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New Classes on Outschool 2021-05-09

There are 478 new classes on Outschool the week of May 9, 2021 to May 15, 2021.

Trinity College of Music: Music Theory - Grade 1 (Ages 8-12)

Mozart, Cassatt, Mendelssohn and More (Art, Music, and Literature) Flex (11-15)

Art, Music, and Literature Flex (7-10)

Hope - Art, Literature and Music Flex (7-10)

A Look at Poe, Dickens, Joplin and More (Art, Music, and Literature) Flex (7-10)

Classic Art, Music, Literature Flex (7-10)

A Touch of Class: An Appreciation of Art, Music, Literature Flex (7-10)

Beginning Art: Drawing Circle Doodles! (Ages 5-9)

ART CAMP: Galaxy Landscape Paintings

Poets, Playwrights, and Politics: The Writings of Ancient Rome (FLEX Class)

6th-8th Grade Art: Designing a Creatively Cool Character

Small Group Singing Lessons: Royal Conservatory of Music Prep Class (Preparatory Level A)

Let's Workout Like a Dinosaur!

Continuous Ongoing Latin and Greek Root Words to Improve Vocabulary Club

Cipher Code Breakers - Solve the Riddle

Continue Learning Spanish

Waldorf Geography: State Research and Report Class

Fractured Fairy Tales ~ Drama Plays

Monster Truck Math: Super-Sized Learning!

Beginning Art: Circle Doodles: Drawing Baby Dragons!

7th Grade Math Skills Camp: Learn, Relearn, and Review

Disney Fun! Moana Direct to Draw

Disney Fun! Toy Story Little Green Men Direct to Draw

Story Time & Drawing - Uh-Oh! It's the Unicorns!

Let's Read for First Grade: A Summer First Grade Prep Camp

Let's Read for Kindergarten: A Summer Kindergarten Prep Camp

Baking Desserts With Becky Flex Camp

Hands-on Preschool Phonics: Alphabet Fun With Letters and Letter Sounds 1x/Week

Biomes: Learn What Lives in a Desert, a Forest, the Ocean and Create a Fun Craft

ELA for Young Teens: Daily Lessons in Reading and Writing

Psychology in Society - High School Elective (Part 1 of 4)

FLEX CLASS: Draw Amazing Doodle Patterns!

Amazing Minecraft Hacks: Tips and Tricks to Make Minecraft Even More Incredible

Sketching Techniques for Aspiring Fashion Designers

Live Like a King (or Better!) Social Studies Lesson

Kahoot Geography Competition: United States

Kahoot Geography Competition: Europe

Kahoot Geography Competition: Africa

Kahoot Geography Competition: Asia

Kahoot Geography Competition: South America

Kahoot Geography Competition: North America

Unicorn Expedition Day on Helium Balloon, Drawing and Painting Activity

Kobolds in Aynoria: A Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Campaign

Learn Coding With Fun-PART5 to PART8-Nested Loops,Conditionals,Conditional Loops

Hello Spanish FLEX Class: Have Fun Learning Spanish Vocabulary for Beginners

Rime of the Frostmaiden (a Dungeons and Dragons, D&D Campaign)

Ongoing: Trivia Games Social Time

Curse of Strahd: A Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Campaign

From Beginner to Winner: Moves, Techniques and Strategies for Absolute Beginners

Fun Learning to Read & Write 2 Letter Blends & Digraphs Ongoing Learning

Kindergarten Prep Literacy and Math With Ms. Emily

Su 27 Flanker the Incredibly Maneuverable Soviet Fighter

Film Studies Camp: Write a Short Script/Screenplay to Make a Movie-Screenwriting

ELA for Tweens: Daily Lessons in Reading and Writing

Review: Beginning Fractions

Forces of Nature Camp -Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes (4X)

Kahoot Geography Competition: Oceania

Reading Comprehension and Fluency: "VersionQuest" You Decide How the Quest Unfolds! Ages 7-9

Get Into Harvard (and Other Top Schools). College Prep

Oobleck -- A Fascinating Science Experiment!

Be an Arctic Explorer and Learn About the Animals of the Ice

Journaling Club- 4th and 5th

Baby Yoda Drawing!

Talk About What You Want to Talk About: ESL Lessons That Are Student Focused

Film Studies Camp: Write a Short Script/Screenplay to Make a Movie-Screenwriting

Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt! Get Moving While Learning About Nature!

Learn Coding With Botley the Coding Robot - Camp

Self-control is my Superpower, with "Captain Marvel"!

Nature's Wonders: Is It a Reptile or Amphibian?

BAKE THIS! Desserts of Europe

Make your year: Beginning shapes part 2

Daily Grammar and Writing Practice for Teens

Make Your Year: Beginning Shapes

Shhh...Top Secret Calming Skills! (Relax in Secret)

Draw a Fancy Feather!

Paint Cool Summer Treats!

Summer Reading Camp: Finding Inspiration from Successful People (Ages 14-18)

I Can Name That State and Capital! Use Mnemonic to Learn United States Geography FLEX

The Amazing Rainforest Multisensory Sight Word Practice for Beginner Readers

6th Grade Math Skills Camp: Learn Relearn, and Review

Let's Learn About the Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah!

Let's Go Camping Sight Word Practice for Early Readers

Let's Go to the Beach Summer Sight Word Practice for Early Readers

Reading Skills Tutoring: Critical Thinking Skill of Reading for Inferences

Time for Beginners - Math Mystery Escape Room for Littles!

Oatmeal Carrot Horse Cookies

Let's Draw Rainforest Creatures/ Animals - Drawing and Sketching Club Ages 8-11

This Week in World News

Private Piano Lessons for Beginners Ages 4-9

Moving and Grooving! - Ongoing (Dance/Fitness/Yoga)

All About Bunnies ( For ages 7-10)

Stuffed Animal Storytelling Summer Yoga Camp

Inclusive Mythology: Pride SFX Makeup Series

Electoral College 2: From the Civil War Until the 21st Century

Private Spanish Tutoring

Electoral College 1: From Washington to Lincoln

Let's Blast Off to Space Camp

Blast Off to Space Camp

Drawing Camp: Descendants!

Roblox Friendship Class

Ongoing Tutoring for Young Writers - Private Session

Ongoing Writing Tutoring - Private Session

Anime Film of the Week Social Club - Otakus Unite!

Reading Workshop: Building Reading Comprehension and Fluency! Small Group

Lost Civilizations: Finding Da Vinci's Final Code

High School Ethnic Studies (History) Class (Semester-Long) PART 2

High School Ethnic Studies (History) Class (Semester-Long) PART 1

Doll Tween Clubhouse! LOL, OMG, Rainbow High & More! Friendship, Style & Activities Galore!

Intro to Apps Coding - Make Your Own Mobile Apps Level 2 (Twice a Week, 6 Weeks)

Chess for Beginners - Level 1 (Twice a Week, 5 Weeks)

Let’s Be Friends! A Social Group for Girls with (or without!) Autism

Let’s Be Friends! A Social Group for Boys ages 11 to 16 With (or Without!) Autism

1:1 Creative Photography Camp With Award Winning Photographer

Kid Chef Baking School: Let’s Bake Cupcakes

Littlest Chef Baking School: Let’s Bake Cupcakes

Drawing Technique for Aspiring Designers: Fashion Sketch Club (5-9)

Booyah!! I Totally Get it! | Algebra 2 Full Course - For Students Who REALLY Want to Master it! | (Ongoing Twice a Week)

Summer Reading Camp: Finding Inspiration from Successful People (ages 9-12)

The Water Cycle and Earth's Hydrosphere (Flex Class)

Weekend at the Shore in Paintings: Fine Art and... Craft!

Reptile Trivia Battle! an Exciting Science Game

No-Bake Lime Mini Icebox Cakes!

4th Grade Math Unit 5 (Fractions)

Stop the Grammar Police! Learning Grammar Through Games (Ongoing)

Cooking for Kids--Red Velvet Mug Cakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

Word Problems: Single-Step Four Operations With Fractions (5th & 6th Grade)

Elementary Science Course Pod - Semester 2

5th & 6th Grade Learning Pod - Full Curriculum - Section 2 of 4

Cooking for Kids--Funfetti Mug Cakes

Cooking for Kids--Chocolate Lava Cakes

Egg-Citing Science!

Spanish 1 Summer Review - Get Ready for Spanish 2!

Middle or High School Science Tutor-Four Sessions

Astronomy Explorers

Gumdrop Catapults: Christmas Hands on Science!

One on One Reading and Phonemic Awareness Assessment With a Reading Specialist

Easy and Fun Rainbow Cupcakes for Young Bakers

The Easter Bunny's on His Way!

Tell Your Story—A Writing Group for Neurodiverse Teens

Book Club - Book 2 (My Father's Dragon) - Elmer and the Dragon

Chess for Fun (Intermediate / Advanced Level) ~ a Social, No-Stress Chess Club

Find This Missing Person! Mystery Crime and Critical Thinking Skills 3 Day Summer Camp

Poetry Pairings: Movements, Eras, and More

Advancing German for Intermediate Speakers!

4th Grade Math Semester - 8 Week

Venomous Snakes of the Eastern United States

Redstone 101 With Dave: Minecraft Java Edition

Draw and Paint on Procreate: Private Tutoring Camp

Summer Reading Camp

Summer in a Zoom!

Mindfulness Magic: Practice Mindfulness and Create a Calming Glitter Jar!

Let’s Learn Nihongo! Japanese for Beginners 4

Ongoing Science for Young Scientists

Help!! I Need to Write an Expository Essay!

Let's Play Roblox Summer Camp! Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition Roleplay

Oatmeal Carrot Horse Treats

Drawing Spanish Vocabulary - Weekly

Singing Stars Club: Group Voice Lessons for the Young Performing Artist!

Color Scavenger Hunt and Show and Tell

World War II History: B-29 Superfortress – Its Design and Place in WWII

Etiquette, Manners, Social Skills, Oh My! - 4-Day Camp

One-On-One Chinese Tutor for Age 4 - 16 ( Ongoing )

The Road by Cormac McCarthy - A Post-Apocalyptic and Current Events Novel Study

Design Your Dream Zoo FLEX | (Zoology)

Wildlife Tour of the World FLEX | (Zoology and Global Ecology)

Royal Etiquette Camp: A Mini Manners Camp for Princes and Princesses

Flex Course Draw HTTYD Dragons Hobgobbler, Speed Stinger, Skrill, Submaripper

Royal Etiquette Academy: Life Skills for All Princes and Princesses

Lets Draw an Anime Girl, Anime Body and Anime Clothes! Flex Bundle Version

All About Astronauts: Reading, Writing, and Drawing

U.S. History: Exploration Through the Revolution for Ages 10-12 (Semester-Long)

U.S. History: Revolution Through Reconstruction for Ages 10-13 (Semester-Long)

Super Solar System: Astronaut Circle Time With Sharing, Reading, and Drawing

Middle School Chemistry Full Curriculum Semester Long Science Classes

All About the Stars, Comets, Meteors, & Asteroids: Reading, Writing, and Drawing

Wildlife Tour of the Amazon Rainforest | (Tropical Ecology) (Zoology)

Super Solar System: Stars & More Circle Time With Sharing, Reading, and Drawing

Super Storytime Adventures: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz (ongoing)

Music Theory Moments

18th Century Women's Shifts - A Sewing and Fashion History Workshop

What Did We Do Before Toilet Paper? Things We Can't Imagine Living WIthout

Journey Around the World!

Spanish for Kiddos - Learn mis Animales (13-15yrs old)

Anime Face and Body for Beginners

Summer Camp: Creating a Fantasy World

Circle Shark Step-by-step instructions for drawing and colouring

Science Experiment Club With Miss Erin

1:1 Creative Photography Classes With Award Winning Photographer

Sight Word Extravaganza Camp

Preparing for the Dog Park Escape Room

Barnyard Fun! Escape Adventure!

All About Engineering Camp

Preschool Life Science- (4 week class)

Kindergarten Readiness Weekly Circle Time

First Grade Readiness Camp

Great Women of the World: An Ongoing History Class

ESL Topics of Interest for Beginning ESL/EFL - (2-3 learners)

Great Women of the World: A History Class (Part 2)

Bookworms: Ongoing Book Club for Ages 8-11

GIRLS Workout Club! (5-8)

The Civil War Uncovered

Conversational Mandarin Chinese CAMP--For Beginners

Little Women Part 2 Book Club

First and Second Grade FLEX Reading Fluency for July

Shakespeare Stories: Twelfth Night

Geography for KS3: Sustainable Environment

History Game Show: The Sinking of the Titanic

Overcoming Perfectionism

Hunter College High School Test Prep Class 2022 (Math Prep)

Mean, Median, Mode, and Range- What Are They?

Demon Slayer Anime Social Club

Word Problems Aren't so Scary- Multi-Step Word Problems

Passion Four Pawz: Best One-On-One Dog or Puppy Training

Private Tutoring 1:1 Dyslexic and Emergent Readers

Food Science: Popping Boba (Teen Edition)

Kindergarten Ready Circle Time, Sight Words, Reading Curriculum Year-Round Ongoing

Algebra I Review for the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) Course

Intermediate Small Group Reading Club: Classic Fiction

Be a Hero: Fighting Summer Reading Loss Camp

Grammar: Introduction to Suffix in Words

Algebra Training 101: Getting Ready for Pre-Algebra and Algebra One

WWE Social Club CAMP

Kiddykeys Camp: Learn the Musical Staff

Kiddykeys Rhythm Camp- Learn All Your Rhythms While Having Fun on the Piano!

Middle School Physics Full Curriculum Semester Long Science Classes

Marine Biology: Animal Classification Chronicles (Summer Session)

Little Drummers-A Drumming Camp for Preschoolers Level Two

Belle • Story Time and Show & Tell

Belle • Chats, Crafts, and Sing-A-Long!

C’est l’été: a French Class About Summer, the Beach and the Ocean!

Little Drummers Camp-A Drumming Camp for Preschoolers Level Three

Art Camp: Draw and Paint Four Ocean Animals

Practicing Spanish Vocabulary by Topic: Fall/Autumn

Multiplication Math Fun: Learn and Review Math Facts: 0-12 (Ages 9-10)

All About Giraffes

Learn about Hippos

Multiplication Math Fun: Learn and Review Math Facts 0-12 (Ages 7 - 8).

Let's Read About Friendship: A Thematic Summer Camp (ages 7-9)

Let's Read About Mermaids: A Thematic Summer Camp (ages 5-7)

Let's Read And Learn About Dinosaurs: A Thematic Summer Camp (ages 4-7)

Let's Read About Insects: A Thematic Summer Camp (ages 5-7)

Code ROBLOX Minigames: Learn to Code, Publish and Play Cool Games With Friends!

Summer Camp: Dissection 1 for Hands on Learning (ages 14-18)

5 Days Art Club - Drawing and Colouring - Enjoy the Variety 3

Deductive Thinking Logic Puzzles #4

5th Grade Math, Quarter 3 of a Year Long Class

Deductive Thinking Logic Puzzles #3

Learning to Write “With a Montessori Approach”

Summer Camp Book and Craft Club

Private Saxophone Lesson for Beginners

Virtual Dinosaur Park Expedition (Inspired by Jurassic Park)

Summer Camp at Bravo Rose Farm: Animal Care for Dogs, Cats and Horses

MORE "Beyond Basics": Advanced iMovie Tricks and Tips for Great Looking Videos!

ESL Social Club: Conversation Practice Using the English Language

Advanced Spanish for Equestrians: Communicating at the Barn EN ESPAÑOL

Meaningful Measurement: Learn How to Measure

High School English - A Semester-Long Course (Frankenstein and Antigone)

Community Service Project - Project Based Learning - FLEX Class

Talking About Toys - Public Speaking Fun!

Public Speaking Made Easy

5th Grade Math Prep

Un Cercle D'Amis: Kindergarten Circle Time (en Français) (Colours & Animals)

Grammar: Introducing Writing with Fact and Opinion

Prep for Algebra 1 Success

Piano Music Class 4 - (Part E) Intermediate Level

Sight Words Fun (2x a Week) - Read, Sing, Write, Search & Color

All About the Planets: Reading, Writing, and Drawing

Awesome Special Effects Film & Video Editing with iMovie!

Super Solar System: The Planets Circle Time With Sharing, Reading, and Drawing

All About the Moon: Reading, Writing, and Drawing

Clean Your Room! Stress and Nagging Free Cleaning, Decluttering and Organizing.

Super Solar System: The Moon Circle Time With Sharing, Reading, and Drawing

Roblox Safety Ongoing Social Club - Let's Stop Scammers and Hackers!

Sight Words Fun (1x a Week) - Read, Sing, Write, Search, & Color

All About the Sun: Reading, Writing, and Drawing

Python Coding | Level-3 | Advanced Projects and Algorithm Design Techniques!

Super Solar System: The Sun Circle Time With Sharing, Reading, and Drawing

Grading Assessment

Music With Ms. Annette: Best Day Ever! a Rapunzel Musical Adventure

Crafty Kids Making Father's Day Cards

Miss Autumn's Confident Speakers - R Sound Awareness Game Club

Beginner/Intermediate Sewing: Raglan Tee

Second Grade Language Skills Review

Get Into Fitness! Workout Class! Join P.E.

Microbiology: An Introduction to the World of Bacteria and Archaea

Black Holes: Beyond the Basics

Worms for Dinner! ...Wait What?

Four: Dystopian Young Adult Book Club

Hope - Art, Music, and Literature Flex (11-15)

Fractions & Decimals Made Easy

Let's Learn About the Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashana!

Junior Paleontologists: Exploring Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Pterodactyl

The Girl Who Drank the Moon!

Excel in 3rd Grade Math & Language Arts

Backyard STEM and Science: Let's Explore Together

Multiplication & Division Made Easy

Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution Between Friends (Kids Ages 5-9)

Prehistoric People: A Flex Class

Breath of the Wild Crafting Camp (FLEX)

Just Mercy (Adapted for Young Adults): A Literature Circle Book Discussion

Advanced Video Editing #1 - DaVinci Resolve Fusion

Reading Tutoring (Level 3 of 6) : Improve Comprehension, Phonics, and Decoding

Draw Alolan Pokemon: FLEX Class

Math - Algebra 1 Basics Course With Certified Teacher

Pre-Algebra Review With Certified Math Teacher

(YOUNGER AGES) Introduction to Asian American History in the United States

Jason Reynolds Book Club! Learning True History via Fiction

What Do Animals Say in Spanish? The Silly Sounds Animals Make En Español!

Sink or Float? FOOD Edition with Chef Mary!

Beginner Sewing: Slouchy Tee

Intermediate/Advanced Sewing: Princess Dress

Drawing & Animation: Intro to Character Design for Animation, Film & TV!

Act It Out: Learn Voice Over and Acting for Animation to Create a New Character!

Direct Animated Film: Learn to Draw and Storyboard for Animation!

Addition and Subtraction: Math Review & Practice Games

Let's Learn About the Letters of the Alphabet With a Silly Monster! ABC (FLEX)

Learn to Read With a Silly Monster! CVC Phonics Word Families. (FLEX)

Body Systems Bootcamp

Jurassic World Fossil Camp!

Grammar Camp: Review Contractions Part 2

Grammar Camp: Review Contractions Part 1

Saturday Afternoon Gaming Social Club (Ongoing) Minecraft Gaming Java or Bedrock

Popular Piano Styles for Beginners

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Exploring 8th Grade Math (Summer Camp)

Counting and Memory Fun With Pete the Cat Stories: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Gymnastics, Acro and Tumble Dance Class #1 (6 Week Course) - Beginner Gymnastics Dance

Animal Adventures D&D 5e Play Dungeons and Dragons as Animal Characters

Kindergarten Prep: Arctic Animal Theme Letter A and Color Red

Chinese Mandarin for Beginners - Private Class 45 Min (Ongoing)

Summer Picnic Social Club Jr: Food Art, Design & Themed Stories (Ongoing Class)

Sewing Lessons Learn to Sew Class - You Choose the Project!

**By Request** Private Orton-Gillingham Tutoring: Phonics, Spelling, Reading, Sight Words, ESL

Learn the TOP 3 TRICKS of Online Predators

Pre-Ballet Dance Class #1 (6 Week Ballet Course) - Beginner Ballet Dance

Introduction to Piano and Music: Music Moves Book A for Young Beginners

Relaxing Through "Dog Man:" Making Mindfulness Fun Through a Weekly Book Club!

Python Coding (Level 1) - Beginner | Project Based Coding

Bilingual Chinese-English Storytime : "Goodnight, Moon"

Recorder Lessons for Young Players (Ages 6-7) With Teacher Debbie: 201

Imagine Math: The Story of the Four Operations (Waldorf Inspired)

Ongoing Private Math Tutoring: Pre - Algebra, Alg 1, Alg 2, Geometry, Precalc,

Geometry Game Hour-Level 2 Ongoing

Show & Tell: Let's Talk About Trains (Ages 8-12)

Let’s Speak French! a Beginner Conversational Class

Bill of Rights Summer Camp- Know Your Rights and Create a Comic Book

C’est L’Halloween! an Interactive French Class on Halloween

Summer High School Speech and Debate Camp: Lincoln Douglas Debate

Weird, Wacky and Yucky History: A Flex Class

Mandarin Chinese Conversation Camp - Pt. 1 -> 5-8 Yr Olds

Arts and Science: Plants

Escape From the Dragon's Den: A Role Playing Game Themed Escape Room

First Grade Math Study

Cook Now, Eat Later: A Meal Prep FLEX Class

Time for German 102 - World Languages Beginners Course

Let's Travel to Tokyo (Ages 3 - 7)

3rd-Grade Comprehensive Language Arts Fun (Ongoing 2x Weekly)

Poetry Analysis : William Blake's 'The Tyger'

Animal & Pet Photography Winter Camp!

Scratch 3.0 Camp - Marvel Superheroes Video Games Level 4.2

Scratch Jr. Coding Camp - Marvel Superheroes Game Level 3.2

U.S. History Camp

Math Games, Puzzles and Riddles Club!

Elementary Art: Circle Prints! Explore Printmaking, Color Mixing, & Art History

Learn All About the Spinosaurus!

Animals in World Art History: Spots & Stripes! Giraffes & Zebras (Ages 13-18)

Super Mario Adventures - 8-11 yrs

Super Mario Adventures - 5-Day Camp - 4-7 yrs

5th Grade Math Summer Review (FLEX)

Love Butterflies? Make a Puddler (Drinking Fountain) for Them!

Heading to Kindergarten Summer Class

Intermediate Chinese III: Expand Horizon

The Easy Sandwich Paragraph Method: Writing

Our Legend of Big Foot and the Real Pre-historic Gigantopithecus Ape

Sports Psychology - Weekly Discussion Class

Part 2 Black History From a Decolonized Perspective

Conquering 7th Grade Math (Summer Camp)

4th of July Creative Writing With Ms. Shanin

Creative Writing at the Beach With Ms. Shanin

1 Day Avoiding Mobile Phone Addiction: Tips from a Programmer

Gymnastics: 2 On 1 Semi-Private Instruction (One Time)

Third Grade Math Game Club (Grade 3)

Make Homemade Peppermint No Churn Ice Cream

Multi Step World Problems | Grades 5-6 Math | Become a Word Problem Solving Pro!

Godzilla and His Top 10 Allies

All Girls Fitness Club Summer Camp

Roblox With Mr. Blair: Murder Mystery 2 (Social Group)

Multiplication Facts for Beginners - One Time Class

Mollusks (Octopus, Squids, Shellfish, and Snails) - Taxonomy Tales

Let's Move Like Batman!

4 Day Summer Art Camp: Create Your Own Comic

Memory Game | Build Your Memory Skills

Pre-K to Kindergarten Math Basics | Practice Addition and Subtraction

ESL 1:1 Conversation Class

Junior Railroad Club (Ages 6-10)

Creative Writing & Drawing ~ Gratitude & Positive Thinking

Le Passé Composé with Avoir & être...Notes/Explanations & Practice!

The Best ME: Kindness Superpack 2.0 - 7 - 10 Year Olds - 4 Weeks

Let's Learn U.S. Geography for Homeschool Kindergarten & First Grade with 123's of Geography: Travel & Tour the 50 States

Grandmaster's Chess Camp for Players Who Know the Basics

Grandmaster's Chess Camp for Beginners

Fun in the Sun! Third Grade Summer Camp Review: Math, ELA, and Social Skills!

Ocean Adventure Escape Room Part 2

Dungeons and Dragons: The Dragon of Icespire Peak Campaign

Reading Tutor: 1 On 1 Support for New and Struggling Reader

Help Reluctant Writers Find Their Voice, Build Confidence & Develop Skills. Flex

Let's Explore Chrome Music Lab! (FLEX Class)

Brain Boss: How to Control Emotions by Learning About the Brain

Beginner Creative Photography Winter Camp!

Sports Podcasting and Broadcasting Flex Class!

Roblox Social Club for Adopt Me! Play, Trade, Crack Eggs & Make Friends.

KETO Cooking Flex Class: Are You Hungry, Too?

Second Grade Math Game Club (Grade 2)

Basics of Drawing Anything Camp

Mother's Day Garden Terrarium

Habitats/ Biomes Around the World!

Recipe for Success! Good Character Lesson

Engaging Middle School Language Arts with Scholastic Scope Magazine FLEX #1

(FLEX)-Novel Book Study:"White House White-Out" A to Z Mysteries: Super Edition #3

One-On-One Cello Lessons! (7-12)

Spectacular Berries and Cream Smoothie Pops!

Beginning Subitizing

Biology Advanced Veterinary / Animal /Equine Science Topic Club Ongoing (13-18)

High School Biology Semester Long Class

French Immersion: Reading Readiness

Weekly Writing Confidence: One-On-One Tutoring for Ages 10-15

The Joy of Vocabulary IV: Greek and Latin Prefixes and Roots

Paleontology Camp: All Things Dinosaurs With Show & Tell

Biology Advanced Veterinary / Animal / Equine Science Topic Club Ongoing 8-12 Yr

Early Literacy Skill Building - Session 2

Individual Math Tutoring: 1 on 1 Lessons Made Just For Your Learner!

Chinese Mandarin Reading Club-Actfl Proficiency: Novice Medium to Novice High

Meet The Beatles Camp: Learn about the Fab Four!

Jr. Detective Agency: 4 Day Detective Skills Training Camp

8th Grade Math Sneak Peek

Wonders of the Ancient and Natural World: 4-Week Class (Geology & History) 6-10

One on One: Reading/Writing Tutoring With Mrs. Rose (M.S.Ed) 3 Days per Week

Summer Camp Smart Ideas to Draw and Paint for Fun

Reading Fluency With Mo Willems Books 2 (Pigeon Books & More) Ongoing

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time Summer Camp - AUGUST

Weekly Private English Tutoring (Ongoing)

3rd Grade Math: Introduction to Geometry and Fractions

Pokemon Chemistry: Mixtures

Comic Book Creation: The Art of Making Story Board Graphic Novels

Disney Fun! Buzz Lightyear Direct to Draw

Disney Fun! Tiana Direct to Draw

Python Programming - Graphics for Videogames L2 Level 4.2

Drawing Class - Let's Draw Baby Unicorns

Learn About Traditional Chinese Fathers & Create a Father's Day Card for Dad!

Drawing Class - Elegant Unicorn

Classical Music Through Time

World History: The French Revolution

Algebra Review and Games Ongoing Camp: Conquer Your Summer!

FLEX Podcasting - Learn How to Create, Develop, Record, and Publish a Podcast!

Private English Tutoring: Reading/Writing/Analysis/Research (14-18 Years)

Private English Tutoring: Reading/Writing/Spelling (9-14 Years)

7th Grade Math Sneak Peek

Italian Bilingual Social Club for Fluent Children - Ages 9 - 12

Ongoing Class: Let's Get Organized: Clean Your Room

Private ESL Tutoring With a Native Speaker - Learn English and Have Fun!

Escape From Ravenloft: A Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

Dungeons & Dragons Anime Campaign

Ada Lace Adventures Book Club- Book 4

Tactical Nuclear Weapons of the Cold War

Let's Create Music on Chrome Music Lab! (FLEX Class)

Mystery Box Spanish Challenge: Critical Thinking and Social Fun ALL en ESPAÑOL

No-Bake Monster Cookie Balls!

Magical Mickey Pretzels!

Piano and Keyboard Private Individual Tutoring

Pre-K and Kindergarten Math Fun, Learn How to Add 1's-10's

Bake Cookies and Make up a Story or Play a Game

Hot Cocoa Cheesecake Dip (Beginner Dessert) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Be in a Play Camp

Show and Tell Speaking Practice (Beginners English) ESL

Mandarin Chinese Lesson for Young Beginners- Level 3

A Journey Through Baking: From "Simple" to "Wow"!

Pencil Sketching - A Perspective Study - Romantic Valentine & Spring Landscapes

Becoming a Youtuber Guide to Success From an Actual Youtuber 101

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