New Classes on Outschool 2021-12-05

There are 346 new classes on Outschool the week of December 5, 2021 to December 11, 2021.

Math Cats. 1st Grade Math Class for Cat Lovers with Ms Kitty Kat Meow McFluffy.

Reading Camp for Kids {Beginner Readers}

Beginner Korean 4 - Past Tense of Verbs and Pronouns in Korean

Amazing Facts About Elephants!

Cuckoo Cuisine (An Unofficial Druidawn® Sidekick Adventure)

Art Time for the Kids!

Magical Princess Stories, Crafts, and Games, Vol. 2! (Ages 3-8) | 4 WEEK FLEX Class

Stress-Free Chess Camp: Learn to Play Chess Fast for Complete Beginners (9-12)

Magical Frozen Stories, Crafts, and Games with the Snow Sisters!, Vol. 1 (Ages 3-6) | 4 WEEK Princess FLEX Class

Magical Stories, Crafts, Recipes, and Games With Alice in Wonderland! | 4 WEEK FLEX Class

Learn About Ancient Art and Create a Cave Painting!

Math Made Easy: Addition

Create Your Own Mini Musical Junior Camp

Intro to Video Editing using the Apple Clips App (for iPad or iPhone)

Angie's ESL Phonics Class A-Z

Aluminum Can Crafting- Rocking Chair

Create Your Own Mini Musical Camp

Let's Learn Japanese 1.6: Describing Friends and Family

Biology Colouring FLEX - Neuroscience Topics

ACT 4-Week Prescriptive Prep Class

Creative Science Group

Introduction to Animation With Procreate | Create a GIF | Procreate 101

Immersive French - Assessment (15 Mins)

Pokémon Chemistry: Nuclear Energy and Radioactivity

Fractions: Finding the Least Common Multiple (LCM)

Division: Interpreting the Remainder

Individual Latin Tutoring - Half Hour, Two Meetings per Week, Ongoing

Brainteaser Challenge

The Hunger Games - Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Novel Study & Movie Adaptation

Cooking and Baking for Kids - Easy Desserts - Dirt Pudding - Live Class

Drawing Dragons Inspired by Wings of Fire - Chibi Edition

Foundations in Geology

Book Talk: Moon Over Manifest

Zentangle Art Class Foundations: Learn to Draw Fun Patterns for Relaxation

Intermediate Korean 2 - Adjectives

Noon Year's Eve Party With Happy New Year Games and Activities

Public Speaking Club: Learn to Improve Public Speaking and Debate Skills for Beginners!

Chemistry Class for Middle School to High School Standards Based

Finger Knit a Cute Butterfly Hair Tie

Winter Wonderland (3-D Paper Trees)

Private Tutoring - Social Skills for Shy Teen Girls

Intro to Movie Magic (Film School for Kids)

Pride Reading Program Orton/ Gillingham Approach For Struggling Readers - PART 1

Private Math Tutoring - twice per week

Stop Motion Animation: Ongoing Live Weekly Challenge Space

Decorative Plate as a Unique Colored Drawing

Introduction to Garageband on the iPad (or iPhone) - Live Loops

Wild Animal Science: The Arctic Polar Bear (Ages 8-10)

Gaming Club: Let's Play Minecraft on Bedrock: Build, Socialize, & Have Fun! (Ongoing)

Photography 101 - A Photography Course for Beginners

A Dangerous Trip Around the World: Avalanches, Forest Fires and More!

Order of Operations, Integers, Equations and Graphing... Oh My! FLEX Version

1:1 Math Tutoring With Certified Teacher (60 Minutes)

Ukulele Story Time for Beginners

Shoe Tying!

Happy Birthday, William McKinley! a Celebration of the 25th U.S. President

Happy Birthday, Franklin D. Roosevelt! a Celebration of the 32nd U.S. President

STEAM Science Adventures Through Modeling Dough & Clay

Intermediate Japanese Level 3 (Once a Week)

Fun Time Violin Course

Guitars Unleashed for Beginners: Master Guitar Basics and Playing Songs

Snowy's Number 11 Fun!

The Owl School of Wizardry: Escape the Polar Express

Intermediate Korean 1 - Prepositions and Conjunctions

"Morning Circle with Miss Feather" 1 Day Class!

Sunny Side up Breakfast Club" With MS Abby

This Day in History: Breakfast Crew

How Do I Work This? A Beginner's Guide to Working Your Sewing Machine

Drawing Technique: 3-D Drawing 2 PT Cityscape

1-1 Private Ongoing Math Help and Practice - 50 Minutes

Summer Writing Class (Self-Paced)

Science Challenge: Escape From the Tomb of the Pharaoh

Private Cursive Writing Class: Learn to Write the 26 Letters in Cursive

Bonne Annee! New Year Celebration in French!

Nature's Wonders: The Science Behind Blue

Spelling Bee Club (Ages 11-15)

Montessori Math Time: Static Division With the Stamp Game

Pre Kindergarten - Private Tutoring

Merry and Bright Dotted Holiday Nail Art: Very Beginner Friendly

Anime Drawing: Drawing a Full Body Anime Boy With Proportions for Beginners

Private 1-1 Math Help and Practice - 25 Minutes

Private 1-1 Reading, Speaking, and Grammar Tutoring - 25 Mins

1-1 Private Ongoing Reading, Speaking, and Grammar Tutoring - 50 Mins

Advanced Writing: Powerful Paragraphs for Middle and High School Writers

Winter Party Fun! Story Time, Song, Activities, Letters, and Snow Globe Craft

Candy Cane Chemistry: Exploring Physical Science & the Scientific Method

Holiday Elf Puzzle Escape Room

Self-Esteem Building Social Club for Girls!

Birdwatching: Thirteen Birds Every Child Should Know

Cute Chibi Princess Drawing Club (Ongoing)

How to Write the Perfect Paragraph Step-By-Step and Guided Practice (Ongoing)

Christmas Holiday Game Party

Pastels Drawing Snowy Owl - Animals Fun Drawing Club (One-Time)

The Words for Kids Workshop

French for Young Learners: Ongoing Sessions Tutoring 1:1 (60 minutes)

Portuguese for Young Learners: Ongoing Tutoring Sessions 1:1 (60 Minutes)

Discover the Middle Ages, World History and Art (Part 2) - Semester Class

The One Ring RPG: Role-Playing in Tolkien's Middle Earth

Full Year of 1st Grade Math in One Semester ( Montessori Approach)

Introduction to Environmental Science for Primary Grades With Note-Taking

Fun With Watercolor Painting Summer Camp #5: Blue Whale, Flamingo, & Hummingbird

Acting the Scene: Learn to Analyze, Deliver & Win the Part! ESL Friendly

Gaming Club: Let’s Play Fortnite, Social Time for Fortnite Players! Ages 9-12

Introduction to Environmental Science Middle Grades With Note-Taking

1st Grade Fun

Horse Draw and Paint Art Class

Elementary Homework and Tutoring

Reading and Writing With Purpose - Classic Literature

Happy Birthday, Richard Nixon! a Celebration of the 37th U.S. President

ESL (English Language Semester Course) With Teacher Daria (5x/Week) 1:1

20 Weeks of Hands-On Science

Math Tutoring Blitz

Making Plastic Christmas Ornaments Out of Milk

Python Coding |Level-4| Software Test Engineering With Advanced Python Concepts!

Women's History Class (Self-Paced)

Happy Birthday, Kansas! a Celebration of the 34th State of the USA

Happy Birthday, Michigan! a Celebration of the 26th State of the USA

Carrie's War Book Club (British History) Taught by a UK Teacher

Rock, Country, Rhythm & Blues, How They All Fuse!

Christmas Themed Piano Camp for Beginners, Level 1

Beanie Boo, Squishmallow, & Stuffy Social PALS: Play, Art, Learn & Sparkle!

Creative Writing for 9 - 12

All About Silkie Chickens: The Fluffiest and Cutest Chickens on Earth!

Fitness for the Body and Mind

Drills & Skills Camp & Craft (Aerial, Front Walkover & Back Walkover)

Gymnastics Fun Handstand, Cartwheel, Front & Back Rolls Camp

You, Me, and Our Cameras

The Giver by Lois Lowry - A Novel Study

1-1 Math Help (pre algebra to pre calc) with a licensed math teacher

Candy Cane Chemistry (Ages 3-6)

Fashion Design: History, Vocabulary, and Drawing Club Ages 14-18

Travel to the Coolest Cities for Krampus and Krampusnacht

Happy Birthday, Millard Fillmore! a Celebration of the 13th U.S. President

Happy Birthday, Connecticut! a Celebration of the 5th State of the USA

Happy Birthday, New Mexico! a Celebration of the 47th State of the USA

Happy Birthday, Utah! a Celebration of the 45th State of the USA

Happy Birthday, Alaska! a Celebration of the 49th State of the USA

Happy Birthday, Georgia! a Celebration of the 4th State of the USA

Learn How to Draw Realistic Skills & Techniques Ongoing

Beginners Fun With Watercolor Summer Camp #1: Popsicles, Cupcakes, and Penguins!

Beginners Fun With Watercolor Summer Camp #2: A Cute Whale, Giraffe, and Panda!

Mathematicians at Work! Skill Building With Whole Number Operations (FLEX)

Mathematicians at Work! Skill Building With Fraction Operations (FLEX)

Mathematicians at Work! Skill Building With Decimal Operations (FLEX)

Ballet Music

Super Mario Brothers Digital Art Bootcamp

Persuasive Essay Writing Skills: How to Write About Your Opinions Effectively FLEX

Christmas Story and Step-By-Step Drawing (Santa and Christmas Scene)

Algebra 2 | Full Curriculum (2 classes/week)

Amazing Animals: Panda Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Fashion Design: Learn to Draw Your Own Fashion Figure in Proportion

Prompt Me: Creative Writing Class for Beginners

Builder's Club; Minecraft Building Power Hour (Bedrock Edition)

Fantasy Writing: Weekly Creative Prompt for Ages 9-11

One on One Private Lesson: Japanese for Beginners (Ages4~10) [Nikoniko Nihongo 1]

Fun With Watercolor Painting Summer Camp #4: Land and Sea

Dashing Holiday Nail Art

Private 1:1 Writing and Editing Workshop!

4-Day Camp for Note-Taking Practice: Take Notes With the Teacher

Write Your Name in Cursive in 20 Minutes!

🎄 Christmas Tree Drawing - Decorate your very own tree! 🎄

D&D Christmas Carol One Shot

Book Talk: Flora & Ulysses

Learn How to Draw Dogs - Realistic & 3D Cartoon Dogs & Puppies ~ Ongoing

Intro to Ukulele (Ages 4-8)

Art Class - Drawing Baby Animals

The Floor Is Lava Holiday Edition: The Gingerbread Man!

Book Club - Time Travel With the Merlin Missions Series!

Book Club - Little House #8 - These Happy Golden Years

Art Studio: Landscapes (Weekly)

Fix Your Own Lunch - Pea and Potato Burger

Reading: Beginning (Mini)

We Love Our Cats!

We Love Our Dogs Club!

We Love Our Cats Club!

Write a Gift: Step-By-Step Instruction to Create a Unique Gift, A Personal Essay

Beginning Writing, Phonics and More for 3-5 Year Olds (1 on 1 Classes)

Weekly Positive Affirmations | Confidence Boosting

Biology Class for Middle School to High School Standards Based

Nibbles, Sips and Journaling With Paddington Bear

Book Club - Little House #7 - Little Town on the Prairie

Book Club - Little House #5 - By the Shores of Silver Lake

Study Skills With Coaching and Encouragement LIVE Small Group Class

Book Club - Little House #4 - On the Banks of Plum Creek

Mixing Colors With Teacher Veronica

ASL for Beginners. Say No More and Learn a New Language Quickly! FLEX Age 11-16

Consumer Math Semester 1 - How to Live in the Real World

Gratefulness Gathering (Ongoing)

Creative Writing Club: Books and Short Stories

Beginner Reader Phonics Skills With Dinosaurs

Amazing Reindeer Fun (Science & Art) Christmas Ages 5-7

Amazing Reindeer Fun (Science & Art) Christmas Ages 8-12

Intro to Computer Science W/ Microsoft Makecode for: A New Project Each Week

Kids' Astronomy - Wonderful Bodies in the Night Skies of Christmas - Semi Private

Engaging Book Club: Among the Hidden - Book 1 of The Shadow Children

How to Draw a Fox!

A Fun and Imaginative Look at the Poetry of Shel Silverstein - Poetry Unit #3

Public Speaking for Teenagers - Story Telling

Book Talk: Dear Mr. Henshaw

The Church Forests of Ethiopia

All About Adding and Subtracting Like and Unlike Fractions (Ongoing Math Class)

Ongoing Note-Taking Practice: Take Notes With the Teacher for Ages 8-12

Introduction to French: Level 5 Beginner's French

Jojo Holiday Themed Dance Class - Beginner Hip Hop

Hexadecimal Colors 102: Colors for Coding and Programming - Secondary Colors

Hexadecimal Colors 101: Introduction to Colors for Coding and Programming

Ongoing Note-Taking Practice: Take Notes With the Teacher for Ages 13-16

Honors Geometry

Foundations of Geometry

Small Group: Ongoing Guided Reading for Levels M and N (Comprehension)

Ongoing Guided Reading for Levels O and P (Comprehension)

Discoveries in Science

Spanish Book Club! La Habitación de los Reptiles -A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Unsung American Heroes! Daring People you Should Know!

Ongoing Reading and Writing Success One on One Tutoring

Advanced Architecture-Real World Remodel (Live Class)

How to Draw a Winter Reindeer!

Let's Draw a Festive Christmas Deer!

How to Draw Flowers!

Singing for Beginners 2

5th Grade Winter II Quarter Math | We Can All Be Mathematicians! Q3

Karate Recorders Part 2 With Mrs. D

IEW Birds! Birds! Birds! Introduction to Units 1-5

Language Explorer, ESL for the Intermediate/Advanced Student.

An Exploration of Graphic Design and Editing Videos Using Canva (Level 2)

Dungeons & Dragons Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos

Explore the World With Geoguessr

Discover Africa: Let's Travel to Tanzania!

STEM Design- Creating a Space Shuttle

Private Tutoring: Creating Effective Study Habits and Organizational Skills

How to Draw Winter Gnomes!

Advanced Beginners / Intermediate French Club: Weekly Ongoing Class

Cuber 101: Learn to Solve the 3x3 Rubik's Cube, Handouts Included (Ages 9-12)

FLEX Acrylic Winter Painting Set 2: Create 4 Cute Art Acrylic Paintings!

Who Is/Who Was? Weekly Book Club and Reading Comprehension Camp

The Yellow Wallpaper: A Short Story Close Reading & Discussion

How to Draw Plants!

$5 Class! History of Amusement Rides : The Haunted Mansion

Let's Talk About Food! ESL for Beginners - Gain Confidence Through Speaking

Create an Origami Photo Ornament!

Crunching Numbers: Guided Math Story Problems (Beginner)

Minecraft Gaming Club (Bedrock Edition)

Algebra 1 | Full Curriculum (2 Classes/Week)

Penguins and Polar Bears? Do They Live on Opposite Poles?

Computer Basics for Beginners - Microsoft Office and Google Apps - Ages 8-12

Reading Skills and Strategies for Comprehension

Spanish Lessons for Beginners With a Native Spanish Speaker.

Roblox Gaming Club! Let's Play Shark Bite! One-Time Pop-Up Class

Mad Libs: Funny Winter Stories for Teens

Mad Libs: Winter Fun

Splat the Cat, Funny Valentine! Story Time and Craft With Teacher Dianne

Let's Create Christmas Magical Mischievous Elves! Polymer Clay Art Sculptures

Botany and Anatomy Exploration!

Middle School Math Tutoring and Homework Help (3 Days a Week for Two Weeks)

Pre-K Science |All About Weather |Rain | Wind | Snow | Lightning | Thunder |

Christmas Candy Cane Chemistry

Understanding Horse Body Language: Diving Deeper (14-16 Yrs)

Horse Back Riding Tips and Tricks: Understanding Body Language (Ages 12-15 Yrs)

Preschool Piano Class: Discovery Keys! (Introductory Class)

Karate Recorders (Part1) With Mrs. D

Private Harp Lessons for the Beginning Harpist

Book Talk: Bridge to Terabithia

French Immersion Beginner II: Expanding the Basics (7-10)

French Immersion Beginner: Basics (7-10)

1-on-1 Homework Help With a Certified Teacher

Intro to Theater: Comedy, Improv, and Imagination (Ages 10-13)

Honors Algebra 1

1-1: Private Reading, Speaking, Vocab, and Grammar Help - 25 Mins

Advanced Drawing - How to Draw and Shade Realistic Eyes!

The Creation of the World in Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Greek Mythology and Art

French Immersion Intermediate: Beyond the Basics

Winter Woodland Creatures Draw and Chat (Ages 6-11)

Beginner Reader Phonics Skills With Cute Cats

Splat the Cat & the Snowy Day Surprise! Story Time and Craft With Teacher Dianne

French Immersion Beginner II: Expanding the Basics

Beginner Reader Phonics Skills for Kids Who Like Ice Cream

Creative Writing 1:1 Tutoring by Author of 25 Children's Chapter Books (30 Min)

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl Nintendo Switch Club and Social Hour

French Immersion Beginner: Basics

Parol / Filipino Christmas Star Art

Writing Strategies Galore - Fiction, Nonfiction, Persuasive and More!

Private Chinese Pinyin Course (2x25 Minutes Meetings per Week)

AstroArt Workshop: Beauty of the Heavens

1:1 Private Reading and Writing Tutoring (60 Minutes)

Let's Learn Our Letters : ESL Learner Friendly

Let's Craft It! An American Girl Doll New Year's Eve Celebration

Morse Code Class 1: Learn To Send Secret Critical Messages Like Pilots From World War II (6-8yo)

Draw a Polar Bear Drinking a Frappuccino

Christmas Sing-Alongs Around the World With Teacher Cindy

Uke Party - Beginners Small Group Ukulele Lessons With Ms. D

Chemistry- Inside the Atom: Subatomic Particles, Isotopes & Ions (Ages 13-17)

Wild Animal Science: The Arctic Wolf (Ages 8-10)

Beginner B Gymnastics - Let's Flip! - Fundamentals for Young Gymnasts - FLEX

Learning Letters and Sounds With Cars, Trucks, and Other Transportation-Part 2

Book Talk: The View From Saturday

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet - Approachable Shakespeare for Teens!

Little Learners - Preschool Ukulele Class (Part 1)

Xylophones and Yo-Yos: Business Algebra From Santa's Workshop

Sing Your Favorite Song With Me

Advanced Anatomy and Physiology: Human Movement and Biomechanics

Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

The First Nurse: Florence Nightengale, the Lady With the Lamp

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Roblox With Friends! (Social Class)

Beginner A Gymnastics - Let's Flip! - Fundamentals for Young Gymnasts - FLEX

Painting as Kandinsky With the Geometry of Human Soul

Transition from 1st to 2nd Grade Summer Camp! Step Up to 2nd Grade Math! Get Ready for 2nd Grade!

Twas the Darkest of Nights - D&D 5e

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Grade Math Summer Camp! Step Up to 3rd Grade Math! Get Ready for 3rd Grade!

Digital Art: Animation in Procreate! Cozy Fall!

Island (An Unofficial Druidawn® Sidekick Adventure)

Summer Music Camp: The Lives and Works of Famous Composers

Prepositions of Place With Piccolo (next to & between) ELA/ESL

Transition from 1st to 2nd Grade Summer Camp! Step Up to 2nd Grade Reading! Get Ready for 2nd Grade!

Adulting 101: College Life Skills

How It's Made: Prosthetic Legs (Teen)

1-1: Private Math Help and Practice - 50 Minutes

Summer Camp: Wizard Academy on the Rainbow Path

Holiday Tunes on the Violin - Beginner

Black History || The Life of Nelson Mandela

Edgar Allan Poe: Seminar of an Early American Author

African American History: Civil Rights: Wade-Ins || Desegregating Beaches

High School: Writing Workshop (Flex Class)

Escape of the Grinch Cave! A Christmas Escape Adventure.

Building With Bricks Creations Club

One-to-One Math Tutoring Subscription

Mario Party Superstars for Nintendo Switch Party Crew!

Fashion Through the Ages 3

Learn Ukulele With Dave (Ages 9 - 13)

Snuggle Up and Read

Swahili For Beginners 107 of 108

Beat the Teacher! Play a Fun Sight Word Game and Practice Spelling Sight Words

Chemistry in Minecraft Camp! Level 1 ( STEM / STEAM Summer Camp ) #builder

The Bold Ones: Amazing People From History Part 5 Flex

Mr. Dan's Among Us Club

1:1 Fitness Training/Lightsaber/Tutoring (All Ages)

Chinese Lunar New Year Party! (Let's Celebrate Spring Festival)

Graphic Design Camp | Wonderful Winter Comprehensive! | Canva!

Beginning Crochet: Chain Stitch (Teen)

1-1 Private Reading, Speaking, Vocab, and Grammar Help - 50 Mins

History Explorers Part 1 Flex

Genres #2: Sleuth's Hunch - Mystery ELA Semester Course (6th, 7th & 8th Grade)

One-On-One Reading and Writing Support (Ages 12-13)

Beginners Conversational Spanish Lessons for Preteens and Teens: Part 1 of 6

I Just Got a New Guitar! Guitar 101

One-On-One Private Violin Lessons for All Levels and Abilities - 30 Minutes

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