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New Classes on Outschool 2021-03-14

There are 509 new classes on Outschool the week of March 14, 2021 to March 20, 2021.

Single Digit Multiplication Kahoot!

Stop Motion Animation - 8 Day Camp

Easter Village Escape Room

Singapore Math 4th Grade (4B)

Singapore Math 5th Grade (5B)

Celebrating Earth Day With the Lorax!

Minecraft Builder's Club: Skyblock Edition - Explore, Create, and Play

Preschool Music - Let's Dance and Play a Game With Our Unicorns

Mexican Popsicles "Paletas" Bilingual Flex Class

Flex Class: Mastering Fraction Multiplication and Division

Middle School Math Meets Science- Cross Curricular Fun FLEX Lessons

Nailed It! Weekly Art History and Project Challenge (Flex)

Little Musicians Beginner Piano Lessons (Flexible Schedule) - Course 1

The Utilidors: The Underground Tunnel System of Disney

The Hunger Games Book Club - Would You Volunteer?

"Wild About Pandas" Direct to Draw

Roblox With Friends: Jailbreak! (Advanced Players)

Spring Story Time - Hop On In!

Ty Beanie Boo Kitten - Share and Draw

You Say Potato

French Summer Camp: Reading French With Phonetique Method for Beginners

American Sign Language for Kids

Trombone, Trumpet, Baritone, or Tuba Private Lessons - Master Level Instructor

Poetry Tea Time For Littles - Springtime At Last!

1:1 English Tutoring Language Arts for Beginning Reading and Writing Elementary

Watercolor Critters!

Bodacious Bugs Club

Amazing Art & Artists Camp! Learn, Draw and Paint!

Amazing Art & Science Camp! Kahoot!, Drawing and Learning!

Under the Sea: Ocean Zone Discovery

Black History Month: African American Inventors

STEM + Art + Lit Camp: Space Theme

El Misterio de la Matemática Maya - Escape Room (Spanish Immersion)

Book Club: The BFG by Roald Dahl

Junior Forest Fairies Social Group-Unicorn, Princess, Mermaid and Fairy Crafts

Can you crack the case?

Design, Code and Wear a Custom Smartwatch With Micro:Bit *FLEX*

Pawsitively Kawaii Kitty Cat Breakfast

Magic Bones: Time Travel Dramatic Adventure Camp With Dinosaurs, Mammoths & More

Middle School Math Review (Ongoing)

1-on-1 Personalized Tutoring for Young Learners (Preschool, K, 1st, and 2nd)

An Introduction to Piano for Older Beginners

Sunshine Violin- My First Violin Camp With Free Private Lesson

Perplexors: Logic Puzzles for a Sharper Mind

Private Tutoring: Personalized English Curriculum ESL•ESOL•EFL

Extraordinary 1:1 Math Tutoring With Ms. Kitty - serious about making math fun

Language Arts: Introduction to Compound Words

Master Your Multiplication Table! Tips and Tricks to Make Learning Easy!

Bunnies Don't Lay Eggs-Fun Facts about Egg Laying Animals: PreK Fun With Ms. Liz

Master the Basics Camp: Math Concepts for Young Learners (Multi-Day)

Barbie Escape Room: 12 Dancing Princesses

Master the Basics Camp: Math Concepts for Young Learners (Ongoing)

Introduction to: The Liver, Gall Bladder, and Pancreas

Voice Over Master Class (1 on 1)

Language Arts and Writing Tutoring-Certified, Experienced Teacher, 1 Session

Math: More on Place Value

Mighty Meetup! Teen Homeroom: Social Club with Friends!

Beginners Level 2 Tap Dance Camp

Pass the CLEP Exam: Especially for Homeschool Students

Ada Lace Adventures Book Club- Book 2

Mermaid Fun: Reading, Drawing, and Writing

Camp Halfblood: A Camp for Demigods, Mortals and Olympians

Mermaid Circle Time With Sharing, Reading, and Drawing

Reading and Writing Skills for College & University Success

Nail Art Fun for Teens and Tweens

Lovable Lions!

Story Time & Craft: Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell

Summer Game Design Camp - Create Your Own Adventure Map in Minecraft

Hip Hop Dance Beginner Co-Ed Boys and Girls Flex Class

Creature Feature: The Mighty Megalodon Shark

Playful and Creative Claps-Stress Relief and Fun for Tweens!

Let's Talk About Dogs......Girl’s Social Club With Ms. Kelly (10-14 Year Olds)

Creature Feature: The Mighty Megalodon Shark

Creature Feature: The Mighty Megalodon Shark

Creature Feature: The Mighty Megalodon Shark

Summer Fun: How to Draw Olaf

Math: Introducing Comparing and Ordering Whole Numbers and Decimals

Pokemon Math Adventure - Addition and Subtraction Camp

All Things Data! Cyber Security Tips That Everyone Needs to Know (13-16 Year Old)

Private 1:1 Math Tutoring - Multi-Day - 60 minutes - 2x Per week

LOL Surprise Doll Directed Drawing Club (Ongoing)

Spar Art Sr 2: Understanding Great Art Through Debate--Rembrandt and Van Gogh

Spar Art Jr 2: Understanding Great Art Through Debate--Rembrandt and Van Gogh

Let's Play With... Classical Music!

Code Breaking and Ciphers: A Cryptography Summer Class

French Immersion: Words for Kindergarten

German: Words for Kindergarten

FLEX: Vocabulary Workshop 4 (Obsequious to Malarkey)

Pete the Cat: The Perfect Pizza Party with Scavenger Hunt, Story, Craft, & Song

One on One Math Tutoring: Grades 2-8

Deep Breathing and Meditation with Stressball and Her Friends! Ages 6-9

Weekend Writers

American History: Fascinating Facts About George Washington

Science-Time W/ Teacher Jolene: Let's Learn About Tide Pools!

Science W/ Teacher Jolene: Let's Learn About Giant Pacific Octopus!

Science-Time W/ Teacher Jolene: Let's Learn About Jellyfish!

Science-Time W/ Teacher Jolene: Let's Learn About Dolphins!

Science-Time W/ Teacher Jolene: Let's Learn About Crabs!

Cantonese Immersion! Pictograph Escape Room Adventure | One-Time

Continuing Pre-Dance Tap, Ballet, and Jazz Technique With Pop-Up Class! (4-8)On

Mission: Save E.B! An Easter Egg Hunt & Escape Room

American History for Kids: Part 4 (Live)

Pre-Algebra: Solving and Graphing Two-Step Inequalities

Drop in Dance Party!

Mindful Morning Movement (yoga)

Typing - Keyboarding-Improve Your Typing - 1X Weekly Ongoing Ages 7-12

Super Math Strategies: Multiplication Facts 0-12

Art Smart 2 - Become a Master Artist

Math Quarter 2: 4Th and 5th Grade Level Algebraic Thinking

Facts About Big Cats- Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs & More: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Camp-Air Dry Clay: Ancient Pottery Techniques

Math Quarter 1: 4Th and 5th Grade Level Number Sense

Intro to Game Design Camp in Roblox: Learn Roblox Studio Basics (5-Session)

Step by Step and Note by Note: Private Piano Lessons for Young Performers

Private Phonics/Reading Tutoring: 3X/Week

Historical Navigators- An Adventurous and Biographical Book Club

Latin Sampler Fun

Robotics Activities Using Vexcode VR

Equivalent Fractions, Decimals, and Percents: Math FLEX With a Certified Teacher

Flex Class: Mastering Fraction Addition and Subtraction

Kindermusik "Kindness in the Neighborhood" With Your Red-Sweatered Tiger

Travel to MORE of the Coolest Cities in the World Winter Camp

Spring-Time Crystal Science - Is It Magic or Science?

Google Translate...No Way! Let's Write En Français! (French Writing FLEX)

Famous Scientists Throughout History (Flex)

Dive Into a Wrinkle in Time - A FLEX Novel Study

Decorate Your Room, Your Way! Interior Decorating Summer Craft Camp

Stock Market - Semester Course - Personal Finance Stock Market Games Investing Semester Course (FLEX)

Middle School Finance FLEX: An Intro to Personal Finance & Money Management

STEAM Summer Camp: Asia’s Coolest Animals

Little Learners' Writing Club: K and 1st Grade Sentence Writing Club

Private English Lessons for ESL (2 Times per Week)

Friendly and Supportive Math Tutoring: 2X/Week

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Icewing Queen Glacier

1-1 Reading Comprehension for Grades 1-5 (By Elementary School Teacher)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Spring Cleaning Island Sale

Let's Learn About the Jewish Holiday of Passover!

Private Tutoring One on One

1-1 Sight Word & Literacy- Kindergarten/1st Grade (by Elementary School Teacher)

Mindfulness for Autistic Teens

Animals 101: Guinea Pigs! - Mammal/ Rodent

Pasta Palooza Cooking Class With Kiana Part 1

A Year of Middle School Ancient History (Lesson & Project Based): Quarter 2

Spring Landscape Painting: Watercolor Art

Whose Egg Is It and Easter Bunny Fun: Prek Learning With Ms. Liz

Stock Market - Semester Unit Course - Virtual Investing Stock Market Game Lesson (Ages 13 - 18)

Stop Writing Bad Sentences: Self-Editing Workshop #1 (English Grammar Review)

Basic London History 1600s Part 2: Shakespeare, Christopher Wren & Isaac Newton

Private Tutoring (1:1) For Clarinet or Saxophone (Alto, Bari and Tenor)!

Stock Market - Semester Unit Course Virtual Stock Market Game Investing (Ages 8-13) Part 1

Drawing: Bright Blooming Tulips

Contentment: I Have Enough

Mario Friends Math Makers - Addition and Subtraction Camp

One on One Singing Lessons With Mrs. V!

The Asian Red Panda

Un Peu De Grammaire... French Grammar for Ages 10-13 (PART 1)

Middle School English Language Arts: Reading Fiction & Essay Writing (Semester)

Animals Through World Mythologies (Flexible Class)

U.S History Thru the Eyes of American Girl Doll: Nanea

Mission to Mars Escape Room

Spanish Con Ms. Kat: Learning the Colors (Aprendiendo Los Colores)

Decimal Multiplication and Division: Math FLEX With a Certified, Master Teacher

SAT & ACT Reading List: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Literature Circle Book Club

Private 1:1 Tutor | Geometry or Algebra 2 | 25-min Tutoring 1:1 (Ongoing once a week)

Introduction to Soft Skills: Elementary Life Essentials

Easter Season: Learn How to Paint a Farm Animal - Bunny

Extreme Engineering: Containing Chernobyl

Creative Writing for Young Writers!

Pop Art: Explore Art History And Create 3-D Food Sculptures With Toilet Paper!

Intro to Psychology (Once a Week)

Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars : Show and Tell

Hola La La La! Learn Spanish Through Song! (Flexible)

Hola! Let's Travel to Galapagos in Ecuador - Spanish Class

Rather Be Reading: Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library (Book Club)

Sonic Characters Drawing Club

Awesome Animal of the Day!

One-Time Reading Comprehension Class Private Tutoring

Pre-Algebra: Solving and Graphing One-Step Inequailities

Mario Characters Drawing Club

Explore Our World: A Country Every Week

Deep Breathing and Meditation with Stressball and Her Friends! Ages 3-5

Learning About Bees With a Ride on the Magic School Bus (With Directed Drawing)

Pre-K Full Curriculum Circle Time - 5 Days - Letters, Phonics, Math, Socialize

Summer Precal Review/Preview, Session 1

Private Pilates Workout- One Time

Acting On-Camera (8 Week)

TEEN TALK: Discussion Homeroom for Teens

Roblox Code Your Own Prison Escape Game. Kids Ages 8 - 13 1.5-Hour Class!

3rd / 4th Grade Grammar & Writing ELA Using Shurley English - 1st Semester Fall 2022

Captain Underpants and Supra Diaper Baby -Directive Drawing Flip O Rama

Guided Reading Growth and Comprehension Level4 ages 7-10: Small Group Tutoring for Intermediate Readers

Pokemon Club Drawing and Activities

Python Programming | Intermediate | 07 Week Flex | Web Development w/ Flask

Planning for Success - Using a Digital Planner and Habits to Stay Organized

Dinosaur Club Drawing and Activities

Let's Learn About Earth Day and Create Art Together!

Summer Algebra 2 Review/Preview, Session 2

Summer Algebra 2 Review/Preview, Session 1

How to Draw… Cartoon Animals, Little Artist Class

Spring Ukulele Camp: Learn Your Favorite Movie Theme Songs!

Night Sky Cityscape in Watercolor and Pen

What's the Difference: Communism VS Fascism?

Early Reading Practicing Reading Fluency

Stock Market - Part 2 Virtual Stock Market Game-Investing in the Stock Market (Ages 8-13)

Slow Cooker Chicken Chili - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Psychology of Music: Practice Habits

Cinco De Mayo...It's Probably Not What You Think!

7th Grade Language Arts: Part 1 (Flexible Schedule)

British History Party (With UK Teacher)

Scratch Jr- Learn to Code Multi- Day Course

FLEX - Pokémon Pixel Art on Graph Paper (Set 1)

Let's Get Crafty! (Summertime Fun #1)

Let's Get Crafty! (Summertime Fun #2)

Introduction to Economics Camp!

Animal Class: Arachnids You Wouldn't Believe Exist!

1:1 Tutoring | Pre-Algebra Through Calculus (55 Minute Ongoing Sessions)

1:1 Tutoring | Pre-Algebra Through Calculus (25 Minute Ongoing Sessions)

Stock Market - Phase 1 Virtual Stock Market Game Investing for Beginners - (Age 13 - 18)

Making Connections: Learning Comprehension Strategies Through Interactive Story

Digital Illustration in Procreate. Augmented Reality! 5-Day/Camp

Writing Flash Fiction: High School Edition

Marvel Jeopardy Showdown Unlimited

Stock Market - Part 1 Virtual Stock Market Game Investing for Beginners - (Age 8 - 13)

Beginners Small Group Reading Club: Science

Beginners Small Group Reading Club: History

Learn Japanese Through Conversation!

Art Club With Lauren!

Paint with Nicole! Acrylic Painting Landscapes Club Step-by-Step Summer Camp

Write on Through (English, Writing)

Phonics: Pre - Reading Skills

Cursive Writing and Reading With 1 on 1 Instruction

Druidawn®: Writers Club

FLEX: Harry Potter Book 1 Club: Comprehension & Character Analysis Debates

Tutankhamun: Read, Discuss and Draw

Cats and Chat!

Spar Lit Jr. Boot Camp 3: Understanding Books Through Debate--The Westing Game

Spar Lit Jr. Boot Camp 1: Understanding Books Through Debate--A Wrinkle in Time

Learn to Play Like a Piano Star!

Eating Our Way Through Historical Fiction: A Book Club with Cooking and Baking

Mindful Crafts: Emotions Are (not) Monsters!

World Geography - Country Studies - Physical & Human Geography - (14yo-18yo)

Wizard Book Club- Year 4, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Pet Portraits That Pop! *FLEX*

Saxon Math Algebra 2 Semester 2 Flex

The Quest - A Science RPG - MS Physical & Earth Science Course (Semester 2 of 2)

Afterschool African American Young Readers' and Writers' Club

Math Club: 5th Grade Review and 6th Grade New Concepts (Once a Week)

Math Word Problems for 1st and 2nd Graders

Mental Math Fun K and 1st Grade

Let's Bake Some Rainbow Desserts! FLEX CLASS

Super Hero Writing

Fancified Snack Cake (Twinkie) Desserts FLEX - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

The Bold Ones: Amazing People From History Pt 1

Fall Crafts

American History Grades 3-5, Beginnings to 1620, Era 1

Why Is English Grammar so Darn Confusing (Ages 11 - 13)

Let’s Make Some Famous Delicious Japanese Pocky Sticks! Ages 9-14

Promptmania Creative Writing Club

Book Club & Shark Study - I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916

Learn the Art of Sewing 3: Intermediate Beginner Projects

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Accelerate Friendship Social Club (Age 5-8)

Escape Room! Stop the Outbreak - Cholera in Victorian England

French Toast Pie (Beginner Breakfast Dish) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Math Story Word Problems: Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide

Explore the 50 States!

Doodle Drawing: Bunny

Doodle Drawing: Easter Chick

Escape Room: Escape the Dragon

Friendly and Supportive Math Tutoring, Gr 4-7 (4X/Week)

Unicorn Friends Forever Arts and Crafts Fall Camp!

Cool Hip-Hop Dance Party Learn Easy Fun Street Moves With Pop-Up Class 4x(5-9)!

Hindi Summer Camp: Learn Basic Hindi in 5 Days - Week 2

Hindi Summer Camp - Learn the Basics in 5 Days - Part 1

Hindi for Beginners: PART 3

Multiplication Math Fun: Level 2- Facts 7 Through 12 (Ongoing Class).

Intermediate / Advance Music Production With Ableton Live 11!! (on-Going Course)

Private Group or Individual Art Classes

Cranberry Chicken Casserole (Beginner Meal) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Let's Talk Bunnies!

Latest Buzz About Bees

History & Leadership - Intro To The Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration 10-15yo (75min!)

History & Leadership - Intro To The Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration 8-10yo (75min!)

Private Piano Lessons (Ages 4-18)

Pokemon Trainer Drawing: Eevee Evolutions #2

Art History - Ancient Toys Living in Museums Across the World - One on One

The Reading Room for Struggling Readers and/or Dyslexia Students [7]

Pokemon Trainer Drawing: Eevee Evolutions #1

Be a Piano Star! Learn Piano in a Fun and Engaged Way! This is for ages 7-11

Fitness & Nutrition- What's in Your Lunchbox?

Let's Talk About Roblox Club

Creative Drawing Club - Arts With No Limits

Kitchen Table Weekly Rainbow Science Experiments (Ages 6-9)

Ocean Expedition: Save Our Seas

Element Art

Basic Drawing

Six Week Summer Kanji Character Camp

Declaim Sr. Boot Camp!: Speech and Debate for Beginners

Declaim Jr. Boot Camp!: Speech and Debate for Beginners

Digital Painting With Krita/Clip Studio Paint/Procreate/Etc.

5th/6th Complete English Qtr: The Mysterious Benedict Society/Adventure Fiction

Fun Spanish: Spring & Summer Club for Reading Comprehension + Speaking 100% in Spanish! Immersion Camp for Intermediate / Fluent Students (6-9 years old)

Learn Italian With a Native Speaker - Ages 8 - 10 - Level 1

Doodle Drawing: Sheep

Lamborghini VS Ferrari! : Learning and Drawing (Flexible Schedule) (Age 5 to 10)

How to Master Unique Voice-Over Characters for Video Games and Animation.

Roblox: Girls Game Time

Rainbow and Leprechaun Directed Drawing

Graphic Design for Young Learners

Science With Miss Robyn: The Magic of Chemical Reactions

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Ocean Expedition: Deep Dive

Cats in Space. A Kitty Kat Detective Agency Drama and Math Mystery Game 8-11

Cats in Space. A Kitty Kat Detective Agency Drama and Math Mystery Game 5-7

Summer Art Camp! 5 Days of Artists and Painting Miro, Haring, Hockney, and More

Girls Workout Camp- Exercise, Games, & Friends!

Summer Art Camp! 5 Days of Artists and Painting - Warhol, Lichtenstein, & More!

Summer Art Camp! 5 Days of Artists and Painting Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse, & More

Growing a Garden for Teens; Learn the Ins-And-Outs of Growing Your Own Food

French: Building Bricks (Beginner Level)

Happy Hooping (Hula Hoop Dance)

Spring Break Brain Teasing Fun!

Kindergarten Reading

High School Spanish I Quarter 2

Essay Essentials: Paragraph Practice With Personalized Feedback

Arabic Pre School Fun Learning Level 2

Adored Author: Letter Writing

Ancient Humans: The Agricultural Revolution

The Girl Who Drank the Moon Flex Semester Class!

Turning Pages Book Club: Bk1 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Flex Study

Historical Fiction Book Club: Fictional Books About the Holocaust

Little Women Part 1 Book Club

Fun Science - Introduction to Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Breath of the Wild Summer Camp (2022)

1-on-1 Tutoring: Reading, Writing, Math, Science, History, Tests, Study Skills

Littlest Chef Baking Club: From Cookies to Pizza... Let's Bake!

Summer Camp: Project Based JavaScript for Kids (level 2)

Middle School & High School Math 1:1 Tutoring

Leveling Up to Multiplayer Minecraft Camp: Mastering the Java Edition for PC & Mac (5-Session), Ages 8-9

Leveling Up to Multiplayer Minecraft Camp: Mastering the Java Edition for PC & Mac (5-Session), Ages 10-13

Pasitos 1 - A Spanish FLEX Class for Little Learners

Let's Travel the World! Earth Day - Countries Making the World a Better Place

Creative Writing for Young Children Part 1 (Flex)

Unicorn Lovers (Unicorn Crafts and Activities)-FLEX

Pokemon Esports Camp: Skill Building and Competitive Play (5-Session)

Art Camp: Learn Everything About Portrait Drawing in Pencil for Beginner!

All About Python: The Camp (Level III)

Why Read? Reading Reasons

Summer Calculus Review/Preview, Session 2

Summer Calculus Review/Preview, Session 1

The House on Haunted Hill: Choose Your Spooky Adventure Tale

"Leonardo's Birdcage" Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci

"Phonics for Reading, Writing, and Spelling - Level B: Sloth Adventure" - 'th' Digraph. K, 1st, 2nd Grade (One-Time Class) (Decoding, Fluency, and Comprehension)

Princess Adventures Camp: Travel the World with Cinderella Fairytale Stories

Art and Music Time: Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

Public Speaking Help Desk: One-On-One Practice and Help for Presentations

Private Beginning Violin Lessons

Private 1-Time Jewelry Lesson: Personalized Support for the Aspiring Jeweler

6th Grade Math Review: Practice and Games

Expedition Quest: Rocky Mountains. An Interactive, Cooperative Survival Game!

Irish Dance: Saint Patrick's Day (Ages 4-6)

7th Grade Math Review: Practice and Games

Singapore Math 4th Grade (4A)

The Dangerous World Tour: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Snakes, Sharks and More!

Biology/ Chemistry 1 Hour Ongoing Weekly Private Tutoring (AP, HS, MS, Advanced)

Awesome Adaptations: Sharks

Disney's Cinderella Ballet Dance Class

How to Draw a Dog/Pug With Colored Pencils/Art

Sea Animal Art: Realistic Dolphin Sketch

How to Become a Hollywood Working Actor [Masterclass]

Roblox Adopt Me: Let's Play, Trade and Make Friends!

Star Wars Weekly Party! (Show And Tell, Treats, Art, Crafts, Games, Stories!)

Animal Art: Realistic Chicken Sketch

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Seawing Riptide

Fun Chemistry - Essential Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen

Math Camp for Fifth Graders

Draw Your Self Portrait! (Flex)

STEM: Magnetic Tiles for Young Engineers Social Club

Nature Art and Science: What's Happening During Springtime?

My Mind on My Money: A Teen Guide to Income and Entrepreneurship (Ages 12-14)

Intro to: Why Read? Reading Reasons

Kindergarten Full Curriculum Learn at Home Standards-Aligned Lessons

Preschool Together Ongoing - Full Year Curriculum

Early Readers Word Families - Ongoing

Ballet Theory- Translations

Spilling the Tea with Willie the Shake: A Shakespeare Exploration Club

TinkerCAD Engineering 3D Design Camp #2 (Summer Theme Designs Ages 8-13)

TinkerCAD Engineering 3D Design Camp #1 (Summer Theme Designs Ages 8-13)

Dance in a Galaxy Far Far Away - Episode One

Montessori Reading & Writing: Vocabulary Enrichment for Emerging Writers

Anger Management For Kids - This Is What Anger Does #2

Learn Spanish Intermediate Class-Learn While Traveling Around The World-Flex

Do You Know What I MEME? -Spruce Up Your Writing with Idioms *Certified Teacher*

Fashion and Tea Party With the British Lady

Visualizing: Learning Comprehension Strategies Through Interactive Story

Let's Make More Dog Treats and Toys (Flex Course)

Let's Make Dog Treats and Toys (Flex Course)

Art Time: "Think Outside of the Box" to Create a One of a Kind Drawing-- Part 2!

Let’s Practice Reading!

*Animal Art Exploration 101 FLEX - Learn to Draw and About Animals Ages 13-16

*Animal Art Exploration 101 FLEX - Learn to Draw and About Animals Ages 8-12

*Animal Art Exploration 101 FLEX - Learn to Draw and About Animals Ages 6-10

LOL and OMG Dolls - Directive Drawing and Chat

Earth and Environment Exploration Camp: Art and Hands-On Activties

My Minecraft Hooray for Summer Party!

Cute Animals Drawing Club - Ongoing Kawaii Cartoon Animal Drawing Class

Pesky Predicates and Snarky Subjects

The Basics of Electricity: The Dam Notes (Mechatronics, Engineering, Math)

Comic Book Workshop

Kindergarten Summer Learning

Learn About Judaism: Holidays, Stories, Food & More! (13-16)

Let's Learn Greek! - Beginner's Greek Class

Snowman, The True Story of a Champion - Horse Book study

Wayside School Book Club: Book #4 - Wayside School Beneath the Cloud of Doom

2nd & 3rd Grade Summer Book Club: Runaway Ralph (Book 2/3) by Beverly Cleary

A Very Spooky Halloween Book Club Party: Goosebumps "Ghost Camp" by R.L. Stine

*FLEX* Vitamins & Antioxidants in Food & How They Are Important for Our Bodies

Bilingual Chinese-English Storytime: “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!”

Calm & Confidence Meditation for Teens

Private Self-Love Meditation Class

Camp! Reading Can Be Puzzling: CVC Word Blending, Phonics, & Spelling

Five Incredible but Terrifying Prehistoric Animals

Piano Private Lessons Two Week Session

Beginning Multiplication Using Number Lines

Dance Class: Little Mermaid Style Musical Theater

Waxing, Waning and the Dark Side: Exploring the Phases of the Moon

Irish Dance Creative Summer Camp Ages 7-12- Previous Class W Instructor Required

Let’s Play Adopt Me: Shy/New to the Game Students

United States History (Full Year) - Part 4 of 4 FLEX SCHEDULE

United States History (Full Year) - Part 3 of 4 FLEX SCHEDULE

Private Dance Party for Birthdays and Special Events

Let's Play Roblox Murder Mystery 2 - With Mr. Dan!

Elementary Beginner Spanish Club ~ Part 2 (2 of 8)

Pre-Algebra: Evaluating Algebraic Expressions With Substitution

Write and Tell: Creative Techniques to Improve Your Writing and Speaking

Roblox & Gacha Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) Club

Pre-Algebra: Equations With Variables on Both Sides

Elementary Beginner Spanish Club ~ Part 1 (1 of 8)

Pre-Algebra: Multi-Step Equations With Fractions and Decimals

"Talent Time And Movement too" Our Show and Tell Day!

Dance Party and Show and Tell

Cell Plasma Membrane: Life Science Anatomy Virtual Trip!

Let's Count & Share: Trucks and Diggers

A Penguin Adventure! Learning All About Penguins (With Directed Drawing)

Roblox- Play the New Official LOL Suprise Game on a Private Server

Translating Translation Transformations in Mathematics

Reflecting on Reflections in Mathematics

Hop + Ing = Hopping, Let's Learn When to Double!

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Monsters of the Deep: The Ancient Sharks

Watch Farm Chores

Funny Surprise Illustration

Spanish Speakers Club With The Singing Spanish Teacher! (2x/week)

Ocean Animals - Aquatic Animals - seahorses, starfish, dolphins and many more!! (Cert; Qualified Teacher)

Making Inferences: Learning Comprehension Strategies Through Interactive Story

Beginner Piano Class - Part 4

Minecraft & Coding: Python Programming

FLEX - Drawing Mario Bros - The Bad Guys

Virtual Robotics Club Using Vex VR

Learn Piano Now (Level 2) With Dr. Nathan

Comedy Club for Pre-Teens: Improv Plus Writing Stand-Up, Sketch, and Other Jokes

Writers Who "Think" They Don't Like to Write!

Reading Comprehension and Fluency | Make Sense of Reading (Ages 8 - 11)

Desiging Dynamic Characters

Reading & Writing Fun Club

Science Time - Middle School Life Science Pt 7: A Cell's Life of Division

4th/5th Grade Reading Skills- Nonfiction Text Structure

FLEX Personal Finance 101: How to Shop for, Buy, Lease, and Budget for, a Car

Kindergarten Math

Beginner Spanish Vocabulary and Conversation for Preteens (Weekly)

Fishes Step-By-Step Instructions for Drawing and Colouring

More Spanish Vocabulary for Beginners (10-13)

Know Your Spanish Pronouns (Young Teens)

Get Ready for 1st Grade Summer Reading, Grammar, Spelling, Writing Camp

Spanish Vocabulary for Preteen Beginners (Weekly)

Periodic Table - Crack the Code - Chemistry

Dr. W's - Writing PART 1- 3rd and 4th grade

Conversational German for Beginners II

Maritime Mystery (An Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure)

Let's Explore the Continent: Asia!

Biology Large Animal (Farm Animals) Veterinary / Vet Animal Science Camp (8-13)

Biology - Introduction to Veterinary/ Vet - Animal Science Camp (13-18)

Introduction to Veterinary / Vet Science Careers

Barclays Life Skills: The Budgeting Money Game

Introduction to Asian American History in the United States (Camp Style Sections Available)

Jurassic Planet - Middle School Life Science RPG (Semester 2 of 2)

The Quest - A Science RPG - MS Physical & Earth Science Course (Semester 1 of 2)

Elementary Summer Stem Camp!

5th Grade Summer Math Camp!

Green & Rainbows Party! (St. Patrick's Day Theme)

Bird Watching for Beginners: Why, How & Where to Start Birding

Cooking & Baking with DeAnn: Pies and Homemade Crusts (Flex 14-18 yrs)

Preschool & Kindergarten Prep: Learn to Read, Write, Math & More! 2nd Semester

Leprechaun and Pot of Gold Painting

Let's Paint a Rabbit!

Private Dance Lesson! Learn One-On-One With a Dance Professional (Ages 13-18)

Dining with Decimals

Mario Sight Word Bingo:K and 1st Grade Sight Word Fun!

Music Review Social Club

Let's Study...Our Bat Buddies - Mammals That Fly Homeschoolers

Unicorns, Mermaids, Fairies and Dragons Level 2, Creative Drama Adventure

Fun Spanish: ONGOING Conversational Club Spanish Aventuras Around the World for Fluent / Immersion Students /Native Speakers 100% in Spanish! (Spring / Summer Camp Semester)

Pre-Algebra: Two-Step Equations

Pre-Algebra: One-Step Equations

Easter French Class - Vocabulary, Culture, and Fun! (Middle School)

Stock Market - Investing for Beginners Part 1 -5X a Week - Finance Summer Camp (Ages 8 - 13)

How to Start Your Own Business - Entrepreneurship for Kids - (Ages 10- 15)

St Patrick Songs and Bingo Day With Ms Abby

Beyond the Basics: Ballet Camp for Ages 12-17

Beyond the Basics: Ballet Camp for Ages 8-11

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