prep

Summer Argumentative, Informational, and Narrative Essay Writing Class

Private Piano Lessons for Any Level - Pop, Classical, Jazz, Blues and More!

Intro to Hunter and Show Jumping (Equine Disciplines)

Intro to Dressage (Equine Discipline)

Tools for Critical Thinking Ongoing Group Class

Minecraft Teamwork: Work together to build a city!

Critical and Ethical Thinking - Let's Talk About Tricky Stuff (ages 10-12)

Let’s Draw Disney Illustrations Weekly Using Procreate!

Using My Words “ With a Montessori Approach”

Kick Like a Ninja - The Floor Is Lava Kinderkicker Martial Arts

Spring Story With Van Gogh's Paintings and Craft.

Learn Essay Writing

Sewing Basics for Beginners

Horse Crafts: Painted Mixed Media Canvas

Among Us Social Club - Let's Find the Imposter - New Map - The Fungle

Dungeons and Dragons for Teens: Candlekeep Mysteries

Jump on in and Learn About Kangaroos!

Super Science Camp: The Periodic Table

Pet Portrait Painting: Learn to Draw on an iPad (Using ProCreate), Part 2

Fraction Action Math Camp Part 1: I Spy Fractions

Smilodon: Ice Age Predator

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Minecraft Part 1 With Ciphers & Secret Codes

7-11 Year-Olds - Minecraft Play Bedrock Club - Ongoing

Voice Acting School of Drama

My Ant Teacher: Show & Social

4th Grade Math Summer Review (Self-Paced)

Exploring Rainforests and Their Animals

1-1 Math Tutoring

Film School of Drama - Advanced

Everything Minecraft: Show and Share

Learn How to Play Among Us: New Crewmates Report for Duty Here!

Pet Portrait Painting: Learn to Draw on an iPad (Using ProCreate), Part 1

Private Tutor for Phonics and Beginning Reading

Let's Talk About: Seals, Sea Lions, and Walruses!

Creative Animal & Pet Photography

School Skills Camp: Plan, Take Notes, and Study Like a Pro! High School Edition.

School Skills Camp: Plan, Take Notes, and Study Like a Pro! Junior High Edition.

Individual Tutoring - Middle & High School English (45 minutes)

Let's Have Fun Reading and Writing (1:1 Tutoring)

School Skills Camp: Plan, Take Notes, and Study Like a Pro!

Novel Study: The Unwilling Umpire "A to Z Mysteries, #21" by Ron Roy

Wings of Fire Arc 3 Camp ; Dragons , Monsters , Quizzes and The Dangerous Gift

Social Group for Teens With Autism 13-15

Spanish Club: Keep It Fun! (Intermediate-Advanced Level, 12-16Y)

Summertime Story Time: The Tales of Beatrix Potter

Mario Fan Club and Discussion Group

Individualized Private Tutoring-Phonics/Literacy/Grammar/Math/Homework Help

Wayside School Book Club: Book #3 - Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger

Wayside School Book Club: Book #2 - Wayside School is Falling Down

Doodle Drawing: Weekly Doodles

Coral Reef Ecosystems | What Are Coral Reefs and What Animals Live There?

Open Ocean | What Plants and Animals Roam the Open Ocean?

Mastering Five Paragraph Essay Writing for Middle School Summer Camp

Narwhal and Jelly Book Club: Book #1 - Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea

ABC Match With Me: Let's Play Bingo

Guide Reading in Pinyin 看拼音学阅读

Alphabet Safari: Letters and Phonics at the Zoo

Whose Hatching! Part Two

1-1 Tutoring:Practicing ESL (English) Conversation With British-English Speaker.

Private Art Lessons: Drawing, Watercolor, Art Parties, & More!

Z Holiday History: Solar and Lunar New Year's for Teens (One Time Class)

Z Holiday History: Diwali The Festival of Lights for Teens (One Time Class)

Learn to Tie Your Shoes

Craft Camp Fun - Winter Break

Wayside School Book Club: Book #1 - Sideways Stories From Wayside School

Empathy and Kindness; Sharing Compassion Walking in Someone Else's Shoes.

More London History: All About the Bridges of London

School's Out - The History Behind Summer Break and How You Plan to Spend Yours

My Dragonfly Teacher: Show & Social

Gamer Lounge: Video Gaming and Chat Social Club - For Mature Gamers! (12-15)

High School Grammar Camp: Avoid Faulty Sentence Structure

Bilingual Chinese & English Storytime - 3 Little Bunnies 小兔乖乖

Secret Message Poetry: Acrostic Poetry Writing Class!

Level 3 Violin Group Class - "What Do We Do After Twinkle?"

Bob Books Beginner Reading Skills Class: Set 1

More London History: All About the Royal Family

More London History: All About the Theatre

Adding and Subtracting 2 Digit Numbers "No Regrouping or Borrowing”

Callie's Corner: Nail Art Club (9-11)

Writing the 5 Paragraph Essay (Take 3)--A Collaborative Approach to Writing

Pet Photography With Toys & Portraits

Grammarama II: Foundations of Grammar for Ages 10-13

Preschool Full Curriculum : Pre-K ABCs , Shapes , Numbers , & Circle Time 50 Min

Basic London History 1600s Part 2: Shakespeare, Wren & Isaac Newton (Ages 13-17)

Basic London History 1700s: The Georgians and More (Ages 13-17)

Innovators Day Camp - Let's Engineer & Code Contraptions Plus Have Fun Together

Executive Functioning

Study Skills Boot Camp for Teens

Summer Camp Debate 5 Days: Learn the Art of Debate and Winning a Class Debate!

Stress and Anxiety; Managing Worries With Confidence!

Study Skills Boot Camp for Middle School Students

Sign Language (ASL): Vocabulary and Phrases Level 2

One Time Private Assessment Class With Kim for 3-18s (20 mins).

Basic London History 1700s: The Georgians and More (Ages 7-12)

Singapore Dimensions Math 7A (Weeks 9-16)

Reading Comprehension and Book Discussion - The Lemonade War

Basic London History 1600s: Gunpwder Plot, English Civil War, Great Fire (13-17)

Summer Weekly Homeroom! Social Time With Friends

7 Habits for Happy Kids Weekly Life Skills With Aunt Sam

Music Yoga Art Preschool

Greek Mythology: Who's Who and What Did They Do? Ongoing (Teens)

Animals 101: Frogs and Toads! - Amphibian

Python Programming | Beginner | Python Coding Camp (Ages 13-18)

Art Smart Weekly Club

Animals 101: Hedgehogs! - LIVE Mammal/ Insectivore

Farsi First Grade, Part 7, فارسى اول دبستان

Algebra 2 Full Curriculum Ongoing Class! (School Year 2023 -24)

7th Grade Math Full Year Curriculum!

Roblox Gaming Social Club | (Private Servers)

Beginner Piano Private Lessons

How to Draw: Pusheen the Cat Camping Adventure| Art Class

Whose Hatching? Part One

4th and 5th Grade Math Fractions Boot Camp

Long Division in Color

Pokémon Hang Out and Chat Club

It's in the Genes: Mini Med FLEX Camp

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Among Us With Ciphers, Secret Codes, Math & Puzzles

Drawing Mario Bros 10 Day Summer Art Camp!

Grammar Review: Parts of Speech, Sentence Structure, and Writing

Let’s Draw Robots!

Vocabulary From Classical Roots, Grades 4 To 6

Spanish Club: Keep It Fun! (Intermediate-Advanced Level, 7-11Y)

Villages, Trading, and Raiding in Minecraft (Bedrock)

Ocean Animal Inspector Club: Show & Social

Modern Greek Camp :Kindergarten School ( Ages 3-7)

All Things Kindergarten!(Self- Paced Fall FLEX and Winter Semester)

Dr. W's - Writing- PART 2 - 3rd and 4th Grade

Flamenco Dance for Kids-Sevillanas Part I

Reading Comprehension 3rd-5th Grade! Main Idea, Summarize and More! TWO days! (certified Teacher)

Dr. W's - 1 On 1 Private- Public Speaking 101 & Writing a Great Speech!

Pre-Algebra: Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Grammarama I: Foundations of Grammar for Ages 10-13

Ladybug Step-By-Step Instructions for Drawing and Colouring

First Grade Math Meeting Camp 2

First Grade Math Meeting Camp 1

Choices and Consequences: Learning How to Make Good Decisions!

Hamilton: The Stories Behind the Story

Dark History Summer Camp: Serial Killers

Hindi Camp Week 4

Hindi Summer Camp Week 3

Lesson 12 - Scratch Coding-Make a Video Game-Counting Aliens

Introduction to Crochet

Can You Solve History's Greatest Mysteries? - Winter Break Camp

Scratch Basics-Create a Wizard-Themed Brick Buster Game

To Form a More Perfect Union - Landmark Supreme Court Cases

Artsy Gamers Club- Let's Draw Manga and Anime Art With Video Game Characters!

Spring 2024 Homeroom With Friends- Conversation, Social Skills + Confidence

Book Club: Fantasy Just Declared War on Reality - The Looking Glass Wars Bk 1

Summer Camp - The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind - Young Reader's Edition

Weekly Ukulele lessons 1 on 1

Powerful Prehistoric Predators Self-Paced Class: Study of Carnivorous Dinosaurs

Preschool Math Club: Pre-K Math Circle Time (2X)

Latin Cambridge Unit 1 Stages 1 - 5

World Literature: Latin American Short Stories Camp

8-Week Mandarin & Chinese Ink Painting - Spring Flowers & Animals

Bears Around the World (Levels 1 - 5)

5th/6th Grade Math Fractions: Dividing Mixed Number Fractions

Formula One Racing Social Club - Learn About and Discuss Each F1 Race and Track!

Short Story World Tour

Minecraft Mania: Arts and Crafts Summer Camp!

World Literature: 20th Century Latin American Poetry Camp

Summer Camp: Creative Writing 101

True or False: Amazing Facts about your Body

Let's Learn All About Unicorns

1:1 Tutoring Class-Crack the Code to Reading Like a Hero- Part 2

5 Week (5x) -"Learn to Write! Letters A to Z" (Age 3-5)

Design With Procreate : Create a Digital Sticker | Art Class | Ages 8-13

Leadership - Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn - Preparing for Adversity

Learn to Draw Pikachu From Pokemon!

Word Up 2 - Speak With Confidence: Shake off the Shy and Be Heard

Graphing Linear Equations

Stop Writing Bad Personal Essays: Self-Editing Workshop #3 (College Application)

Level 10: Phonics Reading R-Controlled Vowels With Mrs. Rose (M.S.Ed)

Tiny Social Butterflies: A Little Girl's Guide to Lady-Like Manners

Creative Art & Animals Camp! Learn, Draw and Paint!

Private Math Enrichment for Elementary

Horror Movies Film Studies Part 1

Camp: Psychology Exploration (10-12 years)

Let’s Make Giraffe Art With Watercolor Paints!

Minecraft JAVA Edition: How to Survive on Survival JAVA Edition: Ages 10-14

Irish Dance Summer Camp for Ages 6-11

A Star Spangled Anthem

Graphing Linear Equations: Finding Slope

Book Club - Narnia #2 - The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe

Human Geography M&Ms: Models and Maps for the AP Exam

Second Grade Reading, Ongoing Full Year Curriculum

Mind Mapping for Study Skills and Creativity: Introduction (15 to 18 Yo)

Movin and Groovin - Unicorns Are Magical - Let's Make a Craft

Individual Writing Instruction

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