New Classes on Outschool 2021-03-28

There are 297 new classes on Outschool the week of March 28, 2021 to April 3, 2021.

Young Journaler Club - Exploring Fun Ways to Keep a Memory Book/Journal

Camp Fortnite - The NEW 2023 Summer Gaming Camp

Let's Talk Anime and Manga Social Club: Make Friends, and Talk About Anime/Manga

Writing: Spell Check I: Improve Your Spelling

Social Skills for Students With Autism and Cognitive Disabilities

ADHD and Executive Function Skills for Success: Time Blindness-How Make It Out the Door for Neurodivergent Teens

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch Fighter's Club!

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Escape the Aquarium With Math!

Class for First and Second Graders

Flex Class - Get Ready to Film!

The Musical Instrument Families! (FLEX CAMP)

All About Python for Beginners | Summer Python Coding Camp for Teenagers

Create and Use a Counting Rope! Number 10

All About the Treble Clef: A Private Lesson

One-Time Fun Palm Tree Art: Acrylic Painting for Beginner Painters (Ages 7-12)

Scratch Coding Video Games-Private Lesson

Dividing Decimals

Multiplying Decimals

Awesome Adaptations: Sea Turtles

Advanced Epic Bridge Design Simulation - Weekly Civil Engineering Challenge

Escape Room: Escape the Spreckels' Mansion

Minecraft City Summer Camp: Build, Govern, and Run Your Own City!

*Crochet Project Based Learning- Turtle - A Beginner Level 2 Flex Class Ages 12-16

*Crochet Project Based Learning- Jellyfish - A Beginner Level 2 Flex Class Ages 12-16

*Crochet Project Based Learning- Jellyfish - A Beginner Level 2 Flex Class Ages 7-11

Video Gaming Review Club (8-13 FLEX)

International Space Station Escape Room

Bundle of Private Lessons

How to Make a Thumbnail for Your Youtube Channel

Garden Camp-Nature Based and Waldorf Inspired Activities

Learning to Love Shakespeare: Othello

Animal Art: Realistic Panda Bear and Bamboo Sketch

Let´s Declutter and Clean up- Engaging Pre-Teenagers and Teens

Let's Learn Japanese 1.3: Katakana

Let's Learn Letters! (Ongoing)

*Crochet Project Based Learning- Turtle - A Beginner Level 2 Flex Class Ages 7-11

(Flex) Full Curriculum: 3rd Grade Grammar Journal With A Certified Teacher (PDF)

Grammar Camp for Middle School

The Psychology of Creativity: Theories and Tools for Gifted and Talented Teens

Social Science Flex Class

Axolotl Adventure: Life Science and Directed Drawing

House Plant Hangout!

Draw & Watercolor Paint Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Silkwing Luna

ASL I Session IV Conversation Practice Continued

Getting It Together Camp: Time Management & Organization

Terraria Gaming Club - Let's Play!

Acting Class: Private Acting Package 1 Hour

Acting Class: Private Acting Package 30 Min Teen

Film This! an on-Going Movie Making Hang Out

Card Making Class - Learn to Use Strips of Paper to Make Beautiful Art Cards

Artificial Intelligence (AI) : Machine Learning Programming

Mars Exploration Rovers

Ongoing Private French Tuition (30 minutes) With Kim for 5-10s. Spoken French +.

(Intermediate) We Play a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign 5th Ed.

How to Become a Better Sight-Reader: Read Music With Confidence (Flex)

8 Weeks of 1-Hour Private Acting Coaching Sessions (Ages 9-18)

4 Hands-On Experiments for Young Scientists (Flex)

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt and Show & Tell

It's Pipe Cleaner Art Time! (Beginner - FLEX)

American Sign Language ASL - Hands Speak (Flex) Ages 6-9

American Sign Language ASL - Hands Speak (Flex) Ages 3-5

American Sign Language ASL - Hands Speak (Flex) Ages 14-18

Mandarin Chinese Lesson for Young Beginners-Level 2

How to Use Midjourney AI to Generate Art (Mid Journey)

American Sign Language ASL - Hands Speak (Flex) Ages 10-13

Sharks~Book Club~Early Childhood ~Strengthen Reading Comprehension

Retelling History Through an Indigenous Lens: David Bradley

Mushroom House - Learn how to draw a beautiful Mushroom House.

The Spanish-American War: An American Adventure!

All About Insects~Science, Life Cycles, Research, Art, Reading Comprehension

How We Elect Our President Flex Class: Primaries to the Electoral College

Spanish for Kiddos - ¡Learn Español Conmigo! (Beginners Edition, Part 1)

Algebra 2 Prep - Summer Camp

Theatre Acting Skills: Fun Improv for 45 Minutes

Draw & Watercolor Paint / Color Star Wars Boba Fett

Magical Camp: Travel on Mermaid, Unicorn & Dragon Adventures & Make Art!

Sea Animal Art: Realistic Sea Turtle Sketch

Private Pilates Workout Session - Ongoing

Reader's Theater for Second Grade Readers

Have Fun Learning to Read in Spanish Part Il (for Preschoolers)

Wings of Fire Escape Room 3 - The Hive

Premium Suzuki Piano Private Lessons With Fun & Games

Preschool Weekly | Math Skills

Accelerate 3rd Grade "Back to School" Science Summer Camp - Get a Head Start | Prepare 2nd Grade Students for 3rd Grade Science

Draw & Watercolor Paint / Color Star Wars Grogu with Soup

Draw & Watercolor Paint Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Hivewing Queen Wasp

Private 15 Minute Lesson for Guitar, Ukulele, Harmonica, or Banjo

FLEX Beginner Cantonese: Young Detective Training Camp

1-on-1 Private Tutoring Acting, Presenting, or Confidence Building Class

Reading Comprehension Skills Course Private Tutoring

Where Is The Eiffel Tower? Book Summary and Stem Activity

Life Skills or Social Skills? I Think Both!

Spanish for Kids - Any Level - Private Lesson

Geography Study: Catch-Up on Captivating Continents!

Ancient Greek, Norse, Chinese & Egyptian Mythology: Learn & Play in Minecraft!

Accelerate 4th Grade "Back to School" Science Summer Camp - Get a Head Start | Prepare 3rd Grade Students for 4th Grade Science

Silly Sentence Parts Flex Class

Anime Appreciation Watch Club (TV14) Group A

Practical Homesteading: Geese for Young Learners (3-8) - With Live Geese!

Building Bricks Of Confidence

Pathophysiology of Diseases

AP Biology/College Biology (Advanced Placement Biology)

Star Wars: A Study of Human Rights

1 on 1 Immersion Russian Language Tutoring

Immersion Russian Club: Elementary Level - Early Intermediate, Hands On, Semi-Private

Responsibility? Who? ME?

Adventurous Level 1 D&D One-Shot

Level 6 Reading, Reading, Reading: Phonics, Fluency and Fun!

The Hobbit - A Novel Study

Learn the Piano for Beginners Age 7-11 (4-Week Course)

Learn the Piano for Beginners Age 4-6 (4 Week Course)

International Relations: United Nations VS. Aliens!

Pollinators: A STEM Class

Famous Artist Claude Monet

Beach Reads: A Book Club for Middle Schoolers

Beginning Guitar Camp: Level 1

Fairytales & Stories in Italian: 3 Little Pigs

Dinosaurs , Giant Creatures and More: Study of Life Through the 13 periods

Weird, Wacky and Yucky History

1-1 Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Through Art and Architecture - Ongoing

Descendants Singing Camp

World Geography Camp! - Country Studies - Once-A-Week

Age of Discovery—A FLEX Course on the History and Geography of the Renaissance in Europe

How to Be a Gladiator! Awesome Roman History

Augustus- Master of Leadership. How to Become an Emperor. Great Leaders Series.

Exploring the Natural World - An Elementary Aged Forest School Experience

World War I History in Minecraft

Ancient Rome History in Minecraft

Ancient Greek History in Minecraft

The Salon- Big Ideas in Politics & Government

World History: The European Renaissance

World History: The European Middle Ages

Anime Watch Party and Discussion!

Girl Hygiene 101: All the Dos and Donts

The Promised Neverland Escape Room

Gotta Catch Em All! Pokemaniacs Social Hour!

Animal Club: Fun Facts About Animals

(CAMP) Summer Vet Camp for Aspiring Veterinarians: Have What It Takes? (5-8)

Learn to Draw Cute Stylized Animals Quickly & Create a Folk Art Card

French 101: Intermediate French- Ongoing

Dinosaur Mania! Ankylosaurus Vs Stegosaurus

TechMentor Hub: 1:1 STEM Tutoring

Pointed Nose Shark Step-By-Step Instructions for Drawing and Colouring

1-1 Math Tutoring for Grades 1-5 (By Elementary School Teacher)

Exploring Astronomy and Astrophysics With Universe Sandbox (7-10 Year Olds)

Overlapping Birds With Pattern Background

Drama Games Club!

Let's Chat Social Conversation Class: Would You Rather?

Last Chance SAT Immersion & Preparation

Love to Dance - Speak Russian - Lessons with Ms. Irina

Guitar Lessons Beginner to Advanced

Seven Deadly Snakes!

Ongoing Science Class – Brain Games: All About the Brain & Body Systems (11-14)

Challenge The Teacher! A Toy Bricks And Strengths Building Club 10-14yo

Summer Debate Camp - Two Week Intensive for Beginners

American History Grades 3-5, Life in the British Colonies in America, Era 2

World History I (Full Year) - Part 2 of 4

World History I (Full Year) - Part 1 of 4

World History I (Full Year) - Part 3 of 4

Book-Free Book Club

Expansion of the U.S., Middle School American History Era 4 (1801-1861), FLEX

ART CAMP, Bookmaking: Make Your Own No-Sew Books From Just One Piece of Paper!

Art Camp : Pop-Ups 101 - Make Pop-Up Cards and Books! Paper Crafts

Draw Dragons Inspired by Wings of Fire Workshop

Beginner Watercolor Animals (Flex Class) Part 8: By the Painting Panda

Beginner Watercolor Animals (Flex Class) Part 7: By the Painting Panda

Beginner Watercolor Animals (Flex Class) Part 6: By the Painting Panda

Beginner Watercolor Animals (Flex Class) Part 5: By the Painting Panda

Teens Learning Pod - Homeschool Portfolio - Full Curriculum - Neurodiverse Class

Kid's Organizing One-Time Class: Fun and Games While Cleaning Our Room (5-8)

Dinosaur Step-By-Step Instructions for Drawing and Colouring

Digital Art Summer Camp (Procreate) - Intermediate

Be Vocabulary Wise With Wordly Wise Grade Six Part One

History Herald: Exploring the Cold War - US & Soviet Union Relations After WWII

Reading Between the Lines: Understanding Inferences

I Was There… With Shakespeare at the Globe: A Creative Writing Trip to the Past.

Grandmaster's Private Chess Lesson

One-On-One Math Confidence Tutoring (1C)

Spanish for Kids - Any Level - Private Lesson

Semester Long Middle School English Language Arts Writing Course Part II

History Jeopardy

Geography: North America: Mexico, Canada, and Central America

Harry Potter Book Debate: Ranking Characters

Let's Learn Greek - Part 2!

Private Acting Lesson

3rd Grade Math Full Year Curriculum!

Beyblades Physics Classes: Take the Power of Science, History and Math to Battle

6th Grade Math Full Year Curriculum!

Digital Art Summer Camp (Procreate) - Beginner

Reading Comprehension Small Group Class

Seasons Morning Circle-Kindergarten-Waldorf Inspired Verse, Activities and Songs

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Book Club

German Beginners: Elementary

Small Group Private Tutoring! (Math and/or Reading)

All About Becoming a Vet!

Makeup/Extra Lesson for One-On-One Lesson Students

Multiplication Facts Practice and Fun: Multiplication facts from 0 to 12!

On-Going Primary Matrix Puzzles - Deductive Reasoning

Super Spanish Semester Class C

1-on-1 Tutoring for Organization/Time Management /Study Skills/Test Prep

Escape Math Island: An Escape Room Math Class

Private Public Speaking Coaching

Yoga for You (Private, 1:1 Class)

Leopard Gecko Enthusiasts Club! (13-16)

Math Mystery: The Case of the Subtracting Seashells

1-on-1 Acting Class- How to Perform Mime

(3-Days) Magic Tree House: Power Read & Discuss | Dinosaurs Before Dark (Bk #1)

Make-It With Paper: Camp Edition

One on One Music Class Ages 9-14

Master the Secrets of Powerful Presentations. (Public Speaking Essentials)

Ancient Egyptian History in Minecraft

First Grade Math Meeting Camp 3

1:1 Creativity and Accountability Coaching

10 Drawing Exercises to Increase Creativity and Mindfulness

Level One: Learn the Hebrew Alphabet, Join Any Week! (Ages 7-9)

1:1 Reading Assessment: Middle School Fluency, Comprehension, and Writing

1:1 Coaching -- Anxiety, Mindset, Mindfulness, Stress, ADHD, Anger, Etc. (25min)

Paint Like the Master Painters! Mondrian, Warhol, Hokusai, Thomas Kids Art FLEX

Fun Chemistry Science Camp: Introduction to Chemistry

1:1 Private Public Speaking Coaching for Beginners - Open to All Learners

Homeschool Community: Elementary Social Club for Ages 7-10 (Ongoing)

Super Math Strategies: Private Tutoring

Celebrate National DNA Day!

Camp Constitution - Articles, Amendments, and US Constitutional Law

Let's Experiment With Watercolor: Basic Techniques to Try

What Really Happens During Sex? (Boys, Advanced)

What Really Happens During Sex? (Girls, Advanced)

Seeing Stars(Lindamood Bell)- Using Symbol Imagery for Reading and Spelling

Debating and Public Speaking, Toastmasters

The Old Man and the Sea - A Novel Study

Pets From the Past: A History Class

Private Latin Lessons (30 Minutes)

Homeschool Middle School Modern World History

Herb Garden 101! Growing, Harvesting and Preparing Home Grown Herbs!

Flex Class: Building Better Writers (Grammar & Style)

Art Drawing Still Life and Art Supplies Tutoring

One-On-One Private Art Class With Teacher Veronica

Feeling Positive about Negative Numbers!

Let's Simplify Expressions in Algebra!

Arithmetic Hacks for Mental Math Power! (Series)

Tutoring for Math, Science, Reading, or Writing Tutoring Pre-K to 2nd Grade

Individual Piano Lessons With Miss Canda Ages 8-12

Elementary Tutoring One on One 3rd - 6th Grade Math Reading Science Writing

Junior Bakers: Magical Cooking (Recipe Set 1) FLEX

Venn Diagrams~Insects and Amphibians -Science, Art, Literacy

"Freckle Juice" Reading Club

Elementary and Middle School Math Tutoring 1:1 Learning Your Way!

Beginner French Camp: Travel the World!

Let's Go Shopping: Identification and Application of Money

Art with Ms. Amy: Creating with Procreate- FLEX

Phonics Fun - Recognizing, Reading and Writing Short Vowel Words (Flex Class)

FLEX Preschool French Immersion: Animals

Writers Workshop High School Age/Level: The Art of Writing Essays and Papers!

Middle School Age Group Writers Workshop: The Art of Writing Essays and Papers!

Pythagorean Theorem

Kitten and Cat Training Camp: Is Animal Training Just for Dogs?

Among Us Social Club: Play on a Safe, Private Server (Ages 8-12)

Fast Creative Writing Prompts

Art With Miss Una: Paint Like a Master Artist, Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh and more #Creative (Flexible Class)!

Bird Basics: Can You Build a Nest?

Second and Third Grade Paragraph Writing: Master Writing the Opinion Paragraph

Dr. W's - Private- 1 On 1 Tutoring - Prior Approval Required

Plan It Out! Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

Draw and Paint a Portrait of Your Dad for Father’s Day

Individual Social Studies Tutoring

Learn About Judaism: What Is Purim?

Beyond Sound It Out: Advanced Phonics (FLEX)

5th Grade Math, Ongoing

Join a Minecraft Weekly Club Supporting Girls (Java Edition)

Drawing Summer Camp

Doodling - Art That Anyone Can Do

SAT and ACT Grammar Camp (Ages 14-17)

Private Audition Coaching w/Professional Stage/TV/Film Actor

Executive Functioning Camp for Littles

Mimic the Masters -Art History, Artists & Their Methods - Semester Ages 6-10

Mimic the Masters - Art History, Artists & Their Methods - Fall Semester Ages 9-12

Level-Up Chess Boot Winter Camp | Chess Tactics, Traps, and Strategies Class

Ongoing Individual Piano Lessons

Third Grade Summer Camp: Math Edition!

Animal Adventure: Five More Fantastic Small Wild Cats of the World

World War Two (WW2) History - The Holocaust: Understanding the Past

100个成语和商务汉语 100 Chinese Idioms and Business Chinese

Singapore Dimensions Math Pre-KA Flex

Marine Science Explorers: Oceanography (FLEX)

Mastering Non-Fiction Writing

Raised Bed Gardening on a Budget!

Drawing Class - Rabbit in the Garden

Conversational English (ESL) Let's Chat-In English!

Story Math: Delphine and the Decimals

6Th, 7th and 8th Grade Pre- Algebra Winter Camp.

Let’s Learn Short /o/ Words!

Tales With Fine Art: Art Appreciation Classes With Crafts (Pre-K-2Nd Grade)

Prep for Becoming an Adult: Life in the Real World (Everything Schools Should Teach, but Don't!)

Story Math: Fractions I- Adding and Subtracting Fractions on Frode's Farm

Jelly Bean Addition Fact Practice

The Sight Word Clubhouse: Weekly, Multi-sensory, Thematic Sight Word Practice

Teach Children About Anger, Techniques on How to Calm Down & Express Ourselves.

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