New Classes on Outschool 2021-12-12

There are 275 new classes on Outschool the week of December 12, 2021 to December 18, 2021.

Pinkalicious Valentine: Pink of Hearts! Story Time and Craft With Teacher Dianne

Love, Splat. It’s Valentine’s Day! Story Time and Craft With Teacher Dianne

Third Grade Math Time

Drawing Club: Insects!

Strong Math Foundation - Fractions to Decimals and Vice Versa

Forensic Psychology (FLEX): Part 2

Learning the Art of Cursive Writing

Gathering for Japanese Learners

Reading Christmas CVC Words with The Polar Express

How Cancer Works (Future Doctors Course)

FLEX: 6th Grade Math Unit 1 (Number Sense)

Who Would Fly Santas Sleigh?? a Fish,Cow, or a Reindeer. Let's Find the Answer

Sea Fever - The Famous Poem by John Masefield

Middle School Vocabulary 1

Virtual Field Trip: Travel Across the World - Thailand

How to Make Friends and Nurture Social Relationships

FLEX: 6th Grade Math Unit 2 (Percent and Ratios)

Special Needs Social Class: Nonverbal, ASD, IDD, Cognitive Delay, Autism

11th Grade English and Literature Semester 1

Middle/High School Science: Microorganisms, Bacteria, Protists, and More!

Intro to Shakespeare Camp!

Engaging 1:1 Reading Tutoring- Phonics/ Decoding, Spelling, & Comprehension

Private Tutoring - Ongoing Reading Instruction With a Certified Teacher

The Science of Indoor Gardening

Writing Class (Sentence and Paragraph Practice)

Snowman Art Drawing and Shading/Winter

How Does the Human Body Work? Middle School Hands-On Biology and Anatomy Class

Rockin' Fun With Rhythm Cups - Nutcracker Edition!

Teen Needle Felt Fiber Arts Club (Ages 13-18)

Writing: Improving Weak and Adding Clinchers to Sentences in a Paragraph

Winter Animals That Live in Cold Weather!

Animal Crossing Holiday Party: Halloween!

Math Word Problems

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! - Understanding and Practicing Nouns and Verbs

Kids Minecraft JAVA Club With Mr. Infamousllama!

Biology Part 3

Biology Part 2

Animals From Australia: Let's Learn About Kangaroos, and Koalas!

Okapis: Are They Zebras or Giraffes?

Camp Fun: Penguin Fun

Creative Minecraft Building Club Hangout - Java Edition

Let's Draw a Dragon!

6th Grade Math Full Curriculum Quarter 2: Ratios, Unit Rate, and Algebra!

Goosebumps Book Club

Book Me! Reading and/or Math Tutor (Certified Teacher 4th - 8Th Grade)

Punctuation Marks: Intro to a Period, Question Mark, and Exclamation Mark (FLEX)

1:1 Private Math Tutoring

Money, Money, Money: Let's Count Money Together

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

Beginning Violin Foundations: Jumpstart to Playing!

Let's Get Creative!: Short Stories, Poetry & Art Activities

Diving Into First Grade Writer's Workshop (Ongoing)

Coco the Parrot Spanish Storytime Craft, Color, and Read-Aloud

1:1 Poetry Camp for Creatives

Halloween Escape Room

Time Management for Middle School

Fun With Cantonese! Conversational 1 (Beginner's Course) FLEX Class

Chemistry Part 3

How to Avoid Overthinking and Social Comparison

Chemistry Part 2

Bulgarian Language for Beginners Individual Lessons

Circle Time

* Big Ferocious Cats Drawing & Sketching! Lion, Tiger, Panther, Lynx: Flexible

Physics Part 3

Pixar Trivia With Kahoot

Physics Part 2

Strumming Around the Christmas Tree - Beginners - Guitar + Ukulele Camp

Mathlete Geniuses: Converting Fractions and Decimals

How to Thrive in Middle School FLEX

Shine Like a Star! 1-on-1 Acting Class & Audition Preparation for Teens

Mathlete Geniuses: Let's Multiply and Divide Fractions

Summer Camp Mathlete Geniuses: How Low Can You Go? Simplifying Fractions

One-to-One Math Tutoring 30 minutes

Drawing the Human Body: Sketchbook Art Club!

FLEX Full Year French - Level 1, Semester 1

Grade 5 - 6 Language Arts, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Writing & More

Beginning Phonics- Letter Sounds FLEX Version

Reading Challenge 2024 Flex

Let's Eat and Chat Social Time

Pre Teen: Graphic Design: Introduction to Canva - Digital Poster

Become a Master at Drawing Realistic Animals! Sketching Art Class for Ages 8-12

Current Events and Interesting Discussion Topics!

African American History | The Daily Life of the Enslaved (10-15)

Mural Painting and Famous Michelangelo

Dungeons and Dragons DND D&D RPG 5E Role Playing Game Campaign (Beginner/Int.)

Law School for Teens - Criminal Law - Ongoing Class

Summer Camp Mathlete Geniuses: Box Multiplication

Creative Writing Short Stories Ages 8-13--Tutoring 1 on 1

High School Curriculum Earth Science: Geology, Oceanography and Meteorology

FLEX: Building Better Writers (Junior)

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw and Paint Beautiful Winter Cardinals

Book Club on 'Treasure Island' by Robert Louis Stevenson

Dungeons and Dragons Beginner Academy : Intro to DND Rules, Classes & Characters

Party, Party, Let's Have a Party!

FLEX Summer Watercolor

Morse Code Class 1: Learn To Send Secret Critical Messages Like Pilots From World War II (14-17yo)

FLEX Procreate Skills Academy: Digital Art Beginner to Intermediate

FLEX: Winter/Spring Watercolor

Draw a Polar Bear by Draw So Cute

Draw a Christmas Puppy by Draw So Cute

English Language in MINECRAFT

*Fashion Design: ACCESSORIES! Designing Coordinated Footwear, Jewelry, Handbags

Anime Social Club

The Magical Holiday Nutcracker Party! (Story, Snack, Song And Coloring)

Reading: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Ages 8-12 #Academic

Anything BUT! A Creative Drawing Social Class

Math 1-On-1 G7-11 | Homework Help & Enrichment (30 Mins)

One Grumpy Elf- A Holiday Reader's Theater! Grades 2 & 3

Got History? 1:1 Tutoring (Grades 6-12)

Grammar Lessons: Punctuation Class

Affirmation and Reflection Class

"Little House in the Big Woods" Reading Comprehension and Literature Class

FLEX Acrylic 101: Creative Art Acrylic Painting Techniques!

Does a Stingray Sting? - Learn All About This Amazing Sea Creature.

Reading: Charlotte's Web Ages 7-10 #Academic

Reading: The Fantastic Mr. Fox #Academic

Ongoing Interactive Writer's Notebook: Super Sentences and Paragraphs

Reading: Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing #Academic

Be You & Become a Better Writer: Poetry Writing Camp

Be You & Become a Better Writer: Narrative Story Creative Writing Camp

Rudolph is Missing!: A 2nd Grade Math Christmas Mystery

Multi-Day Acrylic 202: Creative Art Acrylic Painting Styles! (Ages 9-13)

Precalculus | Art of Problem Solving (AOPS) | Full Curriculum

Cats, Cats & More Cats!

Foxes, Foxes & More Foxes!

See It, Say It, Read It! Phonic Phases 2 to 5 Learn to Read Class

Wolves, Wolves & More Wolves!

Draw a Penguin on a Surfboard

Weekly Guitar Class for Experienced Players

8th Grade Math Part 2: Graphing Linear Equations & Direct Variation *FLEX*

Weekly Cello Group Class for Experienced Players

Beginners Small Group Reading Club: Classic Fiction

Cosmetology Career Path ~ Life Skills for Success

Beasts and Heroes: Let's Explore Early British Literature

Introduction to Vocabulary Leading to Grammatically Correct Written Paragraphs

Ten of the World's Strangest Animals

Alphabet Yoga

Counting Mixed Coins: Let's Go Shopping!

Second Grade Math Scholar Summer Club

Fun With Graphs

What is Climate Change? Causes, Effects & Scientific Observations

Math Practice With Blooket (Ongoing Sessions)

Multi Sensory Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, and Decodable Reading With Digraphs

Advance Python Coding 4 Kids W/a Certified STEM Educator (CAMP)

3rd grade Full Curriculum with Science Experiments-3x a Week (FULL SEMESTER)

High Scores Listening

Film Studies: The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Experience Movie Club

English Basics and Standards for a Successful Semester (Ongoing)

New Years Escape Room (Ages 3-6)

New Years Escape Room

Reading Comprehension--Middle School

Dungeons and Dragons: Dragon of Icespire Peak

Let's Learn How to Pronounce Words! (Phonics-Phonemic Class)

3rd Grade Math

Vocabulary Practice Class

Mastering the Five Paragraph Essay: One-Time Writing for High School

Draw a Penguin & Lollipop by Draw So Cute

Draw a Polar Bear Unicorn by Draw So Cute

"What if?" Surviving the Improbable

ESL Tutoring- English as a Second Language Ongoing Private Lessons

ESL (English as a Second Language) Private Free Talk and Practice 1:1 (Ongoing)

Writer's Club: The Art of Creative Writing!

Kindergarten Summer Writing Readiness (2x/Week FLEX Class)

More Creative Writing for Young Children Part 1 Ongoing

Elementary or Middle School Math Tutoring/Enrichment Ongoing 1:1 Class

Science Fiction and Fantasy Story Writing Camp

Pre-Algebra Full Course: Ongoing (Three Days per Week)

Awesome Australian Animals- A Fun Zoology Class! (Ages 8-11)

Let's Play Guitar/Violin!

Cosmetology Career Path ~ Your Professional Image

Cosmetology Career Path ~ Communicating for Success

Engaging Book Club: Minecraft - The Woodsword Chronicles #1 (Into the Game!)

Writing: New Year's Celebrations, Plans, Goals

Writing: Winter: What My Family Holiday Means to Me

Gingerbread House Watercolor Drawings

Reading Comprehension--Elementary School

Amazing Rainforest Animals- A Fun Zoology Class! (Ages 9-12)

Exploring Science Biology: All About Cells, Cell Division, DNA, and Genetics!

Explore a Career as an Emergency 911 Dispatcher

Grammar Tales: When and Why Did the Horse Fly? A Lesson on Question Words

Limitless Language Arts for Young Scholars | Winter II 4th Grade English Block

6 Weeks of Stories From Today in History

Learn to Play the Harp!!

Princess Academy: Learning Royal Social Skills

Map Making: Draw a Magical Winter Map of the North Pole

Draw a Baby Unicorn

(Ongoing) Prefixes, Suffixes and Roots--Latin and Greek Foundations of English Words

Private Piano/Keyboard Lessons - Ongoing Class

Cosmetology Career Path ~ History & Modern Day Cosmetology

Join "The Traveling Teach" in the US on Virtual Field Trips (Ages 14-18) Ongoing

Long Division With Remainders Kahoot Game (Level One)

Say What? Idioms: What They Mean and How to Use Them.

Let's Speak French! French Elementary Level Classes (12-17 Years Old) - Level 5

Create a Picture Book Today in ONE Class With the Magic of AI!

Animate a Bouncing Ball in 30 Minutes

Art Journal Club: Drawing, Painting, Design and Collage

Beginner's Guide to Japanese III

Learn Spanish in Conversation & Play Acting With a Professional Actress.

Chicken Chat- Strange & True Weird Chicken Facts

Gross & Fun Poop Science-All About Farm Animal Poop

World History from 1700, Part 2

ASL is Awesome! Ongoing Intermediate Course in American Sign Language (Age 9-12)

Dungeons and Dragons: The Temples of Elemental Evil!

Getting To Know 2022 American Girl Corinne & Life On The Slopes Today

Ongoing 16 Week Magic Club Class for Magicians - Card Tricks - Street Magic - Show Magic 16W2

Furry Friends Forum

Critical Thinking 102: Truth Tables and Truth Trees (4 Week Course Pre-Teen)

Scientific/Standard Notation Conversion

ASL is Awesome! - Ongoing Intermediate Course in American Sign Language (5-8)

Solving Word Problems With 2-Digit Addition and Subtraction

Christmas Mystery Words: Beginning Sounds, Letters, and Handwriting

Pet Friends- Animal Show & Tell Social Time With Real & Stuffed Animals!

Horsing Around Club-Horse Body Language 101

4th Grade Math Review - Grade 4 Math - Ongoing Class

Draw Minecraft Characters and Tools! a Step-By-Step Drawing Class

Draw a Donut and Hot Chocolate

An Ensemble of Enthusiastic Etymologists: Latin and Greek Roots Class

Writing Under Pressure: Timed Writing Practice 101 for Teens (Semester Course)

Drawing The Koopalings - Advanced Super Mario Characters

Circle Time with Max & Jessy

Algebra 1: Factoring Polynomials (Binomials and Trinomials)

Tweens and Teens Cooking in the Kitchen Class - Soup, Sweet, & Side

Be a Math Superhero, Math Class With Ms. B

Be a Math Farmer With Ms. B

Economics Tutoring

Funny Skit Club for Young Comedians: Tools and Skills for the Budding Actor

Get Goin With Van Gogh Art Drawing Class! - Meets One Time

How to Read the Time on Analogue Clocks

Pokemon Fan Club: Show and Tell Edition

Learning to Ski With Mr. Magee! Story Time and Fun Craft with Teacher Dianne

Black History || America's First Black Doctor || James Mccune Smith

It’s Tween/Young Teen Time-Help Navigating a Journey of Emotions, Choices, etc.

Reading Tutoring Customized Lessons - Ongoing Subscription

Let's Draw The Grinch!

Introduction to Garageband on the iPad (or iPhone) - Smart Guitars!

I'm Alive! An Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology - High School Science

Stock Market Investing Introduction - 8 Week Semester Club

Pre-Algebra - Year Long Ongoing Class - Prep for Algebra I

FLEX Class D&D Star Tide Part 3: Pillar of the Giants Write and Play

Algebra 1 - That Was Easy! Semester 2 With Certified Math Teacher

FLEX: 5th Grade Math Unit 5 (Various Topics)

Making Connections - Christmas 1: Reading Comprehension Skills (Private 1:1)

Middle - High School Anatomy & Science | Medical Terminology (Private Tutoring)

FLEX: 5th Grade Math Unit 6 (Geometry)

Let's Draw a Dinosaur - Tricerotops!

Narwhal and Jelly Book Club: Book #6 - Narwhal's School of Awesomeness

Read to the Teacher!

Individualized Latin Language Instruction/Tutoring

Session 5 - Japanese for Kidz

Drawing the Fantastic Philadelphia Skyline With Pencils

3-D Christmas Ornaments

Elementary Math One to One Tutoring

Frozen Ballet Dance Class - 4 Week

Explore the Mythology of the Phoenix

Consumer Math: Practical Math Needed for Life! FLEX (Semester 2-Full Course)

Science Fair! Let's Make Real Science Experiments - Upper Elementary Grades

Book Talk: Hello Universe

Interactive Sight Words

Snowy's Letter Tt Fun!

Anime Drawing: Drawing a Full Body Female Anime With Proportions for Beginners.

German 1 for High Schoolers (Part 3 of 4) - full year academic curriculum

Roblox Gaming Fun With Friends!

Typing 102 - Top Row - Keyboarding - Learn How to Type - US QWERTY keyboard

Private German Intensive Tutoring Camp

Typing 101 - Home Row - Keyboarding - Learn How to Type

Beginner Morse Code Group: Communication When All Else Fails

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Book Club-Characters, Themes, Symbols, Vocab

Spanish for Young Learners: Ongoing Sessions Tutoring 1:1 (60 Minutes)

Small Group ELA Tutoring

Know Your Nations: Weekly World Geography Lessons

All About Volcanoes, Eruptions, and Lava!

Young Beginner’s Spanish Class- Fun Seasonal Themes- RUNS YEAR ROUND!

English Language Arts (ELA) 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade With Kahoot Game FLEX

Flex Course: Let’s Learn to Draw Chibis!

Explore Spanish Camp! ~ ¡Vamos al Mar! (Let's Go to the Sea)

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