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New Classes on Outschool 2020-09-13

There are 444 new classes on Outschool the week of September 13, 2020 to September 19, 2020.

Join the Band to Write and Produce Music With Friends

Intro to Tap Dancing - Music From the Lion King

The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Celebration & Trivia

Intro to Tap Dancing - I Wanna Be Like You!

Fun With Tap Dancing

Halloween Party: Show, Share, and Socialize!

Pumpkin Details Craft & Creative Writing

Halloween Party! (Ages 3-6)

Part 4 - Flexible Schedule - Let's Make Disney Music! - Piano Lessons

I Talk, You Talk, We All Talk (Ages 9-11)

A Visit With Mrs. Claus: Christmas With Rudolph!

Dinosaur ABC (Phonics, Crafts, STEM, STEAM) FLEX

Ultimate Kindergarten Curriculum (Flex)

A Visit With Mrs. Claus: Little Christmas Elf!

Ongoing Alexander Hamilton Musical Theater Camp

Amazing Bird Adaptations

Grammar—Introduction to Sentences

Algebra Tutoring With an Algebra Teacher - I'm an Algebra Enthusiast!

Pre-K & Kindergarten Math: 10 Frames, Addition, Subtraction, & Number Comparisons FLEX!

Pre-K & Kindergarten Book Club: Learning Story Elements Through Reading FLEX!

Chess for Rookies: Defences

Phonics to Fluency: Playful Preschool Poems With the Letter of the Week

Teach Your Child to Read With Logic of English Foundations Review Games

Private Lessons on Clarinet or Saxophone!

Draw Kawaii People Faces and a Cute Girl Character!

Cruising for Skills - With Microsoft Publisher

One-on-One Math Tutor

Perfect Pattern Heart Art!

Grammar, Language Arts and Reading Club!

Football Trivia! Weekly NFL Class

Earth's Eye—A FLEX Geography Course on Lakes of the World

Math Strategies and Skills for 3rd-5th: Whole Numbers, Fractions, and Decimals

Finance For Kids: Building Wealth- Budgeting - Being Responsible

Baseball Trivia! Discuss Players From MLB Past & Present

Fashion Modeling 101 - From Bookings to Business!

Emotional Regulation, Working Through Anger

Let's Explore: The Red Panda!

Puberty... Yes I Said the P Word! (Boys)

Creative Drawings With Basic Shapes

I Talk, You Talk, We All Talk (Ages 4-5)

Life in the Early American Colonies

Montessori at Home: Math-The Golden Bead Work (4-9 Years Old) Flex Class

Conditioning and Technique for Dancers

Speculative Science : Dyson Spheres

African American History: Fredrick Douglas || Black History

Research Methods! Writing a Quality Research Paper Flex Schedule

Understanding The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe: A Poetry Analysis

Soaring Through Sixth 6th Grade Math (Flex) Q1

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Wild Animal - Chipmunk

Hands-On Science: Experiment With Cells! FLEX Biology

What Are Negative Numbers?

* Recess Time! * Social Skills and Opportunities to Play with Students of the Same Age Group.

Adventures in Overcoming Fear: Real-Life Strategies on Building the Courage

Pilates for Athletes - Once Weekly Edition

Duties of the President of USA: For Beginners.

Chess for Rookies: Introduction to Chess Part V (Endgame Checkmates)

Dog and Multiplication Facts

Private Lessons (25 Mins): Kodály Singing and Ear Training Unit One

The Write Stuff: Grammar/ Parts of Speech and Sentence Writing Made Fun!

Beginning Multiplication, Beginning Multiplication Facts and Arrays

Bring Your Dog to Social Circle Time

Art Adventures (Art-Music Synergy): A Relaxing Multisensory Club for Art Lovers

Doggy and Me Fall Party

Escape Room: (Un)Happy Holidays!

Dynamic Landscapes an Ongoing Exploration of Acrylics

Middle School Grammar: Semester Edition (Flexible Schedule)

Articulation and Diction Club: 30 Minutes

Building Social Club: Let's Talk, Build, Problem Solve and Show and Share

Mastering Math: Preschool Hands-On Circles, Triangles, Rectangles, and Squares

A Writing Class for Teens: Ongoing & Weekly : General Ed or Struggling Writers

Learning How to Name Chemical Compounds: Introducing Chemistry Part 3

Halloween Bone-Ified

Crazy Scientist: Fall Experiments!

One-On-One Tutoring for Struggling, Advanced, or ELL Readers or Writers

Ancient World Civilizations Flexible Schedule History

Guthriegabs About History and Social Studies 1:1 Tutoring and Review

Math Skill Discovery, Creative, Interactive Elementary Math...Together, We Can Do This!

Girls' Club: Conversation & Play for Social Butterflies (Extended Play)

Minecraft: Girls Club

Private 1:1 Science Tutoring

Dance With Me

Snowy’s Science Fun! - All About Caterpillars & Butterflies

So You Wanna Write a Book? (Creative Writing Club)

Private Classical Ballet Class One-To-One

Private Reading Tutoring for Emergent and Early Readers

Cats! Why Do Cats Do That? Learn About Cat's Strange Behavior. (1x/Week)

LEGO STEM Challenge: Build Your Best LEGO Robot (Ages 6-11)

Create A Rainforest: A STEAM Class for Young Learners

Kids Budgeting & Finance (FLEX)

Private Reading and Writing Tutoring for Grades K-5 (2x/Week)

Five Super Spelling Rules You Want to Learn

Cooking and Baking for Kids: Easy Desserts - Flex

Mental Math Subtraction Facts - Flexible Schedule

Five Little Pumpkins: A Seasonal Counting Class

Private Scratch Coding Lessons

Warrior Cat's Club! | Digital Art and Animation Edition!

Paragraph Practice for Beginning Writers

Cooking and Baking for Kids: What's for Dinner? Gluten-Free - Flex

Weekly Elementary P.E. Class

Master Your Writing From Brainstorming to Paragraphs

Draw It: Halloween Cat

Fiction Writing: How to Write Stories People Will Want to Read! (Ages 9 To 12)

How'd That Start? The History of the Jack-O-Lantern

Oscar Wilde's The Nightingale and the Rose: An Analysis of Sacrificial Love

Oscar Wilde's The Nightingale and the Rose: An Analysis of Sacrificial Love

Fantastic Finger Knitting: Intro to Crochet and Needle Knitting

German for Beginner Part 3 / Travel Special

Stories Galore! How to Write (Great) Short Stories

Human Body Parts; Learn About Interesting Body Parts, Create Coordinating Craft

Parlez-Vous Français? French Conversation Club for Advanced Beginners

Let's Explore Autumn: Learn About Facets of Autumn With Coordinating Craft

Problem Solving: A Study of People Who have Changed the World with Group Project

Conversations of Space Club:Secret Space Programs-Extraterrestrials-UFO’s & More

American History: States History Weekly (Ages 8-11)

All About Feelings, Friends and How to Get Along

Getting To Know American Girl Rebecca & American Immigration Daily Life In 1914

Reading and Writing: Say, Speak and Write English Grammar -Ongoing

Why We All Need Ubuntu - African Philosophy

Italian With Native Italian Speaker

FLEX: Little Ninjas: Martial Arts Inspired Movement and Play, Month 2

1-on-1 Learn to Write Letters A to Z

Advanced Guinea Pig Care!

1:1 Acoustic Guitar Lessons - Ongoing

1:1 Violin or Viola Lesson - One-Time

1:1 Violin or Viola Lessons - Ongoing

The REAL Grimm Fairy Tales - A Bedtime Read-Aloud for Big Kids

1:1 Private Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons for Ages 4-7

Ongoing Spanish Introduction Course for Young Learners (6-8)

Mastering Math: Hands-On Preschool Create and Count

Numbers and Counting: Weekly Circle Time

I've Heard That Before! Music Written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart You Might Know

All About Money

Second Grade Phonics Spelling, Reading & Writing Reinforcement Ongoing Class

Write On! Study Hall - Read & Write (Ages 10-13)

How to Draw: Baby Disney Characters FLEX Directed Drawing (Baby Yoda, Stitch, Olaf)

Apple and a Knife/Drawing/Pencil Shading/Sketching/Art

Problem Solving for Mathematicians: Geometry Math Workroom

¡Buenos Dias! ¿Como estás? Bilingual Morning Meetings with Letter of the day

Let’s Get Literary! Introduction to Short Story Creative Writing

What Is a Narwhal (Unicorn of the Ocean)? (Ages 8-12)

Let's Draw: Semi-Realistic Female Face

Let's Review How to Tell Time: One on One Individual Tutoring Session

Superhero Play with Agent K

Beethoven's 5th Symphony: Four of the Most Recognized Notes in Classical Music

Yes! Daily Pre-K to Kindergarten Social Circle and School Preparation Class (Age 3-6)

I Talk, You Talk, We All Talk (Ages 6-8)

Speech Writing & Creating a Google Slides / Power Point Presentation- FLEX Class

Personalized Preschool/Kindergarten One-On-One Tutoring

Journal Club: A Place to Journal, Share, and Make New Friends

Coding for Beginners Part 2 - One Time

Private ESL (English as a Second Language) Tutoring

Coding for Beginners - One Time

Reading, Writing, English and/or Math 1:1 Private Tutor for Pre-K to Grade Four

Pug Fiction: Weekly Writing Prompt

Whodunit? Math Mystery Fun (Ages 9-11)

Private Saxophone Lessons

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin, From Seed to Pumpkin

Wonderful Watercolor Flower Art With Emil Nolde!

Curiosity Corner Preschool - Show and Tell

Let's Try Something New: A Building Club in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Private Clarinet Lessons (All Levels!)

Coding Unplugged Halloween for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

Draw a Dog: Golden Retriever Puppy Sketch

The Seven Stunning Continents

Simple Strokes for Little Folks (Ready for Writing)

1 on 1 Tutoring for Japanese 1- AP Japanese (45 Min)

Italian ll: Learn to Speak, Read, Write in Italian With a Native Speaker.

Teddy Bear Talks in French! French Pre-K Circle Time for Beginners

Anything I Can Write, You Can Write Better.

8-Week Pencil Sketching - Figure Drawing & Anatomy

Crates and Barrels 3d Modeling 101

Unicorn Story Time & Drawing Class

Crates and Barrels 3d Modeling 101

Draw Cute Dogs Anime Kawaii Style! Draw Corgi and Pug Puppies

Bluey Drawing Club: Let's Draw & Discuss Your Favorite Episodes!

An Introduction of Creating Your Own Dance Choreography!

I Like Myself

Beginner Japanese Language and Culture 01

FLEX How Money Works: Understanding Financial Literacy: Banks + Credit Cards 8W1

Calm and Controlled: Techniques to Calm Bodies and Minds (3 - 5 Year Olds)

The Troubling Side of Roald Dahl: Can We Separate the Art From the Artist? 8-11

Discoveries in Science 2

Private Tailored Lesson With a Native Speaker - Mandarin Chinese (Multi-Day)

Read and Draw Escape Room Camp- Wings of Fire Book 2

Pokémon and the Amazing Evolutions of Eevee

Hablamos español! Beginner Spanish Level 1

Beginning Piano Class, Level 1B (Ages 10-13)

The Power of Mistakes: How Being Wrong Can Put You on the Right Track

Relaxing Through the Rainbow: Identifying & Calming Emotions With Guided Relaxation

Drawfully Fun Draw With Me Series! - A Weekly Directed Drawing Class

Halloween Tidbits: History, Tradition, & Folklore

Beginner Reading ~Meet the Word Families~ Learn to Read

Real Life Pokemon! the Fun, Educational Way to Learn Science

Spanish Pre-K Skills for Beginners - Camp

6th Grade Math: Solving 2 Step Equations

Principles of Economics & Finance - Semester Class

Elf (the Movie) - Color and Chat

Snowy’s Circle Time Fun!

Ongoing Private Piano Lessons

The Grinch Color and Chat

Journal Buddies: Weekly Journal Writing for 6-8 Year Olds

Individual Tutoring: Learn the Love of Reading!

The Magic Candle Cake Shop Needs Cake Makers! (Ages 3-4)

The Polar Express - Color and Chat

Top Science Tutor: Expert Science Tutoring & Test Prep for All Ages

1:1 Ongoing Private Music Lessons in Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, or Voice

Math: Let's Learn About Roman Numerals

Fashion Design & Illustration Club : Vogue Style - All About the Dresses

The Basics of Drawing

Investment Club for Teens: Stock & Real Estate

Math: Place Value

Learning ASL: Beginners Part 3 Ages 9 To 12

Learning ASL: Beginners Part 3 Ages 5 To 8

Learning ASL: Beginners Part 3 Ages 13 To 18

Bienvenidos! Intermediate 2 Spanish FLEX

Coloring Conversation Club - Teens

Diverse Dinos (Flex Class)

Making Cake Mix Cupcakes Better (Stand Alone): Oreo

Stretch My Sentence

Coloring Conversation Club - Ages 5-7

One-On-One ASL Lesson

Practical Homesteading: Farm Kid Chat Social Club! (Ages 10-14)

Encanto- A Bilingual Experience

"Will It Sink or Float?"

Draw with Mrs. Howard ~ Disney Princess "Jasmine" from Aladdin

Avatar Drawing Camp: Learn to Draw ATLA Characters While Hanging Out With Fans!

Bluey Drawing Camp: Draw 10 Bluey Characters Using a Step by Step Method!

Piano Music Class 1 - (Part B) Beginner / Intermediate Level

One Private Music Lesson With Mrs. M: Voice or Violin! (Ages 6-18)

Summer Camp: Spelling Rules for Older Students That Struggle With Spelling

Current News Events From Around the World

Making Cake Mix Cupcakes Better (Stand Alone): Fluffernutter

History of the European Witch Hunts

Draw It: Hummingbird

Let's Talk Horses - Social Club for Horse Lovers (Ages 7-9)

English Comprehension Tutoring 1:1 from certified ELA and Special Ed. Teacher

Level 2 Math Facts Made Easy: The Touch-Point Method and Other Tricks!

Arduino Coding Part 3: Using Electronic Actuators in Engineering Projects

English Writing Tutor (One 45-Minute Session per Week)

Private Guitar Lessons

High School Chemistry Tutoring

Fun Aerobics & Dance Class With Courtney Moore, the NEW 80's American Girl Doll

1:1 Mathematics

Math Detectives Unite: Solving Mysteries One Case At a Time (ongoing 4th/5th)

Twirls and Tutus: Creative Movement for Ages 3-4

Preschool Fun: Let's Learn to Read! Part 1 Reading With Learning Dynamics FLEX

What's for Dinner? #6 (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

High School Literature Classics From Recommended Reading Lists - Class A

Greek Mythology Club: Minor Gods and Goddesses

EYFS Learn and Play! Circle Time Class

Calm Stress by Calming Your Amygdala

Critical Thinking: Essential Skills in School and Life!

Magic Tree House Novel Studies: Animal Adventures (Part 1)

FLEX Enrichment: Vocabulary Supersleuths With Greek and Latin Roots Part 1

Research and Write a Persuasive Essay - Flex Class

Lore and Legends: Spooky Characters in History (Flex Class)

Escuelita de Español (Spanish Little School)

"Preschool En Español" (Age 3-5)

Beginning Math - Kindergarten and 1st Grade

"Funny Money and Strange Change": Learning by Riddles, Games and Word Problems!

1:1 Private Writing Tutor: Academic + Creative

Christmas Sight Word Bingo: 2nd Grade

Brain History: From Phrenology to Cognitive Neuroscience

Counting to Ten in French - Language Class for Early Learners (3-5 Years Old)

Private Reading and Spelling Tutoring With a Certified Elementary Teacher 1:1 Ongoing

Minecraft Social Club

Trapped in Bowser's Kingdom: A Mario Escape Room of Puzzles and Nintendo Trivia

Future Chef's Cooking & Baking Class (Weekly Club)

Easy Cooking for Little Learners: Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites

Spanish Halloween- Trick or Treat with Beginners

Yumm! - Baking Basics: Holiday Orange Buns

Brick Building Social Club, Ages 4-7

It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse! - Kids Dress up, Story and Craft Time With Ms. Tiffany

Angie’s Story Time Adventure: Stone Soup

Ongoing Private Voice and Music Theory Lessons

Creative Writing for Young Children Part 4

Let's Learn About Figurative Language: Seriously Fun Oxymorons!

Ongoing Private Voice/Singing Lessons

Art History - Famous Artists and Art Movements, (Ages 10-14) With Miss Una

Animal Battle Winter Camp! Animal VS Animal - Who Would Win in an Actual Battle?

Critical Thinking Through Pictures

Kawaii! Have Fun Drawing Halloween Cute Spooks

Learn to Draw an Anime Girl Body and Customise With Different Clothing Styles!

Read Like a 4th and 5th Grader: Ongoing 4th and 5th Grade Guided Reading + Writing *Levels Q, R, S, +T

Fitness for Gymnastics, Cheer, Dance, and Martial Arts (Age 10-15)

Read Like a 3rd Grader: Ongoing 3rd Grade Guided Reading + Writing *Levels O+P

Stuffies Teach Social-Emotional Skills! Lesson 1 (Ages 4-8)

Read Like a 2nd Grader: Ongoing 2nd Grade Guided Reading + Writing *Levels M+N

Hauntingly Fun Writing

Semester Physical Science-Matter and Chemistry With Review Notes(Meets 10 Weeks)

Lego® Mosaic Art

D.R.E.A.M. (Do Right Each Audacious Minute) Leadership Club (Ages 11-14)

Grammar: Montessori Parts of Speech

Creative Writing Skills : Learn to Write in Different Styles

Read Like a 2nd Grader: Ongoing 2nd Grade Guided Reading + Writing *Levels K+L

Private ISEE or SSAT Test Prep - Math Sections

Individual Math Tutoring for Grades 5, 6, 7, 8 (One-Time Class)

Private ISEE or SSAT Test Prep - Verbal Reasoning and Reading Comprehension

Let's Draw, Build and Sculpt Dinosaurs!

Subtract It! Using Single Digit Numbers

Kindergarten Circle Time and Preparatory Literacy

La Charla - Spanish Immersion - Ages 11-14 - Ongoing

Illustrating Is Fun: Dinosaur World (Art Class) Summer Camp!

Lego Building With a Legoland Expert!

The Many Ways of Seeing: View the World With the Eyes of an Artist

The Many Ways of Seeing: View the World With the Eyes of an Artist

Little Singers: Ongoing Semi-Private Voice Lessons (Ages 4 - 6)

Three-Year-Old Preschool Readiness Circle Time

African American Inventors: Garrett Morgan | 3-Way Traffic Lights and More

Who Are You? Historical Biographies!

WWII History: SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber – Diving Into History

A Horrifying Holiday: Victorian Ghost Stories Winter Camp

What's in a Name? Learning the Reasons Behind Surnames

Spooky Art History 13+

Art Historical Costumes

Weekly Business 101 Club Class - How to Start Run Successful Business for Teens

2 Day Why Video Games Are Addictive Minecraft Roblox Etc Avoid Gaming Addiction

Influential Scientists and Inventors - A Scientific Book Club

Hollywood Filmmaking 101 (Ages 12-14) (Flex)

Middle School Essay Writing Flex Schedule

1:1 Private Ongoing Class: Drawing Cartoon Animals, People & Imaginary Creatures! Fun Character Portraits!

Holiday Conversation Bootcamp for Kids

Spanish Immersion: Conejos De Calcetin / Let's Make Sock Bunnies in Spanish

Let's Lego! Lego Addition

Drawing Anime! Lets Learn Anime While Drawing Anime Characters!

Review: Let's Practice Counting Money: Bills and Coins

American Girl Reading Club: Kirsten Larson!

Individual Tutoring in Piano/Keyboard

Review: Let's Practice Counting Coins (USD)

I Can Write: One-On-One Writing Instruction

Beginning Coins (USD): Let's Learn the Name and Value of Coins

Trending Tunes • Tik Tok Dance Class

Body Language & Tone of Voice. TEEN/TWEEN. Convey Yourself Properly.

High School Geometry (Part 2)

The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin: Story Time and Craft

Pokémon Go Gaming: Team Raid

Short Story Reading and Writing for Middle School

Totally New Capitalization and Punctuation #1 (as of 3/23)

Engaging Phonics and Phonemic Awareness for Readers FLEX Class - Group 1

New Improved Math Word Problems for Older Learners

Halloween Dance Party: Costume Share and Dance Class

Electronics and Coding With Micro:Bit - Ongoing Micro:Bits Experiments Club

Become a Successful Reader: Private One-On-One Tutoring

Draw It: Seahorse

Private French Horn Lessons (Half-Hour)

Learn to Read: Foundational Phonics for Beginning Readers

"Chill-Out" Art Social Hang-Out Club: Journaling with Art to Find Your Chill (On-going)

Literacy Supplement Semester Course (Grades 3-4)

Spooky LEGO Club: Weekly Halloween Themed Build Challenges

Roblox Adopt Me! Gamer Girl Gang Video Game Social Club

Prek Rainbow Camp!- ESL Friendly

1:1 Tutoring for K and 1st Grade: Reading, Writing, and Math (One-Time)

Ongoing Class: Tools to Improve Writing (ages 9-12)

Summer Bridge: The Art of Vocabulary and Grammar Ages 10-12

Tagalog for Littles

Private Math Tutoring - 25 Minute Session

Drawing Outer Space Creations with Basic Shapes (Beginner)

How Does This Work? (Applying Physics Concepts) [Older Age Group 11+]

Let's Write Creatively! Spill Out Your Imagination and Play With Words.

Beginner/Intermediate Basketball One on One Private Training

Rush to Brush Artistic Encounters: John Constable vs. Paul Cezanne

Mini Middle School Science: Cells (Flex)

Mini Middle School Science: Rocks and Minerals (Flex)

How Do I Hold My Pencil? (Ready for Writing)

Let's Get Creative: Advanced Stop-Motion Animation Jumping, Throwing and Flying

Multiplication for Beginners - Minecraft Multiplication!

3rd and 4th-Grade Weekly Math Club: Minecraft Themed Math Challenges

Biblical Literacy in a Secular Manner: Genesis

Zoology of Pokémon: Serpentology! Snakes in Pokémon and Our World (13-18)

Zoology of Pokémon: Serpentology! Snakes in Pokémon and Our World (7-12)

Could Jurassic Park and Jurassic World Come True, With Real Dinosaurs?

1 Day Crypto 101: An Introduction to Cryptocurrency for Beginners Taught by a Programmer

Night by Elie Wiesel - A Novel Study

One-On-One Math Tutoring (30 minutes)

Potions and Poetry

Very Valentine Shakespeare

Animal Attack Survival Lesson - North American Wildlife!

Black History: Not Your Average History Class with Sarah

6th,7th, 8th Grade Literature Reading Class: The Diary of Anne Frank Drama Unit

Exploring America Club! - A Different U.S. State Each Week

Gifted Middle School Language Arts Class: Sherlock Holmes

Hollywood Filmmaking 101 (Ages 15-18) (Flex)

You Are a Descendant of Someone: Starting Your Family Tree

Study Abroad: What High Schoolers Need to Know When Choosing a College

Descriptive Writing: A Silly Spooky Story

Mini Middle School Science: Matter and Change (Flex)

Individual Tutoring: Upper Elementary Math (Ages 8-11) 45 Minutes

Creepiest Crawlers

Leadership Styles 101

Life Science Human Anatomy - With Teacher Ashley

5th and 6th-Grade Weekly Math Club: Minecraft Themed Math Challenges

Individual Math Tutoring

Create Your Planet

Fun in 1st (Ongoing First Grade Social Studies & Science Themes)

Private Guitar, Piano, Recorder, and/or Music Theory Lessons for Beginners!

Kids Costumed Halloween Dance Party

Private Piano Lessons for Beginners, Ages 5 and Up

Draw with Mrs. Howard: "Knuckles" from Sonic the Hedgehog

Art With Miss Una: Watercolor Painting Art (Flexible Class)!

Individualized Reading Tutoring to Meet Your Childs Specific Needs

Dinosaur *Learn & Guess* Unboxing!

Private Tutoring Reading, Writing and Math

Grammar Jammer Semester or Drop-In; 3rd 4th and 5th Grade

Awesome Unicorn Adventures + Plus Art for Kids / Let's Draw & Share

Human Body Parts; Learn About Fun Body Parts, Create a Coordinating Craft FLEX

Weekly Ongoing Clay With Young Children: Ages 4-9

Introductory Level: Working With Clay, Ages 3

First Grade Sight Word Boot Camp

I'm a Kindergarten Reader: Small Group Reading for CVC Word Decoding & Fluency

Peppa's GIANT Pumpkin - Halloween Story Time, Show and Tell, and Craft

A Visit With Mrs. Claus: Frosty the Snowman

Symmetry in Nature- Bilateral & Radial Symmetry

In the Dark: Learn About Nocturnal Mammals, Create a Coordinating Craft FLEX

Private French Horn Lessons (Half-Hour)

Coding with Scratch: Let's Make Games Level 2

Young Writer's Workshop: Weekly Writing Composition

A Fantastic & Fun Halloween PreK Party: Pumpkins, Costumes, Games, & Story Time

Love 3D Printing? Weekly 3D Printing Club - Share Top Prints, Learn CAD and More

🎂🎬🏅How to Draw: Kawaii Doodles FLEX Class (Birthday, Movies/Hollywood, Sports/Olympics)

How to Draw: Tasty Kawaii Food| Art Class

Private Tutoring- 30 Minute Science

AP Lang Tutoring (60 Minutes)

AP Lang Essay Tutoring

Fall Craft: Turn Your Old Socks Into a Cute Gnome!

A Halloween Trip to the Paris Catacombs!

Write Your Name in Cursive!

Biblical Literacy in a Secular Manner: Kingship

Focus and Flow Pilates Fundamentals: Flex for Ages 11-14

Focus and Flow Pilates Fundamentals: Flex for Ages 8-10

Write Through Medieval History (Byzantine-Crusades): The IEW Way

About Black Holes

History Herald: Holiday Series~ Ancient Origins & Traditions of Halloween

Dissection 1 for Hands on Learning (ages 14-18)

Why November 11th?Remembrance Day/Armistice Day/Veterans Day with a Kahoot!

Coding Games and Animations Using Python- Flex Class for Level 1 -Beginners Only

Dog Man Supra Buddies - Directive Drawing and Chat

Dog Man CAMP - Draw and Write a Comic Strip (Level 1)

Junior Adventurers: Fantastic Friends (Fairies, Mermaids, Unicorns, Dragons)

Let's Talk About Minecraft - Halloween Edition

Tasting History: Cook With Your American Girl Dolls!

Self-Publishing & Traditional Publishing Help for Young Authors

Beginning Singing Lessons for Young Singers IV (1 Time per Week)

BOO-llet: Halloween Ballet (Dress Up & Dance Performance Monthly Series)-October

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