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New Classes on Outschool 2021-02-14

There are 258 new classes on Outschool the week of February 14, 2021 to February 20, 2021.

Intro to Greek Mythology Flex Class (Teens)

Let's Play: Minecraft Realms, Creative Building, Survival, + Challenges (JAVA)

Writer's Workshop-Creative Writing for Beginning Writers

Coding Club: Turn your Pre-Reader into a Coding Literate using ScrathJr

ACTING PRIVATE COACHING: One-Time Session or Book as You Go!

Exploring Cuttlefish and Nautilus - The Lesser-Known Cephalopods Part 2

Logic Camp for Advanced Thinking Critical Thinking GATE

Female Spies of the Civil War

Music Fundamentals: Learning the Treble Clef and Notes

Great Lakes Shipwrecks: Lake by Lake

Astronomy: Beginning Night Sky-CAMP, Levels 1-5, (Middle/High School Edition)

Summer Camp Let's Dance: Hamilton!

Individual Private Chess Tutoring (Short Term)

Weekly Writing Bootcamp for Gamers:FNAF, Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, and More!

4th Grade Social Studies: Complete Curriculum of Fourth Grade Social Studies

4th Grade English Language Arts: Complete Curriculum of Fourth Grade ELA

Awesome Adaptations: Beavers

Orton Gillingham Phonics Level TWO Flex Class

Multiplication and Division Boot Camp!

1:1 Elementary Math, Reading, Science Tutoring (K-7th) 23 Years Experience!

Just Desserts for Intermediate Chefs #3 - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

African American History: The Green Book: A Travel Guide During the Jim Crow Era

Writing a Research Paper: Learn How to Research, Outline, Write, and Present

Lesson 20 - Scratch Coding-Make a Video Game-When Pigs Fly

Roblox Gaming With Friends

Welcome to Mars

Physics 301 - Key Properties (3 of 3) [Flex -> Self-Paced Science]

Full Introduction to Drawing Anime Studio Ghibli Style - Self-Paced

3rd Grade Social Studies: Complete Curriculum for Third Grade Social Studies

I Just Want to Draw! Art Social Club

5th Grade Part E, Creative, Interactive Elementary Math...Together, We Can Do This!

Bullet Journaling With Friends: A Bi-Weekly Meet up and Check in for Journalers

This Week in History for 13-18 Year Old Learners

Book Study Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys Historical Fiction Teens

Inclusive Social Camp for Ages 7-10

Inclusive Social Camp for Ages 11-13

Autism Minecraft Social Club: Let's Build and Have Fun Together! (Bedrock)

Awesome Afro-Am Women: Pilot Bessie Coleman (Black History Drawing Class)

Intro to Greek Mythology Flex Class

Social Studies for Middle School Students - U.S. History - An Ongoing Class

Art History - When Love Is a Work of Art - One on One

1st-Grade Phonics-Based Spelling w/Weekly Lists & Tests-Dyslexia Friendly-Flex

Dungeons and Dragons Adventure: Coldhart

Animals 101: Leopard Geckos! - LIVE Lizard/ Reptile

Stock Chat: Let's Talk Stocks

Wizards and Witches Magical Dance Party HP Fans Group Together Pop-Up Class! 1x

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Letters: - Kangaroo

SAT/ ACT /PSAT/ SSAT Prep - Writing, Language, and Reading

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing With Numbers - 4

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Spongebob Series - Spongebob

Exploring Cuttlefish and Nautilus - The Lesser-Known Cephalopods Part 1

Intro to Reading Music - Part 1 - Grand Staff! Ages 10-12

Hands-On Algebra: Word Problems - Level A

Intro to Reading Music - Part 1 - Grand Staff! Ages 8-10

Story Time With Reading Comprehension

The Pokémon Card Collectors

Engaging Minds: Executive Function Coaching

Handwriting Beyond the Basics: Intermediate Print

Shakespeare's The Tempest: "O, Brave New World/That Has Such People in ’t!”

Essay Writing Workshop: College Admissions & Scholarship Essays Start to Finish

Small Group Reading Instruction

Weekly Biology Study Hall

Disney Junior Themed Dance Workout and Sign Language Club-Weekly Workout

Roblox Club: Kids Vote on 18 Games- Then Play!

Drawing Mini Camp: Mario Bros Land Enemies

DIY Doll Furniture: Let's Make a Wishing Well!

Nature's Wonders: The Grassland in Spring

Rhyming and Counting Fun with Dr. Seuss: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

American History, the American Frontier, Through Disney's Frontierland!

Preschool & Kindergarten Letter Recognition Camp With Teacher Dianne

Drawing the Comic of the Silent Film Charlie Chaplin

Earth Day: What Can We Do to Help Our Earth

Tangrams for Beginners: Integrating Math and Art to Make Your Own Puzzles

4th Grade Circle- Curriculum Review (Ongoing)

Galaga to Gameboy: Examining the Evolution of Video Games

Deep Dive Into Kindergarten Math 1:1 Private Class: Taught By A Licensed Teacher: Full Math Curriculum

Piano Recital Class For Students of Mrs. Karen

Early Guided Reading Group: Levels H & I (First Grade)

Creative Writing: Fantasy and Sci-Fi Worldbuilding

April Fools Day: Let’s Have Fun

Summer Camp Let's Dance: Wicked!

Summer Camp Let's Dance: Encanto!

Help Me Tune My Violin! (or Viola or Cello)

Callie's Corner: Unlocking the Mysterious of the Periodic Table

Ballet Class: Pop-Up $4 Intro to Ballet Class for Boys and Girls!

Write, Kick and Read Like a Ninja - Short Course

Creative Writing for Young Children (Part 1 Ongoing)

1:1 Math Tutoring and Homework Help for Elementary

The White House Easter Egg Roll - Celebrating Tradition and History

Exploring Psychopathology: Examining Psychological Disorders - Semester Class

Learning About Nowruz With Mrs. Robbi ( Farsi فارسى/English)

Literature: College Prep Must-Read Books-The Pearl, John Steinbeck, Save $10.00.

Learning About Squid From Around the World Part 3 - Marine Biology/ Zoology

Junior Story Time Art Club- taught by a licensed teacher

Summer Camp: Project-Based C++ for Beginners

Next Level Block Based Coding - FLEX Microbit Program Sensors, Animations, Music

Ready to Read: Basic Reading Skills

Animals 101: Chinchillas! - LIVE Mammal/ Rodent

Yes! We Speak French: Conversation Edition (16-18 Y/O)

Fashion Drawing and Sticker Design Camp

Little Learners Narrative Writing

Learning About Squid From Around the World Part 2 - Marine Biology/ Zoology

Spring/Summer Nature Journal; Tying Together Science and Writing Skills!

Unicorn Show & Tell PLUS Unicorn Craft! Crafts With Teacher Sarah

Pokemon Inspired Escape Room Adventure

Pirate Ship Escape Room!

Encanto Dance With Pop-Up Class! 1x(4-8)

Math Tutoring 1 Day Weekly for 2nd - 8th Grade Based on Diagnostic Assessment

Authors at Work: Narrative Writing

The Hide and Seek Among Us Challenge Club - Ongoing

Springtime Ballet Dance Class- An Introduction to Ballet for 5 & 6yr olds

Set Sail: An Environmental Ocean Adventure With an Experiment

Book Club: What Should I Read Next? Ages 14-18 High School

Basic App Design (Pt 1)

Our Dynamic Planet - Learn About Earthquakes, Tidal Waves, Glaciers, & More!

Our Active Planet - Learn About Geysers, Volcanoes, Fires & More!

Book Talk: Walk Two Moons

Weekly Spelling and Vocabulary Practice II

Dress as Your Favorite Book Character and Celebrate Read Across America

Hands-on Learning: An Interactive Notebook - Human Body (ages 10-13)

Unlocking the Magic of Reading! Decoding, Comprehension & Fluency Practice

Brookhaven | Roblox Role Play (Weekly)

Greek of the Week Season One: Mythology of Gods, Beasts and Heroes

9th Grade English and Literature (Semester 2)

Hey... Who Pooped in the Park?!

Introduction to Acting for Kids

Art and Craft Club: Spring! ( 6 Weeks/Once a Week/Homeschool)

One on One Piano Lessons - Weekly

Roblox Safety

Splash Into First Grade! Kinder Review, First Grade Prep for Summer!

Undercover Detective Themed Escape Room

Su 57 the Russian 5th Generation Fighter

The Joy of Vocabulary II: Greek and Latin Prefixes and Roots

Boy Chat: Hang Out and Chat Club

18th Century Women's Petticoats - A Sewing and Fashion History Workshop

LOL Girlz Club

Build Vocabulary FAST Learning Greek & Latin Root Words - 9 Week FLEX Class

Posture, Core and More Workout

Ninja Themed Escape Room!

Space Camp (Ages 6-8) #Academic

Awesome, Rawr-Some Dinosaurs Camp (Ages 4-6) #creative

Engineering Club in Minecraft: Craft Machines & Solve Puzzles (Ongoing)

Minecraft Modding Club: Create and Share Minecraft Mods (Ongoing)

Bake the British Isles - Traditional Mini Easter Simnel Cakes

Unicorn Bookmark- Crafts With Teacher Sarah

ASL - American Sign Language 3 (Ages 13-18)

I Love Bugs! Bug Book and Toy: Show and Social

Introduction to American Sign Language

ASL - American Sign Language 3 (Ages 7-12)

Preschool Math Club: Pre-K Math Circle Time (4X)

Semester Long Flute Lessons - All Levels (30 Minutes)

Level 1 Contemporary Dance (Ages 13-18)

Trivial Pursuit: Math Version!

Pete The Cat The Great Leprechaun Chase - Story Time, Craft, and BINGO!

Ms. Kelly's American Girl Doll Fashion Show

Cartwheel Gymnastics Class

Rocket League Social Club!

What Does the Clock Say? Kahoot! Telling Time to the Half and Quarter Hour

Division Daredevil (Once a Week, 6 Weeks)

Don't Be Sus- Teach Me How to Play Among Us

Improvisation Magic at the Keyboard

Leaf Chromatography: Why Do Leaves Change Color?

Exciting Entomology: Story Time! Milo's Morning Mysteries!

How to Draw: Christmas Elf on a Book Shelf | Drawing Class

Among Us - Social Club for Girls

Nature's Wonders: Extreme Lightning 1

Music: Older Beginner Piano (8 Live Private 1:1 Piano Lessons for Ages 11-18)

Become an Illustrator Using the app Procreate (Ages 13-18)

Introduction to Music, Music for Little Mozarts, Beginner Music, 8 Lesson Course

Early Guided Reading Group: Levels F & G (1st Grade)

Latin Level 3 for Kids (Ages 9 to 12) - Building Onto Latin Level 2 for Kids

Latin Level 3 for Kids (Ages 7 to 8) - Building Onto Latin Level 2 for Kids

Ham Radio 101 - The Why & How to Getting Started with Amateur Radio! 8-10yo

One-To-One Private Math Tutoring 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Grades Math, Pre-Algebra

Lesson 21 - Scratch Coding-Make a Video Game-White Water Rafting

Creative Writing Camp - Summer Session

Dinosaur Discovery Club

Early Guided Reading Group: Levels D & E (Kindergarten and 1st Grade)

Let's Learn Spanish and Have Fun With Maestra Maddie! (Beginner Spanish - 1x per week)

Story Geek Book Club: Bud, Not Buddy by C. P. Curtis, ELA English Language Arts

Weekly - 100% Spanish Immersion - Speaking Club for Native Speakers by Native Speaker - Runs Full Year - Native Kids 3 - Ages 10 to 15

1:1 Spanish Con Ms. Kat: Me gusta el Español

18th Century Aprons & Kerchiefs - A Sewing and Fashion History Workshop

It's a Magical World: Harry Potter 5 Book Club

It's a Magical World: Harry Potter 3 Book Club

It's a Magical World: Harry Potter 4 Book Club

It's a Magical World: Harry Potter 7 Book Club

Beginner A Gymnastics - Let's Flip! - Gymnastics Fundamentals for Young Gymnasts

5th Grade Math Full Curriculum (All Standards/Skills)- Ongoing *SUMMER SESSION*

Learn Cursive for Real Life: More Fun Than Copying the Alphabet! (Trust Me...)

Understanding Heat Transfers: A Chocolate Bunny Melting Mystery

Master Money (Self Paced) Part 1: An Introduction to Finance! (9-11)

Druidawn®: Business Ownership for Knights

Fun With Art and Drawing

Let's Sing & Learn About Rosh Hashanah!

Would You Rather: Animals Edition

3rd Grade Part D, Creative, Interactive Elementary Math...Together, We Can Do This!

Basic London History 1600s: Gunpwder Plot, English Civil War, Great Fire (7-12)

Basic London History 1500s: Henry VIII, His Wives, Their Children (Ages 7-12)

World Geography, Country Study, Advanced - Let's Travel the Globe Together

Sing! Voice Lessons

All About the Loch Ness Monster. Cool Facts & Fiction About Nessie.

Volcanoes: Hands on Science!

Private Directed Drawing Lessons

Avancemos (Let's Keep Going) Spanish Fun-ctional

Scratch Jr.-Challenges That Will Excite!

Animals 101: Ball Pythons! - LIVE Snake/ Reptile

Pre- School-How to Draw a Car!

Get a Handle on Handel! Learn About the Composer: George Frideric Handel

Beginning French Class.Let's Play Bingo (Loto) in French

Spanish for Beginners : Learning Spanish in a Fun, Comprehensible Way! (Spanish Level 1B - 2x per week)

Procreate Animation for Beginners: Animate a Mountain Landscape

Learn Korean Through Conversation! (Ages 12-16)

Montessori Multiplication Fun! Bead Board Not Required.

Easter Egg Sink or Float: Hands on Science!

Summer Math Catch-Up With a Certified Teacher

Intro to Scratch Programming - Basics

Comics & Graphic Novel Art Club (Ages 10-13)

Private Italian Lessons With a Native Speaker!

Hands-on Learning: An Interactive Notebook for Earth/Space Science (ages 10-13)

Animal Crossing: Island Hopping and Giveaways

Intro to Highland Dance Ages 7-11

AP Computer Science Prep

It's a Magical World: Harry Potter 2 Book Club

Spanish Vocabulary for Young Beginners (Weekly)

More Spanish Vocabulary for Young Beginners (7-10)

How to Write a Thesis Statement- A Fun Introduction to Essay Writing

Beginner Spanish Vocabulary and Conversation (7-10)

How to Solve Word Problems

Montessori Land and Water Forms: Building and Writing Workshop

Baking: Let's Make an Easter Bunny Butt Cake

Learning About Squid From Around the World Part 1 - Marine Biology/ Zoology

Beginner Harp Spectacular

Cake Decorating (Advanced): Cake Critters for Teens

Cake Decorating (Advanced): Cake Critters

Level 7: Phonics Reading Y as a Vowel and Long Vowel Teams With Mrs. Rose (M.S.Ed)

Creative Writing 101 for High Schoolers

Confident Coder: Private Tutoring for Coding & STEM

French for Beginners Course - Level A0 - Part 2

Middle School Earth Science Quarter 2:Earthquakes, Rocks, and Erosion

Middle School Earth Science Quarter 1: Waves and Continental Drift

French Tutoring Class

Novel Study: "Babe: The Gallant Pig"

Pokemon Duels: Sword and Shield Strategy Group

Acrylic Painting: Milky Way at Night

Morse Code Fun!

Ancient Egyptian Adventure! (Week Long)

Ancient Egyptian Adventure! (5 Week Version)

TikTok Dance The Greatest Showman “From Now On” (Musical Theater - Theatre)

Hands Together Part Three of Fun Introduction to Beginner Piano

Oh my! Amazing Axolotl Drawing!

Bring Your Own Book - Discussion Club

American Girl Doll Space Camp: Female Astronaut Power!

Multiplication Boot Camp! Quickly Solve & Memorize Times Tables 0-12.. & Beyond!

ESL Summer Camp Book Club: The Princess in Black

Spanish for Beginners : Learning Spanish in a Fun, Comprehensible Way! (Spanish Level 1A - 2x per week)

Creative Writing Seed Journals, a Beginning Writing Workshop Camp

Creative Writing Elaboration (9-12)

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