New Classes on Outschool 2021-05-16

There are 291 new classes on Outschool the week of May 16, 2021 to May 22, 2021.

Intermediate Piano Class, Level 3A (ages 10-14)

K Pop Karaoke Club: Learn Korean Music!

Pump it Up! The Anatomy & Physiology of the Heart and Circulation

Endocrine System- Life Science Anatomy Virtual Trip!

Fun Watercolor Art Classes

Letter of the Week - Learn With Clay or Modeling Dough, Markers, and Animals!

Paper Quilling - Heart Balloons Birthday Card

6th Grade Math: Semester 1 with Daily Kahoot Game Review

Let's Speak French! French Beginner Classes (12-17 Years Old) - Level 3

USA National Parks - Art Club - Ages 11-14

The Weirdest Things Animals Do- And Why! Part 3

USA National Parks - Art Club - Ages 8-12

Mr. B Vs. the Magical Book Club

Let's Explore South Korea and Korean Culture With K-Pop Band: BTS!

All About African and Zoo Giraffes. The Tallest Animal in the World.

Let's Learn Greek - Part 3!

Frozen Sick: A Six-Week D&D Adventure

History's Strangest Competitions, Coincidences, and Simultaneous Discoveries

Learn Coding With Fun- PART 9 and PART 10 ('Functions', 'FOR Loops')

Growing and Using Herbs

Kit's Treehouse: American Girl Short Story Class

Ada Lace Adventures Book Club- Book 5

All About Disney World!

High School Introduction to Debate for Beginners - 5 Week Fall Curriculum

*Crochet Project Based Learning- Stingray - Beginner Level 1 Flex Class 7-11

Creative Writing: Fiction Writing for Aspiring Authors

Weekly Imagination Time: Interactive Story Telling/ Story Time Junior

My Own Song! 1:1 Ukulele Songwriting Lesson

5th Grade Math Unit 1 (Number Sense)

Science of Disney's Animal Kingdom : A Study of the Animals That Call It Home!

Ukulele Master Camp

Let's Make a Dog Man Comic!

FLEX CLASS: Advanced One Point Perspective Drawing

*Crochet Project Based Learning- Stingray - Beginner Level 1 Flex Class 12-16

Anger Management Tools - Recurring (Ages 7-10)

Perfect Pre-Calculus Using Math U See (Complete Course)

Art by April: Drawing Realistic Animals, Weekly Class

Drawing Class - Space Adventures!

How Musicians Book Gigs and Get Paid

ABC's & 123's of ASL (Ages 11-14)

Rainbow Yoga-Relaxing & Nurturing for the Neurodiverse Learner, Ongoing 1:1

The 13 American Colonies: Fun and Foul Facts

High Energy Teen Roblox Gaming Night

What Do You Believe? World Religion for Younger Students

Reading Fluency: Fun Timed Reading Challenges With First & Second Grade Passages

Social: Let's Huddle! Time for You - 1:1 Conversations

The Chess Academy (Ongoing) | Training Chess Openings, Tactics, Traps, and Strategies

Write Right: Introduction & Conclusion Writing Made Easy!

Write Right: Paragraph Development Made Easy!

1 on 1 Reading and Writing Help Through the Year Ages 8-12

Write Right: Thesis Writing & Outlining Made Easy!

Chess Openings | Learn a New Opening Every Week!

High School Math World Problem Solving | Become a Word Problem Solving Pro!

Multi Step World Problems | Grades 7-8 Math | Become a Word Problem Solving Pro!

Spanish Camp for Beginners (Ages 8-12)

Children Throughout History

How Vaccines Work: Straight Science

Need Math Help? Weekly First, Second, and Third Grade Private Math Tutoring - 25 Minutes

The Heart of It! Part 2 - Mini Med School FLEX Camp

The Heart of It! Part 1 - Mini Med School FLEX Camp

5th Grade English Language Arts Semester (Part 3)

Spring - 4 Day Camp - 100% Spanish Immersion Super Dinosaur Challenge by Native Speaker - Basic 6-9

5th Grade English Language Arts Semester (Part 1)

Summer - 4 Day - Latin Adventure Camp - 100% Spanish Immersion - Trip Around the World - Ages 6 to 10

Letter of the Week! - Abcs

Chocolatiers on the Frontier: Creative Writing Fueled by Imagination (Camp)

Learning and Understanding Parts of Grammar: With Cartoons!

Reading Comprehension One on One Tutoring for Struggling Readers (Ages 8-12)

ASL - American Sign Language 4 (Ages 13-18)

ABRSM Music Theory in Practice: Grade 3 (Flex)

ABRSM Music Theory in Practice: Grade 2 (Flex)

Anatomy: Let's Learn About You (Ages 13-17) (Flex)

Girls Tween Clubhouse! Social Time, Games, Art, Cooking, & More!

Life Skills With Virtues - Flexibility (Age 7-12)

Anatomy: Let's Learn About You (Ages 8-12) (Flex)

Conflict Resolution and Managing Anger; Socializing With Teamwork!

Life Skills With Virtues - Responsibility (Age 7-12)

Private Vocal Coaching Session(s)! (All Ages)

Wind in the Canyon: Apache Flute Story, and Demo. of Native American Flute

Color Fun! (Show and Tell, Spelling, and Drawing)

No Bake Rice Krispie Horse Treats

Greek Alphabet Colouring

Easily Memorize Times Tables, Vocab, Anything: SRS Method

Kimyco in the Kitchen: Chewy Peanut Butter Heath Cookies

4th Grade Summer Math Review Game Time!

5th Grade Summer Math Review Game Time!

Special Topics in Genetics: CRISPR-Cas9

Grade 7 & 8 English Language Arts (ELA) Literature Semester 1 of 3

Multiplication Facts with the Minions and Kahoot

Creative Writing: Write A Book, Short Story, or Novel (Level Two)

FLEX - Astronaut Exploration

FLEX - Name That President

Introduction to Music History: Baroque Period (Flex)

Laser Lines - Discover the Math

4th Grade Math Unit 7 (Geometry)

Pathways in Medicine: Pediatrics, Part II

Grandmaster's Chess Camp for Players Who Know the Basics

Grandmaster's Chess Camp for Beginners

Private Lesson! Learn to Act and Sing From a Professional Actor!

Choosing-A-Career Camp: Exploring Career Options for Your Future Self

Grade 11 & 12 English Language Arts (ELA) Literature Semester 1 of 3

Magic Theory: The Science Behind Fictional Magic

Babysitting Like A Pro : Learn How To Be A Responsible Babysitter & So Much More

Time Traveling Artists: Mixed Media Art History Club

History of Rock and Roll (Flex)

Lord of the Rings Role Play Fan Club LOTR Fanfiction Share Your Love of The Ring

3rd Grade Math Curriculum: Ongoing

Language Arts: Introduction to Past Tense Verbs in Sentences

THEATRE: Improv Fun & Games! (Ages 5-7)

Beginning Spanish with Games and Stories - Lessons 1-8 (Flex Version)

FLEX - Name That Insect

FLEX - Name That Dinosaur

Language Arts: Letter Punctuation With a Mix Review of Present Tense Verbs

1 on 1 Build Confidence & Communication Through Public Speaking & Storytelling

Language Arts: Introduction to Subject Verb Agreement

Realms Minecraft Survival Club | Survive in an Apocalyptic Minecraft World!

ABRSM Music Theory in Practice: Grade 1 (Flex)

Royale High Roleplay & Chat - An Ongoing Roblox Social Club

Performance Class for Kids! (Dress Up and Act Out Your Favorite Fairy Tales and

Intro to Crypto - The Pre-Teen Guide to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and More

Draw & Watercolor Paint Fun Birds Series ~ Blow & Splatter Paint Fun FLEX 2

Algebra 1 Full Curriculum: Ongoing

Second Grade Readiness

Billy's Awesome Roblox Gamer Club: Vote and Play on 12 Games!

Graphic Design Camp: Learn & Design Posters, Presentations, Videos and Much More

Crochet Camp for Advanced Learners: Fun Projects for Amazing Crocheters!

One-On-One Math Confidence Tutoring (5A)

Learn Phonics & to Read. Phase 3 Digraphs,Trigraphs & Tricky Words UK TEACHER

Let's Draw Dinosaurs Intermediate - Drawing/Sketching Club

2nd Grade Math Tutoring

Learning to Read - Phonics, Reading & Writing for Beginning Readers - CVC/CVCe

1:1 Growth Mindset Lesson: Say "YET" to Turn a Frown... Upside Down!

Let's Speak French! Conversational French Advanced (12-16)

Pathways in Medicine: Pediatrics, Part I

Winter Camp: Singapore Math 6th Grade (6B) Geometry

Reading Can Be Puzzling: Popcorn Words (PART 2) | ELA & ESL

Kate's Creative Art Club: Comedy Writing #ukteacher

Focused Tutoring for K-4Th Grade: English, Vocabulary, and Homework Help

Book Club for Middle Schoolers

Juneteenth Celebration: Story Time

Peanut Butter Oat Horse Cookies

No Bake Horse Treats Take Two

ABRSM Music Theory in Practice: Grade 8 (Flex)

ABRSM Music Theory in Practice: Grade 7 (Flex)

ABRSM Music Theory in Practice: Grade 6 (Flex)

ABRSM Music Theory in Practice: Grade 5 (Flex)

Oregon Trail Week-Long Adventure!

Shake It up Shakespeare!

8th Grade (Pre-Algebra) Full Curriculum: Ongoing

The Three Little Pigs and Other Stories- Literature Camp

Basics of Trigonometry

Painting With Acrylics - Art Flex Class

Flexible Schedule: Cursive Writing, Drawing, Art Projects, and Challenges!

Reading Can Be Puzzling: Popcorn Words (PART 1) | ELA & ESL

Kids in the Kitchen Cooking and Baking (Ages 6-8)

Book Club for Teens

Cursive Handwriting Club: Learning Cursive Letters from A to Z

Individual Clarinet, Flute, or Saxophone Private Lessons: One Lesson Only

Pre-Algebra: Solving Systems of Equations by Substitution

Candy Math: Learning Fractions With a Hershey's Chocolate Bar!

Weekly Wind Down: Using Writing/Language/Art to Reflect on the Week Behind Us

Mandarin Chinese 103: Advanced Level

The Ultimate Gaming Social Club: Minecraft, Among Us, & Roblox

Dungeons and Dragons 5e Character Creation

Sculpting: Make Clay Sculptures Using Pinch, Coil, & Slab Techniques

Summer Second Grade Math Fun!( Second Grade Get Ready)

German Beginners: Summer in Germany Kindergarten Camp

Builder's Club; Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Oh Snap! DSLR Photography Fundamentals I (9-13)

Sing and Play With French Circle Time! a Kindergarten French Program

3rd Grade Math Summer Review (FLEX)

FLEX CLASS: Op Art Part 1: The Wonderful World of Optical Illusion

Grade 9 & 10 English Language Arts (ELA) Literature Semester 1 of 3

The Dadalorian: A Star Wars Father's Day Drawing

Writing: Sentence Fluency Part 1--Semester Group Class (12 Weeks)

Etiquette, Table Manners and Table Place Setting - Which fork do I use?

Private Piano Lessons: Piano Adventures

Writing Tutor: Five-Session Bundle

Fun With Second Grade Math: Semester 1 (Worksheets Included)

Weekly Digital Drawing Club: Make Ipad or Iphone Art With Procreate

ART CAMP: Beware the Eye of the Dragon

Individual Tutoring K-6Th Grade (55 Minutes)

Laurel Burch's Colorful Cats

Paired Piano Lessons for 2: Elementary Beginners, Piano Adventures Primer

Cooking: Nigerian Puff Puff

Beginning French Immersion: Conversation

1:1 Elementary Math Tutor with Miss Debbie

The Story of the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 - An Adventure Through History

Beginning Division Minecraft Fun

How to Summarize What You Read: Part 2

1:1 Individualized Preschool Kindergarten Tutoring With Fully Qualified Teacher

Private Acoustic or Electric Guitar Lessons - Learn to Play From a Pro!

Camp - Chess for Intermediate Players - Level 2 (5 Days a Week, 2 Weeks)

The Case of the Look-Alike Thief! Kid Detective Mystery Class

Bloxtopia: An Ongoing Social Club for the Roblox Game "Welcome to Bloxburg"

Tutoring for Essay Writing and Using MLA Style

Weekly: Anime Fashion- Chibi Kawaii Cute Anime Style

Beginning Multiplication Minecraft Fun

One Time Class:Owls Owl Pellet Dissection Charlotte Mason Nature Study

Roblox Beginning Division Fun

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare Literary Study

2nd Grade Super Science Semester 1, 2, and Summer (All Year with Miss Kristy)

Roblox Beginning Multiplication Fun

Let’s Doodle! Learn to Draw BB-8 From Star Wars

Primus Science Class: Dinosaurs + a Project

Coding Games & Animations with Python- Advanced Levels 7 & 8 (Flexible Schedule)

Dance It: Zumba Kids Club (7-12)

Learn To Sing Like A Pro: Voice & Performance Technique for the Aspiring Singer II

Middle School Physical Science-Semester 1

Getting Ready for 3rd Grade Math: Super Summer Camp

How the Lungs Work: Anatomy and Physiology (Future Doctors Class)

Word Problems Are a Hoot - Let's Play Kahoot! Ongoing Word Problem Class

Health and Wellness: I Am Somebody! Build Your Confidence and Self Esteem

Intro to Drawing People

Simon Says Life Skills: Be a Super Listener!

Spin Around the Solar System

Introduction to Food Science and Food Technology for Teens (With Labs)

Dive Into Chemistry (Part 1)

One on One Ongoing Reading and Spelling Tutoring (Pre-K Through 2nd Grade)

Funny Sounding Words: Part 1 Build Writing Speed & Boost Confidence

Fairy Life Facts & Fun

All About Puberty! | Testosterone Edition (Beginners FLEX)

U.S. History: States History Flex (8-12)

Amazing People From History Part 2 Flex (8-11)

Amazing People From History Part 1 Flex (8-11)

Awe-Inspiring Women in History Flex (8-11)

Brave Women in History Flex (8-11)

Exploring the Human Body When Something Goes Wrong: Common Disease Processes.

Let's Learn About the weekly Jewish holiday of Shabbat!

Let's Learn About the Jewish Holiday of Purim!

Ear Training: Basic Introduction (Flex)

Discover the Titanic Flex

Minecraft Survival / Creative Weekly Social Gaming Club (Bedrock)

Endangered Monarch: Mini-Seminar - Scientific Reasons for Their Decline

Backyard Bug Snacks!

Gourmet Grilled Cheese!

Class Mini: Become a Better Writer - Better Story Beginnings

Portrait Art Camp: Learn How to Draw Yourself With Realistic Drawing Techniques!

Private Tutoring

4th Grade Math Unit 6 (Decimals)

Math Tutoring and Homework Help (1-to-1) for Grades 4-8 and Pre-Algebra

Fall/Autumn Book and Craft Club

Python Programming (Unit 5)

Python Programming (Unit 4)

Python Programming (Unit 3)

Python Programming (Unit 2)

Trinity College of Music: Music Theory - Grade 8

Python Programming (Unit 1)

Trinity College of Music: Music Theory - Grade 7

Trinity College of Music: Music Theory - Grade 6

Python Programming Summer Camp

Java Programming for Middle & High School Students Summer Camp

ART CAMP: Paint a Glowing Sunset With Silhouette

I Hear "C/K", Do You? What Should I Do?

Pokémon Camp (2-days): Let’s Talk About ‘em!

Homeschool Social Club and Coloring: Make Friends and Get Creative (Ages 6-10)

Our American Presidents: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Flex (8-11)

American Girl Doll Theater and Social Club

Drawing Technique for Aspiring Designers: Fashion Sketch Club (8-12)

Crypto for Kids: An Overview

British Accent Coaching for Auditions & Performances With a Professional Actress

Trinity College of Music: Music Theory - Grade 5

1:1 Private Tutoring~Early Childhood Education~Phonics, Rhyming, Reading

Nature Camp - Birds, Bugs and Blossoms

4th Grade Math Review and Games!

Trinity College of Music: Music Theory - Grade 4

Great Personalities: Dian Fossey Flex

Individual Tutoring - Learning Math For Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

5th Grade Social Studies: Complete Curriculum of Fifth Grade Social Studies

Biology Boot Camp

Trinity College of Music: Music Theory - Grade 3

Famous Conspiracy Theories and Government Secrets - Part 3

Yummy Food and How We Use It! Digestion, Nutrition and Exercise!

Psychology High School Elective (Part 2 of 4)

Trinity College of Music: Music Theory - Grade 2

Cold War 1: How Was It a War? What Made It Scary?

Cold War 2: Was the Cold War Good for the US? Did We Win It?

Mythology in the Percy Jackson Universe

Ongoing Elementary Art Class

Dance It: Zumba Kids Age 4-7

Creative Writing: How to Make Your Short Story Interesting - A Technique Class

Carroll, Orwell, Frost, and More - Art - Music - and Literature Flex (7-10)

Carroll, Orwell, Frost, and More - Art - Music - Literature Flex (11-15)

"The Beginning Is Always Today" - Literature, Art, and Music Flex (7-10)

"The Beginning Is Always Today" - Literature, Art, and Music Flex (11-15)

Mozart, Cassatt, Mendelssohn and More (Art, Music, and Literature) Flex (7-10)

Art, Music, and Literature Flex (11-15)

Reading and Listening Comprehension: 2nd, 3rd grade (Ages 7-9) 1x/Week

Watercolor Wave!-Paint Like Katsushika Hokusai!

How to Draw: Flamingo on Summer Break

How to Draw: Adorable Fox Drinking Bubble Tea | Art Class

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